RESIDENTS OF LYNDON, NY, CIRCA 1950----part two of four
What follows is a registry of residents of Lyndon, NY, in the WWII era---roughly from 1940 to 1960.   Click here to view the introductory page which explains the scope and limitations of this registry. 
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L. William Eagan and Doris Walker Eagan lived at 33 Lynacres Blvd. by 1953.  He was a realtor with the Eagan real estate firm.  The company, founded by brothers Edward G. Eagan and Leo T. Eagan in 1920, built CNY's first shopping mall, Shoppingtown in DeWitt, about 1953, and developed many of the area's most prominent residential, commercial and industrial properties.  Mr. Eagan was one of six children of the two co-founders, who agreed, in 1992, to sell the firm.  The couple lives now in Cazenovia.  They had:  Mary Kathleen Eagan, Timothy Eagan, Edward W. Eagan, and Ann Eagan.

Bruce M. Ebert and Monica Williams Ebert lived on Montgomery Rd. by about 1950, having lived earlier at 122 Whittier Ave. in Syracuse.  Mr. Ebert was born 9-29-1920, in Cardiff, NY, and graduated from Fairmount high school.  He was a veteran of WWII, and the couple wed just after the War ended.  They lived in Lyndon before moving to Fernwood in the early 1950's.  He retired in 1983 from NY Telephone Co. after 35 years as a lineman. Mr. Ebert died 8-14-2002.  They had:  Susan Ebert Murray, Dawn Ebert Holynski, both of Fernwood, and David B. Ebert of Chittenango.

Ernest E. Eckerson and Lois Blanche Sullivan Eckerson lived at 42 Lynacres Blvd. by 1955.  Mr. Eckerson was born 3-12-1913, and was the merchandising manager for the E. W. Edwards & Son department store.  Later the couple owned the Eckerson Restaurant, in Eagle Bay, NY.  Mr. Eckerson died in February, 1982.  Mrs. Eckerson was born on 3-8-1915, and was a native of Ripley, NY.  She later married Wilmer N. McKibben, and was living in Erie, PA, when she died on 1-24-1994.  Mr. and Mrs. Erickson had:  Nancy Eckerson Kini, who lived in Lanikai, HI, Linda Eckerson Schmitt, who retired as a health teacher at Fayetteville-Manlius school, and is living in Fayetteville, Sally Eckerson, and David Eckerson, who lived in Washington, DC.

Walter R. Eddy and Bobbee Judd Eddy lived at 201 Dewey Ave. by 1960.  He was a technical recruiter for the General Electric Co.  Mrs. Eddy was chosen Lilac Queen in Spokane, WA, in 1942, and served in the WAC during WWII.  The couple divorced and Mr. Eddy lived in Dyarbakir, Turkey.  Mrs. Eddy retired as a teacher for the Spokane public schools.  They had:  Terry Lee Eddy, who wed Kenneth Harvey Morgan on 6-12-1971, and lived in Spokane, Tracy Lou Eddy, and Judd Eddy, who was an outstanding pole vaulter at the University of Oregon.

Ernest Clarence Edwards and Emily Kate Youell Edwards lived in a farm house at the corner of Edwards Dr. and East Genesee St., known as 1 Edwards Dr., during the period when Lyndonlea was being developed.  The old home, built in 1866 by Hiram King Edwards and Phrinda Hotchkiss Edwards, the parents of Ernest, was erected on 90 acres of land that had been in the Edwards family since 1839.  The stately home was a copy of President William H. Taft's home in Ohio.  Much of the lumber used was timber from their own farm.  Hiram Edwards was an abolitionist who was elected county sheriff, and there are tales suggesting that the previous Edwards' home and property had been a stop on the underground railroad.  In 1875, the Edwards family erected the old brick school that still stands just east of Edwards Dr.  The name for Lyndon at that time was, "The Huddle."  This seemed an inappropriate name for the new school and a committee was appointed to consider suggestions for a name for both the new school and the community.  Eventually the name Lyndon--which had been suggested by Hiram's daughter, Alice Edwards--was selected and has endured.  Ernest C. Edwards was born on 10-28-1866.  He married Emily Kate Youell, on 4-19-1899, and took over the home and land of his father, Hiram.  Emily Kate Edwards was born in 1873, and was a native of Brighton, MA.  The newlyweds were to live the remainder of their lives--more than a half century--in the family home.  In his early years, Mr. Edwards was a farmer and operated a dairy route, being among the first to sell and deliver milk in glass bottles.  In later years, Mr. Edwards, assisted by his wife, was in the real estate and insurance business.  Starting about 1940, they sold the corn fields behind their home and the property was eventually subdivided into building lots for about 70 homes.  Mr. Edwards died 10-25-1953, and Mrs. Edwards died 3-22-1954.  Ernest and Emily Kate Edwards had five children:  Harold King Edwards, who died on 12-30-1912, at age 12, Mildred C. Whitcombe, who resided in Binghamton until her death in December, 1979, Helen Mabel Edwards, a life resident of Lyndon, who died 7-4-1975, H. Jerome Edwards, who wed Katharine Adams, was an engineer at General Motors, and lived in Syracuse before moving to Bedford, MA, four years prior to his death, at age 94, on 3-3-1999, and Ruth Edwards, who married Willard T. "Robin" Wilcox.  Mrs. Wilcox was the last surviving member of her family and the last to live in the house built by her grandfather, Hiram Edwards.  Except for 28 years, spent mostly in Manlius, Mrs. Wilcox lived the remainder of her life in the family home--the home she was born in.  Mr. Wilcox was a veteran of the Spanish-American War, and his wife became one of the last pensioners from this War.  Mr. Wilcox was a railroad worker in the East Syracuse rail yards until his death in 1945.  Mrs. Wilcox lived to be 99, dying on 11-20-2000.  Some years before, Mrs. Wilcox had entered into a contract with two local lawyers that gave her lifetime use of her home, but provided for the ownership to revert to them upon her death.  As a result, ownership of the property passed out of the family, and the new owners have made extensive changes to the home.  (See the Youell entry below.)

William C. Egan and Jane Calkins Egan lived on Knollwood Rd. by 1948, at 403 Maple Dr. in 1953, and later moved to Cazenovia.  Mr. Egan was born in Chicago, and graduated from Harvard University in 1936.  He was in investment banking in Chicago before joining the Carrier Corp. in 1942.  During his 37-year career with Carrier, he  was a sales executive, and later a vice-president.  Mr. Egan died on 1-14-1998.  They had:  Raymond Egan, who wed Susan L. Egan, earned an MBA from Syracuse University in 1968, became the president of Princeton Health Care Consultants, and resides in Boothbay, ME, Nancy Egan Goodwater, of Reno, NV, and William Egan, Jr., of Princeton, NJ.

Sheldon Harvey Ehrenpreis and Barbara Joan Goodman Ehrenpreis lived at 60 Ely Dr. having moved there by 1960.  Mrs. Ehrenpreis was a native of Scranton, PA, where her father was the manager of a newspaper.  Mr. Ehrenpreis graduated fromSyracuse University and earned a master's in business and public administration from Cornell.  The couple was married in 1950, and they lived in both Rochester and Scranton before moving to Lyndon.  In 1983, Mr. Ehrenpreis succeeded his late father, Harry Ehrenspreis, as the owner of Ehrenpreis Shoes, Inc., a retail chain selling women's shoes.  The family later moved back to the Scranton area.  They had: Scott Ehrenpreis and Michael Ehrenpreis.

William J. Elliott lived on Miles Ave.  He was retired, and died 4-30-1942.  He had:  William Elliott, Jr., who wed Belle Hildebrand, and died on 8-29-1938, at age 49, and Cora Elliott, who was born on 10-10-1897, married Fred J. Reals about 1917, was a native and life-long resident of the Fayetteville area, and died in Lyndon on 5-17-1975.  (See the Reals entry below.)

William L. Ellis and Doratha Lanhan Ellis lived at 47 Lynacres Blvd. by 1960.  Mr. Ellis was an executive with the IBM Corp.  They are believed to be residing now in Cherokee Village, AR.  They had:  Michael Ellis, Mary Ellis, and Patricia Ellis.                 

Stanley H. Ellison and Katherine Ryan Ellison lived on Leverett Lane by 1948, and later lived on Brockway Lane.  Mr. Ellison  was a retired USA colonel, and an executive with the Carrier Corp.  The couple moved to Santa Barbara, CA, in 1964, where Mrs. Ellison, a native of NYC, died in March, 1976.    

William H. Ellithorpe and Mary Hyatt Ellithorpe lived at 213 Kittell Rd. by 1942.  He was born 2-29-1908, and was a shipping clerk for the Land O' Lakes Butter Co.  By the early 1940's, Mr. Ellithorpe owned and operated a liquor store in DeWitt.  He retired from the liquor business in 1972, and died in Lyndon on 1-20-78.  They had:  William Ellithorpe, Jr., born about 1938, and Charles Ellithorpe. who was born about 1944, and is a physician in Davidson, NC.

Charles P. Ely and Sarah Ehresman Ely lived at the corner of Genesee St. and Ely Dr.  They were from Binghamton, NY. They married about 1913, and moved to Lyndon about 1920.  Mr. and Mrs. Ely retired from farming in the 1930's, and about 1942 they began selling off building lots behind their home.  The lots were along both sides of a street that came to be named Ely Dr.  It was Mr. Ely's custom to plant fir trees in front of the lots as they were sold, and many of these trees are still in evidence.  Mr. Ely died on 12-22-1959, and Mrs. Ely died on 4-24-1976, at age 82. 

Marshall Emm and M. Marjorie Emm lived at the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1949.  Mr. Emm was born 11-24-1914, and was a native of Syracuse.  He enlisted in the Army on 11-14-1940, and served during WWII.  Mr. Emm was a graduate of Wheaton College, and earned a master's in history from Syracuse University in 1949.  The family lived in Las Cruces, NM, and Alexandria, VA, before moving back to CNY.  Mr. Emm worked for the United States Department of Education.  Mrs. Emm was born on 5-14-1920, and died in December, 1985, in Las Cruces, and Mr. Emm died on 12-9-1995, while residing in Clinton, NY.  They had:  Marshall G. Emm, who was born about 1949, graduated from Syracuse University, married Wendy Emm, is the CEO of Milestone Technologies, and lives in Aurora, CO, Margaret Jean Emm, who lived in Utica, NY, and Sister Uriela Emm, of Australia.

Ordway Griffin Emmons and Barbara E. Emmons lived on Hobson Ave. by 1953.  He was the office manager for the Suburban Gas Co., and, later, he was the general auditor for the Mid-State Telephone Co.  The couple was divorced in May, 1958, in St. Johns County, FL.  Mr. Emmons was born 10-23-1915, and died in FL on 9-28-1991.  They had, Barbara Anne Emmons, and Allie Lee Emmons.

Daniel M. Enerson and Lillian R. Enerson lived on Leverett Lane by 1960.  He was a physician, specializing in coronary surgery, at the Upstate Medical Center.  About 1970, the family moved to the Pittsburgh area.   Dr. Enerson is now retired from his medical practice but in 1987 he opened Windgate Vinyards and Winery using grapes grown in Amish farm country.  Mrs. Enerson was born 3-11-1920, and died on 1-15-1997.  They had:  Diane Enerson, Russell Enerson, and Meryl Enerson.

Charles Scott "Chuck" Estabrook, Jr., and Martha Ingalls Estabrook lived on Genesee St. by 1942.  Mr. Estabrook was born on 12-6-1909.  He graduated from Hamilton College and served in both WWII and the Korean conflict.  Mr. Estabrook was with the Wood-Estabrook Printing Co., worked in the production control department of the Easy Washer Co., and later was director of purchasing for the Lamson Corp. where he retired in 1965.  The couple moved to Sanibel Island, FL, in 1975, and spent their summers in Skaneateles.  Mrs. Estabrook died on 12-19-1985, in Ft. Myers, FL, and Mr. Estabrook married Jane Searl Druehl Estabrook, whose first husband, Gordon Druehl, had died in 1986.  Mrs. Druehl-Estabrook died on 10-2-1993.  Mr. Estabrook lived in Liverpool at his death on 8-10-1998.  Charles and Martha Estabrook had:  Martha Curry Estabrook, who was two when she drowned in a pool behind her home on 8-26-1941, Laura Ellen "Lee" Estabrook, who was born about 1936, graduated from Syracuse University, married Charles F. Holcombe, resided in Jamesville, and died on 11-14-1974, at age 38, Wendy Estabrook, who married Philip Jefferis, and lived in Baldwinsville, and C. Scott Estabrook, III, who was born about 1942, wed Maria Estabrook, was a decorated USMC veteran of the Vietnam War, and lived in Ft. Myers at his death on 8-30-2009.  (See the listing below.)

Charles Scott Estabrook, Sr., and Laura Curry Estabrook lived on Genesee St. by 1930, having resided earlier at 727 Comstock Ave, in Syracuse.  Mr. Estabrook was born in Binghamton, NY, on 6-23-1879, and graduated from Cornell's law school in 1900.  He was a senior partner, with his brother, William Sears Estabrook, in the firm of Estabrook, Estabrook, Burns and Hancock.  Mrs. Estabrook was also born about 1879, and was a native of Pittsburgh.  She came to CNY in 1905, about the time of her marriage.  Mrs. Estabrook died on 5-29-1961, and Mr. Estabrook died on 7-6-1975.  They had Charles Estabrook, Jr., who married Martha Ingalls, (see his entry above), Elizabeth Estabrook, who was born about 1907, married Assemblyman Philip R. Chase, and lived in Fayetteville, Henry C. Estabrook, (see his entry below), and Harriet C. Estabrook, who wed John Paul Evans, (see their entry below).

Henry Curry Estabrook and Janet Ash Estabrook lived on Ely Dr., having moved there from Hartford, CT, in 1946.  Mr. Estabrook was born in Syracuse on 10-1-1914.  He graduated from Hamilton College and Cornell law school before serving in the US Navy during WWII.  Mrs. Estabrook graduated from Dana Hill School and Pine Manor Junior College, in Wellesley, MA, and the couple wed on 9-14-1940.  They moved from Lyndon to Fulton, NY, where Mr. Estabrook was president of the Sealright-Oswego Falls Corp.  They retired to Hilton Head, SC, and Mrs. Estabrook died in Anderson, SC, on 1-28-1995.  Mr. Estabrook lived in Evans, GA, at his death on 12-31-2008, at age 94.  They had three daughters, Susan A. Estabrook, who wed Robert Rodormer on 6-6-1964, and lives in Fayetteville, Carolyn Estabrook, who wed Milton Frye, and lives in Norwich, VT, and Ellen Estabrook, who was born in May, 1959, wed Robert Ganey, and lives in Pomaria, SC.

John Evans Estabrook and Janet Sartorius Estabrook lived on West Genesee Turnpike by 1942, at 8 Lynacres Blvd. by 1951, and later moved to Highbridge Rd.  Mr. Estabrook was born in Syracuse on 1-10-1910, and was a 1932 graduate of Cornell University.  He was a reporter and circulation director of The Post-Standard newspaper in Syracuse, before becoming a Marine Corps officer during WWII.  He served on Guam and achieved the rank of lieutenant colonel.  In 1951, Mr. Estabrook founded the Estabrook Printing Co., Inc.  Mrs. Estabrook was a native of NYC, and a graduate of Bennett College.  She came to CNY about 1934, and was in the Ground Observers Corps in WWII.  Mrs. Estabrook died on 6-12-1969, and Mr. Estabrook retired in 1971.  He later moved to Tyler,Texas, where he married Louise "Pinky" Orr, who had been divorced from Watson William Wise.  Mr. Estabrook died in Tyler on 12-8-1985.  Louise Estabrook, who was born on 3-21-1908, died on 8-25-2000.  John and Janet Estabrook had:  John Evans "Jack" Estabrook, Jr., who was born about 1938, graduated from Colgate University in 1959, married Helen Alice Holl on 12-17-1960, and resided in Syracuse, Ann Estabrook, who wed Martin S. Murray, and lived in Oswego, and Joan "Joey" Estabrook White, who was born about 1940, and lived in East Granby, CT.  

William Sears "Will" Estabrook and Eleanor Evans Estabrook lived on Genesee St. by 1930.  Mr. Estabrook was born in Great Bend, PA, on 12-12-1877.  He graduated from Cornell University in 1899, and from Syracuse University's law school in 1904.  He practiced law in Syracuse with his brother, Charles Estabrook, (see his listing).  The brothers were principals in the firm of Estabrook, Estabrook, Burns, and Hancock.  Mrs. Estabrook was born about 1879, and the couple wed on 5-14-1904.  An obituary referred to Mr. Estabrook as, "distinguished in appearance... he was known by sight to thousands who were not personally acquainted with him.  Somewhat retiring by nature, he was a staunch friend of many causes especially those dealing with children." He was very involved with Elmcrest Children's Home, which he served as president until his death.  Mr. Estabrook was also a noted orchid fancier, and grew many varieties in a greenhouse adjacent to his home.  Mrs. Estabrook was born 6-24-1879, in Fayetteville.  During WWI, she was an active member of the American Red Cross, and was commissioned a lieutenant while in its service.  At the peak of the Post-War Influenza epidemic she served many hours in Syracuse hospitals.  Mrs. Estabrook died on 1-7-1932, and Mr. Estabrook died 2-12-1960.  They had:  John Evans Estabrook, (see his entry), Margaret Ward Estabrook, who was born about 1905, married attorney George T. Driscoll, and lived at 340 Berkeley Dr. in Syracuse at her death on 2-14-1977, and William Estabrook, Jr., (see his entry below).

William Sears Estabrook, Jr., and Alice Watson Estabrook lived on Genesee St. by 1942.  Mr. Estabrook was born on 5-10-1908.  He graduated from the US Naval Academy in 1930 and served in the USN during WWII on destroyer duty. Mr. Estabrook was captain of a destroyer flotilla in the PTO, and was awarded the Bronze Star for his heroism.  Capt. Estabrook retired from the Navy in 1959.  Mrs. Estabrook was born in  Bentonville, AR, 4-1-1911, and was a graduate of the University of Wisconsin.  The couple wed about 1938, and lived many years in San Diego before returning to Fayetteville about 1960.  Mr. Estabrook died on 9-11-1972, while on a trip to Tyler, TX, and Mrs. Estabrook lived at 7206 East Genesee St. at her death on 3-11-1991.  They had:  William S. Estabrook, III, who resided in Fairfax, VA, Edmond Penn Estabrook, who lived in Gardiner, ME, and Margaret Ann Estabrook, who resided in Fayetteville.

John Paul Evans and Harriet Estabrook Evans lived on Genesee St. by 1942, and later moved to Mott Rd. in Fayetteville.  Mr. Evans was a graduate of Cornell University and the University of Texas. He served in WWII.  Mrs. Evans was born in 1916, and was the daughter of Charles Estabrook, Sr. (see his listing).  Mrs. Evans graduated from Pine Manor Junior College, and died on 11-8-1965.  Mr. Evans wed Erna Swain Northrup, the widow of Russell P. Northrup, on 10-8-1966.  Erna Swain Evans died in Naples, FL, on 4-20-2006.  Mr. Evans predeceased her.  John and Harriet Evans had:  Harriet Ward Evans, who graduated from Northern Arizona University, was a teacher, wed Bruce Betts on 6-30-1972, and lived in Glendale, AZ, and John P. Evans, Jr., who was born in Syracuse about 1943, attended Curry College, was a salesman, moved to FL about 1972, and resided in Ormond Beach, FL, when he was killed on 9-20-1984, in a car-train collision in Olive Branch, MS.

Thomas M. Fahey and Carole Miller Fahey lived at 710 Maple Dr. by 1960.  Born on the west side of Syracuse, Mr. Fahey was a life resident of CNY.  He graduated from St. Patrick's high school and was a 1954 graduate of LeMoyne College.  Mr. Fahey received his master's degree from Columbia University, and was the executive director of the Syracuse Dispensary.  In 1957, he founded Castle Rest Nursing Home, where he served as owner and administrator.  Mr. Fahey was married to Eileen Centore Fahey by his death on 9-10-1997.  Thomas and Carole Fahey had:  Michael C. Fahey, of Ridgefield, CT, Kevin Fahey, and Christopher Fahey, both of NYC, David Fahey, of Syracuse, Mary Susan Fahey, of Brooklyn.  

Norbert C. "Sam" Falk and Margaret Murphy Falk lived on Burt Lane in Knollwood by 1960.  Mr. Falk was born 7-20-1917, in Utica.  In the late 1950's, he was the head of the tabulating department at Bristol Labs.  He retired in 1984 as director of administrative services after 37 years of service to the company.  Mrs. Falk was born 5-30-1919, also in Utica, and resided in the Fayetteville area for 50 years.  She was the co-owner of The Syracuse Thrift Shop and previously worked for the Unity Mutual Insurance Co.  Mr. Falk was a WWII veteran, having served in the Army Signal Corps in Alaska.  He was active in various civic causes and had a lifelong interest in the sport of pigeon racing.  He died on 9-30-2005, and Mrs. Falk died less than two weeks later, on 10-13-2005. They had been married 59 years.  Their children:  Mary Catherine Falk Kelly, who wed Timothy Kelly, and lives in Rochester, and  Margaret Ann Falk Jureller, who wed David Jureller, and lives in Fayetteville.  

Adolph Falso and Vincenza Campagna Falso lived on Lyndon Rd. by 1951.  Mr. Falso was born in Italy on 7-28-1908. The couple was married about 1930.  Mr. Falso began working for his father in the sheet metal business at an early age.  He became the president of Thor Metal Products Co., Inc., and was associated with his brothers, Armando and Frank Falso,Jr., in the Falso Heating & Sheet Metal Co.  Mr. Falso was a private pilot and active in real estate building and development.  The couple moved to Ft. Lauderdale and were residing there at Mr. Falso's death on 2-19-2007.  He was 98.  They had Felippa "Phyllis" Falso Orlando, who married James Orlando, and lived in Lyndon, (see below), Raymond Falso, who was born on 1-20-1936, graduated from Norwich University, married Margaret Englert Falso, worked in the family business, and resided in Fayetteville at his death on 4-8-1978, and Adolph Vincent "Butch" Falso, who wed Bobbie Falso, and is the chairman of Seneca Data, Inc.

Armando "Art" Falso and Donata "Letty" DeRubis Falso lived at 111 Edwards Dr. by 1951.  A native of Italy, Mr. Falso lived in the Syracuse area for many years. The couple wed in November, 1929.  Mr. Falso, with his brothers, Adolph and Frank Falso, founded Falso Heating & Sheet Metal Co. in 1932, and, In 1951, he established Falso Industries.   In 1951, Serafino Foretta DeRubis, presumably a member of Mrs. Falso's family, lived with the Falso family.  Mr. Falso died on 8-27-1997, and Mrs. Falso died in Syracuse on 4-10-2010, at age 96..  Their children:  Phillip A. Falso, who moved to Bradenton, in 1997, and was wed to Kathy Falso,  Carmella Falso, who wed Samuel Iorio, and lives in Fayetteville, and Dolores M. Falso, who lives in Liverpool. 

Charles L. Farrance and Rosamond Harrington Farrance lived at 68 Lyndon Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Farrance  was born 5-16-1915, grew up on Lyndon Rd. and was a life resident of the area.  Mr. Farrance was a cabinet maker at the Stickley Furniture Co. in Fayetteville.  Later he was a machinist for the L. C. Smith Co., and the New Process Gear Co.  Mr. Farrance died on 5-18-1985.  Mrs. Farrance was born 9-12-1922, and died on 6-5-1986.  They had:  Patricia Farrance Sharpe, who lived in East Syracuse.

Gertrude Frances Williams Farrance lived at 72 Lyndon Rd. by 1930.  She was born in England in 1882, and was  widowed by 1930.  Mrs. Farrance lived in Lyndon 50 years before her death on 9-9-1953.  She had:  Ella Farrance Lening, who married Glen A. Lening, and died on 9-13-1996, (see the Lening listing below), Charles Farrance (see the listing above), and Edward Charles Farrance, who was born in 1903, lived with her, and was a laborer at a paper mill. 

Frank M. Farrell and Jane Lewis Farrell lived on Highbridge Rd. just east of the Lyndon Trailer Park, by 1951.  Mr. Farrell was a native of Canada, and came to the Fayetteville area in the mid 1930's.  He was a printer and operated a shop from their home for 25 years.  Mrs. Farrell was born in Fayetteville about 1916.  She worked in Fabius as a physical education teacher for 30 years, and also gave riding lessons at their Hillside Riding Stables, adjacent to their home.  Mr. Farrell died 1-11-1960.  Mrs. Farrell later wed Orville F. Wilkins, and they were living in Webster, NY, at her death on 11-23-1979.  The Farrells had a son, S. Mark Farrell, who was born about 1938, and lived in Cazenovia.

Albert J. Farsaci and Betty King Farsaci lived at 31 Ely Dr. by 1951, and later moved to 4713 James St. in E. Syracuse, to Canastota, NY, and to Fairfax, VA.  Mr. Farsaci was born on 2-26-1918, and was a hardware merchant.  He resided in VA at his death on 3-30-1997.  They had:  Mary Jane Farsaci, who graduated from Rosary Hill College, taught in East Syracuse, wed Anthony Louis DeStefano on 6-18-1971, and live in Fairfax, Patricia Farsaci, Elizabeth Jeanne Farsaci, and Albert John Farsaci, who graduated from Syracuse University, and wed Dawn Louise Mancini on 8-28-1976.

Frank Farsaci and Ida DeMartino Farsaci lived at 22 Ely Dr. by 1948.  He was born in 1911, and was a native of East Syracuse.  Mr. Farsaci operated a Sunoco gas station and later worked as a fireman and locomotive engineer with the New York Central railroad until his retirement in 1974.  He died 11-9-1992, at the couple's winter home in  Boynton Beach, FL.  Mrs. Farsaci was a native of Syracuse and died 10-25-2003.  They had a son, R. Nicholas Farsaci, of Tulsa, OK, who died in 1994.  Mr. Farsaci's brother, Albert Farsaci, also lived in Lyndon, (see the entry above).

Louis Fazio and Viola Victoria Bonacci  Fazio lived at 3 Bittersweet Lane in Knollwood by 1960.  He was a graduate of Syracuse University, and earned his DDS in 1941 from the University of Buffalo School of Dentistry.  Dr. Fazio was an Army veteran of World War II, and after the War practiced dentistry on James Street and later on Prospect Avenue, retiring in 1981.  Mrs. Fazio died in 1973, and Dr. Fazio died on 2-6-1998.  Their children:  Thomas Fazio, who lived in MA, Elena Fazio Thrun, of TX, and Louis Fazio, Jr., who lived in Syracuse.

George R. Fearon and Bertha Stone Fearon lived on Marvelle Rd. by 1942.  He was born 3-12-1883, and was a native of Oneida.  He graduated from Syracuse University and received his law degree from its College of Law.  He went into practice in 1905, and was elected a city councilor in Syracuse in 1909.  In 1920, he formed the Costello, Cooney, and Fearon law firm.  Sen. Fearon served in the NYS senate, and was elected majority leader in 1931.  He was long active in Republican state politics.  He was also involved in the founding of Vernon Downs race track.  The couple divorced in Florida on 6-19-1953, and by 1955, Sen. Fearon was married to Katherine Patterson.  Sen. Fearon died on 1-2-1976, at age 92.  Katherine Fearon, a native of Walton, was a graduate of Manmouth College in Manmouth, IL.  George and Bertha Fearon had Elizabeth Fearon, who was the widow of Robert Parkinson when she wed Royal Lewis O'Day, a banker, on 10-11-1953, and lived in DeWitt before her death on 7-31-1999, and Helen Fearon Ginter, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1938, married Louis E. Ginter, and lived in Dewittshire and Lakeland, FL, where she died on 7-8-1986.  Katherine Fearon had John McBride of Palo Alto, CA, Patricia Black of Chapel Hill, NC, and Elizabeth A. Short of Auburn, CA.  

Anthony P. Ferrito and Judith Woodworth Ferrito lived at 102 Olympia Ave. by 1959.  Mr. Ferrito was a construction worker and a mail carrier for the Fayetteville Post Office.  Their children:  Patricia "Tessie" Ferrito, Anthony Ferrito, II, who was born in August, 1960, and Mark Ferrito, who graduated from Alfred University, and married Kathleen Granelli on 8-21-1987.

John B. Findling and Esther Van Patten Findling lived at 19 Lyndon Rd. by 1955.  He was born 8-7-1912, and was the plant manager for the Brown Lipe Chapin Co.  Mrs. Findling was born on 1-16-1917.  The Findlings were residing in Boynton Beach, FL, at his death on 10-17-2003, and Mrs. Findling was residing in Tipton, IN, at her death on 3-28-2006.  They had Judith Findling, and John Findling.   

Richard Walter Fiola and Jeannlne Clement Fiola lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park, having lived earlier at 826 Park Ave. in Syracuse.  They were married 8-25-1956.  Mr. Fiola worked for the Railway Express Co., and Mrs. Fiola worked for the Maryland Casualty Co.  The couple divorced in FL on 6-10-1971, and Mr. Fiola wed Margaret H. Fiola on 1-7-1972.  They live now in Chiefland, FL.  The former Mrs. Fiola married Richard D. Storer and they reside in Pinellas Park, FL.  Richard and Jeannine Fiola had a son, Richard J. Fiola, born about 1957, who lives in St. Petersburg, FL, and is in the computer software field.

Edwin I. Firestone and Rosalind Grey Firestone lived at 6 Thistlewood Lane by 1960.  Mr. Firestone was an executive with the Onondaga Supply Co., and died in 1978.  Mrs. Firestone was born in Colosse, NY, and resided in Parish before moving to Syracuse in the 1920's.  She died on 12-28-1996, at age 94.  They had a daughter, Eugenia Firestone Woodard, (see the Woodard listing below).

Robert T. Fischer and Sally Steadham Fischer lived on Knollwood Rd. by 1960, and later moved to East Syracuse.  They operated the Fischer Stable, and founded Salco, Inc.--a Syracuse-based manufacturer's representative for industrial stapling equipment.  Mr. Fischer died in 1984, and Mrs. Fischer died on 1-1-1998.  They had Robin Fischer, of DeWitt, Melissa Fischer Tropp, of Syracuse, and Eliot Fischer, of MD.

Vincent J. Fischer and Beatrice McConville Fischer lived on Lyndon Rd. by 1948, and later moved to 135 Edgemere Lane in Fayetteville.  Mr. Fischer was born on 7-20-1905.  He was a native of Utica, NY, and a graduate of Boston University.  Mr. Fischer was the manager of the Bohanon Printing and Engraving Co.  in Syracuse, and later opened Pri-Ad Associates, his own advertising firm.  Mrs. Fischer was born on 4-6-1907, and was a native of Ogdensburg.  She graduated from Potsdam State Teachers College, and was a teacher at Manlius, Fayetteville, and other schools for 38 years.  Mr. Fischer died on 9-5-1974, and Mrs. Fischer died on 7-14-1994.  They had:  Vincent "Jerry" Fischer, Jr., who lived in Marcellus.

Charles G. Fiske and Carolyn Bayer Fiske lived at 101 Woodside Rd. by 1960.  He was an engineer for the General Electric Co.  They had a daughter, Jane Carolyn Fiske, who wed David Vernon Gibson about 1970, and lived in Boston.

Duane Fitts and Janice Fitts lived at the Lyndon Trailer Park in the early 1950's.  Mr. Fitts was a native of Kent, OH, and enlisted in the USN in 1943 at age 17.  He served in the South Pacific.   While in Lyndon, Mr. Fitts sold school rings for the Balfour Co.  Mr. and Mrs. Fitts split their time now between Kent and a  summer home in Lake Sunapee, NH.  Their children:  Bryan Fitts, Lori Fitts, and Holly Fitts.   

James R. FitzGerald and Margaret Meaney FitzGerald lived at 201 Miles Ave. by 1942.  He graduated from Northeastern University in 1917, and was a claims lawyer for 30 years with the Empire Mutual Insurance Co.  The couple moved to 131 Orvilton Dr. in DeWitt, and were residing there at his death on 12-2-1965.

Richard D. Flah and Margaret Minton Flah lived at 303 Edwards Dr. by 1955.  Mr. Flah was the assistant merchandising manager for the family owned Flah's department store.  Both graduated from Syracuse University.  The couple later moved to Palm Beach Gardens, FL, where Mr. Flah has been engaged in the real estate business.  They had:  Cynthia Flah, Richard Flah, and Jonathan Flah.

Lionel Raymond Fleischer and Phyllis Stern Fleischer lived at 150 Edwards Dr. by 1960, having moved there from Euclid Dr. in Fayetteville.  Both were born in Syracuse.  Mr. Fleischer was the owner of Fleischer's, a women's apparel shop on S. Salina St.  Mrs. Fleischer had the distinction of being the first female stock broker in Syracuse.  The couple divorced about 1974, and Mr. Fleischer lives now in Liverpool.  Mrs. Fleischer then married Carlyle Adair Edelstein, the owner of Edelstein Optical Co.  Mr. Edelstein died 7-7-1987, and Mrs. Edelstein lives now in Manlius.  Lionel and Phyllis Fleischer have three children:  Mitchell Fleischer, who owns an insurance agency, and lives in Richmond, VT, David Fleischer, of Boston, and Barry Joseph Fleischer, who wed Whitely Anne Frost on 9-10-2005, and also lives in  Boston.  David and Barry Fleischer operate an environmental company involved with energy and water conservation.

Donald S. Flower was living on Montgomery Rd. by 1955.  He was a native of Center Brunswick, NY, but lived most of his life in CNY.  He was the head of the labeling department. at Bristol Laboratories, and also operated the MG Sales and Service Co.  Mr. Flower died on 10-25-1993, at age 79.

Donald Ellery Folley and Ethel Irene Barrow Folley lived at 317 Edwards Dr. by 1953.  Mrs. Folley was from Fulton, NY, and moved with her family to Syracuse about 1930.  A native of Rochester, Mr. Folley was born in 1916, and resided most of his life in the Syracuse area.   He was an Army veteran in World War II, receiving the Bronze Star and Purple Heart three times while serving with the Ninth Infantry Division in Europe and North Africa.  He retired in 1981 as a ceramics engineer with the Syracuse China Corp.  The Folleys were living in N. Syracuse prior to his death on 10-12-1992.  Mrs. Folley died on 5-10-2005.  They had two children:  Gadrian "Gay" Dawn Folley, of Aurora, CO, and Gary Edwin Folley, who was born in January,1949, and lived in Perry Hall, MD.

Abbott Folsom and Dorothy Marcy Matten Folsom lived at 23 Ely Dr. by 1960.  Mr. Folsom was born in Oxford, WI, on 6-25-1902, and was a 1923 graduate of Syracuse University.  Mrs. Folsom was born in PA, about 1901, and the couple wed on 5-20-1923.  Mr. Folsom was a supervisor in the service department of the Carrier Corp.  He retired from Carrier in 1967, and died in Tunkhannock, PA, in December, 1977.  It is believed that Mrs. Folsom died in FL, on 1-10-2000.

Edward Benedict Fonda and Patricia Collingwood Hyde Fonda lived on Marvelle Rd. by 1942, and moved to Cazenovia about 1958.  Mr. Fonda was born 9-13-1913, in MI, and the couple wed in Bermuda on 6-23-1936.  He was with the A. H. Pond Co., and later was involved with Fonda Motors, a Packard dealership opened by his father, George Arthur Fonda, and his own Buick dealership in Cazenovia.  Mrs. Fonda was a native of Syracuse. She attended The Oldfields School in Baltimore, and was a noted horsewoman.  Mr. Fonda died on 2-3-1972, and Mrs. Fonda later married Francis H. Truman.  She died on 2-21-1998, at age 81.  Mr. and Mrs. Fonda had:  Diane Fonda, and George A. Fonda, who is retired and living on Marco Island, FL.

Charles H. Foster and Marian Churchill Foster lived at 5 Ely Dr. by 1951.  He was the proprietor of C. H. Foster, Inc., a firm which sold overhead doors.  Mr. Foster was also involved in real estate and investments.  Mrs. Foster was a native of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  She assisted her husband in his business until his death in 1970, and later worked as a bookkeeper for the Jim Brown travel agency.  Mrs. Foster died 9-15-1993.

Walter J. Fountaine and Mildred Lyons Fountaine lived on Edwards Dr. by 1960.  Mr. Fountaine was in the paper business.  It is believed that he was a native of NYC, who was born 2-27-1900, and died 10-24-1988, in New Port Richey, FL.

Warren H. Frank and Janice Glueck Frank lived on Short Rd. in Knollwood by 1960, and later lived in Syracuse.  Mr. Frank was born about 1924.  Mrs. Frank grew up in the Dewittshire section of DeWitt and in Shaker Heights, OH.  Mr. Frank was the president of Bonded Freightways.  In 1970, he became the executive director of Centro, the CNY Regional Transportation Authority, and served until his retirement in 1993.  Mr. Frank also served on the board of many organizations, including the Syracuse Chiefs professional baseball team. The couple resided in LaQuinta, CA, at Mr. Frank's death on 5-31-2010.  They had:  Gary Frank, who graduated from the University of Denver, and wed Carol Heller, Jeffrey Warren Frank, who was born on 4-15-1953, was involved in Broadway productions, and died in NYC on 4-8-1981, at age 27, Pamela Frank, who wed John Renock, and Patricia "Penny" Frank, who was born about 1960, attended Cazenovia College, wed Scott Doubek, and lived in Morgan Hill, CA. 

Benjamin Franklin and Pauline Ranieri Franklin lived at 214 Kittell Rd. by 1952, having moved from Albany.  He was the district manager for the International Harvester Co.  The couple moved to several other locations, including Jackson, MS, and Roanoke, VA, before retiring to NC.  They had:  Mary Elizabeth Franklin Barnes, who lives in Roanoke, and Maureen Franklin, who lives in Smyrna, GA.

Henry S. Fraser and Myrtle Gosse Fraser lived on Marvelle Rd. by 1953, and later moved to Thornwood Lane in Manlius.  He was born in Oswego, and graduated from Haverford College and Cornell University Law School.  He was first an attorney with the Fraser Brothers firm, and retired in 1988 after 61 years with the Coulter, Fraser, Bolton, Bird, and Ventre law firm.  Mrs. Fraser was born in Spaniards' Bay, Newfoundland, about 1907, and came to CNY in the late 1930's.  She was living at 770 James St., in Syracuse, at her death on 4-6-1968.   Mr. Fraser died 4-22-2001, at age 100.  They had:  Bruce W. Fraser, who attended the University of Arizona, and is a writer residing in NYC, Rosene Fraser Cunnan, of Fort Plain, NY, and Roger H. Fraser, of Rolling Meadows, IL.

Joseph C. Frederick and Dorothy Keeler Frederick lived at 18 Lynacres Blvd. by 1951.  Mr. Frederick served as an engineer for the Syracuse DPW.  The couple later moved to Binghamton where  Mr. Frederick was a regional director of transportation for the NYSDOT.

Charles M. Freeman and Marjorie Messer Freeman lived at 137 Edwards Dr. by 1955.  Both were 1943 graduates of Syracuse University.  He was a sales representative for IBM.  The couple was living in Chappaqua, NY, at Mrs. Freeman's death on 10-31-1982.  Mr. Freeman lives now in Brookfield, CT.  Their children:  Meredith Freeman, Todd D. Freeman, who was born about 1959, graduated from Syracuse University in 1993, and is a teacher living in Manlius, and Paul D. Freeman, born about 1951.

Paul C. French and Florence Corcoran French lived on Montgomery Rd. by 1960.  Mr. French was a native of Manlius, and lived many years in Lyndon before returning to Manlius about 1982.  He was a graduate of Central City Business Institute.  Mr. French retired in 1976 after 43 years as a machinist at the Precision Castings Co.  He died on 6-21-1987. Their children:  Kathleen French Jones, of Minoa, Barbara French, Patricia French Bess, of Syracuse, and Shelagh French Cummings, of Parish.

Edward W. Friedlander and Mary Owen Friedlander lived on Maple Dr. by 1942.  He was born 7-11-1904, in New Haven, CT, and graduated from Arnold College.  Mr. Friedlander taught in the New Haven school system and then moved to Syracuse.  He retired from the Syracuse school district in 1973, after being honored for 50 years of service.  Mr. Friedlander  first taught at Porter School, Central High School, and Roosevelt Jr. High School, and from 1950 to 1973 he was at Charles Andrews School.  Mrs. Friedlander was born in Syracuse on 2-12-1912.  She worked 23 years for the General Electric Co. as a secretary.  Mr. Friedlander died 6-21-1991, and Mrs. Friedlander died on 1-17-1997.  They had a daughter, Susan Friedlander Hopkins, of Napa, CA.  

Leonard Scott Fulmer and Grace Morrison Fulmer lived on Maple Dr. by 1943.  He was born 8-21-1893, and was a 1915 engineering graduate of Syracuse University.   In 1923, Mr. Fulmer was co-founder of a drug company that evolved into Bristol Laboratories.  At his retirement in 1949, he was a vice-president of Bristol.  Mrs. Fulmer was a native of Staten Island, and graduated from Syracuse University in 1921.  She was an elementary school teacher on Staten Island before returning to CNY.  Mr. Fulmer died at home in Lyndon on 5-1-1967.  Mrs. Fulmer lived in Lyndon from 1943, until moving to Delray Beach, FL, in 1973.  She died 10-15-1995 at The Nottingham, in Jamesville, at age 95. They had:  Paul H. Fulmer, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1948, and lived in Wyomissing, PA, Nancy Belle Fulmer, who attended Mt. Holyoke College, wed James F. Marquardt, and resides in Skaneateles, and Susan Fulmer, who wed John Ritchie, and lives in Salisbury, CT.

Louis Gale and Charlotte Spevak Gale lived at 123 Miles Ave. by 1954.  He was born 10-21-1906, and was a life resident of the Syracuse area.  Mr. Gale was a self-employed cattle dealer and retired in 1975 as a salesman with the Woodcraft Home Improvement Co.   He died 1-2-1984.  Mrs. Gale was born 4-17-1914.  She had moved to the Buffalo area when she died, at age 90, on 7-16-2004.  They had:  Dr. Stephen Bruce Gale, of Williamsville, NY,  and Robert Paul Gale, of Pensacola, FL.

Jack E. Gallant and Ruth Avery Gallant moved to the Lyndon Trailer Park in 1956 from the Great Lakes Naval Base in IL.  Both had lived earlier in Michigan.  He was born 7-30-1931 and worked for the Syracuse Transit Co. and, later, for the Greyhound Bus Co.  The family moved to Chittenango in 1965.  Mr. Gallant died on 12-7-1993 in Deland, FL.  Mrs. Gallant was born on 10-18-1934, and died 9-25-2002 in Dallas, TX.  They had:  Michael T. "Tim" Gallant, who earned a degree in aerospace engineering from Syracuse University in 1981, wed Suzanne Gallant, and works for Cummins Inc., in Columbus, IN, Glen Gallant, who was born in June, 1957, lives in Houston TX, and  works for Atlas-Bradford Inc., Jill Gallant, who was born in September, 1958, lives in Fort Worth, TX, and works for the legal firm of Mark Steward and Co., and Helen Gallant ,who resides in Plano TX.

William R. Gallinger and Elaine Gill Gallinger lived at the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1955.  Mr. Gallinger was born about 1934.  He grew up in Manlius, and was a NCO in the USAF.  Mrs. Gallinger was a native of Canada, and it is thought that the couple now resides on Prince Edward Island.  They have a son who was born in July, 1957.

Henry L. Galson and Gertrude Galson lived at 106 Kittell Rd. by 1945.  Mr. Galson was a native of Austria. He was born about 1900, and came to America in 1922.  Mrs. Galson was a native of Germany.  She was born about 1903, and came to America in 1923.  The couple wed about 1924, and lived in Philadelphia.  Mr. Galson was a self-employed consulting engineer. who was a pioneer in the design of self-contained air-conditioning equipment.  Mrs. Galson was the president of the Huntington Family Centers and was active in other charities.  They had:  Allen E. Galson, who went to Cornell University, wed Nirelle Galson, and lives in DeWitt, and Edgar Leon Galson, who was born in 1926, served in WWII, married Eva C. Galson, and lives in Syracuse.  Both sons are involved in Galson Consulting, a Syracuse-based environmental consulting, engineering, and laboratory firm which was founded in 1970.

James T. Galuppi and Elizabeth Steimer Galuppi lived at 105 Maple Dr. by the mid 1950's.  He was born 1-2-1911, and worked as a restaurant manager.  He died in Ft. Lauderdale in September, 1986.  Mrs. Galuppi was born 11-18-1915, and grew up in Syracuse.  She died in Pompano Beach, FL, on 2-15-2002.  They had: James Galuppi, who lives in Fort Lauderdale, Marcia Galuppi, and Patrick Galuppi.

Fred Gangberg and Irene Stein Gangberg lived at 49 Lyndon Rd. by 1951, having lived previously in Schenectady.  He was born 9-1-1901, and was a marketing executive for the General Electric Co.   Mrs. Gangberg was born 10-29-1901, in Hungary.  She was an interior designer, working under the trade name, "Interiors by Irene," for 30 years.  Mrs. Gangberg died 3-17-1972.  Mr. Gangberg was residing in Albany at his death in September, 1986.   They had:  a daughter who married Edward R. Sachs, and lived in Albany.

Albert H. Garofalo and Anna Aloi Garofalo lived at 20 Lyndon Rd. by 1948.  He was born 6-24-1900, and grew up in Syracuse.  He graduated from Syracuse University in 1924, and from the Cornell University medical school.  Dr. Garofalo served his surgical residency at St. Elizabeth's Hospital, New York City.  He had a medical and surgical practice at 647 W. Onondaga St. in Syracuse.  Mrs. Garofalo graduated from Syracuse University in 1931, and resides now at Kimry Moor in Fayetteville.  Dr. Garofalo died on 7-27-1970.  

Robert Gaunt and Josephine Howland Gaunt  lived at 221 Maple Dr. by 1951.  Dr. Gaunt was born on 4-13-1907, and was a native of Macon, MO.  He was a professor of biology and zoology at Syracuse University, and later at the College of Charleston (S.C.), and New York University.  Dr. Gaunt was also director of endocrine research with CIBA Pharmaceutical Co. in Summit, NJ. The couple moved to the Tampa area from NJ in 1977.  Dr. Gaunt died there on 7-12-1996.  Mrs. Gaunt, a native of Fall River, MA, was born on 6-13-1910, and died on 7-30-1997.  She was active in the Mayflower Society and the DAR.  They had:  Robert H. Gaunt, who worked as an engineer and lived in Fairfield, CT.

Elston D. Gaurin and Pauline Hinman Gaurin lived at the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1951.  He was an engineer for the Brown-Lite-Chapin Corp.  Mr. Gaurin is thought to have been from Massena, and to have attended Colgate University following WWII service.  They had:  Elston Gaurin, William Gaurin, and Catherine Gaurin.

Susan Georger lived on Kittell Rd. by 1930.  Mrs. Georger was born about 1864, and was the widow of John Georger, whom she wed about 1887.  Mr. Georger was born in 1863, and died on 7-23-1931.  Mrs. Georger died on 3-7-1936.  They had a son, Walter Georger (see below).

Walter Joseph Georger and Frances Leavery Georger lived at 100 Kittell Rd.  Mr. Georger was born on 12-28-1891, and was one of the first members of Troop D, of the New York State Police.  While living in Lyndon, he was a salesman for the Hercules Cement Co. of Philadelphia.  He later opened the Saddlery Co. and the Jon Wal Saddlery Shop, which was located In the 800 block of North Salina St.  For many years, Mr. Georger was identified with the annual horse show at the fairgrounds and in various horse and riding activities throughout CNY.  Frances Georger died on 5-10-1942.  Mr. Georger married Florence Haist, the widow of Foster A. Haist, in Tonawanda, NY., on 5-4-1946.  He died in Lyndon on 4-15-1976.  By his earlier marriage,  Mr. Georger had:  Col. John Francis Georger, a USA officer, who wed Mildred Virginia Racey of Winchester, VA, on 4-15-50, and lived in W. Simsbury, CT, Suzanne Georger, who died on 1-30-1930, at age six, and Walter Georger, Jr., who graduated from Staunton Military Academy and LeMoyne College, lived in Lyndon, and worked for RCA at his death on 11-17-1964. 

Paul G. Giers and Marie White Giers lived at 16 Ely Dr., having purchased the home in 1954.  Mr. Giers was a native of Bonn, Germany.  Mrs. Giers was born in Liverpool, and attended CCBI--the Central City Business Institute.  He was a public accountant before becoming Vega Industries' comptroller in 1945.  Mr. Giers became vice president and treasurer of the company before retiring in 1969.  He organized the Syracuse Chess Club in 1932 and in 1949 he was elected president of the US Chess Federation.  Mr. Giers also wrote a chess column in the Syracuse newspaper for many years.  The couple moved to Ft. Lauderdale following retirement and Mr. Giers died there on 10-14-1987.  Mrs. Giers returned to the Syracuse area following Mr. Giers' death.  She died 10-9-1998.  Their children:  Paul J. Giers, who was born 4-8-1930, and lived in Orlando, FL, Ann Foltrauer, born about 1934, of Hempstead, NC, Jean Foster, of Syracuse, and Lucille Dillon, who graduated magna cum laude in 1954 as a piano major at Syracuse University, and resided in Syracuse at her death on 1-2-1998.

Clarence I. Gilkey and Naomi Dunn Gilkey lived on Lyndon Rd. by 1942.  While in Lyndon, a William Gilkey lived with the couple, but the relationship between them is unclear.  Clarence Gilkey was born on 5-2-1900.  He was a serviceman with the Bristolite Co., and later was an electrician for the Rollway Bearing Co.  Mrs. Gilkey was born 6-29-1906, and was a sales clerk for the Byrne Dairy Co.  The couple moved to New Mexico, where Mr. Gilkey died in April, 1980, and Mrs. Gilkey died in February, 1982.  They had Lynn Gilkey, and Robert J. Gilkey.  Robert Gilkey wed Phyllis Towne, and they also lived on Lyndon Rd. before moving to Aztec, NM.  He worked for the Rollway Bearing Co. and for Danboise Construction Co.  Robert and Phyllis Gilkey had Susan Gilkey, and Nancy Gilkey.

Edward W. Gilmore and Mary "May" McAvoy Gilmore lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park by the early 1950's.  While living in Lyndon, Dr. Gilmore was a medical student at the Syracuse University school of medicine.  Upon his graduation, in 1954, he went into practice in the Binghamton area and then in Meshoppen, PA.  Later the family moved to the Miami area and they now reside in Orlando.  They had:  Robert Gilmore, and Ronald Gilmore.

Barrington P. "Barry" Gilmour and Ruth Moyer Gilmour lived on Little Fox Circle in Knollwood by 1960.  Mr. Gilmour was born on 11-22-1911.  He was a native of Newport, RI, but had lived in the Syracuse area since 1938.  He was an architect for many years with King & King Architects, and retired in 1974 from Associated Architects of Syracuse.   Mrs. Gilmour was born 6-14-1910, in Mohawk, NY, and earned a master's degree from Syracuse University.  She taught in the Syracuse schools for many years and was the choral director at Central high school.  Mr. Gilmour died 4-15-1987, and Mrs. Gilmour died 1-23-1998.

Frank B. Goldberg and Beverly Cotton Goldberg lived at 52 Ely Dr. by 1960.  He was associated with M. Goldberg & Son, a family owned furniture business started in the early 1900's by Mr. Goldberg's grandfather.  They had Joan Goldberg, and Andrew Goldberg. 

Paul B. Goldsmith and Diqui "Diane" Howard Goldsmith lived on Brockway Lane by 1960.  He was born in Perth Amboy, NJ, and graduated from the University of Alabama and Ohio State School of Dentistry.  Dr. Goldsmith was a captain in the Army Air Corps during World War II.  The couple wed about 1940.  He had a dental practice in CNY for nearly 50 years.  Mrs. Goldsmith was a real estate agent.  The couple moved to Walnut Creek, CA, in 1993.  Dr. Goldsmith died in CA on 12-31-1994.  They had:  Susan Goldsmith, who lived in Piedmont, CA, Judith Goldsmith, Patricia Goldsmith,  Deirdre Goldsmith, who wed Stuart Arnowitz, and is a social worker in Richmond, VA, and Vicki Goldsmith.

John D. Goode, Sr., and Margaret Stack Goode lived at 71 Lyndon Rd. by 1930.  He was born in 1898, and lived on Maple Dr. as a youngster.  Mr. Goode worked as a patrolman with Halcomb Steel, and later was a wholesale grocer.  The couple married about 1924.  Mrs. Goode was a native of Weedsport, but lived in Fayetteville about 70 years. She retired in 1970, after 35 years as secretary for the family owned Goode Distributing Co., in Fayetteville.  Mr. Goode died on 9-18-1962, and Mrs. Goode died, at age 89, on 1-14-1990.  They had John Goode, Jr., (see below), William F. Goode, (see below), Richard T. Goode, (see below), Margaret Mary Goode, who wed Paul John Durgey on 5-2-1967, worked for the Niagara-Mohawk Power Co., and lived in Fayetteville, and Jerome A. Goode, who lived in Clay.

John Denni Goode, Jr., and Theresa Lannon Goode lived at 63 Lyndon Rd. by 1960.  He was born in 1925, the son of John and Margaret Goode (see above), and grew up in Lyndon.  Mr. Goode was a navy pilot during WWII.  He was a graduate of Hamilton College, and worked for the family wholesale grocery firm.  Later he was the superintendent of the DeWitt water department.  Mr. Goode died on 1-29-1982.  Mrs. Goode, a life long resident of Fayetteville, retired in 1987, after 15 years with the J. C. Penney Co.  She died on 5-8-1987, at age 58.  They had:  John T. Goode, of Winchester, VA, Suzanne Goode Cole of Baldwinsville,  Nancy Goode Cole, Barbara Goode Austin, and Patricia A. Goode, who wed Erik Scott Anderson on 11-8-1997. 

Richard T. Goode and Susan Cain Goode lived on Lyndon Rd. by 1960.  He was born in 1930, the son of John and Margaret Goode, and was raised in Lyndon, (see above).  Mr. Goode attended LeMoyne College, and worked in the family's wholesale grocery business.  They had:  Thomas Goode, Margaret Goode, Jennifer Goode, and Patrick Goode.

William F. "Red" Goode and Marie Germane Danboise Goode lived on Lyndon Rd. by 1955.  Mr. Goode was born about 1926, the son of John D. and Margaret Stack Goode, and grew up in Lyndon, (see above).  The couple was married 4-28-1951, in the Immaculate Conception Church, in Fayetteville.  Mr. Goode served at the end of WWII.  He was a carpenter for the E. B. Danboise Construction Co. and later worked at  LeMoyne College.  Mr. Goode died on 1-31-2008.  Mrs. Goode worked for the Jamesville-DeWitt school system.  They had:  William Goode, Jr., who married Barbara Goode, Carol Goode, who wed William McCaffrey, Kathleen Goode Schmitt, Timothy Goode, who married Diane Goode, Teresa Goode, who wed Larry Isaacs, and Sharon Goode, who married Steve Curtis. 

Clive D. Goodwin, Jr., and Mary Lou Hartley Goodwin lived at the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1951.  Mr. Goodwin was a flight instructor at the Canastota airport, worked at GE, and also managed a Texaco station on Route 20 during this period.  Mrs. Goodwin also worked for GE.  Late in 1955, the family moved to Seneca Knolls in Liverpool.  Later they  moved to Youngsville, NC, where they yet reside.  Mr. Goodwin still has a pilot's license and is active in the Civil Air Patrol.  They had one son, Clive "Tink" Goodwin, III, who is now retired and living on Great Exuma Island in the Central Bahamas.

Russell K. Goss and Marie Curran Goss lived at 64 Lyndon Rd., having contracted with Harry Lane to construct the home in 1953.  Mr. Goss was born 3-10-1914, in Chicago, and resided in the Syracuse area 50 years.  Mr. Goss owned and operated the Goss Piano and Organ Store for many years.  Mrs. Goss was a native of Chicago, and moved to the Syracuse area about 1950.  She died on 12-16-1981, and Mr. Goss died 10-17-2004, at age 90.  Their children:  Lynne Marie Goss Kazel, who lived in Rochester, Jeanne Goss Schreier, of Hollywood, FL, Brian R. Goss, of DeWitt, and John S. Goss, who graduated from Notre Dame University, wed Alison Eve Peters in 1980, and lived in Jamesville. 

Dudley C. Gould and Catherine Thompson Gould lived on Maple Dr. by 1948.  Mr. Gould was born in OH in January, 1920.  Mrs. Gould was born on 7-19-1925, and the couple married in Watertown, NY, on 2-23-1946.  On 5-23-1951, Mr. Gould was serving as an infantry lieutenant in Korea when he was seriously wounded.  He later served as an Army recruiter in Syracuse, and then was an industrial designer.  Mr. Gould lives now in San Antonio, TX, where Mrs. Gould died in March, 1986.   Mr. Gould is a noted author, specializing in books dealing with military history.  They had a son, Richard Gould, who was born about 1947.

Alvin J. Grabau and Florence Horstmann Grabau lived at 1 S. Gate Rd. by 1960, having lived at 304 Haddonfield Dr. in DeWirr by 1940.  Mr. Grabau was born on 8-24-1904.  He was a native of Buffalo and a graduate of the University of Buffalo.  Mr. Grabau was an investor with the Grabau-Buchman Co. and later was the president of the Interstate Financial Corp.  He died on 3-19-1982.  Mrs. Grabau, a native of Rochester, was born on 6-28-1901, and died on 1-26-1982.  They had:  William J. Grabau, who married Judy H. Grabau, graduated from Syracuse University in 1959, was a military officer, and lives in Lyndon.

Louis -A. Grandinetti and Phyllis Dewey Grandinetti lived at 64 Ely Dr.  Mr. Grandinetti was a native of Patchogue on Long Island.  Mrs. Grandinetti was born 3-15-1925.  He owned and operated D. Grandinetti Manufacturing Co., a housewares business in Syracuse, with his brother, Edward Grandinetti.  He also was the manager of E.C. Stearns, a power lawn mower company in Syracuse that his brother owned.  He was a self-employed manufacturer until his retirement in 1980.  Mrs. Grandinetti died in Phoenix on 2-10-1990.  At his death on 7-28-1998, Mr. Grandinetti was living at 301 Sycamore Terrace, DeWitt, and in Phoenix, AZ.  Their children:  Robert L. Grandinetti, of Fayetteville, and Virginia Grandinetti Mackie, of Seattle, who was born in February, 1953.

LeRoy B. Graul and Mary Brown Graul lived on Maple Dr. by 1951, having lived earlier at 3008 East Genesee St. in Syracuse.  Mr. Graul was born in Harrisburg, PA, about 1888.  Mrs. Graul was a native of Fairhaven, NY.  She was born about 1887, and the couple married about 1912.  They came to CNY about 1923, and Mr. Graul was a gas station operator.  Later he was a box maker for the Mack-Miller Candle Co., and worked at the Variety Liquor store.  Mr. Graul died 2-20-1956, while residing at 417 Catherine St. in Syracuse.  Mrs. Graul died two weeks later, on 3-5-1956. She was 78.

Donald Allen Graves and Joyce Wellner Graves lived at 118 Dewey Ave. by 1960.  He was born on 10-2-1924, in Carbondale, PA, and was a USA veteran during WWII, serving in the Philippines, New Guinea and Japan.  He worked in the security department at the Carrier Corp. and retired in 1984 after 32 years of service.  The couple moved to Winter Haven, FL, in the mid 1980's.  Mr. Graves died on 7-28-2003, and Mrs. Graves still resides in FL.  They had:  Sharon Graves Hellmich, of Louisville, KY, and Diane Graves Kelly, of DeWitt.

Laurence A. Gravin and Ginger Dreyfus Gravin lived at 330 Edwards Dr. by 1960.  Mr. Gravin was born 12-28-1928, and was the president of Hamilton Fashions in Eastwood.  Mrs. Gravin was a musician and sang professionally as an operatic soprano.  In 1964, the couple divorced and Mrs. Gravin later married Herbert E. Karren, a San Antonio builder. She founded the San Antonio Opera Guild in 1974.  The Karrens had a daughter, Lynn Elizabeth Karren, who married Hugh Marlowe, the son of the late actor of the same name.  Mrs. Karren lives in NYC where she moved about 1989.  Mr. Gravin married Charlotte Gravin, and was residing in Sobieski, WI, at his death on 5-15-2007.

Leo C. Gray and Anna May Casey Gray lived on Hobson Ave. by 1948, and later lived at 16 Wexford Rd. in DeWitt Acres. Mr. Gray was born in 1919 and was a native of the Fulton area.  He came to the Syracuse area in the late 1940's.  They lived in DeWitt and Fayetteville area many years before moving to Caroga Lake, NY, in 1975.  Mr. Gray was a self-employed contractor, and later worked for the Fred Reals Co. of Lyndon.  He died on 9-23-1985.  They had three sons:  Wayne Michael Gray, Alan P. Gray, and Martin D. Gray.

John A. Greacen and Louise Martineau Greacen lived at 201 Kittell Rd.  He graduated from Syracuse University in 1951 with an engineering degree.  The couple married on 2-9-1952.  Mr. Greacen worked as an engineer for the Carrier Corp.  The couple live now in Cazenovia.  They had:  John Greacen, Nena Greacen, Neal Greacen, Claudia Greacen, Lydia Greacen, and Matthew Greacen.  

Edward S. Green and Joan Feder Green lived at 39 Ely Dr. in 1958.  Mr. Green was born in Syracuse and graduated from Syracuse University in 1947.  He served as an officer in the USAF from 1952 to 1954.  Mr. Green then became a CPA and studied law, graduating from SU's law school in 1960.  He has been an accountant and lawyer with the Rudolph and Green firm, and is now a senior investment advisor with the firm of Green & Seifter.  Mr. Green has been the chairman of the board for the Syracuse Symphony and has been active in many other charitable and civic causes.  The couple lives now in Cazenovia.  Their children:  Jill A. Green, William Green, and Nancy M. Green.

Harris H. Greene and Esther Flescher Greene lived on Lyndon Rd. by 1950.  He was a lawyer and CPA with the Greene and Swift firm.  Mrs. Greene was a life resident of Syracuse, and was employed in the advertising department of The Post-Standard newspaper for about 12 years.  Mr. Greene died in April, 1965, and Mrs. Greene died, at age 85, on 8-19-1991.  They had a son, Richard D. Greene, born about 1941, who lives in Manlius. 

Richard Deming Greene and Barbara Eloise Dorr Greene lived at 40 Lyndon Rd. by 1947-- next door to Mrs. Greene's parents, Carl and Amelia Dorr.  Mr. Greene was a graduate of Brown University and the school of social work at Columbia University,  He was the chief probation officer for the Onondaga County Children's Court, and later was with the Youth Development Center at Syracuse University.  Mr. Greene was president of the board of education for the Jamesville-DeWitt school district.  Mrs. Greene was born 6-16-1913, and was a 1935 graduate of Wells College in Aurora.  The couple married on 6-19-1936.  Mrs. Greene was a social worker and was active in the Cub Scouts and other civic causes.  Mr. Greene died on 11-14-1981, and Mrs. Greene moved to Rochester in 1997.  She died on 2-17-2005, while residing in Thousand Island Park, NY.  They had:  Eleanor Greene Gummere, who wed John Gummere,  lived in Farmington, CT, and died on 11-29-2005, Shirley Greene Davis, who resides in Santa Fe, NM, Cynthia Greene, who married C. Edward Buchwald, and lived in Northfield, MN, and Richard Dorr "Chip" Greene, who graduated from Brown University, wed Janet Lucia Stephan, and is a retired hospital administrator, residing in Thousand Island Park.  

Hilbert I. "Hersh" Greene and Gertrude Stahler Greene lived at 36 Ely Dr. by 1960.  Mr. Greene was born on 4-27-1918, and was a 1939 graduate of Syracuse University and a 1942 graduate of the School of Law, where he graduated first in his class.  Mr. Greene enlisted in the Army Air Corps in 1942, and served as a combat pilot in Italy during World War II.  He received the Distinguished Flying Cross and five air medals.  Following the War, Mr. Greene practiced law and became a partner in the firm of Greene, Hershdorfer and Sharpe.  He served as president of the Onondaga County Bar Association.  As an avid amateur photographer, Mr. Greene had his works exhibited at the Everson Museum.  He died 6-18-2005, at age 87, and Mrs. Greene still resides on Ely Dr.  They had:  Andrew Greene, born in November, 1959, Debra Greene Quinn, Lauren Greene Cohen, and Lisa Greene. 

Angelo Gressani and Helen Aiello Gressani lived at 5120 Brockway Lane by 1960, and later moved to Cicero. He was a self-emloyed general contractor.  Born in Syracuse, Mrs. Gressani graduated from North high school. She was a secretary for General Electric, for the mayor of Syracuse, and for her husband at the Angelo Gressani Construction Co.  She died on 7-13-1998.  On 7-18-2005, at the age of 87, Mr. Gressani scored a hole-in-one on a 200 yard hole at the Rogues Roost golf course.  They had:  David S. Gressani, who married Mary Gressani, and lived in Cocoa Beach, FL, Elaine Gressani Giemza, of DeWitt, and Joyce Gressani DeVaul, who lived in Cleveland, NY.

Robert R. Grevelding and Colleen McCarthy Grevelding lived on Lyndon Rd. by 1960, and later moved to 114 Cammot Lane in Fayetteville.  He was born in Syracuse on 9-16-1936, and, while still a teenager, began as a laborer for the village of Fayetteville.  He worked for the Village for 45 years and retired in 1998 as superintendent of the Department of Public Works.  The couple married about 1956.  He was a member of the Fayetteville Fire Dept., serving as assistant chief from 1975 to 1983, and as chief from 1983 to 1985.  Mr. Grevelding died 7-26-2000.  They had Robert Grevelding, Jr., who lived in Erieville, NY, Michael Grevelding, of Fayetteville, Schauvonne Grevelding Craw, and Colleen Grevelding Cooper, both of Fayetteville, and Mitzi Grevelding Badger, of Baldwinsville.

Elliott Grey lived on Olympia Dr. by 1951.  Mr. Grey was born in Fulton, NY, on 6-8-1929.  He began as a bulldozer operator, and retired in 1992 as a construction superintendent with the Wallbridge Paving and Construction Co.  He married Julia Sidelnik, who worked for the Kemper Insurance Co.  She was born about 1926, and died on 9-15-1970, following an auto accident.  Mr. Grey resided in Oswego, NY, at his death on 2-7-2001.  Their children: Shelley Grey Wallace, who lives in MD, Debbie Grey, who resides in FL, John Grey, who lives in Martville, NY, Leo Grey, of PA, and Mathew Grey, who lives in Mexico, NY.

Edward S. Gronau and Jeanne Lionals Gronau lived at 205 Kittell Rd. by about 1945.  Mrs. Gronau was a native of Montreal, Canada.  Born 2-14-1892, in Allegheny, PA, Mr. Gronau attended New York University. He lived in Montreal for 25 years before moving to Lyndon in 1945.  During World War II, Mr. Gronau held the rank of major in the Royal Canadian Air Force.  He was vice president for industrial relations for the Precision Castings Co.  Mr. Gronau died on 6-21-1966, and Mrs. Gronau died 7-8-1969.

Henry J. Gurtowski and Beatrice Gurtowski lived on Cedar Bay Rd., near Lyndon Rd., by 1942.  Mr. Gurtowski was a native of Brooklyn, and was born 12-7-1899.  He was a veteran of WWI, and moved to CNY about the time of the War.  He later worked as a laborer.  By 1948, Mr. Gurtowski was married to Helen Roach Gurtowski, and they were living at 432 South Ave., in Syracuse, at Mr. Gurtowski's death on 2-22-1963.  Henry and Helen had Leona Gurtowski, who was born in May, 1949.

R. Homer Gwynn and Dorothy Landers Gwynn lived on Genesee St. by 1941.  Mr. Gwynn was born in Syracuse on 7-9-1893, and Mrs. Gwynn was born on 3-2-901.  They were married about 1921.  Mr. Gwynn sold plumbing supplies and later the couple operated a tourist home, Gwynn Haven, which was near the Howard Johnson restaurant on Genesee St.  Mrs. Gwynn's mother, Evelyn Landers, the widow of Anson Landers, lived with the Gwynns at her death on 4-11-1941.  Mr. Gwynn is believed to have died about 1942, and Mrs. Gwynn later wed a Mr. Palmer.  She was residing in Oran, at her death on 8-14-1981.  The Gwynns had:  Richard A. Gwynn, who was a USN veteran of WWII, and then worked as a serviceman for the Goodyear Tire Co., and Donald Homer Gwynn, who lived in Delphi Falls, NY, was a WWII veteran, married Barbara Gwynn about 1966, worked as an operating engineer for various construction companies, and died on 6-19-2006.

Elmer J. Haines and Alice Oberlin Haines lived at 217 Kittell Rd. by 1951, and moved away in 1955.  Mr. Haines was born 9-20-1908, and was a  native of Minerva, OH.  He was a manufacturer's representative and founder of the Haines Sales Corp. of East Syracuse.  Mr. Haines was a charter member, elder, historian and chairman of the board of the Pebble Hill Presbyterian Church, in DeWitt.  The family had moved to 15 Pebble Hill Rd., N., in DeWitt, before Mr. Haines died on 7-11-1971.  Mrs. Haines was born on 3-10-1911, and died on 1-25-1986. They had:  Jerry L. Haines, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1955, and lives in Fayetteville, and John E. Haines.

Nelson Ward Hall and Clara Wilson Hall lived on Genesee St. by 1948, having lived earlier in Syracuse.   Mr. Hall was born on 9-19-1896, in Caughdenoy, NY.  He worked for the NY Telephone Co., and was the chief draftsman for the Pass & Seymour Co. where he retired after 45 years service.  Mrs. Hall was born about 1900, and the couple married about 1918.  Mrs. Hall died 1-12-1975, while living in Baldwinsville, NY.  Mr. Hall then moved to Big Flats, NY, and died on 3-16-1986.  They had:  Rev. Nelson W. Hall, Jr., who was born on 1-2-1936, married Jean Ann Hall, was a minister and the district superintendent of the Wesleyan Church of CNY, and resided in Canisteo, NY, at his death 10-3-2000.

William McBrown Hall and Claramae "Mac" Vates Mackey Hall moved from Detroit to 101 Kittell Rd. in the fall of 1952, and later lived at 105 Alwyn Dr. in DeWitt.  Born in Topeka, KS, Mr. Hall was a graduate of Oakwood School, Swarthmore College, and Cornell University.  He retired in 1975 after 22 years as the comptroller and treasurer of the Lipe Rollway Corp.  Mrs. Hall died on 8-26-1974, and Mr. Hall later  wed the former Harriet Buffum Schenck.  The second Mrs. Hall died in 1995.  Mr. Hall died, at age 87, on 11-3-2000, while residing at The Nottingham complex in Jamesville.  William and Claramae Hall had:  John Lawrence Hall, of HI, William M. Hall, of IL, Donald R. Hall, and Thomas A. Hall, both of CT.

Calvin D. Hamilton and Olive Hares Hamilton lived at 103 Dewey Ave. by 1942.  A native of Erieville, Mr. Hamilton was born on 8-19-1900, and lived in DeWitt 55 years.  He owned and operated an Amoco gas station at the corner of James and Townsend Sts. in Syracuse.  He later worked as a salesman for the Mitchell-Bradford Chemical Co.  He was elected Town of DeWitt Supervisor, and served 14 years in that capacity before being elected Onondaga County Clerk.  Mr. Hamilton died on 11-3-86, in Lyndon.  Mrs. Hamilton, was born in Weedsport on 9-7-1902, but lived more than 80 years in Lyndon, where she died on 10-3-1989.  They had:  Ann Hamilton, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1955, wed William L. DuPree, III, on 6-30-1956, was a teacher, and lives now in DeWitt Park, and Susan Hamilton, who was born about 1934, graduated from Cortland State Teachers College, wed Donald Richard Potts, on 6-30-1956, in a double wedding with her sister, taught school, later wed Donald R. Patten, and lives at 716 Maple Dr.

Frank Hamilton and Ruth Woodworth Hamilton lived at 204 Miles Ave. by 1942.  Mr. Hamilton was a native of South Onondaga, NY.  He was a greenskeeper at the Onondaga Country Club, and the water superintendent for the Lyndon Water District for 25 years before retiring in 1955.  Mrs. Hamilton was an office clerk for the Town of DeWitt.  He died 10-1-1958, and she died 12-22-1975.   

William J. Hamilton lived at 110 Dewey Ave. by 1942.  Mr. Hamilton operated a general store for many years before becoming the manager of the Lyndon Golf Course.  Mr. Hamilton was born about 1878, and died at home in Lyndon on 1-13-1966.  His brother, Frank Hamilton, lived nearby, (see above).  

Edgar M. Hamlin and Marion Baigrie Hamlin lived at 118 Kittell Rd. by 1960.  He was born 10-8-1905, and was a native of Elbridge.  Mrs. Hamlin was born 11-27-1907, and was a buyer for the Lincoln store.  He retired in 1968 as a buyer in the purchasing department of Carrier Corp.  The couple had moved to Ft. Lauderdale when Mrs. Hamlin died in December, 1977.  Mr. Hamlin died there on 3-21-1994.  He was 98.  

Thomas A. Hammer, Jr., and Patricia Fitzgerald Hammer lived on Marvelle Rd. by 1955.  Mr. Hammer was an executive with the Carrier Corp.  By 1965, the family resided in Dayton, OH.  Mrs. Hammer was born on 6-22-1920, and died on 4-11-1995.  They had:  Honey Hammer, who was born about 1946.  

Alfred Van Wagenen Hancock and Martha "Polly" Hudson Smith Hancock lived on Knollwood Rd. by 1951.  Mr. Hancock was born on 6-7-1909, in Syracuse.  He was a 1921 graduate of Hamilton College and a 1924 graduate of Harvard Law School.  While at Hamilton, he was captain of the fencing team.  After graduation, Mr. Hancock began practicing law in the Syracuse area.  He retired as a senior partner with Hancock and Estabrook in 1987.  From April, 1941, to March, 1952.  Mr. Hancock was the United States commissioner for the Northern District of New York.  In this capacity he issued the search warrant for the famous Woodstock typewriter, which led to the conviction of Alger Hiss as a traitor.  Mr. Hancock was very active in civic and charitable causes.  Mrs. Hancock was born 4-22-1912, in Syracuse.  She was a graduate of the Emma Willard School in Troy and Smith College in Northampton, MA.  Mrs. Hancock served two terms as the president of the Syracuse Boys Club.  She died 5-8-1985, and Mr. Hancock died 9-25-1993.  They had:  John Van Wagenen Hancock, who is retired from Anheiser-Busch and lives now in Syracuse, and Martha "Mimi" Hancock-Olech, who is a crisis counselor, and lives in Manlius.   

Agnes McKee Hand, the widow of James Hand, lived on Miles Ave. by 1942.  She was a life resident of the DeWitt area.  She died 2-17-1959, at age 91.  Her children:  Homer Hand, of Solvay, who wed Julia Sullivan Hand, and died 9-25-1934, at age 35, a daughter, probably named Margaret, who married Charles Leahner, and lived in Buffalo, Charles Hand, who died on 3-20-1939, Joseph Hand, George Hand, who wed Edna B. Scammell, worked for the Precision Castings Co., and died 10-10-1956, Albert Hand, who married Margaret Tighe Hand, and lived on Highbridge St. in Fayetteville, and Walter Hand, who lived near his mother (see below).

Douglas Lester Hand, and Mary Margaret Reddy Hand, lived briefly with his parents, Walter and Lila Hand, at 202 Dewey Ave., and later moved to 101 Miles Ave.  A native of Chittenango, Mr. Hand was born 7-10-1932, and was a graduate of Fayetteville-Manlius high school.  The couple wed on 9-12-1953.   Mr. Hand resided most of his life in the Fayetteville area before moving to Monmouth, NJ, about 1971, where he was a purchasing agent for Fort Monmouth.  Mrs. Hand was born about 1935, graduated from Syracuse University and worked in as a teacher.  Mr. Hand was an Army veteran of the Korean War, and an amateur radio operator.  At some point about 1980, the couple divorced and Mr. Hand wed Patricia Murphy Hand.  He retired in 1988.  Patricia Hand died in 1990, and Mr. Hand died  on 6-21-1994, in Monmouth.  Mary Hand still resides in Keyport, NJ.  Douglas and Mary Hand had:  Steven Hand, of Cary, NC, Mary Theresa "Terry" Hand Burns, of Keyport, Judith Hand Brady, of Howell, NJ, Jeanne Hand-Boniakowski of Wells, VT, and Cynthia Hand Vogt, who also lives in Keyport. 

Walter J. Hand and Lila Haas Hand lived at 202 Dewey Ave. by 1942.  He was born 9-10-1906, and was a life resident of the area.  Mr. Hand was a machinist and a foundry machine operator with the Precision Casting Co. from 1925 until his retirement in 1969.  He died 7-10-1981, in Lyndon.  Mrs. Hand was born in Chittenango on 12-26-1907.  She was a cafeteria worker at Moses DeWitt Elementary School, and died on 6-17-1998 in Hazlet, NJ.  They had Douglas Lester Hand, (see above listing).

Edward F. Hannon and Elsie Newkirk Hannon lived at 104 Edwards Dr. beginning about 1954.  They previously lived at 117 Ambergate Rd., in DeWitt, having purchased that home in June, 1940.  Mr. Hannon was an engineer with the Precision Castings Co.  Mrs. Hannon was a native of Canastota and a teacher.  Mr. Hannon died in 1962, and Mrs. Hannon died 1-19-1981, at age 72.

Kurt H. Harer and Norma Schultz Harer lived on Lyndon Rd. by 1955, and later moved to Tanner Rd. in Constantia.  Mr. Harer was a Korean War veteran and the manager and president of the Syracuse Stair and Iron Works Co.  He died 2-12-1995.  They had:  Eric K. Harer, who resided in Syracuse, Marlene Harer Gardner, who lived in DeWitt, Kurt V. Harer, of Constantia, and Lisa Harer-DeCalvo of Miami Beach, FL.

Robert H. Harford and Mary Ann Krebser Harford lived at the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1951, and within a few years lived at 300 Churchill Lane in Fayetteville.  Mr. Harford was the parts manager at Village Sales--a Chevrolet dealer in Fayetteville.  He is believed to have been born in August, 1928, and to have moved to FL, where the couple divorced.  

Stephen Hargas and LaVerne Millner Hargas lived at 120 Dewey Ave. by 1954.  He was born 11-2-1918, in NYC, but was a resident of the Syracuse area beginning in 1948.  Mr. Hargas was a stationary engineer for the Onondaga Hotel and was also the chief engineer for the 21st Air Defense Squadron at Sage Utilities on Hancock Field from 1961 until 1983.  He died 4-23-1993.  Mrs. Hargas was born 3-25-1920, and also worked at the Onondaga Hotel.  She died on 11-26-1978.  His mother, Suzanna Hargas, who was born 1-6-1893, lived with the family until her death in November, 1971.  The couple had: Stephanie Ann Hargas Fehr, and  Stephen Hargas, both of Fayetteville.

John Harmond Harris and Beatrice Hammonds Harris lived at 102 Edwards Dr. by 1951.  She was a medical secretary at the SUNY College of Medicine.  He was a staff manager for the Prudential Insurance Co.  A native of Newcombe, TN, Mrs. Harris lived 50 years in Syracuse before moving to Asheville, NC, in 1974, and died there on 9-20-1993, at age 90.  They had:  Jean Harris, who lived with her parent’s following a divorce and was killed  in a car accident about 1965, at age 39, and Joan Virginia Harris, who wed Ralph G. Jaeggli in 1951, and lived on Ely Dr. (see below).  Both daughters worked for the NY Telephone Co.

Richard F. Harrison and Arlene Ingham Harrison lived at 150 Edwards Dr. by 1948.  Mr. Harrison was an executive vice-president for the First Trust & Deposit Co., until his retirement about 1954.  Mrs. Harrison, a native of Herkimer County, NY, died in Syracuse on 8-3-1985, at age 92.  They had:  Gloria Harrison Morningstar, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1946, was a nurse, wed Edward E. Morningstar, and lived in Texas at the time of her death in February, 1986, and Carol L. Harrison, who also attended Syracuse University.

David Sanford Hathaway and Winifred Terrill Hathaway lived on Maple Dr. by 1953, and later moved to Montgomery Rd. in Lyndon.  Mr. Hathaway was probably born in Cuyler, NY, on 4-15-1926.  He was a mechanic for the Solvay Process Co. in Jamesville, but retired in 1994 as a regional manager for the NY  State department of transportation.  Mrs. Hathaway was born in Fabius, NY, in 1929, and they were wed there on 9-12-1946.  Mr. Hathaway was a skilled carpenter and built the family residence on Montgomery Rd.  The couple divorced and Mr. Hathaway wed Nancy Bush Hathaway.  He was residing in Chiefland FL, when he died in Cortland, NY, on 7-27-2003.  Winifred Hathaway lives now in DeRuyter, and Nancy Hathaway resides in Chiefland.  The children of David and Winifred Hathaway:  Diane Marie Hathaway, Deborah Hathaway, Denise Hathaway, Danita Hathaway, and David Hathaway.

Mary Allen Hauser lived on Cedar Bay Rd. by 1948.  She was the widow of Roswell Silas Hauser, who was born on 12-8-1877.  He worked for the New York Central railroad, and later as a golf course laborer. He  died on 4-12-1948.  Mrs. Hauser was born about 1881, and the couple wed about 1904.  She died on 8-13-1957.  They had:  Irving R. Hauser, who was born about 1909, married Eileen Jordan, was a machinist at the Prosperity Co., and lived in Delphi Falls, NY.

Donald C. Hayes and Dorothy "Dolly" Hayes lived at 225 Edwards Dr. by 1955.  Mr. Hayes was a real estate agent with the Clark realty firm and a musician.  The couple moved to Florida about 1958, and Mr. Hayes died in Pompano Beach on 7-20-1983.

John C. Hayes and Evelyn Auger Hayes lived at 16 Ely Dr. by the early 1960's.  Both were natives of Utica, NY.  Mrs. Hayes was a graduate of Skidmore College.  Mr. Hayes was awarded the Bronze Star for gallantry during WWII.  He retired in 1981 as vice-president of the General Crushed Stone Co,, after 34 years of service.  Mr. and Mrs. Hayes later moved to Easton, PA, where she died on 12-24-1981, and he died on 9-17-1986.  They had:  John C. Hayes, Jr., who was born about 1947, and attended Williams College, Evelyn Hayes Frederick, who was born about 1949, graduated from Syracuse University in 1972, and lives in Syracuse, and Mary Ann Hayes, of Silver Springs, MD.

Ralph S. Hayes and Helen Perkins Hayes lived at 6 Ely Dr. by 1946.  Mr. Hayes was born about 1890.  He was widowed about 1915, and went on to serve as a captain in the USA Transport Corps in WW1. Mr. Hayes later married Helen Perkins.  He was a civilian ordinance executive in WWII, and was the vice president of the C. C. Bradley Co. in Syracuse.  Mr. Hayes also was associated with the Lehigh Foundry, in Easton, PA, and by 1951 he resided in Lancaster, PA.  Mr. Hayes moved to Rochester in 1955, and was living there and married to Thelma Eckler at his death on 5-29-1957.  Mr. Hayes had:  Barbara Hayes Talamo, who married William Arthur Thorpe on 12-10-1949, and lived in Philadelphia, Ralph S. Hayes, Jr., who was born about 1915, married Sarah Louise "Sally" Rogers, was an engineering executive with the Onondaga Pottery Co., and lived at 108 Cornwall Dr., in DeWitt, and Mrs. Walter Prize, who lived in Lexington, VA.

Edward Healey and Althea Ford Healey lived at 106 Dewey Ave. by 1957.  The Healeys were both born about 1890 and were natives of Newfoundland.  They came to the US following their marriage in 1911 or 1912.  The family lived in NYC, and Mr. Healey worked as a railroad motorman and guard for the transit authority.  After retiring to Lyndon, he worked as a doorman at Kallet's Shoppingtown Theatre when it opened in DeWitt in March, 1957.  They had:  Henry F. Healey, born about 1912, and Gerald E. Healey, born about 1915.

Wincent G. Hecht and Helen Zelesnik Hecht lived on Brockway Lane by 1960.  Mr. Hecht was born 11-20-1917, and was a graduate of Georgia Tech University.  For 24 years he was the founder and owner of the Northeastern Consolidated Construction Co., which was one of the largest pipeline construction firms in the East.  Mr. Hecht died on 8-14-1971.  Mrs. Hecht was born in Joliet, IL, on 2-24-1918, but  resided in Fayetteville most of her life.  She died in August, 1990.  They had:  Deborah Lee Hecht Shaffner, who wed John Shaffner on 12-2-1972, was a champion horsewoman, and lived in Ambler, PA, and Shelly Hecht  Fost, who lived in Baltimore.  

Raymond H. Heller and Betty Roth Heller lived at the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1948.  Mr. Heller was born in Elmira, NY, on 9-16-1923, and served in WWII.  Mrs. Heller was born about 1926.  While in Lyndon, Mr. Heller was a student at Syracuse University, and graduated in 1950 with a degree in engineering.  He worked as a mechanical engineer and retired in 1987 after 10 years with a Saudi Arabian company.  The family moved to Manlius about 1949, and Mr. and Mrs. Heller became very active in the First Baptist Church there.  He died on 4-24-1998.  They had:  Amy Heller Penoyer, who lived in North Syracuse, Carol J. Heller, who resided in Media, PA, Donald C. Heller, who lived in Plantersville, TX, Erich R. Heller, who lived in Syracuse, and Joyce Heller Hickling, who lived in Edmeston, NY.   

Leslie J. Hemens and Mary Denney Hemens lived at 209 Kittell Rd. by 1952.  Mr. Hemens was born 11-17-1916.  He was a 1942 graduate of Hartwick College, and served in World War II as a first lieutenant in the USA.  Mr. Hemens was eastern New York sales representative for Rockwell International in their power tool division for 17 years.  He died on 4-6-1977, in Manlius.  Mrs. Hemens was born in Enosburg, VT, and resided in CNY since about 1952.  Mrs. Hemens was graduated from Oneonta State College and was a former elementary school teacher in the East-Syracuse-Minoa school district, Watertown school district, and the Draper School in Schenectady.  She also was employed at the alumni and development office of the Manlius Military school.  Mrs. Hemens died 11-17-1977.  They had a son, Denney C. Hemens, who lives in Ukiah, CA.

Alfred J. Hemmer and Alice Fowler Hemmer lived on Genesee St. by 1928, in a home known as Ivanhoe Manor.  The home was a landmark that stood on the east bank of the highlands above the valley where Butternut Creek crosses Genesee St.  Mr. Hemmer was born about 1893, and first married in 1917.  From his earlier marriage Mr. Hemmer had Helen Patricia Hemmer, who was born about 1920, graduated from Powelson Business Institute in 1942, married Courtney F. Dolan, operated a motel in Old Forge, NY, until 1964, and died 8-23-2000.  Mr. Hemmer and Miss Fowler wed in 1928.  He worked as a dairy broker, and died about 1944, leaving Alice Hemmer to care for their eight children.  Mrs. Hemmer was born in Baldwinsville, about 1907, and came to Lyndon at the time of their marriage.  Alice Hemmer died on 12-21-1959.  She and Mr. Hemmer had:  Ferdinand John Hemmer, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1954, is the president of an engineering firm, and lives in Crownsville, MD, Dolores Hemmer, who wed William W. Kernan, Anthony K. Hemmer, who was born about 1938, taught at Jamesville-DeWitt school, and lives now in Toronto, John A. Hemmer, who was born about 1940, and is a systems engineer for the SUNY Health Science Center in Syracuse, Veronica "Ronnie" Hemmer Frontera, who was born about 1941, and resides in Kingston, NY, Richard B. Hemmer, who was born about 1942, and Maria T. Hemmer, who was born about 1943.

George N. Hemmer and Irene E. Hemmer lived at 43 Ely Dr. by 1952.  He graduated from medical school at Syracuse University and was a physician in Syracuse for 55 years.  He died 6-13-1965, at age 79.  Mrs. Hemmer died 6-20-1991, at age 92.  From a previous marriage to a Miss Place, who died before 1949, Dr. Hemmer had:  Dr. Charles A. Hemmer, a physician in Philadelphia, and Ruth Hemmer, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1937, married Francis T. Costello, and lives in Fayetteville.

Louis A. Henggeler and Martha Schmidt Henggeler lived at 59 Lyndon Rd. by 1948.  Mr. Henggeler was born in Switzerland on 5-16-1899, and came with his family to the Lyndon area about 1940.  He worked as a waiter at the Hotel Syracuse.  Mrs. Henggeler, a native of West Berlin, Germany, died on 2-20-1966. Mr. Henggeler died 4-1-1967.  They had a daughter, Anita Louise Henggeler, who lives in the family home in Lyndon.   

Gerald H. Henley and Marion Rombough Henley lived at 10 Lyndon Rd. by 1960.  Mr. Henley was born on 7-16-1905.  He was a native of Syracuse, and a graduate of Syracuse University law school, where he was the salutorian for  his class.  He was primarily a trial lawyer but was also the managing partner for the Hiscock, Cowie, Bruce, Lee, and Mawhinney law firm.  Mrs. Henley was born 8-1-1908, and for 45 years was self employed as the organizer of estate sales.  Mr. Henley died 7-31-1992, and Mrs. Henley died on 3-18-2001.

Edwin W. Henne and Mary Ruth Smith Hier Henne lived at 29 Ely Dr. by 1951.  He was born 11-18-1893, and was a native of Ann Arbor, MI, and a graduate of the University of Michigan.  Mr. Henne joined the Farmers and Traders Life Insurance Co. in 1923 and rose through the ranks to become president.  Mr. Henne and his first wife, Naomi M. Henne, lived at 115 Dewittshire Rd. in DeWitt before her death in November, 1947.  Mary Ruth Henne died on 2-8-1966, and Mr. Henne died on 4-10-1969.  Mr. Henne and Naomi Henne had, Richard Edwin Henne, who attended the University of Michigan, and lives now in Birmingham, MI, and Frank W. Delano, who lived in McLean, VA. prior to his death on 10-17-1996.

Charles E. Henson and Opal Ezell Henson lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1960, and by the next year they were living in Nevel's Trailer Park in Kirkville.  Mr. Henson was a staff sergeant in the USAF.  Mrs. Henson died in SC on 11-5-2001, and Mr. Henson resides now in FL.  They had:  Charles Henson, who lives in VA, and Paul Henson and Bobby Henson, who both live in FL.   

Paul T. Henson and Annie Mae Chapman Henson lived at 216 Edwards Dr. by 1955.  Mr. Henson was born in GA, about 1898, and Mrs. Henson, a native of SC, was born 7-9-1900.  They moved to CNY in the 1920's.  He was an auto salesman and later operated Henson Motors, a Lincoln Mercury dealership, on E. Genesee St. in Syracuse.  Mrs. Henson died in SC, in April, 1975.

DeBanks M. Henward, Jr., and Catherine Wettling Henward lived at 40 Marvelle Rd. by 1951.  Born in Syracuse, Mr. Henward graduated from law school at Syracuse University in 1925.  He was an attorney, a mortgage broker, and the president of an insurance agency.  Mrs. Henward was born in Scranton, PA, and graduated from the College of Fine Arts at Syracuse University in 1924.  She died 12-17-1965, at the Onondaga Country Club where she was hosting a bridge party.  Mr. Henward subsequently wed Ruth Rendell Clark.  He died 11-2-1977.  DeBanks and Catherine Henward had:  DeBanks Henward, III, who was born on 6-26-1931, was on the cheerleading squad at Syracuse University, married Barbara Hayes about 1958, became a lawyer, moved to Phoenix, AZ, in 1970, and lived in Scottsdale, AZ, at his death on 3-7-2008, and Suzanne Henward Buell, who was born on 6-11-1928, graduated from Syracuse University in 1950, married Charles W. Buell, Jr., and lived in Naples, FL, at her death on 9-25-2005.    

Joseph O. Hewitt and May "Chub" Cooch McLaren Hewitt lived on Maple Dr. by 1960, having resided earlier on Radcliffe Dr. in DeWitt.  Mr. Hewitt was the sales manager for the Rumsey Distributors Co. and later became the president of the Burlington House division of Burlington Industries.  Mrs. Hewitt was a native of Toronto, and the daughter of Harold A. Cooch, a director of Canadian Westinghouse Co. Ltd.  She received a degree in home economics in 1936 from the University of Toronto.  Mrs. Hewitt came to the United States, following graduation, and, as an employee of Westinghouse, she traveled the country to demonstrate cooking on electric kitchen appliances.  Mrs. Hewitt lived in the Syracuse area from 1950 to 1975, when she moved to Berwyn, PA.  She died on 8-20-1990.  Their children:  Linda Hewitt Keough, who was born about 1943, attended Cazenovia College, and lived in Boynton Beach, FL, Jeffrey Cooch Hewitt, who was born in March, 1952, and lives in LaGrange, GA, and Peter Ogden Hewitt, who was born about 1953, and lives in Lafayette, CA.   

Fred Clarence Hicks and Wava Chapman Hicks lived at 208 Maple Dr. by 1937, having lived earlier at 209 Highbridge St., in Fayetteville.  Mr. Hicks was born in Canastota on 6-8-1888, and worked briefly as a farmer in Sullivan before becoming a machinist.  He retired in 1958, after 35 years with the Precision Castings Co. in Fayetteville.  Mrs. Hicks was a singer and had a program on WSYR radio in 1932, and, in the early 1950's, she was the director of the local Nobility Club.  Mr. Hicks died in Lyndon on 2-10-1960.  Mrs. Hicks was residing in Marietta at her death on 5-27-1968.  They had:  Arthur C. Hicks, who was born in 1919, served in the US Army during WWII, retired in 1981 after 44 years with Accurate Die Casting Co., and died on 2-10-1987, Elizabeth L. Hicks, who was a sales clerk for the W. T. Grant department store in Syracuse, Wava Margaret Hicks Watkins, of Syracuse, Robert Doolittle Hicks, Kenneth Willard Hicks, who was a USN veteran of WWII, and lives in Pulaski, Howard Hicks, who wed Florence A. Hicks, served in the USN, and lived in Charleston, SC, Beverly Hicks, who was born about 1931, married Walter R. Travers, and lives in Syracuse, Nancy Hicks DeGulio, who was a secretary at the Syracuse University medical school, and resided in Marietta, and Fred Hicks, Jr., who was born in 1917, retired in 1978 after 37 years with Lipe-Rollway, and died 2-7-1988.

Joseph K. Hill and Jean Lichty Hill lived at 19 Ely Dr. from 1953 to 1956.  Dr. Hill was born 11-6-1918, in Springfield, MO.  He graduated from Dartmouth, and served in WWII, before earning a doctorate in health education from Yale.  Dr. Hill was a professor at the Upstate College of Medicine, in Syracuse, and then moved to NYC, and became the president of the Downstate College of Medicine, in Brooklyn.  He was residing in CT at his death on 4-19-1971. They had:  Laurinda Hill Roetger, and Joseph Hill, Jr.

Holden Freeman Hills and Anina deZeng Hills lived at 530 Maple Dr. by 1948.  Mr. Hills was born on 4-28-1911, and the couple wed on 10-20-1934.  He was an agent with the Massachusetts Mutual Life Ins. Co., and was the president of the board of both the Elmcrest Children's Center and the YWCA.  Mrs. Hills was born on 6-8-1914, in Mapleshade, NJ, and attended Sarah Lawrence College.  Like her husband, she was very active in civic, educational, and charitable causes.  In 1967, Mrs. Hills was awarded Woman of Achievement Award for Community Service, by The Syracuse Post-Standard newspaper.  Mr. Hills died on 11-26-1974, while residing in Sanibel, FL.  Mrs. Hills later married Fred L. Glaize, who had served as president of the Winchester, VA, city council.  Mr. Glaize died in Winchester 6-21-82, and Mrs. Hills-Glaize lived there at her death on 9-4-2011, at age 97.  Mr. and Mrs. Hills had:  Anina Holden Hills, who was a nursing graduate of Skidmore College in 1957, wed John J. Hodge in 1958, and lives in Algonquin, IL, Peyton deZeng Hills, who was born about 1941, married Mary Hills about 1963, retired from industrial sales in 2003, and resides in Syracuse, and Holden Hills, Jr., who lives in Pittsfield, MA.  

William Lawyer Hinds and Ella Davidson Hinds lived on Marvelle Rd. by 1948.  Mr. Hinds was born in Binghamton but raised in Watertown.  He joined the Crouse-Hinds Co. in 1903 as assistant to Huntington Beard Crouse.  Mr. Hinds later became secretary, vice president, general manager, and, in 1943, after the death of Mr. Crouse, the second president of the company.  Mr. Hinds became chairman of the board in 1947, and retired from Crouse-Hinds in 1955.  The Crouse Hinds Co. was co-founded by Mr. Crouse and Jesse L. Hinds--who was the uncle of  William Hinds.  In 1951, William Hinds was awarded an honorary doctorate from Syracuse University for his service in philanthropic and charitable causes.  Mr. Hinds was also very active in Republican politics and was a delegate to several national presidential nominating conventions.  He died on 7-11-1965, at age 91.  Mrs. Hinds, who was from Dayton, OH, died on 1-13-1964.  They had a daughter, Charlotte Hinds Truman, (see her entry).

Grace L. Hodge lived at 107 Kittell Rd. by 1960.  She later moved to 316 Churchill Lane, in Fayetteville.  Miss Hodge was a native of Jersey City, NJ, but resided most of her life in the Syracuse area. She was a graduate of Crouse-Irving Hospital School of Nursing and later became an instructor there.  Miss Hodge retired in 1960 as an investment counselor after 35 years with the First Trust and Deposit Co., and died on 2-23-1987, at age 93.

F. Piercy Hodgkinson and Katrine "Polly" Sickinger Hodgkinson lived at 19 Lyndon Rd. by 1956.  Mr. Hodgkinson was a graduate of Cornell University.  He was a mechanical engineer for the Prosperity Co. and its Rexair division before retiring in 1973.  Mr. Hodgkinson died on 12-9-1979, at 81.  Mrs. Hodgkinson was born in Albany, and earned her master's degree from Bowling Green State University, in Ohio.  She was a concert singer and an artist of note.  Mrs. Hodgkinson taught art at East Syracuse-Minoa high school for many years and taught speech at Oswego State Teachers College.  She died on 12-22-1980.

Edward Karl Hogestyn and Flora Sherman Hogestyn lived at 37 Ely Dr., having moved there in 1950 from Rochester.  He was born 8-17-1898, and she was born 4-2-1895.  Mr. Hogestyn worked for the Kodak Co. in Rochester before moving to CNY, where he worked at the Alling and Cory paper company until his retirement in December, 1963.  The couple then moved to the Ft. Lauderdale area.  Both died there:  Mr. Hogestyn on 4-11-1978, and  Mrs. Hogestyn, on 4-22-1997, at 102.  They had a daughter, Carol Hogestyn.

James A. Hogue and Bernice McGill Hogue lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1960.  Mrs. Hogue worked in the cafeteria at Jamesville-DeWitt high school, where Mr. Hogue taught shop.  In 1977, Dr. Hogue earned a doctorate in educational administration from Syracuse University.  The Hogues split their time now between Hermon, NY, and Leesburg, FL.  They have:  Howard Hogue, and Mary Jane Hogue.  

Powell W. Holbein and Dorothy B. Holbein lived at 37 Lynacres Blvd. by 1960, and moved to Marvelle Rd. by 1967.  Mr. Holbein was born 1-3-1917, and was a native of Baltimore.  He was in the commercial real estate business.  Mr. Hobein was a veteran of WWII, and served 15 years on the Jamesville-DeWitt school board.  Mrs. Holbein was born about 1920.  The couple moved to Florida in 1990, and Mr. Holbein died on 10-22-2002, while living in Bradenton.  They had:  Bruce E. Holbein, who lives in Newton, MA, Tina Holbein McDonald, who lives in Syracuse, and Gordon Holbein, who married Geraldine Holbein, and lives in Lexington, KY.

Marc H. Hollender and Betty Jane Schultz Hollender lived at 41 Lyndon Rd. by about 1956.  He was a native of Chicago, who attended Loyola University and Northwestern University and earned his medical degree from the University of Illinois College of Medicine in 1941.  Dr. Hollender was appointed professor and chairman of the department of psychiatry at the SUNY Upstate Medical Center, where he served from 1956 to 1966.  He was appointed to the chairmanship of the Vanderbilt University Medical Center department of psychiatry in 1970.  During his years at Vanderbilt, he held many prominent posts including the presidency of the American College of Psychoanalysts, and authored seven books.  Dr. Hollender was born 12-19-1916, and died 8-9-1998.  Mrs. Hollender still resides in Nashville.  Their children:  Mary Jo Hollender, and David Hollender.  

Melvin C. Holm and Beatrice Fritcher Holm lived briefly at 150 Edwards Dr. before moving to Marvelle Rd.  About 1953, the original family name of Aspholm was changed to Holm.  The family then lived at 205 Lansdowne Rd. in DeWitt, but soon moved to Lyndon.  Mr. Holm began with the Carrier Corp. as a bookkeeper in New Jersey and rose through the ranks to become chairman of the board.  Under his leadership the decisions were made to build the MONY towers in downtown Syracuse and to help fund what is now known as the Carrier Dome.  Mr. Holm also served as the head of the board of trustees at Syracuse University and was active in numerous civic affairs.  Mrs. Holm, too, was active in church and civic causes.  She was instrumental in establishing the Suburban Thrift Shop at DeWitt Community Church which still endures.  Mrs. Holm's mother, Nellie Fritcher, a native of Stockbridge, NY, lived many years in Minoa, but by 1960 she was living with the Holm family in Lyndon.  She died 10-24-1975, at age 92.  Mr. Holm died on 7-10-1991, and Mrs. Holm died less than a month later on 8-7-1991.  Their children:  Melvin C. Holm, Jr., who was a retired attorney, living in South Fort Myers, FL, at his death on 12-31-2002, and Joyce Holm Calver, who operates a private investigation firm in Fayetteville.

Carlton Hazard Holmes and Margaret Robinson Holmes lived at 4 Lynacres Blvd. by 1930, having lived earlier at 548 Clarendon St. in Syracuse.  Mr. Holmes was born in Charlotte, VT, on 1-29-1883, and Mrs. Holmes, a native of Portland, ME, was born about 1888.  The couple wed in 1909.  Mr. Holmes worked for the Vermont Marble Co. for 17 years in various locations including Cleveland, NYC, and Boston.  The family came to Syracuse in 1913, and in 1917, Mr. Holmes opened his own marble and tile business.  In 1919, his brother, William Sherman Holmes, joined him in the firm, which had offices and showrooms at 305 Montgomery St. in Syracuse.  Mrs. Holmes died on 1-4-1944.  Mr. Holmes later wed Lillian S. Holmes. He died on 8-22-1950.  Carlton and Margaret Holmes had:  Margaret H. Holmes, who was born on 4-4-1910, married James W. Rodgers, and lived at The Nottingham complex near DeWitt at her death on 11-13-1995, Mary A. Holmes, who was born on 3-5-1915, graduated from Smith College in 1936, earned a master's degree at Columbia School of Social Work and a doctorate from Temple University, wed John R. Gilmore, and lived in Chagrin Falls, OH, at her death on 8-22-1991, William H. Holmes, who was born in 1917, and lives in DeWitt, and Dr. John R. Holmes, who was born in Syracuse on 9-5-1919,  graduated from Wesleyan University and the University of Rochester School of Medicine, practiced in DeWitt and East Syracuse, wed Jean Holmes and Elisabeth Holmes, and lived in Cazenovia at his death on 2-3-2005. 

Harold D. Holt and Genevieve McKee Holt lived at 714 Maple Dr. by 1951.  Mr. Holt was an electric shovel operator.  He was born about 1906, and died on 1-11-1960.  Mrs. Holt was born on 9-5-1913, and died in August, 1993.  Their children:  Richard D. Holt, who was born about 1937, and was a USN veteran, and Sheryl Holt, who wed William Ehrick Ackerman on 8-27-1966.   

John H. Holton and Sarah Pierpont Holton lived on Lyndon Rd. by 1948, and moved to Skaneateles about 1961.  Mr. Holton was born in Boston on 3-11-1895, and graduated from MIT in 1917, with a degree in chemical engineering.   During World War I, he served as an Army officer engaged in chemical warfare defense.  A native of Williamsburg, MA, Mrs. Holton  was born on 7-18-1897, and was a 1917 graduate of Arnold College in New Haven, CT, and taught physical education in the Chatauqua County district schools and at a Springfield, MA., high school.  The couple married in 1919.  Mr. Holton joined the Carrier Corp. in Newark, NJ, and became director of research operations for the fledgling company, which later moved its headquarters to Syracuse.  Mr. Holton became vice president and works manager at the start of World War II and retired in 1960, after 30 years.  Mr. Holton was a life member of the Salvation Army, and served on its advisory board for 27 years.  He and Mrs. Holton received the Army's Silver Tambourine Award in 1977.  In 1978, the couple moved to a retirement community in Gywnedd, PA.  Mr. Holton died there 9-1-1991, at age 96, and Mrs. Holton died 11-7-1991.  Their children:  John Holton, Jr., who lived in Jupiter, FL, Nancy Holton Calhoun, and Mary Holton Soderberg, both of Skaneateles, and Robert P. Holton, who lived in San Ramon, CA.

Edward A. Holzwarth and Elizabeth Fisher Holzwarth lived on Genesee St. by 1948.  Mr. Holzwarth was born in Lyons, NY, in 1870.  He came to Syracuse about 1900 and opened a grocery store at the corner of Cannon and West Newell Sts.   In 1915, he relocated his grocery to 1004 Lancaster Ave. and operated it until his retirement in 1941.  Mrs. Holzwarth was born about 1872, and the couple wed about 1991.  Mr. Holzwarth died on 12-31-1950.  Mrs. Holzwarth then moved to live with her son at 102 Kensington Rd., which was next door to the family grocery, and split her time between there and FL.  They had:  Ralph Edward Holzwarth, who was born in Minoa, NY, on 8-13-1894, married Iva Holzwarth, graduated from Syracuse University in 1922, was a Methodist minister and missionary before taking over the family grocery business, and died on 4-27-1977.

William C. Homer, Sr., and Ruth Thompson Homer lived at 40 Ely Dr. by 1951.  He was the general manager of the Barnes and Cone Co. The couple later moved to Marvelle Rd. in Lyndon.  Mr. Homer died in Naples, FL, on 3-1-1973.  They had three children:  William Homer, Jr., born in November, 1952, Polly Ann Homer, and Cynthia Louise Homer.

Christopher J. Hopkins and Joan Keller Hopkins lived on Leverett Lane by 1960.  Mr. Hopkins was born in 1925, and was a native of Syracuse.  He joined the Army, training as a paratrooper at Fort Benning, GA, and was with the 82nd Airborne Division.  After the war, Mr. Hopkins enrolled at LeMoyne College, a new school that was just beginning classes in a mansion on James Street that is now the home of the Corinthian Club.  He was a member of the class of 1951--the first class to graduate.  Mr. Hopkins was the manager of Hopkins Spring Service, a company that was founded by his father.  Later, he was the owner of Miller Electroplating and Anodizing Co., and Algeo Manufacturing Co.  The family moved to North Carolina in 1976, and Mr. Hopkins worked as a self-employed manufacturer's representative and real estate agent.  Mrs. Hopkin's widowed mother, Florence Miller Keller, who also lived earlier on Leverett Lane, moved to NC in 1977 to reside with the Hopkins family.  She died there on 9-29-1993, at age 88.  Mr. Hopkins died 7-24-1991, while residing in Jackson Springs, NC.  Their children:  Joel Hopkins Salmon, of Pine Bluff, NC, Christopher J. Hopkins, Jr., who lived in Fayetteville, NC, Joseph Keller Hopkins, of Columbia, SC, Nicholas G.T. Hopkins, of Gastonia, NC, John P. Hopkins, of Atlanta, GA, Tracy Hopkins, of New York City and Kitty Hopkins Watkins, of Aberdeen, NC.

Walter D. Hopkins and Annabelle Raynor Hopkins lived on Ely Dr. by 1948, and later moved to 1 Dunhill Rd. in Fayetteville.  Mr. Hopkins was born on 8-21-1907, and graduated from the Bentley School of Accounting.  He was an accounting executive at the General Electric Co. and retired in 1972, after 40 years of service.  After retiring, the couple moved to Zephyrhills, FL, and resided there at Mr. Hopkins death on 8-23-1889.  They had:  Julie Hopkins Acovneo, who lived in Dallas.

Sheldon J. Horowitch and Sheila Sporn Horowitch lived at 5150 Leverett Lane by 1960, and now split their time between homes in Fayetteville and Scottsdale, AZ.  He was a physician, having graduated from the Upstate Medical College at Syracuse.  Mrs. Horowitch graduated from Syracuse University in 1954.  They had: Jill Horowitch, David Horowitch, and Amy Horowitch.

Albert W. Hosman and Emma Van Ornum Hosman lived on Lyndon Rd. by 1943, having lived earlier in DeWitt.  He was born about 1897, and worked as a shovel operator for the Town of DeWitt Highway Department.  Mr. Hosman's widowed father, John Hosman, who was born in Switzerland about 1864, lived with the family by 1948.  He had operated a farm in Collamer and came to Lyndon about 1941.  He died on 3-2-1951.  Emma Hosman was born 5-10-1896, and the couple wed about 1919.  Albert Hosman died on 3-18-1956. 

Joseph Hotchkiss and Vera Bertrand Hotchkiss lived on Maple Dr. by 1942, having lived previously in Syracuse.  Mr. Hotchkiss was born about 1899, and was a salesman for the American Plumbing Co., and the Jay-Gere Co.  The family moved to 702 Hanover Ave. in Liverpool and were residing there when Mr. Hotchkiss died on 7-28-1956.  Mrs. Hotchkiss was a native of Clayton, NY, and had worked as a legal secretary.  After the death of Mr. Hotchkiss, she married William Billion and they lived in East Syracuse before moving to Largo, FL, about 1963.  Mrs. Hotchkiss-Billion died there on 2-13-1983.  The children of Mr. and Mrs. Hotchkiss:  V. Margaret Hotchkiss Purtell, who married Wayne F. Purtell, and lived in Lyndon, (see the Purtell entry below), and John J. Hotchkiss, who was born in April, 1929, and lived in Syracuse.

Jacob M. House lived at 11 Lynacres Blvd. by 1948.  Mr. House was the president of L. House and Sons, a soft drink bottling company, founded by his father, Louis House.  Mr. House was married previously to Dora F. House, who was born in 1869.  They wed about 1890.  Mr. House moved to FL to live with his son, Edwin, and he probably died there in 1952.  Jacob and Dora House had:  Louis House, who was born in October, 1891, Raymond W. House, who was born in October, 1893, was a bond salesman, and lived in Syracuse, and Major General Edwin L. House, who was born in June, 1895, married Helen LeBrun, graduated from West Point, had a distinguished military career, and lived in Winter Park, FL, at his death on 10-18-1969.  Gen. House served during WWII, and was the only Air Force general to receive both the Army and Navy Distinguished Service Medals.  He was in command of all combat flying in the African and Italian campaigns, and landed with Gen. Mark Clark at Anzio and Salerno.

Darwin F. "Bud" Houseman and Barbara Terry Houseman lived at 102 Dewey Ave. by 1960.  He was born about 1928. The family later moved to Chittenango where Mr. Houseman worked as a salesman, and was elected mayor of the village.  He now runs Auntie Em's Place restaurant in Chittenango.  They had: Darwin Houseman, Jr., and Claude Houseman.

Harold I. Howell and Loraine Price Howell lived at 57 Ely Dr. by 1958, having resided earlier in Niagara Falls, NY.  Mr. Howell was born in MI on 12-14-1901, and attended the University of Michigan.  He was the chief systems project engineer for the Niagara Mohawk Power Corp. at his retirement in 1965.  Mrs. Howell was born on 3-1-1902, and the couple wed about 1925.  The couple moved to San Diego in 1965, where Mrs. Howland died in November, 1987, and Mr. Howell died, at age 90, on 8-31-1992.  They had:  Marilyn Howell, who was born in 1927, and three other daughters.

Benjamin Cregan Howland, Jr., and Sue W. Howland lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1948.  Mr. Howland was was born in Saratoga Springs, NY, and grew up in Tonawanda, NY.   He served in the PTO during WWII.  While in Lyndon, Mr. Howland was a forestry student at Syracuse University, where he  graduated in 1950.  The couple then moved to the Washington area, and Mr. Howland joined the federal Park Service as a landscape architect.  He died in Charlottesville, VA, in June, 1983.  Their children: John Cregan Howland, who lived in Herndon, VA, Pamela J. Howland, who lived in West Cummington, MA, Sue Ann Howland, who resided in McLean, VA, Marlis Dee Howland Wilson, who lived in Dayton, OH, and Jane H. Howland, of Charlottesville.

John A. Huckabee, Sr., and Emily Orr Huckabee lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park by the early 1950's.  He was born in Bennettsville, SC, and worked as a carpenter.  Mr. Huckabee also served as an ordained Jehovah's Witness minister for 58 years.  Mrs. Huckabee was born in Syracuse and lived in the area most of her life.  Mr. Huckabee died on 7-29-2001, at age 93, after a marriage of 72 years.  Mrs. Huckabee was 90 when she died on 8-11-2002.  They had:  Peggy Huckabee Johnson, of Spring Hill, FL, John Huckabee, Jr., of Syracuse, and Ronald I. Huckabee, of Jamesville.

Raymond C. Huff, Sr., and Shirley Huston Huff lived on Genesee St. by 1948.  Mr. Huff was an Army veteran of WWII.  He was a truck driver for the American Trucking Co.  The family later moved to 8266 Warbler Way in Liverpool, and resided there at Mr. Huff's death on 7-11-1984.  They had:  Raymond Huff, Jr., who lived in Cicero, Fay R. Huff, who lived in Lakeland, Donald F. Huff, of Syracuse, Beverly Huff Curcio, and Sherry Huff Getman, who both lived in Liverpool.

Carl J. Hughes and Linda Story Hughes lived on Montgomery Rd. by 1960.  He was a salesman for the Atlantic Tug & Equipment Co.  She graduated from Syracuse University, with a BA degree, in 1956, and he earned an associate degree there in 1959.  They live now in Grafton, VT.  They had:  Sheryl Hughes, and David Hughes.

Joseph Judson Humiston and Anne Lutz Humiston lived at 104 Edwards Dr. by 1942.  Mr. Humiston was born 8-23-1902, in Rea Heights, ND.  Mrs. Humiston was born 9-26-1903, and the couple married in 1928.  He worked in Liverpool as a salesman, and later was the owner and operator of the Lantern House and Cazenovia Motor Inn property in Cazenovia for 20 years.  Mrs. Humiston retired from the NY Telephone Co.  Mr. Humiston retired in 1972, and was residing on Onondaga Hill when he died 11-5-1980.  Mrs. Humiston died 9-8-1996, in Syracuse, at age 92.  

John G. Humpleby and Ruth McKinley Humpleby lived on Knollwood Dr. by 1948.  Mr. Humpleby was born on 12-15-1901.  He was a native of Plymouth, PA, and graduated from Wyoming Seminary and law school at Syracuse University.  He came to the Syracuse area in 1922.  Mr. Humpleby maintained a law practice with offices in the DeWitt Building, which stood on the northeast corner of the intersection of Genesee St. and Erie Blvd. in DeWitt.  Mr. Humpleby also operated the DeWitt Real Estate Co., and the DeWitt Insurance Agency.  He served as justice of the peace for DeWitt, and was elected DeWitt town supervisor.  The couple moved to Seven Pines, in Cazenovia, before Mr. Humpleby's death on 6-4-1978.  Mrs. Humpleby was born 10-30-1904, and graduated from Syracuse University.  She died on 11-25-1983.  Their children:  Richard M. Humpleby, (see below), and Charles G. Humpleby, who attended Columbia University, and lives at 61 Ely Dr.   

Richard M. Humpleby and Nancy Lee Munger Humpleby lived on Hobson Ave. Extension, following their wedding on 7-2-1960.  Mr. Humpleby is a graduate of Lehigh University and was associated with his father, John Humpleby, in the DeWitt  Insurance Agency.  He also served many years as the town tax assessor for DeWitt.  Mrs. Humpleby is a graduate of Wells College, and has been a French teacher.  Mr. and Mrs. Humpleby live now in Jamesville.  Their children:  Debra Humpleby, who wed Rohan Lewis, of Abu Dhabi, United Arab  Emirates, on 8-21-1999, Cathleen Humpleby, William Humpleby, and Amy L. Humpleby, who graduated from SUNY-Potsdam, taught at Jamesville-DeWitt school, wed Scot D. Morrell on 7-16-1988, and lived in Baltimore.

Carlton E. Hundredmark and Letha Cooper Hundredmark lived on Maple Dr. by 1953.  Mr. Hundredmark was born 9-8-1918.  They were both graduates of Syracuse University.  Mr. Hundredmark worked as a manufacturer's agent.  The family had moved to Zephyrhills, FL, by the time of Mr. Hundredmark's death in June, 1980.  It is believed that Mrs. Hundredmark remarried in 1994, was a social worker, and lived in Jacksonville, FL, prior to her death.  They had:  Ryck C. Hundredmark, who is in the mortgage business in Ft. Lauderdale, Alice Hundredmark, and Mark P. Hundredmark, who lives in Jacksonville.    

Anna Cahill Hunt lived on Maple Dr. by 1942.  She was the widow of Clarence F. Hunt, a dairy farmer, who died on 3-17-1937.  Prior to his retirement about 1923, Mr. Hunt owned the Pleasant Valley Stock Farm located between Oran and Delphl Falls, a property that had been In his family for about 100 years.  Mr. Hunt had also worked as superintendent of a farm in Colorado and as a milk inspector for the city of Denver.

Devens Hurd and Pearl Carpenter Hurd lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park until moving to Baldwinsville about 1948.  Mr. Hurd was a native of Bloomfield, VT.  Mrs. Hurd was a native of Syracuse and once worked in the deli department at the Kresge's store in downtown Syracuse.  Mr. Hurd was a heavy equipment operator for the D. W. Winkelman Construction Co. for 35 years.  They later moved to DeRuyter and spent their winters in Zephyrhills, FL.  Mr. Hurd died on 8-27-1993, and Mrs. Hurd died on 8-4-2000.  Mrs. Hurd was married previously to Edward P. Jones and they had:  Lillie Mae Ladd, who lived in Warners before her death on 3-30-1978, at age 40, and Jean Whalen, of DeRuyter.

Bertram Frederick Hurst and Gertrude Huddart Hurst lived on the Genesee St. property of C. S. Estabrook by 1948, having lived earlier at 210 W. Genesee St. in Fayetteville.  Mr. and Mrs. Hurst were natives of Lancashire, England.  Mr. Hurst was born on 5-1-1888, and Mrs. Hurst was born 7-16-1894.  They wed in 1920, and Mr. Hurst immigrated to the United States in 1927.  Mrs. Hurst and their first three children came to America the following year.  Mr. Hurst served in the British army during WWII, and later was a jockey.  After coming to this country, he worked as a caretaker and stable keeper on the Estabrook estate.  The couple lived at 418 Fabius St. in Syracuse at Mr. Hurst's death on 1-20-1971.  Mrs. Hurst moved to 312 Gifford St. in Syracuse, and died on 11-9-1989, at age 95.  They had:  Hilda Hurst, who was born in London about 1921, wed Glenn R. Hilton, and lived in Syracuse at her death on 6-6-2000, Violet Hurst Rowe, who was born about 1923, and lived in Tucson, AZ, Bertram Hurst, Jr., who was born in 1926, and served in the U. S. Army during WWII, Beverly Hurst Goodwin, who was probably born in November, 1930, and lived in Morrisville, NY, and a daughter who was born in April, 1935.  

George S. Husson and Patricia Harrison Husson lived at 122 Edwards Dr. by 1955.  He was a native of Charleston, WV, and a graduate of Yale and the Long Island College of Medicine.  He was on the staff of the NYS Medical College specializing in pediatric cardiology.  Dr. Husson died on 2-22-1976, at age 58.  Mrs. Husson was also a physician, having graduated from Johns Hopkins University.  She had a pediatric practice in Lyndon for a few years--above the office of the rental cottages that were across Genesee St. from Edwards Dr.  She then worked at the Syracuse Neighborhood Health Center for many years before moving to Cape Cod.  She died in MA on 9-10-2004.  Their children:  Sally E. Husson, who lives in CO, Robert N. Husson, who was born in November, 1952, is a graduate of Harvard Medical School, and lives now in the Boston area, and Brenda G. Husson, born in October, 1954, and residing in New York City.

Clarence Edward Hutchison and Vivian Clifton Hutchison moved to the Lyndon Trailer Park on 1-31-1948. Mr. Hutchison was born on 1-9-1914, in Durant, MS, and Mrs. Hutchison was born on 5-8-1912, in Ethel, MS.  Mr. Hutchison attended Holmes Junior College, and served in the CCC.  After his discharge in 1933, he continued doing construction work, starting as a water bearer.  At his retirement, Mr. Hutchison was an equipment superintendent.  He was the repair shop foreman for the D. W. Winkelman Co., and the A. S. Wikstrom Co., while living in CNY.  Mr. Hutchison's widowed mother, Mamie Johnson Hutchison, who was born in Bowling Green, MS, on 9-5-1881, lived with the family.  She was known to most as "Nana," and babysat for many of the children in the Park.  The Hutchisons moved to 33 Wexford Rd. in DeWitt in 1953, and to nearby 15 Pickwick Rd. in 1955.  Mrs. Hutchison worked part-time for the Candlelight Shop--a gift shop in DeWitt.  In 1961, the family returned to Mississippi, where Mamie Hutchison died on 4-8-1967, Vivian Hutchison died on 2-16-1997, and Mr. Hutchison died on 4-8-2006, at age 92.  The couple had two sons:  Edward Ross Hutchison, who was born in March, 1941, married Jean Marie King, of Syracuse, on 8-19-1961, received a master's degree from Syracuse University, was elected to the Onondaga County Legislature, worked as a professor and psychotherapist, and lives now in Madison, MS, and John Melton Hutchison, who was born in March, 1942, is an Army veteran of Viet Nam, graduated from Florida State University, earned an MBA from Mississippi College, married Susan Elizabeth Beach, on 7-1-1972, and is a banking executive in Tallahassee, FL.

Willis Adolphus Ingalls and Mae Jennie Walker Ingalls moved to 129 Edwards Dr. by 1947, having lived before in Cleveland, Buffalo, and in Syracuse.  Mr. Ingalls was born on 10-14-1873, in Farnham, Quebec, Canada.  He came to America in 1891, and worked his way up from an apprenticeship to become the president of the Thompson Brothers Co., manufacturers of knitting machinery.  Mrs. Ingalls was born in Louisville, OH, on 12-14-1888, and died on 5-14-1952.  At his death on 11-29-58, Mr. Ingalls was wed to Agnes Schultz Ingalls.  Willis and Mae Ingalls had:  Mary Ingalls, who was born in Ohio, in 1915, graduated from Syracuse University in 1937, wed Eugene E. Cragg, and lived in Moorestown, NJ, and in California, where she died in May, 1979, and Helen Ingalls, who was born on 3-23-1913, in Cleveland, OH,  wed Harry Traynor, lived briefly at 137 Edwards Dr., and died 4-28-1991, while living in Lexington, KY.  (See the Traynor entry below.) 

John T. Inglis and Helen Zimmerman Inglis lived on Woodside Rd. by 1956.  Mr. Inglis was born about 1926, and was a sales representative for the Interstate Folding Box Co.  Later he was a sales engineer for the Stanley Packaging Co.  Mr. Inglis lives now in Jupiter, FL.  It is thought that Mrs. Inglis resides in Highland Park, IL.  Their children: Suzanne Inglis, David W. Inglis, who was born about 1947, and lived in Highland Park, and Barbara Inglis.    

Herbert Jasper "Bud" Irion and Charlotte Epps Irion lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park, beginning in 1949.  Mr. Irion was born on 3-24-1925, in Stamford, CT.   He lived in Darien, CT, and then spent his teen years in Westfield, NJ.  Mr. Irion was a US Army veteran of WWII, having served in Europe.  Mrs. Irion was also from Westfield, and graduated from Colby Junior College in New London, NH.  The couple wed on 1-17-1948, and soon moved to the Syracuse area so that Mr. Irion could attend college on the GI Bill.  While in Lyndon, Mr. Irion worked at various part-time positions, including a job at the W. T. Grants department store where he was a bill collector.  Following Mr. Irion's 1952 graduation from Syracuse University with a master's in business administration, the couple moved back to Westfield, and he worked for the NY Port Authority and, later, was involved in real estate.  In 1972, the Irions purchased a grain business and moved to North Ferrisburg, VT.  While living there, Mr. Irion became very active in teaching and counseling prisoners.  The Irions subsequently retired to Sterling, VA, where Mr. Irion died on 7-10-2005, and Mrs. Irion died on 8-3-2007.  They had:  Susan J. Irion, an attorney in Chicago, Barbara Irion, who wed Will Sawyer, and lives in Ankara, Turkey, where he is a computer science professor, Margaret "Meg" Irion, a former physical therapist, who wed Craig Brown, a computer consultant, and lives in Sterling, and Robert "Rob" Irion, who graduated from MIT, and is an award winning science writer and teacher living in Santa Cruz, CA.

Elmer T. Ives lived on Genesee St. by 1942.  Mr. Ives was a native of Tioga, PA. and came to CNY about 1915.  He was a farm laborer in Lyndon, and also worked for the Byrne Coal Co. for 45 years, starting about 1918.  Mr. Ives was born on 4-7-1893, and died on 11-23-1975.    

Richard Morse Jackson and Rose Hart Jackson lived at the corner of Dewey Ave. and Genesee St. by 1954, and operated the DeWitt Park Grocery at that location.  Mrs. Jackson was a native of Utica, but lived many years in Fayetteville.  She served in the Women's Army Corps during World War II, and died on 11-28-1988, while living on Highbridge St. in Fayetteville.  Mr. Jackson was an Army veteran of World War II.  He retired in 1981, after 33 years at New York Telephone.  Mr. Jackson died in La Follette, TN, on 7-27-1999.  They had:  Theodore Jackson, who lives in San Diego, Sandra Jackson Epoch, of East Syracuse, Ramona Jackson Fikes, of Syracuse, Judith Jackson Helton, of La Follette, and Scott Jackson, who lived in Bolivia. 

William A. Jackson and Lucinda "Cindy" Strasenburgh Jackson lived at 203 Hobson Ave., having purchased the home in 1958.  The couple wed on 12-22-1956.  Mrs. Jackson was a music teacher at Jamesville-DeWitt high school, and he was a salesman for the Syracuse Industrial Sales Co. and later lived in Latham, NY.  She is now a symphony violinist living in Loudonville, NY.    

Hans Rudolph Jaeggli and Georgiana Thomas Jaeggli lived at 9 Ely Dr. in 1950.  Before living in Lyndon, they lived at 120 Dewittshire Rd., in DeWitt, having arrived there by 1943.  Mr. Jaeggli was born 10-7-1891, and graduated from the Stevens Institute of Technology.  He was national service manager for the Carrier Corp. for 12 years before leaving in 1946 to open his own firm, Mechanical Service Corp., to install and service appliances.  The couple lived in Fayetteville when Mr. Jaeggli died in June, 1969.  Mrs. Jaeggli was born 8-30-1891, and died in Asheville, NC, in November, 1976.  They had:  Marilyn Jaeggli, who studied at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, and Ralph Jaeggli, (see below). 

Ralph Gilchrist Jaeggli and Joan Virginia Harris Jaeggli lived at 9 Ely Dr. by 1955.  Mr. Jaeggli grew up in the Lyndon area.  He graduated from Fayetteville high school in 1943 and was soon inducted into the service.  He graduated from Syracuse University in 1949, and the couple wed on 6-9-1951.  Mrs. Jaeggli was a native of Lyndon.  Mr. Jaeggli worked as a sales engineer for his father's company, Mechanical Service Corp.  A watchman, Leonard J. Holcomb, lived with the family by 1955, but his relationship, if any, is unknown.  The family later moved to 100 Cooper Lane in DeWitt, then to Sky High Road in Tully, in 1965, and then on to Asheville, NC, in 1975.  Mrs. Jaeggli died in Asheville in December, 1982, at age 51.  Mr. Jaeggli remarried in 1984, and died on 10-29-2006, in Wilmington, NC, at the age of 81.  The children of Ralph and Joan Jaeggli:  John Randolph Jaeggli, who was born in June, 1952, wed in 1982, and is a professor of Biblical studies at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC, Alice Adele Jaeggli, who wed in July, 1976, and resides in Wilmington, NC,  Lynne Jaeggli, who was wed in August, 1975,and is a research consultant residing in Atlanta, GA, Janet Jaeggli, who was married in 1977, and lives in Wilmington, NC, and Judith Jaeggli, who was wed in 2003, is an administrative assistant, and resides in Roanoke, VA.  

Arthur W. Jenkins and Margaret Jenkins lived on Kittell Rd. by 1942.  He was an engineer for the New York Telephone Co.  He probably graduated from Syracuse University in 1932 and is thought to have died in Largo FL, on 8-3-1982.  They had a daughter.

William Jenkins lived on Lyndon Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Jenkins was born in Penarth, Wales.  He served with US Army Intelligence in the Italian and North African theaters during World War II.  Mr. Jenkins worked at Lincoln Bank for 42 years and retired in 1972 as assistant vice president of the loan department.  He was residing in Pennellville at his death on 7-19-1999.

George H. Jennings and Estella Maider Jennings lived on Lyndon Rd., near Cedar Bay Rd. by 1930, having moved there from Canastota during the 1920's.  Mr. Jennings was born in 1866, and was a blacksmith and the proprietor of a harness store.  Mrs. Jennings was born about 1866, and the couple wed in 1900.  She died at age 89, on 8-5-1955, while residing in Canastota.  They had:  a daughter who wed O. D. Metcalf, and lived in Mattydale, and Marguerite Jennings Williams, who lived in Norwich, NY.

George E. Jerome, Jr., and Helen Voigt Jerome lived on Lyndon Rd. by 1942.  By 1960, they had moved to Chittenango, and later they resided at 113 Cashin Dr. in Fayetteville.  Mr. Jerome was born on 3-21-1899, and was a cabinet maker for the Stickley Furniture Co.  Mrs. Jerome was born about 1902, and was a lifelong resident of the Fayetteville area.  Mrs. Jerome's widowed mother, Mrs. Ella Voigt, who was born in Syracuse on 6-20-1864, came to live with the family about 1950.  Mr. Jerome died 7-4-1974, and Mrs. Jerome died 3-26-1984.  They had Warren E. "Pat" Jerome, who was born about 1930, and lives in Chittenango, Kenneth George Jerome, who married Dawn Ver Dow, his schoolmate at Jamesville-DeWitt High School, worked for the Stickley firm, and lived in North Syracuse, and Marilyn Jerome Field, who worked for the Acme grocery chain, married Ralph Field about 1952, and lives in Chittenango.  

Emil Jessen and Jeanne Cowan Brower Jessen lived on Genesee St., having purchased the home from the Mayers family in 1955.  The couple wed on 8-15-1952.  By 1956, they lived on Smoky Hollow Rd. in Jamesville.  He was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, and was a landscape artist. 

Henrietta "Edda" Jessey lived on Genesee St. by 1948.  Mrs. Jessey was a housekeeper at the home of Henry R. Youell.  She was married earlier to David William Jessey, who was born about 1899, worked on the Erie-Lackawanna railroad, and died on 7-13-1969.  At his death, Mr. Jessey was married to Lillian B. Jessey.  David and Henrietta Jessey had:  Catherine Jessey Fiumano, who was born about 1920, and David "Bill" Jessey, Jr., who was born on 1-13-1927, worked as a switchman for NY Telephone Co., was an avid amateur photographer and artist, wed Eileen Jessey about 1957, and died on 3-28-2005, while residing in New Port Richey, FL.  

Leo Jivoff and Natalie Scully Jivoff lived on Burt Lane by 1960.  He was born 11-23-1923, attended CCNY and Princeton, and later received a medical degree.  Dr. Jivoff moved to the Syracuse area in 1949, where he completed his residency.  He remained as chairman of the department of physical medicine and rehabilitation until his retirement in 1987.  Dr. Jivoff was an avid reader and maintained a large collection of books, art, and music.  He died on 4-18-2007.  In recent years, the Jivoffs split their time between Sanibel, FL, and Jamesville, and Mrs. Jivoff continues to reside in these areas.  Their children:  Melanie A. Jivoff, who earned an MSW degree from Syracuse University in 1975, and lives in Manlius, Thomas Jivoff, Kathryn Jivoff, Raymond Jivoff, Lorraine Jivoff, and Paul Jivoff.

Nora Joensson lived on Knollwood Rd. by 1960.  She was the widow of Alfred Joensson.  It is believed that Mr. Joennson was a native of Germany, but of Scandinavian descent, who was born in 1887, and came to this country in 1919.    

Orlie D. Johnson and Helen Conners Johnson lived at 35 Ely Dr., moving there about 1958.  Mr. Johnson, a native of Oswego, was a stock broker for more than 50 years.  He was with the George D. B. Bonright Co. and, at his death, with the E. F. Hutton firm.  Mrs. Johnson was a native of Syracuse and lived in the area most of her life.  She worked at the Onondaga County Board of Elections for 17 years before retiring in 1969.  Mr. Johnson died on 5-17-1974, and Mrs. Johnson died 11-18-1984.  Their son, Orlie T. Johnson, was born about 1940, and lives in Camillus.

Ray C. Johnson lived at 213 Maple Dr. by 1951.  He was born in Syracuse, and graduated from Eastwood high school in 1949.  Mr. Johnson was an Army veteran and worked as an accountant for the Murphy Ford dealership in Camillus.  He retired as comptroller of the Town of Camillus in 1985.  About 1960, he wed Ruth Oram Johnson, and they later lived in Camillus.  Mr. Johnson died on 2-12-2004.  They had a son, Andrew Johnson.

Samuel Johnson and Mable Roth Johnson lived at 27 Ely Dr. by 1955.  He was the state representative for the Union Underwear Co., and later a distributor for Stromberg-Carlson auto radios.  They had:  A. Barry Johnson, who earned a degree in electrical engineering from Syracuse University, wed Diana Kay of Scarsdale, NY, and lived in Brookline, MA, Joan Johnson, and Barbara Johnson.

Warren G. Johnson and Dorothy Eleanor Johnson lived at 33 Ely Dr. by 1951.  He worked as a payroll supervisor for the General Electric Co.  By 1980, the couple had separated and Mr. Johnson was living in Nyack, NY.  They had:  Debra K. Johnson, and Stewart L. Johnson, born in February, 1958, who wed Nancy E. Laub.

Philip G. Johnston and Virginia Dawn Van Antwerp Johnston lived at 101 Kittell Rd. by 1960.  He earned an engineering degree from Syracuse University in 1949.  Mrs. Johnston was born on 5-23-1929, in Oneida.  She was also a graduate of Syracuse University, having earned a degree in education in 1950.  Mr. Johnston was an engineer for General Electric.  Mrs. Johnston died 11-26-2005.  They had:  Carol A. Johnston, of Brookings, SD, LInda Johnston McKeon, who wed David McKeon, of Camillus, and Philip K. Johnston, who wed Elizabeth Johnston, of Syracuse.  

Joseph Gustave Joly and Anna Stevener Joly lived in Lyndon by 1942.  Mr. Joly was born on 02-1-1905, in Canada, and came to America about 1925.  He was the manager of the Fairbank dairy farm, and later went into business for himself manufacturing cottage cheese.  Mr. Joly sold his product to dairies and wholesale distributors, and won many prizes at the NYS fair for his cottage cheese.  Mr. Joly died in May, 1986.  Mrs. Joly was born 12-25-1905, and died in August, 1983.  They had:  Charles M. Joly, Joseph Arthur Joly, who was born about 1930, and lives in Tucson, AZ, Kenneth D. Jolly, Robert G. Jolly, Ronald D. Joly, who retired as an engineering supervisor with the Southern California Edison Co., and lives in Canastota, NY.  (When Gustave Joly became  a naturalized citizen, the INS added a second "L" to his surname.  As a result, his sons have spelled their name variously as "Joly," and "Jolly.")

Victor E. Joncas and Hope Havill Joncas, lived with the Day family at 214 Hobson Ave., and later moved to 302 Hunt Dr. in Fayetteville.  Mr. Joncas was Mrs. Day's son from a previous marriage.  Mrs. Joncas was a life resident of  the Fayetteville area and retired in 1985 as a computer operator for the Accurate Die Castings Co., in Fayetteville.  She died at age 78 on 8-19-2003.  Mr. Joncas volunteered for military service shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor.  After the War, he worked at the Sanderson plant of the Crucible Steel Co. and for Precision Castings. They had:  Mark L. Joncas, of Alexandria, VA.

Arthur L. Jones and Pat Stocks Jones lived at 29 Lyndon Rd. by 1951.  Mr. Jones was a native of Florida, and an Army veteran of WWI.  He was a graduate of Auburn University, and came to CNY about 1945.  Mr. Jones retired in 1955 as district manager of the American Blower Corp., and later he owned and operated the Arthur L. Jones Heating and Air Conditioning Corp.  He was the president of the American Society of Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Engineers.  Mr. Jones died on 3-29-1982.  Their children:  Laura Jeanne Kerr, who married Clayton Burtt on 8-11-1951, and lived in Darien, CT,  Arthur Jones, Jr., who resided in Birmingham, MI, and Allen Jones, who lived in CA.

Robert H. Jones and Audrey Stephens Jones lived at 30 Lynacres Blvd. by 1955.  He was an engineer and assistant sales manager with the Brown-Lipe-Chapin Corp.  They had:  Sandra Jones, Brenda Jones, and Stephen Jones.

Harold H. Joy and Vivian White Joy lived at 41 Lynacres Blvd. by 1955.  Dr. Joy was born 12-15-1892, and was a physician and a professor of ophthalmology at Upstate Medical Center.  He recieved his medical degree from Syracuse University in 1917.  Mrs. Joy was born 3-29-1896, in Cambridge, MA.  She was a registered nurse, having received her training at Sloane Maternity Hospital and New York Postgraduate Hospital in NYC.  She was chief nurse for the American Tobacco Co. in NYC, and came to the Syracuse area after her marriage.  Dr. Joy died in November, 1977, and Mrs. Joy died on 12-8-1991, at age 95.  They had:  Beverly Joy Ford, of Sarasota, FL, and Nancy Joy Brown, of Worcester, MA.

Leslie Howard Judd, Sr., and Eva L. Judd lived at 532 Maple Dr. by 1930.  He was a native of CT, and was born in 1882.  Mr. Judd was a foreman at the L. C. Smith Typewriter Co.  Mrs. Judd was also a native of CT, and was born in 1884.  The couple wed about 1906.  Mr. Judd's widowed mother, Angie J. Judd, who was born in 1854, lived with the family by 1930.  They had:  Leslie Judd, Jr., (see below), and Shirley Judd, who was born about 1922, and married Robert Lee Stockdale (see their entry below).  

Leslie H. Judd, Jr., and Merle Evalyn Buckhout Judd lived on Hobson Ave. following their marriage in 1939.  They later lived at 532 Maple Dr., in the home once owned by his parents, Leslie H. Judd and Eva L. Judd, and where he was born on 2-19-1914.  He served in WWII as a glider pilot and participated in the invasion of Holland and the Rhine crossing.  Mr. Judd also served in the Air Force Reserve before retiring in 1974, with the rank of Lt. Col.  He worked for the Atlantic Refining Co., before the War and later was a customer service representative for Colonial, Eastern, Mohawk, and Allegheny airlines.  He died in DeWitt on 3-13-1993.  Mrs. Judd was the sister of Stanley Buckhout, who resided nearby (see the Buckhout entry).  She was born in King Ferry, NY, in 1918, lived in Genoa, NY, and moved as a child to Syracuse.  Mrs. Judd was an artist, a pianist, a bell collector, and a private pilot.  She died 1-20-2009, at age 90.  They had:  Linda Diane Judd Barber, who was born in April, 1944, and lived in Jamesville, and Bruce A. Judd, who wed LuAn T. Jones, resided in Vernon, was a mechanic for Haun Welding Supply, and died on 12-9-2002.

Howard S. Kaslin and Bessie Brinson Kaslin lived on Kittell Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Kaslin was was born on 7-11-1907.  He was the manager of the Onondaga Skeet Club, and a champion at the sport.  The couple moved to CA, and Mr. Kaslin died in Van Nuys, on 2-17-1977.  Mrs. Kaslin was born 11-4-1908, and grew up in Syracuse.  She died in Kirkland, WA, on 11-1-2003.  They had a daughter.

George R. Kaup and Rachel Martha Kaup lived on Lyndon Rd. by 1953.  Mr. Kaup was born 4-21-1910.  He was a manager for the Paul Luchini Co., and later was an engineer for the General Electric Co.  Mrs. Kaup was born 4-9-1911, and was a native of Boston.  She was a teacher at Moses DeWitt Elementary School, in DeWitt.  The family lived on Lyndon Rd. for 15 years before returning to MA.  Mr Kaup died in October, 1980, and Mrs. Kaup died on 8-24-1987.  They had:  George Kaup, who wed Dayle Marx, retired from ATT, and lives on Cape Cod, Edward F. Kaup, who resides in South Yarmouth, MA, Mary Alice Kaup Hammatt, who is a teacher in Chatham, MA, and Elizabeth Ann Kaup Morrell, who lived in Solvay.

Paul B. Keefer and Dorothea Franklin Keefer, lived at the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1948.  Mr. Keefer was born in January, 1922, and was a native of Massena, NY.  While in Lyndon, he was a student at Syracuse University, graduating with a degree in chemical engineering in 1949.  Later, Mr. Keefer was a senior executive with ALCOA and worked for them in Massena, and in Surinam, South America.  Mrs. Keefer was born on 8-31-1921, and was a native of Pittsburgh.  She died on 1-28-2002.  Both resided in Orford, NH, at their deaths.  They had:  Gail Keefer Steketee, Peter Keefer, Mark Keefer, Dana Keefer, who attended William Smith College, and Joel Keefer. 

Richard Keeler and Pauline Polacek Keeler lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1953.  Mrs. Keeler was born about 1916, and was a native of Spafford, NY.  She died of gas poisoning on 10-16-1953. 

John H. Keene and Gladys Nephew Keene lived at 200 Kittell Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Keene was born about 1909, and lived with his family in Cicero and Amherst, NY.  He was a partner in Nephew and Keene, a painting contracting firm.  He also owned Barney's Paint Headquarters.  Mrs. Keene's mother, Elizabeth Nephew, the widow of Miles A. Nephew, lived with the family.  They had:  a daughter, John Keene, and Donald Keene.

Joseph H. Keene and Minnie Valenski Keene lived at 201 Kittell Rd. by 1942.  He was born about 1890, and was a native of Syracuse.  The family lived in Amherst, NY, by 1930, where they operated a lunch room.  Mrs. Keene was born 12-22-1888, and was a native of Germany.  She came to this country in 1889, and the couple wed about 1907.  They resided in Sarasota, FL, for three years prior to Mr. Keene's death there on 7-16-1964.  Mrs. Keene died there on 1-15-1972.  They had a son, John H. Keene, (see above).

John F. Keiser and Olive Binz Keiser lived at 47 Lynacres Blvd. by 1955. They later moved to Pompey. and to Syracuse in 1985.  He was born 8-17-1911, and was a native of Utica, NY.  He served as a captain in the Army during World War II.  Dr. Keiser was a graduate of Georgetown University and the State University of New York at Buffalo school of dentistry.  Mrs. Keiser was born 11-11-1914.  She was a native of Buffalo, and a 1935 graduate of D'Youville College there.  She was employed with NBC Radio in NYC during the late 1930's and early 1940's.  For more than 20 years she owned Windsong Antiques, with shops in Pompey and Nantucket Island, MA.  Dr. Keiser maintained a dental office in the Valley Plaza shopping center, and retired in 1982, after 25 years of practice in Syracuse.  Mrs. Keiser died 11-30-1994, and Dr. Keiser died 7-22-1995.  They had:  Dr. John Keiser, Jr., of Silver Springs, MD, Peter J. Keiser, who lived in Bangkok, Thailand, Maria Keiser Bartlett, of Andover, MA, and Gretchen Keiser-Wild, of Juneau, AK.  

Joseph Howard Keller and Florence Miller Keller lived on Leverett Lane by 1942.  Mr. Keller was a native of Syracuse, and was a coal dealer with the Keller and Goetz Coal Co. for 35 years.  Later he was a salesman for the Suburban Propane Gas Co., and the Chapman Gas Service.  Joseph V. Keller is thought to have lived with the family by 1960, but his relationship to the family is unknown.  J. H. Keller died on 12-19-1965, in St. Petersburg, FL.  Mrs. Keller moved to NC in 1977, and was residing with her daughter in Pinehurst, NC, at her death on 9-29-1993.  The couple had: Joan Keller Hopkins, (see above). 

James J. Kelley and Ella Caffrey Kelley lived at 141 Edwards Dr. by 1948.  He was a 1934 graduate of Syracuse University and a long time ham radio operator.  He began his career in 1927 at station 2BAZ and retired in 1977 at station K8BB.  During World War II Mr. Kelley was in the signal corps in the Pacific theater and achieved the rank of captain.  He was the chief engineer for WFBL radio before, and following, army service.  Mrs. Kelley's mother, Julia Caffrey, lived with the family in 1951.  She was born about 1881, and was the widow of John R. Caffrey.  The family later moved to Ohio where Mr. Kelley worked as a field engineer for RCA.  He died in Cleveland on 3-10-1997.  They had:  Patricia Kelley, who married John R. Caffrey, and lived in MN, and James J. Kelley, Jr., of SC.

Carl Kelly lived at 31 Ely Dr. by 1960.  He was involved in exporting with the Porter Cable Co.  Also, sharing this home was Miss Doris Kelly, who worked for the NYS Motor Vehicle Bureau, and is thought to have been Mr. Kelly's sister. 

Robert J. Kelly and Helen Gordon Kelly lived at 34 Ely Dr. in 1957.  A native of New York City, Mr. Kelly moved to the Syracuse area in 1956.  He retired in 1990 as co-owner of Audio-Visual Systems Inc. of Syracuse, which he co-founded in 1968.  Mr. Kelly died 4-14-93.  They had two daughters, Lynne Kelly, born in February, 1957, and Christine Kelly, who lives in Fayetteville.

Catherine Cashill Kennedy lived at 19 Lynacres Blvd. by 1960.  She was the widow of Thomas Kennedy, who had a long career in city government and served as mayor of Syracuse during the WWII era.  The couple wed in 1911, the same year that Mr. Kennedy became the deputy city clerk.  Mayor Kennedy died in Syracuse on 3-5-1956.  Mrs. Kennedy moved to Lyndon, and died on 11-13-1963.  Their children:  Jane Kennedy, who wed Donald F. Mulvihill, and Mary Kennedy, who wed James J. O'Brien.  (See the entries for the Mulvihill and O'Brien families.)

Joseph F. Kerigan and Virginia Kerigan lived at 43 Lynacres Blvd. by 1955.  Mr. Kerigan was a graduate of Michigan State University and was given the alumni of the year award from their business school in 1969.  He was vice-president of the Chrysler Corp., and the president of their New Process Gear division. He was born 2-22-1914, and died on 11-12-1994, while residing in  Fort Myers Beach, FL.  Mrs. Kerigan was born about 1922, and still lives in Ft. Myers Beach.   Their children:  Joan Kerigan, Virginia Kerigan, and Joseph Kerigan, Jr., who was born about 1951, and also lives in Ft. Myers Beach.

Joseph J. Kerniski and Helen Ann Bates Kerniski lived at the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1960.  He worked for the New Process Gear Corp. as a material handler. The Kerniskis later moved to Baldwinsville.  Mrs. Kerniski, a graduate of Empire State College, has been active in a project designed to help the families of prisoners.  They had:  John Kerniski, who wed Cheryl Marie Brown, about 1987, Susan  Kerniski, who married Bruce Allen, and Jane Kerniski.

Canby Kerr and Virginia Sawyer Kerr lived at 200 Miles Ave. by 1954.  He was born 7-12-1913.  Mr. Kerr was a life resident of the Syracuse area, and was an Army Air Corps veteran of World War II.  He retired in 1974 as a supervisor with Syracuse China Corp.  Mr. Kerr later operated the Base Camp Store in Shoppingtown for seven years.  Mr. Kerr was a scoutmaster for Boy Scout Troop 106, DeWitt, and was a former president of the DeWitt Library board.  He died in 2-2-1987.  They had:  Peter C. Kerr, of Buffalo, Antonette Kerr Bowman, of DeWitt, David S. Kerr, of Reading, MA, and James C. Kerr, of East Syracuse. 

Thomas J. Kerr, IV, and Donna L. Kerr lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1960.  Mrs. Kerr taught at the elementary school in Fayetteville while Mr. Kerr attended the Maxwell Graduate School at Syracuse University, earning his doctorate in 1965.  Dr. Kerr became a history professor at Kendall College in Chicago, and later served as president of the institution.  The Kerrs live in retirement in Westerville, OH.

Lester C. Kienzle and Marjorie D. Kienzle lived at 225 Wellington Rd. by 1942, and later moved to 36 Lynacres Blvd. in Lyndon.  Mr. Kienzle was born 4-27-1902 and was a life resident of the Syracuse area. Mrs. Kienzle was a native of Ithaca, NY and a 1926 graduate of Cornell.  She was a certified judge of flowers and floral arrangements.  The Kienzles were frequent travelers and visited most of the nations of the world.  Mr. Kienzle retired in 1959 as director of research after many years with the Prosperity Co.--manufacturers of industrial laundry equipment.  In 1948, Mr. Kienzle and Fred W. Sauerbrey, a fellow Prosperity Co. executive, were founding partners of the DeWitt Cleaning Co. on Erie Blvd.  They were also involved in the planning for what became the White Chapel Memorial Gardens in DeWitt.  Mr. Kienzle died 9-25-1987, and Mrs. Kienzle died 8-21-1996, at age 93.

Jasper Bell "Jap" Kimbrell and Nancy Stitt Bryant Kimbrell lived on Genesee St. by 1942, and later moved to Concord, NC.  He was the son of Edward and Myra Kimbrell, (see below).  Mr. Kimbrell served in the Signal Corps during WWII.  He worked as a cableman with the NY Telephone Co.  Mr. Kimbrell was born on 5-24-1914, and the couple married on 1-19-1935.  He died on 9-13-1970, in NC.  Mrs. Kimbrell was born on 7-31-1914, and died on 4-6-1992.  

Myra Adelia Fravor Kimbrell lived on Genesee St. by 1942.  Mrs. Kimbrell was born 4-12-1880, and was a native of Bradford, PA.  She married Edward Walden Kimbrell about 1900.  By 1930, they were living in Davidson, NC, where Mrs. Kimbrell operated a boarding house.  Mr. Kimbrell died 2-23-1932, and with her daughter, also named Myra, Mrs. Kimbrell soon came to Fayetteville. Together they operated the Carolina Tea Room in Fayetteville for several years.  Mrs. Kimbrell died on 1-13-1966, in SC.  All their children were born in Fort Mill, SC.  They had:  Myra Catherine Kimbrell, who was born on 9-15-1916, came to Fayetteville as a teenager, married Elbridge Hale Kinne on her 26th birthday, was a self-employed seamstress for 30 years, and died on 6-19-2003, Fravor Oscar Kimbrell, who was born 3-1-1903, was a representative for the Mobil Oil Co., wed Harriet Minerva Frake in 1929, and died in Atlanta on 11-13-1986, Edward W. Kimbrell, Jr., who was born 12-11-1904, wed Marion Jones in 1930, had a marine supply business, lived in DeWitt, and died 10-29-1972, Charles Henry Kimbrell, born 4-12-1910, married Muriel Baker in 1932, and lived in New Woodstock, and Jasper Bell Kimbrell,  (see listing above).  

Cecil T. Kingsley and Barbara Kingsley lived at 2 Ely Dr. before 1955.  He was born in ND on 6-14-1908, and was a sales representative for the General Electric Co.  They moved to a newly built house at 204 Ambergate Rd. in DeWitt in 1955.  Mr. Kingsley died 9-4-1982, while residing in the Atlanta area.  Their children:  Barbara Kingsley and Robert Kingsley.

George Richard Kinsella and Doris Cunningham Kinsella lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1948.  Mr. Kinsella was a veteran of World War II, having served with the Army as a navigator in the ETO.  While living in Lyndon, Mr. Kinsella attended Syracuse University, where he earned a bachelor's degree in 1948, and a medical degree in 1955.  Dr. Kinsella was born on 7-15-1924, and the couple wed in Oneida, NY, in 1945.  His medical training was interrupted by the Korean War.  He flew 60 missions, and was recognized for his service in both conflicts, receiving the Silver Star, the Bronze Star, and the Purple Heart.  Dr. Kinsella was in general practice in Oneida, for 30 years before his death there on 5-11-1986.  They had:  G. Richard Kinsella, who was born in 1948, and lives in Oneida, Donald T. Kinsella, who married Pauline R. Kinsella, and lives in Niskayuna, NY, Eileen Kinsella, who lives in Oneida, Dr. James L. Kinsella, who lived in Towson, MD, Robert W. Kinsella, who lived in Oneida, Thomas M. Kinsella, who lived in Saratoga Springs, NY, and David J. Kinsella, who was a USN officer.

Clyde A. Kitto and Dorothy Redick Kitto lived at 25 Lynacres Blvd. by the mid 1950's, having moved from Baton Rouge, LA.  Mr. Kitto was born 2-5-1905, and Mrs. Kitto was born the next day.  By 1930, Mr. Kitto was the assistant superintendent of a quarry in his native Michigan.  While living in Lyndon he was the director of operations at the Solvay Process division of the Allied Chemical Co.  The couple moved to Fort Walton Beach, FL, where Mr. Kitto died in July, 1969, and Mrs. Kitto died on 6-27-1989.  They had:  Clyde Kitto, Jr., who served in the USMC, and Carolyn Ann Kitto Rogers, who was born about 1939, graduated from Michigan State University, worked as an interior decorator at the E. W. Edwards Co., married her Jamesville-DeWitt classmate, John Thomas Rogers, on 4-14-1962, and lives in Sugarland, TX.

Donald R. Klein and Eleanor Franklin Klein lived at 66 Lyndon Rd. by 1960.  Mr. Klein was born on 12-4-1921.  He was a native of NYC, and a graduate of the University of Florida and a 1950 graduate of the University of Miami Law School.  He practiced law in FL for a number of years.  Mrs. Klein was a life resident of the Syracuse area.  Mrs. Klein was the granddaughter of Abraham Markson, a member of a pioneer Syracuse family and founder of the Markson furniture chain, and the daughter of Max L. Franklin, the founder of the Franklin furniture chain.  Mrs. Klein was a graduate of Emerson College in Boston, where she majored in drama.  Mr. Klein became president of both Franklin Furniture Co, in Syracuse, and Markson Brothers Furniture Co. in Oneida.  Mrs. Klein died on 4-15-1989, and Mr. Klein died in FL, on 10-8-1995.  Their children:  Mindy Ann Klein Solomon, of East Syracuse, and Ivy Jo Klein Dominguez, of Miami.

Charles H. Knowland and Aneva Bowes Knowland lived on Maple Dr. by 1942.  He was born 8-4-1905.  Mr. Knowland was a teller for the Lincoln National Bank, and retired in 1973 as an accountant with the state of New York.  He died 4-7-1994, in Syracuse.  Mrs. Knowland was born 12-24-1907, in Seneca Falls.  She graduated from Central City Business Institute and Syracuse University.  She retired in 1973 after 20 years as a registered nurse and died on 11-1-2002.  They had:  Kathleen A. Knowland, of Fayetteville, and Charles F. Knowland, of Rochester.

Herman F. Konig and Edith Pilvelait Konig lived at 101 Kittell Rd., by 1948, and left in the fall of  1952, when Mr. Konig was transferred to Utica.  He was born 8-28-1907, and was a native of Bridgeport, CT.  Mr. Konig was a senior executive with the General Electric Corp.  Mrs. Konig was also from Bridgeport.  She died in Utica on 12-21-1955.  Mr. Konig died in April, 1966.  They had:  Lawrence Konig, and Karen Konig.

Edward C. Koolakian and Genevieve "Jennie" Mento Koolakian lived at 207 Kittell Rd. by 1953.  Mr. Koolakian was born on 8-4-1909, in Syracuse.  He was a partner in Koolakian men's store and tailors, located on East Genesee St. in Syracuse.  Mrs. Koolakian was born 10-10-1912, and worked for several years as a teacher's aide at Jamesville-DeWitt schools.  She died on 8-13-1985.   Mr. Koolakian retired from the Army reserve in 1953, after 24 years of service.  He was a warrant officer and received the Bronze Star.  Mr. Koolakian retired after being involved in the family business for 75 years.  He died on 11-6-2002.  They had:  Edward Koolakian, Jr., who works in the family business, and lives in Liverpool, and Dianne Koolakian, who lives in East Syracuse. 

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