RESIDENTS OF LYNDON, NY  CIRCA 1950------part four of four
What follows is a registry of residents of Lyndon, NY, in the WWII era---roughly from 1940 to 1960.   Click here to view the introductory page which explains the scope and limitations of this registry.

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William Root Salisbury and Ethel Gardner Salisbury lived at 35 Lyndon Rd. by 1953.  Mr. Salisbury was born in Syracuse in 1911.  He received his bachelor's degree from Williams College, and his master's degree in ceramic engineering from MIT.  Mr. Salisbury was the president of the Syracuse China Co. from 1961 until 1971--a position held by both his father and grandfather.  Mr. Salisbury joined the company in 1934, when it was known as the Onondaga Pottery Co.  He maintained homes in CNY and Vero Beach, FL, where he died on 4-6-1990.  Mrs. Salisbury was born on 7-11-1911, and died on 4-4-2004, while residing in Marblehead, MA.  Their children:  Marilyn Salisbury, who married Thomas G. Heebink on 8-8-1964, graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in international relations, worked as a social worker, and lives in Belle Mead, NJ, Judith Salisbury, of Marblehead, MA, and William Lawrence Salisbury, of Clayton, NY.  

Chauncey W. Sampsell and Bernice Sampsell lived at 15 Lynacres Blvd. by 1942, and later lived in Cazenovia.  Mr. Sampsell was a native of Elmira, and came to CNY about 1933.  He was a veteran of both World Wars, and achieved the rank of Major.  Mrs. Sampsell was born 1-15-1892, and died in April, 1973.  Major Sampsell was a widely known Christian Science practitioner and teacher.  He died, at age 84, on 6-23-1980.  They had:  Bruce W. Sampsell, who lives at 220 Maple Dr. in Lyndon, and David W. Sampsell, who lived in Derby, NY.   

William W. Sanders and Bertha Marx Sanders lived on Lyndon Rd. by about 1950.  Mr. Sanders was born in Syracuse on 6-20-1897.  He was superintendent of the machine shop for the Oberdorfer Foundries.  Later he worked at the Prosperity Co., and was a machinist for the Onondaga Tool Co., when he retired in 1970.  Mrs. Sanders was born in Austria on 8-17-1901, and came to the United States in 1912.  She lived most of her life in CNY.  Mr. Sanders died 11-25-1975, and Mrs. Sanders died 12-27-1981.  They had:  William Robert Sanders, who worked for Lipe Rollway, and lived in DeWitt.   

Arnold E. Sandness and Loretta Fascia Sandness lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1951.  A native of Norwich, Mr. Sandness was born 1-4-1912, and resided most of his life in or near Syracuse.  He retired after 42 years as a grinder with the Rollway Bearing Co.  Mr. Sandness was the first president of Local 798 of the United Auto Workers Union, and was residing in Syracuse at his death on 4-12-1993.  Mrs. Sandness was a native of Niagara Falls, NY, but lived most of her life in the Syracuse area before moving to Watertown.  She was living there at the time of her death on 4-13-2001.  Their children:  Janet Sandness Krafft, who lives in Watertown, Lynne Sandness Shafty, of Syracuse, and Arne Olaf Sandness, who wed Christine Panelati in December, 1988, lives in Solvay, works as an engineer, and is a noted collector of science fiction books.

Douglas Lee Sandness lived with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Olaf Sandness, in the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1951.  He was born in Syracuse on 3-4-1922, and wed Elsa Van Friedeberg.  While living in the Park, Mr. Sandness worked at the L. C. Smith typewriter company.  Mrs. Sandness was married previously to Jacob Strodel, of Syracuse, and had seven children.  She was from Munich, Germany, and came to Syracuse in 1942.  Mrs. Sandness was an accomplished sculptress, painter, and designer.  Her most ambitious undertaking was a 350-pound bust of President John F. Kennedy, which is now a part of the permanent collection at the Kennedy Library in Cambridge, MA.  The bust took seven months to complete.  The Sandness family later lived in Syracuse where Mr. Sandness was a trash collector for the city's DPW.  Mrs. Elsa Sandness died on 2-14-1982, and Mr. Sandness died on 4-24-2002, at age 80.  

Marion Sandness lived with her brother, Douglas Sandness, and her parents, Olaf and Mayme Sandness, in the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1951.  Miss Sandness married a Mr. Wood, and lives now in Stuart, FL.  Two other members of her extended family, Paul Arnold Farnett, born about 1934, and his sister, Sandra Farnett, who was born about 1939, and married Raymond M. Shewchuk, also lived with the Sandness family by 1952.

Olaf Sandness and Mayme Lewis Sandness lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1951.  Mr. Sandness was a foreman and, later, an elevator operator for the L. C. Smith Co. typewriter company.  They had:  Arnold Sandness, Marion Sandness Wood, and Douglas Lee Sandness.  (See their children's entries above.)

Allison "Allis" Durston Sanford lived at 215  Maple Dr. by 1942.  She was the widow of Charles Hamilton Sanford, the president of the Syracuse Trust Co bank.  Mrs. Sanford was a native of Syracuse and was active in many civic causes.  She died on 3-19-1961.  They had:  Durston H. "Joe" Sanford, who was born 4-1-1902, graduated from the Hotchkiss School, wed Doris Sanford, was president of Sanford Fire Apparatus Corp., resided in DeWitt, and died on 1-27-1989, Charles H. Sanford, Jr., (see below), and Adele H. Sanford who was born 5-25-1908, worked for Crouse-Hinds, and died in Southport, CT, on 7-28-1996. 

Charles Hamilton "Bud" Sanford, Jr., and Jane C. Sanford lived on Knollwood Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Sanford was born in Syracuse on 1-9-1907.  He served in WWII and was awarded the Bronze Star and two battle stars.  Mr. Sanford graduated from Phillips Academy and Yale University.  He was a vice president of the Merchants Bank, and later was an administrator at Yale.  Mr. Sanford was married to Adele Pyle Spitzer, and residing in Southport, CT, at his death on 7-12-2001.  Their children:  Samuel C. Sanford, of Manlius, Charles H. "Tim" Sanford, III, of Greenwood Village, CO, Polly Sanford Sosnowski, of Wadmalaw Island, SC, and Sally Sanford, of Concord, MA.

Charles W. Sanford and Louise Riter Sanford lived on Woodside Rd. by 1960.  He was the vice-president in charge of manufacturing for the Crouse-Hinds Co.  Mr. Sanford died 8-14-1984, while residing in Vero Beach, FL.  They had:  Charles Sanford, Jr., and Anne Sanford.

Otto Werner "Bud" Sartorius and Patricia Garvin Sartorius lived on Leverett Lane by the late 1940's.  Dr. Sartorius was born 12-7-1914.  He was a graduate of Yale University and the Long Island College of Medicine.  He interned in Syracuse, and while in CNY, he was a general surgeon.  After moving to CA, in 1961, Dr. Sartorius specialized in breast disease.  He was the author of numerous articles in medical journals and served as the president of the American Cancer Society.  Dr. Sartorius retired in 1991, and died 12-16-1994, in Santa Barbara.  At his death, Dr. Sartorius was marrid to Roxanne Sartorius.  Otto and Patricia Sartorius had:  Mary Sartorius Stewart, who lived in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.  

Frederick W. Sauerbrey and Carolyn DeVoe Sauerbrey lived on Lyndon Rd. by 1960, having lived previously at 225 Ambergate Rd. in Dewittshire.  Mr. Sauerbrey was born in Schenectady on 12-29-1906, and was the sales manager of the Prosperity Co.--manufacturers of commercial laundry equipment.  Mr. Sauerbrey retired from the company in 1959.  He and a fellow Prosperity executive, Lester Kienzle, were partners in DeWitt Cleaners, Inc. which opened on Erie Blvd. in 1948.  Mrs. Sauerbrey, was born on 9-16-1906, and died 10-12-1973, at age 67, and Mr. Sauerbrey died on 8-20-1974.  They had two daughters:  Carol Ann Sauerbrey, who graduated from Vermont Junior College, wed Terrence M. Foran in 1954, and lives in Manlius, and Phyllis Jean Sauerbrey, who wed Richard J. Donovan in 1965, and lives in Minoa.

Marshall H. Savage and Shirley Garratt Savage lived on Edwards Dr., having purchased their lot in 1940.  In the mid 1950's they moved to 44 Lynacres Blvd. in Lyndon.  Mr. Savage was a graduate of Syracuse University and served in the USN during WWII.  He was the owner of the Francis Hendricks Co., a photographic supply company in Syracuse.  Mrs. Savage was born about 1917 in Coraopolis, PA, and grew up near Philadelphia.  She received her undergraduate degree from Syracuse University in 1938 and a master's in education there in 1946.  Mr. Savage died on 10-25-1961, at age 44.  The couple wed in 1940, and Mrs. Savage worked part-time at the Hendricks firm with her daughter Ellen until she was in her 90's.  Mrs. Savage was a particularly avid fan of Syracuse University sports.  She began attending football games at Archbold Stadium in the 1930's when propriety dictated that men and women sat on opposite sides of the stadium.  Mrs. Savage died on 1-15-2010, at age 92.  Their children:  Garratt Marshall Savage, who married Katherine Sabra Johnson in 1960 and Roberta Savage, and resides in DeWitt, James Gardner "Jay" Savage, who wed Jacqueline Savage, and lives in Manassas, VA, Ellen "Petey" Savage, who wed Karl Hildenbrand, and lives in Pennellville, NY, and Shirley June Savage, who married William McMorrow, and lives in Plainville, MA.

Clinton Sayres and Helen Gosnell Sayres lived at 222 Edwards Dr. by 1955, and later lived on Wheeler Ave. in Fayetteville.  He was born on 3-23-1902, and was a manufacturer's representative.  Mrs. Sayres was born in 1903, in Rochester, and married in 1929.  She was the president of the Elmcrest Children's Home, and died on 5-7-1962.  Mr. Sayres died in March, 1986, in Augusta, ME.  Their children:  William G. Sayres, who wed Joan Bradshaw Gilpatric on 6-14-1955, graduated from Amherst and attended law school at Columbia University, and lived in NYC, and Mary Sayres, who wed Charles F. Weeden, III, and lived in Lawrenceville, NJ.

John J. Schermerhorn, Jr., and Onyx A. Schermerhorn lived on Genesee St. by 1942.  He was a native of Kingston, Ontario, Canada.  Mr. Schermerhorn worked for the New York Airbrake Co. in Watertown before he came to Syracuse in 1907.  He later worked as an electrician for the H. H. Franklin Motor Co., and as plant engineer for the Onondaga Pottery Co.  He opened his own electrical contracting company in 1923.  Mr Schermerhorn was living at 110 Warren St. in Fayetteville at his death on 11-22-1949.  Mrs. Schermerhorn died on 4-14-1959, at age 74.  They had:  Robert H. Schermerhorn, (see the entry below), John C. Schermerhorn. Frederic W. Schermerhorn, who was born 7-5-1915, graduated from Syracuse University in 1939, coached their lacrosse team, served in WWII, and lived in Wilmington, DE, at his death on 8-13-1998, and Irwin E. Schermerhorn, who was born about 1925, attended Hobart College, and served in the USN during WWII.

Robert Henry Schermerhorn and Carole June Beehner Schermerhorn lived at 118 Kittell Rd. by 1951.  He was born on 4-30-1919, and was an Army intelligence officer in Europe during World War II.  Mr. Schermerhorn was a life resident of the Fayetteville-Manlius area, and the couple wed on 1-25-1943.  He owned Schermerhorn Electronics and Spruce Brook Farms, a Christmas tree farm in Manlius.  Mr. Schermerhorn died on 4-23-1995.  Mrs. Schermerhorn probably lives now in Cicero.  They had:  Robert Schermerhorn, Jr., of Fulton, and Craig B. Schermerhorn, of Cicero.

Charles B. Schilling and Helen Jones Schilling lived on Maple Dr. by 1951, and on Woodside Rd. in Fayetteville by 1960.   Mr. Schilling was born on 12-5-1902.  He was from Canton, NY, and served in the Army Air Corps during WWII.  Mr. Schilling worked in rehabilitation services for the NY State Education department, and later was the district superintendent for the agency.  Mrs. Schilling was a native of Rockaway Beach, NY, and was born on 1-28 1907.  She retired from the  NY State Extension Service.  The couple moved to FL in 1977, and lived in Winter Haven at Mrs. Schilling's death on 8-15-1993, and Mr. Schilling's death on 11-4-1993.

John G. Schroeder and Priscilla Harvey Schroeder lived on Maple Dr. by 1942.  Mr. Schroeder was a 1929 graduate of Colgate University, and an executive with the Massachusetts Bonding Co.  The couple had moved to Marblehead, MA, by 1951, and are thought to have later moved to West Lake Village, CA.                        

Alexander Schultz and Genevieve "Gerrie" Osterdale Schultz lived at 315 Edwards Dr. by 1953, having lived earlier at 305 Fillmore Ave., in Syracuse.  The couple married, in Syracuse, on 10-18-1943.  Mr. Schultz was a manufacturer's representative, and later opened the Casual Country shop in Shoppingtown, DeWitt, which Mrs. Schultz co-managed.  They opened this store in March, 1954, when Shoppingtown opened.  Mrs. Schultz was born on 9-26-1914, and died 4-19-2000, while residing in Sun Valley, ID.  They had two sons, Christopher Schultz, and Paul Geoffrey Schultz.

Irving W. Schwartz and Sheila Schiff Schwartz lived at 47 Ely Dr. by 1960.  Mrs. Schwartz was born in Brooklyn on 8-17-1927.  She came to Syracuse University from Woodmere, Long Island, and was a 1947 graduate with a degree in psychology.  The Schwartz's were married in 1948.  Mrs. Schwartz was very involved in athletics and cultural affairs while living in the Syracuse area.  Mr. Schwartz was also a graduate of Syracuse University, finishing in 1941.  He served in WWII as a Marine Corps officer.  Mr. Schwartz worked as a general insurance agent.  The couple later lived in Cazenovia before moving to the Charlotte, NC, area.  Mrs. Schwartz died in Charlotte on 6-8-2005.  They had:  Suellen Schwartz Carman, who wed Peter Carman, and lives in Wilson, WY, and Sally Schwartz Lang, who married J. David Lang, and lives in Mansfield, Ontario, Canada.     

Edward W. Schwarz and Shirlee Citrenbaum Schwarz lived at 111 Maple Dr. by 1960.  Mrs. Schwartz is the owner of Library Consulting Services.  She graduated from Syracuse University in 1956 and  Wayne State University, with an MLS degree in 1971.  Mr. Schwarz was a salesman for IBM. They live now in Westport, CT.  They had:  Thomas Schwarz, and Carolyn Schwarz Tisdale. 

James P. Scott and Marian "Miki" Fischle Scott lived at 1 Clara Rd. by 1953, and later lived on Decoy Run in Manlius.  Mr. Scott was born in Auburn, and was a graduate of the Tuck School at Dartmouth College.  Mrs. Scott was born in Yonkers, on 2-10-1921.  The Scotts were married on 9-27-1941, in her parents' garden in Larchmont, NY, and they came to CNY as newlyweds.  Mr. Scott was a certified public accountant, and the general manager of the Protectall Safe Co.  Later he became a partner in the Price, Waterhouse accounting firm.  Mr. Scott died on 11-3-1998.  Their children:  James Scott, who lives in Natick, MA, Elizabeth Scott Pine, who lives in Upland, CA, Jeffrey Scott, of Boxborough, MA,  and Deborah Scott Alden, of Essex Junction, VT. 

Leonard W. Scott and Patricia Henophy Scott lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park by the early 1950's.  Mr. Scott was born in Burke, NY, on 8-22-1929, and grew up on a farm.  He was an Army veteran, and worked as a welder at the Carrier Corp. before becoming a welder on construction sites throughout NYS.  Mrs. Scott was from Malone, NY. She was born on 6-15-1929, and the couple wed about 1950.  The family moved to Parish, NY, and resided there at Mrs. Scott's death on 10-21-1994.  Mr. Scott retired in 1985, and was married to Mary Scott at his death in Oswego, NY,  on 7-30-2000.  His sister, Marion Scott Peets Fleming, also resided in the Park, (see the Peets listing).  Mrs. Scott's sister, Ann Henophy Bronchetti, resided with the family briefly while they were living in Lyndon.  Leonard and Patricia Scott had:  Cynthia Scott Culkin, who was born in October, 1951, and lives in Baldwinsville, NY.

Philip Beecher Scott and Nita Bassett Scott lived on Leverett Lane by 1960.  Mr. Scott was born in Syracuse, and was a graduate of Cornell University.  He was an engineer for the Syracuse Supply Co., and resided in Houston, TX, at his death on 6-13-2001.  Their children:  Carolyn Scott, and Philip B. Scott, Jr., and Victoria L. Scott, both of Houston.   

Lucy Hallam Seaman, the widow of J. Torrence Seaman, lived at 119 Dewey Ave., from the mid 1960's until her death in May, 1970.  She lived previously in Ithaca.  The relationship between Mrs. Seaman and the Seaman family living next door, is unknown, but  Eddy D. Seaman and Jennie Seaman lived at 121 Dewey Ave. by 1955.  He worked for the Sturdy Dog Food Co. 

Robert W. Secor and Elaine Molyneaux Secor lived at 37 Ely Dr. by 1966.  They were wed in June, 1955.  Mrs. Secor was a graduate of Syracuse University.  Mr. Secor was a native of NJ, and graduated from Syracuse University's school of architecture in 1955.  He was an architect with the King and King firm.  The family later moved to Cazenovia.  The couple had: Stephen Secor, and Sandra Secor Costello.

Sherwald Wyant Sedgwick and Erma Burch Sedgwick lived on Lyndon Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Sedgwick, a native of Catskill, NY, was born 8-19-1896, and was a 1919 graduate of the University of Michigan, where he was captain of the varsity cross country team.  He came to Syracuse in 1925, and was employed with the former H. H. Franklin Co., an automobile manufacturer.  Mr. Sedgwick later was an agent for 31 years with Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Co., retiring in 1975.  Mr. Sedgwick's father, Edward M. Sedgwick, lived with the family by 1948.  He was born about 1860, and graduated from pharmacy school at Columbia University.  Mr. Sedgwick was in business in Oberlin, KS, and Catskill, NY, before coming to CNY in 1919.  He was wed to Belle Adams of Battle Creek, MI.  She died in 1938, and Mr. Sedgwick died on 4-11-1950, at age 89.  Erma Sedgwick was born 1-30-1897, and also worked for the Connecticut Mutual Insurance Co.  She died on 3-31-1972, in Lyndon.  Sherwald Sedgwick was married to Lyda Humphreys Sedgwick, and residing in Morganton, NC, at his death on 9-9-1981.  S. W. and Erma Sedgwick had a son:  Edward M. Sedgwick, II, who was also in the insurance and real estate business with the Connecticut Mutual Insurance Co.       

Robert W. Sehnert and Eileen Parslow Sehnert lived on Dewey Ave. by 1942, and later lived at 604 Maple Dr.  Mr. Sehnert was a native of Buffalo and was born 5-12-1916.  Mrs. Sehnert was born in 1919, grew up in Lyndon, and graduated from Fayetteville High School in 1936.  She was a clerk and cashier at Loblaws  market for 15 years.  Mr. Sehnert was the assistant manager of Jack Lord's in Syracuse, and later was an accountant for the Atlantic Tug and Equipment Co.  He retired in 1982 as manager of special audits after 30 years with the SCM Corp.  Mr. Sehnert was living at 4301 Timothy Drive, Jamesville, when he died on 8-18-1996.  Mrs. Sehnert died on 5-30-2011.  Their children:  J. Stephen Sehnert, who was born about 1941, wed Kathleen Sehnert, lives in Liverpool, and has a surveying firm, Gretchen Sehnert, who wed Edward Dann, and Jill Sehnert, who wed William Henry, who both live in Jamesville.

Charles Julius Seidel and Elizabeth "Bessie" Stewart Seidel lived at 200 Maple Dr. by 1942.  Mr. Seidel was born 4-9-1908, and was a native of Castorland, NY.  He was a mechanical engineer and a sales manager for the U. S. Hoffman Corp.  He also worked for the Prosperity Co.  Later he owned the United Machinery Co.  Mr. Seidel  died in Syracuse on 11-10-1978.  Mrs. Seidel was born 2-11-1912, and died on 12-13-1981, in Syracuse.  She was a real estate agent, and a life resident of the  Syracuse area.  They had:  Janet May Seidel Lannon, who was born 1-9-1934, was a tax preparation accountant, and resided in Cream Ridge, NJ, before her death on 7-30-2007, Charles Seidel, Jr., who was born 1-9-1934, and died in Flint, MI, on 4-6-2006, Gene Oliver Seidel, who resided in Fort Lauderdale, before his death on 2-8-1991, Frederick A. Seidel, who died before 1997, John A.  Seidel, who was a mechanic for Syracuse Diesel and Electric, and lived in Syracuse until his death on 11-13-1997, and Henry S. Seidel, who was born in Syracuse about 1947, wed Marrilee McCormican about 1979, worked for Pepsi-Cola for 39 years, and lived in  North Syracuse at his death on 9-1-2011.

Robert Seidenberg and Faith April Seidenberg moved to 5111 Brockway Lane in 1957.  Dr. Seidenberg was a psychiatrist at University Hospital and a clinical professor of psychiatry at the Upstate Medical Center, and Mrs. Seidenberg is a lawyer.  Dr. Seidenberg wrote seven books.  One, "Corporate Wives, Corporate Casualties," explored the effect of corporate decisions on family lives and has been credited with changing the way many corporations transfer executives.  Dr. Seidenberg served with US Army Medical Corps during WWII.  He was the president of the local chapter of NOW, (National Organization for Women), from 1985 to 1987, and was the first male member of the national NOW group.  He died on 7-4-2010.  In 2005, Mrs. Seidenberg was recognized by the local chapter of the ACLU  with a lifetime achievement award for, "legal work as a champion of civil liberties and social justice."  She has practiced law for over 50 years.  Their children:  Dr. Dana April Seidenberg, who earned a doctorate from Syracuse University in 1979, married Kimani Gacheru, is an historian, and lives in Nairobi, Kenya, Laurie Brooke Seidenberg, who wed Kevin Moran, is an attorney in Laramie, WY, and Lisa Seidenberg.

Charlotte Dunford Sevier lived on Genesee St. by 1942.  She was the widow of John Caleb Sevier.  Mr. Sevier was born 11-15-1859, in Cheddar, Somerset, England.  He died 10-22-1937, in Marcellus.  Mr. Sevier was married first to Jane Harding, a native of England, who died in Phoenix, NY, in 1893, and, secondly, to Sarah Evans, who died in 1913, in Marcellus.  He married his third wife, Charlotte Dunford, on 8-6-1914, in Marcellus.  She was born 6-1-1868, in West Pennard, Somerset, England.  Charlotte Sevier died in Lyndon on 3-18-1952.  

Edward J. Shadd and Mabel Ritchie Shadd lived at 5 Lyndon Rd., near Lyndon Corners, by 1948.  Mr. Shadd was a native of Milwaukee, and owned and operated an upholstery shop.  He was president of the DeWitt Kiwanis Club.  Mr. Shadd retired in 1973, and moved to FL, where he died on 7-11-1975.  They had Edward J. Shadd, Jr., who attended Notre Dame University, wed Nancy I. Griffin on 1-23-1965, and lived in Fairport, NY. 

Edward B. Shay, Jr., and Esther Bibbens Shay lived on Genesee St. by 1942, and later lived at 233 Malverne St. in Syracuse.  He was a native of Ogdensburg and operated a service station in Lyndon.  Later, Mr. Shay was a radio transmitter engineer for WFBL radio in Syracuse.  His mother, Mrs. Bessie Green Shay, the widow of Edward Shay, Sr., lived with the couple until her death on 7-11-1943.  They had a daughter, Louise B. Shay. 

John A. Sheedy and Catherine Finan Sheedy lived at 15 Lyndon Rd. by 1960.  Mr. Sheedy served in WWI and then attended Syracuse University, graduating in 1923.  He began as a messenger and rose through the ranks to become the chairman of the board of the Marine Midland bank.  Mrs. Sheedy was born 7-22-1902, and was a lifetime resident of the area.  Mr. Sheedy retired on 12-31-1965, and died 6-11-1969, and Mrs. Sheedy died on 1-26-1989.  They had:  Kathleen M. Sheedy, who earned a master's degree from Fordham University, retired in 1991 after 25 years as a psychiatric social worker at Bellevue Hospital in NYC, and returned to DeWitt where she died on 1-14-2000, Janet Sheedy Munro, who wed Thomas H. Munro, and lives in Cazenovia, and Eileen Sheedy O'Connor, who wed Richard P. O'Connor, and lives in DeWitt.     

Chester P. Shelly and Margaret Neafie Shelly lived on Brockway Lane by 1960.  He was born 9-13-1915, and was a CPA with the Ernst & Ernst firm.  The family later moved to Louisville, KY.  Mr. Shelly died 10-7-2005.  They had:  Mary Shelly, Margaret Shelly, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1973, wed Barry P. Hunt, became a teacher, and lives in Divide, CO, and Christine Shelly.

George N. Sherboneau and Ildah Gunning Sherboneau lived at 312 Edwards Dr. by 1960.  They also lived part of the year in a cabin on Otisco Lake.  Mr. Sherboneau was a native of Gananoque, Ontario, Canada.  Mrs. Sherboneau, too, was a Canadian by birth, having been a native of New Brunswick.  While living in Lyndon Mr. Sherboneau was a manufacturers representative.  Later he worked for Strathmore Paints in Syracuse, retiring in 1975.  The couple moved to Liverpool about 1977.  Mr. Sherboneau died in a Minoa nursing home on 12-2-1991, at age 89, and Mrs. Sherboneau died on 10-23-1993, at age 98.  They had a daughter, Joyce Sherboneau Burson, who wed H. S. Burson, and lives in Jacksonville, FL.

Clark T. Shields and Ruth Millham Shields lived on Maple Dr. by 1948.  He was a sales engineer with the Carrier Corp.  Mr. Shields was born 8-4-1914, and died 3-18-1989.  They had:  Lynda Shields Scofield, who owns a lighting manufacturing company, and lives in Williamstown, MA, and Phyllis Shields.

Cora Van Alstine Shoemaker lived on Genesee St. by 1942.  Mrs. Shoemaker was born in Fayetteville on 3-12-1859, and was the widow of Charles Shoemaker, whom she wed about 1875.  Mrs. Shoemaker was stricken with pneumonia on her 90th birthday, and died on 3-24-1949.  Their children:  Sarah Shoemaker, born about 1876, and Cora Shoemaker, who was born in August, 1879.  Mrs. Shoemaker was the aunt of Gaylord Belding, and Hazel Belding Neider, who both lived in Lyndon. 

Albert B. Siewers and Caroline Boyd Siewers lived at 7 Lynacres Blvd. by 1930.  Dr. Siewers was born 9-10-1893, and was a native of Richmond, VA.  He graduated from the Medical College of Virginia in 1918.  Dr. Siewers came to Syracuse and maintained a psychiatric practice from 1921 until his death on 11-14-1956.  Dr. Siewers was a pioneer in the field of child psychiatry and he originated a Red Cross mental hygiene clinic which he conducted for many years.  Mrs. Siewers was born about 1893.  Their children:  Dr. Albert Siewers, Jr., who was born about 1922, and lived on Staten Island, NY, and Lawrence B. Siewers, who was born about 1925, wed Jean Armstrong, and lived in New Scotland, NY.

Lee King Simon and Jeanne White Simon lived at 302 Edwards Dr. by 1957.  He was born in NYC on 6-12-1930, and graduated from Syracuse University in 1950.  Mr. Simon also graduated from Columbia University and was an officer in the USA before becoming a stock broker.  Later he was in the electronics field.  Mr. Simon was residing in Wilmington, NC at his death on 7-1-2006.  It is thought that Mrs. Simon lives now in Naples, FL.  They had:  Deborah Jeanne Simon, Linda Simon Riggsbee, and Barbara Simon Page.

Cecil LaVell Sims and Gwendolyn Lucille Scofield Sims lived at 728 Maple Dr. by 1960, having lived previously at 206 Haddonfield Dr., in DeWitt.  Mr. Sims was the president of the Metal Pattern Shop and the Sims Matchplate Co.  On 1-12-1963, Mr. Sims was piloting a small aircraft near Warren, MI, when it crashed killing him and two passengers.  Mrs. Sims was born in Marshalltown, IA, and came to CNY during the War years.  She was residing at 328 Edwards Dr. in Lyndon at her death on 11-6-1968.  They had:  Robert L. Sims, who wed Doris Eddy, was the president of the family business, lived at 21 Wexford Rd. in DeWitt, but moved to CA by 1963, Richard D. Sims, who took over the family business, and resided in CNY until his death on 1-20-2005, and Raymond W. "Bill" Sims, who was born on 7-18-1930, graduated from Syracuse University in 1958, was in the USAF, wed Marilyn Ann Young on 9-19-1964, worked for the family firm and as an artist, and resided in Syracuse at his death on 6-12-1995, and Robert L. Sims, who was born on 9-19-19, lived in Lake Elsinor, CA, and died on 2-27-1997.  

George Allen Sisson and Mary Alice Reed Sisson lived at 48 Lynacres Blvd. by 1960, having lived previously at 13 Wexford Rd. in DeWitt.  Dr. Sisson graduated from medical school at Syracuse University in 1945, and was a physician in Syracuse.  Mrs. Sisson was also a graduate of Syracuse University and worked as a chemist before their marriage on 3-25-1944.  They moved to DeWitt from NYC, and after leaving CNY  they resided inWayne, IL, where Dr. Sisson taught medicine at the Northwestern University Medical School.  He also was a cancer surgeon and treated actor Yul Brynner during his final illness.  Dr. Sisson authored and co-authored more than 300 books, chapters, and journal articles.  The couple lived in Oak Brook, IL, at Dr. Sisson's death on 8-6-2006.  They had:  Marjorie Ann Sisson, who wed Jack A. Swelsted, Dr. George Sisson, Jr., who is an orthopaedic surgeon in Chicago, and Kathryn Alberta Sisson DuChene. 

Walter G. Slagle, Jr., and Patricia Prucha Slagle lived at 105 Kittell Rd. by 1960.  Mr. Slagle was born in Rochester in 1925 and was the co-owner of Slagle Brothers, a chain of four gas stations.  Later he was the city manager for the Avis rental car company.  Mr. Slagle's brother, Eugene Slagle, lived in DeWitt (see his entry in the DeWitt Registry).  Mr. Slagle was a lieutenant in the DeWitt Volunteer Fire Dept.  The couple divorced and Mr. Slagle wed Sharon Slagle, and still lives in Lyndon.  Mrs. Slagle wed Harvey E. Uline on 7-5-2004, and resides now in Montreal.  Walter and Patricia Slagle  had:  Peter Grant Slagle, Mark Eugene Slagle, James Caldwell Slagle, and Paul Heffner Slagle.

Kirkland Sloper and Josephine Sloper lived on Maple Dr. by 1955.  He was born 4-14-1911, and was the director of industrial relations for the Easy Washer Co.  Mr. Sloper died in August, 1978, while residing in Wilton, CT.  Their children:  David Sloper, who is a consultant for the Northrop Grumman Corp., and lives in Ellicott City, MD, Wayne Sloper, who is a real estate agent living in Glastonbury, CT, and Richard Sloper.   

Frederick J. Smingler and Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Watson Smingler lived at 100 Dewey Ave. by 1948, and at 112 York Rd. in DeWitt by 1955.  Mr. Smingler was born in Syracuse on 7-11-1905.  He was the personnel director at Pass and Seymour, Inc., at his retirement in 1970.  Mrs. Smingler was born on 8-3-1907, and earned a degree in library science from Syracuse University in 1931.  She worked as a librarian in Fayetteville and later for the Jamesville-DeWitt school district, where she organized the library in the newly opened Genesee Hills elementary school.  Mrs. Smingler was also instrumental in the planning and funding of the DeWitt public library, which was opened in 1961 in Shoppingtown.  In appreciation for her efforts, the library named its children's room in her honor.  The couple eventually lived on Nottingham Rd. between DeWitt and Jamesville. Mrs. Smingler died there on 3-18-1987, and Mr. Smingler soon moved to Auburn, NY, where he died on 6-29-1989.  They had:  David B. Smingler, who lived in Schenectady, NY.

Barney J. "B. J." Smith and Kathleen Estlack "Kay" Smith lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1951.  Mr. Smith was born on 9-23-1911, and was the chief power engineer for the Carrier Corp., and at Syracuse University.  The couple moved to the Jamesville area where they operated The Old Pine Snack Bar on Jamesville Rd. near Siawassa St.  They also lived for a period in El Cajon, CA, where they ran Barney's Cafe.  The Smiths resided in Matthews, NC, when Mr. Smith died on 10-25-1978.  Mrs. Smith was born in W. Farmington, OH, on 3-3-1909, and resided in Syracuse at her death on 1-2-2000.  They had:  Nancy Smith Craghead, who lived in Madison, OH.  Mrs. Smith had been married previously and had:  Richard C. Stocker, who lived in Clay, NY.

Donald H. Smith and Frances Morgan Smith lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1950.  Mr. Smith attended CCBI, (the Central City Business Institute), in Syracuse, and probably also attended Syracuse University.  Mrs. Smith was a secretary at Village Sales--a Chevrolet dealership--in Fayetteville.  They had a daughter born on 2-10-1952.

Irving I. Smith and Vera Donaghy Smith lived at 63 Ely Dr. by 1953.  Mr. Smith was the founder and president of a prominent wholesale liquor distributorship, S & K Wine and Liquor Corporation.  Mr. Smith began his career as one of the first five employees of Seagram Distilleries immediately after the end of prohibition.  He started in the mailroom and worked his way up to upstate New York sales manager.  During World War II, Mr. Smith served with distinction in the U.S. Army in Germany, Belgium and France.  He left Seagrams in 1951 in order to establish his own business.  While employed at Seagram's he met and married his first wife, Vera Donaghy Smith, who died in 1973.  In 1975, Mr. Smith married Barbara Roberts Smith.  They subsequently moved to Boca Raton, FL where Mr. Smith died 10-15-2006, at age 89.  The children of Irving and Vera Smith:  Leslie Smith Needham, born in October, 1942, and living now in Larchmont, NY, and James B. Smith. 

Maynard W. "Bud" Smith and Sara McEathron Smith lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park by about 1950, and later lived at 1700 W. Onondaga St. in Syracuse.  Mr. Smith was born in CT, but lived most of his life in CNY.  He was a barber when they lived in Utica, and was an egg salesman, while they lived in the Park.  Later, Mr. Smith became a real estate broker and owned the City Wide Real Estate Co. for 25 years.  Mrs. Smith was born about 1904, and the couple wed about 1926.  She worked as a nurse.  Mrs. Smith's mother, Mrs. Grace McEathron, who was born about 1881,and lived earlier in Gouverneur, resided with the couple by 1960.  Mr. Smith died 7-20-1980.  The Smiths had a daughter,  Marjorie "Ginger" Smith, who married Frederick "Fritz" Prill, and also lived in the Park.  (See the Prill listing above.)

Mary "Polly" Smith lived in the Knollwood section by 1942.  Miss Smith was born about 1881, and was a native of England.  She was a live-in maid for the A. L. Brockway family, having worked for them before 1920, when they lived on Comstock Ave. in Syracuse.

Rev. R. Emory Smith, Jr. and Barbara Smith lived at 219 Hobson Ave. by 1955.  Rev. Smith, was a native of Williamsport, PA, and was born about 1925.  He was a graduate of Bucknell University and the Boston University School of Theology.  He also studied in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Rev. Smith was the parish minister at the DeWitt Community Church, from 1954 to 1956, before pastoring Woodlawn Methodist Church for about three years.  He then srerved a Methodist church in Trumansburg, NY, for about four years.  The family returned to CNY, in 1963, as Rev. Smith became the pastor of the Rockefeller Memorial Church, in Syracuse.  They lived at 102 Ardsley Dr., in DeWitt.  On 10-12-1967, Rev. Smith, his wife, and their daughter, Janet, were killed instantly in a two car collision on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.  Their other two daughters were injured in the crash but recovered.  They had:  Beverly Smith, who was born about 1959, Janet Smith, who was born about 1961, and died 10-12-1967, and Marcia Sayer Davis, who was born about 1965, was raised by her maternal uncle, Edmund A. Sayer of Forked River, NJ, graduated from Hope College and earned a master’s degree in writing from Western Michigan University, works as a sales promotion editor for the Herman Miller Furniture Co., and wed William Alanson Holm in NYC on 4-18-2008. 

Thomas W. Smith and Kathryn Dailey Smith lived at 209 Kittell Rd. by 1948, and later lived at 8 Marvelle Rd., and in Presidential Plaza in downtown Syracuse.  Mr. Smith was born about 1906, and was a native of Saluda, SC.  He graduated from Clemson University in 1928, and came to Syracuse, where his uncle, C. P. Smith, had purchased the Addis Co.--an upscale women's store.  Mr. Smith became store president when his uncle died in 1948.  He served three terms as the president of the Chamber of Commerce, and was on the board of the Salvation Army and numerous other civic and charitable groups.  Mrs. Smith was a native of Pittston, PA, but came to Syracuse and met and married Mr. Smith in 1931.  Mrs. Smith died 1-12-1971, and Mr. Smith died about six weeks later, on 2-27-1971. 

William B. Smithers and F. Mae Lank Smithers lived at 29 Lyndon Rd. by 1948.  Mr. Smithers was born about 1902, in Baltimore, and grew up in Washington, DC.  He was a graduate of Southeastern University in DC.  Mrs. Smithers was born 8-1-1907, and the couple wed about 1929.  In 1938, Mr. Smithers joined the Rollway Bearing Co. and eventually became the firm's vice-president and general manager.  About 1956, the family moved to Alexandria, VA, where Mr. Smithers became treasurer of the Lank Woodwork Co.  He died there on 1-20-1983.  Mrs. Smithers died in 2002, at age 95.  Their children:  Joan Smithers, who married James Postlethwait, and lives in Morristown, NY, Lt. William Smithers, who was a graduate of Syracuse University in 1955, and was killed with three others near Laredo, TX, on 9-26-1956, while engaged in USAF pilot training, Emmy Lou Smithers Rotenizer, who lived in Galax, VA, and John Smithers, who lived in Alexandria.

Morey Parker Snell and Vera Coon Snell lived at 35 Ely Dr., having moved there from the Genesee Hills section of DeWitt in 1952.  He was a native of Syracuse and was born 9-29-1899.  Mrs. Snell was born about 1896, and the couple wed about 1920.  He worked as a service clerk for an automobile dealer and later as a foreman with the Easy Washer Machine Corp.  Mrs. Snell was born in Homer, and worked as a medical secretary in the office of Dr. Winthrop Pennock in the Medical Arts Building in Syracuse.  The Snells moved to FL in 1967, and Mrs. Snell died in Largo on 11-12-1968.  Mr. Snell died on 1-25-1989, while residing in Seminole.

Leo F. Snook and Jeanne Fay Snook lived at the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1951.  Mr. Snook was born on 2-27-1925, and was an assembly line worker at the Crouse Hinds Co.  Mrs. Snook was born on 4-18-1922, and the couple wed about 1943.  She worked at Bristol Labs and Rothchild's drug store.  Mrs. Snook died 4-21-2000, and Mr. Snook resides in Sebastien, FL. They had:  Lynn Snook Kohut, who lived in East Syracuse, and James Snook, who lived in Liverpool.

Marcel Sot and Carmen Sot lived on Dewey Ave. by 1942.  Mr. Sot was born 3-26-1903.  He was a hair dresser and operated his own shop.   Mrs. Sot was active in USA-French relief work during WWII, and was also a hairdresser.   Mr. Sot was residing in Europe at his death in March, 1982.   

John Van Duyn Southworth and Martha Collins Southworth lived at 6 Ely Dr.  Mr. Southworth was born 6-5-1904, in Syracuse.  Mr. Southworth graduated from Harvard and earned his MA from Columbia.  He was a teacher for a few years but soon turned to writing.  He was a prolific author, writing radio scripts for the "Cavalcade of America" series and movie scripts for Encyclopedia Britannica films.  He also produced 30 books of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, dealing with history and naval affairs.  He collaborated with his mother, Gertrude Van Duyn Southworth, in some of the earlier books.  Mr. Southworth was the creator of the United Nations motto, "That Man May Solve Their Problems With Their Minds."  Mrs. Southworth was born in Brooklyn in 1907.  She graduated from Kent Place School, in Summit, N.J., and attended Wellesley College.  Mrs. Southworth died 1-7-1968.  On 12-21-1968, Mr. Southworth married  Alice Keegan Barber, the widow of Lyman Wescott Barber.  She was the recently retired editor of the women's department of the Syracuse Post-Standard newspaper.  Mrs. Southworth was killed, and Mr. Southworth seriously injured, in an automobile accident on 8-31-1973.  The accident was caused by a drunken driver who less than two weeks earlier had pleaded guilty to two other charges of driving while intoxicated.  The circumstances concerning the incident prompted much publicity and was partly responsible for changes in the law dealing with intoxicated drivers.  Mr. Southworth moved to Tampa, FL, by 1976, but later returned to central NY.  He became a patient at the Van Duyn Home and Hospital on Onondaga Hill--a facility named for his grandfather, Dr. John Van Duyn--and died there on 2-16-1986.  The children of J. V. D. and Martha Southworth:  John V. D. Southworth, Jr., who graduated from the US Naval Academy, was an engineer at the Carrier Corp., and lived in Cazenovia until his death on 9-16-1999, Edward Franklin Southworth, II, who resided in Las Cruces, NM, at his death on 12-6-1995, and Joan Southworth, who wed Warren A. Sedlacek, and lives in Deerfield IL.

John Alexander Sova lived on Miles Ave. by 1942.  He lived earlier in the University section of Syracuse.  Mr. Sova was born in February, 1871, and worked as a carpenter, and contractor.  While in Lyndon, he was a widower, having been married about 1896 to Nettie M. Sova.  Mrs. Sova was born in May, 1872, and probably died in the 1920's.  She had been wed previously and had a daughter, Hazel Howard Krebs who was born about 1892.  Mr. Sova moved to Lakeland, FL in 1951, and died there on 1-2-1952.  Mr. and Mrs. Sova had a son, John Wells Sova, who was born 3-31-1899, married Florence Helen Fritzen about 1941, and lived in Taunton.  

Margaret Theresa Spadter lived at 203 Kittell Rd. by 1948, and at 102 Dewey Ave. by 1960.  She was born in 1930, and was a hairdresser at Flah's department store in Shoppingtown, DeWitt.  She wed Stephen Panchision on 11-25-1950.  He was born on 1-14-1918, worked in the mailroom at the Syracuse Herald-Journal newspaper, and lived in Liverpool at his death on 6-4-1993.  It is believed that Mr. and Mrs. Panchision divorced before 1958.

Omar Norman Spain and Nancy Willis Spain lived at 101 Dewey Ave. by 1960.  He was born 5-2-1913, and was a native of KY.  Mr. Spain was a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, class of 1935, and RPI.  He was a retired  Commander with the USN reserves.  Before coming to Syracuse, Mr. Spain was facilities manager of the Stanford Research Center in Palo Alto, CA.  In Syracuse, Mr. Spain became the general manager of the Pass & Seymour Co.  He died on 8-17-1967, while residing in Skaneateles.  They had:  a daughter who wed Richard N. Collins of San Jose, CA, John O. Spain, Thomas W. Spain, James S. Spain, and Norman M. Spain.

Arthur M. Speers and Lillian Holzer Speers lived at 38 Ely Dr. by 1953.  He was a partner in the Barlow advertising agency, and later was a financial consultant.  Mr. Speers was born 9-29-1907, in Clayville, NY, and died 12-18-1969. They had:  Gerald "Gary" Speers, who was born 6-9-1938, served as a fire commissioner for the DeWitt Volunteer Fire Dept., and was a construction executive in Clearwater, FL, at his death on 12-15-2006.

Anthony V. Stabile and Edna Mae Levie Stabile lived at 313 Edwards Dr., having been the first to occupy the  home.  Mrs. Stabile was born 6-8-1918, and was a native of Long Island.  Mr. Stabile was born 10-26-1904, and was raised in Syracuse.  He graduated from Syracuse University in 1928.  He later attended medical school and served in WWII.  After the War, Dr. Stabile was a psychiatrist at the VA hospital in Syracuse until his retirement.  He died in February, 1976, and Mrs. Stabile died in March, 1977.  They had two sons, Wayne A. Stabile, who was born in September, 1951, and lived in the Miami area, and Richard Stabile.

Harry E. Stafford and Kathryn Stafford lived at the corner of Hobson and Dewey Aves. by 1930.  He was born about 1904, and worked as assistant superintendent of the Precision Castings Co.  Mrs. Stafford was born about 1905, in MT, and the couple wed in 1923.  At some point, they divorced and Mrs. Stafford returned to MT.  By 1963, she had wed a Mr. Kirkpatrick, and was living in White Sulphur Springs, MT.  Mr. Stafford married Dorothy Stafford but they separated and she lived in Manlius.  Harry and Kathryn Stafford had:  Raymond H. "Jerry" Stafford, who was born in 1924, was awarded the Bronze Star for his service in WWII, married Jeanne Dennington, worked on a Montana ranch, contracted Multiple Sclerosis, lived with his father by 1948, and died on 6-1-1963, at the age of 39.

Joseph G. Stafford and Frances Dwyer Stafford lived on Maple Dr. by 1954.  Mr. Stafford was born on 1-9-1914, and was a dairy serviceman and process engineer for the Dietrich Supply Co.  He died on 1-24-1997, while residing in Richmond, VA.  They had:  Jane Stafford and Joseph Stafford, Jr.  

David B. Stark and Reta Stark lived on Woodside Rd. by 1960.  Dr. Stark was a native of Toronto.  He practiced medicine for more than 30 years in Syracuse and taught at the Upstate Medical Center.  Dr. Stark was residing in Annapolis, MD, at his death on 7-15-1994.  They had:  Virginia Stark, Barbara Stark, Sarah Stark, and Douglas Stark.   

Edwin H. Stebbins and Marjorie Ann Neveldine Stebbins lived on Montgomery St. by 1960.  Mr. Stebbins served with the USA in Korea and attended LeMoyne College.  They were married in August, 1958.  He was a storekeeper at the Solvay Process Co.  Mrs. Stebbins worked at the Carrier Corp.  His parents also lived on Montgomery Rd.  (see listing below).  They had:  Craig Stebbins.

Floyd E. Stebbins and Sibilla "Bea" Feldmann Stebbins lived on Montgomery Rd. by 1960.  Mr. Stebbins was born on 11-16-1908.  As a young man he worked as a farm laborer and later was a crane operator at the Solvay Process Co.  Mrs. Stebbins was a native of South Onondaga and was born 7-9-1909,  She lived in the Syracuse area most of her life, and was married about 1929.   Mr. Stebbins died in August, 1972, and Mrs. Stebbins died on 4-27-1995.  They had:  Edwin H. Stebbins (see above listing), Charles E. Stebbins, who was born about 1934, retired in 1991 as a production controller at the General Electric Co., and lives in East Syracuse, and Wayne Stebbins, who resided in Canastota, NY, before his death on 3-5-1987.

Harvey Steinman and Leda Steinman lived at 200 Kittell Rd. by 1953.  Mr. Steinman was born 11-21-1921, and worked for the Sundure Paint Corp.  Mrs. Steinman was born 12-19-1923.  The couple later lived in the Rochester area, where Mrs. Steinman died on 11-7-1992, and Mr. Steinman died on 1-7-1998.  They had:  Mark Steinman, and Charles D. Steinman, who graduated from law school at Syracuse University in 1974, and is an attorney living in Fairport, NY.

Walter H. Steitler and Mary Elizabeth "Beth" Parsons Steitler lived at 5150 Brockway Lane by 1960.  Mr. Steitler was born 2-14-1914.  He joined the Carrier Corp. in 1934 and progressed to vice-president of marketing, and in 1960 was made president of Carrier International.  The couple moved to Hendersonville, NC, and were residing there when Mr. Steitler died in July, 1982, and  Mrs. Steitler died on 10-19-2006, at age 92.  They had: Patricia Ann Steitler, who attended the University of Miami, Ohio, and wed Robert Clark Evans on 8-24-1963, Susan Steitler,  who married her Jamesville-DeWitt classmate, John K. Rogers, and lives in Humble, TX, Robert Steitler, who is an engineer for Westinghouse, and lives in Aiken, SC, and Thomas Steitler.       

Margaret R. Stewart lived at 31 Ely Dr. by 1960.  She was the widow of Dr. Samuel Stewart.  She died 1-15-1972.   Mrs. Stewart shared her home with her nephew, Carl Kelly, and his daughter Doris.  He was born about 1920, and worked in the export division of the Porter-Cable Corp.  His daughter, Doris Kelly, worked at the NY State Motor Vehicle Bureau.  Mrs. Stewart had a daughter who married Albert Harris and lived in Cincinnati.

Thomas J. Stirton and Eleanor L. Stirton lived at 350  Edwards Dr., having moved to the home in late 1955, from Chicago.  The couple later returned to IL and resided in Barrington.  It is believed that Mr. Stirton died 10-25-1989, in IL, and that Mrs. Stirton now lives in West Palm Beach, FL.  They had four daughters:  Sheila Stirton Gillam, who was married to Christopher Giouhlameti (Gillam) and lives now in the Washington, DC, area, Linda Stirton Vermillion, who graduated from Upsala College, wed Gordon Vermillion on 8-21-1965, and resides in Kinston, NC, and twins, Diane Stirton and Barbara Stirton.

Robert Lee Stockdale and Shirley Judd Stockdale lived on Maple Dr. by 1953.  They later moved to Baldwinsville. Mr. Stockdale worked at WAGE radio in Syracuse, Doug Johnson Associates, a public relations firm in Syracuse, and was the owner and general manager of WSEN radio in Baldwinsville.  He retired from the American Cancer Society as director of computer operations.  Mrs. Stockdale was born about 1922, and was the sister of Leslie Judd, Jr., who also lived on Maple Dr., (see the Judd entry).   Mr. Stockdale is a noted record collector, and has written two books about the Dorsey brother's orchestras.   Their childen:  Roger Leslie Stockdale, who married Kathie Stockdale, and lives in Columbus, OH,  Kenneth Stockdale, who wed Diane Stockdale, and lives in North Syracuse, and Terry Lynn Stockdale, who wed Ronald Jones, and lives in Phoenix, NY.  

Arthur R. Stone and Elizabeth Ann Sayres Stone lived on Knollwood Rd. by 1955.  Mr. Stone was  born in Bedford, IN, but lived in the Manlius area for many years.  He held various executive positions with Stone Manufacturing Co., and the Kaiser Corp.  The couple is thought to have divorced about 1960, and Mr. Stone wed Emily Stone.  At his death, on 2-28-1988, he was an executive with the W. J. Savage Co. and had resided in Knoxville, TN, for three years.  Arthur and Elizabeth Stone had:  Arthur F. Stone, who was a military officer, and Wendy Ann Stone, who lived in Everett, MA. 

Sayles Edwin Stone and Hazel Cramer Stone lived at 2 Ely Dr. by 1951.  Mr. Stone was born on 6-23-1894, in Morrisville, NY, and was an Army officer during WWI.  He attended Morrisville State College and lived most of his life in the Syracuse area.  Mr. Stone was a co-founder, (in 1929), and owner of Stone Brothers Pattern and Model Co., at 400 W. Taylor St., Syracuse.  He died 5-16-1992, at age 97.

Harold E. Stowell and Mabel C. Stowell lived on Maple Dr. by 1942.  He was born on 4-3-1892, and was a Chrysler- Plymouth dealer in Fayetteville.  In 1948, Mr. Stowell secured the Buick dealership in Massena, and the couple moved there.  He sold this franchise in 1955, and they moved to St. Petersburg, FL.  Mrs. Stowell was born on 2-4-1891, and died in May, 1970.  Mr. Stowell died in August, 1975.  They had a daughter who wed Daniel Shults, and lived in FL.

Hubert C. "Jock" Stratton and Margaret Munro Stratton lived at 27 Lyndon Rd., having moved in on a memorable day, 12-7-1941.  Mr. Stratton was a native of Oxford, NY, and graduated from Syracuse University's College of Law in 1926.  As an undergraduate, Mr. Stratton was a member of the varsity crew team.  He was a senior partner with the firm of Bond, Schoeneck, and King, and practiced law for 53 years.  Mr. Stratton served as the first president of the Jamesville-DeWitt school board.  He was also instrumental in the founding of the DeWitt police department, and served as police commissioner for the Town.  Mrs. Stratton was a native of Camillus, and a descendant of President James Monroe.  She was an artist of note and a co-founder of the annual art show held at DeWitt Community Church.  Mrs. Stratton specialized in acrylic and oil paintings, especially of landscapes.  She served many years as a den mother for the Lyndon Cub Scouts.  Mr. Stratton died on 4-10-1978, and Mrs. Stratton subsequently married Fraiser McLennan.  Mr. McLennan was a bachelor that Mrs. Stratton had known since high school.  He died in 1989.  Mrs. Stratton-McLennan died on 5-22-1995. The children of Hubert and Margaret Stratton:  David M. Stratton, who was born about 1937, and lives on Wexford Rd. in DeWitt, Marcia M. Stratton, who was born about 1939, graduated from Cortland State University, taught school, wed Vincent M. Reale, and a Mr. Stapleton, and lived in Carlsbad, CA,  Dr. Richard M. Stratton, who is a physician residing in Gilbert, AZ, and James H. Stratton, who lived in Lyndon until moving to Greensboro, NC, in 2004.  

Gerald F. Strickland and Edna R. Strickland lived on Knollwood Rd. by 1951.  Mr. Strickland owned Strickland Motors--a Pontiac dealership.  He also owned several thoroughbred race horses, and was the developer of the Camillus Hills neighborhood.  At his death on 6-21-1983, Mr. Strickland was living in Camillus and was married to Morah Castor Strickland, a native of Redfield, NY, who had been his former secretary.  The second Mrs. Strickland died on 2-20-1993.  Gerald and Edna Strickland had:  Richard G. Strickland, who attended the University of Maryland, and lived in Canandaigua, NY, Wendell D. Strickland, who lived in Camillus, and Jean Strickland Powell Lattimer, who resided in Fernandina Beach, FL.

Agnes Tubbert Strodel lived at 17 Lynacres Blvd. by 1955.  Mrs. Strodel was the widow of Edward J. Strodel, who died 4-24-1954. Mr. Strodel had been the president of the Genesee Distrbuting Co.  Mrs. Strodel died on 4-29-1956.  Their children:  William F. Strodel, Edward Strodel, Jr., Robert T. Strodel, James A. Strodel, Joseph D. Strodel, Jane M. Strodel, who wed Robert W. Sexton, and another daughter who became Sister Ann Margaret, of St. Mary's Convent in Little Falls, NY. 

Henry Glover Strong and Mary Floretta Lavigne Strong lived at 133 Edwards Dr. by 1951.  Mr. Strong was born in Louisville, KY, about 1891, and came to the Syracuse area in 1944.  He was a 1914 graduate of the University of Kentucky, and served in Europe in WWII with the Corps of Engineers.  Mr. Strong joined the Carrier Corp. in 1926, and retired in 1952 as product manager. He was a member of the Jamesville-DeWitt board of education, and president of the Lyndon Community Association.  Mr. Strong was also an amateur magician and entertained kids in the neighborhood with his sleight of hand tricks.  Mrs. Strong was a native of New Brunswick, Canada, and was raised in Bangor, ME.  She won numerous golf championships.  They retired to FL, in 1964, and Mrs. Strong died in Vero Beach on 9-23-1965.  Mr. Strong later married Jean Strong.  He lived in Pensacola at his death on 11-10-1983, at age 92.  Henry and Mary Strong had:  Robert H. Strong, who lived in DeWitt, and Gertude Ann Strong, who graduated from Michigan State University in 1947, wed Robert Paul Gocke, 12-20-1947, and lived in Bath, NC.

Walter I. Strong and Vera Slack Strong lived at 141 Edwards Dr. by 1960.  He was born 8-23-1917 in Brookline, MA.  In 1941 he graduated from Clarkson with a degree in civil engineering.  Mr. Strong was a veteran of WWII and he and Mrs. Strong wed on 9-5-1942, at Ft. Bragg, NC.  He stayed active in the USA reserve and rose to the rank of colonel.  While in Lyndon, Mr. Strong worked as an engineer for the General Electric Corp.  He died 12-28-2004, in Northfield, VT.  Their children:  Kenneth Strong, Carol Strong, Dana Strong, and Janet Strong.

George Seeber Sullivan and Marian "Mickey" McIntyre Sullivan lived at 11 Lynacres Blvd. by 1951, having lived earlier at 409 Brooklea Dr. in Fayetteville.  Mr. Sullivan was born in Syracuse and grew up in the Kirk Park area.  He attended Colgate University for two years before graduating from the Albany Law School in 1935.  The next year he joined the firm of MacKenzie, Smith, Lewis, Michell, and Hughes--where he spent his entire career.  Mr. Sullivan specialized in labor law, and In 1965 he was elected president of the Syracuse Transit Co., a post he held until 1972.  At some point the couple divorced, and Mr. Sullivan was married to Eleanor Case Sullivan at his death in Stuart, FL. on 3-12-1990.  Mrs. Marian Sullivan died in Scottsdale, AZ, on 11-22-2007.  The children of George and Marian Sullivan:  George "Jerry" Sullivan, Jr., who married Mary Taylor, graduated from Dartmouth and Syracuse University's law school, lives in Germantown, TN, and is an attorney and owner of an industrial firm, Nancy Sullivan Rozak, who graduated from the University of Wisconsin, married Jerome Rozak and resides in Durham, NC, Douglas H. Sullivan, who resided in Liverpool, NY, before his death on 5-20-2005, and Daniel M. Sullivan, who graduated from Colgate University in 1970, completed a Master's at the University of Maine, has been involved in special education as a teacher and administrator since 1975, and lives in Auburn, ME.

Leon E. Sutton and Ruth Crawford Farrington Sutton lived on Maple Dr. by 1948, then bought a newly constructed home at 53 Ely Dr. in 1953, that was built by Harry Lane.  The Suttons were married on 9-24-1918.  Mr. Sutton was a native of Corning, NY, and earned a bachelor's degree from Syracuse University in 1917, and their MD degree two years later.  Dr. Sutton specialized in plastic surgery and taught at the Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse.  He also spent five years in China teaching nursing procedures.  The couple left Ely Dr. in 1957, and moved to 403 Sycamore Terrace in DeWitt.  Mrs. Sutton died 11-3-1969.  Dr. Sutton had moved to Cranberry Lake, NY, when he died in a car accident on 1-19-1982.  Their children:  Richard W. Sutton, who was a purchasing agent at the Atlantic Tug Co., and lives in Finsburg, MD, Mrs. George Reynolds of Cranberry Lake, and Mrs. Chester Henshaw of Palm Bay, FL.  Wilson D. Sutton lived with the couple by 1948, but his relationship to the family is unknown.

William Ira Sutton and Eran Karr Sutton lived at 61 Lynacres Blvd. by 1960.  Mr. Sutton was a native of Smithfield, PA, and graduated from Penn State University.  He joined the Equitable Life Assurance Society in 1939, and was a district manager for them in Erie, PA.  In 1958, Mr. Sutton was promoted to a similar position in Syracuse.  Mrs. Sutton is thought to have been a native of NYC, and was born about 1916.  The couple was wed on 4-10-1944, at the famous Little Church Around the Corner, in NYC.  Mrs. Sutton died in Lyndon on 10-27-1960.  Mr. Sutton is believed to have died on 7-28-2003, while residing in Charlotte, NC.  They had:  Peter Sutton, and Pamela Sutton.

George F. Swartz and Laura  Ebensperger Swartz lived at 28 Ely Dr., having arrived on Halloween Night, 1951.  Mr. Swartz was a 1925 graduate of Colgate University, thus establishing a family tradition, as both his sons also graduated from Colgate--George in 1956, and Robert in 1961.  Before arriving in Lyndon, the family lived in Basking Ridge, NJ, where Mr. Swartz was a senior marketing executive and Assistant to the President of Textron, Inc.  He worked in the Empire State Building in New York City for ten years.  While living in Lyndon, Mr. Swartz was vice-president of the Barlow advertising firm and later the vice-president of the Conlin, Labs, and Beebe advertising agency.  He was also active in Syracuse community organizations including executive positions with charitable fund raising drives and was the president of the American Marketing Association of Central New York.  Mrs. Swartz was the credit manager for Wells and Coverly, an upscale Syracuse store.  Mr. Swartz died 4-5-1988 in NJ.  Their children:  George Swartz, Jr., who wed Joanne Marie Vella, who was also a resident of Ely Dr., (see the Vella listing below), and Robert Swartz, who is a Defense Department official, and lives in Reston, VA.   

Howard V. Swartz and Olive Eddy Croucher Swartz lived on Maple Dr. by 1946.  Mr. Swartz graduated in 1913 from the University of Florida.  He then served in WWI with the Army's Air Service.  Mr. Swartz was a Certified Public Accountant.  Mrs. Swartz was born 7-10-1892, and was a native of Wilmington, DE.  She graduated from Wellesley College in 1914, and died on 10-28-1995, while residing in Murrysville, PA.  She was 103.  They had:  Ann Reed Swartz, who graduated from Columbia University with a degree in architecture, married Dr. Richard H. Wiswall, a chemist, in 1946, and lived in Mt. Sinai, NY, Katherine Eddy Swartz, who married Amos Jefferson Penfield, of NYC, (see their listing above), and John C. Swartz, who was a researcher at Syracuse University, and later lived in Pittsburgh.

Earl Leroy Swetman and Doris Miller Swetman lived at 205 Kittell Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Swetman was born on 6-7-1913, in Canada.  He was born to American parents and was thus an American citizen, and served in Wales during WWII.  Mrs. Swetman was born in 1909, and the couple wed about 1940.  Before the War, Mr. Swtman was the grocery manager for the A&P store at 225 E. Fayette St. in Syracuse.  At some point the couple moved to FL, and were living in Ft. Lauderdale at Mr. Swetman's death on 3-3-1976.  It is believed that by his death he was married to Jacqueline H. Nickles, who was born about 1925.

Everett H. Swett and Esther T. Swett lived at 16 Lynacres Blvd. by 1953, and later moved to Florida.  Mr. Swett was born 9-30-1915, and was a packaging engineer for the Container Corporation of America.  Mrs. Swett was born on 11-10-1916, and died in December, 1988.   Mr. Swett died 8-29-1995, while residing in Ormond Beach, FL.  They had:  Richard W. Swett, who is a banking executive in Pittsburg, PA,  Jay T. Swett, who lives in Charlottesville, VA, and William E. Swett.

Dyer Beeler Talley and Esther Antoinette Stuck Talley lived at 8 Lynacres Blvd. by 1942.  Dr. Talley was born 1-24-1888, in  Bessemer, AL, and came to Syracuse as a child.   After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania's dental school in 1911, he returned to Syracuse and became associated with his father's dental practice.  The Talleys were wed on 2-18-1914.  After his father's death in 1919, Dr. Talley continued the practice alone.  He died in May, 1967.  Their children:  Gertrude Antoinette Talley, Jacqueline Dyer Talley, and Dyer Stuck Talley, who attended Dartmouth College, and served in WWII as a Marine Corps radio operator on Okinawa.

William D. Tarbet and Mary Amato Tarbet lived at 216 Kittell Rd. by 1960.  He was a native of Texas and was born 1-1-1926.  Mr. Tarbet was a USN veteran of WWII and came to the Syracuse area following the War.  Mr. Tarbet was president of Mica Distributors Inc., of 215 4th North Street, for 35 years.  He died on 8-30-1985.  Mrs. Tarbet is believed to be residing now in W. Palm Beach, FL.  They had:  William Tarbet, Jr., who wed Ann M. Tarbet and lived in Manlius, and Karen E. Tarbet, who lives in Liverpool. 

Claude A. Taylor and Elizabeth Wheeler Taylor lived at 602 Maple Dr. by 1942, and later resided in Jamesville.  Mr. Taylor was born in Bridgeport, NY, about 1883, and was a yard clerk and foreman for the DL & W railroad.  Mrs. Taylor was an assembler at the L. C. Smith Co.  Mr. Taylor died on 1-14-1980.

Culver Dawson Taylor and Mary Allen Taylor lived at 203 Kittell Rd. by 1960.  Mr. Taylor graduated from Syracuse University in 1952.  He was a manufacturer's representative and is now  the president of C. D. Taylor Associates. The couple later moved to 33 Ely Dr. in Lyndon.  They had:  Douglas Taylor, and Susan Taylor.

Herbert William Taylor and Elizabeth Emack Taylor lived at 35 Lynacres Blvd. by 1960.  Dr. Taylor was born in  Haverford, PA.  He graduated from Haverford College and the University of Pennsylvania and received a doctorate in chemistry from Rutgers University.  The Taylors were married about 1942.  Dr. Taylor retired in 1981, after 30 years as a patent agent for Bristol Myers Co.  He died 9-28-2002.  Their children:  Herbert W. Taylor, III, who died in 1985, Elizabeth "Betsy" Taylor Jackson, who lived in Needham, MA, and Ann Taylor Brown, of Austin, TX. 

Hugh W. Taylor and Christine Cobb Taylor lived on Genesee St. by 1942, and at the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1951.  Mr. Taylor was born about 1917, in Fenton, NY.  He was a machinist and tool maker for the Continental Can Co., the General Electric, and, at his retirement, for the Crouse-Hinds Co.  The couple wed about 1941.  They were residing in North Syracuse at Mr. Taylor's death on 8-24-2007.  They had:  Lynn Taylor, who wed Mary Beth Taylor, and Nancy Taylor, who married Shane Wolven.

Raymond R. Tedford and Dolores MacMillan Tedford lived at the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1960, after having lived at 113 Mechanic St. in Fayetteville by 1955.  Mrs. Tedford worked for the Syracuse China Corp. and Mr. Tedford was a spray painter for the Easy Washer Co.

Alfred McKinley Terhune and Annabelle Burdick Terhune lived on Maple Dr. by 1942, and subsequently lived in Skaneateles.  Dr. Terhune was born on 7-16-1899, in Newark, NJ, and graduated from Harvard University.  He received a master of arts degree from Syracuse University, and earned his doctorate from Cambridge University in England.  Dr. Terhune was a professor of English literature at Syracuse University for 35 years, retiring in 1965.  Mrs. Terhune, a native of Bellevue, PA, was born 11-11-1903, and the couple married in 1929.  She was a graduate of the University of Michigan and received her masters at Columbia University.  Mrs. Terhune taught at the University of Pittsburgh.  The couple worked together for 30 years, including seven years in Cambridge, England, on an award-winning four volume work that organized the letters of the English poet and translator, Edward FitzGerald.  Prof. Terhune died on 12-20-1975.  Mrs. Terhune went on to complete the research they began together, and Princeton University Press published the books in 1981.  Mrs. Terhune died on 6-24-1986.   

Evert J. Thompson and Helen Koford Thompson lived at the corner of Dewey Ave. and Genesee St. by 1948.  They later moved to 174 Canterbury Dr. in DeWitt.  Mr. Thompson was born in Albany on 7-10-1907.  Mrs. Thompson was a graduate of the Syracuse University College of Fine Arts.  In 1952 they operated the Kountry Kitchen diner at the corner of Dewey Ave. and Genesee St.  Mr. Thompson later became the school lunch manager for the Jamesville-DeWitt school district.  During the 1960's, Mrs. Thompson was manager of the cafeteria at Christian Brothers Academy in DeWitt.  Mr. Thompson died on 6-26-1972.  Mrs. Thompson lived on  Salt Springs Rd. in Fayetteville before moving to Spruce Pine, NC, where she died on 11-7-1990.  They had: John J. Thompson, of Spruce Pine. 

Thomas Thompson and Viva Cline Thompson lived on the Lyndon Farms estate of Ernest White on Genesee St. by 1948.  Mr. Thompson was born about 1887 in Norway.  He earlier was a banker, but was a butler while working on the White property.  Mrs. Thompson was born about 1883, and the couple wed about 1909.  She was a clerk in the Brooklyn Navy Yard during WWI, and later worked for a Syracuse hotel.  She died 3-15-1968, while the couple lived at 200 Belle Ave. in Syracuse.  Mr. Thompson died on 11-19-1968.  Mr. Thompson's sister, Miss Sarah Thompson, also a native of Norway, lived on the estate by 1942, and was a cook and housekeeper.  She resided at 750 E. Brighton Ave. in Syracuse at her death on 11-21-1980, at age 88.  

Theodore E. Thuma and Genevieve Eastman Thuma lived at 217 Kittell Rd. by 1960, having lived previously in Lynchburg, VA.   Mr. Thuma was an engineer at the General Electric Co.  Mrs. Thuma was very active in amateur theater.  They still live in Lyndon.  Their children:  Holly Thuma, and Judy Thuma.  

Donald L. Tiffany and Marie-Louise Chase Tiffany lived at 59 Ely Dr. in 1952.  He was a 1943 graduate of Colgate University and was a life resident of the Syracuse area.  He was a vice president and financial consultant with the Smith Barney Co.  He began his career with Cyrus Eaton Co. in Cleveland, Ohio, and joined Loeb Rhoades Co. in 1948. That company later became Smith Barney Co.  Mrs. Tiffany grew-up at Highfields, her family's estate on Highbridge Rd., between Lyndon and Manlius, and the couple lived there after leaving Ely Dr.  Mrs. Tiffany was a graduate of the Goodyear Burlingame School of Syracuse and the Madeira School, Fairfax, VA.  She attended The Geneva College for Women in Geneva, Switzerland.  They were married 3-8-1952.  Mr. Tiffany died 1-11-1996, and Mrs. Tiffany died 7-25-2005.

William A. Tillman and Eunice Mills Tillman lived on Burt Lane by 1960.  Mr. Tillman was born on 1-11-1920, in Watkins Glen, NY, and graduated from Syracuse University.  He was a veteran of WWII, and worked 25 years as an engineer for the General Electric Co.  The couple wed about 1943.  Mr. Tillman died on 4-4-2000.  They had:  Linda Tillman, who lives in Los Angeles, and William Tillman, III, of Baldwinsville, NY.

Alfred Edward Tily and Harriet Cross Tily lived on Genesee St. by the mid 1940's, and later moved to 100 Miles Ave.  Mr. Tily was a Syracuse native and lived in Fayetteville for 50 years.  He owned and operated Tily Dairy for 35 years prior to his retirement in 1964.  Mrs. Tily assisted in the operation of the family business and also worked in the cafeteria at Jamesville-DeWitt high school and for Peter's IGA grocery store. The couple helped raise nine foster children, in addition to six children of their own.  Mr. Tily died 6-18-1997, and Mrs. Tily died 11-23-1997.  The Tilys were married 67 years, and were survived by 30 grandchildren and 50 great-grandchildren.  Their children:  Leon R. Tily, who also lived in Lyndon, (see below), John E. Tily, who married Constantina "Connie" Tily, worked as a farmer and school bus driver, and lives in Jamesville, Sally Jane Tily Knapp, who wed Robert Oliver Knapp on 7-12-1958, and lives in Manlius, Laura Joan Tily LaSure, who wed Reginal LaSure, and lives in Tucson, AZ, Susan Tily, who wed Richard Fillinger, and lives in Pompey, and William Tily, who wed Mary Smith, a schoolmate of his at Jamesville-DeWitt High School, on 9-12-1961, worked for Unisys, Inc., and lives in Marietta, GA.

Leon R. "Lee" Tily and Joyce Parks Tily lived on Miles Ave. by 1955.  Mr. Tily was born on 3-29-1933.  He served in the USAF before the couple wed on 1-3-1954.  Mr. Tily worked for the family owned dairy and the Evans Dairy Co., but later became the director of Jamesville-DeWitt School's busing operation.  The couple resided in Jamesville when Mr. Tily died in Zephyrhills, FL, on 11-15-2011.  They had:  Darlene Lea Tily, who wed William Allen Yager in August, 1989, and lives in Wassaic, NY, Donna Tily, who graduated from Onondaga Community College, worked at Wegmans grocery, wed Kevin A. Hatch in 1987, and lives in North Syracuse, Diane Tily, who graduated from the SUNY at Potsdam, worked for IBM, married Edward J. Kogut on 7-9-1983, and lives in Hyde Park, NY, Douglas Lee Tily, who worked for the Onondaga County highway department, and married Brenda Bobbette on 8-21-1982, and resides in Pompey, Donald E. Tily, who wed Elizabeth A. Shaffer on 4-19-1980, and lives in Locke, NY, and Debra Anne Tily, who graduated from SUNY-Cortland, wed Clarence James Ziegler on 8-26-1978, and lives in Syracuse. 

Joseph W. Timbello and Ann School Timbello lived on Knollwood Rd. by 1951, and later lived on Edgemont Dr. in Syracuse.  Mr. Timbello was born on 8-23-1922, and graduated from the Manlius Military Academy in 1938 and from the Syracuse University's School of Engineering in 1942.  He was a real estate developer and a general contractor.  Mrs. Timbello was born 6-26-1918, and was a life resident of CNY.  She was an active volunteer for the Humane Society, and died on 2-10-1978.  Mr. Timbello resided at 3759 Sweet Road, in Jamesville, at his death on 3-8-1996.

Alfred C. Todd and Mardelle Cutler Todd lived at 110 Kittell Rd. by 1960, having lived at 205 Butternut Dr. in DeWitt Acres in the mid 1950's.  Later they lived in Tully, NY, and now live in McCormick, SC.  Mr. Todd was an insurance underwriter, and later worked as a salesman for the J. C. Penney Co.  They had:  Ann Todd, and Alfred Todd, who was born in August, 1955.      

Arthur V. Todd and Edna Grace Eddy Todd lived at 216 Hobson Ave. by 1940.  They later moved to Woodchuck Hill Rd.  He worked for the Dietrich Supply Co., and also was a purchasing agent for the General Electric Co.  Mr. Todd was born on 9-12-1914, and died in LA County, CA on 8-5-1995.  They had:  Gary Todd, and Stephen Todd..

Emil Philip Traynor and Mary Gallagher Traynor lived at 109 Hobson Ave. by the late 1940's.  Mr. Traynor was born in Syracuse about 1914. He was earlier married to Doreta Mae Chapman.  They divorced about 1940 and Mr. Traynor wed Mary Traynor.  The first Mrs. Traynor lived in Manlius and then moved to Winter Garden, FL, where she died, at age 96, on 3-16-2007.  Mr. Traynor was with the Continental Can Co. for 45 years, where he was a senior staff production engineer and an international trouble shooter for Mexico and South America.  Mr. Traynor was an avid boatman and moved to Florida in 1977, from Midland Park, NJ.  He died  1-19-1991, and Mrs. Mary Traynor lives now in St. Petersburg,  Mr. Traynor and Doreta Traynor had:  Philip Charles Traynor, who was born 8-15-1938, and died on 3-18-2006, in Saint Petersburg.  Mr. Traynor and Mary Traynor had:  Mary Gail Traynor Salmond, who resided in Mt. Dora, FL, at her death on 3-27-2001, Barbara Traynor, who wed Arthur Snyder, and Eileen Pamela Traynor Zahn, of Maynard, MA.  

Harry Sheehy Traynor and Helen Ingalls Traynor lived at 137 Edwards Dr. by 1948.  Mr. Traynor was born 9-4-1911, in Lexington, KY.  He was a sales engineer for the Remington Corp. and later was the general manager of the Regent Knitting Co.  Mrs. Traynor was born in Cleveland, OH, on 3-23-1913, and graduated from Syracuse University in 1936.  The couple wed in Syracuse on 6-23-1941, and relocated to the Washington, DC, area by 1958.  Later they lived in Lexington, where Mrs. Ingalls died on 4-24-1991, and Mr. Ingalls died on 3-9-1998.  They had:  Martha Traynor Sweeney, and Harry Traynor, Jr.  Helen Traynor's family also lived on Edwards Dr. (see the Ingalls entry above).

Ward Treadway and Mabel Treadway lived on Genesee St. by 1942, having lived earlier in Rochester.  He was born about 1887.  He was married about 1909 to Sadie Treadway, who died before 1920.  Mr. Treadway worked as a carpenter, and as an auto mechanic, and, while in Lyndon, he was a caretaker on the estate of Charles Ely.   Mabel Treadway was born about 1893, and it is hought that she married Mr. Treadway in Rochester about 1925.  She had a daughter, Doris Stewart, born about 1920, from a previous marriage.  

I. Frederick Trew and Helen Eye Trew lived at the Lyndon Trailer Park in the early 1950's.  Mr. Trew was from the vicinity of Charlotte, NC.  He received  an undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan and, while in the Park, earned a master's degree from Syracuse University.  Mrs. Trew earned a master's degree from the University of Virginia, and taught elementary students for 38 years. Throughout her life, she was a generous supporter of third world missions.  Mr. Trew worked as a forester.  The couple were residing in Earlysville, NC, at Mr. Trew's death on 12-2-1995, and Mrs. Trew's death on 9-8-2002.  They had a daughter, Rev. April Trew, an Episcopal vicar, who married Rev. D. Richard Greenwood, and lives in Richmond, VA.

Raymond W. Truax and June Casey Truax lived at Case's trailer park in Lyndon by 1948.  This park was located on Genesee St.--on the eastern bank of the low land which forms the boundary between Lyndon and DeWitt.  The family moved to the Lyndon Trailer Park about 1951.  Mr. Truax was a native of PA, and was born on 8-21-1916.  He worked as an electrician for the Carrier Corp. for 30 years prior to his retirement in 1981.  Mr. Truax was also an expert carpenter and, in his spare time while living in the Park, built his family a new home at 209 Andrews Rd. in DeWitt, and moved about 1957.  Mr. and Mrs. Truax moved to Pompey, NY, in 1985, and were living there at Mr. Truax's death on 4-10-2005, at age 88.  Mrs. Truax was born on 6-16-1919, and died on 10-3-2008.  Their children:  Raymond Gary Truax, born about 1939, who wed Janet Vincent, worked for the Carrier Corp., and resides now in Phoenix, NY,  William Ernest Truax, who was born about 1945, attended NYS A&T Institute in Cobleskill, married Norma Harter in 1966, recently retired as the executive vice-president of Kaydon, Inc., a manufacturing firm, and lives in Danville, IL, and Terry R. Truax, who lives in Pompey.

Francis M. Truman and Charlotte Hinds Truman lived at 81 Marvelle Rd. by 1942.  He was an executive with the Niagara Hudson Power Co., and retired as the vice president of the Crouse Hinds Co.  Mrs. Truman was the daughter of William Hinds, the second president of the Crouse-Hinds Co. and a prominent civic leader.  She died on 11-28-1973.  Their children:  Barbara Truman Cummings, who wed Donald L. Cummings, and lived in CNY, and William H. M. Truman, who was born 8-9-1942, married Diana L. Truman, was an investor, and resided in Melvin Village, NH, at his death on  8-21-2004.

Horace E. Tryon and Brantley Karrh Tryon lived at 20 Ely Dr. by 1951.  Mrs. Tryon was a native of Birmingham, AL.  Mr. Tryon was a 1934 graduate of the University of Alabama.  He was an accounting executive with the Greyhound Bus Co. from 1934 to 1951.  While living on Ely Dr. he was a supervisor in the personnel accounting department at the General Electric Co.  Mr. Tryon retired from GE in 1968 as the head of the payroll department.  Mrs. Tryon's widowed mother, Nettie Karrh, a native of Munroeville, AL, lived with the Tryons for 12 years prior to her death on 2-11-1964.  The couple later split their time between Tequesta, FL and a summer home on Oneida Lake.  Mrs. Tryon died 9-8-1973 at their summer home.  The following year, Mr. Tryon wed Gloria Mae Turtelot.  They resided in FL, where he died on 11-10-1988.

Fred A. Tuck and Alice Tuck lived at 143 Edwards Dr., having moved there from 115 Hampshire Rd. in DeWitt in September, 1953. He was a graduate of Bethany College and came to the Syracuse area in 1946 as a store manager for the Sears, Roebuck, and Co.  In February, 1955, he was transferred to Bangor, ME.  The couple later lived in Ventura County, CA, where Mrs. Tuck died  in February, 1981, and Mr. Tuck died about three months later. Their children:  Robert Tuck, and Marcia Tuck, who was born about 1938.

Charles R. Tuckerman and Margaret Finn Tuckerman lived at 1 Lyndon Rd. by 1951, having lived previously at 201 Scott Ave., in Syracuse, and in Bloomfield, NJ.  Mr. Tuckerman was born in Baltimore about 1895, and was the secretary and comptroller of the Oberdorfer Foundries, Inc.  Mrs. Tuckerman was born about 1887, and the couple married about 1922.  They came to CNY about 1938.  Mrs. Tuckerman's sister, Miss Helen Finn, lived with the couple by 1951.  Mrs. Tuckerman died on 7-3-1956, and Mr. Tuckerman died on 8-22-1956.    

Charles J. Turcot and Clementine Hemmer Turcot  lived at 109 Maple Dr. He was born in Montreal and was in the investment business 40 years--20 of those years with Reynolds and Co.  Mr. Turcot died 1-19-1957.  Mrs. Turcot, a native of Syracuse, had moved to Bayberry in Liverpool when she died on 3-8-1965.  They had:  Mary Margaret Turcot, who wed Stanley P. Stark on 6-19-1954, and James Turcot, who died about 1960.

Raymond F. Tuttle and Ruth Whiting Tuttle lived at 110 Hobson Ave. by 1942, and later moved to 116 Maple Dr. He was born on 3-21-1905, in Manlius. They wed in August, 1936, and her family lived nearby, (see below).  Mr. Tuttle retired in 1967 after 40 years at Syracuse China, where he was a foreman.  Mr. Tuttle died 4-10-2001, at age 96. Mrs. Tuttle retired as a teacher for the  Fayetteville-Manlius school district.  She was born about 1909, and died on 3-2-1995.  They had:  Charles W. Tuttle, of Canandaigua, and Barbara Tuttle Rosenberg, who wed Ronald W. Rosenberg of Camillus, was a graduate of SUNY Morrisville, and died 10-25-1998.

Seymour H. Tuttle and Elizabeth J. Tuttle lived on Dewey Ave. by 1942.  A native of McConnellsville, Mr. Tuttle was born 11-11-1912, and lived in Syracuse 62 years.  Mr. Tuttle served as a glider trooper with the Army's 17th Airborne Division during World War II.  Mr. Tuttle drove a milk truck for the Netherland Dairy for 30 years, and he retired from the Eagan real estate firm in 1980, after 12 years of service.  He died 7-15-1992, in Syracuse.  

Edward T. Tyrrell and Margaret Langan Tyrrell lived at 101 Maple Dr. by 1960.  A native of NYC, Mr. Tyrrell lived in the Syracuse area for 18 years.  He was chief clerk of the felony court in NYC for 40 years 'before his retirement. He died on 7-9-65.  Mrs. Tyrrell was born in NYC on 9-21-1891, and the couple wed about 1917.  She lived in the Syracuse area for 24 years before her death on 2-15-1971.  They had:  Theodora Tyrrell, who was born about 1918, and wed Peter Muserlian.

Robert J. Underwood and Mary Taylor Underwood lived on Maple Dr. by 1953.  He was a salesman for the International Harvester Co.  He was born about 1918, and died 1-10-1969, while living at 107 Valerie Circle, in Fayetteville.  They had:  Robert Underwood, Jr., and William P. Underwood.

Frederick H. Ungleich and Lorraine Bell Ungleich lived on Lyndon Rd. by 1948, and later moved to Mattydale, NY.  Mr. Ungleich was born on 5-11-1926, and worked as a carpenter.  Mrs. Ungleich was born in Syracuse on 12-23-1926.  The family moved to Interlaken, NY, and Mrs. Ungleich died on 11-11-1993, and Mr. Ungleich died on 11-10-2005.  They had:  Frederick Ungleich, Sandy Ungleich, Samuel Ungleich, Rodney Ungleich, and Gary Ungleich.

Arthur J. Van Alstine and Emily Warner Van Alstine lived at 112 Kittell Rd. by 1942.  He was a self-employed builder.  Mr. Van Alstine died on 1-8-1951, and Mrs. Van Alstine died on 12-21-1965 . They had:  Arthur L. Van Alstine, (see below). 

Arthur L. Van Alstine and Eleanor Van Alstine lived at 112 Kittell Rd. by 1953.  Mr. Van Alstine was born 9-1-1912.  He was an accountant and office manager for the New Process Gear Corp., and later, a sales engineer for the Automotive Power Train Equipment Co.  They moved to Naples, FL, where Mr. Van Alstine died on 1-26-2003, and Mrs. Van Alstine still resides.  They had:  Richard J. Van Alstine, who graduated from Cornell University in 1972.

Lawrence A. Van Alstyne and Mary Serena Kelley Van Alstyne lived at 218 Hobson Ave. by 1942, and later moved to 318 Edwards Dr. in Lyndon.  Mr. Van Alstyne was born 2-3-1901, in Sackets Harbor.  He was a graduate of Syracuse University.  Mr. Van Alstyne was district sales manager for the Murray Co., and served as host of the Sportsman's Roundtable program on WSYR radio.  He was section chief of the National Ski Patrol and coach of Syracuse University's ski team.  Mr. Van Alstyne died on 4-18-1998.  Mrs. Van Alstyne was a nurse, and still resides in Lyndon.  They had: Lawrence A. Van Alstyne, who is an artist, and lives in Skaneateles, and Kathleen Mary Van Alstyne, who wed Michael Bronner in 1967.

Ralph H. Vanoss and Helen Curtbursh Vanoss lived at 59 Lynacres Blvd. by 1960., and moved to Liverpool in 1968. Mr. Vanoss was born 11-5-1916, in Litchfield Township, PA.  He was employed with General Electric Co. for 40 years as an engineer and personnel manager.  Bom in Ballston Spa, Mrs. Vanoss attended the Eliis Hospital school of nursing in Schenectady, and was a registered nurse.  Mr. Vanoss died in FL on 3-10-1997.  Mrs. Vanoss died 4-29-2002.  Their children:  Barbara Vanoss Miller, who lives in Conway, SC,  William R. Vanoss, of Clarkston, MI,  and Beverly Vanoss Yevich, of Baldwinsville.        

T. Stewart Varey and Muriel Hale Varey lived at 10 Ely Dr. by 1955.  They moved from the home in 1957, and returned to the Baldwinsville area.  He was the Assistant Secretary of the National Grange Fire Insurance Co.  Mrs. Varey was from New Sharon, ME.  She was a graduate of Peter Brent Brigham Hospital, Boston, and was a former nurse at City Hospital in Syracuse.  Mrs. Varey died 6-17-1970, and the following year, Mr. Varey wed Marcia B. Dieter. Stewart and Muriel Varey had a daughter, Carolyn Jane Varey, who attended Wheaton College.

Samuel R. Vella and Ida Lamanna Vella lived at 49 Ely Dr., having purchased the home in May, 1953.  They had lived previously in Elmira.  They lived on Ely Dr. until November, 1959.  Mr. Vella was born c. 1913, and was a manager for the Electrolux Corp.  It is believed that the Vellas retired to the Miami area, and that she died there in February, 1977, and he died in June, 1983.  Their children:  Dr. Philip Peter Vella, who was born in August, 1937, married Mary Kay Wetzel and had six children, was divorced, and remarried years later to Helen Sefranek, retired from  Merck, Sharp and Dohme, where he was a researcher, and probably lives now in FL, and Joanne Marie Vella, who was wed to George Swartz, Jr., (see the Swartz listing), and lives now in Mt. Laurel, NJ.

Thomas R. Venditti and Ethel Hliwa Venditti lived on Maple Dr. by 1942, and at 327 Edwards Dr. by 1960.  Mr. Venditti was a life resident of the Syracuse area.  The couple wed on 9-7-1941.  He served in the US Navy and the Marine Corps during WWII.  Mr. Venditti was the operator of a grill at 737 Butternut St. in Syracuse.  Later he was a self-employed builder and a master craftsman for 50 years.  The family subsequently moved to Manlius where Mr. Venditti died on 8-12-1997, and Mrs. Venditti still resides.  They had:  Thomas Venditti, Jr., who wed Chen Venditti, and lives in St. Petersburg, FL, Richard W. Venditti, who married Martha Venditti, and lives in Fabius, Bradley J. Venditti, who wed Heather Venditti, and lives in Georgetown, NY, Laurie Ann Venditti, of Manlius, James G. Venditti, who wed Virginia Sterritt Venditti, and resided in Boulder, CO, before his death in an auto accident on 10-23-1976, and Kimberly S. Venditti, of Manlius.      

Leonard L. Vincelette and Theresa Palmer Vincelette lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park following their marriage on 5-3-1952.  Mrs. Vincelette was a native of Clayton, NY, and was a graduate of the Wallace Secretarial School, in Ogdensburg. She worked as a stenographer at the Crouse-Hinds Co.  Mr. Vincelette was a graduate of Fort Covington High School and attended Clarkson College in Potsdam.  After serving with the USAF, he worked as a production expediter for Crouse-Hinds.  By 1955, he was working as a lithographer and printer for Voss Litho Co.  The family later moved to Chittenango, where Mrs. Vincelette served as the village clerk, beginning in 1980.  Mr. Vincelette died and Mrs. Vincelette still resides in Chittenango.  The couple had:  Keith Vincelette, who was born in June, 1953, and lives in Canastota, Richard Vincelette, of Cranbury, NJ, and Cheri Vincelette, who lives in Naples, FL. 

Arnold E. Vogel and Mary Jeanette Camp Vogel lived at 702 Maple Dr. by 1942, and later moved to Chittenango.  Mr. Vogel was born on 11-9-1913, in Syracuse.  The couple wed in Utica, on 4-9-1939.  Mr. Vogel was a graduate of Syracuse University and briefly taught there.  He was a Marine Corps veteran of WWII, and spent more than 25 years with the General Electric Co. as an  electrical engineer.  Mrs. Vogel was born about 1915.  Her mother, Iva Grace William Camp, a native of Utica, NY, lived with the family by about 1944.  Mrs. Camp was born on 5-15-1891, and was married to Harold H. Camp.  She died on 12-5-1974.  Mr. Vogel died on 2-13-1984.  They had:  Linda Vogel, who was born in November, 1942, wed Glen Malson, and was residing in Pitcher, NY, at her death on 11-13-2004, Martin Vogel, who lived in Chittenango, and Charles Vogel, who lived in Los Angeles.    

William F. Voigt and Helena Grohs Voigt lived at 61 Lyndon Rd. by 1953.  He was a native of Berlin, Germany, and lived in Syracuse 35 years.  Mr. Voigt was employed as a waiter in Paris, London, Berlin, Switzerland and Cairo.  He was a waiter at the Hotel Syracuse for 30 years, retiring about 1958.  He died on 5-21-1963.  They had:  Heinz Voigt, who lived in Saudi Arabia, and Mona Voigt Abbott, who wed Leo Abbott of Buffalo.

Meyer W. Voit and Anna Castle Fine Voit lived at 28 Ely Dr. by 1951.  They soon sold the home due to illness.  Mr. Voit was born about 1885 to Russian immigrants.  He was an auctioneer and president of the Charm House Furniture Galleries in DeWitt.  Mr. Voit died on 1-21-1959.  Mrs. Voit was born on 9-8-1887, and died on 11-30-1983, at age 97.  They had twin daughters who were born about 1912:  Ruth Voit, who wed attorney Eugene H. Klein, and lived in Syracuse, and Thelma Voit, who wed Nat Bronson, and lived in West Palm Beach, FL.

Newman Arthur "Vos" Vosbury, Sr., and Violet Justine Salley Vosbury, lived on Maple Dr. by 1948.  Mr. Vosbury was the assistant manager of the Bardeen School Supply Co.  Mrs. Vosbury was born in Lacombe, Alberta, Canada, on 12-26-1908.  She was a demonstrator for the Bendix Washer Co.   On 1-30-1948, the entire family was involved in a tragic auto accident six miles south of Gettysburg, PA.  While the others suffered minor injuries, Mr. Vosbury died two hours following the wreck.  Mrs. Vosbury married Harlow F. Stankrauff in FL in April, 1956.  She also wed Carroll Wayne Kile, in Orange County, FL, on 7-12-1974.  Mrs. Vosbury-Kile died on 9-3-2004, while living in Daytona Beach, FL.  Mr. and Mrs. Vosbury had:  Newman Vosbury, Jr., who was born 9-17-1932, and lived in Roswell, GA, at his death on 2-22-2004, Dexter Albert Vosbury, who was born in 1937, wed Carole Louise Walters in 1956, and Lane Vosbury, who was born in 1946.

Donald F. Wagner and Jane Dunk Wagner lived at the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1948.  Mr. Wagner was a student at Syracuse University, graduating in 1949.  Mrs. Wagner was born about 1922, and grew up in Rochester, NY.  Mr. Wagner died on 7-22-1995, while residing in Rochester.  They had:  Michelle Wagner Foster, and Melanie Wagner Dale. 

William C. Walker and Bertha Downes Walker lived on Marvelle Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Walker's step-father was Alan C. Fobes, who had served as mayor of Syracuse.  Mr. Walker attended Princeton University and joined the Bowen Perry, and Fobes insurance agency in 1927.  He became president of the firm in 1936, and served until 1962, when the agency became a part of the Marsh & McLennan Co.  Mrs. Walker was born 9-19-1900, and was a native of Syracuse.  She worked for Onondaga County and was the president of the Corinthian Club.  Mr. Walker retired in 1966, and the couple moved to Pompano Beach, FL.  Mr. Walker died 5-31-1985, and Mrs. Walker died 10-1-1985.  They had a son,  William A. Walker, who lived in Coral Springs, FL.         

Harry M. Wallace and Frances Shapiro Wallace lived at 202 Kittell Rd. by 1953.  He was born 9-8-1913, and was a graduate of Syracuse University in 1939.  Mr. Wallace was a life resident of the Syracuse area.  He retired in 1974 from the U.S. Postal Service as head accountant.  He died on 9-25-1987, and Mrs. Wallace still resides in Lyndon.

Warren Richard Wallace and Virginia K. Wallace lived at 105 Kittell Rd. by 1942.  The couple also lived at 210 Wellington Rd. in the Dewittshire section of DeWitt  before 1942. They married in 1921, and he was a stock and bond broker with offices in the State Tower building in Syracuse.  Mrs. Wallace died 1-20-1952.  Miss Fannie Gilbert worked for the family as a live-in domestic by 1960.

Davis Symes Wallbridge and Carol McNerney Wallbridge lived at 17 Lyndon Rd. by 1955.  Mr. Wallbridge was born in December, 1921, and was a civil engineer and a paving contractor.  Mrs. Wallbridge was born in July, 1926.  They had:  Warren Wallbridge, Wendy Wallbridge, Karen Wallbridge,  Amy Wallbridge, Sheila Wallbridge, and Debra Wallbridge.

Charles M. Walsh and  Kathryn McDonald Walsh lived at the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1960.  Mr. Walsh was born on 12-22-1896, and was a native of Elmira, NY.  He served in WWI, and later sold roofing and siding, and was an auto mechanic.  Mrs. Walsh was born on 11-12-1896, and was a sales clerk.  Mr. Walsh died on 9-12-1981.  She had lived in FL, but was residing in Lyndon at her death on 2-24-1988.

Clarence O. Walter and Margaret Murphy Walter lived at 222 Edwards Dr. by 1951, having lived earlier on Forest Hill Dr. in Syracuse.  Mr. Walter was born on 1-27-1897, and was a manufacturer's representative.  Mrs. Walter was born about 1900, and the couple wed about 1920.  They had:  Donald Walter, who was born about 1922,  Vincent K. Walter, who was born about 1927, and Clarence Walter, Jr., who was born in 1929, and lived in Fayetteville.

Floyd A. Walters and Alyce Morgan Walters lived on Lyndon Rd. by 1942, but lived most of their lives in the Liverpool area.  Mr. Walters was born 7-17-1918, in Clay, and served in the USN during WWII.  He was a machinist for the Cheney Foundry, and later worked for Santaro Industries as an operating engineer.  Mrs. Walters died on  8-15-1990, and Mr. Walters died on 5-19-2003.  Their children:  Harlan F. Walters, of McLeansville, NC, and Terry N. Walters, of Watertown.

James M. Walton and Mary Peg Bryson Walton lived at 115 Kittell Rd.  He was the assistant plant manager for the Crucible Steel Corp., and lives now at The Nottingham, in DeWitt.  They had:  Sue Ann Walton, Barbara Walton, and William Walton.

Jack A. Wander and Gene Schwartz Wander lived at 115 Maple Dr. by 1955.  A native of Buffalo, Mr. Wander was an Army veteran of World War II.  He lived in the Syracuse area for 50 years and was the sales manager for the M. Goldberg Furniture Co. before moving to Zephyrhills, FL.  Mr. Wander  died 4-1-1994, in Tampa.  Mrs. Wander was born 4-10-1922, and worked at the Youthtown store.  She died in FL, on 10-1-2003.  Sari Leibson Schwartz, the widowed mother of Mrs. Wander, lived with the family.  She was born 3-24-1892, and died on 4-15-1971.  She was probably the widow of Leon R. Schwartz.  Mr. and Mrs. Schwartz had:  Gene Schwartz Wander, Stephen Schwartz of Albuquerque, James Schwartz, who lived in Denver, and Terri Schwartz Warren of St. Augustine.

John Patrick Ward and Jean Newell Ward lived at 400 Maple Dr. by 1960, having lived previously on Brooklea Dr., in Fayetteville.  Mr. Ward was raised in Marcellus and graduated from Syracuse University in 1942.  Mrs. Ward grew up on Furman Avenue in Syracuse and graduated from the Goodyear-Burlingame School.  While in school she was active in horse shows and competitions.  The couple married 10-10-1942.  Mrs. Ward attended the University and graduated in 1945, while Mr. Ward served in Italy in World War II with the 416th Night Fighter Squadron, also known as the "Ghost Drivers."  After the War, he returned to the University and earned a law degree in 1948.  In 1952, he formed his own firm and worked as a real estate broker and attorney.  Mr. Ward won numerous state and local golf championships and, in 1951, earned a spot in the prestigious Master's golf tournament in Augusta, GA.  The couple moved to FL in 1995, and Mr. Ward died there on 2-23-2002.  They had:  John Ward, Jr., who wed Cicily Ward, and lives in Potomac, MD, Nancy Ward Reger Cope, who lives in Fairbanks, AK, and Timothy Ward, who married Margie Ward, and lives in Fayetteville.

Marton E. Ward and Jane Elizabeth Murphy Ward lived at 47 Ely Dr. by 1955.  Born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Mr. Ward was a 1939 magna cum laude graduate of Cornell University.  He worked 12 years at the Grain League Federation in Ithaca and Oneida, NY.  He then spent 22 years with the Carrier Corp., first in Tyler, Texas, and later in Syracuse, where he was national sales manager for the Transicold division.  Mr. Ward was the developer and builder of the prototype for the first upright freezers.  The family moved to Liverpool in 1966.  Mr. Ward retired in 1975.  Mrs. Ward, a native of West Rush, NY, died on 6-17-1997, and Mr. Ward died on 5-25-1998, at the age of 85.  They had:  Michael M. Ward, of Wappingers Falls, NY, and Terry Ward Morris, of Essex Junction, VT.

Arthur R. Ware and Nina McClellan Ware lived on Genesee St. by 1942, having lived earlier at 721 Caleb Ave. in the Eastwood section of Syracuse.  Mr. Ware was born about 1880, and was briefly married before.  He operated a gas station in Lyndon.  The couple also managed the nearby Ware's Cabins and Trailer Camp.  Mrs. Ware was born about 1887, and the couple wed about 1904.  Her mother, Ida Blake, also lived in Lyndon, (see her entry above).  Mrs. Ware died on 2-23-1944.  

Daniel D. Wart and Mildred Pilchen Wart lived at 306 Edwards Dr. by 1960.  Both were natives of Watertown, NY.  He was a partner in the Service Machine and Tool Co. on Burnet Ave. in Syracuse.  The couple later moved to the Largo, FL, area and Mr. Wart  died in FL on 8-16-1970.   Mrs. Wart returned to CNY where she died on 10-16-1991.  They had:  Harold D. Wart, who married Kathleen Reed, worked in his father's business, and lived in Fayetteville.

Walter B. Wasson and Iris Wasson lived at 104 Kittell Rd. by 1955.  Mr. Wasson was born on 6-26-1910, and Mrs. Wasson was born 8-26-1912.  He was the district sales manager for the American Phenolic Corp.  They moved to Sarasota, FL where Mr. Wasson died on 3-10-1988, and Mrs. Wasson died 7-6-2004.  Their children:  Gail Wasson Osborne, and Gene Boyd Wasson, a real estate agent, who both live in Sarasota.

Curtis D. Waters and Anna Helena Tolan Waters lived at 200 Miles Ave. by 1948.  Mr. Waters was born on 5-8-1918, and grew up in the Lyndon area.  Mrs. Waters was born on 12-16-1920, in Geneva, NY, and they were wed there on 8-22-1945.  He was a carpenter and builder.  Mr. Waters died on 1-26-1996, and Mrs. Waters died on 1-7-1998.  They had:  David Waters, Edward T. Waters, who was born in May, 1948, Patricia Waters, and Colleen Waters.  

Moses M. Waters and Kittie Ackerman Waters lived at 203 Hobson Ave. by 1951.  They later lived at 116 Dewey Ave.  Born in Fabius, Mr. Waters lived in the Fayetteville-DeWitt area for many years.  He was a real estate salesman, and sold a number of homes in the DeWitt Acres subdivision.  Mr. Waters served as justice of the peace and town assessor in DeWitt for seven years.  He had also been DeWitt town supervisor for four years and was the superintendent of Jamesville Penitentiary for three years.  Mrs. Waters was a native of Manlius but lived more than 50 years in Lyndon.  She died 7-13-1969, at age 85.  Mr. Waters died 1-2-1971.

Robert O. Waters and Muriel Zahale Waters lived at 116 Maple Dr. by 1948.  Mrs. Waters was born 2-20-1914, and  earned a certificate in nursing from Syracuse University in 1935.  Mr. Waters was a builder with the J. R. Clark firm, and later became a general insurance broker.  Mr. Waters died in DeWitt on 9-6-1980.  Mrs. Waters later lived at 116 Dewey Ave.  She died on 4-25-2000.  They had:  Michael S. Waters who earned an MPA from Syracuse University, retired as fire coordinator for Onondaga County, and lives in Fayetteville, Robert C. Waters,  Mary Waters, John Waters, and Linda Waters.

Donald E. Watson and Elizabeth Sartorius Watson lived on Knollwood Rd. by 1948, and moved to New Hartford, NY, in 1950.  Mr. Watson was born about 1914, and operated a Pontiac dealership in Clinton for 25 years.  He died on 8-3-1979.  Mrs. Watson was born on 6-27-1916, and the couple wed on 6-10-1939.  She died in October, 1981.  They had:  Earle W. "Duke" Watson, who was born on 10-24-1941, served in the US Army, was police chief of the Village of Vernon, and died on 4-8-2005, while residing in Sherrill, NY, and Dexter L. Watson, who wed Carolyn Watson, and lives in Whitesboro, NY.  Mrs. Watson's siblings, Otto Sartorius and Janet Estabrook, also lived in Lyndon, (see their entries). 

Jerome G. Wayne and Eileen Wayne lived at 6811 Knollwood Rd. by 1960.  Dr. Wayne was born 7-8-1918, and was a lifelong resident of the Syracuse area.  He graduated cum laude in 1939 from Syracuse University and was a 1943 graduate of Ohio State University's dental school.  The couple wed about 1944, and he opened his dental practice after World War II in the Wilson Building and later moved to Midtown Plaza.  For many years, his office was located at 713 E. Genesee St., in Syracuse.  Dr. and Mrs. Wayne founded a group which was a predecessor to the Onondaga County Mental Health Association, and he served as the first president of the OCMHA.  Dr. Wayne retired in January, 1997, and died of lung cancer on 4-28-1997.  They had:  Nancy Wayne, and Candace Wayne.

John R. Weiss and Barbara Woods Weiss lived on Brockway Lane by 1960.  He was a salesman for the Marathon Oil Corp.  Mrs. Weiss died on 3-4-2002, in Pinehurst, NC.  They had:  Karen Weiss Wallace, of Columbia, MD, and Wendy Weiss Zabor, who lives in Berea, OH.

Frank J. Wengen and Dorothy Hupkes Wengen lived at 106 Hobson Ave. by 1951.  Mr. Wengen was born 9-30-1905. He worked in the shipping department at the Crouse-Hinds Co., and later was a private chauffeur for W. L. Hinds.  Mr. Wengen died in December, 1988, while residing in Jersey Shore, PA.  Mrs. Wengen was born 7-22-1895, and died in PA, on 8-24-1988.  

Bradford D. West and Lydia True West lived at 110 Hobson Ave. by 1951.  Mr. West was  a native of Richmond, MA, and was born 8-23-1913.  Mr. West moved to the Syracuse area in 1925.  He retired in 1984 after more than 50 years as a beauty parlor owner and operator.  For many years, his shop was located downtown in the Seitz Building.  After his retirement, Mr. West studied music at Onondaga Community College.  He died 7-23-1990.  Mrs. West later wed Will La Fond.  He is now deceased and she lives in Moraga, CA.  Bradford and Lydia West had:  Charles L. West, who is a retired guidance counselor, and lives in Henderson Harbor, NY, and Las Cruces, NM, Bradford West, Jr., of Gaithersburg, MD, and Christine West Deane, a retired teacher, who lives in Lafayette, CA. 

Paul T. Wheeler and Clydine Palmer Wheeler lived at 110 Hobson Ave. in Lyndon by 1955, and by 1957 they lived at 600 Maple Dr.  Still later they moved to 10 Drovers Lane in DeWitt Acres.  Mr. Wheeler was the chief blaster at the Solvay Process. Co.  Mrs. Wheeler, who was born on 10-12-1921, later married James Alexander Robb, a native of Scotland, who was born 7-23-1915.  The Robbs moved to FL about 1979.  Both died in North Port, FL:  Mr. Robb on 8-22-2000, at age 85, and Clydine Wheeler Robb on 3-18-2002.  Paul and Clydine Wheeler had:  Paul H. Wheeler, of Parkton, MD, who was born in June, 1953, and a daughter born in October, 1957.  

Charles E. Whelan and Helen Bushan Whelan lived at 106 Dewey Ave. by 1951.  Mr. Whelen was born about 1894, and was a welder for the Lamson Corp. before his death on 2-25-1953.  Mrs. Whelan, who was a native of  Claire, was born about 1883, and the couple wed about 1925.  She resided in Syracuse more than 40 years before moving to Skaneateles in 1953, and died 1-27-1964. She had:  Harold Chase, and Oscar J. "Bud" Chase of Skaneateles.  Mrs. Whelen's maiden name may have been Bushaw.

Ethel Whitcomb was a live in nurse in the home of Holden Hills on Maple Dr. by 1951.  Miss Whitcomb was born on 5-7-1891.  In the 1930's, she worked as a nurse on Ostrom Ave. in Syracuse for the family of Albert E. Nettleton, the owner of the Nettleton Shoe Co.  It is believed that Miss Whitcomb resided in Hannibal, NY, at her death in February, 1971.

George Wesley Whiting and Grace Hemmings Whiting lived at 116 Maple Dr. by 1930.  Mr. Whiting was born in PA about 1874, and Mrs. Whiting was born in 1872.  They were wed 10-6-1897.  Mr. Whiting was employed by Burhans and Black, a wholesale hardware dealer.  He died on 10-24-1954, and Mrs. Whiting died on 11-8-1951.  They had:  Ruth E. Whiting, who was born about 1909, married  Raymond F. Tuttle in August, 1936, and lived nearby, (see the Tuttle entry above). 

Harriet "Hattie" L. Whitmore lived at the corner of Maple Dr. and E. Genesee St. by 1920.  Miss Whitmore was born in 1883, and worked as a bookkeeper.  She also operated a tourist home at her residence.  Miss Whitmore was 76 at her death on 7-22-1960. Her sister, Elizabeth Whitmore Pearson, lived with her, by 1951.

Roger Burton Whitmoyer and Verna Lucille Geer Whitmoyer lived on Lyndon Rd. by 1948.  Mr. Whitmoyer was born 4-16-1922, and was a teller at the Oneida Valley Bank in Oneida.  By 1960, he was serving as comptroller for the city of Oneida, and died in April, 1976, while residing there.  Mrs. Whitmoyer was born 6-4-1924, and the couple wed on 9-2-1944.  While in Lyndon, they shared their home with Mr. Whitmoyer's younger brother, Russell G. Whitmoyer, who was born on 8-8-1926, was a draftsman at the General Electric Co., married Janet Ruth Delano on 7-1-1950, and died on 2-19-2007, while living in Peoria, AZ.  They had:  Roger David Whitmoyer, who was born in September, 1945, Roy George Whitmoyer, who was born in June, 1950, and Robert Clark Whitmoyer, who was born in May, 1951.

George I. Wilcox and Gladys Priscilla Caiger Wilcox lived at 34 Lynacres Blvd. by 1953, having lived earlier at 102 Halton Rd. in Syracuse by 1949.  They moved soon to 8 Pebble Hill Rd., South, in DeWitt, but by 1960, they had returned to Lyndon and resided at 5 Lyndon Rd.   Mr. Wilcox  was the owner of the Wilcox Paper Co., a firm he founded in 1927.  Mrs. Wilcox, a native of Jamaica Plain, MA, was born on 11-28-1905, and earned an associate degree from Syracuse University in 1959.  The couple moved to DelRay Beach, FL, in 1971.  Mr. Wilcox died on 1-6-1983, and Mrs. Wilcox died on 5-25-1992.

Willard Edwards Wilcox and Lois Doreen McGrath Wilcox lived briefly on Genesee St., following their marriage on 7-3-1954.  They lived with their relatives in the Edwards home, before moving to Manlius.  Mr. Wilcox was a graduate of the former NYS Agricultural and Technical Institute at Alfred, NY, and worked for the I. U. Doust Co. Both were born about 1923, and reside now in Cottonwood, AZ.

Allen T. Williams and Anna Pellett Williams lived on Maple Dr. at the intersection of Hobson Ave. by 1928.  Mr. Williams was born about 1866, and was a wholesale hay and grain dealer.  Mrs. Williams was born about 1878, and the couple married about 1902.  They had: Betty Ann Williams, who was born in MI about 1904, was a clerk in an insurance office, wed Carlos Edward DeLano on 6-27-1931, and lived on Salt Springs Rd. in Syracuse.

Chester J. Williams and Louise Krahl Williams lived at 10 Ely Dr. by 1948.  Mr. Williams was a service manager for the Syracuse Supply Co.  Mrs. Williams was born about 1906, and grew up in Oneida.  They had a son, Chester Williams, Jr., who lived in Chittenango, NY.

George D. Williams and Helen Hurd Williams lived at the Danboise Cottages on Genesee St. in 1951.  Mr. Williams was born on 1-10-1875.  He graduated from Colgate University and served in WWI.  Mr. Williams was employed by NYS as a civil engineer on the Barge Canal, and later worked for the First Trust & Deposit Co.  Mrs. Williams was born 2-27-1892, and was a native of Seneca Falls, NY.  She graduated from Memorial Hospital's nursing school and was a registered nurse.  The couple wed about 1918, and lived in Syracuse until about 1940.  Mr. Williams died on 10-15-1959.  Mrs. Williams resided in Fayetteville, then in Chittenango, where she resided at her death on 7-6-1983.  They had:  Robert M. Williams, who graduated from Michigan State University, spent 35 years as a librarian for the University, lived in Haslett, MI, and died on 9-8-1982, at age 63.

Richard D. Williams and Theresa Lutz Williams lived on Montgomery Rd. by 1960.  Mr. Williams was an electrical contractor.  She was a graduate of St. Joseph's Hospital school of nursing, and they were married in 1951.  They had:  Theresa Williams, Richard Williams, and Carol Williams.

Oscar Rufus Willwerth and Irene Hess Willwerth lived at 16 Ely Dr., having moved there by 1948.  Mr. Willwerth, a native of Syracuse, was born on 3-12-1886.  He was the general line foreman for the Niagara-Mohawk Power Co.  Mr. Willwerth died on 11-13-1953, and Mrs. Willwerth sold their home in 1954.

Alan H. Wilson and Leona Horowitz Wilson lived at 66 Ely Dr. in 1954.  He graduated from Syracuse University in 1947, and was the president of Henry's Jewelers, a firm begun by his father, Henry J. Wilson.  They had:  Karen Wilson and Robert Wilson.  Mr. Wilson's brother, Richard Wilson, also lived in Lyndon, (see his entry below).

Dana W. Wilson and Eula Walrad Wilson lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1951, and in Canastota by 1955.  Mr. Wilson was a landscape gardener, at the Butternut Creek Nursery.  The couple separated and Mrs. Wilson lived in Sanford, NC.  They had Scott Andrew Wilson, who studied chemistry at Campbell University in NC.

John A. Wilson and Edith Torrey Wilson lived on Lyndon Rd. by 1951.  Mr. Wilson was a native of Enfield, CT, and the son of Irish immigrants.  He operated a family tobacco farm, in Enfield, but, following a devastating hail storm that ruined his entire crop, he moved his family to the Syracuse area in 1925.  Mr. Wilson retired from the New Process Gear Co., and had been previously employed with the Lenox Furnace Co.  Mrs. Wilson died in 1985, after 66 years of marriage.  After retiring from factory work, Mr. Wilson worked as a gardener for the Clark family until he was 86, and maintained his own garden on Lyndon Rd. until he was 96.  Mr. Wilson died on 11-22-1993, at the age of 106.  They had:  Harold Wilson, who married Arlene Wilson, retired from Oneida Ltd., and lived in the Kirkville area for 54 years prior to his death on 10-5-2007, Lucy Wilson Perun, who lives in Mattydale, Katherine Wilson Skinner, of Chenango Forks, NY, and Shirley Wilson Huegen, who lives in Redwood, NY.

Melvin Gerald "Jerry" Wilson and Margaret "Mimi" Ryder Wilson lived at 2 Ely Dr. by 1951, having lived previously on Genesee St.  Mr. Wilson was a native of Burlington, VT.  He was the sales manager for the Syracuse Supply Co., and retired in 1967 after many years with the company.  He was an antique car enthusiast.  Mrs. Wilson was a native of Delphi Falls, NY, and lived in the Fayetteville area most of her life.  She was an avid antique collector and restorer.  Mr. Wilson died on 11-30-1986, and Mrs. Wilson died on 6-24-1991.  They had: Sally Wilson James, who attended Cortland State College, and lives in Vestal, NY, and Suzanne Wilson, who attended Cazenovia College, married Frederick Lee Hutwelker, Jr., on 12-15-1951, and lives in Fayetteville.

Richard J. Wilson and Susan Halpern Wilson lived on Woodside Rd. by 1960.  Mr. Wilson was born 4-30-1926, and, like Mrs. Wilson was a graduate of Syracuse University.  The couple married at the Hotel Pierre in NYC in August, 1948.  Mr. Wilson was a jeweler, and the co-owner of Henry J. Wilson and Sons.  Mrs. Wilson died in 1979, and Mr. Wilson married Marilyn Roberts.  He lived in Binghamton, Tampa, and, at his death on 9-18-1999, in Boca Raton, FL.  Richard and Susan Wilson had:  Dr. Steven Wilson, who resides in Singer Island, FL, Dr. Andrew Wilson, who resides in Red Hook, NY, and Wendy Lee Wilson, who lived in Binghamton.  

William Don Wilson and Rosamond Underwood Smith Wilson lived at 11 Lyndon Rd. by 1960. Mr. Wilson was born in NYC on 2-4-1917.  He was a graduate of Amherst College and the Harvard Business School.  Mrs. Wilson was born about 1917, and grew up in Auburn.  She graduated from Edgewood Jr. College in Briarcliff, NY.  Mrs. Wilson first married Cothran P. Smith, who was the president and owner of the Addis Co.--a prominent women's apparel store in Syracuse.  They married on Valentine Day, 1942, in the chapel of NYC's famous Little Church Around the Corner.  Mr. Smith died on 12-26-1948, and his widow later wed Mr. Wilson, who had been the assistant manager of the store.  Jerry Alan Smith, Mr. Smith's son from a previous marriage, was born about 1934, and lives now in Manlius.  The Wilsons moved to FL in 1971, and Mr. Wilson died in Vero Bearch, on 6-19-1997.  They had:  Wendy U. Wilson, and Mark D. Wilson, who both live in Fayetteville.

Gideon G. Winzeler and Ruth Smith Winzeler lived at 2 Lynacres Blvd. by 1942.  Mr. Winzeler was born 8-28-1891, in Tremont, IL, and served in WWI as a musician in the USN band.  He was a purchasing agent for the Prosperity Co. in Syracuse.  Mrs. Winzeler was born about 1892, and the couple wed 6-17-1919.  They later lived in FL, where Mr. Winzeler died on 12-3-1953.  They had:  D. Elaine Winzeler Heckerman, who was born about 1920, and lived in Manlius, Forrest Gideon Winzeler, who was born in Syracuse on 10-11-1924, graduated from Hobart College, was a US Navy frogman in WWII, wed Joan Elizabeth Cornell, a Skidmore College graduate, on 8-27-1949, resided in Jackson, MI, and owned a dry cleaners at his death on 8-6-1971, and Everett Ross Winzeler, who was born about 1924, served in the Army Air Corps during WWII, and also lived in Jackson.

Carl F. Woese and Gertrude Nadler Woese lived on Marvelle Rd. by 1960, having lived earlier at 256 Robineau Rd. in Syracuse.  He was born 11-6-1901, and in 1921, Mr. Woese built and operated WFAB, Syracuse's first radio station, working as engineer, announcer and interviewer.  In 1925, he earned a degree in electrical engineering from Syracuse University.  Mr. Woese was a consulting engineer with the Robson & Woese firm, which he founded in 1933.  Mr. Woese was involved in the design of Syracuse's Everson Art Museum, Strasenburgh Planetarium in Rochester, S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, Des Moines Art Gallery, and the War Memorials in both Syracuse and Rochester.  Mrs. Woese was born on 3-26-1903, and was a native of Amsterdam, NY.  She came to Syracuse in 1927, which is about the time the couple wed.  The family moved to Medford, NJ, in 1986, where Mrs. Woese died on 4-28-1988, and Mr. Woese died on 7-17-1993.  Their children:   Carl Richard Woese, who was born 7-15-1928, wed Gabriella Haws on 8-23-1953, graduated from Amherst, earned a doctorate in biophysics from Yale, taught at the University of Illinois, received the MacArthur Fellowship (the so-called "genius grant") and the National Medal of Science, and lives in Urbana, IL, and Donna Woese Daniels, who attended Columbia University, and lives in NYC.

L. Brent Wood and Edna Wood lived on Knollwood Rd. by 1953, having lived earlier at 306 Wellesley Rd., in Syracuse.  He was the manager of the USF & G Insurance Co.  Their children:  Brent K. Wood, Jean Wood, M. Wendell Wood, and D. Dick Wood.  

Eugene H. Woodard and Eugenia Firestone Woodard lived at 4 Thistlewood Lane by 1960.  He was with the J. I. Case Co.  Mrs. Woodard, was the daughter of Edwin I. Firestone and Rosalind Grey Firestone, who lived nearby, (see their entry).  She graduated fromSyracuse University in 1946, and worked as a hospital dietician.  She died on 6-21-1994.  Their children:  Linda Woodard, Stephen Woodard, and Leo Woodard.

Kenneth L. Woodcock and Janice Crowe Woodcock lived at the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1951.  Mr. Woodcock was born on 1-9-1922, and was a student at the NYS College of Forestry at Syracuse University.  The couple lived in Wallingford, CT, at Mr. Woodcock's death on 10-15-2006.  They had:  Mark K. Woodcock, and Scott J. Woodcock.

Karl C. Woodman and Eleanor Klatka Woodman lived at the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1960.  He was a teacher for the Syracuse school district.  The couple later resided in San Luis Obispo, CA, and Chandler, AZ.  They had a daughter, Janet Woodman.

William J. Woods and Gertrude Meeker Woods lived on Lyndon Rd. by 1960.  Mr. Woods was born about 1894, and was an electrical engineer and executive with the General Electric Co.  Mrs. Woods was born about 1890, and the couple wed about 1925.

Erwin Walter Wyman and Helen Wyman lived on Marvelle Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Wyman was a native of the Rome area and was born on 3-15-1890.  Mrs. Wyman was born in MN about 1890.  They married about 1911.  As a young man, Mr. Wyman was a mechanic, and later worked as a clerk for the Rome Manufacturing Co.  While in Lyndon, they were both live-in domestic workers for the Fearon family.  They had:  Robert E. Wyman, who was born about 1914. 

Charles A. Yaffie and Beverly Grey Yaffie lived at 104 Olympia Ave. by 1948.  Mr. Yaffie was born on 8-27-1918, and was a life time resident of Syracuse and Fayetteville.  He was a graduate of Central high school in Syracuse, and was a precision tool and die maker for the Knise and Krick Company.  Mrs. Yaffie was born on 5-16-1925, in the Town of Granby, and resided in Fayetteville for over 58 years.  She was a graduate of Fulton high school and CCBI, (Central City Business Institute).  As a bookkeeper she worked at Drenen Steel Products, Kirby Bennett Corp, Liquor Square, and Franklin Properties.  Mrs. Yaffie died 11-26-2003, and Mr. Yaffie died on 3-29-2006.  They had:  Charles Yaffie, Jr., who married Christy Yaffie, and lives in Walworth, NY, Irving Yaffie, who wed Audrey Yaffie, and lives in  Ocean Grove, NJ, and Jay Yaffie, of Fayetteville.

Clair Alfred Yeaton and Helen Eddy Yeaton lived at 137 Edwards Dr. by 1960, having lived earlier on Byron Rd. in Fayetteville.  Mr. Yeaton was born 8-8-1905, in Amesbury, MA, and was a branch manager for the Alcoa Corp.  Mrs. Yeaton was born in Philadelphia on 11-7-1907.  Mr. Yeaton died 2-10-1980, while residing in Little Compton, RI, and Mrs. Yeaton died on 6-13-1990.  They had:  Judith Ward Yeaton, who married George Ronald Crook in 1955, lived in NYC, and, at her death, in Augusta, ME, and a son.

John C. York and Betty Davis York lived at 350 Edwards Dr. by 1960.  He was a native of Scott Township, PA, and a graduate of Penn State.  He also earned a master's degree from the University of Massachusetts.  Mr. York was the general manager of the Eastern Milk Producers Cooperative until he resigned in 1977, after 30 years of service.  He subsequently lived in Ithaca, NY, and died in Clarks Summitt, PA, on 3-14-1996.  Mrs. York lives now in Hilton Head Island, SC, with her daughter, Patricia.  Their children:  Patricia York Beck, of Hilton Head Island, John York, Jr., of Potomac, MD, Barbara York Orr, of Fairfax, VA, and James D. York, of Naples, FL.

Henry Robert Youell and Blanche Stevans Youell lived at the corner of Edwards Dr. and Genesee St. by 1948.  The couple shared the home, owned by Mr. Youell's sister, Emily Kate Youell Edwards, with other members of the Edwards family.  Mr. Youell was born In Boston, and was employed by the New York Fire Insurance Rating Bureau for 35 years.  He retired in 1946.  Mr. Youell was a noted horticulturalist, and in 1911 served as first chairman of the Syracuse Rose Society.  Mrs. Youell was born about 1869, and was a life long resident of CNY.  She graduated from Syracuse University in 1889, and was the last surviving charter member of Civic Morning Musicals, a group which sponsored musical programs.  Mrs. Youell was the choir director and organist at Grace Episcopal Church for many years, and was a piano instructor at Syracuse University.  Mr. Youell had been sick for several years before his death on 8-22-1953.  Mrs. Youell died 4-17-1959, at age 89.

Albert E. Young and Josephine Dalton Young lived at 228 Edwards Dr. by 1951.  He was the owner of the George Young Insurance Agency, Inc., on Butternut St. in Syracuse.  Mr. and Mrs. Young now live in Naples, FL.  They have two sons, Robert "Chip" Young, who wed Karen Sennett, of DeWitt, and Peter Young.

John Yuhas and Babette Elaine Meyer Yuhas lived in the Park shortly after their marriage on 11-11-1950.  Mr. Yuhas was born on 3-25-1927, and served in the Merchant Marines during WWII.  He graduated from Syracuse University and Albany State Teachers College, and taught math and science at Solvay High School.  He and Mrs. Yuhas also operated their own real estate brokerage aftter moving to Marcellus, NY.  Mr. Yuhas died on 6-9-2000.  They had:  John Yuhas, Jr., who was born about 1952, was an attorney, and died on 7-1-2010, Karen Yuhas, who lives in Pittsburgh, PA, Ben Yuhas, who wed Jana Carey, and lives in Baltimore, MD, and Ann Yuhas, who lives in Marcellus. 

Robert F. Zimmerman and Evelyn Jaquiery Zimmerman lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park before 1948, and by 1960 had moved to 327 McLennan Blvd. in Fayetteville.  Mrs. Zimmerman was a teller at the Merchants Bank in Fayetteville.  Dr. Zimmerman was a science teacher at Jamesville-DeWitt High School when the school first opened in September, 1954.  By 1965, Dr. Zimmerman had been appointed principal at Fabius High School.  In 1973, he earned a doctorate in education from Syracuse University.  Dr. Zimmerman is now married to Lana Shearer Zimmerman and lives in Nassau, NY.

Alfred Louis Zwiesler and Beulah Monica Zwiesler lived at 113 Maple Dr. by 1948.  Mr. Zwiesler was born on 5-19-1912, and was a native of Cincinnati, OH.  He was a representative for the N. A. Sign Co. in the early 1950's but retired after many years with Ott Industrial Painting, Liverpool.  He was an avid hunter and fisherman, and died in Lyndon on 12-7-1997.  Mrs. Zwiesler, was a native of Potsdam, and died on 7-24-1994.  They had:  Alfred Zwiesler, Jr., who was born on 1-16-1946, married Maria Zwiesler, owned Fremont Auto Service, and died on 8-2-2005, and David J. Zwiesler, of Las Vegas.

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