Although John Young and other early settlers had lived in or near the present village of DeWitt, NY, by 1800, the community remained a quiet rural area for more than a century.  Even as late as 1927 all of the property in DeWitt was still owned by individual farmers and tradesmen.  However, in that year the Clark real estate firm purchased land and began subdividing the property that would become known as Dewittshire.  By 1934 about 75 homes were built in that tract--with the most expensive ones usually located closest to E. Genesee St.  Development was uneven but the majority of homes in Dewittshire were built and first occupied during the 1930's and 1940's.  During this period many new residents of DeWitt came from affluent neighborhoods in nearby Syracuse.

In 1929, Albert E. Huntley and Albertus H. Snow sold 60 acres of land to the R. E. Porter real estate firm. This property was north of Genesee St. and west of Erie Blvd. and was soon developed as the Orvilton Park subdivision. There was a requirement that new homes had to have a value of at least $10,000, and, once again, those homes closest to E. Genesee St. were generally the most expensive.  With the building of homes in Dewittshire and Orvilton, as well as the building of Moses-DeWitt school in 1931, DeWitt seemed poised for growth.  

Not surprisingly, the Depression and WWII delayed this development as the sale of new homes suffered.  For example, by 1938 only about 50 homes had been built in Orvilton and new homes there were offered for as little as $6,800 in 1940.  DeWitt was clearly a desirable place for future expansion, however, and by about 1950, as macro economic factors became more favorable, the area became the focus of major commercial and residential growth.  The building of Shoppingtown--a major shopping center--the consolidation of schools in Jamesville and DeWitt, the expansion of the DeWitt Community Church, and other developments during the early and middle 1950's, coincided with rapid residential growth in existing neighborhoods and in new ones like Orvilton Heights and DeWitt Acres.  

Unlike farmers, who have an obvious tie to the land, the business and professional people who moved to DeWitt's new subdivisions constituted a highly transient population.  In the post-War period it was very common for large companies to routinely and periodically transfer their executives.  As a result, many of DeWitt's newcomers lived there only briefly and are by now well scattered.  I am a member of this Diaspora, and live now in Madison, MS, but I have not forgotten the many wonderful friends and neighbors I was privileged to know in the old days in DeWitt.  With the thought that future family historians and genealogists might find information about these former residents of DeWitt of interest, and with an understanding that there is a limited, and diminishing, time frame beyond which the data is unlikely to be preserved, I decided to compile and publish the information that is available.  What follows, then, is a listing of hundreds of families that resided in DeWitt during the 1940's and 1950's.    

This information has been gathered from old newspaper accounts, village directories, census records, various other governmental records, alumni lists, and from personal recollections.  While a good faith effort has been made to verify the accuracy of what is related here, often the records are incomplete or contradictory, and confirmation is not possible.  Therefore, the information here should be considered as tentative, or suggestive, but certainly not definitive.  

Brief, or incomplete, pieces of information about other DeWitt residents can be viewed here.  You may also be interested in similar registries for the nearby communities of Lyndon and Fayetteville.  Anyone who can suggest corrections, or additions, or who can provide a "clue" to the present whereabouts of those listed is encouraged to do so.  You can send me email by clicking here.  You can also sign the Guest Book at the bottom of this page.  Thanks very much for your help and your interest.  

Edward Hutchison 


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Curtis W. Abbott and Astrid Madsen Abbott lived at 204 Dewittshire Rd., South, having moved to DeWitt in 1941.  Mr. Abbott was a native of Babylon, NY, and a 1933 graduate of Syracuse University.  Mrs. Abbott was a native of Utica and received her RN degree from Crouse-Irving Hospital in Syracuse.  The couple were married in Utica in July, 1936.  He worked as an accountant with the New Process Gear Co.  Mr. Abbott was a member and officer of the DeWitt Volunteer Fire Department.  He lived in Dewittshire until his death on 9-1-1984.  Mrs. Abbott  died at her daughter's home in Isle of Pines, SC, on 5-30-2001.  She was 90.  The couple had a daughter, Elizabeth "Betsy" Abbott Michaels, of Isle of Pines, who was born in June, 1946, and is a realtor.

John A. "Jack" Abert and Virginia Fairchild Abert lived at 12 Wexford Rd. in 1958.  They had lived at 207 Revere Rd. from 1949 to 1957, then moved to FL, before briefly returning to DeWitt.   Mr. Abert was a native of the Fayetteville area and was born in 1912.  The couple wed on 12-4-1941.  A physical disability kept Mr. Abert from military service in WWII, but as a toolmaker he helped build Norden bombsights during the War.  He also worked as a tool and die maker for the E. R. Seifert, Inc., firm.  Mr. Abert died on 9-14-1992, in Deltona, FL.  Mrs. Abert died in Hollywood, FL, on 9-4-2006.  They had:  Robert Johnson who lives in Kendall, FL, and Diane Abert Hildebrant who was born in September, 1943, and lives in Hollywood.

George Gilbert Ackerman and Sarah Ruth Masterman Ackerman lived at 312 Jamesville Rd. by 1943.  Mr. Ackerman was born in Boston on 9-28-1910, and lived in the Syracuse area for 43 years.  He worked as a salesman and service engineer for the Picker X-Ray Co., and retired in 1975 after 45 years with the company.  Mr. Ackerman was a captain in the DeWitt Volunteer Fire Dept.  He died on 9-10-1978.  Mrs. Ackerman, a native of Rochester, was born on 5-6-1913.  The couple wed in Toronto, Canada, on her 25th birthday.  She died 8-24-1995, in Homewood, AL.  Their children:  James Leonard Ackerman, who was born in Elmira, NY, in June, 1940, wed Diana Elizabeth Tyler on 3-3-1962, earned a forestry degree from Syracuse University and an MBA from Harvard, worked as a college finance officer, and lives in Syracuse, UT, and Janet Mary Ackerman, who was born in May, 1943, married Robert Vincent Devito on 8-28-1965 and James H. Gore on 6-4-1976, and lives in Verbena, AL.

Donald J. Adams and Marie Adams lived at 121 Ambergate Rd., having bought the home in December, 1956.  They lived earlier at 26 Caton Dr.  Born in Buffalo, Dr. Adams was a 1952 graduate of the University of Buffalo Medical School.  He did his internship at Buffalo Deaconess hospital and his residency in obstetrics and gynecology at University Hospital.   Dr. Adams served as chief of obstetrics and gynecology at Crouse Irving Hospital from 1974 to 1983, when he retired.  He died 11-21-1997.  Dr. and Mrs. Adams had three children:  Anne Adams of Syracuse, Nancy Adams Fullana, of Schenectady, NY, born about 1964, and Andrew Adams, of St. Petersburg, FL.

Thomas Raymond Adams and Eva Kennedy Adams lived at 16 Pebble Hill Rd., South, by 1953, and later moved to Bradford Lane in Syracuse.  Mr. Adams, a native of Philadelphia, was the president and treasurer of the A. V. Wiggins Co., Inc.  He died 7-3-1962.  They had:  Thomas R. Adams, Jr., who was born about 1915, graduated from Syracuse University in 1937, wed Mary Saylor, became the president of the Wiggins firm in 1962, and died in Syracuse on 7-5-1975.

Fay F. Adkinson and Marion Heath Adkinson lived at 106 Wellington Rd. by 1942, and later moved to Hillsboro Parkway in Syracuse.  He was the chief metallurgist for the New Process Gear Corp. before opening his own firm.  Mrs. Adkinson, a native of Arizona, was a 1916 graduate of Syracuse University with a degree in fine arts.  Mr. Adkinson died 1-3-1952.  Mrs. Adkinson retired from Konski Engineering Co. about 1967, and died 4-4-1979.

Arthur Willard Adriance and Elizabeth E. Adriance lived at 125 Ambergate Rd. in the early 1940's, having lived prerviously in Buffalo, Jamestown, and Albany.  Mr. Adriance was born on 8-1-1885, and was a salesman for the Walker Co., Inc., and the International Cash Register Co.  Mrs. Adriance was probably born on 6-23-1892, and the couple wed about 1920.  She died in October, 1967, while residing in Newburgh, NY.

Llois Wayne Affolter and Mary Evelyn Affolter lived at 215 Haddonfield Dr. by 1957.  Mr. Affolter was a native of IN, and was educated at DePauw University.  He entered the wholesale footwear field in 1936, and joined the Nettleton Shoe Co. in 1948.  In 1952, Mr. Affolter was appointed sales manager for their wholesale division, and became president of the firm in 1968.  He retired in 1979, and later moved to Black Mountain, NC.  Their children:  Richard W. Affolter, who was born about 1941, and is an attorney living in Burlington, VT, Dr. William Affolter, who was born in October, 1943, and is a retired physician in Seattle, WA, and Dr. James M. Affolter, who is curator of the Botanical Garden and a member of the faculty at the University of Georgia, in Athens.

Clarence E. Alberts and Lauretta Knight Alberts lived at 209 Landsdowne Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Alberts was born in Schenectady on 7-2-1898.  He was a manufacturer and merchant, and was the president of the Syracuse Midstate Frame Co., at  523 Erie Blvd., East--a company which he co-founded.  Mrs. Alberts was also a native of Schenectady.  She was born on 8-10-1894, and came to DeWitt following her marriage.  Mr. Alberts was the president of the DeWitt Kiwanis club.  He died in DeWitt in April, 1979.   In 1984, Mrs. Alberts moved to Biddeford Pond, ME, where she died on 2-20-1989.  They had:  Claire Alberts Monroe, who was born in September, 1926, and lives in Biddeford Pond.

Robert F. Aldrich lived at 4300 E. Genesee St. by 1942, and at 1 Lynacres Blvd., at the corner of Lynacres and Genesee St., in Lyndon, by 1960.  He was, with Justin Beauchat, a co-founder of the Colony Shop, an interior decorating firm.  Mr. Aldrich was a native of Rochester, and lived 35 years in Lyndon.  He died 7-15-1967, at age 70.

Raymond Andreas Alesch and Dorothy Degenhart Alesch lived at 8 Pickwick Rd., by 1950.  They lived on Bellevue Ave. in Syracuse and in Rochester before moving to DeWitt Acres.  Mr. Alesch was a native of Wisconsin and served in WWII.   Mrs. Alesch was probably born on 8-31-1918.  Mr. Alesch was a buyer for the E. W. Edwards department store in Syracuse.  He was born on 6-9-1906, in Grand Chute, WI, and died 7-14-1999, in Buffalo, at age 93.  Mrs. Alesch died there on 11-28-2001.

C. B. Allen and Elinor Fitch Allen lived at 225 Ambergate Rd., by 1942, after having lived earlier at 109 Dunham Rd. in DeWitt.  He was a salesman with the New York Rubber Co.  They had three daughters:  Betsey Allen, Mary Elinor Allen, and Barbara Allen.

Edith Hancock Allen and her daughter, Miss Edith I. Allen, lived at 107 Butternut Dr.  Mrs. Allen was born in Dubuque, IA, circa 1875, and married about 1905.  She lived in DeWitt for seven years before her death on 2-20-1958.  Mrs. Allen was the widow of Walter H. Allen, a captain in the USN.  Capt. Allen was a native of MA, and was born about 1875.  He was a civil engineer who was a career naval officer. Capt. Allen served in WWI and is credited with pioneering the concept of construction units composed of naval personnel, (i.e., the "Seabees").  He also served as commander of the Great Lakes Naval Trainng Center.  Miss Allen was born in Charleston, SC, graduated from Skidmore College, and was a self-employed bookkeeper.  She lived later in Pompey, NY, and died 9-6-1999, at age 92.  Capt. Allen, his wife, and daughter, are all buried in Arlington National Cemetery near Washington.

Millicent Green Allen lived at 11 Paddock Dr., having moved there in 1955 from 707 Nottingham Rd. in Syracuse.  She was the widow of Dr. Ellery George Allen, a physician.  Dr. Allen was  born on 12-4-1900, in Clyde, NY, and was a graduate of Colgate and Harvard medical school.  He died in Syracuse on 1-4-1955.  Mrs. Allen was born on 7-21-1905, in Brocton, NY, and graduated from Syracuse University. She worked as an executive hostess for IBM, and died in San Jose, CA, on 5-21-1999.  Their children:  Charlotte Allen Best, who lived in Saratoga, CA, and George Allen, of Portsmouth, RI.

Gerrit F. Allen and Veronica Covert Allen lived at 21 Wexford Rd.  Mr. Allen was born on 6-3-1914, in Tompkins County.  He was married and divorced prior to his military enlistment in 1943, and wed Veronica K. Covert on 5-11-1943.  Mr. Allen worked as a foreman for Salina Chevrolet.  The Allens moved to San Francisco in 1954.  However, they were natives of the Trumansburg, NY, area, and later returned there.  They then resided in FL, where Mr. Allen died on 5-3-1982, and Mrs. Allen, who was born in Schuyler County, NY, on 7-6-1920, died on 10-24-1989.  Their children:  Vicki Allen, Irene Allen, and William Allen.

Harold Francis Allen and Lena Marie Tope Allen lived at 117 Dewittshire Rd. by 1942.  He was the production manager at the Onondaga Pottery Co.  Mrs. Allen was born in OH, on 5-14-1895, and worked for the pottery company as a secretary.  She then worked at Ohio College in Athens.  The couple wed 12-21-1927, in NYC's famous Little Church Around the Corner.  In June, 1928, she left Ohio to join Mr. Allen in CNY.  The family moved to Puerto Rico in 1948.  They had a son, Robert Winston Allen.

Victor J. Allen and Mary Lou "Cookie" Cook Allen lived at 25 Wexford Rd.  About 1960 they moved to Lockwood Rd. in Syracuse.  Later Mrs. Allen wed a Mr. Glover, and became active in real estate projects.  She was  widowed, and subsequently married Ronald Philips.  They live now in Fayetteville.  Mr. and Mrs. Allen had a son, Scott Allen, who died in childhood, and a daughter, Cynthia Allen, born about 1957.

Brewster Jonas Allison and Edna Tharp Allison lived at 100 York Rd. by 1952.  Mr. Allison was born 8-15-1900, in Stony Point, NY.  He was an industrial engineer with The Texas Co.  Mrs. Allison was born 8-20-1902.  Mrs. Allison's father, John W. Tharp, a retired grocer from Reece, KS, lived with the family until his death on 11-7-1955.  The couple later moved to Charlottsville, VA, where Mr. Allison died in November, 1976, and Mrs. Allison died on 7-13-1993.  Their children:  Sherman Allison, who was born about 1938, and lives in Waynesboro, VA, Peggy Bruce Allison, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1951, wed Dr. Richard E. Booker on 10-11-1952, and lives in Crozet, VA, and Ellen Adelaide Allison.

Samuel H. Allston and Rebecca Allston lived at 125 Ambergate Rd. by 1943.  He was an accounting executive with Remington-Rand Inc.  John F. Wimple, an inspection supervisor with Remington-Rand, lived with them.

Carl H. Almfelt and Alfaretta Beebe Almfelt lived at 108 Ambergate Rd.  He was born on 9-24-1909, and was from Kingston, NY.  Mrs. Almfelt was born 1-8-1908.  She was from Canaan, CT and graduated from Elmira College.  The couple were wed 2-23-1935.  Mr. Almfelt worked as a technician in the chemistry lab at Syracuse University and also operated the DeWitt Exterminating Co.  He died in March, 1966, and she died in Litchfield, CT, on 2-10-2002.

John Bellows Alsever and Janet G. Alsever lived at 105 Downing Rd. by 1942, and soon moved away.  Dr. Alsever was born on 11-28-1904, and grew up in the Washington, DC, area.  He was a physician and in 1949 wrote, with Robert Hardin and Elmer DeGowin, a pioneering medical textbook, "Blood Transfusion."  The family moved to Phoenix, where Dr. Alsever died in February, 1978.  Mrs. Alsever was born on 8-20-1916, and died in Phoenix on 9-17-1998.  They had:  Dr. John Dewey Alsever, who was born on 9-20-1940, married Jan Alsever in 1963, was a physician, and lived in Salem, OR, at his death on 4-2-2000, Margery "Marni" Alsever, who was a teacher, wed Thomas Wildermuth, and then Lawrence Stephenson, and died in Phoenix on 9-19-2006, and Dr. Robert N. "Nick" Alsever, who was born about 1942, graduated from the University of Colorado medical school in 1969, specializes in endocrinology, and lives in Pueblo, CO.

Dorothy A. Althouse lived at 1 Morton Rd. by 1942.  Mrs. Althouse was born about 1893, and was the widow of Guy A. Althouse.  The couple lived at 208 Hillsdale Ave. in Syracuse, and Mr. Althouse was the proprietor of the Syracuse Auto Top Co. at his death on 1-4-1929.  While in DeWitt, Mrs. Althouse was a live-in housekeeper for the Farranto family.

Fred L. Anderson and Bessie May Olivet Anderson lived at 209 Ambergate Rd., having purchased the home from Oscar A. Walker in 1936.   Mr. Anderson was self-employed in the drug and sundries business.  Mrs. Anderson died at home on 2-22-1943.  They had a daughter who wed J. Raymond Bush, and lived in Syracuse, and a son, F. Lewis Anderson, who lived in Oakland, CA.

Philip P. Anderson and Elizabeth B. Anderson lived at 125 Butternut Dr. in 1958.  Dr. Anderson was a native of Calvert, TX, and earned a Ph. D. in physical chemistry from the University of Texas in 1936.  He worked in Evansville, IN, for about 20 years before moving to CNY and taking a position as a research scientist for Carrier.  Dr. Anderson retired in 1996 as Vice President of Engineering at Arkla Industries, in Shreveport, LA.  He died in December, 1997.  Mrs. Anderson was very active in the Presbyterian Church and was a published poet.  She resided in Newburgh, IN, at her death on 10-27-2002, at 91.  The couple's daughter, Susan Anderson Goodloe, was born in November, 1940, was a member of the Class of 1958 at Jamesville-DeWitt, and lives now in Evansville, IN.  She is married to Thomas Goodloe and works as an English instructor at the University of Southern Indiana.

Sixten Valdemar Anderson and Louise Muller Anderson lived at 307 Ambergate Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Anderson was born in Goteborg, Sweden on 8-6-1908, and was the proprietor of Your Laundress, Inc., at 205 Croly St. in Syracuse.  He died 10-27-1944.  Mrs. Anderson was born in Weissenburg, Germany, on 9-18-1903, and died in 1970. Their children:  Phillip O. Anderson, who wed Helen S. Graham about 1955, and probably resides now in CO, and Nancy Anderson.

Alfred George Andrews and Evelyn R. Andrews lived at 224 Wellington Rd., having purchased the home from Alfred Pizio in 1933.  Mr. Andrews attended Syracuse University and Rutgers and was a physical education teacher at Edward Smith School in Syracuse.  Mrs. Andrews was born 10-30-1905 in Webster, MA.  She was the supervisor of nursing at Syracuse Memorial Hospital.  Mr. Andrews died 12-5-1979, and Mrs. Andrews died at the Loretto Rest nursing facility in Syracuse on 10-31-2003.  She was 98.  They had three children:  Neil Eugene Andrews, who was born about 1934, married Mary Lou Kroon, operated an inn, and resided in Montrose, CO, at his death on 2-12-1993, Richard G. Andrews, who earned a master's degree from Syracuse University, wed Joyce Podolak about 1962, was a physical education teacher, and resided in Liverpool at his death on 3-10-2004, and Mary Jane Andrews Cuminale, who lives in Stamford, CT.

Charles A. Andrews and Florence M. Andrews lived at 300 Andrews Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Andrews was born in Pittsford, VT, on 12-27-1889, and came to DeWitt about 1914.  He was a farmer and a carpenter for the Waters Brothers and Flood Brothers--firms which constructed many homes in DeWitt.  Mrs. Andrews was born about 1885, and the couple married about 1920.  Mrs. Andrews died on 3-24-1958, and Mr. Andrews died on 10-29-1980, at age 90.  They had:  Betty Lou Andrews, who was born about 1922, was a secretary for the Kemper Insurance Co., wed Edwin Stevens, and lived in Baldwinsville, and Charles Andrews, Jr., (see the entry below).

Charles A. Andrews, Jr., and Betty Duffy Andrews lived at 300 Andrews Rd. by 1955.  He was born about 1924 and grew up on the farm of his parents (see above).   He, too, farmed the land in the flats between Lyndon and DeWitt, near the WNDR radio station and broadcast tower.  They had:  Linda Andrews, who married Douglas Beebe, Nancy Ellen Andrews, who wed Bradford S. Cushing on 7-5-1975, and Kenneth C. Andrews, who was born in June, 1956, married Joanne Marie Clancy on 10-17-1981, lives in Jamesville, and serves on the Town Council.

Ralph Andrews lived at 225 Pelham Rd. in 1940, having purchased the home new from the builder, William S. Kelly.  Mr. Andrews was a native of Walden, NY, and was born on 5-15-1912.  He was a graduate of Syracuse University in 1934, and the Babson Institute in 1935, and worked for the General Electric Co.  In 1947 he became the owner and president of the Morse Mfg. Co.  By 1953, Mr. Andrews was married to Beatrice W. Andrews.  They resided at 121 LaFayette Rd. in Syracuse at his death on 8-27-1988.  Mrs. Andrews was living in Lake Forest, IL, at her death on 1-8-2004.  He had:  Carrol Jean Andrews Smith Herber, who was born about 1939, and is an accountant in Lake Forest, and Robert R. Andrews, who lives in Jamesville.

Robert Winfield Applebee and Julia Inez Zingheim Applebee lived at 300 Cornwall Dr. by 1957.  Mr. Applebee is thought to have been born on 8-19-1918, and died on 1-8-1991, while living in CA.  Mrs. Applebee was born 7-28-1923, in Canon City, CO, and was living in Pomona, CA, at her death on 2-6-2003.  It is unclear, but Mr. Applebee was probably the son of Mr. and Mrs. Andy Lee Applebee.  Mrs. Andy Applebee probably came from ME to DeWitt about 1958.  She was living there on 4-11-1960, when her sister, Alma Hamilton died.  Mrs. Hamilton was the widow of Joseph Hamilton, and came to 300 Cornwall Dr. from Portland, ME, about 1958.

Jeanne G. Armacost lived at 4 Pebble Hill Rd., South, by 1953.  She was a secretary for the board of education.  On 7-3-1954, Mrs. Armacost wed Robert Henry Strong, a concrete contractor.  She had:  Susan Jeanne Armacost Larson, who was born about 1945, attended Purdue University, wed Richard Ernest Larson on 12-29-1966, and is the county tax assessor in Valparaiso, IN, and Peter Strong.

Frederick A. Armstrong and Jennie-Belle Perry Armstrong lived at 23 Pickwick Rd.  Mr. Armstrong was a purchasing agent for San-Equip and Mrs. Armstrong, who was born in 1917, was a popular radio and television personality on WSYR.  She left the station in January, 1957, and the family later moved from the area.  Mr. Armstrong is deceased, and at some point Mrs. Armstrong wed a Mr. Barr, and resides in Hull, MA.  Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong had:  Frederick Armstrong, Jr., who lives in CA, Scott P. Armstrong, who wed Terrie Armstrong, and worked as a teacher in Hull at his death on 11-14-2007, and Thomas Armstrong, who lives in FL.

Richard Storz Arnold and Martha Robertson Arnold lived at 229 Wellington Rd. after moving from Atlanta, GA, in 1952.  Mr. Arnold was born in the Bronx about 1914, and graduated from Stevens Institute of Technology.  He was a mechanical engineering executive for the Carrier Corp. for 46 years. Mrs. Arnold was born in Louisville, KY, but lived most of her life in Atlanta.  She was a graduate of Florida State University for Women.  Mrs. Arnold died at home in DeWitt on 1-10-1960, at age 48.  Mr. Arnold subsequently married Jean Fisher Holmes--the widow of Dr. John Holmes.  Jean Arnold died in DeWitt on 4-6-1998.  Mr. Arnold died on 4-4-2012.  Richard and Martha Arnold had: Josephine Marie Arnold, who married Peter W. Frame, a fellow graduate of Middlebury College, on 12-26-1964, and resides in Ridgefield, CT, and Richard "Ricky" Arnold, who earned an MBA from Syracuse University in 1974, and lives in Marietta, GA, where he is the plant manager for Roytec, Inc.

Robert Arnold and Laura Arnold lived on Pickwick Rd. in the 1950's, and moved to 305 Hampshire Dr. in 1970.  Mrs. Arnold was a librarian.  They live now in Williamsburg, VA, and have two daughters: Carol Arnold, who was born in 1957, and lives in Richmond, VA, and Jeanne E. Arnold, who was born about 1961, graduated from RIT in 1983, and lives in Santa Fe, NM.

Charles L. Arnoldy and Beverly Arnoldy lived at 106 Orvilton Dr. by 1955.  He was born 7-30-1924, and died in November, 1979.  Mr. Arnoldy was the owner of the DeWitt Atlantic service station at the corner of Erie Blvd. and Kinne Rd.  

Bruce Ridenhour Artz and Hazel Christena Kline Artz lived at 3 Pebble Hill Rd., North, having moved there from Niven St. in Syracuse in 1951.  Mr. Artz was born 2-13-1898, in Tilghmanton, MD, and was the district manager for the Pangborn Corp.  Mrs. Artz was born in Smithburg, MD, on 12-21-1899.  The couple wed about 1917, and came to CNY about 1928.  Mrs. Artz died 4-26-1982.  Their children:  Bruce Artz, Jr., who was born 10-19-1920, wed Anne Stellman, and lived in Buffalo, Theresa Marie Artz, who was born in 1922, wed James B. Willis, and lived in Grand Junction, CO, Juanita Artz Naugle, who was born 12-11-1924, lived in Willoughby, OH, and in Summerville, SC, at her death on 4-18-2005, Robert L. Artz, who was born in 1928, and lived in Circle Pines, MN, and, possibly, Richard M. Artz.

John Aschbach and Helen Aschbach lived at 202 Jamesville Rd. by 1942, having lived earlier at 126 Lilian Ave., in Syracuse.  Mr. Aschbach was born 3-18-1896, and was a draftsman with the Continental Can Co.   Mrs. Aschbach was born 5-9-1899.  They died while residing in Dunedin, FL., Mr. Aschbach in July, 1981, and Mrs. Alsbach in February, 1982.  They had: John Aschbach, who was born about 1923, and Shirley Aschbach, who was born about 1926.

Melvin C. Aspholm and Beatrice Fritcher Aspholm lived at 205 Landsdowne Rd. by 1953.  See the Holm entry below for further details.

Walter R. Attridge, Jr., and Virginia May Rusterholtz Attridge lived at 216 Haddonfield Dr. by 1956.  Mr. Attridge was born on 9-19-1924.  He attended Cornell University and graduated from the Syracuse University College of Law in 1950.  The couple wed on 9-17-1949.  Mr. Attridge was an agent for the Massachusetts Mutual Ins. Co.  At his death on 8-3-1981, he was married to Barbara Shopiro, and lived on Barberry Lane in Manlius.  Walter and Virginia Attridge had:  Cynthia S. Attridge, who lived in Acton, MA, and Lisbeth Attridge Seibert, who lived in Richmond, VA.

Charles W. Aussiker and Frances M. Aussiker lived at 403 Brampton Dr. by 1955, having lived previously in Bridgeport, CT.  Mr. Aussiker was born on 11-21-1897, and was a drafting supervisor for the General Electric Co.  The couple moved--probably in 1963--to San Antonio, TX, where both died.  Mrs. Aussiker, who was born 12-9-1901, died in September, 1973, and Mr. Aussiker died on 7-15-1987. 

John Litchfield Ayer and Mary Elizabeth Lent Ayer lived at 115 Pelham Rd. in 1957, having lived earlier at 407 Radcliffe Rd. in Syracuse.  Dr. Ayer was born in 1929, and grew up in the University area of Syracuse.  He graduated from Cornell's medical school and practiced internal medicine in Syracuse.  Mrs. Ayer graduated from Smith College in 1947, and the couple wed on 4-23-1949.  Mrs. Ayer graduated from Smith College in 1947, and earned a master's in marriage counseling from Syracuse University in 1973.  She did counseling for over 20 years, taught at the University, and was a film critic, prior to retiring.  Both Dr. and Mrs. Ayer have been very active in humanitarian causes.  They have participated in free medical clinics, providing help to impoverished people from Haiti to Algeria.  They live now in Skaneateles.  Their children:  Nancy Ayer, Betsy Ayer Eibert, who is a teacher for the West Genesee school district, Bonnie Ayer Beckeman, who graduated from New England College, and is an artist living in Marcellus, and Dan Ayer.  

George Low "Joe" Babson Jr., and Lee Smith Babson lived at 104 Downing Rd. by 1955, and on Marvelle Rd. by 1960.  Mr. Babson was in the Class of 1942 at Cornell University, where he lettered in hockey, lacrosse and baseball.  He later served in the Army during WWII, and the couple wed in 1945.  Mr. Babson became president of Babson Brothers Company in Chicago.  Later he was vice president of the Metropolitan Bank of New York, and was involved in the real estate and investment business.  The Babsons were members of Sea Palms Golf and Tennis Resort on St. Simon's Island, GA, where they retired in 1981.  Mr. Babson died on 1-5-2005, at age 84.  Their children:  Patricia Babson White, George L. "Buddy" Babson, III, who was born about 1953, married Karen Freeman Babson, and lives on St. Simon's Island, Barbara Babson Doshna, who was born in 1956, wed Walter John Doshna, and lives in Camillus, and Geoffrey A.S. Babson, who was born in 1959, and lives in Syracuse.

Clayton K. Baer and Karlyne Baer lived at 129 Dewittshire Rd., having moved there in 1954.   Mr. Baer was born 8-1-1919 in Harrisburg, Pa.  While living in DeWitt he was in sales with the Crucible Steel Co.  Mrs. Baer was a native of Syracuse.  The family later lived in Milwaukee, WI, in Michigan, and in Ft. Wayne, IN, where Mrs. Baer was an appraiser of antiques and property held by area institutions and individuals.  She died there on 6-13-1993, and Mr. Baer died on 12-13-2003.  The couple had three children:  Thomas R. Baer of Oxford, MI, born about 1950, Kurt D. Baer of Chicago, IL, who was born in October, 1948, and Dr. Jan Baer Bulman, of Montgomery, AL, who was born in May, 1956, and  teaches medieval history at a branch of Auburn University.

Melvin D. Bailey and Mildred M. Bailey lived at 302 Cornwall Dr. by 1942.  He was a salesman for the Andrew Jergens Co. of Cincinnati.  They had:  Melvin A. Bailey, who was born about 1933, graduated from Colgate University in 1954, and lives in Riverside, CA.

Robert Burleson Bailey and Virginia Thomson Bailey lived at 115 Pelham Rd. by 1942, and later lived at 45 Wexford Rd.  Mr. Bailey was born in Minnesota but came to the Syracuse area when he was about six years old.  He served as the claims manager for the Glen Falls Indemnity Co.  Mrs. Bailey, a native of Utica, did public relations work and wrote for the Syracuse Herald-Journal.  At the time of their deaths they were the resident managers of the Imperial Gardens apartments on James St. in Syracuse.  Mrs. Bailey died on 8-1-1977.  Mr. Bailey subsequently married Marie McGuire and died on 9-3-1984.  Their son, Robert Bailey, Jr., who attended Fork Union Military Academy, is retired from the USN, and lives in Cross, SC.

Walter W. Baker and Viola H. Baker lived at 104 Wellington Rd., having purchased the home in 1935 from Donald L. Savage.  The couple wed in 1900, and lived for a while at 527 Westmoreland Ave. in Syracuse.  Mr. Baker was born about 1880 in England and came to America as a youngster.  He worked as a mechanical engineer with the L. C. Smith Typewriter Co.  They had:  Hazel Viola Baker, who was born in RI about 1903.

Louis J. "Doc" Ball and Frances C. Ball lived on Knollwood Rd. by 1942, having lived previously on Cornwall Dr. in DeWitt.  Mr. Ball was born in Syracuse on 5-6-1877.  He was the proprietor of the Knollwood Riding Academy and stables, where he trained harness horses.  Mr. Ball was also a veterinary dentist.  Mrs. Ball was born about 1882, and the couple wed about 1904.  They were living at 316 Lexington Ave., in Syracuse, when Mr. Ball died at the Ben White Race Track in Winter Park, FL, on 1-26-1955.  They had a son, Harold R. Ball.

Flora Misselier Dufour Johnson Ballantyne lived at 38 Pickwick Rd.  She was a native of Stratford, CT and worked for many years as a real estate broker in the Syracuse area.  She lived with her daughter, Flora M. Johnson, on Pickwick, and then in Fairfax, VA, and FL, moving there in 1977.  Mrs. Ballantyne was an active Democrat and in 1940 became the first woman in Onondaga County history to run for the US Congress.  Mrs. Ballantyne’s husband, Ambrose Alexis Johnson, was a native of Scranton, PA.  He was born 9-22-1901, and was the owner of a machine tool company.  In 1944, the couple separated and Mrs. Johnson obtained a Nevada divorce and wed Thomas Ballantyne.  In 1948, Mr. Ballantyne secured an annulment after a court ruled that Mr. and Mrs. Johnson were still legally married.  Mr. Johnson died in Syracuse on 8-18-1950, and she died on 7-6-1984, in Melbourne, FL at age 89.  The couple had two daughters, Flora M. Johnson and Ruth Anne Johnson.  Flora Johnson was born on 1-23-1922, in Bridgeport, CT, lived briefly in Guam and was a civil engineer in Syracuse.  She then lived in VA and FL before her death on 12-26-1994, in West Melbourne, FL.  Ruth Johnson married Frank E. Funk, and lived in DeWitt, (see their entry below).

Frank J. Bario and Ida Figliolini Bario lived at 203 Cornwall Dr. by 1953.  Mr. Bario was born on 8-23-1897, in Brooklyn, and moved to CNY in 1934.  He operated an Esso gas station and garage in Syracuse. Mrs. Bario was born on 3-4-1898, in Genova, Italy, and the couple wed in 1924.  Mr. Bario died on 10-14-1978, and Mrs. Bario died on 11-9-1978.  They had:  Jean M. Bario, who was born on 4-21-1929, in Brooklyn, was a secretary for the Social Security Administration, and resided in St. Petersburg, FL, at her death on 5-7-1998.

Joseph Albert Barratt and Minerva P. Barratt lived at 12 Pebble Hill Rd., North, by 1958, having lived previously on Dorchester Rd. in Westvale.  Mr. Barratt was born in Bridgeport, CT, on 1-2-1910.  He was a manufacturing manager for the General Electric Co. for 35 years before he retired.  Mrs. Barratt was born on 2-24-1912.  The couple moved to FL, in 1968, and Mrs. Barratt died there on 9-15-70.  Mr. Barratt later  married Gladys M. Barnes.  She  was born on 9-29-1918, and died on 11-24-1999.  Mr. Barratt died 7-28-1989.  He and Minerva Barratt had:  Betsy Barratt Parker, who was born about 1941, attended St. Lawrence University, and lives now in Ormond Beach, FL, and Donald C. Barratt, who was born about 1937, graduated from Michigan State, wed Donna Holden, and lived in Cape Elizabeth, ME.

James H. Barrett and Virginia Mothersell Barrett lived at 114 Grenfell Rd., having purchased the home in 1952, and moving from Ithaca.  Subsequently, the family moved to 121 Dewittshire Rd.  Mr. Barrett was a CPA and the general manager of the U-File-M Binder Mfg. Co.  Later he was with the Gilfoil and McNeal firm.  Mrs. Barrett was born on 7-9-1920, and was a 1943 graduate of Syracuse University.  She died on 5-8-1999.  They had:  Patricia E. Barrett, who was born about 1946, and lived in Hewitt, NJ,  and Joan Barrett Horn, who lives in Ithaca.  Mrs. Barrett's parents also lived in DeWitt.  (See the Mothersell entry below.)

J. Edward Barry and Mary Eloise Gaylord Barry lived at 119 Dewey Ave. in Lyndon by 1960.  He was born in Syracuse, and was a graduate of St. Anthony's high school and Syracuse University.  Mr. Barry served with the US Navy during WWII.  The couple wed on 12-26-1950.  Mr. Barry was employed with US Gypsum of Syracuse, and then was a salesman with Davis-Fetch Acoustical Corp., where he retired in 1991.  Mrs. Barry was a life resident of the Syracuse area.  She graduated from Nottingham high school and Syracuse Secretarial School.  When first married, she was a secretary to the county auditor.  Mrs. Barry retired in 1983 as manager of Coleman's Floral Shop in Shoppingtown, DeWitt.  The couple moved to 308 Haddonfield Dr. in DeWitt  by 1967.  Mrs. Barry died on 2-5-1987, and Mr. Barry died 6-6-2005.  They had:  Catherine A. Barry, who receive a master's in education from Syracuse University in 1978, wed Steven "Rick" Fedrizzi, and lives in Syracuse, Mary Pat "Tish" Barry, who married William Hathaway, of Syracuse, and Robert Barry, who wed Marianne Barry, and lived in Cazenovia.

Allan D. Bass and Sara Thompson Bass lived at 307 Cornwall Dr. by 1946, and moved to Nashville by 1953.  Dr. Bass was born 2-12-1910, in Marcus, IA.  He graduated from Simpson College, and then went to Vanderbilt and received an MS in 1932, and a medical degree in 1939.  After service in WWII, Dr. Bass came to the SUNY medical school in Syracuse as professor and chairman of the department of pharmacology.  He held this position from 1945 until 1953 when he returned to Vanderbilt, as chairman of their pharmacology program.  Dr. Bass' own scientific research included more than 60 articles and abstracts.  He died on 1-14-2005, in Nashville, at age 94.  Mrs. Bass was born 8-19-1918, and was a 1940 graduate of the Vanderbilt School of Nursing.  She died on 12-23-2001.  They had:  Sara Jean "Sally" Bass, of Glastonbury, CT, and, Allan Bass, Jr., who was born in May, 1946, and lives in Nashville.

Vincent D. Bates and Orley Emmick Bates lived at 304 Hampshire Dr. by 1953.  He was born 9-10-1900, and was the assistant to the president of the Oberdorfer Foundries, and, later the plant manager for the firm.  Mrs. Bates was born on 10-30-1899, and died on 1-17-1967.  Mr. Bates died on 10-29-1994, at age 94.  They had:  Carolyn Louise Bates, who was born about 1943, worked as a hair sylist, married Wesley Mark Stansbury on 9-11-1965, and lives in Indian Rocks Beach, FL.

Clarence Battle lived on the Canal Feeder Rd. by 1930.  Mr. Battle was born about 1900, and was a native of Georgia.  He married Jennie Van Alstine Wyncoop, (or Wynkoup, or Wincoop), and worked washing cars in a garage.  Mr. Battle also gave hay rides and did gardening and plowing.  His wife's grandmother, Celia Van Alstine, who shared their home, lived to be at least 108 years old.  Mr. Battle had a son:  Clarence E. Battle, born in 1928.  Mrs. Battle, who had lived in DeWitt by at least 1909, previously had:  George Wyncoop, Margaret Wyncoop, and Anna Wyncoop.   

William Edward Baty and Elizabeth Baty lived at 202 Cornwall Dr. by 1943.  He was born 6-17-1893, in Newcastle, England, and immigrated to America, with his mother, on the Campania, arriving in NYC on 7-17-1909.  They settled in Erie, PA, and Mr. Baty soon went to work for the General Electric Co.  He , was a tool designer, and after transferring to Syracuse about 1942, became the general foreman for the Syracuse plant.  Mrs. Baty was born about 1894, in Northern Ireland, and, like her husband, came to this country as a teenager.  They wed about 1919.  

Herbert M. Baxter lived at 108 Charing Rd. by 1943, having moved to CNY about 1930.  Mr. Baxter was born 3-1-6-1909, and was an engineer at Crouse-Hinds for more than 30 years.  By 1963, he was married to Lucille Thayer Baxter, and living in Fayetteville.  Mr. Baxter retired in 1972, and they moved to his original hometown of Ocala, FL.  Mr. Baxter died there on 3-4-1973.  He had:  Jane Baxter Richardson, who lived in CA, Miles Herbert Baxter, who was born about 1941, graduated from SUNY Oswego, wed Rebecca F. Baxter, was the recruiting manager for the Auto Zone chain, and died in Birmingham, AL, on 9-25-1992, and Stanley T. Baxter, who lived in Manlius.

William D. Bayless and Helen Bayless lived at 106 Pelham Rd. by 1952, and soon moved to 207 East Corey Rd., in Syracuse.  He was the district manager for the John Hancock Life Ins. Co.  They had:  Kay Ellen Bayless, who graduated from Pennsylvania State University, wed Theodore Lorenz Leffler on 1-27-1959, and lived in Indiana, PA, and William Bayless, Jr., who was born about 1941.

Reaves Henry "Ribs" Baysinger and Angeline Haight Baysinger lived at 108 Cornwall Dr. by 1942.  Born in Doyletown, OH, on 2-22-1902,  Mr. Baysinger graduated from Syracuse University in 1924 after playing three years of varsity football.  He played one season (1924) in the Nation Football League (NFL) for the Rochester Jeffersonians as an offensive end, and coached the SU freshman basketball team to a perfect 23-0 record in 1927-28.  Coach Baysinger served the University from 1928 until 1948 as an administrator, teacher, and coach--and left after two seasons as head football coach.  The family then moved to Albuquerque, NM, and Mr. Baysinger was on the staff of the University of New Mexico from 1950 to 1954.  The couple then resided in Jacksonville, FL, where Mr. Baysinger was the director of admissions at the Bolles Military School, from 1955 until his retirement.  Mrs. Baysinger was born 2-21-1904, and was a native of PA.  She died In November, 1985, while residing in Hilton, NY, and Mr. Baysinger died on 12-4-1994, at age 92.  They had:  Capt. Reaves H. Baysinger, Jr., who was born in Norwich, NY, on 4-16-1926, was a star quarterback at both Syracuse University and the US Naval Academy, (Class of 1949), earned a bronze star as a USN officer in Korea and Vietnam, survived a fatal plane crash in July, 1954, and died in February, 1972, and Dr. Robert H. Baysinger, who wed Marilyn Barnes, was a physician, and lives now in Rochester.

Edward F. Beadel and Lucia Maria Chapman Beadel lived at 106 Lynbrook Circle by 1949.  Mr. Beadel was born 12-24-1905, and was a life resident of CNY.  He was a 1928 graduate of Syracuse University and a 1933 graduate of their law school.  Mr. Beadel was a lawyer for the American Surety Co., and was the secretary for the A. H. Pond Co.  Later he was a trust officer for the Marine Midland Trust Co.  
Mr. Beadel was active in various civic, religious, and charitable groups, including the United Nations of Central New York and the Everson Museum.  Mrs. Beadel, a native of Syracuse, was born on 9-29-1905.  She was a graduate of the Goodyear-Burlingame School, a 1927 graduate of Vassar College, and earned a master's in library science from Syracuse University in 1932.  Mrs. Beadel served for a period as the president of the Syracuse YWCA.  Mr. Beadel died 3-2-1984, and Mrs. Beadel, died 12-20-1993.  They had:  Lucia Beadel Whisenand, who graduated from the Connecticut College for Women in 1958, and law school at Syracuse University, wed Stephen F. Whisenand on 12-20-1958, and practiced family law in Syracuse, and Edward Beadel, Jr., who was born about 1941, retired as an administrator at SUNY Oswego, and lives in Thousand Island Park, NY.  Web site

George W. Beamer and Evelyn R. Beamer lived at 305 Hampshire Dr. by 1950, having lived earlier in Flint, MI.  Mr. Beamer was born on 8-11-1908, in Canada, and was an engineer and the manager of the tool design department for the Carrier Corp.  Later he founded the Falcon Tool Co.  Mrs. Beamer was born on 2-1-1911, in Cadillac, MI, and the couple wed on 5-29-1929.  Mr. Beamer died on 5-5-1983, in Grand Haven, MI.  Mrs. Beamer resided there, but died in Watertown, NY, on 1-22-1990.  Their children:  Arthur W. Beamer, who was born in 1930, and lived in Watertown, John W. Beamer, who lived in Grand Haven, and JanLynn Beamer, who wed F. David Campbell, graduated from Syracuse University in 1957 with a degree in fine arts, and lives in Auburn, NY.

Kurt C. Becker, Jr., and Barbara W. Becker lived at 6 Randall Rd. by 1955.  He was a special agent for the Loyalty Group Insurance Co., and later was an executive with the Continental Insurance Co.  Mrs. Becker was born on 1-17-1923, in Troy, OH.  She graduated from Denison University in 1944, and died on 1-23-2001.  They had:  Kurt Becker, III, who lives in Jamesville, and Johnson W. Becker, of Manlius.

Philip Henry Becker and Gertrude Becker lived at 126 Downing Rd. by 1955, having lived earlier at 227 Ambergate Rd.  Mr. Becker was born on 1-27-1898, and Mrs. Becker was born 9-3-1895.  He was a sales executive with a company that sold school buses.  They later lived in Fayetteville.  Mr. Becker died in April, 1975 and  Mrs. Becker died in August, 1977.  They had:  Anita Inez Becker, who was born on 4-6-1929, graduated from Syracuse University, wed attorney Roger Barton Prehn on 5-4-1957, and resided in Fayetteville at her death on 1-15-1994, and Phyllis Becker, who wed William D. Hanson on 8-15-1953, and lives now in Binghamton.

Charles Earl Beeler and Mary Elizabeth Kelley Beeler lived on Jamesville Rd. by 1943, and by 1953, lived at 4311 Genesee St.  He was a caretaker at the Pebble Hill private school, and then worked for the Carr-Ney Beverage Co.  At his death he was a painter at Syracuse University.  Mr. Beeler's mother, Harriet Fabing Beeler, was a cook at Pebble Hill, an organist at DeWitt Community Church for many years, and lived with her son's family for a period.  She was born 8-16-1886, and died in Detroit on 3-22-1965.  Mary Beeler was born in Syracuse and graduated from the Central City Business Institute (CCBI).  She spent 43 years at Pebble Hill school, serving as the typing instructor, business manager, and as a secretary to six headmasters.  She was known affectionately by students and staff as, "Mrs. Pebble Hill."  Mrs. Beeler came out of retirement in 1970 to become the dean of women at the newly merged Manlius-Pebble Hill School.  In 1997, she was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls, NY.  Mr. Beeler died on 1-29-1965.  Mrs. Beeler died on 2-9-2005, at age 96.  They had: Charles William Beeler, who married Joan Beeler, and lives in DeWitt, and Mary Linda Beeler, who was born about 1938, wed Peter Titus, and then Russell Reals, and lives in Jamesville.

Edward Kanouse Beemer and Evelyn Harper Beemer lived at 105 Dewittshire Rd.  He was a native of Newton, NJ and a Navy veteran of WWII.  He was the manager of the casualty department for the local office of the Travelers Ins. Co.  He was very active in civic affairs, having served two terms as the president of the local school board, and was instrumental in the founding of the DeWitt library.  He also was head of the governing body of DeWitt Community Church.  Mrs. Beemer was a native of Scranton and was a graduate of Cedar Crest College.  She met her future husband while she was in college and he attended the nearby Muhlenberg College.  Mr. Beemer retired from the Travelers in 1977 after 40 years of service.  He died 7-28-1992, at age 80.  Mrs. Beemer died 7-26-2006, at age 94.  The couple had three daughters:  Joan Evelyn Beemer, who wed Jack C. Henderson, a USAF pilot, on 1-26-1957, and lives now in Erie Village near Fayetteville, Sandra Beemer Spiegel, who attended Duke University, Buffalo General Hospital School of Nursing and Elmhurst College, married Ronald E. Spiegel in 1968, and is an RN in Chicago, and Carol Ann Beemer Roberts, a graduate of Florida Southern College, who wed Richard B. Roberts on 11-25-1972, and lives in Marshalls Creek, PA.  Photo

Dunham S. Beldon, Jr., and Virginia B. Beldon lived at 125 Fiordon Rd. by 1953.  Mr. Beldon was born 12-18-1904, and was a sales manager for the General Electric Co.  The couple soon moved to Fairfield, CT.  Mrs. Beldon was born 2-3-1907, and died in October, 1980.  On 6-9-1982, Mr. Beldon wed Margaret B. Sahloff, who was born about 1911.  Mr. Beldon died on 10-4-1991.

Samuel Belkowitz and Esther Goldstein Belkowitz lived at 303 Ambergate Rd.  He was a physician, who graduated from Syracuse University's School of Medicine in 1928, and interned at the Hammett Hospital in Erie, PA.  Mrs. Belkowitz was a life resident of the Syracuse area and graduated from Syracue University in 1930 with a degree in education.  The couple wed on 12-24-1939 and moved to Dewittshire in February, 1940.  Dr. Belkowitz served in the Army Air Corps during WWII.  Dr. Belkowitz died 6-11-1993.  Mrs. Belkowitz died on 3-13-1998.  They had:  David Belkowitz, who graduated from Syracuse University, and is a commercial real estate attorney residing in Richmond, VA, and Dr. Martin Belkowitz, who is an ophthalmologist living in Manlius. 

Ralph N. Benedict and Emilie Dubois Benedict lived at 400 Cornwall Dr., Extension, by 1943.  He was born on 8-10-1906 and served in WWII.  Mr. Benedict was the manager of the Syracuse Color Press Co.  Mrs. Benedict was born 10-11-1906, in Livingston Manor, NY, and graduated from Syracuse University in 1928.  She later worked for the University as an art librarian.  The couple wed in 1929.  Mr. Benedict died in April, 1969, and Mrs. Benedict was residing in Spring Hill, FL, at her death on 2-25-1999.

James Eddy Benham and Marion Hirst Benham lived on Genesee St. by 1955.  Mr. Benham was born in Syracuse on 12-8-1926.  He was a Navy veteran of WWII, and owned Jimmy Benham's Bar, at the  intersection of Jamesville Rd. and Genesee St., and another tavern in Syracuse.  Later Mr. Benham worked for the J. C. Penney Co.  He had lived in central FL for about five years at his death on 2-10-1997, in Kissimmee.  James and Marion Benham had:  Christine Benham Evans, who married Richard "Butch" Evans about 1978, and lived in Syracuse, and Rev. Philip "Flip" Benham, who was born 4-16-1948, wed Faye Benham on 5-19-1972, graduated from Florida State University and Asbury Theological Seminary, was founder and pastor of the Garland Free Methodist Church in Dallas, became the national director of the anti-abortion group, Operation Save America, and lives in Concord, NC.  Rev. Benham is best known for having converted Norma McCorvey to Christianity in Dallas in 1995.  Ms. McCorvey was dubbed "Jane Roe" in the historic Supreme Court decision of Roe vs. Wade--the case that established a constitutional right to abortion.

William H. Bennett and Olive Rhodes Bennett lived at 100 Lynbrook Circle by 1943.  Mr. Bennett was born in Canada.  He was an instructor at the State College of Forestry, where he earned a master's degree in 1937.  Mrs. Bennett was born on 3-29-1915, and died in FL, on 4-4-1994.  Mr. Bennett served as an officer in WWII, and was residing in Ft. Myers, FL, at his death.  They had:  Mary Bennett.

Warren R. Bentley and Dorothy Bentley lived at 116 Dewittshire Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Bentley was born on 5-24-1904, and was a native of North Tonawanda, NY.  He graduated from Cornell with a degree in engineering but became a bank officer and retired as the senior vice-president of the Lincoln National Bank.  Mr. Bentley died on 4-9-1972, while skiing at the Onondaga Country Club.  The couple had three children:  Dr. David W. Bentley, a professor in Canada, Deborah Ann Bentley, who graduated from Mt. Holyoke College, married John Roosevelt Boettiger, the grandson of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, in August, 1960, and Rev. Sarah Bentley, a Methodist minister and hospice chaplain in Austin, TX.

Ernest Berardi and Elvira Valentino Berardi lived at 5195 Jamesville Rd. by 1953.  He was born about 1921, and was among the first hired when Pepsi-Cola was incorporated in 1940.  He was the production manager for the company.  Mrs. Berardi was an antique dealer.  The couple retired to Cape Coral, FL.  Their children:  Joanne Berardi, who was born about 1942, wed Robert W. Boak, resides in Phoenix, NY, and works for the Phoenix school system, and Ernest J. Berardi, who married Katherine Blakeman Fairbank on 10-22-1966, and lived in Phoenix, and Anthony Berardi.

Garrison G. Berman and Anne D. Berman lived at 13 Pickwick Rd.  Mr. Berman was born on 9-10-1914, and was a native of Chemung County, NY.  He was the chief lab technician at the VA hospital from 1953 to 1972.  Mrs. Berman was born on 11-12-1917, and was very active in little theater productions.  Mrs. Berman died on 1-9-2006, and Mr. Berman died on 9-7-2006.  Their children:  Michael Berman, and Garianne Berman Farrish, who was born on 5-26-1952, and is an artist living in North Las Vegas, NV.

John Berrigan lived on E. Genesee St. by 1942.  Mr. Berrigan was born in Lafayette, NY, about 1881.  He worked as a laborer on a farm owned by Levi Waters.  He later worked in Hanford, WA, but died in Syracuse on 3-6-1963.  He is believed to have been the uncle of Philip, Jerome, and Daniel Berrigan, the well-known peace activists. 

Edward F. Berry and Norma J. Berry lived at 207 Landsdowne Rd. by 1942, and later lived at 208 Summit Ave., in Syracuse.  Dr. Berry was born in Canada about 1889, and the couple wed about 1915.  He was a professor, and the chairman of the department of civil engineering, at Syracuse University.  Mrs. Berry earned a master's degree in science at the University in 1925.  She taught biology at Central High School in Syracuse for 18 years, retiring in 1962.  Mrs. Berry contributed more than a thousand hours of volunteer service to the Red Cross, and also was an active volunteer in the Laubach Literacy program.  Prof. Berry died 8-28-1944, and Mrs. Berry died 8-28-1970.

John Osmyn Berry and Josephine Wilkenson Berry lived at 205 Ambergate Rd. by 1953. Mr. Berry was a native of West Harwich, MA, and was the district manager for the Purolator Corp.  Later he worked for the P. T. Brake Lining Co. in Syracuse.  Mrs. Berry was also a native of Massachusetts.  The couple moved from DeWitt in December, 1953, and had lived in Fairmount about eight years before Mr. Berry's death on 12-16-1972.  Mrs. Berry died on 5-2-1975, at age 75.

Henry L. Betts and Madgel Gailey Betts lived at 106 Pelham Rd. by 1955, having lived earlier in Delmar, NY.  Mr. Betts was born about 1896, and was the manager of the NY Fire Insurance Organization.  Mrs. Betts was born 7-1-1900, and the couple wed about 1920.  Mrs. Betts died in November, 1986.  They had: Dr. Richard H. Betts, who was born 7-3-1923, in LaFargeville, NY, wed Shirley Hurlburt, practiced dentistry, and resided near Glens Falls at his death on 9-26-2005, Marilyn Betts Fryer, who was born about 1927, married Rodger Fryer, and lives in Delmar, and Mary Jane Betts, who graduated from Syracuse University, wed Michael Edward Minko, on 9-14-1957, and lives in Hampton, NH.

John S. Bierhardt and Mary Agnes Sullivan Bierhardt lived at 212 Cornwall Dr. by 1942.  Mr. Bierhardt was born on 4-17-1887, and was a life resident of the Syracuse area.  He served in WWI and later 
worked as a civil engineer for the City of Syracuse.  Mrs. Bierhardt was born in Ogdensburg on 8-29-1887, and they wed about 1920.  Mr. Bierhardt died 11-30-1965.  Mrs. Bierhardt then moved to WI and died on 3-17-1977, in Delavan.  They had:  John Bierhardt, Jr., who was born about 1926, graduated from Clarkson College, wed Marita O'Brien on 6-7-1958, and lived in Dickinson Center, NY, and Joan A. Bierhardt, who was born about 1927, wed Ronald Ezzo, and lives in Westvale.  Mr. Ezzo was better known as Ron Curtis, an award-winning newscaster.  He was on WTVH-TV, and its predecessors in Syracuse, for 41 years, and died on 11-29-2001.

Pearne W. Billings and Helen Isaly Billings lived at 346 Radliffe Rd. by 1953, at 103 Knollwood Dr. by 1955, and later at 216 Edwards Dr. in Lyndon.  Mr. Billings was captain of the baseball team and played football at Cornell before graduating in 1946.  From 1943 to 1945, he served as an officer in the field artillery in the ETO of WWII.  Mr. Billings was the manager of the Cohu Co., a securities firm, and then was a vice president of Hugh, Johnson & Co.  Mrs. Billings was born in Youngstown, TX,  She attended Stephens Junior College for Women in Columbia, MO, and Cornell University.  Mrs. Billings retired as a tour agent in Syracuse in 1979.  She was in Plano, TX, at her death on 5-18-1997.  Mr. Billings lives now in Manlius.  Their children:  Lana Marie Billings, who died 5-7-1962, just prior to her graduation from Jamesville-DeWitt High School, William A. Billings, who lived in Miami Springs, FL, Bradley C. Billings, of Syracuse, and Richard V. Billings, who lived in Plano.

James E. Bird, III, and Joyce A. Garbrecht Bird lived at 27 Wexford Rd. in the late 1950's.  He was a native of Rome, NY, and graduated from Hobart College and the Syracuse University law school.  He practiced law in Syracuse.  Mrs. Bird was a graduate of William Smith College and earned a master’s degree from Syracuse University.  The couple later lived at 129 Hathaway Dr., before moving to Fayetteville.  Mr. Bird died on 7-8-1992, at age 61.  Mrs. Bird still resides in Fayetteville.  They had three children:  Barbara Elizabeth Bird, who married Michael H. Scheibel, and lives in Fabius, NY, Carolyn A. Bird, who lives in Wilton, CT, and Dr. Jeffrey A. Bird, who wed Dr. Elizabeth Humphreys on 8-17-2002,  teaches at Queens College, and lives in NYC.  Mr. Scheibel is a NYS Trooper who was commended for bravery in 2001.

Charles E. Birdseye, Sr., and Leila Pattet Birdseye lived at 104 Ambergate Rd. in the 1940's.  He was a lifelong resident of the Syracuse area and sold furniture for E. W. Edwards, Chappells, and other department stores.  Mrs. Birdseye was born in Little France, Oswego County, NY on 12-17-1894.  She attended Syracuse Business College and was a secretary for the L. C. Smith Co. for over 40 years.  Mr. Birdseye died 4-28-1957.  Mrs. Birdseye moved to Syracuse following his death and died there on 1-30-1996, at age 101.  The couple had a son, Charles Birdseye, Jr., who left home to become a pilot in WWII.  He was an executive with the Prosperity Co. in Syracuse and later with Xerox in VA.  He died there on 4-28-1978.

John A. Birkmire and Dorothy McMahon Birkmire lived at 125 Orvilton Dr. by 1942, and then moved to Cazenovia about 1965.  Mr. Birkmire was born in Dunkirk, NY, on 5-8-1909.  He went to work as an engineer for the NY Telephone Co. in 1935, and in 1952 became a plant supervisor for them.  Mr. Birkmire died on 11-29-1969.  Mrs. Birkmire was born 9-16-1905, and died in Cazenovia on 12-23-1980.

John M. Birks and Kittye Raborg Birks lived at 224 Jamesville Rd. by 1942.  He was the sales manager for the corrugated box division of the Robert Gair Corp.  Mrs. Birks was a native of Brazil, where the couple met. They had:  Harold C. Birks, who was born about 1926, graduated from Syracuse University in 1950, wed Dora Rifenbary, and lives in Camillus, and Ione G. Birks, who was born about 1933, graduated from Bates College, was a social worker, wed William E. Worth on 5-21-1965, and lives in Dryden, NY.

Kingdon Alexander Bishop and Helen Burhans Bishop lived at 207 Sherwood Dr. by 1943, and in May, 1946, moved to Lakeland, FL, where they had lived previously.  Mr. Bishop was born on 9-12-1900, and graduated from Syracuse University in 1923.  The couple wed on 1-31-1931.  He died on 8-15-1977, in Volusia County, FL.  Mr. Bishop was the factory manager for the Globe Forge and Foundries Corp.

John C. Black and Mary Rose Senoff Black lived at 201 Ethridge Rd., by the early 1950's.  He was an executive with the Western Electric Corp.  The couple later lived at 301 Hamilton Parkway in DeWitt.  He died on 4-3-1966, at age 45, following a brief illness.  Mr. Black was a native of Niagara Falls, NY, and was a graduate of Syracuse University.  Mrs. Black later wed Joseph E. McArdle of DeWitt, who died in 2004. The children of Mr. and Mrs. Black were John Black, Jr., who lives in Syracuse and is an attorney, and Nancy Ann Black, who married Roger Watts on 4-27-1974, and lives in Grand Island, NY.

Francis Ogden Blackwell, Jr., and Dorothy Schleider Blackwell lived at 101 Wellington Rd.  The family came to the Syracuse area in the late 1930's, and lived in Dewittshire by 1946.  Mr. Blackwell was from Schenectady and was a 1921 graduate of Princeton University.  Mrs. Blackwell was a native of New York City.  He was a research engineer with the Lamson Corp. for 25 years, retiring in 1964.  Mrs. Blackwell died 7-9-1968, and Mr. Blackwell died 10-20-1968.  Their children:  Francis O. Blackwell, III, born about 1931, who attended Clarkson College, is an inventor and researcher, and lives in Auburn, NY, and Janice Blackwell, who wed Robert A. Hines, and lived in Grandview, MO.

Cornell Butler "Bill" Blanding and Shirley Brown Blanding lived at 4 Paddock Dr. by 1953, and later moved to Fayetteville.  Mr. Blanding was born 3-19-1917, and was a life resident of the Syracuse area.  Mr. Blanding received a bachelor's degree from Yale University, a master's degree from Syracuse University, and his Ph.D. from Cornell University.  He retired in 1987 as chairman of the speech and communications department at Syracuse University.   After receiving his degree from Yale and before going to SU, Mr. Blanding was an executive with the Crouse-Hinds Co.  In 1972, at the age of 55, he retired from drag racing after competing in 512 races and winning many awards.  Mr. Blanding was, with William Owren, a co-founder of the DeWitt Police Department in the 1960's, and served as one of its first volunteer officers.  He died on 5-9-1988, following a fall.  Mrs. Blanding's mother, Gertrude A. Brown was living with the family by 1953. Their children:  Vaughn C. Blanding, of Fayetteville, Yvonne Blanding Green, who lived in Lenox, MA, and Denise Blanding Blomquist, who lived in Westbrook, ME.

William Cornell Blanding and Helen Butler Blanding lived at 305 Orvilton Dr. by 1953, and on Knollwood Rd. by 1955.  They had lived earlier in Manlius, and at 226 Brattle Rd. in Syracuse.  He was born 4-14-1878, and was a native of Providence, RI.  Mr. Blanding graduated from Brown University, and joined the Crouse Hinds Co. in 1903.  By his retirement in 1955, he had become the firm's executive vice president.  Mr. Blanding was active in numerous civic and social affairs and was a director of several other companies.  He died 1-24-1963.  Mrs. Blanding was a native of Syracuse, and graduated from Bennett Junior College in Poughkeepsie.  During WW II she was active in the American Red Cross.  She also served as president of Civic Morning Musicals.  Mrs. Blanding died 11-14-1969.  Their children:  Cornell Butler "Bill" Blanding, who was born 3-19-1917, wed Shirley Brown Blanding, and died on 5-9-1988, (see his entry above), and Bettina Blanding, who was born about 1914, in Lynn, MA, graduated from Northwestern University, married Eugene M. Castle, and resided at 151 Hampton Rd. in Syracuse, at her death on 3-21-1968.

James H. Blunden and Edna Greene Blunden lived at 110 Warwick Rd. by 1942.  He was the assistant manager of the Lowman Folding Box Corp. and retired as vice-president and sales manager of the Climax Manufacturing Co. in Castorland, NY.  By the early 1950's the family had moved to Carthage, NY.  Mr. Blunden died in Bradenton, FL on 3-24-1977.  Mrs. Blunden was born 3-13-1902, in Otisco Valley, NY.  She was a 1923 graduate of Crouse Irving Memorial Hospital School of Nursing, Syracuse, where she became a registered nurse.  Mrs. Blunden was a school nurse in Cortland from 1924 to 1927, and the couple married on 7-11-1927.  She died in Watertown on 10-31-1996, at age 94.  They had two sons:  Richard J. Blunden, who is an antique car enthusiast and lives in Norwich, NY, and Robert W. Blunden, who was the head of the volunteer fire department in Carthage, where he still resides.

Walter S. Blundred and Marguerite Hyde Blundred lived at 403 Jamesville Rd. by 1943.  Mr. Blundred was born 5-18-1914, and worked at the Onondaga Pottery Co. as a ceramic engineer, following his 1937 graduation as a ceramic engineer from Alfred University,  Later he became the plant manager for the Syracuse China Co., retiring in 1970 with 40 years of service.  The family moved from Jamesville Rd. in September, 1952, and later lived at 115 Buffington Rd., in Syracuse.  Mr. Blundred died in Pinellas County, FL, on 6-30-1976.  Mrs. Blundred was born on 9-22-1915, and resides now in St. Petersburg, FL.  They had:  Sarah "Sally" Blundred Bono Gunn, and James Blundred, who lived in TX.

William Jarvis Boardman, III, and Nancy Jett Boardman lived at 303 Ambergate Rd, by January, 1943, having lived previously in Akron, OH.  Mr. Boardman was born 6-4-1910, and was the district manager for the Goodyear Tire Co.  Mrs. Boardman was born on 12-25-1914, in Richmond, KY, and graduated from Vassar in 1935.  The couple wed in 1936, and after living briefly in CNY they returned to Akron, and, for many years, they owned and managed the Boardman Office Supply Co.  Mr. Boardman died in February, 1985, and Mrs. Boardman was residing in Akron at her death on 6-30-2004.  Their children:  William Boardman, IV, who married Judy Boardman, and lives in Northport, AL, John Boardman, who married Chat Boardman, was the deputy chief of the US Embassy to Vietnam, and lives in Hanoi, and St. Petersburg, FL, Shelby Boardman, who was born in Akron on 11-7-1944, married Jean Andersen Boardman about 1966, earned a doctorate from the University of Michigan, taught geology at Carleton College, and lived in Northfield, MN, at his death on 1-19-2007, and Robert Boardman, who married Frances Boardman, and lives in Hinsdale, IL.

Walter Kenneth Bodger and Gudrun H. Bodger lived at 203 Warwick Rd.  The couple moved there from Cleveland and lived in Dewittshire from 1952 to 1956.  Mr. Bodger was born on 12-18-1913, and was a native of southern California.  Mrs. Bodger was born on 6-20-1919, and was a native of Copenhagen, Denmark, who came to America at the close of WWII.  Mr. Bodger worked as an engineer for the Carrier Corp., but left in 1956 for a job with the Ford Motor Co. in Dearborn, MI.  Mr. Bodger was living in Laguna Hills, CA at his death on 11-13-90.  Mrs. Bodger died 7-4-98 while residing in Whittier, CA.  The couple had a son, W. Kenneth "Kim" Bodger, Jr., who was born in 1952.

Kenneth A. Bodley and Margie Smith Bodley lived at 172 Winston Way by 1955.  He was born 5-28-1920, in Cuyahoga Falls, OH, and was a pilot during WWII.  Mr. Bodley was a sales engineer for the Permold Co. for 25 years in Medina, OH, before opening his own sales firm in DeWitt.  The couple married about 1943, and were dividing their time between Boca Raton, FL, and DeWitt, when Mr. Bodley died in Syracuse on 8-22-2005.  They had:  Kenneth Bodley, who married Mary Ann Schnauber Bodley, and lives in Fayetteville, Stephen Bodley, who wed Wendy Bodley and lives in Brownsville, VT, and Wendy Christine Bodley Duchaney, who graduated from Marjorie Webster College, wed John Robert Clare and Lawrence S. Duchaney, and lives in DeWitt.

Walter Alexander Bolton and Doris Hess Bolton lived at 217 Haddonfield Dr. by 1943, having lived earlier in Detroit.  Mr. Bolton was born about 1893, in Newark, NJ.  He graduated from Columbia University and was a veteran of WWI.  Mr. Bolton came to CNY following the War, and the couple wed about 1924.  He was trained as a metallurgist, and became the president of the R. B. Rockbit Co.  Mr. Bolton died on 5-2-1949.  Mrs. Bolton's mother, Clara Calley Hess, lived with the couple.  She died 2-18-1951.  A native of Liverpool, Mrs. Bolton was born on 5-21-1899, and lived most of her life in the Syracuse area.  She was residing at The Nottingham complex at her death on 11-29-1988.  They had:  Rev. Robert Hess Bolton, who was a Methodist minister, married Dorothy "Dottie" Grover,  founded a management training firm, and lives now in Cazenovia.  Photo

Cyrus M. Bosworth and Dorothy L. Bosworth lived at 305 Ambergate Rd., having moved there in 1959. Mr. Bosworth was a native of Cleveland, OH, and was born 10-15-1917.  He was a graduate of Antioch College and received his master's degree in chemical engineering from Syracuse University.  He worked as a chemical engineer for 25 years with the Carrier Corp., and held two patents for converting salt water into fresh water.  Mrs. Bosworth was born in 1920.  Her father, William Longley, a native of England lived with them.  Mr. Longley was a retired cabinet maker and died, at age 85, on 9-21-1965. The couple divorced and Mr. Bosworth married Janet R. Jackson.  He retired in 1982 after 10 years with Tee-Pak Inc. of Danville, IL and died at his home in Brunswick, ME, on 10-24-1996.  Dorothy Bosworth died 10-5-2001, in Carlsbad, CA.  She and Mr. Bosworth had three children:  William Bosworth, who attended Hobart College, is a finance professor at Western New England College, and lives in Bolton, CT, Theodore Bosworth, who attended Claremont College, is a medical journalist, and lives in NYC, and Sally Bosworth Gerome, who attended St. Lawrence University, received a Ph.D. in linguistics from the Sorbonne, is director of studies at a French university, and lives in Paris. 

William F. Bourdelais and Doris Bourdelais lived at 4201 E. Genesee St. by 1954.  Mr. Bourdelais was born about 1908.  He was with the Coca-Cola Co. for over 25 years and was the district manager in Syracuse for 12 years.  Mr. Bourdelais died suddenly at home in DeWitt on 4-1-1961.

Earl M. Bowers and Gertrude T. Bowers lived at 129 Fiordon Rd.  They bought the home new from the builder, Fiore Brothers Co., in February, 1953, and moved from 123 Nottingham Rd. in Syracuse.  Mr. Bowers was born about 1891, and was the owner of a linen service.  Mrs. Bowers was born in Syracuse in 1903.  They were residing in Guilford, CT, when Mr. Bowers died on 6-30-1963, and Mrs. Bowers was residing in Stratford, CT, when she died on 12-28-1999.  They had:  F. Kenneth Bowers, who lived in New Windsor, CT.

R. Stewart Boyd and Evelyn Boyd lived at 108 Wellington Rd. by 1943.  He was a graduate of Wesleyan University.  While living in the Syracuse area for seven years, Mr. Boyd was the production manager for WSYR radio.  In 1947 he became an advertising executive for the National Biscuit Co. (Nabisco) and the family lived in Ridgewood, NJ, by 1951.  Mr. Boyd was vice president of the Curtis Publishing Corp.  by 1968.  They had a son, Lee Allan Boyd.

Edward L. Boyne and Marie Lauria Boyne lived at 205 Wellington Rd. by 1942.  Mr. and Mrs. Boyne were natives of Catskill, NY.  They were both born about 1895.  Mr. Boyne worked as the plant manager for the Alpha Portland Cement Co. in Jamesville.  The couple left the Syracuse area about 1952, and he worked as a purchasing agent for the Penn-Dixie Cement Corp., in Nazareth, PA.  The Boynes resided in Allentown, PA, but were on a return visit to Fayetteville when he died on 11-21-1962.  Mrs. Boyne died in Allentown in June, 1981, at age 86.

Stanley F. Brading and Helen Brading lived on Kinne Rd. by 1953.  Mr. Brading was the manager of the Syracuse Suburban Gas Co.  Mrs. Brading was born in April, 1915.  The couple live now in Alexandria, VA.  Their children:  Connie Brading, and Elinor Brading.

Robert O. Bradshaw and Gertrude Bradshaw lived at 205 Dewittshire Rd., South, by 1951.  He was born in 1926 and was a sales engineer with the Jeffrey Manufacturing Co.  The family moved in May, 1955, to Jacksonville, FL.  The couple had:  Donna Bradshaw, Deborah Bradshaw, and Diane Bradshaw.

Winston B. Braxton and Marjorie Hill Braxton lived at 208 Sherwood Dr. by 1952.  Mr. Braxton was born in Paris, on 8-24-1912, and earned a master's degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1933.  He joined Carrier Corp. on 2-11-1935, and served in several executive positions in Singapore and France, as well as in the US.  At his retirement on 3-1-1976, Mr. Braxton was the vice president of Carrier International and was executive assistant to the chairman of the board.  Mrs. Braxton was a native of Meynard, MA, and a graduate of Wheelock College.  She was active in many civic, church, and conservation organizations.  Mr. Braxton died on 7-27-1987, and Mrs. Braxton died on 1-5-1992.  They had, Charles Randolph Braxton, who wed Maggie Braxton, and lives in Meredith, NH.  

Charles H. Briggs and Ethel May Winfield Briggs lived at 216 Pelham Rd. by 1942, and later lived at 104 Bradford Lane, in Syracuse.  Mr. Briggs was a sales engineer for the Briggs Machinery Tools Co., and later became the executive vice-president of the Rudel Machinery Co.  Mrs. Brigg's mother, Mary Jane Winfield, formerly of Rutherford, NJ, came to DeWitt and lived with the family about six months before her death on 10-26-1948.  Mrs. Briggs was born in Patterson, NJ, and came to CNY about 1935.  She died in Syracuse on 1-26-1957.  They had Dorothy M. Briggs, who was born about 1924.  

John A. Briggs and Kathlyn Smith Briggs lived at 18 Paddock Dr. by 1953, and later lived on Genesee St. in Fayetteville.   Mr. Briggs was the chief engineer for the Kane and Roach firm, and Mrs. Briggs was a corsetier.  They had moved from Fayetteville by the time of Mrs. Brigg's death on 6-30-1976. 

Charles D. Brown and Karma Brown lived at 231 Ambergate Rd.  He was a marketing executive with General Electric.  Mrs. Brown was born 8-25-1915, and died in Hendersonville, NC, in September, 1986.  The couple had three children:  Karma Jean Brown, Rise Brown, and Charles D. Brown Jr.

George H. Brown and Mabel M. Brown lived at 231 Wellington Rd. by 1932.  Mr. Brown was a native of Providence, RI and was born 8-20-1888.  He worked as a tool salesman for the Brown, Sharpe Co., and later for the Baldwin Hall Co.  Mr. Brown subsequently married Harriet Burton and lived in Dewittshire until his death on 3-13-1966. 

George R. "Jack" Brown and Kitty Moss Brown lived at 125 Orvilton Dr. by 1953.  Mr. Brown was born in Erie, PA, on 9-25-1915.  He was a graduate of George Washington University and their law school, and served in the USN during WWII.  Mr. Brown was a mill representative for the Columbia Plywood Co., and then the president of the Brown-Thompson Sales Co., but he retired in 1979 after 30 years of owning and operating Woodland Sales and Woodland Specialties.  Mrs. Brown died in 1978, and Mr. Brown wed Ann Marley Brown.  The second Mrs. Brown died in 1993.  Mr. Brown was residing in Manlius and Bonita Springs, FL, but died in Syracuse on 7-9-2000.  He and Kitty Brown had:  Louise Brown-Smith, who was born about 1943, and lives in Cazenovia, Sally A. Brown who lives in St. Paul, MN, Kitty Brown Dalton, of Carrboro, NC, and Lawrence K. Brown of New Canaan, CT.

John L. Brown and Ula Wiley Brown lived at 107 Butternut Dr. by 1959.  Mr. Brown was a graduate of RPI in Troy, NY.  He worked as a hospital administrator in NJ and IL before coming to CNY to plan the opening of Community General Hospital where he became president.  He was active in numerous civic enterprises prior to his death on 12-7-1986.  Their children:  William W. Brown, who lives in Evansville, IN, and Christine Brown Lozner, who married Dr. Eugene Culver Lozner, her former schoolmate at Jamesville-DeWitt, was honored for her work as president of the Onondaga Historical Association, is an author, and lives in Manlius.

Orville Walter Brown and Lona Brown lived at 200 Jamesville Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Brown was born in Washington state about 1901.  He was the division manager for the Shell Oil Co.  Mrs. Brown was born in IL, about 1905, and the couple wed about 1924.  Due to his work, Mr. Brown and his family moved often--living in Ohio, Indiana, and Iowa, before moving to CNY.  They had:  Barbara Brown, who was born about 1925, Lona Brown, who was born in 1926, and Joan Brown.

Robert J. Brown, Jr., and Sara Virginia Sewell Brown lived at 11 Paddock Dr., having moved there from Washington, DC, in 1954.  He was the sales manager for a division of General Electric.  Mrs. Brown is thought to have been from LaFayette, LA.  They had Robert Brown, III, and another son born in June, 1957.

Charles E. Buchwald and Frances Van Ormer Buchwald lived at 403 Landsdowne Rd. by 1953.  Mr. Buchwald was a plant manager for General Electric.  Mrs. Buchwald was born in DuBois, PA, on 5-5-1912.  In  1957, Mr. Buchwald was appointed general manager of the GE subsidiary for Mexico, and the couple moved to Monterrey, Mexico.  Mrs. Buchwald died there on 4-16-1962.  They had:  Robert D. Buchwald, who was a USN officer, and Dr. Caryl Edward Buchwald, who earned a Ph.D. from Union College in 1960, married Cynthia Morgan Greene in 1959, taught geology at Carleton College, and lives in retirement in Northfield, MN.

C. Robert Buckbee and Dorothy Pratt Buckbee lived at 102 Lynbrook Circle by 1949.  Mr. Buckbee was born 3-12-1905, in Glens Falls, NY, and was a graduate of Union College.  He came to CNY about 1934, and for 37 years was a safety engineer and supervisor of audit and inspection at the Glens Falls Indemnity Co.  He then was a payroll auditor for the State Power Authority.  Mr. Buckbee died on 7-18-1972.  Mrs. Buckbee was born on 5-19-1906, and was a life long resident of CNY.  She operated Fisher-Buckbee Florists on S. Warren St. in Syracuse.  Mrs. Buckbee was also very active in church and civic affairs.  She died on 1-2-1974.  Their children:  Elaine Buckbee Speich, who wed John Charles Speich about 1959, was an administrator at Syracuse University, and lives in retirement in North Syracuse, and Martha Buckbee-Nortman, who wed Roland Nortman, former deputy fire chief in Syracuse, and lives in Auburn, NY.  

Roger B. Buckingham and Helen Meyer Buckingham lived at 176 Winston Way by 1951, then at 206 Dewittshire Rd. by 1957, and later moved to 1511 Westmoreland Ave., in Syracuse.  Mr. Buckingham was born in Cleveland, and was a 1936 graduate of Miami University of Ohio.  Mrs. Buckingham, a lifelong resident of the Syracuse area, attended Syracuse University.  She was an avid gardener and the couple traveled widely abroad.  Mr. Buckingham was with the Munro Realty Co. before becoming the president of the Clark Real Estate Co.  He held that position until 1979 when he retired and the company was sold to the Longley-Jones firm.  Mrs. Buckingham died on 9-1-1989.  Mr. Buckingham moved from Syracuse to Lisle, IL, in 1992, and was living there at his death on 8-14-2000.  The couple had two children:  William B. Buckingham, who was a business owner residing in Glens Falls, NY, at his death on 1-30-2007, and L. Lynn Buckingham, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1973, wed C. Roger Brown, is an educator, and lives in Naperville, IL.

Seward H. Bucklin and Jane Pauline Gridley Bucklin lived at 216 Wellington Rd. by 1942.  He was a native of Little Falls, NY.  Mr. Bucklin was self employed as a distrbutor of petroleum products and then worked as a manufacturing engineer for GE for 25 years.  His mother, Ivie E. Bucklin, lived with the family until her death on 4-17-1951.  Pauline Bucklin was a native of the Syracuse area, and was a 1924 graduate of William Smith College.  Her family owned the Gridley Building in downtown Syracuse.  Mr. Bucklin was the chairman of the board of trustees of the First Universalist Church in Syracuse.  He died on 1-13-1973.  Mrs. Bucklin died at home in Dewittshire on 8-10-1992, at age 90.  The couple had three sons:  Daniel Willard Bucklin, who was an artist, accountant and photographer, and was living in Anderson, SC, at his death on 1-19-2001, his 67th birthday, Paul G. Bucklin, who received a degree from the NY State College of Forestry at Syracuse in 1958, wed Gwen Bucklin, and lived in Columbus, OH, before moving to Okatie, SC, and Ellsworth Rodney Bucklin, born in October, 1941, who wed Gloria Fournier, divorced in 1973, wed Jeanne Bucklin, and lives in Anderson, SC.

Frank H. Buckwalter and Vivian E. Buckwalter lived at 304 Cornwell Dr. by 1947, and moved to 105 Landsdowne Rd. by 1955.  Mr. Buckwalter was born on 4-25-1909, graduated from Penn State, and earned a master's from NYU.  He was a research chemist at Bristol Labs for 38 years before retiring in 1972.  They had moved to 1229 James St. in Syracuse by Mr. Buckwalter's death on 1-26-1982.  Mrs. Buckwalter was born on 10-1-1908, in Pittsburgh, and graduated from Lockhaven State Teachers College.  She came to CNY about 1934, and taught at Moses-DeWitt school until 1954.  Mrs. Buckwalter died on 3-21-1983.  They had:  Mary Lou Buckwalter Woolley, who was born about 1941, and lived in Elbridge, NY, and Rosalie Buckwalter, who married Raymond C. Updegraff on 6-30-1951, and lives in Big Canoe, GA.

Paul Axtell Bunn and Elizabeth Maxwell Bunn lived at 118 Downing Rd. by 1951.  Dr. Bunn was born on 12-9-1914, and was a native of Loraine, OH.  He graduated from DePauw University, and the University of Cincinnati medical school in 1941.  Dr. Bunn was a physician and professor at the NYS Upstate Medical School.  He was active in medical research and published more than 100 articles in scientific journals.  Dr. Bunn was also involved with numerous community and civic groups.  He died 5-16-1970, at age 55.  Mrs. Bunn resides now in Hilton Head Island, SC.  Their children:  Barbara Bunn Clarke, who lives in Cazenovia, Dr. Paul A. Bunn, who was born in 1945, graduated from medical school at Cornell University, wed Camille Ruoff, and is a physician and cancer researcher living in Evergreen, CO, and Mary Elizabeth "Betsy" Bunn.

Paul F. Burgess and Helen Burgess lived at 306 Landsdowne Rd. by 1953.  He was the manager of the district sales office for the Quaker Oats Co.  In 1954, Mr. Burgess was appointed institutional sales manager for the company and the family relocated to the Chicago area.  Their children:  Priscilla Burgess, and Douglas Burgess. 

Jesse V. Burkhead and Polly Sperry Burkhead lived at 5 Pebble Hill Rd., South, by 1952.  A native of Armstrong, IA, Dr. Burkhead was born 11-20-1916.  He received his Ph.D. in economics in 1942 from the University of Wisconsin, and was an Army Air Corps veteran of World War II.  Dr. Burkhead joined the Syracuse University faculty in 1949, and was the author of nine books and more than 70 scholarly articles.  He retired in 1985 after 20 years as Maxwell Professor of Economics.  Mrs. Burkhead was born 11-15-1916, and was a native of Milwaukee.  She was a graduate of Carleton College, and received master's degrees from Lehigh and Syracuse universities.  Mrs. Burkhead retired in 1985 as an associate professor of mathematics after 20 years with LeMoyne College.  Dr. Burkhead died on 6-24-1996, at age 79.  Mrs. Burkhead died 9-22-1996.  Their children:  Jane Burkhead Clark, who lived in Lyndon, and Susan Burkhead Seamon, who was born about 1943, and lived in Little York, NY.

Gustave Walter Burns and Helen H. Burns lived at 208 Pelham Rd. by 1953, and later lived in Manlius.  Mr. Burns was born on 9-7-1895.  As a young man he directed the orchestra for silent movies and vaudeville shows at Keith's Theater in Syracuse.  Later he had his own band and played at the Garden Roof of the Onondaga Hotel.  He also played the violin for the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra.  Mr. Burns was the general sales manager of the Easy Washing Machine Co., and he retired after 30 years with the firm.  Mr. Burns then became the manager of Shoppingtown and, later, Fairmount Fair, for the Eagan Co.  Mrs. Burns was born about 1895, and the couple wed about 1915.  The Burns cared for their niece, Susan Pennock Lucey, who graduated from Keuka College in 1965, and married John Dennis Coley the following year.  Mrs. Burns predeceased Mr. Burms, who died 3-26-1982.  They had:  Donald Burns, who was born about 1916, wed Roberta M. Burns, and died before 1982, and Dorothy Burns, who was born in 1923, married James Finlayson, and died in Virginia Beach, VA, on 9-26-1982.

Charles G. Burrows, Sr., and Eloise Simmons Burrows loved at 208 Dewittshire by the early 50's.  Born in Syracuse, he was a life resident of CNY and a 1928 graduate of Syracuse University.  Mr. Burrows retired in 1989 as an accountant and auditor with Green Hills Farms.  He was also a self-employed accountant.  Mr. Burrows died 12-6-1997, at age 91. Mrs. Burrows studied voice at Syracuse University and sang with Civic Morning Musicals.  She died on 5-14-2012, at age 96.  They had: Sarah "Sally" Burrows Riley,RN, who lives in Hudson, FL, and is a rehab nurse, Susan S. Burrows, of Manlius, Charles Burrows, Jr., who was born about 1949, lived in DeWitt, was fire chief of the DeWitt Volunteer Fire Department where he was a member for over 35 years, and died on 10-18-2010, and Deborah A. Burrows, also of DeWitt.

George Melvin Burrus and Helen Virginia Dallas Burrus lived at 4 Pebble Hill Rd., North, by 1953.  Mr. Burrus was born 9-3-1902, in IL, and wed Mrs. Burrus on 11-14-1929, in Philadelphia.  He was the vice president of the United Board and Carton Corp.  The couple resided in NYC at his death on 3-11-1963.  They had:  G. Craig Burrus, who was born about 1936, graduated from Syracuse University in 1958, wed Barbara Kirkwood, and lives in Irving, TX, and Linda Burrus Morrisey, who was born about 1933, attended Cornell University, and wed Donald Clark Morrisey.

Riis H. Burwell and Elizabeth Burwell lived at 1 Wexford Rd. by 1955.  He was a copywriter for GE.  The couple moved west and Mr. Burwell died in Santa Rosa, CA, in September, 1986, at age 62.  Mrs. Burwell died there on 6-27-1995.  Their children:  Sandra Burwell and Carleton Burwell.

George L. Bushong and Jeanne Nolan Bushong lived at 35 Pickwick Rd.  He was born in Atlantic City, NJ, and moved to Syracuse from Philadelphia in 1940.  He worked for the Lennox Furnace Co. and then as purchasing director for the G.A. Braun Co. until his retirement in 1984.  Mrs. Bushong, a native of Buffalo, also worked at Lennox and later was a columnist for the weekly Fayetteville Eagle Bulletin.  Her mother, Mary Watson Nolan, lived with the Bushongs until her death on 1-25-1977.  Mrs. Bushong died 1-12-1992.  Mr. Bushong wrote and published a child's book, "Where's Doopey, in 1991, and died on 6-21-1997, at the age of 90, still residing on Pickwick Rd. Their daughter, Bonnie Jeanne Bushong, graduated from  William Smith College and earned a master’s degree from Syracuse University in 1971.  She wed Rev. Patrick J. Haley, a USAF Chaplain, and they live now in Victor, NY.

Georgia T. Butler lived on Genesee St. by 1942.  Mrs. Butler was born about 1895, and had been married to Robert E. Butler, a furniture manufacturer.  She operated the Barter Shop, which was located near the present Stop n' Shop shopping center, and managed the Evergreen Camp--a girl's day camp in Manlius.  Mrs. Butler married Robert K. Hier, and lived in Delray Beach, FL.  She had: Georgia M. Butler, who was born about 1914, Elizabeth Alicia Butler, who was born about 1919, attended the Goodyear-Burlingame School and Syracuse University, was a clerical worker at Colgate University, and wed Kenneth Rowe Barrie, and Polly Butler Cummins Price Gardner, who was born about 1926, and resides in Dewittshire. 

Richard P. Byrne and Mae B. Byrne lived at 4250 E. Genesee St. by 1930.  Mr. Byrne was born on a farm in Pompey, NY, on 10-27-1880.  He graduated from law school at Syracuse University in 1904. and specialized in criminal law.  His newspaper obituary states that Mr. Byrne was, "one of the best known trial lawyers in NY State." He was one of the personal attorneys for J. Myer Schine, of theater and hotel fame, and was involved in many notable trials.  Mr. Byrne was also active in Democratic party politics.  He was a state committeman for many years and was elected to the state Senate in 1944.  The couple wed about 1914.  They sold their home and property--which had a 200 ft. frontage on Genesee St.--to the Catholic Diocese in 1955, and Holy Cross Church was soon erected.  The Byrnes moved to the nearby 101 Haddonfield Dr., and lived there at Mr. Byrne's death on 7-18-1958.  Mrs. Byrne, was born about 1880, and was a native of Batchellerville, NY.  She first wed at 16, and had a daughter, Angie B. Kirk, from this marriage.  Mrs. Byrne died on 10-10-1970.

Robert Emmet Byrne and Sarah Patricia"Sally" Fallon Byrne lived at 224 Wellington Rd.  He was born on 8-25-1921, and the couple wed on 6-28-1947, following his service in WWII.  Mr. Byrne was the vice-president of J. P. Byrne and Co.--a family owned tire dealership, established in downtown Syracuse in 1923.  The couple divorced and Mrs. Byrne married John R. Connolly.  She resided in Paoli, PA, at her death on 9-27-1979.  Mr. Byrne wed Frances Gorzo and lived in Tully, NY, at his death on 6-18-2011.  Robert and Sarah Byrne had:  Robert Byrne, who wed Lauren Byrne, and lived in Charlottesville, VAJohn P. Byrne, II, who wed Jeri Sue Byrne, and became the owner of the family tire business, Sarah Patricia Byrne, a 1975 fine arts graduate of Syracuse University who died in an automobile accident in Steamboat Springs, CO, on 12-15-1980, Sheila Mary Byrne, who wed Dewey Milton Northrup on 4-2-1977, and a Mr. McManus, Shannon Byrne, who lives in NYC, and Suzanne Mary Byrne, who earned a nursing degree from Syracuse University in 1982, wed Thomas F. Mahar, Jr., on 7-16-1983, and lives in Marcellus, NY.  

Roche A. Cadier and June Cadier lived at 105 Dewittshire Rd. by 1942, and moved to Canastota about 1974.  Mr. Cadier was born in Ogdensburg on 11-24-1914, and lived most of his life in CNY.  He had an interest in the Cadier Schad Tire Co., at 550 S. Geddes St. in Syracuse, and later was a contractor.  Mr. Cadier died in November, 1987, while living in Canastota.  At his death, he was married to Barbara Cadier.  He had:  Dr. Thomas Cadier, an orthopedic surgeon, residing near Atlanta, GA, and Joyce Cadier Kinter, of Pittsburgh, PA.

Merton D. "Dave" Caldwell and Caroline Kolmer Caldwell lived at 303 Butternut Dr. by 1958.  Mr. Caldwell was a POW during WWII and was awarded three Silver Stars for his service.  Following his return to civilian life he worked as an accountant for the Syracuse Suburban Gas. Co.  The couple later lived in Manlius.  Mr. Caldwell died at age 88 on 11-12-2003, and Mrs. Caldwell died on 3-1-2008.  They had:  Mary Caldwell Crotwell, who died in 1995, and Betty Caldwell Veeder, who lives in Cazenovia.

Frederick R. Campbell and Laura J. Campbell lived at 226 Wellington Rd. by 1934.  He was a native of Boston, and came to the Syracuse area as a special agent for the Fireman's Fund Ins. Co.--a position he held until his retirement.  Mr. Campbell was born on 2-24-1902, and died in Syracuse on 11-22-1971. Mrs. Campbell, who was born on 10-3-1900, moved to Houston, and resided there at her death on 9-4-1981.

Joseph Bates Campbell and Aliene Ives Campbell lived at 7 Morton Rd. until 1952.  Mr. Campbell was born about 1889.  He was a native of Ithaca, NY, and graduated from Cornell in 1911, with a degree in mechanical engineering.  He then worked in NYC before moving to Syracuse in 1917.  Mr. Campbell was a partner in the Central City Roofing Co., and later became sole owner and president of the company.  Mrs. Campbell was born about 1890, and the couple wed about 1916.  She died on 7-26-1954, while residing in Skaneateles.  Mr. Campbell then wed Vivian C. Campbell, and they lived on Marvelle Rd. in Lyndon by 1960.  He died 3-25-1971, in Miami, where the couple wintered.  Vivian Campbell subsequently wed Joseph W. Stevens, and died in Bel Harbor, FL, on 5-3-1981.  Joseph and Ailene Campbell had:  Jean Campbell, who was born about 1918, grew up in Ithaca, NY, graduated from Syracuse University in 1941, wed Dr. William V. Redfield, (see the Redfield entry), resided in DeWitt, and died on 1-7-1991, Barbara Campbell, who was born in 1925, wed a Mr. Valente, and later wed Hamilton Temple, III, was a widely known horticulturalist, and had lived in CA for 20 years before her death, at age 42, on 6-11-1968, and John Ives Campbell, who was born 7-27-1919, served in WWII, took over the family business, wed Dorothy Mason and, following her death, married Barbara Blauman, and died 5-19-1997, while residing in Vero Beach, FL.

Howard H. Cannon and Marion Schermerhorn Cannon lived at 125 Dewittshire Rd. by 1942.  He was born 6-26-1903 in Lyons Falls, NY.  Mr. Cannon graduated from Hamilton College in 1923 and from Harvard law school in 1927.  Mrs. Cannon was born in Lowville, NY.  She graduated from St. Lawrence University, and taught Latin and French in Herkimer and Larchmont for several years.  Mr. Cannon was a partner with the Bond, Schoeneck, and King law firm.  He was a pivotal figure in the creation of the State's student loan program, and in 1957 he was appointed by Governor Averill Harriman to the original board of directors of the NY Higher Education Assistance Corp.  Mr. Cannon died 3-19-1979, and Mrs. Cannon died 7-19-1991.  They had three daughters, Sarah Cannon, who died in 1952 at age 15, Elizabeth Ann Cannon Gump, born about 1933, of Summit, NJ, and Mary Ellen Cannon Weston, who attended Wheelock College in Boston, and lives in Altadena, CA. 

Alexander Alexis Capurso and Martha Capurso lived at 105 Landsdowne Rd. by 1953.  Dr. Capurso was born in Cioia del Colle, Italy, on 5-22-1910, and earned three degrees from the University of Kentucky.  He was the director of the school of music at Syracuse University, from 1948 to 1961, after which the family moved to CA.  Dr. Capurso served in various university administrative and teaching positions, including the presidency of Stanislaus State College, (from 1963 to 1969).  Dr. Capurso's parents, John Capurso and Vita Nicola Capurso, lived with the couple in DeWitt and CA.  They died in CA in the early 1960's.  Dr. Capurso died on 8-6-1985, while residing in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Herbert L. Carlson and Doris Tuttle Carlson, lived at 121 Butternut Dr. beginning in July, 1955.  Mrs. Carlson was a native of McConnellsville, NY.  They lived at 321 Edwards Dr. in Lyndon before moving to DeWitt Acres.  Mr. Carlson was a manufacturer's representative for the Frank S. Harden furniture company.  The couple had two children:  Peter Carlson, who attended St. Lawrence University, and died on 12-31-2006, and Mary Ellen Carlson Coffey.

Alexander C. Carmichel and Elizabeth Tracy Carmichel lived at 107 Wellington Rd.  About 1955, the family moved to 211 Pelham Rd. in DeWitt, and later to 6801 Knollwood Rd. in Lyndon.  Rev. Carmichel was born in New York City, graduated from Syracuse University, Boston University School of Theology and received his doctorate from DePauw University.  He served in the Army Air Corps as command chaplain at Wright Patterson Field during WWII.  A native of Augusta, GA, Mrs. Carmichel was a 1941 graduate of Syracuse University.  She lived in Springfield, MA before moving to the Syracuse area, and, while in Springfield, she served as an executive with the Girl Scouts of America.  The Rev. Dr. Carmichel retired as senior pastor of the DeWitt Community Church where he served for 42 years, overseeing its rapid growth.  He was active in numerous civic and religious causes including service on the board of trustees of Onondaga Community College.  Mrs. Carmichel died on 6-4-1996, and Rev. Carmichel moved to The Nottingham in Jamesville, where he died on 10-29-2005.  They had:  Rev. Alexander "Sandy" Carmichel, who was born in September, 1949, is a consultant, and lives in DeBary, FL, Craig R. Carmichel, who was born in June, 1951, is vice president of the Vanderbilt University medical center, and lives in Brentwood, TN, and Douglas H. Carmichel, who was born in April, 1954, wed Gail Carmichel, works for the American Lung Association, and lives in Syracuse.  Photo

Ernest S. Carncross and Margaret L. Carncross lived at 403 Cornwall Dr. by 1953, having lived at an earlier time in Foxboro, MA.  Mr. Carncross was born in Savannah, NY, on 4-27-1879, and was a mechanical engineer and tool designer for the Brown-Lipe-Chapin Corp.  Mrs. Carncross was born about 1878, and the couple wed about 1905.  Mr. Carncross died 9-14-1954. 

Charles S. Carpenter and Norma Vogt Carpenter lived at 307 Landsdowne Rd. by 1943.  Mr. Carpenter was born 4-19-1896, and was a mortgage loan official with the Prudential Insurance Co.  Mrs. Carpenter was born on 8-1-1896.  The couple moved to Denver about 1962, and both died there;  Mr. Carpenter in July, 1972, and Mrs. Carpenter on 6-3-1987.  They had:  Robert G. Carpenter, who served in WWII,  married Jane Carpenter, was a bank officer, and resided in Denver, until his death on 9-16-1992.

R. Lawrence Carpenter and Doris Carpenter lived at 22 Paddock Dr. by 1953, and by 1967 were living at 7046 Woodchuck Hill Rd. in Fayetteville.  Mr. Carpenter was the chief factory engineer at the Carrier Corp.  Their children:  Beth Carpenter, and Robert Carpenter.

Lee Carroll and Irene Werner Carroll lived at 304 Dewittshire Rd., South, by 1942.  They later split their time between Syracuse and a cottage on Skaneateles Lake.  Mr. Carroll was born in Atlantic City, NJ, the seventh of eight children, four of whom lived to at least age 99.  His family was involved in the early development of Atlantic City, Ventnor, Margate, Pleasantville, and Ocean City, NJ.  His brother, Harry Carroll, was a noted songwriter, ("I'm Always Chasing Rainbows"), producer and a founding member of  ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Performers).  Lee Carroll graduated from the Syracuse University law school in 1926 and was a partner in his own firm.  He was active in many religious and civic organizations, particularly the Rescue Mission, Erwin United Methodist Church, where he was chairman of the board of directors, and the Monarch Club.  Mrs. Carroll was a native Syracusan and a 1930 Syracuse University graduate.  She was very active in the affairs of the Methodist church and a director of Teen Challenge, a Christian outreach to addicted teens.  Mrs. Carroll was a long distance swimmer, continuing until shortly before her death at 95.  Mr. Carroll died on 4-12-2004 at his home, 10 Bradford Heights Rd., DeWitt.   His death occurred three weeks short of his 100th birthday and one month after the death of Mrs. Carroll.  They had:  John Benjamin Carroll, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1948 and Cornell law school in 1951, and is a Syracuse lawyer.

Irene Schwarz Case, the widow of Dr. George B. Case, lived at 200 Kittell Rd. in 1953, having lived previously at 623 E. Genesee St. in Syracuse, and then 231 Ambergate Rd. in DeWitt.  Dr. Case was born about 1882, and the couple wed about 1915.  Mrs. Case was born about 1888, and had four children:  Eleanor H. Case, who was born about 1922, attended American University, and wed Fred Taylor of Cazenovia, Jane V. Case, who died on 8-11-52, at age 33, George Case, Jr., a USAF officer, who was born in 1926, and lived in Bakersfield, CA, and Richard H. Case.

John Edward Casey and Joan Tyrrell Montague Casey lived at 31 Wexford Rd. in the late 1950's.  He worked for the William Burns detective agency.  She grew up in the Valley section of Syracuse and they lived on E. Genesee St. in Syracuse following their marriage on 8-21-1954.  They live now in Fayetteville, and are noted supporters of Syracuse University athletics.

James D. Caulk, Jr., and Olive P. "Johnnie" Caulk lived at 191 Winston Way, having moved there from Wilmington, DE, in 1954.  Mr. Caulk was born on 4-15-1910, in St. Michaels, MD.  He graduated from the University of Delaware in 1932.  Mr. Caulk was then commissioned in the Army Reserve and entered active duty as a captain in 1940.  He was a lieutenant colonel by 1943 when he was ordered to the ETO, where he spent five years.  Col. Caulk took part in five battles as an executive officer of an Army artillery unit, and received the French Croix de Guerre with palm for his role in the D-Day invasion.  He was also decorated with the Bronze Star.  After 33 years of service, Col. Caulk retired from the Army, and owned and operated A.B. Dick distributorships in Syracuse and Ithaca.  Mrs. Caulk was born 6-12-1915, and was a native of Suffren, NY.  Following Mr. Caulk's death on 6-1-1992, she moved to 8339 Decoy Run, Manlius, and died on 4-22-1993.  Their children:  James "J. C." Caulk, III, who was born about 1944, and is a travel consultant in Pompano Beach, FL, and Pamela Caulk Cole, who was born in 1948, and lives in Manlius, and Boca Raton, FL.

James Myron Cerio and Virginia A. Cerio lived at 100 Winston Way by 1952.  Mr. Cerio was born 6-18-1917, and was a graduate of Syracuse University's school of law.  He was an attorney with the firm of Farnham, Gorman, and Cerio, and practiced in Syracuse for more than 40 years.  Mr. Cerio was an Army veteran of World War II and had served as commander of the 403rd Civil Affairs Unit of the Army Reserves.  Mr. Cerio died 6-24-1996.  They had:  Virginia "Jini" Cerio Kurzepa, who lives in DeWitt, and Kathie Cerio Byrne, who lives in Aiken, SC.  

Pasquale L. "Pat" Cerone and Edith "Bing" Vedder Cerone lived at 105 Charing Rd. by 1943.  Mr. Cerone was born on 5-14-1910, in the Abruzzi region of Italy and at an early age immigrated with his family to Syracuse.  He was a very accomplished violinist and played for the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra during its early days.  Professionally, he worked in the refrigeration field, and later operated a TV sales and repair business at Shoppingtown in DeWitt.  He installed a custom audio system (featuring the "Ceronegraph") in the suburban New York City home of the great conductor, Toscanini, and won several awards for his work from RCA and other companies.  Mrs. Cerone was born 8-30-1909, and was the daughter of James R. Vedder, a noted architect.  The couple divorced about 1958.  Mrs. Cerone married William T. Bryan, formerly of Columbus, MS, in November, 1959, and died in May 1977. Mr. Cerone wed Patricia S. Cerone.  He relocated to FL following his retirement in 1991, and died in Leesburg 9-6-2003.  The children of Pasquale and Edith Cerone:  Mary-Edith "Doots" Cerone Holcomb, an RN who resided in Baldwinsville at her death 2-16-1996, James R. Cerone, who wed Irene Charette Cerone, worked as a TV technician, and lived at 103 Haddonfield Dr. and in Brewerton, before he died on 4-4-2006,  Patricia Cerone Corcoran, who wed William Corcoran and lives in Liverpool, Julie Catherine Cerone Roach, who was born about 1939, wed William Joseph Roach about 1959, and was a pharmacy manager in Pittsford, NY, at her death on 5-28-1987, David Cerone, a musical virtuoso who studied violin at the Julliard School, wed Linda Cerone, and is the president of the Cleveland Institute of Music, and Richard "Cheech" Cerone, who worked on race car engines, and resided in Liverpool at his death on 10-11-2001.

Edwin Sanderson Chamberlin and Ann Forsyth Cleghorn Chamberlin lived at 109 Ambergate Rd. from 1938 to December, 1940, before moving to 5 Morton Rd. in DeWitt.  Mr. Chamberlin was born on 12-13-1916, and was the vice-president and co-owner of the Syracuse Lithograph Co.  Mrs. Chamberlin was born 4-5-1916, and was a native of Mineola, Long Island, NY.  She died in Cleverdale, NY, on 5-11-1982.  Mr. Chamberlin was residing in Jupiter, FL at his death on 7-28-1996.  They had four children:  Peter K. Chamberlin, a retired salesman, living in Beech Mountain, NC, Carol Chamberlin, who wed John R. Myers, Jr., and lives in Summerton, SC, James S. Chamberlin, who lives in Lake George, NY, and Ann Chamberlin Clugstone, who was born in April, 1952, and lives in Katskill Bay, Lake George, NY.  Photo

Chester E. Chellman, Jr., and his wife lived at 111 Butternut Dr., having purchased the home new about March, 1958.  Mr. Chellman was born in May, 1927, and was a career military officer.  The couple moved in 1959, following Capt. Chellman's graduation from Syracuse University.  He resides now in Sewanee, TN.

John Pierce Cheney and Tinie Virginia Cheney moved to 200 Ambergate in 1950, upon his retirement.  He was  born in Manlius and was involved in the family firm of S. Cheney and Son Foundry Co.  He died 4-30-1958 at 72.  Mrs. Cheney was born 9-4-1895.  She lived in Fayetteville after her husband's death and died in April, 1982.  They had:  John P. Cheney, Jr., a WWII veteran, who wed Marian Nims, lived in Fayetteville, and died 10-29-1985, and Virginia Cheney, who was the valedictorian at Manlius High School, graduated from Russell Sage College in 1950, wed Howard M. Finck, and lived in DeWitt, before her death on 2-23-1998, while vacationing in the Cayman Islands, BWI.

James F. Childs and Betty Childs lived at 211 Haddonfield Dr. by 1951.  Mr. Childs was the general manager of the Dunbar Buick Co.  The family moved to CA about 1954.  They had:  James A. Childs, who graduated from the University of Southern California in 1961, and Harvard law school in 1964, and is a tax attorney in Los Angeles.

George F. Christie and  Dorothy J. Christie lived at 129 Dewittshire by 1957.  Born in White Plains, NY,  Mr. Christie served in the Army Air Corps during World War II.  He attended Northeastern University in Boston, and graduated from Syracuse University in  1948.  Mr. Christie was regional manager of the Transamerica Insurance Co., retiring in 1977.  He died 6-5-1997.  They had five children:  Leslie Ann Christie, who graduated from the State University of NY at Buffalo, wed Donald R. Tomeny on 7-31-1971, and lives in Webster, NY, Brian L. Christie, who was, with his brother, co-owner and operator of Shean Equipment Co., East Syracuse, until his death 11-27-2006, Kenneth G. Christie, who graduated from the State University, at Alfred, married Arlene Wolfe in 1976, and resided in Manlius at his death on 3-4-2007, Janet R. Christie, and Martha Christie Stanley, who was born in 1962.

Robert R. Chur and Mary Elizabeth Scott Chur lived at 2 Pebble Hill Rd., North, by 1949, and moved to East Aurora, NY, in 1951.  Mr. Chur was born in Buffalo on 6-18-1915, and graduated from Muskingum College of Ohio in 1937.  While he lived in DeWitt, Mr. Chur was the manager of the W. A. Case and Son Mfg. Co.  After moving to Aurora, he and Mrs. Chur founded a nursing home business.  Mrs. Chur was born on 7-11-1915, and the couple moved to Bradenton, FL, in 1978, and resided there until their deaths.  Mrs. Chur died on 3-7-1996, and Mr. Chur died on 3-15-2002.  They had:  Robert McIntosh "Mac" Chur, who wed Carol Jaeger Chur, earned an MBA from Syracuse University in 1967, is a health care executive for the firm founded by his parents, and resides in Clarence, NY, and Neil McCall Chur, who was born in 1944, wed Barbara Beebe, and died in East Aurora, on 1-2-2005.

Clarence G. Cichocki and Helen Keller Cichocki lived at 17 Pickwick Rd. by 1955.  They previously had lived on Maplewood Ave. in Syracuse.  Mr. Cichocki was born on 3-8-1917, in Owen, WI.  He was a 1938 graduate of the University of Wisconsin and worked on the Manhatten Project during WWII.  In 1951, Mr. Cichocki completed graduate work at the University of Michigan, just prior to joining Bristol Labs as a safety engineer.  Later he worked for General Electric as an engineer in the development of advance communication satellites.  The family moved from New Hartford, NY, to Clearwater, FL, in 1983.  Mr. Cichocki died on 11-5-1998, in Clearwater, and it is thought that he was pre-deceased by Mrs. Cichocki.  Their children:  Ronald J. Cichocki, who was born in July, 1951, and lived in Clearwater, Kenneth A. Cichocki, who was born in May, 1955, graduated from the University of Buffalo in 1977, and lives in Granite Bay, CA, and Dr. Kevin E. Cichocki, who was born in November, 1960, graduated from Canisius College and National Chiropractic College, and is a chiropractor in Depew, NY.

Hardin T. "Shorty" Clark and Wilhelmina "Mena" Reese Clark lived at 401 Jamesville Rd. by 1953.  Mr. Clark was born 6-11-1907, and was a graduate of the University of Louisville.  He was a senior engineer at General Electric until his retirement.  Mrs. Clark graduated from Oswego State Teachers College and Syracuse University.  She was a teacher and the district reading supervisor for the Jamesville-DeWitt schools.  Mrs. Clark was also the first principal of Tecumseh elementary school.  Mrs. Clark's mother, Anna E. Reese, lived with the family until her death on 3-30-1956.  Following retirement, the couple moved to Grand Rapids, MI, where Mr. Clark died on 7-19-1991, and Mrs. Clark died on 1-2-1997. Their children:  Ann Virginia Clark Ziel, who was born about 1940, works as a teacher's aide, and lives in Wyoming, MI, and Ellen M. Clark, who was born about 1944, and resided in DeWitt at her death on 12-10-1980.

Robert T. Clark and Nancy Mangum Clark lived at 16 Pebble Hill Rd., South, by the late 1950's, having moved from Westvale--a suburb west of Syracuse.  In 1964 the family moved to 30 Lynacres Blvd., in Lyndon.  Mr. Clark was born in Cortland, NY, on 5-1-1920.  He graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in architecture and from Cornell University with a degree in civil engineering.  Mr. Clark earned the rank of Lt. Colonel while serving in the Army during WWII.  He was, with his father, Carl W. Clark, Sr., a partner in the architectural engineering firm of Clark, Clark, Millis, and Gilson.  Mr. Clark was noted for his involvment in the design of schools throughout the state, including Onondaga Community College.  He also designed the Pebble Hill Presbyterian Church--the church attended by the Clark family.  Mrs. Clark was born on 2-11-1926, in Oyster Bay, LI, NY, and earned a degree from Cortland State College.  She and Mr. Clark live now in retirement in Asheville, NC.  Their children:  Cathy Clark Gibbons, who was born in April, 1948, graduated from Wells College, studied in Spain and was selected by the Fulbright Commision for study in Mexico, finished graduate work at the Newhouse School at Syracuse University, wed Robert C. Gibbons, lives in CNY, and works for the Syracuse Post-Standard editing a quarterly magazine, "The Visitors Guide for Syracuse and Central New York," Rev. Gay Clark Jennings, who was born in 1951, graduated from Colgate University and Epicopal Divinity School, wed Rev. Albert Jennings, is an Episcopal priest and co-director/founder of the Credo Institute, and lives in Cleveland, OH, and Carla Clark Liberatore, who graduated from Bates College and received a master's degree from Syracuse University, married David Liberatore, works as a stock broker, and lives in Raleigh, NC.  For more than 20 years, Mr. and Mrs. Gibbons, traveled the world performing as clowns, mimes, and magicians.  They also published a trade journal, "Laugh-Makers Variety Arts Magazine," written primarily for family audience entertainers.

Varro J. Clarke and Margaret Cowie Clarke lived at 121 Butternut Dr.  Mr. Clarke was born on 7-30-1904, and died on 5-3-1947, in a Boston hospital.  He had been an electrical engineer for GE.  Mrs. Clarke went to work in January, 1948, as a dental hygienist.  It is thought that Mrs. Clarke later lived in Schenectady, NY.  The couple had:  Varro Clarke, Jr., who was born in April, 1935, and lived in Schenectady, Wayne C. Clarke, and Robert J. Clarke.

Walter Cleland and Eileen Cleland lived at 210 Haddonfield Dr. by 1953, moved to 406 Brampton Dr. about 1954, and moved to Cleveland in 1956.  Mr. Cleland was the district manager for the Firestone Tire and Rubber Co. in Syracuse, before being transferred to Cleveland.  They had:  Hugh Cleland, George Cleland, who is retired and lives in Naples, FL, and Jerry Cleland, who was born about 1941, and is the director of nursing for a nursing home in Canton, OH.

Eugene Clifford and Delia Gertrude Burns Clifford lived at 107 Dunham Rd. by 1943.  Mr. Clifford was born 4-4-1902, and was a service foreman for the NY Telephone Co.  Mrs. Clifford was born in Clinton, NY, on 3-13-1901.  The couple wed on 5-24-1927, in Clinton.  Mrs. Clifford died on 5-8-1969.  Mr. Clifford wed Alice Carr Clifford, on 8-20-1970, and died in March, 1984, while residing in Lake Worth, FL.  The children of Eugene and Delia Clifford:  John Burns "Jack" Clifford, who was born 6-7-1930, in Syracuse, was a USAF veteran of the Korean conflict, wed Eileen Clifford on 9-2-1956, worked in the oil business, and died in Old Forge, NY, on 9-23-2004, Mary Clifford Dorrance, who lives in FL, and Margaret Clifford, of Syracuse.

Clarence V. Clippinger and Kathryn Landis Clippinger lived at 206 Dewittshire Rd. by 1935.  They lived previously at 867 Ackerman Ave. in Syracuse.  Mr. Clippinger was the head of business instruction at North high school in Syracuse.  Mrs. Clippinger was a native of PA, graduated from Lebanon Valley College and later did graduate work in secretarial science at Simmons College in Boston.  For more than 15 years she taught secretarial courses at Syracuse University, and authored several texts on the subject.  Mrs. Clippinger was also a noted collector of early American antique furniture.  After moving from Dewittshire the couple lived at 622 Euclid Ave. in Syracuse.  They had:  Ray Landis Clippinger, who graduated from Syracuse University, wed Mary V. Bortz on 8-26-1933, and taught high school business courses in Rochester prior to his death on 2-22-1995, at age 87.

James A. Close, Jr., and Ruth H. Close lived at 312 Hampshire Dr., having purchased the home from Lloyd Harrod in 1958.  Dr. Close was born 7-3-1905, in Hancock, MI, and graduated from Yale University, received an MBA  from Harvard, and earned a doctorate in business administration from the University of Michigan.  He was a professor of finance at Syracuse University, before becoming a senior vice president in the trust department of the Merchants National Bank.  Dr. Close was active in community affairs and served as a member of the board of trustees of the YWCA.  After leaving DeWitt, the couple lived in MI, before moving to FL in 1970.  Mrs. Close was born in Ironwood, MI, about 1915, and was a recruiter for Cazenovia College.  Dr. Close died on 12-23-1988, while living in Clearwater, and Mrs. Close resided in Largo when she died on 8-14-1995.

Hazel G. Cloyes lived at 109 Jamesville Rd. by 1953.  Mrs. Cloyes was born 11-20-1893, and was a native of Canandaigua, NY.  She lived many years in Rochester, but came to CNY in the 1940's, and was living in Syracuse at her death on 2-2-1986.  

Chester Charles Coats and Velma Coats lived at 4249 Genesee St. by 1943.  Mr. Coats was born in Corning, NY, on 1-29-1906.  He graduated from Cornell's school of hotel management in 1933, and spent the next ten years as the manager of the University Club in Syracuse.  In 1945, Mr. Coats bought what was known as the Kan-Ya-To Inn in Skaneateles, NY.  He changed the inn's name to the Sherwood Inn,
honoring Isaac Sherwood, the original innkeeper.  Mrs. Coats died in 1963, and Mr. Coats later wed June Locke Fleig.  He sold the Inn in 1974, and moved to Auburn, NY.   Mr. Coats was 88, and residing in Auburn, when he died on 2-7-1994.  The children of Chester and Velma Coats:  Caroline Charla Coats Winkelman, who lived in Skaneatles, Linda Lee Coats Nye, who lived in Butler, NJ, and Peter C. Coats, who was born in February, 1950, and lived in Auburn.

Richard E. Coe and Doris Fowler Coe lived at 1 Pebble Hill Dr. by 1941.  He owned the Coe Advertising Agency in the LaFayette Building in Syracuse.  The couple moved to Beverly Hills, CA, in the early 1960's.  They had: Judith Ann Coe, and Richard Fowler Coe.

David R. Coffman and Barbara Jean Dudley Coffman lived at 106 Charing Rd. by 1955, and in 1956 moved to Washington, DC.  They were both 1938 graduates of Syracuse University.  Mr. Coffman was the district manager for the Pepsi-Cola Co.  Mrs. Coffman was born about 1916 in Oberlin, OH, and the couple wed about 1940.  She was an avid nature lover and had trekked the Himalayas.  Mrs. Coffman died 7-27-2004, while living in Andover, MA--having moved there in 1959.  Their children:  Patricia Coffman Sorrie, who was born on 10-29-1942, and lived in Glenwood, IA, before her death on 11-3-2002, and Thomas D. Coffman, who was born about 1945, and lives in Anchorage, AK.

Earl Parker Colborn and Miriam Colborn lived at 111 Downing Rd, having moved there in November, 1954, from 305 Orvilton Park Dr.  Both were born about 1920, and later moved to Boynton Beach, FL.  Mr. Colborn was the General Agent for the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co.  They had:  Robert Parker Colborn, who was born about 1947, and William Spencer Colborn, who was born about 1951.

Martin V. B. Colby and Melba Fix Colby lived at 3803 Genesee St. by 1953.  Dr. Colby was born 11-16-1920, in New York City.  He served in the Marine Corps during World War II, and  maintained a dental practice for 50 years, first in Eastwood, and then in the Lawler Building at 4309 Genesee St. in DeWitt. Dr. Colby died 12-28-1996.  Mrs. Colby was born in February, 1922.  Their children:  Cynthia Colby Howell, who lived in Lansing, NY, Carol Colby, who married William Perras, and lived in Oaksville, Ontario, Canada, at her death on 11-11-1981, and Constance Colby Harrica, who was born about 1953, and lives in Morrisonville, NY.

James F. Cole and Mary Dodd Cole lived briefly at 11 Pickwick Rd.  They sold this house in 1953 to Frank Morris and moved to the Geddes section of Syracuse.  Mr. Cole was born 1-15-1913, in Degrasse, NY.  He was the proprietor of a restaurant and later was a cook at the VA hospital in Syracuse.  The couple moved to Camillus about 1983, and Mr. Cole died 8-12-1998.  Mrs. Cole was a native of WV, and was born on 7-29-1908.  She died on 2-21-1999.  

Edward B. Collum and Cynthia H. Collum lived at 110 Orvilton Dr. by 1953, and subsequently moved to Woodchuck Hill Rd. in Fayetteville.  Mr. Collum was an engineer with the Henderson-Johnson Co., and later became active in the Collum Accustical Tile Co., founded by his father, Thad Collum.  Mrs. Collum was born 11-6-1930, in New Canaan, CT, and came to CNY in 1950.  She died on 8-22-1999.  They had: Dr. David B. Collum, who earned a doctorate from Columbia in 1980, teaches chemistry at Cornell, and lives in Ithaca, and Edward H. Collum, who was born about 1952, and lived in Carbondale, CO.  Photo

Arthur P. Comolli and Patricia Anne Sinnett Comolli lived at 102 Pelham Rd. following their marriage on 6-30-1956.  Mr. Comolli, a native of Chicago, worked for the Continental Casulaty Co.  Mrs. Comolli was born on 3-9-1929, in Baldwinsville, NY.  She graduated from Syracuse University in 1951, and later earned her master's there.  The family moved to Philadelphia in November, 1958.  Mrs. Comolli was active in art circles and lectured widely on art history.  She wed William H. Flammer about 1981, and died on 11-23-2000.  Mr. and Mrs. Comolli had:  Arthur Comolli, Jr., born in September, 1957, Priscilla Comolli Fitzsimmons, and Susan Comolli Davis.

William A. Comstock and Pearle Hale Comstock lived at 102 York Rd. by 1943.  Mr. Comstock was born in Hunters Point, NY, about 1869, and grew up in Oswego.  He was an attorney, and Supreme Court stenographer.  In this latter capacity he was involved in the famous case of Roosevelt vs. Barnes, in which former President Theodore Roosevelt sued William Barnes for slander.  Mrs. Comstock, a native of Albion, NY, was an active genealogist, and member of the Mayflower Society.  She was born about 1877, and died on 10-25-1943.  Mr. Comstock died on 11-11-1947.  They had:  Hollis Hale Comstock, who wed John F. Davis, and lived in Fayetteville and Amber before her death in 1986, and C. Annette Comstock, who married W. James MacFarland, and lived in Hornell, NY.

Roy W. Conkle and Mary Ellen Conkle lived at 7 Pebble Hill Rd., South, by 1953.  Mr. Conkle was the factory manager for Aircooled Motors, Inc.  He was born 3-15-1908, and died in May, 1973.  Mrs. Conkle, a native of Woodson, IL, died on 4-22-1969.  They had:  Patricia Conkle, who was born about 1933, wed Richard Kharas, and a Mr. O'Connor, and lives in Syracuse, NY.

William P. Conklin and Barbara Nicholson Conklin lived at 203 Ambergate Rd. by 1950.  Mr. Conklin was born about 1921, in Brooklyn, NY, and served as a USAF pilot in WWII.  He entered the advertising business in 1946, and was a vice-president at the Flack Advertising firm, before becoming chairman of the Conklin, Labs, and Beebe PR and advertising firm.  Mr. and Mrs. Conklin were both 1944 graduates of Syracuse University, and wed about that time.  The family moved to Naples, FL, in 1976, and resided there at Mr. Conklin's death on 10-23-2009.  They had:  Carole Elizabeth Conklin, who was born in 1946, married Robert Leher, and lives in Naples, and Barbara Anne Conklin, who wed Thomas Curran, and lives in Wilson, NC.

Francis R. Conlon and Joan Farrand Conlon lived at 4300 Genesee St. by 1953, and later lived at 720 Maple Dr. in Lyndon.  Born in Croghan, NY, Mr. Conlon was a Navy veteran of World War II, and graduated from Syracuse University's School of Engineering.  He was a construction engineer with the NY district of the Army Corps of Engineers, and later owned Conlon Structures Inc., the Builders Journeymen Group and Compliance Inspection Group.  Mr. Conlon died on 11-30-1990.  Their children: James F. Conlon, and Jeffrey L. Conlon, both of whom lived in DeWitt, Jack W. Conlon, who lived in Syracuse, JoAnne Conlon Baker, who lived in Chittenango, Jennifer F. Conlon, who lived in DeWitt, and Janice E. Conlon, who lived in Fayetteville.

Charles J. Connelly and Johanna Linder Connelly lived at 107 York Rd. by 1943.  Mr. Connelly was an agent for the Commercial Union Insurance Co.  He was a lieutenant in the DeWitt Volunteer Fire Dept. and died 4-30-1947, when he fell under the wheels of a fire truck en route to a minor blaze.  Mrs. Connelly's mother, Emma C. Ruschmann, the widow of Joseph Ruschmann, lived with her daughter for about five years prior to her death on 2-25-1951.  Mrs. Connelly was born on 9-29-1897, and died in November, 1978.  Their children:  Dorothy Helen Connelly, who was born about 1931, graduated from Cornell University, worked in the personnel department at General Electric, wed Gilbert Donald Wehmann, and lived in Camillus, and Lois Mae Connelly, who was born about 1933, married Irwin E. Schermerhorn on 8-15-1952, and lived in Binghamton.

Irvin D. Conover and Janet Hunt Conover lived at 140 Jamesville Rd. by 1943.  They later lived on Highbridge St. in Fayetteville.  Mr. Conover was born 5-18-1913, and was a foreman with the General Electric Co., and later a contractor.  Mr. Conover was living in East Syracuse at his death in October, 1984.  They had:  Frank S. Conover, who wed Mary Jean Ralston in 1966, and Raymond Conover.

John A. Conway and Larraine Digman Conway lived at 6 Pickwick Rd.  Mr. Conway was a construction superintendent for the S. J. Groves Construction Co.  In June, 1959, Mrs. Conway took over the Deb ‘n Heir nursery school from her neighbor, Emily Kallusch, and conducted classes in the Conway home.  Mrs. Conway was also an eucharistic minister.  The Conways were both natives of Dyersville, IA.  Mr. Conway died 8-24-1984, and Mrs. Conway died 4-3-1992.  They had:  Dr. Colleen Marie "Coco" Conway Welch, of Nashville, TN, who wed Ted Welch, earned a doctorate in nursing from NYU, is the dean of the nursing school at Vanderbilt University, and is active in Republican politics, Kathleen Conway Woop, who was born about 1954, is a retired teacher, and lives in Lantana, FL, and Margaret “Peggy” Conway, who is an electronic consultant, and lives in Boca Raton, FL. Photo 

Lawrence W. Cook and Ruth Cook lived on Genesee St. by 1943.  Mr. Cook was born 8-21-1911, and was a native of Camden, NY.  He came to CNY about 1945.  As a young man, Mr. Cook, was a magazine salesman.  Later he worked for Rapids-Standard and Sparks Belting Co.  Mrs. Cook was born 12-6-1912, and was a native of Freis, VA.  She lived in the Fayetteville area 73 years.  Mr. Cook was a Mayflower descendant and a historian.  He wrote and published a book called, "Road to Yesterday."  Mr. Cook died on 10-31-1992.  Mrs. Cook died 10-2-1997.  Their children:  Sabra Cook Podgorski, who was born about 1939, and lived in Minoa, and Laurel Cook Blanding, who was born about 1948, and lived in Fayetteville.

Nelon E. Cook and Elsie Mae Cook lived at 111 Cornwall Dr. by 1939.  Mr. Cook was born on 10-5-1889, in Volney, NY, and came to DeWitt in the late 1920's.  He was the proprietor of  Power's Lunchroom at 316 E. Genesee St. in downtown Syracuse, and later operated various dining rooms, including 12 years as manager of the fountain at the S. S. Kresge store.  Mrs. Cook was a life resident of the CNY area.  She was a dog fancier and an active volunteer at the Rescue Mission.  Mrs. Cook died on 7-29-1939, and Mr. Cook later married Dorothy Cook.  He died on 10-12-1949.  

Vincent A. Cook and Luanne Ashton Zahniser Cook lived at 23 Pickwick Rd.  The couple wed 9-8-1956.  They were both graduates of Syracuse University.  Mrs. Cook was a native of Rochester.  The couple divorced and she wed Charles P. Kuimjian and lives now in Fairport, NY.  Mr. Cook was a pilot in the USAF before joining the family owned insurance agency.  He also was active in civic and political affairs and became the chairman of the Central New York Regional Transportation Authority.  After his divorce, Mr. Cook married Cornelia "Corky" Hawes.  He continued to reside on Pickwick Rd. and in a summer home in Skaneateles until his death on 6-28-2004.  Cornelia Cook subsequently moved to Arizona.  Vincent and Luanne Cook had one daughter, Francye Cook Kinney, who is thought to have been born in 1959, and to be residing in Sewickley, PA.

Clarence Ambrose Coon and Irma Cole Coon lived at 4210 Genesee St. by 1943, and later at 4306 Genesee St.  Mr. Coon was born on 5-16-1896, in Kirkville, and moved to DeWitt about 1931.  He was a machinist at the Brown-Lipe Gear Co., and later worked from his home in DeWitt as a mechanic.  Mrs. Coon was born about 1900, and the couple married about 1922.  Mr. Coon died on 10-15-1952.  They had:  Arlene Coon Barker, who was born 8-24-1923, lived in Los Angeles, and died in May, 1978, Harold Coon, who was born 4-12-1926, and also lived in Los Angeles prior to his death in January, 1980, and Kenneth V. Coon, who was born about 1931, married Nancy Revette, operated a trucking business, and lived in DeWitt and later in Syracuse.

Franklin D. Cooper and Evelyn Dotson Cooper lived at 227 Ambergate Rd. by 1942.  They subsequently moved to 321 Lansdowne Rd. in DeWitt.  Mrs. Cooper was a native of Thyatira, MS, and  Mr. Cooper was from Cleveland, OH.  He was a graduate of Case-Western Reserve University with a bachelor of science and a master's degree in civil engineering.  He taught and engaged in research at Stanford University, at Carnegie Institute of Technology, and at Ohio State University.  The couple came to DeWitt about 1942, and Mr. Cooper was a civil engineer with the U.S. Engineering Corp. and a land surveyor.  Mrs. Cooper, a graduate of Mississippi State College for Women, taught at Moses DeWitt School, and retired in 1969 after 20 years service.  Mr. Cooper died 6-20-1978, and Mrs. Cooper died on 2-9-2008, at age 97.  They had two sons:  Franklin D. Cooper, Jr., a graduate of The Citadel, and an engineering executive in Sumter, SC, at his death on 1-6-2004, and David H. Cooper, who was born about 1941, married Sarah J. Halgrim, works as a civil engineer, and resides in Manlius, NY.

Howard B. Cooper, Jr., and Freida Eno Cooper lived at 111 Cornwall Dr. by 1953.  Mr. Cooper was born in Nineveh, NY, on 4-24-1921.  He had an early interest in ham radio, and had his first station at the age of 13, having learned Morse code from his father, a telegrapher for the Deleware-Hudson Railroad.  Mr. Cooper served in the US Army during WWII as a radar instructor.  While residing in DeWitt he was a supervisor for the Bendix Avaiation Corp.  In 1956, Mr. Cooper worked for the Chrysler Corporation in Huntsville, AL, where he began his career in the space program.  In 1982, he moved to Tampa, where he worked with Honeywell and Raytheon E-Systems, from which he retired in 1990.  Following his retirement, Mr. Cooper returned to Huntsville, but in 1996 he moved to Lynchburg, VA.  He died on 1-9-2004.  They had:  Suzanne Cooper.

John Samuel Cornell and his wife lived at 204 Wellington Rd. by 1946, and at 304 Spaid Ave. in Syracuse by 1948.  Mr. Cornell was a native of Corning, NY, and graduated from Cornell University.  He was a senior executive with the NY Telephone Co., and died on 10-13-1966.  Mrs. Cornell probably died about 1962.  They had:  Walter John Cornell, who resided in Palos Verdes, CA, John Cornell, who married Marjorie Young on 7-28-1956, graduated from Syracuse University, and lived in DeWitt, and Joan Elizabeth Cornell, who graduated from Skidmore College, wed Forrest Winzeler on 8-27-1949, and lived in Jackson, MI.

Earl S. Cossaboom and Mildred Cossaboom lived at 110 Dewittshire Rd. by 1942.  They soon moved to 201 Cornwall Dr. in DeWitt.  Mr. Cossaboom was a native of Nova Scotia and, at age 19, was already head chef in his father's Harbor View Hotel there.  For a number of years he was a manager for the Howard Johnson Co.  About 1947 the couple opened Cassaboom's Restaurant in a 140 year old home in Bouckville, NY.  Their restaurant earned a recommendation from Duncan Hines and the facility was well known throughout central NY for many years.  In 1965, the restaurant was sold and the Cossaooms relocated to FL, where Mrs. Cossaboom died in July, 1973, and Mr. Cossaboom died in February, 1977.  They had, William Cossaboom, who was probably born on 10-31-1927, and died in CT in February, 1984, David Cossaboom, and Helen Cossaboom.

Leo John Coughlin and Ruth Wilkes Coughlin lived at 127 Dewittshire Rd. by 1942, and moved away in 1955.  Mr. Coughlin was an inspector with the Immigration and Naturalization Service.  He retired from the government in 1967 following 43 years of service.  Mr. Coughlin also taught classes in public speaking for many years.  They lived in Ilion, NY, but had returned to DeWitt by Mr. Coughlin's death on 1-31-1976.  A native of Rome, Mrs. Coughlin lived in Fayetteville for 10 years and died at a nursing home in Chittenango on 5-25-1996.  She was 100.  Their children:  Nancy Lee Coughlin Sherman, who was born about 1930, lived in Sarasota, FL, and died in 2002, Leo J. Coughlin, Jr., of Osprey, FL, a former naval officer who was born about 1935, Gregory Coughlin, who is deceased, and Jacqueline Marie Coughlin Levy, who was born about 1931, and lived in Fayetteville.

Arthur James Craner and Dorothy Craner lived at 7 Paddock Dr. by 1953.  Mr. Craner was born on 4-16-1892, in Hastings, NY.  For 45 years, Mr. Craner was a pharmacist at his own drug store, the A. J. Craner Pharmacy, at 1451 Midland Ave. in Syracuse.  He first wed Flossie Mae Ingersoll, a native of Hastings, on 8-8-1915, her 21st birthday.  They lived at 322 Kirk Ave. in Syracuse when Mrs. Craner died on 10-8-1932.  Mr. Craner later wed Dorothy Frances Barnard Anderson Craner, and lived in DeWitt.  Dorothy Craner was born on 5-1-1901, in Fernwood, NY, and had been previously married to a Mr. Anderson, by whom she had at least four children.  She died 10-30-1954.   Mr. Craner later married Frances Meyers Clarke Craner, who died 10-8-1972.  Mr. Craner died 1-17-1964.  A. J. and Flossie Craner had four children:  J. Roland Craner, who was born in 1918, wed Louise C. Craner, operated his father's store, was elected to represent the 19th Ward on the Onondaga County Board of Supervisors, and was appointed the director of the Van Duyn Home and Hospital, Betty Jane Craner Buckley, Helen Craner Twaddell, who wed John S. Twaddell, (see their entry below), and Barbara Ann Craner Alton, who married Newton J. Alton.

Charles M. Craner and Lillian C. Craner lived at 210 Pelham Rd. by 1943.  Dr. Craner was born about 1873, in Jordan, NY, and was a 1903 graduate of the Buffalo Dental College.  He maintained offices in the State Tower Building, and was a dentist in Syracuse for 47 years.  Mrs. Craner was born about 1883, and the couple married about 1908.  Dr. Craner was 82, and living at 1232 Cumberland Ave., in Syracuse, at his death on 3-7-1956.  Their children:  Rosalie C. Craner, who worked at Merchants Bank, and Dr. Robert C. Craner, who joined his father's practice in 1947, following military service in Korea.

Leonard T. "Pepper" Crenan and Elizabeth "Betty" Acton Crenan lived at 106 York Rd. by 1953, and by 1954, had moved to Woodchuck Hill Rd., in Fayetteville.  Mr. Crenan was born about 1922, and was a Navy veteran of WWII.  He was a chemical engineer for the International Chemical Co., and later owned the Syracuse Fasteners Co.  Mrs. Crenan was born in Schenectady about 1925.  Mr. and Mrs. Crenan divorced about 1960, and Mrs. Crenan moved to Clearwater, FL, in 1972.  She married a Mr. Ball, and worked as a bank clerk.  She died in FL on 8-9-2003.  Mr. Crenan married Deborah Magruder.  After her death in 1975, he wed Dona Jones Sweetland, the widow of W. Newton Sweetland, and lived in Cazenovia.  At some point the Crenans moved to NC, and Dona Crenan died there on 3-1-2004.  Mr. Crenan died on 2-2-2008, in Carrollton, TX.  Leonard and Elizabeth Crenan had:  Susan Crenan Onyan, who was born about 1959, and resides in Signal Hills, CA, and Lee Douglas Crenan, who was born about 1950, and lives in Syracuse.

Gary Arnold Cronk and Margaret Cronk lived on Lyndon Rd. in Lyndon by 1942, and later lived at 2 Morton Rd. in DeWitt.  He was born in Syracuse, about 1914, and graduated from medical school at Syracuse University.  After service with the Navy in World War II, Dr. Cronk returned to the University, where he was an associate professor of health and preventive medicine and director of student health services.  He later joined Ortho Pharmaceutical Co. in NJ, as vice president, and lived in Princeton.  He died there on 9-28-1983.  The couple had three daughters:  Sandra Cronk, who was a noted Quaker theologian and author before her death in NJ on 4-4-2000, Cynthia Cronk Nowina, of Toronto, Canada, and Barbara Cronk Clayton, of Winchester, VA.

Paul T. Crosby and Dorothy Barnes Crosby lived at 105 Ambergate by 1953.  He was born 2-21-1890 and grew up in Seneca Falls, NY.  He was a 1915 graduate of the College of Medicine at Syracuse University.  After interning at St. Joseph's Hospital in Syracuse, Dr. Crosby went into practice in Seneca Falls, but soon left for service in WWI.  He was a senior lieutenant in the USN, and arrived overseas in June, 1917 with the Marine's Fifth Regiment.  Lt. Crosby was involved in heavy combat for 18 months and was awarded the Croix de Guerre by the French government for his service.  He served again in WWII, retiring in 1947 with the rank of Rear Admiral.  Dr. Crosby died 11-06-1970, at the age of 80.  Mrs. Crosby is believed to have died in FL in November, 1983.  The couple had one son, John Barnes Crosby.  He was a 1935 graduate of the Naval Academy and wed Dorothy Dey, of Syracuse, on 6-16-1937.  They lived in DeWitt and Fayetteville.  He retired in 1977 as the product manager for Crouse-Hinds, and died 1-16-1988.  Dorothy Dey Crosby died on 8-14-1993.

Kenneth B. Crowell and Jane Waldheim Crowell lived at 227 Pelham Rd. by 1955.  Mr. Crowell was born on 12-17-1904, and was a native of Wallkill, NY.  He graduated from VPI in 1925.  Mr. Crowell worked 10 years for Morgan Guaranty Trust Co. in NYC.  He joined the Carrier Corp. in 1937, and spent the next 36 years as a senior executive with the firm.  Mr. Crowell retired as executive assistant to the president.  He was an avid gardener and had a serious interest in classical music.  The couple resided at 316 Highland Ave., in Syracuse, at Mr. Crowell's death on 1-9-1979.  Mrs. Crowell, who was born on 3-18-1910, graduated from Smith College, and died in March, 1989.  Their children:  Constance Crowell, who wed Benjamin F. Fairless, II, and lived in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and Kenneth Crowell, Jr., who lived in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Harry W. Cudding and Barbara Mischka Cudding lived at 205 Landsdowne Rd. by 1943, and soon moved to the Mayflower Apts. in Syracuse.  The family lived earlier in Aurora, IL.  Mr. Cudding was born on 1-17-1889, and was a native of Bolivar, NY.  He came to CNY about 1942.  At various times, Mr. Cudding was the owner of the Business Control Co., purchasing agent for the Syracuse Ornamental Co., and  comptroller of the Crucible Steel Corp.  He died on 3-4-1967, and Mrs. Cudding, a native of Buffalo, died on 10-1-1968.  They had:  Jane Van Dewater Cudding, who graduated from Russell Sage College, was a merchandiser and buyer at Chappells and Witherills department store, wed William F. Greinke, Jr., on 11-10-1945, and resided in Manlius before her death on 3-20-1973, and Katherine Cudding Loughlin Crump, who was an occupational therapist, lived in Fayetteville, and died 3-5-1993.

Joseph P. Cullen and Virginia Herrick Cullen lived at 19 Wexford Rd.  He received a master’s from Syracuse University and worked for the Procter and Gamble Co.  Mrs. Cullen earned a nursing degree from Syracuse University in 1939.  The Cullens later moved to Fredericksburg, VA, where he became a noted authority on the Civil War, and the author of several books.  Mrs. Cullen’s sister, Martha Herrick Jecko, later lived at 22 Pickwick Rd. (See the Jecko entry.)  Mrs. Cullen died 9-6-1989, and Mr. Cullen died 7-18-1995.  The Cullens had four children:  a child who died as a baby, Patricia Ann Cullen, who lives in Richmond, VA,  Margaret Cullen Walker, who lives in Chesapeake, VA, and John William Cullen, born in January, 1954, and living in Harmony, NC.

Ernest M. Cummings and Doris Dewey Cummings lived at 210 Sherwood Dr. by 1943, and later resided at 133 Fiordon Rd.  He was a stock broker with the George D. B. Bonbright Co. firm, and later with the E. F. Hutton firm.  Mr. Cummings was born on 8-16-1898, and was a native of Bombay, NY.  He died on 4-13-1976.  Mrs. Cummings, a native of Massena, NY, was born on 5-15-1906, and died on 1-9-1987.  

Benjamin F. Cummins and Viola Cummins lived at 4252 Genesee St. by 1943.  They lived with his parents (see their entry below).  At the time, Mr. Cummins also worked for his father's firm, the William F. Cummins Co., which sold and serviced overhead doors.  He later worked as an industrial designer, and moved to NJ about 1950.  Mr. Cummins was born in Oblong, IL, on 3-12-1911, and died on 6-9-1970, in Sommerville, NJ.  At his death he was married to Thelma Cummins.  He had:  Jennifer Cummins, Jeanine Cummins, Brian Cummins, and William Cummins.

William F. Cummins and Ada Mae Cummins lived at 4252 Genesee St. by 1943, having lived previously in Oblong, IL.  Mr. Cummins owned and operated his own firm, William F. Cummins Co., which was in the overhead door business.  It was  located at 102 Jamesville Rd. and later was in the Stop 'n Shop shopping center on Genesee St.  Mr. Cummins died on 3-1-1967.  Mrs. Cummins was born on 3-31-1891, and was a native of IL.  She was residing on Onondaga Hill at her death on 6-27-1974.  Their children:  Ben Cummins, (see the entry above), Annabelle Evelyn Cummins Teeps, who was born in September, 1911, wed Nelson Teeps, was a nurse, and lived in Liverpool, William Cummins, Jr., who served in the USN during WWII, was the administrator of DeWitt Community Church for 27 years, and died on 9-22-1991, Paul Z. Cummins, who was born on 10-28-1912, wed Marguerite Cummins of Winnipeg, operated the family business, and died in DeWitt on 4-3-1986, Robert H. Cummins, who was born on 12-13-1914, wed A. Roberta Cummins, worked as a maintenance engineer for Syracuse University, and resided in Liverpool at his death on 8-3-1997, and Roseland Cummins Molloy, who wed Charles Molloy, and lived in Syracuse.

John J. Cunningham and Elsie M. Cunningham lived at 4 Landsdowne Rd. by 1953.  Mr. Cunningham was born on 10-4-1913, and was a native of Chicago. The family moved to DeWitt about 1950.  In 1967, Mr. Cunningham retired after 27 years as a salesman with the Formfit-Rogers Co. of Chicago.  He died on 8-4-1991.  Mrs. Cunningham was born in Menahga, MN, on 2-1-1915.  She retired as a purchasing agent with Syracuse University, and died 4-20-2001.  Their children:  Dr. Joseph J. Cunningham, who was born about 1941, and lives in Nashville, TN, where he is a professor at Vanderbilt University, and Thomas J. Cunningham, who lives in Syracuse.

Payson Monroe Curry and Lucille Parmalee Curry lived at 305 Landsdowne Rd. by 1943, and moved to 404 Brampton Rd. about 1954.  Mr. Curry was born on 4-9-1899, and was a 1924 graduate of Syracuse University.  He was the president and general manager of the Syracuse Electrotype Co.--a business founded by his father, William Payson Curry.  Mr. Curry died on 10-23-1964, and Mrs. Curry later wed Neldon L. Kidd, an executive with WNDR radio.  Mr. and Mrs. Curry had:  William P. Curry, who was born about 1935, graduated from Dartmouth College in 1957, wed Nancy Curry, and is the president of Huntron Instruments Co. in Mill Creek, WA, and Susan Curry, who married Albert F. Hills, II, and lived in Camillus.

Thomas J. Curry and Mary McGarr Curry lived at 205 Wellington Rd. in the early 50's.  They also lived in Lyndon and, later, at 120 Windsor Pl. in Syracuse.  Mr. Curry was born in Delano, PA, and graduated from Cornell University in 1936.  He served as a civilian in the Army Corps of Engineers during WWII.  Mrs. Curry was a native of Auburn and a 1931 graduate of St. Mary's School of Nursing, Rochester.  She retired in 1973 as a nursing supervisor at the Upstate Medical Center.  Mr. Curry worked for the General Electric Co. but retired in 1977 as a sales representative at Logan-Long Co., in Fulton.  Mrs. Curry died 8-2-1995, and Mr. Curry died on 4-12-2002, at age 90.  They had nine children:  Michael M. Curry, who attended Syracuse University and lives in Pensacola, FL, Dr. Stephen L. Curry, who married Tonja R. Knapp, and was a professor of medicine in CT before retiring to Kissimmee, FL, Thomas Curry, who is a bridge professional living in Ithaca, NY, Daniel P. Curry, of Fayetteville, Joseph H. Curry, who lives in Syracuse, John C. Curry, of Brockport, Mary Curry Burns, of Hertford, NC, Eileen Curry Weathers, who lives in New Smyrna Beach, FL, and Kathleen Curry Freeman, of Syracuse.

Thomas J. Curtin and Gertrude Curtin lived at 105 Dewittshire Rd. by 1942.  He was the manager of the Syracuse office of the Bankers Life Insurnce Co.  They had:  Jerome Curtin, who was a student at Georgetown Medical College.

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May the good Lord bless and keep you          May you walk with sunlight shining 
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Golden day today.                                            Back of every cloud you see.

May your troubles all be small ones               Fill your dreams with sweet tomorrows
And your fortunes ten times ten                      Never mind what might have been
May the good Lord bless and keep you          May the good Lord bless and keep you
Till we meet again.                                          Till we meet again.

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