DeWitt was a rural community until about 1930, when farm land was sub-divided for housing lots.  The      post-WWII era was particularly marked by rapid residential and commercial development.  The photos     below show DeWitt landmarks during this period.  They are from the collection of Willard B. Williams.

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DeWitt Volunteer Fire Department, 1955
Scibilia's market and Lawler's drug store, c1960
Moses-DeWitt elementary school, Jamesville Rd.
Howard-Johnson's restaurant, Genesee St., 1956
The DeWitt Building, which sat on the northeast corner of Genesee St., and Erie Blvd. contained
a restaurant, lounge, and bowling alley, as well
as offices for Dr. William F. Wein, DDS, Harold Hawley, commercial photogrpher, and John G. Humpleby, attorney and realtor, among others.  The Pig Stand and its outdoor menu are at left.
The Orville Barbeque was a DeWitt institution for many years.
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Tom Muench submitted this photo of Walter White's Tavern.  The 172 year old building on Genesee St. burned on the night of 2-6-1979, and this photo was taken the next day.
These photos are courtesy of John R. Hafer and show his family home at 117 Dewittshire Rd.
This 1954 photo shows a group of girls, primarily from Dewittshire, celebrating Mary Templeton's birthday.  Front row, left to right:  Mary Templeton, Gretchen Schultz, Mary Hotaling, Leslie Horn, and Sandy Stone. Back row, left to right:  Beverly Stevens, Joan Jernigan, Fay Meling, Marcia Lawrence, Elizabeth "Betsy" Templeton, and Nancy Hood.  The photo below was probably taken in the winter of 1947-8 and shows the Templeton home at 107 Charing Rd. in Dewittshire.  Photos made available through the courtesy of Mary Templeton Lichlyter, who lives now in Colorado. 
The photo above was copied from a newspaper, circa 1947, and the photo below shows one of the first homes to be built in the Knollwood area.  Both are through the courtesy of John Hancock.
William L. McGraw operated the Dadey and McGraw Richfield service station with his brother-in-law, James V. Dadey.  For more than 30 years, the family owned the business on East Genesee Street in DeWitt, where the town fire station is now located.  Mrs. McGraw grew up on a 45-acre dairy farm in DeWitt that is now the site of the Shoppingtown mall. She attended a one-room school on Jamesville Road, about a block from the present Moses DeWitt school. The McGraws were among the founding families of Holy Cross parish in 1949, and Mr. McGraw served as the first trustee.  He died on 6-15-1980, at age 92, and Mrs. McGraw, the mother of eight, grandmother of 29, great-grandmother of 36 and great-great-grandmother of one, died 12-20-1992, at age 89.  The photo below, provided by Tom Muench, looks to the west, and probably dates from the 1930's.

The bottom photo looks south toward the intersection of Genesee St. and Erie Blvd.  It shows the dairy farm that Mrs. McGraw grew up on.  It was the southernmost part of a 45 acre parcel that became Shoppingtown.