PLEASE NOTE:  In early 2008, a directory of all residents of DeWitt was completed.  The people who lived in DeWittshire, (listed here), have been included--often with more detail--on the new DeWitt Registry web site.   A similar directory for the residents of Lyndon is also now available. 

Although John Young and other early settlers had lived in or near the present village of DeWitt, NY by 1800, the community remained a quiet rural area for more than a century.  Even as late as 1927 all of the property in DeWitt was still owned by individual farmers and tradesmen.  However, in that year the Clark real estate firm purchased land and began subdividing the property that would become known as Dewittshire.  By 1934 about 75 homes were built in that tract--with the most expensive ones generally located closest to E. Genesee St.  The pattern of development was somewhat uneven.  For example, the ownership of land on the west side of Ambergate, south of Warwick, was involved in litigation and was not developed until the early 50's. But the majority of homes in Dewittshire were built and first occupied during the 1930's and 1940's.

Initially, homes west of Jamesville Rd. were also considered part of Dewittshire.  One early newspaper reference to the tract refers to it as being, "just south of Genesee Blvd. at Orville," and some of the earliest homes were built on Cornwall Dr. and Jamesville Rd.  However, over the years, for most people, Dewittshire has come to mean the more limited area east of Jamesville Rd. and south of Genesee St.  For purposes of this directory, only Ambergate, Wellington, Dewittshire, Canterbury, Dewittshire Rd., South, and Warwick Roads, are considered part of the Dewittshire subdivision.

In 1929 Albert E. Huntley and Albertus H. Snow sold 60 acres of land to the R. E. Porter real estate firm.  This property was north of Genesee St. and west of Erie Blvd. and was soon developed as the Orvilton Park subdivision. There was a requirement that new homes had to have a value of at least $10,000, and, once again, those homes closest to Genesee St. were usually the most expensive.  The building of homes in Dewittshire and Orvilton, as well as the building of Moses-DeWitt school in 1931, indicated that DeWitt was poised for growth.

Not surprisingly, the Depression and WWII inevitably delayed this development, as the sale of new homes suffered.  For example, by 1938 only about 50 homes had been built in Orvilton and new homes then sold for as little as $7,500.  DeWitt was, however, clearly a desirable place for future expansion and by about 1950, as macro economic factors became favorable, the area became the focus of considerable commercial and residential growth.  The building of Shoppingtown, the consolidation of schools in Jamesville and DeWitt, the expansion of the DeWitt Community Church, and other such developments during the early and middle 1950's coincided with rapid residential expansion in existing neighborhoods and in new ones like Orvilton Heights and DeWitt Acres.  

Unlike farmers, who have an obvious tie to the land, the business and professional people who moved to DeWitt's new subdivisions constituted a highly transient population.  In the post-War period, it was very common for large companies to routinely and periodically transfer their executives, and as a result many of DeWitt's newcomers lived there only briefly and are by now well scattered.  However, even in the midst of rapid change some things endure.  For example, in 1931, at the most difficult time of the Great Depression, 18 neighborhood women formed the Dewittshire Community Club.  The members exemplified their motto of the value of friendship devoted to neighborhood activities.  They promoted such customs as the use of luminaries at Christmas--small candles shining through white bags placed along the driveways of every home.  In 1981, about 400 people, including 90 members, met as the club celebrated its fiftieth anniversary.  Members were still meeting on Monday afternoons, and, more surprisingly, five charter members, Grace Townsend, Ruth Humpleby, Clara Stinger, Frances Higgins, and Pauline Bucklin, lived nearby and were yet participating in club activities.  Mrs. Higgins and Mrs. Bucklin, in fact, still resided in their original Dewittshire homes.

The new homes erected in the early days of Dewittshire were built on quarter-acre lots in English or Dutch colonial type architecture.  Buyers had a choice of exteriors, some of the houses being of clapboard and shingles, others of brick and clapboard, or native stone.  Clark Development Co. laid out the neighborhood with winding roads, city type water mains, and sidewalks.  Their early advertisements stressed what was then a selling point--that the roads were "macadamized," meaning that they were paved.  A 1938 newspaper article described the home of Everett Price at 300 Wellington Rd. as "typical" of those in Dewittshire:  "The house bas a recreation room with a fireplace in the basement, an opened screened porch and a two-car garage.  Other features Include a large living room extending across the south side of the house, a study paneled in pine, dining room, kitchen, four bedrooms, maid's quarters, two bath rooms and a downstairs lavatory."
With the thought that future family historians and genealogists might find information about the former residents of Dewittshire of interest, and with an understanding that there is a limited, and diminishing, time frame beyond which the data is unlikely to be preserved, I decided to make an effort to compile and post the information that is currently available.  What follows is an alphabetical listing of more than 250 families that resided in Dewittshire (as defined above) during the 1940's and 1950's.  This information has been gathered from old newspaper accounts, village directories, various governmental records, alumni records, and from personal recollections.  While an effort has been made to verify the accuracy of what is related here, often the record is incomplete or contradictory and confirmation is not possible.  Therefore, the information here should be considered as tentative, or suggestive, but certainly not definitive.  Anyone who can suggest changes, corrections, additions, or provide any "clues" to the present whereabouts of those listed below is urged to do so, by just clicking here.

Curtis W. Abbott and Astrid Madsen Abbott lived at 204 Dewittshire Rd., South, having moved to DeWitt in 1941.  Mr. Abbott was a native of Babylon, NY, and a 1933 graduate of Syracuse University.  Mrs. Abbott was a native of Utica and received her RN degree from Crouse-Irving Hospital in Syracuse.  The couple were married in Utica in July, 1936.  He worked as an accountant with the New Process Gear Co.  Mr. Abbott was a member and officer of the DeWitt volunteer fire department.  He lived in Dewittshire until his death on 9-1-1984.  Mrs. Abbott  died at her daughter's home in Isle of Pines, SC, on 5-3-2001.  She was 90.  The couple had a daughter, Elizabeth "Betsy" Abbott Michaels, of Isle of Pines, who was born 6-12-1946, and is a realtor.

Donald J. Adams and his wife lived at 121 Ambergate Rd., having purchased the home in December, 1956.  Born in Buffalo, Dr. Adams was a 1952 graduate of the University of Buffalo Medical School.  He did his internship at Buffalo Deaconess Hospital and his residency in obstetrics and gynecology at University Hospital.   Dr. Adams served as chief of obstetrics and gynecology at Crouse Irving Hospital from 1974 to 1983, when he retired.  He died 11-21-1997.  Dr. and Mrs. Adams had three children: Anne Adams of Syracuse, Nancy Adams Fullana, of Schenectady, NY, born c. 1964, and Andrew Adams, of St. Petersburg, FL.

Fay F. Adkinson and Marion Heath Adkinson lived at 106 Wellington Rd. by 1942, and later moved to Hillsboro Parkway in Syracuse.  He was the chief metallurgist for the New Process Gear Corp. before opening his own firm.  Mrs. Adkinson was a native of Arizona and 1916 graduate of SU with a degree in fine arts.  Mr. Adkinson died 1-3-1952.  Mrs. Adkinson retired from the Konski Engineering Co. about 1967, and died 4-4-1979.

C. B. Allen and Elinor Fitch Allen lived at 225 Ambergate Rd., by 1942, after having lived earlier at 109 Dunham Rd. in DeWitt.  He was a salesman with the New York Rubber Co.  They had three daughters:  Betsey Allen, Mary Elinor Allen, and Barbara Allen.

Harold F. Allen and Lena Tope Allen lived at 117 Dewittshire Rd. by 1942.  He was the production manager at the Onondaga Pottery Co.  The family moved to Puerto Rico in 1948.  They had a son, Robert Winston Allen.

Carl H. Almfelt and Alfaretta Beebe Almfelt lived at 108 Ambergate Rd.  He was born 9-24-1909, and was from Kingston, NY.  Mrs. Almfelt was born 1-8-1908.  She was from Canaan, CT and graduated from Elmira College. The couple were wed 2-23-1935.  Mr. Almfelt worked as a technician in the chemistry lab at Syracuse University and also operated the DeWitt Exterminating Co.  He died in March, 1966 and she died in Litchfield, CT on 2-10-2002.

Samuel H. Allston and Rebecca Allston lived at 125 Ambergate Rd. by 1943.  He was an accounting executive with Remington-Rand Inc.  John F. Wimple, an inspection supervisor with Remington-Rand, lived with them.

Fred L. Anderson and Bessie May Olivet Anderson lived at 209 Ambergate Rd., having purchased the home from Oscar A. Walker in 1936.   Mr. Anderson was self-employed in the drug and sundries business.  Mrs. Anderson died at home on 2-22-1943.  They had a daughter who wed J. Raymond Bush, and lived in Syracuse, and a son, F. Lewis Anderson, who lived in Oakland, CA.

Sixten Anderson and Louise Anderson lived at 307 Ambergate Rd. by 1942.  He was the proprietor of Your Laundress, Inc., at 205 Croly St. in Syracuse.  Their children:  Phillip O. Anderson, who wed Helen S. Graham about 1955, and probably resides now in CO, and Nancy Anderson.

Alfred George Andrews and Evelyn R. Andrews lived at 224 Wellington Rd., having purchased the home from Alfred Pizio in 1933.  Mr. Andrews attended Syracuse University and Rutgers and was a physical education teacher at Edward Smith School in Syracuse.  Mrs. Andrews was born 10-30-1905 in Webster, MA.  She was the supervisor of nursing at Syracuse Memorial Hospital.  Mr. Andrews died 12-5-1979, and Mrs. Andrews died at the Loretto Rest nursing facility in Syracuse on 10-31-2003.  She was 98.  They had three children:  Neil Andrews, who died in 1995, Richard Andrews, of Liverpool, and Mary Jane Andrews Cuminale, who lives in CT.

Richard S. Arnold and Martha Robertson Arnold lived at 229 Wellington Rd. after moving from Atlanta, GA in 1952. He was an engineer for the Carrier Corp.  Mrs. Arnold was born in Louisville, KY, but lived most of her life in Atlanta.  She was a graduate of Florida State University for Women.   Martha Arnold died at home in DeWitt on 1-10-1960, at age 48.  Mr. Arnold subsequently married Jean F. Holmes--the widow of Dr. John Holmes.  Jean Arnold died in DeWitt on 4-6-1998.  Richard and Martha Arnold had two children:  Josephine Marie Arnold, who wed Peter W. Frame, a fellow graduate of Middlebury College on 12-26-1964, and resides in Ridgefield, CT, and Richard "Ricky" Arnold, who earned an undergraduate degree from Syracuse University in 1970 and an MBA there in 1974, and lives in Marietta, GA, where he is the plant manager for Roytec, Inc.

Clayton K. Baer and Karlyne Baer lived at 129 Dewittshire Rd., having moved there in 1954.   Mr. Baer was born 8-1-1919 in Harrisburg, Pa.  While living in DeWitt he was in sales with the Crucible Steel Co.  Mrs. Baer was a native of Syracuse.  The family later lived in Milwaukee, WI, and in Ft. Wayne, IN where Mrs. Baer was an appraiser of antiques and property held by area institutions and individuals.  She died there on 6-13-1993, and Mr. Baer died 12-13-2003.  The couple had three children: Thomas R. Baer of Oxford, MI, born c. 1950, Kurt D. Baer of Chicago, IL, born c. 1948, and Dr. Jan Baer Bulman of Montgomery, AL, who teaches history at Auburn University.

Walter W. Baker and Viola H. Baker lived at 104 Wellington Rd., having purchased the home in 1935 from Donald L. Savage.  The couple wed in 1900.  He was a mechanical engineer with the L. C. Smith Typewriter Co.

Philip H. Becker and Gertrude Becker lived at 227 Ambergate Rd.  He was born 1-27-1898 and she was born 9-3-1895.  He was a sales executive with a company that sold school buses.  They later lived in Fayetteville.  Mr. Becker died in April, 1975 and  Mrs. Becker died in August, 1977.  They had two daughters:  Anita Becker, who graduated from Syracuse University and moved to East Lansing, MI, and Phyllis Becker, who wed William D. Hanson of Fayetteville on 8-15-1953, and lives now in Binghamton, NY.

Edward Kanouse Beemer and Evelyn Harper Beemer lived at 105 Dewittshire Rd.  He was a native of Newton, NJ and a Navy veteran of WWII.  He was the manager of the casualty department for the local office of the Travelers Ins. Co.  He was very active in civic affairs, having served two terms as the president of the local school board, and was instrumental in the founding of the DeWitt library.  He also was head of the governing body of DeWitt Community Church.  Mrs. Beemer was a native of Scranton and was a graduate of Cedar Crest College.  She met her future husband while she was in college and he attended the nearby Muhlenberg College.  Mr. Beemer retired from the Travelers in 1977 after 40 years of service.  He died 7-28-1992, at age 80.  Mrs. Beemer died 7-26-2006, at age 94.  The couple had three daughters:  Joan Evelyn Beemer, who wed Jack C. Henderson, a USAF pilot, on 1-26-1957, and resides now in East Syracuse, Sandra Beemer Spiegel, who attended Duke University, Buffalo General Hospital School of Nursing and Elmhurst College, married Ronald E. Spiegel in 1968, and is an RN in Chicago, and Carol Ann Beemer Roberts, a graduate of Florida Southern College, who wed Richard B. Roberts on 11-25-1972, and lives in Marshalls Creek, PA.

Samuel Belkowitz and Esther Goldstein Belkowitz lived at 303 Ambergate Rd.  He was a physician, who graduated from Syracuse University's School of Medicine in 1928, and interned at the Hammett Hospital in Erie, PA.  Mrs. Belkowitz was a life resident of the Syracuse area and graduated from Syracue University in 1930 with a degree in education.  The couple wed on 12-24-1939 and moved to Dewittshire in February, 1940.  Dr. Belkowitz served in the Army Air Corps during WWII, before resuming practice in Syracuse.  Dr. Belkowitz died 6-11-1993.  Mrs. Belkowitz died on 3-13-1998.  They couple had two sons:  Martin Belkowitz, who is an ophthalmologist living in Manlius, and David Belkowitz, who is an attorney in Richmond, VA.

Warren R. Bentley and Dorothy Bentley lived at 116 Dewittshire Rd. by 1942.  He was born 5-24-1904, and was a native of N. Tonawanda, NY.  He graduated from Cornell with a degree in engineering but became a bank officer and eventually retired as the senior vice-president of the Lincoln National Bank.   Mr. Bentley died on 4-9-1972., while skiing at Onondaga Country Club.  The couple had three children:  Dr. David W. Bentley, a professor in Canada, Deborah Bentley, who was once wed to John R. Boettiger, the grandson of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Rev. Sarah Bentley, a Methodist minister and hospice chaplain in Austin, TX.

John Osmyn Berry and Josephine Wilkenson Berry lived at 205 Ambergate Rd.  He was a native of West Harwich, MA, and was the district manager for the Purolator Corp.  Later he worked for the P. T. Brake Lining Co. in Syracuse.  Mrs. Berry was also a native of Massachusetts.  The couple moved from Dewittshire in December, 1953, and had lived in Fairmount about eight years before his death on 12-16-1972.  Mrs. Berry died on 5-2-1975.

Charles E. Birdseye, Sr., and Leila Pattet Birdseye lived at 104 Ambergate Rd. in the 1940's.  He was a lifelong resident of the Syracuse area and sold furniture for E. W. Edwards, Chappells, and other department stores.  Mrs. Birdseye was born in Little France, Oswego County, NY on 12-17-1894.  She attended Syracuse Business College and was a secretary for the L. C. Smith Co. for over 40 years.  Mr. Birdseye died 4-28-1957.  Mrs. Birdseye moved to Syracuse following his death and died there on 1-30-1996, at age 101.  The couple had a son, Charles Birdseye, Jr., who left home to become a pilot in WWII.  He was an executive with Xerox at his death in VA on 4-28-1978, which was the 31st anniversary of his father's death.

Francis Ogden Blackwell, Jr., and Dorothy Schleider Blackwell lived at 101 Wellington Rd.  The family came to the Syracuse area in the late 1930's, and lived in Dewittshire by 1946.  Mr. Blackwell was from Schenectady and was a 1921 graduate of Princeton University.  Mrs. Blackwell was a native of New York City.  He was a research engineer with the Lamson Corp. for 25 years, retiring in 1964.  Mrs. Blackwell died 7-9-1968, and Mr. Blackwell died 10-20-1968.  Their children:  Francis O. Blackwell, III, born c. 1931, who attended Clarkson College, and lives in Auburn, NY, and Janice Blackwell, who wed Robert A. Hines, and lived in Grandview, MO.

James H. Blunden and Edna G. Blunden lived at 110 Warwick Rd. by 1942.  He was the assistant manager of the Lowman Folding Box Corp.  By the early 1950's the family had moved to Carthage, NY.  Mr. Blunden died in Bradenton, FL in March, 1977.  Mrs. Blunden died in Carthage on 10-31-1996, at age 94.  They had two sons:  Richard J. Blunden, who lives in Norwich, NY, and Robert W. Blunden, who was the head of the volunteer fire department in Carthage, where he still resides.

William J. Boardman and  Nancy Jett Boardman lived briefly on Ambergate Rd, arriving about 1944.  They had two sons, William Boardman and John Boardman.

W. Kenneth Bodger and Gudrun H. Bodger lived at 203 Warwick Rd.  They moved there from Cleveland and were in Dewittshire from 1952 to 1956.  He was born 12-18-1913 and was a native of southern California.  She was born 6-20-1919, and was a native of Copenhagen, Denmark, who came to America at the close of WWII.  Mr. Bodger worked as an engineer for the Carrier Corp., but left in 1956 for a job with the Ford Motor Co. in Dearborn, MI.  Mr. Bodger was living in Laguna Hills, CA at his death on 11-13-90.  Mrs. Bodger died 7-4-98 while residing in Whittier, CA.  The couple had a son, W. Kenneth "Kim" Bodger, Jr., born in 1952.

Cyrus M. Bosworth and Dorothy L. Bosworth lived at 305 Ambergate Rd., beginning in 1959.  Mr. Bosworth was a native of Cleveland, OH, and was born 10-15-1917. He was a graduate of Antioch College and received his master's degree in chemical engineering from Syracuse University.  He worked as a chemical engineer for 25 years with the Carrier Corp., and held two patents for converting salt water into fresh water.  Mrs. Bosworth was born in 1920.  Her father, William Longley, a native of England lived with them.  Mr. Longley was a retired cabinet maker and died, at age 85, on 9-21-1965. The couple divorced and Mr. Bosworth married Janet R. Jackson.  He retired in 1982 after 10 years with Tee-Pak Inc. of Danville, IL and died at his home in Brunswick, ME, on 10-24-1996.   Dorothy Bosworth died 10-5-2001, in Carlsbad, CA.  She and Mr. Bosworth had three children:  William Bosworth, who attended Hobart College, is a finance professor at Western New England College, and lives in Bolton, CT, Theodore Bosworth, who attended Claremont College, is a medical journalist, and lives in NYC, and Sally Bosworth Gerome, who attended St. Lawrence University, received a Ph.D. in linguistics from the Sorbonne, is Director of Studies at a French University, and lives in Paris. 

R. Stewart Boyd and Evelyn Boyd lived at 108 Wellington Rd. by 1943.  He was a graduate of Wesleyan University. While living in the Syracuse area for seven years, Mr. Boyd was the production manager for WSYR radio.  In 1947 he became an advertising executive for the National Biscuit Co. (Nabisco) and the family lived in Ridgewood, NJ by 1951.  In 1968 Mr. Boyd was the Vice President of the Curtis Publishing Corp.  They had a son, Lee Allan Boyd.

Edward L. Boyne and Marie Lauria Boyne lived at 205 Wellington Rd. by 1942.  Mr. and Mrs. Boyne were natives of Catskill, NY.  They were both born about 1895.  Mr. Boyne worked as the plant manager for the Alpha Portland Cement Co. in Jamesville.  The couple left the Syracuse area about 1952, and he worked as a purchasing agent for the Penn-Dixie Cement Corp., in Nazareth, PA.  The Boynes resided in Allentown, PA, but were on a return visit to Fayetteville when he died on 11-21-1962.  Mrs. Boyne died in Allentown in June, 1981, at age 86.

Robert O. Bradshaw and Gertrude Bradshaw lived at 205 Dewittshire Rd., South, by 1951.  He was born in 1926 and was a sales engineer with the Jeffrey Manufacturing Co.  The family moved in May, 1955 to Jacksonville, FL.  The couple had three daughters:  Donna Bradshaw, Deborah Bradshaw, and Diane Bradshaw.

Charles D. Brown and Karma Brown lived at 231 Ambergate Rd.  He was a marketing executive with GE.  Mrs. Brown was born 8-25-1915, and died in Hendersonville, NC, in September, 1986.  The couple had three children:  Karma Jean Brown, Rise Brown, and Charles D. Brown Jr.

George H. Brown and Mabel M. Brown lived at 231 Wellington Rd. by 1932.  He was a native of Providence, RI and was born 8-20-1888.  He worked as a tool salesman for the Brown, Sharpe Co., and later for the Baldwin Hall Co.  Mr. Brown subsequently married Harriet Burton and lived in Dewittshire until his death on 3-13-1966. 

Roger B. Buckingham and Helen Meyer Buckingham lived at 206 Dewittshire Rd. by 1957.  Mr. Buckingham was born in Cleveland and was a 1936 graduate of Miami University of Ohio.  Mrs. Buckingham was a lifelong resident of the Syracuse area and attended Syracuse University.  She was an avid gardener and the couple traveled widely abroad.  Mr. Buckingham was president of the Clark Real Estate Co. until 1979 when he retired and the company was sold to the Longley-Jones firm.  Mrs. Buckingham died 9-1-1989.  Mr. Buckingham moved from Syracuse to Lisle, IL in 1992 and was living there at his death on 8-14-2000.  The couple had two children:  William B. Buckingham, who was a business owner residing in Glens Falls, NY at his death on 1-30-2007, and L. Lynn Brown of Naperville, IL.

Seward H. Bucklin and Pauline Gridley Bucklin lived at 216 Wellington Rd. by 1942.  He was a native of Little Falls, NY.  Mr. Bucklin was self employed as a distrbutor of petroleum products and then worked as a manufacturing engineer for GE for 25 years.  Mrs. Bucklin was a native of the Syracuse area, and was a 1924 graduate of William Smith College.  Her family owned the Gridley Building in downtown Syracuse.  Mr. Bucklin was the chairman of the board of trustees of the First Universalist Church in Syracuse.  He died on 1-13-1973.  Mrs. Bucklin died at home in Dewittshire on 8-10-1992, at age 90.  The couple had three sons:  Daniel W. Bucklin, who was living in Anderson, SC, at his death on his 67th birthday, 1-19-2001, Paul G. Bucklin, who received a degree from the NYS College of Forestry at Syracuse in 1958, and lived in Columbus, OH, before moving to Okatie, SC, and Ellsworth Rodney Bucklin, born 10-2-1941, who lives in Anderson, SC.

Charles G. Burrows, Sr., and Eloise Simmons Burrows loved at 208 Dewittshire by the early 50's.  Born in Syracuse, he was a life resident of the area and a 1928 graduate of Syracuse University.  Mr. Burrows retired in 1989 as an accountant and auditor with Green Hills Farms.  He was also a self-employed accountant, working for various local firms and individuals.  Mr. Burrows died 12-6-1997, at age 91. The couple had four children: Sarah "Sally" Burrows Riley, a semi-retired R.N. specializing in rehab work, and living in Hudson, FL, Susan S. Burrows, of Manlius, Charles G. Burrows, Jr., of DeWitt, and Deborah A. Burrows, also of DeWitt.

Robert Emmet Byrne and Sarah Patricia"Sally" Fallon Byrne lived at 224 Wellington Rd.  They were wed on 6-28-1947.  He was the vice-president of J. P. Byrne and Co.--a family owned tire dealership, established in downtown Syracuse in 1923.  The couple divorced and Mrs. Byrne married John R. Connolly.  She was residing in Paoli, PA at her death on 9-27-1979.  Mr. Byrne lives now in Tully, NY.  The couple had four children:  John P. Byrne, II, who became the owner of the family tire business,  Sarah Patricia Byrne, a 1975 fine arts graduate of Syracuse University who died in a car accident in Steamboat Springs, CO, on 12-15-1980, Sheila Mary Byrne, who wed Dewey Milton Northrup on 4-2-1977, and Suzanne Mary Byrne, who has a nursing degree from Syracuse University, wed Thomas F. Mahar, Jr., on 7-16-1983, and lives in Marcellus, NY.

Roche Cadier and June Cadier lived at 105 Dewittshire Rd. by 1942.  He had an interest in the Cadier Schad Tire Co., at 550 S. Geddes St. in Syracuse.

Frederick R. Campbell and Laura J. Campbell lived at 226 Wellington Rd. by 1934.  He was a native of Boston, and came to the Syracuse area as a special agent for the Fireman's Fund Ins. Co.--a position he held until his retirement.  He died in Syracuse on 11-22-1971, and she died 9-4-1981.

Howard H. Cannon and Marion Schermerhorn Cannon lived at 125 Dewittshire Rd. by 1942.  He was born 6-26-1903 in Lyons Falls, NY.  Mr. Cannon graduated from Hamilton College in 1923 and from Harvard law school in 1927.  Mrs. Cannon was born in Lowville, NY.  She graduated from St. Lawrence University, and taught Latin and French in Herkimer and Larchmont for several years.  Mr. Cannon was a partner with the Bond, Schoeneck, and King law firm.  He was a pivotal figure in the creation of the State's student loan program, and in 1957 he was appointed by Governor Averill Harriman to the original board of directors of the NY Higher Education Assistance Corp.  Mr. Cannon died 3-19-1979, and Mrs. Cannon died 7-19-1991.  They had three daughters, Sarah Cannon, who died in 1952 at age 15, Elizabeth Ann Cannon Gump, born c. 1933, of Summit, NJ, and Mary Ellen Cannon Weston, who attended Wheelock College in Boston, and lives in Altadena, CA. 

Alexander C. Carmichel and Elizabeth Tracy Carmichel lived at 107 Wellington Rd.  About 1955, the family moved to 211 Pelham Rd. in DeWitt, and later to 6801 Knollwood Rd. in Lyndon.  Rev. Carmichel was born in New York City, graduated from Syracuse University, Boston University School of Theology and received his doctorate from DePauw University.  He served in the Army Air Corps as command chaplain at Wright Patterson Field during WWII.  A native of Augusta, GA, Mrs. Carmichel was a 1941 graduate of Syracuse University.  She lived in Springfield, MA before moving to the Syracuse area, and, while in Springfield, she served as an executive with the Girl Scouts of America.  The Rev. Dr. Carmichel retired as senior pastor of the DeWitt Community Church where he served for 42 years, overseeing its rapid growth.  He was active in numerous civic and religious causes including service on the board of trustees of Onondaga Community College.  Mrs. Carmichel died on 6-4-1996 and Rev. Carmichel moved to The Nottingham in Jamesville where he died on 10-29-2005.  The couple had three sons; Rev. Alexander "Sandy" Carmichel, born in September, 1949, and living in DeBary, FL, Craig R. Carmichel, born on 6-16-1951, living in Brentwood, TN, and Douglas Carmichel, born in April, 1954, of DeWitt.  

Lee Carroll and Irene Werner Carroll lived at 304 Dewittshire Rd., South, by 1942.  They later split their time between Syracuse and a cottage on Skaneateles Lake.  Mr. Carroll was born in Atlantic City, NJ, the seventh of eight children, four of whom lived to at least age 99.  His family was involved in the early development of Atlantic City, Ventnor, Margate, Pleasantville, and Ocean City, NJ.  His brother Harry was a noted songwriter, (I'm Always Chasing Rainbows"), producer and a founding member of  ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Performers).  Mr. Carroll graduated from the Syracuse University law school in 1926 and was a partner in his own firm.  He was active in many religious and civic organizations, particularly the Rescue Mission, Erwin United Methodist Church, where he was chairman of the board of directors, and the Monarch Club.  Mrs. Carroll was a native Syracusan and a 1930 Syracuse University graduate.  She was very active in the affairs of the Methodist church and a director of Teen Challenge, a Christian outreach to addicted teens.  Mrs. Carroll was a long distance swimmer, continuing until shortly before her death at 95.  Mr. Carroll died on 4-12-2004 at his home, 10 Bradford Heights Rd., DeWitt.   His death occurred three weeks short of his 100th birthday and one month after the death of Mrs. Carroll.  They had a son, John Benjamin Carroll, an attorney in Syracuse.

Irene Schwarz Case, the widow of Dr. George B. Case, lived at 231 Ambergate Rd.  In 1953, she moved to Kittell Rd. in Lyndon.  She had four children: a daughter who wed Fred Taylor of Cazenovia, Jane V. Case, who died on 8-11-52 at age 33, George B. Case, who lives in Bakersfield, CA, and Richard H. Case.

Edwin S. Chamberlin and Ann Cleghorn Chamberlin lived at 109 Ambergate Rd. from 1938 to December, 1940, before moving to 5 Morton Rd. in DeWitt.  Mr. Chamberlin was born 12-13-1916 and was the vice-president and co-owner of the Syracuse Lithograph Co.  Mrs. Chamberlin was born 4-5-1916 and was a native of Mineola, NY.  She died in Cleverdale, NY on 5-11-1982.  Mr. Chamberlin was residing in Jupiter, FL at his death on 7-28-1996.  They had four children:  Peter K. Chamberlin, a retired salesman, living in Beech Mountain, NC, Carol Chamberlin, who wed John R. Myers, Jr., and lives in Summerton, SC, James S. Chamberlin, of Lake George, NY, and Ann Chamberlin Clugstone, who lives in Katskill Bay (Queensbury), NY.

John Pierce Cheney and Tinie Virginia Cheney moved to 200 Ambergate in 1950, upon his retirement.  He was  born in Manlius and was involved in the family firm of S. Cheney and Son Foundry Co.  He died 4-30-1958 at 72.  Mrs. Cheney was born 9-4-1895.  She lived in Fayetteville after her husband's death and died in April, 1982. They had: John P. Cheney, Jr., who wed Marian Nims, lived in Fayetteville, and died 10-29-1985, and Virginia Cheney, who was the valedictorian at Manlius High School, graduated from Russell Sage College in 1950, wed Howard M. Finck, and lived in DeWitt, before her death on 2-23-1998 while vacationing in the Cayman Islands, BWI.

George F. Christie and  Dorothy J. Christie lived at 129 Dewittshire by 1957.  Born in White Plains, NY,  Mr. Christie served in the Army Air Corps during World War II.  He attended Northeastern University in Boston, and graduated from Syracuse University in  1948.  Mr. Christie was regional manager of the Transamerica Insurance Co., retiring in 1977.  He died 6-5-1997.  They had five children:  Leslie Ann Christie, who graduated from the State University of NY at Buffalo and wed Donald R. Tomeny on 7-31-1971, Brian L. Christie, who was co-owner and operator of Shean Equipment Co., East Syracuse, until his death 11-27-2006, Kenneth G. Christie, who graduated from the State University Agricultural and Technical Institute at Alfred, and married Arlene Wolfe in 1976, Janet R. Christie, and Martha Christie Stanley, who was born in 1962.

Clarence V. Clippinger and Kathryn Landis Clippinger lived at 206 Dewittshire Rd. by 1935.  They lived previously at 867 Ackerman Ave. in Syracuse.  Mr. Clippinger was the head of business instruction at North high school in Syracuse.  Mrs. Clippinger was a native of PA, graduated from Lebanon Valley College and later did graduate work in secretarial science at Simmons College in Boston.  For more than 15 years she taught secretarial courses at Syracuse University, and authored several texts on the subject.  Mrs. Clippinger was also a noted collector of early American antique furniture.  After moving from Dewittshire the couple lived at 622 Euclid Ave. in Syracuse.  They had a son, Ray Landis Clippinger, who graduated from Syracuse University, wed Mary V. Bortz on 8-26-1933, and taught high school business courses in Rochester prior to his death on 2-22-1995, at age 87.

William P. Conklin and Barbara Nicholson Conklin lived at 203 Ambergate Rd. by 1950.  He was a vice-president at the Flack Advertising firm.  They were both 1944 graduates of Syracuse University, and reside now in Naples, FL.  They have two daughters: Carole Elizabeth Leher, of Naples, and Barbara Ann Conklin.

Franklin D. Cooper and Evelyn Dotson Cooper lived at 227 Ambergate Rd. by 1942.  They subsequently moved to 321 Lansdowne Rd. in DeWitt.  Mrs. Cooper was a native of Hernando, MS, and  Mr. Cooper was from Cleveland, OH.  He was a graduate of Case-Western Reserve University in civil engineering with a bachelor of science and a master's degree.  He taught and engaged in research at Stanford University, at Carnegie Institute of Technology,  and at Ohio State University.  While living in DeWitt, Mr. Cooper was a civil engineer with the U.S. Engineering Corp. and a land surveyor.  Mr. Cooper died 6-20-1978, and Mrs. Cooper died in June, 1986.  They had two sons:  Franklin D. Cooper, Jr., a graduate of The Citadel, an engineering executive in Sumter, SC, prior to his death on 1-6-2004, and David H. Cooper, a civil engineer, who resides in Manlius, NY.

Earl S. Cossaboom and Mildred Cossaboom lived at 110 Dewittshire Rd. by 1942.  They soon moved to 201 Cornwall Dr. in DeWitt.  Mr. Cossaboom was a native of Nova Scotia and, at age 19, was already head chef in his father's Harbor View Hotel there.  For a number of years he was a manager for the Howard Johnson Co.  About 1947 the couple opened Cassaboom's Restaurant in a 140 year old home in Bouckville, NY.  Their restaurant earned a recommendation from Duncan Hines and the facility was well known throughout central NY for many years.  In 1965, the restaurant was sold and the Cossaooms relocated to FL, where Mrs. Cossaboom died in July, 1973, and Mr. Cossaboom died in February, 1977.  They had, William Cossaboom, born about 1927, David Cossaboom, and Helen Cossaboom.

Leo John Coughlin and Ruth Wilkes Coughlin lived at 127 Dewittshire Rd. by 1942, and moved away in 1955.  Mr. Coughlin was an inspector with the Immigration and Naturalization Service.  He retired from the government in 1967 following 43 years of service.  Mr. Coughlin also taught classes in public speaking for many years.  They lived in Ilion, NY, but had returned to DeWitt by Mr. Coughlin's death on 1-31-1976.  A native of Rome, Mrs. Coughlin lived in Fayetteville for 10 years and died at a nursing home in Chittenango on 5-25-1996.  She was 100.  Their children:  Leo J. Coughlin, Jr., of Asprey, FL.,a former naval officer, Nancy Lee Coughlin Sherman of Sarasota, FL, Gregory Coughlin, who is deceased, and Jacqueline Marie Coughlin Levy of Fayetteville.

Paul T. Crosby and Dorothy Barnes Crosby lived at 105 Ambergate by 1953.  He was born 2-21-1890 and grew up in Seneca Falls, NY.  He was a 1915 graduate of the College of Medicine at Syracuse University.  After interning at St. Joseph's Hospital in Syracuse, Dr. Crosby went into practice in Seneca Falls, but soon left for service in WWI.  He was a senior lieutenant in the USN, and arrived overseas in June, 1917 with the Marine's Fifth Regiment.  Lt. Crosby was involved in heavy combat for 18 months and was awarded the Croix de Guerre by the French government for his service.  He served again in WWII, retiring in 1947 with the rank of Rear Admiral.  Dr. Crosby died 11-06-1970, at the age of 80.  Mrs. Crosby is believed to have died in FL in November, 1983.  The couple had one son, John Barnes Crosby.  He was a 1935 graduate of the Naval Academy and wed Dorothy Dey, of Syracuse, on 6-16-1937.  They lived in DeWitt and Fayetteville.  He retired in 1977 as the product manager for Crouse-Hinds, and died 1-16-1988.  Dorothy Dey Crosby died on 8-14-1993.

Thomas J. Curry and Mary McGarr Curry lived at 205 Wellington Rd. in the early 50's.  They also lived in Lyndon and, later, at 120 Windsor Pl. in Syracuse.  Mr. Curry was born in Delano, PA, and graduated from Cornell University in 1936.  He served as a civilian in the Army Corps of Engineers during WWII.  Mrs. Curry was a native of Auburn and a 1931 graduate of St. Mary's School of Nursing, Rochester.  She retired in 1973 as a nursing supervisor at the Upstate Medical Center.  Mr. Curry worked for the General Electric Co. but retired in 1977 as a sales representative at Logan-Long Co., in Fulton.  Mrs. Curry died 8-2-1995 and Mr. Curry died 4-12-2002, at age 90.  They had nine children:  Michael M. Curry, who attended SU and lives in Pensacola, FL, Dr. Stephen L. Curry, who wed Tonja R. Knapp, and was a professor of medicine before retiring to Kissimmee, FL, Thomas Curry, who is a bridge professional and lives in Ithaca, NY, Daniel P. Curry, of Fayetteville, Joseph H. Curry, of Syracuse, John C. Curry, of Brockport, Mary Curry Burns of Hertford, NC, Eileen Curry Weathers of New Smyrna Beach, FL, and Kathleen Curry Freeman of Syracuse.

Thomas J. Curtin and Gertrude Curtin lived at 105 Dewittshire by 1942.  He was the manager of the Syracuse office of the Bankers Life Insurnce Co.  Their son, Jerome Curtin was a student at Georgetown Medical College.

Olin R. Daniels and Alberta Renner Daniels lived at 101 Ambergate Rd. during the early 1950's, before moving to Fairmount, NY in March, 1955.  He was a graduate of Colgate University.  Mrs. Daniels was a 1917 graduate of Syracuse University and worked as a teacher until her death on 6-14-1951.  Mr. Daniels worked as a maintenance dept. clerk for the Niagara-Mohawk Power Corp.  He had taken a leave of absence due to poor health at the time of his death in Albuquerque on 9-24-1953.  They had a daughter, Ruth Daniels, who wed Michael Scanlon in 1955, and a son, Donald R. Daniels.

Charles W. Davidson and his wife lived at 121 Dewittshire Rd. before moving to Miami Shores, FL in 1952.  He was a manager for the Metropolitan Insurance Co.

Howard D. Davies and Melba DeLa Vergne Davies lived at 110 Warwick Rd., beginning about 1948.  He attended Fenn College in Cleveland and joined the Warner & Swasey Co. in 1927 as an apprentice trainee.  In 1948 he was assigned to the Syracuse area as a field engineer for the company.  About 1951 the Davies' moved to Fayetteville-Manlius Rd. in Fayetteville.  Mr. Davies died 1-21-1963 at the age of 53.  They had four daughters, Sandra L. Davies, a graduate of the State University Teachers College at Oneonta, who married Jon A. Sorensen in 1958, Jill Davies, Lynn Davies, and another daughter who married William Robey.

Frank W. De Lano and Ruth De Lano lived at 108 Dewittshire Rd. by 1942.  He worked for the Alexander Jones firm before becoming an independent electrical contractor.  Mrs. De Lano worked for the Dey Brothers department store. They had a son, Frank De Lano, Jr., who attended Syracuse University and served in the army.

E. Joseph Delmonico and Margaret Winters Delmonico moved to 170 Canterbury Rd. in 1945.  Dr. Delmonico was born in Syracuse in 1905 and graduated from the Syracuse University College of Medicine in 1930.  He interned at St. Joseph's Hospital and there met his future wife who graduated from St. Joseph's nursing school in 1929.  The couple wed in Syracuse in 1934.  The Delmonicos lived three years in Rochester, MN, where Dr. Delmonico served a residency at the Mayo Clinic in anesthesiology, before returning to the Syracuse area in 1940.  They lived in Dewittshire about 15 years, and were among the first families to attend the newly opened Holy Cross Church.  They later moved to Fayetteville.  Dr. Delmonico died 1-18-1979, and Mrs. Delmonico died on 6-15-1991, at age 83.  The couple had two daughters: Linda Delmonico Worth, who graduated from Syracuse University, and died in Manchester, NH on 12-30-2004, and Susan Delmonico Ross, who graduated from LeMoyne College in 1963, and resides in Camillus, NY.

Albert  B. Dickey and Ruth Martin Dickey lived at 228 Wellington Rd., purchasing the home in 1935.  He was born in Rogers, OH, and graduated from Mt. Union College in Alliance, OH, before moving to DeWitt.  Mr. Dickey was involved in sales promotion with Hub Equipment Sales, Inc.  In later years he operated the DeWitt Top Soil Co.  Mr. Dickey died 10-20-1967.  Mrs. Dickey retired from Upstate Medical Center where she had been a secretary.  She lived in Manlius before her death in a nursing home on 4-6-1977.  They had:  Andrew M. Dickey, who wed Anne Sadoff, of Cazenovia, on 8-16-1963, and lives in Fayetteville, Mary Louise Dickey, who wed Vincent Piscitelli, teaches nursery school, and lives in Akron, NY, and Ruth Esther Dickey, who graduated from SUNY Oswego and earned an MLS from Syracuse University, wed John J. Foley in 1968, and lives in Syracuse.

Donald D. Dietzer and Hazel Mowbray Dietzer lived at 190 Canterbury Rd. by 1942.  They later moved to 111 Dewittshire Rd.  Mr. Dietzer was born 5-18-1897, and was a partner with the W. C. Langley investment firm.  Mr. Dietzer was previously married to Helen Dietzer, and Hazel Dietzer was married previously to Thomas Halpin of Rochester.  Mr. Dietzer died 3-3-1972 and Mrs. Dietzer later lived in Auburn, her home town, where she died in November, 1985, at age 89.  Donald D. and Helen Dietzer had a son:  Donald C. Dietzer, who was a decorated veteran of the USA paratroopers in WWII, and was a retired construction equipment salesman residing in Liverpool at his death on 2-7-1990.  Hazel Dietzer had a child with her first husband, Mr. Halpin:  William Edward Halpin, a Syracuse University graduate and airborne infantry veteran of WWII, who lives in Auburn, NY.  Donald D. Dietzer and Hazel Dietzer had one child together:  Mowbray Walter Dietzer, who graduated from Wesleyan University, lives in lives in Westport, CT, and is retired from a career with The Wall Street Journal and Barron's.

Joseph Willard Dolloff and Florence M. Dolloff lived at 226 Wellington Rd. by 1942.  He was a supervisor with the A. & P. grocery chain.  Mrs. Dolloff was born 12-7-1911 and died 11-22-1997 while residing in Buffalo.  Their children:  Paul Dolloff, who is an attorney living in Buffalo, Caroline Dolloff, Larry Dolloff, and Kathy Dolloff.

Frederick C. Dommeyer and Marion Dommeyer lived at 104 Wellington Rd.  by 1940.  He was born 1-12-1909 and was an instructor at SU.  About 1946, Professor Dommeyer began teaching at St. Lawrence University in Canton.  He was a philosopher with an interest in the parapsychological studies of Dr. J. B. Rhine at Duke University.  Dr. Dommeyer was living in San Jose, CA at his death on 7-24-1988.  Their child:  Barbara Pauline Dommeyer.

Francis E. Doonan and Gladys O. Doonan lived at 113 Warwick by 1942, and later moved to Court St. in Syracuse. He was an accountant for the Hall-McChesney Co. and a member of the board of directors of WAGE radio.  Mrs. Doonan died 4-16-1951.  Mr. Doonan died 4-6-1960.  They had two daughters, Elizabeth Jane Doonan, who graduated from the Central City Business Institute (CCBI), and wed Robert F. Taylor on 10-6-1951, and Dorothy E. Doonan, who worked as a secretary at the Continental Can Co., and married L. Thomas MacCollum of Liverpool.

Laurence M. Downes and Jane Riehlman Downes lived at 305 Ambergate Rd.  He was born in Brewer, Maine, and lived in Dewittshire until about 1954.  Mrs. Downes was a 1944 graduate of Syracuse University's College of Human Development.  The family lived in the Syracuse area until 1962 when Mr. and Mrs. Downes moved to Florida. He worked at the General Electric Co. for 36 years before retiring in 1982 as the manager of field services.  Mr. Downes was a WWII veteran, serving as a captain in the Army Corps of Engineers.  He died 6-30-1993 in Ormond Beach, FL, at the age of 72.  The couple had three sons, Larry Downes, of Ormond Beach, FL, John Downes and Kevin Downes, both of Atlanta, GA, and a daughter, Carol Downes Smith of Winter Park, FL.

James G. Doyle and Elizabeth Burns Doyle lived at 305 Ambergate Rd. by 1942.  He was the secretary of the Syracuse Printing and Publishing Co.  She was a life resident of the Syracuse area.  The couple divorced and Mrs. Doyle lived at 770 James St. in Syracuse, and at the Nottingham in Jamesville, before her death on 6-3-1997.  The couple had three children:  Patricia Doyle Henwood, who was born in 1937, and lives in Fayetteville, James G. Doyle, of Danville, CA, who wed Virginia Ann Kinney on 7-6-1963, and Sharon Doyle.

Frederic J. Durkin and Joanne Bourke Durkin lived at 229 Ambergate Rd.  He was an executive with Iroquois Truck Rental, Inc.  She was a life resident of CNY and graduated from SU in 1948.  The couple had moved to 222 Edwards Dr. in Lyndon before 1960.  Mrs. Durkin died on 11-10-1980, at the age of 56.  Mr. Durkin subsequently wed  Mary Rita Casey. She was active in community affairs, including the Corinthian Club, Everson Museum and Syracuse Stage auxiliary. The second Mrs. Durkin was the widow of Jack McCarthy, who had been president of the J. & F. B. Garrett Paper Co.  Mary Durkin died at age 63, on 4-15-1987 while vacationing in FL.  Mr. Durkin had moved to The Nottingham prior to his death on 3-21-2007..  He and Joanne Durkin had a daughter, Lisa Durkin Armstrong, who was born in 1955.  She graduated from Stoneleigh-Burnham College, and lives in Las Vegas.

Robert C. Eccleston and Almira Eccleston lived at 205 Ambergate Rd. in the early 1940's.  He was an elctrical engineer for the U. S. Hoffman Co.  They had a daughter, Frances M. Eccleston.

Julian W. Edgecomb and Rose Edgecomb lived at 190 Canterbury Rd.  He was the son of State Supreme Court Justice Ernest I. Edgecomb.  Mr. Edgecomb, himself, served as Onondaga County attorney and as family court judge.  They had Marianne Edgecomb, who was born about 1935, and Margaret Rose Edgecomb, born in 1938.

Melvin A. Eggers and Mildred Chenoweth Eggers lived at 212 Ambergate Rd.  Mr. Eggers was born in Indiana on 2-21-1916, earned bachelor's and master's degrees from Indiana University, and pursued graduate work at the University of Chicago.  Mrs. Eggers was born in Markle, IN. She was a graduate of Ball State Teachers College in Indiana, and did graduate work at Syracuse University.  Her first job was teaching second grade in an Indiana school.  Mr. Eggers served in the USN as a Japanese language officer during World War II.  After the war, he became an economic analyst for the U.S. War Department in Tokyo.  Following this the couple moved to New Haven, CT, where Mr. Eggers studied for his doctorate at Yale University and Mrs. Eggers taught in a country day school.  The family came to Syracuse in 1950 when Dr. Eggers joined the Syracuse University faculty as an economics professor, and Mrs. Eggers taught reading at Moses DeWitt school.  He was elected to the university's highest office, Chancellor, June 4, 1971, and retired August 19, 1991.  Dr. Eggers died 11-20-1994 and Mrs. Eggers died 7-4-1997. They had:  Nancy Beilstein of Tustin, CA, who died 6-7-1997, at age 54, William Eggers, who is the general counsel for the Corning Glass Co., and lives in Painted Post, NY, and Richard Eggers of NYC.

John Oran Eichler and Aldona W. Eichler lived at 102 Wellington Rd., having purchased the home in 1941.  He received an undergraduate degree in engineering from NYU.  In 1943 he earned a master's at Syracuse University and became a teacher there.  Mr. Eichler was living in Marietta, GA before his death on 11-7-1989.  Mrs. Eichler also died in GA, on 11-11-2003, at age 88.  The couple had two sons, John Alan Eichler, and Oran H. Eichler, born 7-5-1946, and living in GA.

John H. Elleman, Jr., and Betty-Lou King Elleman lived at 209 Wellington Rd., after purchasing the home in 1955.  Born in Evanston, IL, Mr. Elleman served in WWII and was a 1949 graduate of Purdue University.  Mrs. Elleman was born in Syracuse, and attended Ohio Wesleyan University and Syracuse University.  Mr. Elleman retired in 1985 after 35 years as vice president and secretary of King Storage and Warehouse.  They were charter members of Pebble Hill Presbyterian Church.  Mr. Elleman died 5-20-1998 while residing in Manlius, and Mrs. Elleman died 10-19-2000.  Their children:  Deidre Elleman, of Winston-Salem, NC, and Thomas K. Elleman, of DeRuyter, NY.

Grant C. Emerick and Blanche Sharrer Emerick lived at 218 Wellington Rd. by 1942.  He was born in Batavia, NY,  but lived most of his life in the Syracuse area.  He was an army veteran of World War I.  Mr. Emerick worked as an auditor for the NYS tax department, retiring in 1960 after 40 years of service.  He was the president of the board of trustees at DeWitt Community Church.  Mrs. Emerick's brother, John J. Sharrer, lived with the family for four years prior to his death on 5-19-1964.  He was 78 and had been a long time employee of the Spector Cadillac Co.  Mr. Emerick died 11-15-1964, and Mrs. Emerick died 12-7-1971.  They had a son, Grant Philip Emerick, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1949 and resided in Cincinnati before his death on 9-23-1990.

Eugene A. Failmezger and Elsie Crowell Failmezger lived at 109 Wellington Rd., beginning in 1933.  After renting for five years they purchased the home in 1938.  Mr. Failmezger was from Brooklyn and lived in the Syracuse area for 35 years.  Mrs. Failmezger was born in Perth Amboy, NJ.  She graduated from Montclair State University and was a teacher in Plainfield, NJ schools.  Mr. Failmezger was a mechanical engineer with the U.S. Hoffman Co. and later he and his wife operated the Air Pro Co. in East Syracuse.  Mr. Failmezger died 9-12-1970, and Mrs. Failmezger died in Manning, SC on 8-5-2000 at age 93.  They had two sons, Robert and Eugene, Jr., who played important roles in a tragedy involving their neighbors, the Parratts, the details of which can be found under that family's listing.  Robert C. Failmezger graduated from Syracuse University in 1951 and from their law school three years later.  He wed Anita Bennett, a 1953 Syracuse University graduate, and they live in Fayetteville where he has been the village justice.  Eugene Failmezger resides in Summerton, SC, and is married to Suzanne Harvin.

William W. Faloon and Roberta Emery Faloon lived at 215 Wellington Rd.  He graduated from Allegheny College in 1941 and was a physician with the State University Medical School.  Dr. Faloon lives now in Pittsford, NY.  They had a daughter, Karen Faloon, and a son, William W. Faloon, Jr., who is an orthopedic surgeon in Spokane, WA.

Thomas M. Farmer and Joan Idella Grosvenor Farmer lived at 205 Wellington Rd. and later at 15 Pebble Hill Rd., South, in DeWitt.   Born March 3, 1921 in Syracuse, Mr. Farmer was a graduate of Christian Brothers Academy.  He studied engineering at Syracuse University but earned his degree from the University of Notre Dame, and worked as a consulting engineer.  Mr. Farmer was a parishioner of Holy Cross Church in DeWitt for over 50 years. He died 2-11-2004, at the age of 82, still residing in DeWitt.  The couple had three children:  Thomas G. Farmer, of Tucson, AZ, Peter M. Farmer, of Acton, MA, and Joan Farmer Berkey of Old Saybrook, CT.

Jerome B. Farnsworth and Irene Muncy Farnsworth lived at 219 Ambergate Rd. by 1942.  He was a self-employed general contractor.  She was a 1930 graduate of Syracuse University and taught at Jamesville-DeWitt HS.  Mrs. Farnsworth's mother, Amelia F. Muncy, lived with the Farnsworths until her death on 11-8-1972, at age 91.  Mr. Farnsworth died in 1962 and Mrs. Farnsworth died, at age 90, on 10-11-1999.  Their children:  Jerome "Skip" M. Farnsworth, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1955 with an engineering degree, and Susan Farnsworth Ballard, both of Fayetteville, and Ann Farnsworth Eck, who is a language teacher residing in Moorestown, NJ.

Daniel B. Faulkner and Katherine Layton Faulkner lived at 113 Warwick Rd.  She was born 7-28-1907, and graduated from Syracuse University in 1930.  Mr. Faulkner died 4-10-1950.  Mrs. Faulkner was living in N. Syracuse at her death on 10-9-1982. Their children: Gail V. Faulkner, who graduated from Syracuse University, wed Lyndon D. Schuldt on 5-26-1957, and lives in New Port Richey, FL, and Daniel L. Faulkner, of Nedrow, NY.

William G. Fehlman and Betty B. Fehlman lived at 108 Dewittshire Rd. in the 1950's.  He was the owner and operator of Fehlman Brothers Automotive Co. in Eastwood.  The couple reside now in Auburn, NY.  They have:   Bruce Fehlman, who operates the family business, April Fehlman, who lives in Ft. Lee, NJ, and Patricia Fehlman Roker, who is a radio personality in the Bahamas.

Lewis H. Fellows and Alice Frost Fellows lived at 310 Dewittshire Rd., South, by 1942.  He worked for the FDIC, and, later, for Syracuse Savings Bank.  Mrs. Fellows was a native of Glens Falls.  She was an RN, having completed training at Memorial Hospital in Syracuse, and worked for the Onondaga Sanatorium.  Mrs. Fellow's widowed mother, Minnie B. Frost lived with the couple until her death in March, 1938.  Mrs. Fellows died 11-24-1958 and Mr. Fellows subsequently married Marguerite Fellows.  He moved to Florida in 1962, and died in Ft. Lauderdale on 11-16-1969.  Mrs. Alice Fellows had a son, Richard Parks Frost, by a previous marriage.

Vito F. Fiscoe and Thelma Neupert Fiscoe lived at 217 Wellington Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Fiscoe was a self-employed home builder, operating as the Fiscoe Development Co.  He was a lifelong resident of the Syracuse area and a former president of the Syracuse Home Builders Association.  Mrs. Fiscoe was born 4-3-1919, in Fabius, NY.  She worked as a ward clerk at Van Duyn Home and Hospital for many years before her retirement in 1984.  She was a past president of the Altar and Rosary Society, and the founder of the school lunch program at Holy Cross Church.
Mr. and Mrs. Fiscoe resided in East Syracuse at his death on 1-4-1987 and at her death on 7-23-2006. They had: Thomas Fiscoe, of Camillus, Rosemary Fiscoe Coolican, of DeWitt, and Susan Fiscoe, of Modesto, CA.

Karl R. Fowler and his wife lived at 229 Ambergate Rd. by 1946.  By 1954, the Fowlers were living in Kansas City, MO.  They had a son, Rogers N. Fowler, who graduated from Nichols Junior College in 1953, married Gloria Jean Gaffey of Fayetteville in 1954, worked for the Kraft Food Co., and lives now in Brewster, MA.

Herbert E. French and Elizabeth C. French lived at 100 Dewittshire Rd. by 1942.  He was born 3-23-1887 and was a sales engineer for the O.K. Tool Co.--a Shelton, CT firm.  Mrs. French was a native of Syracuse and had lived in DeWitt about 20 years at her death on 3-4-1953.  Mr. French later wed Isabelle Donaldson, and had moved to Deland, FL by the time of his death on 1-4-1972, at age 84.  

Ray J. Gabel and Irene Gabel lived at 107 Wellington Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Gabel is thought to have been from the Rochester area where the couple lived before moving to the Syracuse area about 1931.  While living in Dewittshire he was an adjustor with the Emmco Insurance Co. in Syracuse, but generally his career was in sales and sales promotion.  In May, 1952, he was appointed sales manager at Village Sales--a Chevrolet dealer in Fayetteville.  The couple probably returned to Rochester, where Mrs. Gabel is believed to have died in March, 1969.  Mr. Gabel was living in Rockaway Park, NY, at his death in April, 1973.

Arthur K. Geary and Thelma Westcott Geary lived at 217 Wellington Rd.  He was a native of Utica, born 11-9-1908, and a graduate of the Manlius Military School.  He was an executive with the Aetna Ins. Co.  His brother, Emmett G. Geary and his family, also lived in Dewittshire.  Born in South Butler, NY, Mrs. Geary graduated from the State College at Oswego in 1928.  She retired in 1962 after many years as a teacher in West Genesee elementary schools.  Mr. Geary died in December, 1969.  Mrs. Geary was 95 and residing in Canastota at her death on 12-10-2001. The couple had:  Virginia Geary Christiansen, who was a graduate of Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, Boston University, and Syracuse University with a master's degree, and was a nursing instructor at Onondaga Community College prior to her death on 7-1-1997, Valerie Geary-Roehm, of Canastota, and Susan Geary Rumsey, who was a secretary at the John Milton motel at her death in Syracuse on 11-19-1978, at age 30.

Emmett G. Geary and Mildred A. Geary lived at 213 Ambergate Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Geary was originally from Utica and was a USN veteran of WWII.  His brother, Arthur K. Geary and his family, also lived in Dewittshire.  Emmett Geary was a salesman with the Prudential Insurance Co. for 38 years.  Mrs. Geary, too, was a native of Utica, and a graduate of the Faxton School of Nursing.  Mrs. Geary's mother, Clara C. Hersey, the widow of Frederick Hersey, lived with the Geary family until her death on 10-22-1969 .  Mr. Geary died 9-6-1972 and Mrs. Geary died 11-10-1977.  Their children: David F. Geary, who earned an MS in engineering from Syracuse University in 1965, and is a consultant living in Annapolis, MD, Lou Anne Geary Allen, who lives in Peoria, AZ, Sister Emmett Anne, a member of the Order of Saint Francis, (Mary Lourdes), and Robert J. Geary.

Richard P. Gifford and Alice Stephen Gifford lived at 120 Dewittshire Rd.  He was an engineering executive with GE.  Mrs. Gifford, a graduate of Smith College, was probably from Shaker Heights, OH.  She was a co-founder of the DeWitt Community Church's annual antique show and sale.  The family lived in DeWitt from 1946 to 1958, then moved to Lynchburg, VA, where Mr. Gifford  became the general manager of the GE facility there.  Mr. Gifford died on 8-27-1976, while vacationing in Switzerland.   Mrs. Gifford died in April, 2007, in Hilton Head, SC.  The couple had three daughters: Susan Gifford Whitten, of Bluffton, SC, Nancy Gifford Walter, of Vero Beach, FL, and Julia Gifford Hamilton, of Fresno, CA.

Louis E. Ginter and Helen Fearon Ginter lived at 204 Wellington Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Ginter earned an education degree from Syracuse University in 1935, and Mrs. Ginter received a BA degree there in 1938.  He was a teacher at Nottingham High School and at Vocational High School, both in Syracuse.  They later moved to Lakeland, FL where Mrs. Ginter died 7-8-1986, and Mr. Ginter died on 6-4-1998.  They had:  Gary F. Ginter, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1963 and lives in Punta Gorda, FL, and Gail Bressler  who lives in Lakeland.

Lawrence D. Glenn and Vera L. Glenn lived at 110 Dewittshire Rd. by 1943.  He was the assistant general foreman for the General Electric Co.  

Jason R. Glueck and Ethel Glueck lived at 120 Dewittshire Rd. by 1942.  He was the co-proprietor of a Daw's drug store.  The family later lived in Shaker Heights, OH.  The couple had three children:  Charles Glueck, who also worked for the Daw Drug Co., Elaine Glueck, and Janice Glueck, who wed Warren H. Frank, the executive director of the Central NY Regional Transportation Authority.

Charles K. Glynn and Betty R. Glynn lived at 121 Dewittshire Rd. after purchasing the home from Charles Davidson in 1952.  Mr. Glynn was a designer with GE.  By 1970, he had taken an executive job with the Friden Corp. in Oakland, CA.  Mr. Glynn died 5-8-1995 in Orinda, CA, where Mrs. Glynn yet resides.  Their children: Deborah Kay Glynn, born about 1950, and Charles W. Glynn.

Earl L. Gray and Laura Green Gray lived at 209 Ambergate Rd., having moved there from Nedrow about 1956.  Mr. Gray  a native of Redwood, NY, owned and managed the Gray Coal and Oil Co. in Jamesville for 30 years.  He was  » former member of the Onondaga Central school board, and was the first chief of the Nedrow fire department.  Mrs. Gray was a life resident of the Syracuse area, and worked 10 years as head bookkeeper at the Syracuse General Hospital.   Mr. Gray died at home on 3-1-1964.  Mrs. Gray later wed Charles Dainer Fox, who died in 1994.  She became a resident of The Nottingham in her later years, and served as president of the Resident's Association.  Laura Gray Fox died 2-8-2005.  They had four children:  Robert Earl Gray, a graduate of the US Coast Guard Academy, who was a civilian engineer for the USAF in Dayton, OH at his death on 4-14-2001,  Alice Gray Kendrick of Fayetteville, who is the superintendent of schools for the Jamesville-DeWitt school district, Dorothy Gray Wachtershauser of Munich, Germany, and Charles Gray of Oakland, CA.

Harry C. Gray and Agnes R. Gray lived at 211 Ambergate Rd. by 1942.  He was an official of Hillcrest Memorial Park, which opened in DeWitt in 1934 and later became the White Chapel Memory Gardens.  Mrs. Gray was a native of Wayne, NY, and retired as a secretary with the Bowen, Perry, and Fobes Ins. Co.  She lived on James St., in Syracuse, at her death on 8-12-1969.

Arnold F. Gregory and Frances C. Gregory lived at 111 Warwick Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Gregory lived most of his life in the Syracuse area.  He was a graduate of Texas A&M University, and served as a lieutenant in the Balloon Corps during WWI, being wounded in action at St. Mihiel, France.  Mr. Gregory was a civil engineer and retired in 1964 after 40 years service with the Syracuse Water Dept.  He died 4-17-1967, and Mrs. Gregory died 9-6-1979.  They had a son, James B. Gregory, who lived in Morrisville, NY.

John S. Hafer and Jean McConkey Hafer lived at 117 Dewittshire Rd., having moved there in January, 1950.  He earned a management degree from Syracuse University in 1935, and a master's from the University of Michigan in 1946.  Mrs. Hafer was from Ann Arbor, MI and graduated from Syracuse University in 1951.  She was very athletic and liked to ski, swim, and skate.  Dr. Hafer achieved the rank of lieutenant colonel in the USA reserves.  He was the dean of admissions at SU before accepting the presidency of Curry College in Milton, MA.  He served in that capacity from 1965 to 1979, and died 2-15-1981 in MA.  Mrs. Hafer subsequently married Edward G. Murray.  She died in Florida on 9-16-2003.  Dr. and Mrs. Hafer had two children:  Helen Hafer, who is retired from the Bell Atlantic Telephone Co., and lives in North Quincy, MA, and John Hafer, who lives in Woodbury, MN.

Franz Halik and Camille Halik lived at 309 Ambergate Rd. by 1942.  She died at age 88, in April, 1987, while residing in Winter Park, FL.

Leon E. Hall and Gwendolyn Kennedy Hall lived at 201 Warwick Rd., having moved there in 1939.  Mr. Hall served in the Marine Corps during WWI.  He was the factory superintendent for the Syracuse Chilled Plow Co. (later to be known as the John Deere Co.).  Mr. Hall died 5-10-1981, at age 85.  Mrs. Hall, a lifelong resident of the Syracuse area, died 12-18-1985.  Their children:  Robert L. Hall, who graduated from RPI on 6-5-1953, wed Faith Loren Hanson eight days later, served as an army officer, and lives in Fayetteville, and Marcia Hall Petch, who graduated from the Central City Business Institute, worked as a bookkeeper, and was a long time resident of Minoa who died in Sanford, ME on 12-23-2000.

Robert C. Hamilton and Abigail Hoge Hamilton lived at 105 Wellington Rd.  Mr. Hamilton was an executive in the personnel department at the Solvay Process division of  Allied Chemical.  Born in Waynesburg, PA, Mrs. Hamilton graduated from Waynesburg College and taught English for 10 years. She retired in 1985 after 25 years as an interior decorator at The Cherry House, in Fayetteville.  Mr. Hamilton died in 1961.  Mrs. Hamilton was 93, and residing at The Nottingham, in Jamesville, at her death on 9-1-2000.  They had a son, Robert H. Hamilton, who lives in Edina, MN, and Chimney Point, VT, and is the CEO of Core Data in Minneapolis.

Raymond Haney and Alison Haney lived at 120 Dewittshire Rd. in the late 50's.  They moved to Old Greenwich, CT in 1960.  They had:  Alison Reeves, born 1957, and Peter Conant Haney, born 1959.

Anita Wright Hanna lived at 113 Warwick Rd. by 1946.  A graduate of Syracuse University,  Mrs. Hanna was a Broadway actress, singer, monologist, and a radio artist when she wed Charles G. Hanna on 2-3-1934.  Mr. Hanna was a pilot in WWI, and an automobile dealer who had been twice elected mayor of Syracuse.  They wed in NYC's famed, "Little Church Around the Corner."  From 1953 to 1955 she was a school librarian in Canandaigua, NY.  Mrs. Hanna's widowed mother, Mrs. Grace Allen Wright, lived with her at the time of her (Mrs. Wright's) death on 11-28-1946.  

Edward F. Hannon and Elsie Newkirk Hannon lived at 117 Ambergate Rd., having purchased the home in June, 1940.  Mr. Hannon was an engineer with the Precision Castings Co.  Mrs. Hannon was a native of Canastota and a teacher.  About 1954 the couple moved to 104 Edwards Dr. in Lyndon.  Mr. Hannon died in 1962, and Mrs. Hannon died 1-19-1981, at age 72.

Paul Joseph Harbach and Marie Zahn Harbach lived at 202 Wellington Rd. by 1939, having moved there from Paul Ave. in Syracuse.  He was the stockroom foreman at the A. E. Nettleton shoe factory, but later operated the Paul J. Harbach Co., a sporting goods firm.  Mrs. Harbach served three years as the leader of the women's auxiliary to the Syracuse Liederkranz club.  Mr. Harbach died on 2-24-1959 and Mrs. Harbach died on 10-28-1962.  They had a daughter, Mabel M. Harbach, who wed Frank O. Benjamin, and died in Chittenango on 4-27-1995, and Mary Harbach, who married Robert C. Ivory, and lives now in Great Barrington, MA.

Wallace B. Harter and Dorothy Hawkins Harter lived at 206 Ambergate Rd.  He graduated from Syracuse University in 1944 and medical school in 1947.  His specialty was anesthesiology.  Dr. Harter died in 1970 and Mrs. Harter then wed Leonard S. Vincent and lived in Manlius.  She died 10-15-1987, at 65.  Dr. and Mrs. Harter had Wallace Harter, who died in Mattydale on 7-26-1999,  John E. Harter, of Palm Harbor, FL, Joanne Harter Sandford of Bradenton, FL, and Laura Harter Conners, also of Palm Harbor.

Raymond G. Haun and Margaret Louise Jordan Haun lived at 123 Dewittshire Rd., having purchased the home from the Judson W. Clark estate in 1933.  Mr. Haun had attended Syracuse University from 1924 to 1927 and returned there in 1972 at age 68 to complete his bachelor's degree in business administration.  Mrs. Haun was a 1926 graduate of the University, and the couple wed in 1929.  A native of Syracuse, Mr. Haun grew up in East Syracuse and lived in Hartford, DeWitt, Syracuse and Marcellus before moving to Lake Placid, FL.  In the early 1940's, he became vice president and secretary of Scottish Union Insurance Co.'s North American offices at Hartford, CT.  He became a partner in 1946 in the Syracuse insurance firm of McClusky, Haylor & Haun (now Haylor, Freyer & Coon).  At some point, Mr. Haun married Ruth Davies VanWagenen Haun. who was married previously to Robert G. VanWagenen.  She lived in Syracuse before moving to Florida in 1973, and was a graduate of MIT.  Ruth Haun died 1-6-1993 in Fort Myers, FL.  Her children, by her previous marriage:  Robert G. VanWagenen of Rockville, MD, Mrs. Donald Simmonds of Carmel, IN, and Mrs. John Dimlich of Cincinnati.  Mr. Haun died in Tampa, at age 91, on 5-20-1996.  The children of Raymond and Margaret Haun:  Barbara Louise Haun Wedge, of Lake Placid, FL, and John Jordan Haun, who lives in Ft. Lauderdale.

Luke S. Hayden and Dorothy Hayden lived at 227 Ambergate Rd.  He earned his undergraduate degree from Syracuse University in 1941 and an MBA there in 1950.  He was a vice-president at Syracuse Savings Bank.  Mr. Hayden later wed Theresa McQuade.  Mr. Hayden died 12-15-1997 in Naples, FL.  Luke and Dorothy Hayden had:  Luke S. Hayden, III, Mary Eileen Hayden Konicki, Patricia Hayden Hodgson, and Suzanne Hayden Gallup.

James E. Heffner and Joan A. Heffner lived at 225 Wellington Rd. in the mid 1950's.  He was a salesman with the IBM Corp.  The couple resides now in Santa Barbara, CA.  Their children: Barbara Heffner and David A. Heffner.

Edwin W. Henne and Naomi M. Henne lived at 115 Dewittshire Rd. by 1942. He was born 11-18-1893, and was a native of Ann Arbor, MI, and a graduate of the University of Michigan. Mr. Henne joined the Farmers and Traders Life Insurance Co. in 1923 and rose through the ranks to become president. Mrs. Henne died in November, 1947. Mr. Henne later wed Mary Ruth Smith, who was wed previously to Frank W. DeLano. Mr. Henne was living at 29 Ely Dr. in Fayetteville when he died on 4-10-1969. Mary Ruth Henne died on 2-8-1966. Mr. Henne and Naomi Henne had: Richard Edwin Henne, who attended the University of Michigan, and lives now in Birmingham, MI.

Gordon E. Henry and Rita G. Henry lived at 200 Wellington Rd. by 1942.  He was a native of Buffalo, and lived in the Syracuse area for more than 50 years.  Mr. Henry was a well known amateur photographer.  He retired in 1973 after 30 years of service as an engineer with the Syracuse Supply Co.   Mrs. Henry, a native of Rexville, NY,  was a school nurse for the Jamesville-DeWitt school district.  The Henrys lived in Jamesville at the time of his death on 6-18-1988.  Mrs. Henry died 4-12-1993.  They had a son, Kevin M. Henry, who lives in Jamesville, and a daughter, Linda Henry Deluhery, of Westfield, MA.

Eugene J. "Pat" Hickey and Virginia L. Hickey lived at 300 Dewittshire Rd., South., before moving away in 1958.  He was born 11-5-1916, in Brooklyn and was raised in the Saranac Lake Region of northern NY.  Mr. Hickey attended St. Lawrence University, where he received his bachelor's degree.  Later he received a dental degree from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec.  Dr. Hickey then enlisted in the Army Air Force and served in the China-Burma-India theater during World War II.  He was discharged as a major in the Army Air Force Dental Corps.  Dr. Hickey went into practice in Syracuse in 1946 as an oral surgeon.  He served on the Fabius-Pompey School Board for 10 years and was very active in numerous civic causes.  Dr. Hickey is considered  the founding father of Toggenburg Ski Center (circa 1953).  Dr. Hickey died 8-3-2005 at his summer home in Lake Clear, NY.  Mrs. Hickey resides in Manlius.  They had:  Kevin Hickey, and Eugene "Jim" Hickey, Jr., both of Manlius.

Marshall E. Higgins and Frances Hollis Higgins lived at 107 Warwick Rd., having moved there about 1932.  Mr. Higgins was a native of Massachusetts and graduated from Syracuse University in 1927.  He was the chief investigator for the Chamberlain Ins. Co.  Mr. Higgins served as the executive secretary of the county parks board from 1927-1941 and was thus instrumental in the development of projects such as the Onondaga Lake parkway and Clark Reservation. A native of Belleville, NY, Mrs. Higgins was a 1928 graduate of Syracuse University.  Mr. Higgins died 10-24-1981.  Mrs. Higgins had lived in Dewittshire more than 60 years when she died at home on 8-30-1993.  Their children:  Betsy Higgins who was born 9-9-1932, graduated from Cazenovia College, married Carl Alfred Wistrup, and resided in Fayetteville at her death on 10-6-1997, and Susan Chase Higgins who wed James R. Carncross in 1956 and lives in Cazenovia.

Joseph L. Hileman and Maybelle Hileman lived at 101 Ambergate Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Hileman was a graduate of both Penn State and Cornell.  He was a chemist with the Dairyman's League Co-Operative, and retired in 1958 as their director of research.  He had joined the company in 1925.  They later moved to 105 Downing Rd. in DeWitt.  Mr. Hileman died 10-20-1962.  They had a son, John Carl Hileman, who lived at Fair Hope, NY.

Boydon W. Hindman and Barbara Rice Hindman lived at 301 Ambergate Rd.  He was from LaGrange, IL,  Mrs. Hindman was born 3-21-1912, and the couple wed in March, 1936.  Mr. Hindman was an engineer for the Precision Castings Co.  He died in 1972.  Mrs. Hindman had returned to LaGrange at her death on 3-13-1997.  Their children:  Robert Hindman, a retired laboratory director, living in La Grange and Brantingham, NY,  William Hindman, of Elk Grove Village, IL, and Brenda Hindman Scharlau, of Batavia IL.

John J. Hines and Justine E. Hines lived at 229 Ambergate Rd.  Mrs Hines was born in Utica and the couple wed in Syracuse on 8-6-1934.  Mr. Hines was an executive with the Barlow Advertising Co.  Mrs. Hines later worked as an executive secretary.  Mr. Hines died in 1972, and Mrs. Hines died on 9-24-1990.  They had two daughters, Donna Hines Laine, of Chapel Hill, NC, and Valerie Hines Sheldon, of Tewksbury, MA.

John Hitchcock and Patricia Hitchcock lived at 101 Wellington Rd. by 1943.  He was the manager of the local office of the NY Life Insurance Co.  His mother, Nellie G. Hitchcock, lived with them.  They had a daughter, Melinda Hitchcock.

Kenneth Kyle Hoff and Nathalia Hoff lived at 203 Warwick Rd. by 1943, and sold the home in 1952.  He was a salesman with the Syracuse Supply Co.  They had:  Phyllis A. Hoff, and Kenneth K. Hoff, Jr., who lived in DeWitt and died 1-7-2005.

Wallace D. Hooker and Mildred E. Hooker lived at 203 Ambergate Rd. by 1942.  He was from Lancaster OH, and was a brakeman for the New York Central R.R., where he worked 43 yrs.  The couple also operated a motel in Camillus. Mr. Hooker died 6-14-1970 at age 83.  Later, Mrs. Hooker married a Mr. Berger.  She moved to Leesburg, FL in 1980 and died there on 1-30-1988.  Mrs. Hooker had a daughter, Karleen Chambers, of Ohio, by a previous marriage, and Mr. Hooker had a son by a previous marriage, Thomas W. Hooker, of Millville, DE.

Harold B. Hoyt and Florence Stickle Hoyt lived at 206 Warwick Rd., having moved to DeWitt about 1931.  He was a railway mail clerk, and died in a Weedsport, NY nursing home on 3-3-1966.  Mrs. Hoyt, who was born in Weedsport, was a graduate of Oswego Normal School--as the state teacher's college was then called.  She died on 7-7-1980, at the age of 89.

John G. Hummel and Ruth Doolittle Hummel lived at 210 Dewittshire Rd. by 1941.  Mr. Hummel was born 1-7-1902 and was a native of Syracuse's north side.  He earned a degree in electrical engineering at Syracuse University in 1924.  Mr. Hummel then worked a year in New York City before returning to Syracuse.  He worked at Crouse Hinds, where he helped plan and engineer traffic signal systems for many cities across the nation.  He retired from the company after 34 years as vice president of manufacturing.  Mrs. Hummel was a life resident of the Syracuse area and received a BS from Syracuse University's School of Human Development in 1926.  She taught home economics in the Syracuse schools for many years.  Mrs. Hummel died 8-22-1964 following a car wreck on I-81 near Lafayette, NY.  Mr. Hummel died at home in DeWitt on 10-1-1997, at the age of 95.

Ray C. Hummell and May J. Hummell lived at 105 Wellington Rd. by 1942.  He was an insurance agent.  It is thought that the Hummells moved to Skaneateles by 1947 and later to the St. Petersburg, FL area, where Mr. Hummell died in April, 1972.

John G. Humpleby and Ruth McKinley Humpleby lived at 307 Dewittshire Rd., South, but by 1943 had moved to 310 Haddonfield Dr., in DeWitt.  Later they moved to Seven Pines in Cazenovia.  Mr. Humpleby was a native of Plymouth, PA, and was a graduate of Syracuse University and its law school.  Mrs. Humpleby was a life resident of the Syracuse area and was also a graduate of Syracuse University.  Mr. Humpleby was an attorney and was involved in the real estate and insurance business.  He also served as the Town of DeWitt justice of the peace and as town supervisor.  Mr. Humpleby died on 6-4-1978.  Mrs. Humpleby was living in Fayetteville at her death on 11-25-1983. They had two sons, Richard M. Humpleby, who lived in DeWitt, and Charles G. Humpleby, of Fayetteville.

Edwin G. Hundley and Edna S. Hundley lived at 214 Wellington Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Hundley was a native of West Virginia.  He was the supervisor of the claims and legal department for the United States Fidelity and Guaranty Co. from 1939 to 1943, when he joined the army.  After service in WW II, he returned to the company and served them in Huntington, WV and in Baltimore, where he was a vice-president.  Mr. Hundley died on 11-7-1966.  They had a daughter who lived in Baltimore.

Hans Rudolph Jaeggli and Georgianna Jaeggli lived at 120 Dewittshire Rd. by 1942, and had moved to Ely Dr. in Lyndon before 1951.  Mr. Jaeggli was born 10-7-1891, and graduated from the Stevens Institute of Technology.  He was national service manager for the Carrier Corp. for 12 years before leaving in 1946 to open his own firm to install and service appliances.  The couple lived in Fayetteville when Mr. Jaeggli died in June, 1969.  Mrs. Jaeggli was born 8-30-1891, and died in Asheville, NC in November, 1976.  The couple had two children:  Marilyn Jaeggli, who studied at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, and Ralph Gilchrist Jaeggli, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1949, wed Joan Virginia Harris of Lyndon on 6-9-1951, and lives in Wilmington, NC.

C. Donald Jamison, Sr., and Helen Gleason Jamison lived at 224 Wellington Rd. by 1957, moving there from 4510 E. Genesee St.  Mrs, Jamison was a native of PA but lived in the Syracuse area most of her life.  Mr. Jamison was the district sales manager for the Ohio Lime Co.  They moved to Wilmington, NC, in 1971, where Mrs. Jamison died on 9-12-1971.  They had a son, C. Donald Jamison, Jr., who lived in Pittsburgh.

Ralph A. Jernigan and Virginia Jernigan lived at 110 Warwick Rd.  He was a district supervisor for the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co.  Mr. Jernigan died 5-24-2001 in Fishers, IN.  They had: Judy Jernigan and Joan Jernigan.

Robert P. Johnson and Marian Rauch Johnson lived at 109 Ambergate Rd. by 1942.  Born in Ben Avon, PA, he graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in management in 1933, and later earned a master's in banking from Rutgers.  Mr. Johnson served in the army during WWII.  Mrs. Johnson was born in Jersey Shore, PA and moved with her family from Oswego, NY to 106 Dewittshire Rd. about 1931.  Mr. Johnson started his career in banking as a runner in the late 1920’s while he was in college.  He retired 42 years later as vice-president of the Lincoln Bank.  When Mr. Johnson was a 17 year old college freshman, he was taken home by fraternity brother Perry Rauch (of 106 Dewittshire) where he met Perry's sister, the then 15 year old Marian Rauch.  They never dated anyone else and were married in 1939.   At that time they purchased their home in Dewittshire and lived there until Mrs. Johnson's death on 7-4-1994.  Mr. Johnson then moved to Plano, TX and spent summers in Portage, MI.  He died 1-23-2000 in Plano.  The couple had: (Linda) Lyne Cicon of Plano, Harry R. Johnson, who lives in Alpena, MI, and is retired from municipal service, and Richard P. Johnson, of Portage, MI.

Stuart L. Johnson and Etta Dickson Johnson lived at 222 Wellington Rd. by 1942.  Mrs. Johnson was a native of Sayre, PA and came to central NY about 1932.  Mr. Johnson was a native of Canandaigua, NY.  He worked 37 years for the NY Telephone Co. before retiring in 1948.  Mr. Johnson died Christmas Day, 1964, which was his 81st birthday.  Mrs. Johnson died 11-15-1970, at age 83.

Robert Bradt Johnston and Katharine Johnston lived at 201 Ambergate Rd.  A native of Gloversville, Mr. Johnston  was a 1928 graduate of Union College, Schenectady.  He was an engineer for 37 years with Carrier Corp.  Mr. Johnston moved to Tumwater, WA where he married Frances M. Anderson.  He died in WA at age 82, on 1-12-1989.  Robert and Katherine Johnston had:  Richard B. Johnston of Belmar, NJ, and David K. Johnston of Philadelphia, PA.  Mr. Johnston had two stepsons:  Bob Anderson and Ted Anderson, both of Washington state.

Robert W. Johnston and Carolyn Edwards Johnston lived at 201 Wellington Rd. by 1943.  Mr. Johnston was a native of Syracuse and attended Clarkson College.  He was the chief photographer for the Post-Standard newspaper.  Mrs. Johnston earned a BA degree from Syracuse University in 1926.  Mr. Johnston retired in 1972, after nearly 40 years with the paper, and the couple moved to Anderson, SC.  He died there on 11-6-1980.  Mrs. Johnston died in Starkville, MS on 9-22-1983.  The couple had a daughter, Susan Johnston Bell, who is an administrator at Mississippi State University's College of Veterinary Medicine, and lives in Starkville.

John Joseph Keenan and Katharine Keenan lived at 228 Wellington Rd. in the early 1940's.  By 1942 they lived at 205 Ambergate Rd.  He was a sales manager for the Kellogg Sales Co.  They had a son, John Keenan.

Robert T. Kells and Georgia Williams Kells lived at 302 Dewittshire Rd., South, and moved to Fayetteville by 1970. Mr. Kells, a native of Boston, joined Carrier in 1946 as a project engineer.  He later became president of Carrier's international division, and in 1977 was made assistant to the chairman.  He retired in 1981.  Mr. and Mrs. Kells divorced about 1980, and she lives now in Buffalo.  Mr. Kells wed Elizabeth C. Kells about 1987, and they lived in Jensen Beach, FL, at the time of his death on 8-3-2002.  Robert and Georgia Kells had:  Donna Kells Drew, born in 1954, and Nancy M. Kells, born in 1957, both of Buffalo, and Robert Kells, born in 1955, of Orange, CA.

Harriet H. Kelsey lived at 203 Wellington Rd., having purchased the home in 1940.  She was the widow of Jesse E. Kelsey who died in 1933.  Mr. Kelsey was the assistant superintendent of the Jefferson county highway department.  Mrs. Kelsey was a native of Fulton, NY, and a 1922 graduate of Cornell University.  She lived in Theresa, NY for 47 years before moving to the Syracuse area.  She worked as a clerk for the NYS government.  She was living in Camillus before her death on 3-12-1986.  Her children:  Jesse T. Kelsey, who graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point on 6-7-1948, wed Anne MacDonald the next day, and lived in Golden, CO, Charles Kelsey, of Bernhards Bay, NY, James Kelsey, of Cheshire, CT, and Eleanor Kelsey and Elizabeth Kelsey St. Louis, both of Camillus.

Robert Allen Kemmerer and Dorothy Kemmerer lived at 102 Wellington Rd.  She was born on Christmas Eve, 1917.  Mr. Kemmerer was the manager of maintenance engineering at Bristol Labs, Inc.  They were living in Manlius when Mrs. Kemmerer died in May, 1972.  Their children:  Jayne Elizabeth Kemmerer, a graduate of Russell Sage College, who wed Kevin B. Curry in 1966, and lives in Edina, MN, and Robert A. Kemmerer, Jr., a Wake Forest graduate, who lives in Fayetteville.

Ralph E. Kharas and Elizabeth "Minnie" Mohn Kharas lived at 208 Wellington Rd., by 1940.  Mr. Kharas was a native of Omaha, NB, and earned a bachelor 's degree from Cornell College, Iowa, in 1923.  He earned law degrees from the University of Chicago and Yale.  Mr. Kharas was a law professor at Syracuse University before becoming dean of the law school in 1952.  Dean Kharas was active in various civic causes and served as the first Chairman of the Mayor's Commission on Human Rights in 1963.  Mrs. Kharas, was a native of Lisbon, IA, and earned a master's degree from Syracuse University in 1928.  Dean Kharas died 5-18-1966.  Mrs. Kharas died in Gwynned, PA on 8-25-1982.  They had:  Richard D. Kharas, who earned an undergraduate degree from Syracuse University in 1956 and a law degree in 1958, and lives now in Carson City, NV,  and Katharine Jane Kharas, who received a master's degree from Syracuse University in 1962, and lives in San Diego, CA.  Barbara Kindt, a student at Powelson Institute, lived with the family in 1942.  Her relationship to the family, if any, is unknown.

Lester C. Kienzle and Marjorie D. Kienzle lived at 225 Wellington Rd. by 1943, and later moved to 36 Lynacres Blvd. in Lyndon.  Mr. Kienzle was born 4-27-1902 and was a life resident of the Syracuse area.  Mrs. Kienzle was a native of Ithaca, NY and a 1926 graduate of Cornell.  She was a certified judge of flowers and floral arrangements. The Kienzles were frequent travelers and visited most of the nations of the world.  Mr. Kienzle retired in 1959 as director of research after many years with the Prosperity Co.--manufacturers of industrial laundry equipment.  In 1948, Mr. Kienzle and Fred W. Sauerbrey, a fellow Prosperity Co. executive, were founding partners in the DeWitt Cleaning Co. on Erie Blvd.  They were also involved in the planning for what became the White Chapel Memorial Gardens in DeWitt.  Mr. Kienzle died 9-25-1987, and Mrs. Kienzle died 8-21-1996, at age 93.

George P. Kimball and Madeleine Davis Kimball lived at 230 Wellington Rd. by 1934.  Born in Providence, RI, Mr. Kimball moved to Syracuse in 1922 and to DeWitt in 1931.  He graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a degree in chemical engineering.  During World War I, he served in France as an infantry captain.  In 1936, Mr. Kimball established the first general insurance agency in DeWitt.  He also served 28 years as DeWitt town justice, presiding over one of the busiest justice courts in the state.  Judge Kimball was chairman of Boy Scout Troop 22 for 12 years, and in that capacity conceived the idea of a directory of DeWitt residents, and was responsible for its publication.  Mrs. Kimball was born in Boston and was a graduate of the Boston Conservatory of Music.  She lived in DeWitt 42 years, and died at her home in Dewittshire on 1-25-1974.  Judge Kimball died 12-10-1977.  They had a daughter, Barbara Ann Kimball Heine, who lived in DeWitt.

Cecil T. Kingsley and Barbara Kingsley purchased a newly built house at 204 Ambergate Rd. in 1955.  They lived before at 2 Ely Dr. in Lyndon.  He was a sales representative for the General Electric Co. Their children:  Barbara Kingsley and Robert Kingsley.

Donald H. Kinnan and his wife lived at 116 Dewittshire Rd. from 1931 until September, 1940.  They moved at that time to Columbus, OH, where Mr. Kinnan assumed the position of plant manager for the Lennox Furnace Co.  He died there on 9-14-1987.  They couple had two children:  Constance Kinnan and Donald Kinnan.

D. Lamont Kinney and Katherine "Kay" Walrad Kinney moved to 110 Warwick Rd. in 1954.  She was born 10-25-1905, in Cortland, NY, and graduated from Elmira College in 1927, and the Syracuse University library school in 1929.  Mrs. Kinney worked at the Cortland library, and was the head librarian at the DeWitt library. She was a founding member of Pebble Hill Presbyterian Church, and served the congregation in many capacities.  Mr. Kinney managed the Benton Lumber Co. in Cortland, and retired from GE in 1969 after 15 years of service.  He died on 12-4-1975.  Mrs. Kinney died on 2-25-2004, at age 98. They had, Orson A. Kinney, of San Antonio, TX, Barbara Kinney Schuehler, who resided in Cortland, NY before her death, and Joan Kinney Fenner, of Ithaca, NY.

Harold F. Knudsen and Dorothy C. Knudsen lived at 105 Ambergate Rd. in 1942, after having rented the home at 108 Ambergate Rd. for the previous year.  Mr. Knudsen was a sales engineer for the Smith Murray Co.  He later formed his own contracting company.  The family left Dewittshire in 1948 and lived elsewhere in the Syracuse area, including at 401 Cornwall Drive, in DeWitt. until 1961, when they moved to the Miami, FL area.  Mr. Knudsen died on 6-21-1994, in Hendersonville, NC, and Mrs. Knudsen died there on 1-14-1998, the day after her 85th birthday.  Their son, Jon Knudsen, is a contractor in Leonard, TX.

Melvin R. Kohles and Jeanne Kohles lived at 174 Canterbury Rd.  He was an electrician with the M. H. Salmon Electric Co.  The Kohles shared their home with their son, Arthur R. Kohles, his wife, Katherine Clensch Kohles, and their son, Arthur A. Kohles.  Arthur R. Kohles also worked as an electrician for the M. H. Salmon Co.  He died on 12-20-1976 in Canastota, NY, at age 79.  Mrs. Katherine Kohles died there in November, 1985.

C. Frank Krebs and Hazel Sova Howard Krebs lived at 223 Wellington Rd. by 1940. The couple later moved to 107 E. Kennedy St. in Syracuse.  Mr. Krebs was a salesman.  Mrs. Krebs was a native of Syracuse and a lifelong resident of the Syracuse area.  She died 9-9-1965 in a nursing home in Collamer, NY.  Mr. Krebs subsequently wed Edith Adams and lived in E. Aurora, NY, where he died 12-29-1974.  Mrs. Krebs had a daughter by a previous marriage: Jean Howard Krebs, who graduated from the Syracuse Memorial Hospital School of Nursing, and wed Frank Wilmer Congdon on 6-29-1940. 

Frank E. Krell and Jeannette Krell lived at 210 Ambergate Rd.  Mr. Krell was born in Blackhawk, CO, and came to Solvay in 1924.  His first job was ushering moviegoers at Loew's Theater in downtown Syracuse.  He was 16.  While he worked nights and weekends at Loew's, he attended high school in Solvay.  After graduation, he got a job at the W.C. George Co., a heating contracting firm, and began a lifelong career in the heating business.  When he retired in 1977, Mr. Krell was president of Syracuse Heating Supply.  Mrs. Krell died in 1980, and Mr. Krell died 6-19-1997.  They had two children:  John F. Krell, of Fayetteville, who wed Mary Ortner on 6-3-1961, and Kathryn E. Krell, who wed W. Hawley Scott, III, on 6-17-1967, and lives in Fayetteville.

Harold T. Kruman and Katherine McMorran Kruman lived at 223 Wellington Rd. by 1942.  He was the executive vice-president of the Fair City Savings and Loan Association, until 1948 when he became an executive with the Jackson M. Potter real estate firm.  After living in Dewittshire, the Krumans lived in Syracuse where Mr. Kruman died 6-7-1965, and Mrs. Kruman died 8-8-1978. They had three children:  Phyllis Kruman, Gary Kruman, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1963 and received an MS degree from Northeastern University, and lives in Syracuse, and Sandra Kruman Hoban, of Chittenango.

Lester H. E. Kuhnert and Anne Hill Kuhnert lived at 212 Wellington Rd.  Mr. Kuhnert was a native of Kenmar, ND, but lived in DeWitt more than 40 years.  He was a general insurance agent for the NY Federated Underwriters group, and later opened his own firm, Loss Protection, Inc.  Mrs. Kuhnert was born in Concord, NH, and lived in Boston and Providence, RI, before moving to the DeWitt area in 1940.  She graduated in 1934 from Smith College, Northampton, MA.  Mrs. Kuhnert was one of the founders of the annual antique show at the DeWitt Community Church.  Mr. Kuhnert died 1-2-1982.  Mrs. Kuhnert was living at The Nottingham in Jamesville at her death on 2-19-1997.  They had two sons:  David E. Kuhnert, who is retired from the USAF, and is a ski instructor in Wilmington, VT, and Dale W. Kuhnert, who is the editor of "Down East" magazine, and lives in Belfast, ME.

Robert Austin Kuhry and Nancy Marrian Kuhry lived at 109 Warwick Rd.  They shared their home with Mrs. Kuhry's widowed mother, Lucille E. Marrian, until her death at home on 4-8-1980.  Mr. Kuhry was born 9-18-1925, and was an army veteran of WWII.  He was a native of Moravia, NY, but resided in the Syracuse area 55 years.  He was the parts and catalogue supervisor for the Carrier Corp. for 36 years.  Mrs. Kuhry was a life resident of DeWitt.  She graduated from Fayetteville High School in 1944 and from the Central City Business Institute.  Mr. Kuhry died 8-2-1984, and Mrs. Kuhry later wed Kenneth R. Baker of DeWitt.  Nancy Kuhry Becker died 12-26-1996.  The Kuhry's had two daughters, Lynda M. Kuhry, of Liverpool, and Polly Kuhry Moore, of Rochester.

Thomas Warren La Fray and Virginia Raff La Fray lived at 108 Wellington Rd.  He worked for the Continental Insurance Co.  Mrs. La Fray was born in New York City.  They resided in DeWitt before moving to Utica in 1960, and later to Babylon, NY.  Mr. La Fray died in 1968.  In 1982, Mrs. La Fray moved to Clearwater, FL, where she died on 2-2-1990.  Their children:  Alice La Fray Abell, who wed Richard W. Sutton on Valentine's Day, 1953, and died 7-14-1977, in Ellicott City, MD, at age 43, Joan A. La Fray, who wed Robert F. Hughes, a graduate of Georgetown University, on 12-29-1956, and lives in Troy, MI, and Warren La Fray, who lives in Clearwater.

John Allan Letherland and Lelia Strickland Letherland lived at 220 Wellington Rd., having moved there in 1951 from South Ave. in Syracuse.  Mr. Letherland was born in Harrisville, NY.  Mr. Letherland attended St. Lawrence University and Cornell.  He was a buyer and later a manager for the E. W. Edwards and Son department store.  The couple lived in the Syracuse area 33 years before moving to Port St. Lucie, FL about 1979.  Mr. Letherland died 12-10-1999, at age 85.  Mrs. Letherland still resides in Port St. Lucie.  They had two children:  Marcia Letherland Davis, of N. Salem NY, and Allan Letherland of  Port St. Lucie.

Richard B. Liddle lived at 204 Warwick Rd. by 1963.  They later moved to 116 Dewittshire Rd. where they live now. He was a 1955 graduate of Syracuse University and three years later he joined the First Trust bank.  Mr. Liddle rose through the ranks at the bank to become a senior vice-president at the time of his retirement.

Verlus F. Lindeman and Dorothy L. Lindeman lived at 112 Dewittshire Rd. by 1942.  He was a native of Ashton, IL, and grew up in Dysart, IA,  He was a graduate of North Central College in Naperville, IL., and received his master's and doctoral degrees from the State University of Iowa.  Dr. Lindeman served as a zoology professor at Syracuse University from 1930 to 1967 and at one time was acting department chairman.  The couple lived in Syracuse until moving to Boynton Beach, FL, in 1967.  It is thought that Mrs. Lindeman died in FL in August, 1973.  Dr. Lindeman moved to Port Orange, FL, in 1986, and died 11-15-1991, in Albuquerque, NM, at age 89.  They had two children:  Robert Dean Lindeman of Albuquerque, and Joan Lindeman Sheridan of Port Orange.

Edson W. Livingston and Myrtle Gould Livingston lived at 113 Ambergate Rd. from 1939 to 1940.  He was a fingerprint expert at the Onondaga County penitentiary in Jamesville and spoke to various groups concerning this method of criminal identification.  Mr. Livingston was active in many civic groups including the Civil Service Employees Association, serving it as steward at the penitentiary.  About 1951, the couple moved to FL.  Mrs. Livingston died while vacationing at Cape Vincent, NY, in August, 1976. 

W. Blair Livingston and Ruth Livingston lived at 229 Wellington Rd. by 1939.  He was a sales representative for the Powelson Institute--a local business school.  The family moved to Montreal, Canada in 1948.  They had Joan Livingston, Blair Livingston, and David Livingson.

John G. MacAllister and Carolyn Harvey MacAllister lived at 105 Dewittshire Rd. in the 1940's.  Both received degrees from Syracuse University in 1939.  By 1951 the family resided in Marcellus where Mr. MacAllister served as the president of the local board of education for ten years.  The couple later moved to Buffington Dr. in Syracuse.  Mr. MacAllister was an executive with the family-owned Syracuse Heat Treating Corp.  He was active in civic affairs and was instrumental in the founding of WCNY, the local educational TV station.   Mr. MacAllister died on 5-28-1980, while golfing, and Mrs. MacAllister lives now in The Nottingham in Jamesville. Their children: Jean MacAllister Pellegrino, of Pompey, Lee MacAllister Bradford, of Minneapolis, Carol MacAllister, of Los Cruces, NM, and John H. MacAllister, of Fayetteville.

David S. MacInnes and Helen Barnard MacInnes lived at 115 Dewittshire Rd.  Rev. MacInnes was, like his father, Rev. John M. MacInnes, a Presbyterian clergyman.  He later served as an executive with the NY Synod.  Mrs. MacInnes grew up in Syracuse and was a graduate of Syracuse University.  Mrs. MacInnes' mother, Charlotte Dana Barnard, a native of Chicago, lived with the family until her death on 11-24-1956.  Mrs. MacInnes died at home on 10-21-1957.  The couple had a daughter, who wed Robert L. Powell, and lived in Buffalo, and two sons, David S. MacInnes, Jr., of Buffalo, and Rev. Donald Dana MacInnes, of Rochester, who graduated from Hamilton College and the Princeton Theological Seminary, and was ordained a Presbyterian minister on 6-20-1952.

Frank H. Maguire and Elisabeth Maguire lived at 113 Warwick Rd.  They moved to Dewittshire from Buffalo in 1953.  He was a real estate representative for the Socony Vacuum Oil Co.  They had two children:  Allan F. Maguire, who earned an engineering degree from Syracuse University in 1959 and two master's degrees from the University of Pittsburgh by 1964, wed Carole Tipping on 10-1-1960, and lives now in El Dorado Hills, CA, and Phyllis Maguire, who wed Jack Fanizzi, and is a former teacher living in Bluebell, PA.

Leonard C. Maier, Jr., and Anne Colyer Maier lived at 231 Ambergate Rd. from 1956 to 1959.  Mr. Maier was born in Hinsdale, IL, and was a 1946 graduate of Williams College.  He was a naval officer during WWII and received his master's and doctoral degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology by 1949.  Dr. Maier went to work for GE in 1950 and lived in various locales as he rose through the ranks to become a senior vice-president in 1977. He retired in 1982 and was living on Knollwood Rd. in Lyndon at his death on 5-24-1997.  The couple had three daughters, Deborah Maier Webster of Center Harbor, NH, Martha S. Maier of Providence, RI,  and Elizabeth Maier Stiles of Waukegan, IL., and two sons, Terry Maier of Syracuse, and John C. Maier of Marblehead, MA. 

John L. Mand and Barbara Budden Mand moved to 121 Ambergate Rd. about 1954 and lived there about two years.  Mrs. Mand was born 5-19-1928 and they were wed 6-28-1948 in Syracuse.  Mr. Mand was born 1-29-1924.  He was from Long Island, graduated from RPI and got an MBA at Syracuse University.  He was the general manager of Falso Industries.  Mrs. Mand died 3-3-1994 and Mr. Mand was residing in Elyria, OH at his death on 12-2-1999.  They had a daughter, Karen Mand.

Charles Sheldon "Shelley" Marrian and Lucille E. Marrian lived at 109 Warwick Rd. by 1932.  He was a salesman for the Hubbard Wholesale Drug Co.  After Mr. Marrian's death, in 1946, Mrs. Marrian worked at Memorial Hospital. She later shared her home with her daughter and son-in-law, Robert and Nancy Kuhry.  Mrs. Marrian died 4-8-1980.  Mr. and Mrs. Marrian had David R. Marrian and Nancy A. Kuhry.  David Marrian was a veteran of WW II, and the Korean and Vietnam conflicts.  He was a recipient of the Purple Heart and the army combat badge, and died 7-26-1979.  Information about Nancy Marrian Kuhry will be found under her listing.

Charles S. Marvin and Dorothy Jean Colegrove Marvin lived at 204 Warwick Rd.  Mr. Marvin was the son of former Syracuse mayor, Rolland B. Marvin.  He graduated from Pebble Hill School and Syracuse University, and served three years with the USN in WWII.  Mrs. Marvin graduated from the Knox School, in Cooperstown, and the Katherine Gibbs School, in New York City.  She also attended Syracuse University.  The couple were married 10-23-1954, and moved to Dewittshire a year or two later.  Mr. Marvin was a life insurance consultant. with the Berkshire Life Insurance Co.  The couple moved to Fayetteville about 1960 and were residing there when Mrs. Marvin died on 1-14-1972, at age 39.  Mr. Marvin later wed Betty Haskell.  The second Mrs. Marvin was born in England on 10-10-1924.  She worked as a legal secretary until her retirement in 1984, and died on 5-27-1989, at age 64.  Mr. Marvin still resides in Fayetteville.  The children of Charles and Dorothy Marvin:   Patricia Anne Marvin, who was born 3-24-1956 and died in California on 5-20-1984, at age 27, and Charles C. Marvin, born 10-31-1959, who wed Pil Sun Yu, a native of Korea, and lives in Davidson, NC.

Allen V. Maurer and Dorothy Maurer lived briefly at 121 Ambergate Rd. about 1953.  He was born 12-6-1908 and was a salesman for the Torrington Co.  They moved to Lexington, MA and Mr. Maurer died in MA in January, 1976. Mrs. Maurer was born 10-9-1908 and died in MA in June, 1981.  They had:  Barbara Maurer, who in 1959 wed John Mazzanovich, a Brown University graduate, and lives now in Prattville, AL, and Kenneth Maurer.

Edward L. Maurer and Edna D. Maurer lived at 215 Ambergate Rd. by 1942.  They were both natives of Buffalo. He became the  vice-president of the Unit Part Corp., and was an active yachtsman and sportsman.  Mr. and Mrs. Maurer resided in Syracuse at his death on 9-18-1975.   Mrs. Maurer died at age 89 on 2-13-1989.  They had two children:  Jane Maurer, born 5-25-1919, who wed Frank Vurraro and died in Syracuse in July, 1982, and Edward L. Maurer, Jr., who was a USAF pilot during WWII, graduated from Syracuse University in 1948, and lived in Whitesboro, NY at his death on 1-2-1989.

Francis L. McElroy and Martha Durston McElroy lived at 103 Wellington Rd. by 1942.  He was a native of Lodi, NY and graduated from Syracuse University with undergraduate and law degrees.  Mr. McElroy became a partner in the law firm of McElroy, Mahley, and Dunn.  He was the chairman of the Onondaga County Democratic party and served a term as a state senator.  A native of Fremont, Mrs. McElroy lived most of her life in the DeWitt area.  By the early 1950's the family had moved to 217 Haddonfield Dr. in DeWitt.  Sen. McElroy died 9-24-1958, and Mrs. McElroy died 7-19-1995. Their children: John F. McElroy, of E. Syracuse, and Jerome D. McElroy, of Berwyn, PA.

James L. McGraw and Mary Dadey McGraw lived at 117 Ambergate Rd., having moved there about 1954.  He operated the Dadey and McGraw Richfield service station with his brother-in-law, James V. Dadey.  For more than 30 years, the family owned and operated the business on East Genesee Street in DeWitt, where the town fire station is now located.  Mrs. McGraw grew up on a 45-acre dairy farm in DeWitt that is now the site of the Shoppingtown mall. She attended a one-room school on Jamesville Road, a block from the present Moses DeWitt school. The McGraws were among the founding families of Holy Cross parish in 1949, and Mr. McGraw was the first trustee.  He died 6-15-1980, at age 92, while Mrs. McGraw, the mother of eight, grandmother of 29, great-grandmother of 36 and great-great-grandmother of one, died 12-20-1992.  She was 89.  Their children:  Mary McGraw Carr, of Canton, NY, Teresa McGraw Valerino, of Timonium, MD, Alice McGraw DeTore, of Deerfield Beach, FL,  William "Muggsy" McGraw, a life resident of DeWitt, who raced at Watkins Glen, and was a founder, trustee and devout member of Holy Cross Church until his death on 4-19-2007,  Capt. Joseph D. McGraw, of Coupeville, WA, a retired USN officer, James L. McGraw, of Clearwater, FL, Raymond M. McGraw, of Miami, and Monsignor John T. McGraw, pastor of St. Joseph's Church, in LaFayette, NY. 

John Kenneth McIntosh and Madeline Rifenbary McIntosh lived at 204 Warwick Rd., by 1952, and moved to 204 Dewittshire Rd. in 1955.  Mr. McIntosh earned a BS and MS in forestry from the NYS College of Forestry at Syracuse by 1950.  Mrs. McIntosh earned a music degree from Syracuse University in 1944. He was an engineer at GE and then became the manager of the McDowell Box Co.  They live now in Fayetteville.  They had two daughters: Sandra McIntosh, and Susan McIntosh, who was born March 27, 1953.

Ernest F. McIntyre and Helen Peck McIntyre lived at 307 Dewittshire Rd., South, beginning in 1942.  Mr. McIntyre was born in Deferiet, NY and was a graduate of Syracuse University and the New York State College of Forestry.
He was the president of the family owned McIntyre Brothers Paper Co. in Fayetteville.  Mr. McIntyre died 4-16-1965.  Mrs. McIntyre moved to Massachusetts in 1990 and died in Newburyport on 5-5-1996.  They had two children: Dr. Michael W. McIntyre, who graduated in 1962 from the SUNY College of Medicine at Syracuse, and is in the practice of ophthalmology in Gadsden, AL, and Julia McIntyre Hines, who lives in Newburyport.

John M. McKibbin and Virginia Rowland McKibbin lived at 231 Ambergate Rd.  They purchased the home in August, 1959 from the Maier family.  Dr. McKibbin was born 11-15-1915.  He left the Harvard medical school in 1946 to become a professor of chemistry at Syracuse University.  Mrs. McKibbin was born 6-11-1921, and was a graduate of Mt. Holyoke College.  Dr. McKibbin later taught at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and the couple was living there at his death on 10-19-1996, and her death on 4-25-2004.  They had a son, born 11-16-1959, while they lived in DeWitt.

John K. Menzies and Jane Chappell Menzies lived at 216 Ambergate Rd. They arrived in Dewittshire in 1950 and later moved to Syracuse, then to Rochester for two years, back to Paddock Drive in DeWitt, and then settled on Cumberland Ave. in Syracuse.  Mr. Menzies was born in Elsa Craig, Ontario, and graduated from Mount Herman School and the Syracuse University College of Business.  He was an army veteran of World War II, a store manager 26 years for E.W. Edwards & Son Department Store, and fire commissioner for DeWitt.  He retired in 1989 after 11 years as an administrator at St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center.  Mr. Menzies died 7-31-1999, and Mrs. Menzies resides now in Syracuse.  They had:  Laurie Menzies Spiegel, of Santa Fe, NM,  Diane Menzies, of DeWitt, Leslie Menzies Menke, of Fayetteville, and Lizabeth Jamieson Menzies, of  Gaithersburg, MD.

Roy S. Millis and Ethel Millis lived at 203 Warwick Rd. by 1941.  He was in the credit department at the Goodrich Rubber Co.  By 1947, they had moved to 359 Forest Hill Dr. in Syracuse.  They had a son, Harold R. Millis, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1940, wed Janet Van Denburg, and was an architect in Detroit.

James E. Minges and Dolores Minges lived at 214 Wellington Rd.  He was the owner of the Jack Post construction company of Syracuse, and later moved to Rochester.  Mr. Minges died 6-15-2002, and Mrs. Minges died 2-11-2003.  They had four children: John Peter Minges, of Rochester, Frederick Minges, also of Rochester, Barbara Minges Shepard of PA, and Anne K. Minges, who attended Skidmore College and lives in FL.

Fred M. Mitchell and his wife lived at 220 Wellington Rd., having moved there in 1950 from Flushing, Long Island. Mr. Mitchell was a native of Yonkers.  He was a representative for the Pure Oil Co. and, later, was a salesman for the American Mineral Spirits Co.  The couple lived in various locations including Norwalk, CT, Fayetteville, and, Liverpool, where they were residing at the time of Mr. Mitchell's death on 8-19-1981, at age 81.  Mrs. Mitchell was a native of  Poultney, VT and died in Fairhaven, VT on 1-12-1987, at age 87.  They had a daughter, Ruth Vivienne Mitchell, who wed James F. Fowler on 10-13-1956, and lived in Fayetteville before her death on 8-26-1966.

Nathan T. Moore and Mabel Moore lived at 110 Dewittshire Rd. before moving away in 1953.  They had two sons, John Moore and David Moore.

William A. Motherwell and Rose Frances Motherwell lived at 210 Wellington Rd.  He was a native of the Philadelphia area, and was with the Crouse-Hinds Co. for 32 years, retiring as corporate insurance manager. Following his retirement in 1975, Mr. Motherwell became an artist of some note.  Mr. Motherwell's widowed mother, Lillian R. Motherwell, a native of England, lived with the Motherwell family until her death on 11-15-1966.  Frances Motherwell was from Cumbola, PA and retired in 1974 as supervisor of the mail room at Syracuse University, where she was employed 16 years.  She lived in DeWitt for 47 years at her death on 6-5-1989.  Mr. Motherwell died 4-15-2007, at age 94.  The couple had two daughters:  Mary "Mimi" Motherwell Murray, who is a retired educator, living in Canastota, NY, and Patricia Ellen Motherwell Ryan, who wed James John Ryan on 10-11-1969, and lives in East Windsor, CT.

Edwin J. R. Moulton and Esther Donahue Moulton lived at 302 Dewittshire Rd., South, by 1938.  Mr. and Mrs. Moulton were married in 1927 on Star Island, off the coast of NH.  He was an engineer with the Factory Insurance Association.  Mrs. Moulton's mother, Jessie E. Donahue, lived with the Moulton family while they were in Dewittshire  The entire family was active in Unitarian church affairs, and attended annual church sponsored summer retreats on Star Island.  The couple had a daughter, Jean, who married Samuel Anthony Caldwell, of NYC, on 2-21-1953, a month following her graduation from Barnard College.  After Dr. Caldwell died in 1977, Mrs. Caldwell returned to school at the University of NH where, in 1984, she earned an MA in literature.  Moving to Portland, ME, she taught in the English department at the University of Southern Maine for 17 years.  She died on 4-16-2001.  Her grandchildren are the fifth generation of the family to be active in Star Island reunions.

Arthur J. Murphy and Rita George Murphy lived at 209 Wellington Rd. by 1942.  A native of Terryville, CT.  Mr. Murphy moved to Syracuse in 1936.  He was a 1932 graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnical Institute.  Mr. Murphy was a salesman for the Wallace-Barnes Co. of Bristol, CT, but, in 1946, opened his own firm (A. J. Murphy Co.) and became a manufacturer's agent.  Mr. Murphy was a founding member of Holy Cross Church.  The family moved from Dewittshire in 1955 and Mr. Murphy died 12-4-1992.  They had two children:  James A. Murphy of Manlius, and Judith Murphy Hogan, of Litchfield, CT.

Harry R. Murray and Ethel Murray lived at 223 Wellington Rd. and later moved to Fayetteville.  Mr. Murray was a salesman with the Frank W. Taylor Co.  They had a son, Richard Taylor Murray, who wed Bonnie Suzanne Lewis on 3-5-1966.  They divorced about 1974, and Richard is remarried and lives in Boca Raton, FL.

John Ryan Myers and Allene R. Myers lived at 212 Wellington Rd.  They lived there from 1939 to late 1941 when they moved to Geneva, NY.  He was a naval veteran of WWII, and after the war, the family returned to the DeWitt area and lived at 2 Pebble Hill Rd., South, for more than 45 years.  A native of Lynchburg, VA, Dr. Myers was a graduate of Lynchburg College and the University of Virginia Medical School.  About 1946, he opened a private practice as an ear, nose and throat specialist in Syracuse.  Mrs. Myers was born in Salisbury, NC, and was a graduate of the University of Virginia School of Nursing, in Charlottesville.  Mrs. Myers died 3-13-1989,in Syracuse, and Dr. Myers died 8-21-1991 in Georgetown, TX.  They had two sons:  John R. Myers, Jr., who lives now in Summerton, SC, and Dr. William A. Myers, who is semi-retired from the University of Texas, Austin, where he is an education professor, and lives in Round Rock, TX.

William J. Nealon, Jr., and Marian E. "Pat" Nealon lived at 206 Dewittshire Rd., South.  The Nealons bought their lot from Curtis and Astrid Abbott, who lived next door, in the early 50's.  They built their home in 1956.  Mr. Nealon was a native of Schenectady, and a graduate of Bentley College.  Mrs. Nealon was a native of Albany and graduated from the Ellis Hospital School of Nursing in Schenectady.  The Nealons came to the Syracuse area following WWII.  Mr. Nealon was the manager of personnel accounting for a division of GE, and retired in 1979 after 37 years service.  Mrs. Nealon was an RN.  Both were active in the local political scene, and served on the board of elections for the town of DeWitt.  Mr. Nealon was active in the National Ski Patrol system  and the DeWitt fire department.  Both were active in the Adirondack Mountain Club, and were proud members of the Adirondack 46'ers, having reached the summit of all of the Adirondack high peaks.  Following Mr. Nealon's retirement from GE he served as a member of the accounting staff of the 1980 Lake Placid Winter Olympic games.  Mrs. Nealon died 8-17-1983.  Mr. Nealon died 2-16-1988 at his home in DeWitt.  They had one son, William J. Nealon, III, who is an attorney in Glens Falls, NY.

Raymond G. Nelsen and Lillian O. Nelsen lived at 108 Ambergate Rd. during the 1950's.  He was an executive with the Sinclair Refining Co.  By 1959 the family had moved to Tappan, NY.  Mrs. Nelsen was born in Brooklyn, NY, and taught at Moses-DeWitt school and in Tappan.  The Nelsens moved from Tappan to FL in 1979.  Mrs. Nelsen died in Port Richey, FL, on 1-16-2002.  She was 89.  The couple had:  Christine Nelsen, who obtained her bachelors degree from New Paltz College, her master's from UCLA, and her doctorate from SUNY, has been a professor at New Paltz, UMASS-Amherst and the University of South Florida, and lives in retirement in Port Richey,  Doris Ann Nelsen Hisey, who earned a degree in nursing from Syracuse University in 1959, married Dr. Bradner L. Hisey, and lives in Roseburg, OR, and Robert G. Nelsen, who graduated from Rutgers, was a naval officer, worked in the insurance business, and lives now in South Daytona, FL.

William Nickels and Ethel Nickels lived at 219 Wellington Rd. by 1942.  He was the machine shop manager for the Continental Can Co., and retired about 1946 after 40 years service.  Mr. Nickels died at home on 4-21-1961.  They had a son, Wilbur W. Nickels, who lived in Rome, NY.

Donald G. Nowak and Aileen Burlingham Nowak lived at 214 Ambergate Rd. in the mid 50's.  He was an advertising executive with Chapman-Nowak and Associates.  They left Dewittshire in 1959, and live now in Fayetteville.  They had, Truman "Timmy" Nowak of DeWitt, and Donna Nowak Hughes of Albany.

Royal Lewis O'Day and Elizabeth Fearon Parkinson O'Day lived at 103 Dewittshire Rd.  Mr. O'Day was a native of Avon, NY, and graduated from Syracuse University in 1936.  He was a veteran of WWII serving as a naval lieutenant in the Pacific Theater.  On 10-16-1937 he married Jane Alberta Noerling in Valatie, NY.  This marriage was later annulled and Jane Noerling still lives in Valatie.  Mr. O'Day subsequently married Elizabeth Fearon Parkinson.  She was the daughter of state Sen. George Fearon and the widow of Robert W. Parkinson, an engineer.  The couple lived in her home at 103 Dewittshire after their marriage on 10-11-1953. Mr. O'Day served as president and chairman of the board of Marine Midland Bank, retiring in 1978.  He was a trustee at Syracuse University for many years and served as chairman of the board of trustees from 1969 to 1976.  He and Mrs. O'Day moved to The Nottingham in Jamesville, following retirement.  She died on 7-31-1999 and he died on 10-10-2003.  Royal and Jane Noerling O'Day had two children:  Patti O'Day, who wed Warner C. Blow, and lives now in Naples, FL, and Timothy O'Day, who is a retired engineer and resides in Parkhurst, NC. 

Frederic W. O'Neil and Laura Andrew O'Neil lived at 207 Warwick Rd., having purchased the home in 1941.  Mr. O'Neil graduated from Syracuse University in 1933.  He was a professor at the NY State College of Forestry at Syracuse, and retired in 1974 after 37 years as a faculty member.  Mrs. O'Neil, a native of Niagara Falls, died in Lakeland, FL on 9-29-1981.  Mr. O'Neil wed the former Joyce Tunall and lived in Plant City, FL before his death on 10-8-1985.  Frederic and Laura O'Neil had two sons:  Robert D. O'Neil, a semi-retired real estate investor living near Lakeland, FL, and Dr. Brian F. O'Neil, who lives in Potsdam, NY and is a professor at Clarkson University.

Richard D. O'Neill and Jane Engel O'Neill lived at 211 Wellington Rd.  He earned his MS in 1948 and his doctorate in 1951 from Syracuse University, where he was a professor of bacteriology.  Mrs O'Neill was a 1946 graduate of the University.  She died 6-1-2006 in Erie, PA where Dr. O'Neill still resides.  They had:  Michael O'Neill, who is a 1983 graduate of the Syracuse law school and is in practice in Erie, PA, James O'Neill, and John O'Neill.

Glenn V. Ostrander and Christina R, Carlson Ostrander lived at 114 Dewittshire Rd. by 1942.  He was the regional manager for the Atlantic Refining Co.  Mrs. Ostrander was a native of Antrim, PA and a graduate of the Ogden School of Nursing in Elmira.  She moved to the Syracuse area in 1937.  Mrs. Ostrander died 1-19-1979 and Mr. Ostrander died 2-22-1984.  They had:  Robert G. Ostrander, who died on 4-4-1951, at age 28, in a plane crash near Komoka, Ontario, Canada, Harry V. Ostrander, who resides in Parish, NY, Glenn C Ostrander, who works for IBM and lives in South Salem, NY, and Vance T. Ostrander, who lives in Lafayette, NY.

Vincent M. Oyler and Ella May Goodenough Oyler lived at 101 Wellington Rd. in 1941, and later moved to Cornwall Dr., in DeWitt.  He was a graduate of Dickinson Seminary in Williamsport, PA and was the assistant manager of the Syracuse office of GMAC.  Mr. Oyler died at a Syracuse University football game on 9-24-1960.  Mrs. Oyler died in July, 1990, probably in Florida.  They had two daughters, Sonja May Oyler, who wed Malcolm Romeiser, and lives in Prescott, AZ, and Mary Oyler Sears.

John R. Pairman and Jeannette Pairman lived at 207 Wellington Rd. by 1942.  He was born in Scotland on 3-15-1891 and lived most of his life in the Syracuse area.  He was the chief switchman for the NY Telephone Co.  Mrs. Pairman was born 1-26-1895. She came to the United States from Scotland in 1912, and lived in DeWitt beginning in 1936.  Mrs. Pairman died 8-8-75.  Mr. Pairman died 11-29-79.  They had: Jean PairmanShannon Moyer, who lives in Lynchburg, VA, (see the Shannon listing), and Alice Pairman Becker, who lived in DeWitt.

James S. Parker and Mary Parker lived at 309 Ambergate Rd.  They moved to Fayetteville, and then to Catawba Island, OH in 1962.

Robert W. Parkinson and Elizabeth Fearon Parkinson lived at 103 Dewittshire Rd. by 1942.  He graduated from St. Lawrence University in 1932.  He was a service engineer for the NY Telephone Co.  Mrs. Parkinson was the daughter of state Sen. George Fearon and a native of Syracuse.  On 6-10-1951, Mr. Parkinson was spending the night with his bedridden mother at her home in Syracuse when he suffocated in a house fire.  Mrs. Parkinson later wed Royal L. O'Day, a banker.  Details concerning him will be found under his listing.  Elizabeth Parkinson O'Day died 7-31-1999 in Syracuse.  She and Mr. Parkinson had a daughter, Margaret "Peggy" Jean Parkinson, who attended Vassar College, wed Tim Wright, and lives in Baltimore.

Spencer D. Parratt and Portia Pehrson Parratt lived at 100 Ambergate Rd. by 1942. The Parratts were natives of Salt Lake City and attended the University of Utah where her father was a math professor.  Mrs. Parratt earned a master's degree from the University of Chicago, where her husband earned  his doctorate.  They came to the Syracuse area in 1930, and Dr. Parratt was a political science professor at Syracuse University for many years.  Mrs. Parratt and her 14 year old son, Victor, died on 12-31-1949 in a tragic accident at Sandy Pond, NY.  Victor and a neighbor, Eugene Failmezger, fell through the ice while skating.  Eugene was able to climb out of the opening but Dr. Parratt and his wife fell through the ice while trying to rescue their son.  Eugene's older brother, Robert Failmezger, 19, was able to hold Dr. Parratt until boaters reached them and pulled them aboard, but Mrs. Parratt could not be saved.  Dr. Parratt later wed Catherine Fairbairn, a librarian, and moved to Jamesville.  He retired from the University in 1971, and died 10-01-1992, at age 90.  The children of Spencer and Portia Parratt:  Royden S. Parratt, who lived in DeWitt and was active in civic affairs until his death on 12-1-2006, and Lyman Victor Parratt, who was a sophomore at Nottingham high school at the time of his death.  The children of Spencer Parratt and Catherine Fairbairn:  Donna Parratt Lynch, of Rye, NY, Patricia Parratt Craig, of Washington, DC, and Norman D. Parratt, of Roswell, GA.

Clifford J. Payne and Esther Letitia Lawes Payne lived at 301 Ambergate Rd. by 1943.  He was from Rochester and was the district manager for the General Baking Co.  Mrs. Payne was born in Toronto and graduated from the Eastman School of Music in Rochester.  She was an antique collector and dealer.  The family moved to Marvelle Rd. in Lyndon by the early 50's, but were living again in DeWitt by 1955.  Mrs. Payne died 11-8-1959, and Mr. Payne died 3-3-1977.  Their children:  James L. Payne of DeWitt,  Leslie L. Payne of Fayetteville, Robert W. Payne of Rockville, MD, and Thomas C. Payne, of DeWitt.

Hermann Peil and Grace Peil lived at 215 Wellington Rd. by 1942.  He was a foreman with the NY Telephone Co. They had a son, and a daughter.

Robert D. Peters and Catherine S. Peters lived at 204 Wellington Rd. by 1942.  He was the office manager for the National Cash Register Co.  Their children:  Robert Peters, and Betty Joan Peters.

Howard H. Phillips and Helen Stoughtenger Phillips lived at 206 Dewittshire, having bought the home in 1940.  Mr. Phillips was a civil engineer with the NYS Highway Dept., and resided in Hinsmanville, NY at his death on 5-15-1961.  

Robert H. Platt and Colette G. Platt moved to 100 Ambergate Rd, about 1955.  Mr. Platt was the finance manager for General Electric.  Mrs. Platt was born in Chelsea, MA,  She graduated from Wheelock College, Lowell State Teachers College, and the New York School of Interior Design with a certificate as an interior designer.  The couple lived in New Canaan, CT.  They were winter residents of Vero Beach, FL beginning in 1989, and moved  there permanently in 2002.  Mrs. Platt died 1-17-2006, in Vero Beach, at age 88.  Their children:  J. Garry Platt of Marathon, FL, Laura Platt Perry of Midlothian, VA, and Marion Platt of Chicago.

William H. "Tom" Potts and Ruth M. Potts lived at 125 Ambergate Rd. by 1953.  Mr. Potts was a native of Rochester and served in the Navy after World War I.  He lived in Syracuse, DeWitt, and Fayetteville most of his life, and retired in 1965 after 23 years with the Kemper Insurance Co., where he was an audit manager.  Mr. Potts was an active member and assistant fire chief of the DeWitt fire department.  Mrs. Potts was born in Medina, NY and died 9-7-1975.  Mr. Potts died 1-12-1990 at 87.  They had a son, Donald Richard Potts, who was a USN officer and a graduate of Syracuse University.  On 6-30-1956 he wed Sue Hamilton, the daughter of Calvin Hamilton, long time DeWitt town supervisor, and they live in DeWitt.

Albert R. Predmore and Edith Muir Predmore lived at 227 Wellington Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Predmore was born 2-17-1894.  He was the comptroller of the Prosperity Co., a manufacturer of commercial laundry equipment.  Mr. Predmore was a 30 year resident of DeWitt and died at home on 4-8-1967.  Mrs. Predmore died 8-30-1971 while living in Nanuet, NY.  Their children:  Albert M. Predmore, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1961 and received an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in 1963,  retired as the senior vice-president of the Irwin Franchise Capital Corp., and lives now in Nanuet, and Linda Predmore Sorrell, a former science teacher at Jamesville-DeWitt school, who lives now in Bergenfield, NJ.

Everett B. Price and Muriel W. Price lived at 300 Wellington Rd. by 1938.  Prior to coming to Syracuse, Mr. Price was a fireman in Worchester, MA, and a policeman in Upton, MA.  In DeWitt he was a supervisor with the American Surety Co.  Mr. Price was also one of the founders of the DeWitt fire department and was its first elected chief, serving from 1933 to 1967.  Mrs. Price was a native of Southbridge, MA, and came to the Syracuse area in 1930.  Mr. Price died 11-28-1976.  Mrs. Price died at home in Dewittshire on 7-26-1984 at the age of 85.  They had two children:  Susan Price Lang, of DeWitt, and Dr. Peter E. Price, of Andover, MA, who graduated from MIT, and worked as a metallurgist.

Roy A. Price and Frances Becker Price lived at 213 Wellington Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Price was born in Chicago.  He was a graduate of the University of Chicago and received his master's and doctoral degrees from Harvard University.  Mrs. Price was  a native of Cooperstown, NY.  She was a graduate of Wellesley College and an active volunteer for the American Red Cross.  Early in his career Dr. Price taught history and government at Culver Military Academy.  Later he headed the social science department at Syracuse University, and was instrumental in the development of their unique social science doctoral program.  After retiring, Dr. Price took over the reins of Onondaga Community College as its interim president, serving from 1973 to 1975.  Mrs. Price died of smoke inhalation on 2-22-1964 in an early morning fire that gutted the Price home.  Dr. Price subsequently wed Mrs. Polly Butler Cummins on 1-26-1966.  He died at home in Dewittshire on 5-25-1995.  The second Mrs. Price wed Dr. Eric F. Gardner, a retired psychology professor.  He died 9-26-2002, at age 89, and Polly Gardner still resides in Dewittshire.  Roy and Frances Price had David A. Price, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1963 and lives in Cape Charles, VA, and James Price, of Malibu, CA.

Thomas F. Quinlan and Pauline Quinlan lived at 220 Wellington Rd. by the early 1940's.  They owned and operated the Ben Franklin store on S. Salina St. in Syracuse.  Mr. Quinlan died about 1942.  They had a son, Thomas Quinlan.

Frederick C. Rapp and Genevieve Cassidy Rapp lived at 121 Ambergate Rd., and later lived in Fayetteville.  He was born 4-14-1894 and  was a claims adjuster for Lumberman's Mutual Casualty Insurance Co.  Mrs. Rapp was from Syracuse and died on  8-21-1955.  Mr. Rapp died in February, 1972.  

Paul W. Randall and Anne Marx Randall lived at 206 Ambergate Rd.  Mr. Randall was a life resident of the Syracuse area.  He worked as an electrician and directed a statewide electrical construction contracting business.  Mr. Randall died 2-27-1988, and Mrs. Randall still lives in Fayetteville.  They had a daughter, Marsha Randall Jaquin of Fayetteville.

Clarence A. Rasmussen and Mary F. Rasmussen lived at 229 Ambergate Rd. by 1943.  He was an engineer for the Brown-Lipe-Chapin Corp.  They had a son, Robert Rasmussen.

Harry Samuel Rauch and Jennie (Jane) Tiffle Rauch lived at 106 Dewittshire Rd.  Mr. Rauch was born May 1, 1874 in Bedford TWP, Monroe County, MI.  He grew up there and apprenticed as a machinist in Toledo, OH.  From there he moved to Oswego, NY to work in the machine shop of the New York Central railroad.   Mrs. Rauch was a native of Oswego, NY, and the couple met there and married on 1-16-1900.  While Mr. Rauch progressed through the ranks with the railroad the family moved often and lived in Oswego, Jersey Shore, PA, Rome, NY, and Watertown, NY before moving to Syracuse in 1931.  Following 44 years with the railroad, Mr. Rauch retired in 1947 in Syracuse, where he was superintendent of the eastern division machine shops.  While in Oswego he served as the city clerk and was a member of the board of education.  Mr. Rauch died 4-14-1950 at age 74.  Mrs. Rauch died on 8-27-1959.  The couple had a son, Perry Rauch, and two daughters, Marian Rauch, who wed Robert P. Johnson and lived at 109 Ambergate Rd., and Genevieve Rauch, who wed Fred C. Vogt.

Perry B. Rauch and Helen Van Ornam Rauch lived at 106 Dewittshire Rd.  He was a native of Oswego, NY, but lived as a young man with his parents in this home.  Mr. Rauch graduated from Syracuse University in 1933 and earned a law degree there in 1936.  He was a combat flier in the Pacific Theater during WWII, and remained active in aviation circles.  Mrs. Rauch, who grew up in the Syracuse area, graduated from the Modern School of Applied Art in Boston and was a Red Cross worker in the South Pacific during the war.  Mr. Rauch practiced law for 32 years before his death on 7-2-1968, at age 58.  The couple had two children:  Perry B. Rauch, II, who died on 3-27-1975, at age 25, following a car-train accident between Canton and Potsdam, NY, and Barbara Rauch.

Harry Raumitz and Violet M. Raumitz lived at 101 Dewittshire Rd. by 1942.  He was a native of Jersey City, NJ and served in the army during WWII.  He was state manager for Somerset Importers, Ltd.  Mrs. Raumitz, a native of Starr, MD,  was born 1-9-1901.  By 1947 they had moved to 2 Sycamore Terrace in DeWitt where they lived when Mr. Raumitz died on 5-1-1963.  Mrs. Raumitz retired as a secretary for Home Aides of CNY, and was residing in Manlius before her death on 10-24-1982.  They had three daughters, Mrs. Robert H. Job of Tenafly NJ, Phyllis  Raumitz Leonard of Orleans, MA, and Pamela Raumitz, a graduate of Mary Washington College at the University of Virginia, who wed Edmund J. Lavech in 1961.

Elijah F. Render and Monica Render lived at 208 Dewittshire Rd. by 1943.  He was a field engineer for the Cincinnati Milling Machine Co.  They had two sons;  Dale Render and John Render.

Attilio David Renzetti, Jr., and Mabel "Woody"  Woodruff Renzetti lived at 205 Ambergate Rd., having moved to DeWitt from PA.  They purchased this home in December, 1953, but later moved to 309 Ambergate Rd.  He was born 11-11-1920 in New York City, and was a  graduate of Columbia University, where he received his medical degree in 1944.  From 1945 to 1947 Dr. Renzetti  served as an officer in the  Army Medical Corps.  The Remzettis were wed on 5-24-1947.   Dr. Renzetti had faculty appointments at the State University of New York medical school at Syracuse, Johns Hopkins, and the University of Maryland.  Dr. Renzetti also served as the president of the American Thoracic Society in 1975.  He died 9-19-2004 in Salt Lake City, where Mrs. Renzetti, an accomplished artist, still resides.  Their children:  Patricia Renzetti, of Denver, who was a ballerina, Laurence Renzetti, born 5-3-1951, who is now a science teacher,and lives in Salt Lake City, Pamela Renzetti Sorensen, and David Renzetti.

John W. Rice, Jr., and Jean Spencer Rice lived at 202 Dewittshire Rd., South, by 1935.  He was the owner of the J. W. Rice Coal Co., until he retired in 1969.  Mrs. Rice graduated from Syracuse University in 1926.  Mr. Rice died 7-6-1975, and Mrs. Rice died 8-3-1988, while still residing in DeWitt.  They had a daughter, Janet Rice, who lives in Syracuse and works as a secretary at DeWitt Community Church.

Robert O. Richards and Jane Kestler Richards lived at 109 Dewittshire Rd. in the late 1950's.  They had:  Mark Richards, Gale Richards, Karen Richards, Donna Richards, Brian Richards, and Paul Richards.

John R. Rickerich and Lauren Rickerich lived at 214 Wellington Rd. by 1943.  He was born 5-28-1904 and worked as a district supervisor for the Collier Co.  Mrs. Rickerich was born 6-29-1904.  The couple left DeWitt in 1951 and the following year were living in Port Washington, NY.  Mr. Rickerich died in April, 1963, and Mrs. Rickerich died on 3-20-1988, while residing in North Palm Beach, FL.

John W. Robertson and Joyce Parker Robertson lived at  121 Ambergate Rd. in the late 1950's.  They moved to Dewittshire from 42 Wexford Rd, in DeWitt, where they had lived since 1953.  Mr. Robertson was a partner in several architectural firms including RSA Architects.  He is active in various civic affairs including the Onondaga County library system and the DeWitt Community Association, having served as president of both groups.  Mrs. Robertson taught music at Manlius-Pebble Hill school and has been involved in musical theater as a pianist and music director.  Both have been very active at DeWitt Community Church.  They have four daughters:  Gina Robertson, a teacher, Kay Robertson, a paralegal, Nancy Robertson, a former teacher, and Susan Robertson, a veterinarian technician who wed Brian Rodems.  Gina and Kay live in San Francisco, while Nancy and Susan live in Saratoga Springs, NY.

J. Thomas Robey and Constance Robey lived at 221 Ambergate Rd., by 1942.  By 1952 they moved to Mannsville, NY.  He was a salesman for Robert Gair, Inc.  The couple had a daughter, Constance, who graduated from Knox School in Cooperstown, NY in 1952.  In 1942, a maid, Beatrice Van Scoy, lived with the Robey family.

David B. Robinson and Louise Neff Robinson lived at 301 Ambergate Rd., moving there about 1959.  Mr. Robinson was a native of State College, PA, where his father was a professor.  He graduated from Penn State in 1944 with a BS in chemical engineering, served two years as an ensign in the USN, and received his MD from the University of Pennsylvania in 1949.  Dr. and Mrs. Robinson met and married  while they were both students at Penn State.  Following a fellowship at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, Dr. Robinson, in 1958, became a professor of psychiatry at the SUNY Medical Center in Syracuse.  The Robinsons moved later to Skaneateles and played an active role in community affairs there.  Dr. Robinson served on the village council and sang in community art productions.  He died at home in Skaneateles on 7-9-2006.  Their children:  Margaret Robinson Manring, Claire Robinson Howard, David Dana Robinson, Deborah Robinson Wilding and Eleanor Robinson Wilcox.

Leonard K. Rogers and Margaret Rogers lived at 104 Wellington Rd., by 1952.  He was an agent with the Prudential Insurance Co.  Their children:  John T. Rogers, who wed Carolyn Kitto, of DeWitt, is the vice-president of Federated Investors, and lives in Sugar Land, TX, and Joel K. Rogers, who married Susan Steitler, of DeWitt, and lives in Humble, TX.

Thomas J. Rogers and Mary Mahoney Rogers lived at 308 Dewittshire Rd., South, by 1942.  Mr. Rogers was a native of Syracuse and held an electrical engineering degree from Syracuse University.  He was a professional engineer and the district manager for the Louis Allis Co.  Mr. Rogers died 3-28-1967.  Mrs. Rogers, a native of Troy, NY, had lived in Manlius for 12 years prior to her death on 12-21-1992.  Their children:  Thomas J. Rogers, Jr., who graduated from Notre Dame, wed Lorraine Enright, and lived in Fayetteville before his death on 5-24-2002, William P. Rogers, of Voorheesville, NY, who wed Mary Ellen Rancourt on 1-4-1964, and James David Rogers of Mantua, OH. 

Joseph A. Russell and Marion G. Russell lived at 121 Ambergate Rd. by 1946.  He was from Michigan and earned a doctorate in geography from the University of Michigan.  In 1949 the couple moved from Dewittshire when Dr. Russell accepted a position as chairman of the geography department at the University of Illinois.  He was   elected head of the American Association of Geographers in 1954.

Richard W. Russell and Hollis Merrill Russell lived at 110 Dewittshire Rd.--having moved there in 1953.  Mr. Russell was a native of Glens Falls, NY, and served as an army lieutenant in WWII.  He worked as an executive officer at First Trust and Deposit Co.  Mrs. Russell was a 1941 graduate of Syracuse University.  On 3-15-1956, she was credited with saving the life of a five year old child who had been the subject of an extensive search in the vicinity of the Onondaga Country Club.  The missing youngster, John P. Byrne, had been lost for hours in the darkness and 10 degree cold when Mrs. Russell found him unhurt.  Mr. Russell retired in 1982 after 32 years with First Trust bank.  He died at home on 11-17-1999, at age 81.  Mrs. Russell died 7-12-2004, at age 85.  Their children:  Richard A. Russell, of Fayetteville, Gary M. Russell, of DeWitt, and David H. Russell, of Penfield, NY.

Irving L. Rutkoff and Helen Alpert Rutkoff lived at 113 Ambergate Rd. by 1940.  Mr. Rutkoff was a life resident of the Syracuse area.  He was a graduate of Albany College of Pharmacy, and Syracuse University in 1926.  He was a pharmacist and operated the Fayetteville Pharmacy.  Mrs. Rutkoff was a life resident of the Syracuse area and was active in many civic causes.  She died 11-9-1968.  Mr. Rutkoff later wed Janet Pomeranz.  He died 9-2-1999.  Irving and Helen Rutkoff had a daughter:  Edwina Marice "Rici" Rutkoff, a 1969 graduate of Syracuse University, who lives now in Rockville, MD. 

Matthew G. Ryan and Isabel C. Ryan lived at 127 Dewittshire Rd., having moved there in October, 1955, from 108 Grenfell Rd. in DeWitt.  The couple wed 4-21-1945.  Mr. Ryan was employed by the Carrier Corp. They lived in Cazenovia and Lyndon after leaving Dewittshire, and live now in Syracuse.  They had Michael Ryan, Robert Ryan, Wendy Ryan Briscoe, and Nancy Joyce Ryan, a teacher who graduated from the State University College at Potsdam, and wed Thomas J. Ryan on 11-18-1972.

Leo M. Sandefeur and Helen C. Sandefeur lived at 301 Ambergate Rd. by 1942.  He was an executive with the Boy Scouts of America.  They had a daughter, Winifred M. Sandefeur, who was the assistant program director at WOLF radio.

Fred W. Sauerbrey and Carolyn M. Sauerbrey lived at 225 Ambergate Rd.  Mr. Sauerbrey was born in Schenectady and was the sales manager of the Prosperity Co.--manufacturers of commercial laundry equipment.  Mr. Sauerbrey retired from the company in 1959.  He and a fellow Prosperity executive, Lester Kienzle, were partners in DeWitt Cleaners, Inc. which opened on Erie Blvd. in 1948.  Mrs. Sauerbrey died 10-12-1973, at age 67, and Mr. Sauerbrey died on 8-20-1974.   They had two daughters:  Carol Ann Sauerbrey, who graduated from Vermont Junior College, wed Terrence M. Foran in 1954, and lives in Manlius, and Phyllis Jean Sauerbrey, who wed Richard J. Donovan in 1965, and lives in Minoa.

Loren W. Schoel and his wife lived at 201 Warwick Rd. by 1956.  He was coach of the rowing team at Syracuse University.  The couple had a son, Robert L. Schoel, who lives in Green Valley, AZ.

Norman I. Sebell and his wife Ruth Horowitz Sebell lived at 220 Wellington Rd. in 1949, and from 1952 to 1956 at 114 Cornwall Dr. in DeWitt.  He was chief engineer of the electronics division of the Onondaga Pottery Co. The family  subsequently moved to Manchester, NH where Mr. Sebell was general manager of a company treating leather for military boots.  In 1959, he joined with an English company to manufacture leatherboard also for footwear.  He sold this company in 1972.  Mr. Sebell then became involved in designing, building and operating the first totally enclosed animal boarding kennel.  He sold this company in 1997 and retired.  Mr. Sebell is a 1944 graduate of MIT and remains very active in its alumni groups.  Mr. and Mrs. Sebell were both active in amateur drama and choral groups while residing in the Syracuse area.  Mrs. Sebell is from Brockton, MA, and they live now in Canton, MA, and on Martha's Vineyard.  They had five children:  Bruce Sebell, who died in 2001, Mark Sebell, Lisa Sebell, Holly Sebell, and Donna Sebell.

Ralph Clifton Seitz and Clara Alvord Seitz lived at 306 Dewittshire Rd., South, by 1942.  Mr. Seitz was a native of Marblehead, OH and a 1922 graduate of Syracuse University.  He was an engineer with the Central NY Power Co.--which later became Niagara Mohawk.--for 36 years.  Mrs. Seitz was a native of Iona Corners, NY and attended Syracuse University.  Mr. Seitz died 2-17-1962 and Mrs. Seitz died 9-18-1965.  They had Charles Albert "Pete" Seitz, an Eagle Scout and USN veteran of WWII and the Korean conflict, who wed Eileen Isobel St. John on 5-14-1949, and resided in East Syracuse at his death on 9-12-1995, Barbara Seitz, who wed Robert F. Hulland, Jr., and lives in Baldwinsville, Ralph C. Seitz, a USA veteran of the Korean conflict, the former owner of the DeWitt Groceteria, and a resident of East Syracuse at his death on 9-29-1999, and Gerald W. Seitz, who has an MBA from Iona College and is a retired construction manager living in NYC.

Thomas P. Shannon and Jean Shannon lived at 208 Ambergate Rd.  A native of Syracuse,  Mr. Shannon, was a Merchant Marine veteran of World War II, and lived many years in the Manlius area.  He was a sales engineer and retired in 1978 as an inspector with the Farmers Home Administration.  He died 3-4-1996 at age 83.  Jean Shannon Moyer has lived in Lynchburg, VA, since 1978.  The children of Thomas and Jean Shannon:  Thomas Shannon, who is retired from the ownership of a restaurant supply business, and lives in Mt. Pleasant,SC, John C. Shannon, a retired military officer living near Washington, DC, and Margaret Shannon, who lives in Loris, SC.

Hobart Philip Shean and Rita Perez Shean lived at 125 Dewittshire Rd. beginning in 1954.  Mr. Shean was a native of Worcester, MA, and a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, class of 1931.  He was a naval veteran of World War II, serving as a lieutenant commander in the supply corps.  He was a materials handling engineer for Lewis-Shepard Products, Inc. before opening his own firm, the Shean Equipment Co.  Born in Brooklyn, Mrs. Shean graduated from Rosemount College, Rosemount, Pa.  After graduation, she was a member of the advertising and editorial staffs of the New York Journal-American.  In 1957 she compiled a history of DeWitt, which was published in serial form by the DeWitt Times.  Mrs. Shean died 11-4-1964, at 47.  Mr. Shean died in Chelmsford, MA on 3-12-1993.  Their children:  Timothy J. Shean, who lives in Bristol, TN and is vice president of the Sandvik Corp., Christopher A. Shean, of Denver, Monica Mary Shean-Craig, of Chelmsford, Margaret Shean-Ris, of Newton, MA, and Gregory F. Shean, of Syracuse.

Bradford Skelton and Ruth T. Skelton lived at 101 Dewittshire Rd.  He was born 4-18-1903 and managed the purchasing department at the Lamson Corp.  Mr. Skelton died  7-30-1972.  Mrs. Skelton's mother, Grace S. Smith, lived with the family until her death on 1-8-1980, at age 98.  Their children:  Peter B. Skelton of Thousand Oaks, CA, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1960, and Judith A. Skelton, a 1964 Syracuse University graduate, and a teacher living in Manlius.

Elmer Ellsworth Slingerland and Ione Slingerland lived at 170 Canterbury Rd., having moved there in 1940 from 110 York Rd.  By 1949 they lived in a new home at 12 Pebble Hill Rd.,South.  He was a salesman for the Syracuse Corrugated Box Division of Robert, Gair, Inc.  His mother, Virginia M. Slingerland, lived with the family.  The couple had a son, David Wayne Slingerland, who graduated from Washington and Lee College, and wed Talley Smith of SC in 1957.

William "Barney"Smith and Ann Eggleston Smith moved to 203 Ambergate Rd. about 1954.  Mr. Smith was born in Bath, NY and was an Army Air Forces veteran of World War II.  He was a sales engineer with the NY Telephone Co.  Mr. Smith was a founding member of St. David's Episcopal Church, DeWitt,  and served more than 37 years on the town planning board.  He died on 10-24-2002, at age 83, and Mrs. Smith lives now in DeWitt. The couple had a daughter, Garland Smith Blanch of San Jose, CA, and a son, Geoffrey Smith of New London, NH.

William G. Sorn and G. Lynnette Tripp Sorn lived at 208 Wellington Rd.  The family later lived on Haddonfield Pl. in DeWitt and on Knollwood Rd. in Lyndon.  Mr. Sorn received his BS from Cornell in 1941 and earned an MBA from Syracuse University in 1965.   He was an engineering supervisor for the Carrier Corp.  Mrs. Sorn was born in Camden and lived in Delmar before moving to DeWitt.  She was a graduate of Green Mountain Junior College and also attended Syracuse University.  Mrs. Sorn died 11-17-1989.  Their children:  Patricia Sorn, William W. Sorn, Jr., Gerald Sorn, and Cynthia Sorn.

Hendrick Holden Soule and Constance Jones Soule lived at 215 Wellington Rd.  Mr. Soule was a life resident of the Syracuse area.  He graduated from the Hill School in Pottstown, PA. and, in 1937, from Syracuse University with a degree in management.  At one time, Mr. Soule was the promotion director for WFBL radio. When he retired, he was a supervisor for the Carrier Corp.  Mrs. Soule was a native of Washington, DC, but resided most of her life in Syracuse.  She was a graduate of the Goodyear-Burlingame School and attended Syracuse University.  She retired in 1982 as an employment counselor for Onondaga County.  The Soules were living in Syracuse at his death on 12-30-1989.  She died 12-9-1993.  They had four children:  Constance Soule Palumb, of DeWitt, H. Holden Soule, Jr., who earned an engineering degree from Syracuse University in 1969, and lives in Berkeley Heights, NJ,  Nanette Soule Rodormer, of Skaneateles, and Carol Soule Choukair, of Woodridge, NY.

Harold E. Steiner and Mary Rhein Steiner lived at 231 Ambergate Rd. by 1942.  He was born in Elnora, NY on 11-5-1902, and  graduated from  Boston University in 1926.  Mr. Steiner was an executive with Niagara-Mohawk Power Co. and served six years representing the DeWitt area in the Onondaga County Legislature.  Mrs. Steiner was born in Schenectady, and was a 1926 graduate of Albany State College.  In Schenectady, she played the piano for silent films at the Lincoln Theatre and taught music in elementary schools.  After moving to Syracuse in 1940, she  was on the board of the Syracuse Symphony and was active in various art programs.  Mr. Steiner died 1-18-1975, and Mrs. Steiner later moved to Delray Beach, FL, where she died on 7-17-1993, at age 90.  The couple had three daughters: Helen Steiner, who wed Philip Lewis of Alexandria, VA, Nancy Steiner Pakenham-Walsh of Weston, MA, and Welthie Steiner, who wed William Kinney of Malvern, PA.

Harry Cornell Sterling and Agnes Parker Sterling lived at 119 Dewittshire Rd., having purchased the home new in 1932.  He was a salesman with the McMillan Book Co.  Mr. and Mrs. Sterling were both natives of Newburgh, NY.  Mr. Sterling died in Glendora, CA, where a daughter then resided, on 1-10-1956, at age 81.  They had moved to CA only six months earlier.  Mrs. Sterling returned to her other daughter's home in Ilion where she died on 4-25-1962, at age 87.  Mr. and Mrs. Sterling had a daughter who married Prof. Carl T. Hawley and, following his death, wed Edward L. Lundy on 2-27-1946, and lived in Ilion, and another daughter who married Edward H. Henry and lived in Fair Oaks, CA.

David A. Stevens and Hilda Keppler Stevens lived at 129 Dewittshire Rd. until 1954.  He owned a liquor store in Marcellus, and the couple later lived in that village.  Millicent Rita Kish lived with them, and attended Fayetteville schools, until her marriage to Carl S. Hawley in 1953.  Mrs. Stevens was born in Syracuse on 8-15-1892 and died 11-5-1968.  They had a son, Wilson A. Stevens, who lives in Marcellus.

John B. Stinger and Clara Zion Stinger lived at 104 Dewittshire Rd.  by 1931.  He was born in Cleveland, NY and was a Navy veteran of WWI.  Mrs. Stinger was a life resident of the Syracuse area and retired after 45 years of teaching in the Syracuse schools.  She was a charter member of the Dewittshire Club and remained a member more than 50 years.  Mr. Stinger worked as a printer and compositor with the Syracuse Typesetting Co. for 31 years and retired in 1970.  He was living in Manlius at his death on 9-7-1978.  Mrs. Stinger died in a local nursing home on 9-6-1985.

Whitney Ross Stitt and Elizabeth "Betty" T. Stitt lived at 207 Ambergate Rd.  They operated the Pig Stand drive-in restaurant on East Genesee St. between DeWitt and Lyndon.  Both were injured when the original restaurant was destroyed by an explosion on 11-21-1950.  Mr. Stitt's widowed mother lived with them during the war years.  Mr. Stitt died in December, 1955, at age 40. They had two sons:  William Stitt and Ross Stitt.

Andrew W. Stohrer and Bernice Woese Stohrer lived at 300 Dewittshire Rd., South, by 1940.  He graduated from Syracuse University in 1928 and Mrs. Stohrer graduated the following year.  Mr. Stohrer was an executive with the NY Telephone Co.  The couple later moved to the Buffalo area.  Mrs. Stohrer's parents, Irving J. Woese, a mortgage clerk with the Syracuse Savings Bank, and Lydia Wottneben Woese, lived with the Stohrers.  Mr. Woese died on 6-16-1964.  Mrs. Stohrer died on 9-17-1975.

Arthur A. Stuber and Ella Brennan Stuber lived at 204 Warwick Rd. by 1940.  He was a representative for the NY Telephone Co.  Mr. Stuber's mother, Elizabeth M. Stuber, a native Syracusan, lived with the family until her death on 1-19-1950.  Mrs. Stuber died in Camillus on 9-20-1975.  They had a daughter, Mary Jane Stuber, who was a secretary at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Syracuse, and wed John Peter Mayo on 6-21-1947.

Jack Howard Sutherland his wife lived briefly at 105 Ambergate Rd., having purchased the home in December, 1939.  Mr. Sutherland was born about 1900 in Chicago, and he worked as a salesman for an oil company.  His first marriage was to Kathryn Knepper, and he later wed Betsy Sutherland.

Lloyd E. Swedlund and Mary Swedlund lived at 305 Ambergate Rd. by 1955 and moved away in 1959.  Mr. Swedlund was an engineer at GE.  They had a son, John B. Swedlund, who attended Antioch College, and lives now in Richland, WA.

Ward S. Thomas and Norma Kew Thomas lived at 108 Wellington Rd. by 1942.  They later lived at 209 Ambergate Rd.  He was born on 10-23-1897 and was the manager of the Syracuse branch of the Freuhauf Trailer company. He died 6-4-1988.  Mrs. Thomas was born 1-3-1904, and died in Pompano Beach, FL on 6-29-2003, at age 99.

Warren F. Thomas and Carol Thomas lived at 218 Ambergate Rd.  by 1951.  He was a cost accountant with the Porter-Cable Co.  They had Susan Louise Thomas, who graduated from SUNY at Potsdam, and wed Michael A. Grajek in 1967, and Marcia Thomas Muster.  Both daughters live in Hiram, OH.

George B. Thompson and Lula Waters Thompson lived at 4606 East Genesee St.  While not actually a part of the Dewittshire subdivision the Thompson home was adjacent to homes on Ambergate Rd.  It is on the south side of Genesee St., between Ambergate and Wellington Rds., just east of Scibilia's market.  Mrs. Thompson was born 4-25-1883, the daughter of Orson and Lucy Waters, and thus was a part of the family that was long active in real estate and farming affairs in DeWitt.  After Mr. Thompson's death, Mrs. Thompson rented out rooms in her home.  Some of her tenants were teachers at local schools.  Mrs. Thompson died on 2-23-1977.  She was 93.

Jack R. Tiffany and Elise Mackey Tiffany lived at 211 Wellington Rd. by 1939.  Mr. Tiffany, a native of Syracuse, was the owner and operator of a service station at the corner of Erie Blvd. and West St. in Syracuse.  Mrs. Tiffany was a sales clerk at The Addis Co. department store.  Mrs. Tiffany's mother, the widow of E. H. Mackey, lived with the couple, and, after their deaths, moved to Utica.  Mrs. Tiffany died 3-13-1974, and Mr. Tiffany died  12 days later. Their children:  Nanette Tiffany, who was born 10-15-1926, and attended the NYS Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences, Jack R. Tiffany, Jr., who wed Shirley L. Mooney in 1948, and was living in Mesa, AZ at his death on 11-4-1998, and E. Peter Tiffany, of St. Louis.

Newell C. Townsend and Grace M. Townsend lived at 301 Wellington Rd. by 1942. He was with the Associates Finance Co. before becoming an executive with the Syracuse Chamber of Commerce.  The couple had moved to Manlius before Mr. Townsend died on 1-28-1981, and Mrs. Townsend died, at age 91, on 1-12-1993.  They had two children:  Thomas S. Townsend, who was killed in action on 4-20-1951 during the Korean conflict, and awarded the Bronze Star posthumously, and Sally Townsend, who lives in Fayetteville and Lady Lake, FL.

William F. Tyson and Sara Williams Tyson lived at 119 Dewittshire Rd.  He was an executive with Carrier and had retired a few months before his death on 3-18-1974.  Mrs. Tyson was born in State College, PA and died at age 89 on 6-30-2002.  Their two sons were born in Tarrytown, NY:  Barry R. Tyson, who died on 9-6-1971, at age 25, and Donald B. Tyson, who lived in Fayetteville and worked as a security supervisor before his death on 1-16-1990. 

Harrison Van Aken, Jr., and Albina Osipowich Van Aken lived at 123 Dewittshire Rd. in the mid 1950's.  Mr. Van Aken was born December 20, 1912, in Sterling, KS, but was raised in Lyons, KS.  He attended Kansas State University before graduating with a degree in finance from Brown University.  As a seventeen-year-old high school student in Worcester, MA, the future Mrs. Van Aken earned headlines around the world for her swimming performance in the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics where she set a new world record and won two gold medals.  When she returned home she was greeted by a crowd of thousands at a parade in her honor, and she went to Pembroke (Brown University) thanks to Worcester residents who raised $4,000 in scholarship money.  She met her husband at Brown, where he was on the basketball team.  Beginning his career as a banker in Chicago, Mr. Van Aken later worked for GE, starting as a traveling auditor and concluding as vice president of overseas operations.  During this period the family lived in various locations including New York, Virginia and Arizona.  Mr. Van Aken was also president of the Hallicrafter Corporation, and vice president of Northrop Aviation.  Albina Van Aken died in 1965, at age 54, and Mr. Van Aken married R. Gayl Williams on 7-16-1975.  The second Mrs. Van Aken had two sons by a previous marriage:  Richard Price of Bloomingdale, IL and, the late David Price.  Mr. and Mrs. Van Aken were living in Mesa, AZ at his death on 11-24-2006, at age 93.  Harrison and Albina Van Aken had two children;  Harrison Van Aken, III, who died in December, 1963, and David Van Aken, of Jacksonville, IL.

Everett H. Van Alstyne and Maude Hemens Van Alstyne lived at 200 Dewittshire Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Van Alstyne was a native of Adams, NY.  He was a district manager for the Oscar Mayer Co., before retiring in 1952, after 25 years of service.  The Van Alstynes had moved to Cashin Dr. in Fayetteville when Mr. Van Alstyne died at home on 1-7-1958.  Mrs. Van Alstyne was residing in Pittsburgh when she died on 4-25-1973, at age 92. The couple had two sons:  Everett H. Van Alstyne, Jr., who died in FL on 9-13-2002, and Lawrence A. Van Alstyne, of Fayetteville, who died 4-18-1998.

Oscar L. Van Valkenburgh and Ruth Hunt Van Valkenburgh lived at 113 Dewittshire Rd. by 1937.  A native of Truxton, NY, Mr. Van Valkenburgh was a 1911 graduate of Syracuse University.  Mrs. Van Valkenburgh was a native of Binghamton and came to the Syracuse area in 1907.  She graduated from Syracuse University in 1916 and later served as president of the Alumni Club.  She also served on the board of directors for the Elmcrest Children's Center.  Mrs. Van Valkenburgh's mother, Amelia Hunt Newing, the widow of Arthur F. Newing, lived with the Van Valkenburghs during the 1940's and 1950's.  Mrs. Newing, was born about 1875, and worked as a cafeteria manager. She died on 1-13-1960.  Mr. Van Valkenburgh was the chief chemist at the Crucible steel mill in Syracuse.  He retired in 1956 after 45 years of service.  For 39 years, Mr. Van Valkenburgh was the treasurer of the First United Methodist Church, and, like his wife, was very active in the American Rose Society.  He lived in Dewittshire until his death on 1-10-1981, at age 90.  Mrs. Van Valkenburgh moved to The Nottingham complex in Jamesville in 1989 and died there, at age 97, on 5-5-1991.

Francis A. Verrillo and Mary Verrillo lived at 108 Dewittshire Rd. by 1953.  He was a sales representative for the M.J. Kelly Supply Corp.  They had two children:  Francis Paul Verrillo, who wed Sue Carol Kaplan in 1976, teaches math, and lives in Arnold, MD, and Lenore Verrillo, who attended the Chamberlain School of Retailing in Boston, and married Mark R. Bailey, of DeWitt.

Warren Richard Wallace and Virginia K. Wallace lived at 210 Wellington Rd. by 1942, and later lived at 105 Kittell Rd. in Lyndon. They married in 1921, and Mr. Wallace was a stock and bond broker with offices in the State Tower building in Syracuse.  Mrs. Wallace died 1-20-1952.  

Davis D. Wallbridge and Esther Barrington Wallbridge lived at 204 Dewittshire Rd. by 1940.  Mr. Wallbridge was born 3-13-1894 in Bellevelle, Ontario, Canada, and attended Guelph College.  Mrs. Wallbridge was born on 5-29-1895.  Mr. Wallbridge owned his own contracting and paving firm, Davis Wallbridge, Inc., and also served as the head of the Moses-DeWitt school board.  The family had moved to Fayetteville when Mr. Wallbridge died on 2-24-1972 and Mrs. Wallbridge died in January, 1988.  They had five children:  Charlotte Isabel Wallbridge, who wed Floyd L. Freeman, of Kent, CT, on 7-27-1940, and died in Denver on 9-25-2005, Davis S. Wallbridge, of Fayetteville, G. Douglas Wallbridge, of Pompey, Mary Norma Wallbridge Balestra Steffien of Palm Harbor, FL, and Thomas Donald Wallbridge, a Syracuse University graduate who was a manager for the Beneficial Finance Corp. before his death on 7-9-1998.

John J. Watkins and Edna Watkins lived at 106 Wellington Rd. by 1943.  He was an auditor with the Marine Midland Trust Co. and, later, the manager of the Manlius office of the Syracuse Trust Co.

Harrison A. Weight and Adelaide O'Connor Weight lived at 220 Ambergate Rd.  Mr. Weight was born 4-12-1911 in Huntingdon, PA and came to the Syracuse area about 1950.  He was the operator of a coffee shop in the Kemper Building.  Mrs. Weight was born 5-14-1908.  She died on 10-12-1977.  Mr. Weight died on 2-6-1980.  Their children: Ann Louise Weight Coleman Doty, of Nashua, NH, Robert H. Weight, who teaches online business courses for the University of Phoenix, and lives in Denver, and Richard F. Weight, a business consultant, also residing in Denver.

Joseph Stanley Weir and Lillian Anthony Weir lived at 221 Wellington Rd.  by 1942.  He was born in Wilkes-Barre, PA on 12-14-1883.  Mr. Weir was an appraiser and later worked as a salesman for the Mack Truck Co. and other motor companies.  He died on 9-10-1945.  The couple had two daughters, Helen Weir, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1934, and wed Irving A. Olp of NYC on 4-3-1937, and Ruth "Ducie" Weir, who wed Kingsley F. Horton on 10-2-1937.

Robert K. Welter and Natalie Lawton Welter lived at 103 Wellington Rd.  He earned a degree in management from Syracuse University in 1942 and was a funeral director with the family-owned funeral home.  Mrs. Welter's father, Clarence A. Lawton, a manufacturer's representative, lived with the family prior to his death on 1-13-1963.  The couple moved to Eustis, FL and were living there when Mrs. Welter died on 7-20-2001.  Their children:  Robert K. Welter, Jr., who lives in Spruce Creek, FL, William L. Welter, and Priscilla Welter Petricca.

Clayton Gould Wheeler and Helen Louise Lauridson Wheeler lived at 221 Ambergate Rd. by 1955.  Mr. Wheeler was born 6-16-1907.  He was from Hancock, NY, and graduated from RPI.  The couple wed on 12-31-1932.  Mr. Wheeler was a purchasing executive for GE and retired with 25 years of service.  He died on 3-29-1980, at age 72. They had two children:  Carol Lou Wheeler, who attended Cornell University, and wed Peter W. Perine, and Judith Gould, who wed William R. Manning in DeWitt Community Church on 12-20-1958.  Mr. Manning died 8-18-1993, and Mrs. Manning lives now in Winter Park, FL.

Mary Maud White lived on Dewittshire Rd., South, by 1941, having lived earlier on Westcott St. in Syracuse.  She was a 1901 graduate of Syracuse University and worked as the cafeteria director for the Crouse Hinds Co.  Miss White died about 1942.

Alfred George Whittaker and Charlotte Winchell Whittaker lived at 111 Dewittshire Rd. by 1942.  They were wed  5-25-1940 and lived on Buckingham Ave. in Syracuse, before moving to DeWitt.  Mrs. Whittaker was from Cortland, NY, and graduated from Wellesley College in 1938.  Mr. Whittaker grew up in Ohio and earned a degree in fine arts from Syracuse University in 1933.  He operated the Whittaker Art Service.  The couple had one son:  Alfred Winchell Whittaker.

Chester A. Williams and Bessie L. Williams lived at 214 Ambergate Rd.  He was a sales executive with Dromedary, Hill Brothers, Inc.  They had two sons:  Chester A. Williams, Jr., and Irving W. Williams.

Lloyd Marshall Withers and Laura Irene Whitford Withers lived at 107 Dewittshire Rd. following their marriage in Syracuse on 6-7-1930.  They both held undergraduate degrees from Syracuse University.  Mr. Withers also graduated from the University's law school in 1928 and was in private practice as an attorney in Syracuse.  Mrs. Withers was the founder and first president of the Women's Association of DeWitt Community Church.  The couple had a summer home on Wellesley Island in the Thousand Islands for many years and lived in Manlius at his death on 3-14-1975 and her death on 6-5-1979.  They had two children:  Marilyn Withers Thomas, who lives on Wellesley Island, and John Marshall Withers, who lives in Syracuse.

Horace D. Woodcock and Grace M. Woodcock lived at 201 Ambergate Rd. by 1942. He was a CPA with the Forrest E. Ferguson firm.  They shared their home with Willard N. Woodcock, a sexton at DeWitt Community Church, and his wife, Minnie Woodcock.  

Woodrow L. "Woody" Woodworth and Helen Ramsey Woodworth lived at 101 Ambergate Rd.  They moved there in March, 1955 from 243 Forest Hill Dr., in Syracuse.  Mr. Woodworth was a native of Protection, NY and resided in nearby Buffalo before moving to Syracuse about 1938.  Mr. Woodworth was in sales with the Texaco Corp. for 40 years.  He was a past president of the Eastwood Lions Club.  Mrs. Woodworth was a native of Buffalo, and graduated from the State University of NY at Buffalo.  She retired in 1978 from Marine Midland Bank.  Mr. and Mrs. Woodworth were living on Southfield Dr. in Fayetteville at the time of his death on 10-4-1973.  Mrs. Woodworth remained in Fayetteville until she moved to Falls Church, VA, in 1992.  She died in Virginia on 6-17-1993.  The couple had a son, Ramsey Lloyd "Bing" Woodworth, who graduated from Brown University and the Syracuse University law school, wed Diane E. McMillion, and is an attorney residing in Falls Church.

Henry A. Zahn lived at 202 Wellington Rd. by 1942.  He was a foreman for the Oberlander Press Co. and later worked for the Syracuse Post-Standard newspaper.  Mr. Zahn was an active professional musician and a 60 year member of the local typographical union.  He died in Syracuse on 4-1-1964, at age 81.

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