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Paul B. Ramseyer and Blanche Poole Ramseyer moved to 309 Landsdowne Rd. in 1949, from 21 Centennial Dr. in Syracuse.  Mr. Ramseyer was born 4-4-1905, and was a native of Onondaga Hill.  He graduated from Union College and married Margaret Lane, about 1926.  They divorced sometime after 1930, and he wed Blance Poole in May, 1938.  Mr. Ramseyer was an officer in the Marine Corps during WWII, and later was in chemical sales with Swift & Co.  About 1967, he suffered a stroke, but then spent more than 10,000 hours as a hospital volunteer.  Mrs. Ramseyer, too, was an active volunteer, working 21 years in a hospital gift shop.  The couple moved to the Carriage House apartments in Manlius about 1970, but Mr. Ramseyer was residing in Utica at his death in February, 1984.  Mrs. Ramseyer probably died in May, 1991.  Paul and Margaret Ramseyer had:  Charles Paul Ramseyer, who was born in 1929, graduated from forestry school at Syracuse University, wed Joan Elizabeth Traub on 2-11-1950, and worked for the Eagan real estate firm.

Paul W. Randall and Anne Marx Randall lived at 206 Ambergate Rd.  Mr. Randall was a life resident of the Syracuse area.  He worked as an electrician and later directed a statewide electrical construction contracting business.  Mr. Randall died 2-27-1988, and Mrs. Randall still lives in Fayetteville.  They had a daughter, Marsha Randall Jaquin of Fayetteville.

Robert C. "Buck" Randall lived at 8 Drovers Lane in 1960.  He was a NYS trooper before becoming the first police chief in DeWitt, and he later worked as an inspector for the NYS Racing and Wagering Authority.  In 1985 he married Mary Catherine Carney.  He was living in Chittenango, NY at the time of his death on 4-7-2003.  He was 69.  By an earlier marriage he had three children:  Betsy Randall Wolfanger, of Cicero, Maggie Randall Veator and Charles Randall, both of Manlius.

Ruth Lee Hunie Randall lived at 110 Lynbrook Circle by 1943.  Mrs. Randall was born on 9-30-1896, in Dayton, OH.  She married and divorced Prof. Dorus Powers Randall.  Mrs. Randall received a degree in fine arts in 1930, and her MFA in 1936, from Syracuse University, and taught there and at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Rhode Island School of Design, and the Art Center of Lima, Peru.  Mrs. Randall specialized in ceramic sculpture.  She retired from the University in 1962, and moved to Glastonbury, CT, in 1977, to be with her daughter.  Mrs. Randall was residing there at her death on 10-31-1983.  She had:  Anne Carolyn Randall, who was born about 1922, graduated from Syracuse University in 1944, wed James Keith Gustafson on 10-6-1945, and lives in Glastonbury.

Robert Fitz Randolph and Caryl Allanson Randolph lived at 22 Wexford Rd. before moving to Manlius in October, 1958.  He graduated from Cornell in 1945, was an electrical engineer for Carrier, and later an executive for Bomac, Inc., an electrical firm.  Mrs. Randolph was a native of Eden, NY, and graduated from Buffalo State Teacher's College in 1950.  Mr. and Mrs Randolph were divorced and he married Jacqueline Tilford Badore in 1986.  She worked in the office at DeWitt Community Church for more than 20 years before their marriage.  The couple lived in Chaumont, NY, and DeWitt before moving to Vero Beach, FL, where she died on 3-1-2002.   Caryl Randolph died in Rochester, on 7-5-1996.  Mr. Randolph still lives in Florida and spends summers in Orrs Island, ME.  Robert and Caryl Randolph had two sons, Jeffrey F. Randolph, who lives in Cazenovia, and Thomas F. Randolph, who lives in Nairobi, Kenya. 

Frederick C. Rapp and Genevieve Cassidy Rapp lived at 121 Ambergate Rd., by 1942, and later lived in Fayetteville.  He was born 4-14-1894 and  was a claims adjuster for Lumberman's Mutual Casualty Insurance Co.  Mrs. Rapp was from Syracuse and died on  8-21-1955.  Mr. Rapp died in February, 1972.  

Harry Samuel Rauch and Jennie (Jane) Tiffle Rauch lived at 106 Dewittshire Rd. by 1942. Mr. Rauch was born May 1, 1874 in Bedford TWP, Monroe County, MI.  He grew up there and apprenticed as a machinist in Toledo, OH.  From there he moved to Oswego, NY to work in the machine shop of the New York Central railroad.   Mrs. Rauch was a native of Oswego, and the couple met there and married on 1-16-1900.  While Mr. Rauch progressed through the ranks with the railroad the family moved often and lived in Oswego, Jersey Shore, PA, Rome, NY, and Watertown, NY before moving to Syracuse in 1931.  After 44 years with the railroad, Mr. Rauch retired in 1947 in Syracuse, as the superintendent of the eastern division machine shops.  While in Oswego he served as the city clerk and was a member of the board of education.  Mr. Rauch died 4-14-1950, at age 74.  Mrs. Rauch died on 8-27-1959.  The couple had a son, Perry Rauch, (see below), and two daughters, Marian Rauch, who wed Robert P. Johnson and lived at 109 Ambergate Rd., and Genevieve Rauch, who graduated from Syracuse University, wed Fred C. Vogt, and lived on Buckingham Ave. in Syracuse at her death on 3-24-1997.

Perry B. Rauch and Helen Van Ornam Rauch lived at 106 Dewittshire Rd.  He was a native of Oswego, NY, but lived as a young man with his parents in this home.  Mr. Rauch graduated from Syracuse University in 1933 and earned a law degree there in 1936.  He was a combat flier in the Pacific Theater during WWII, and remained active in aviation circles.  Mrs. Rauch, who grew up in the Syracuse area, graduated from the Modern School of Applied Art in Boston and was a Red Cross worker in the South Pacific during the war.  Mr. Rauch practiced law for 32 years before his death on 7-2-1968, at age 58.  The couple had two children:  Perry B. Rauch, II, who died on 3-27-1975, at age 25, following a car-train accident between Canton and Potsdam, NY, and Barbara O. Rauch, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1963, was a lab scientist at Johns Hopkins University, and lives in Baltimore.

Harry Raumitz and Violet M. Raumitz lived at 101 Dewittshire Rd. by 1942.  He was a native of Jersey City, NJ and served in the army during WWII.  He was state manager for Somerset Importers, Ltd.  Mrs. Raumitz, a native of Starr, MD,  was born 1-9-1901.  By 1947 they had moved to 2 Sycamore Terrace in DeWitt where they lived when Mr. Raumitz died on 5-1-1963.  Mrs. Raumitz retired as a secretary for Home Aides of CNY, and was residing in Manlius before her death on 10-24-1982.  They had three daughters, Mrs. Robert H. Job, of Tenafly NJ, Phyllis  Raumitz Leonard, of Orleans, MA, and Pamela Raumitz, a graduate of the University of Virginia, who wed Edmund J. Lavech in 1961.

Lester W. Rawlings and Winifred Cook Rawlings lived at 4606 Genesee St. by 1942, having lived before in Iowa, and at 129 S. Edwards Ave. in Syracuse.  Mr. Rawlings was born on 6-19-1885, and the couple married about 1906.  He worked as a guard at the Semet-Solvay munitions plant in Split Rock, and was severely injured on 7-2-1918, when an explosion killed more than 60 workers.  Mr. Rawlings later was a railroad detective, and a member of the Eastwood police force.  On 7-1-1926, after the annexation of Eastwood, he joined the Onodaga County Sheriffs dept.  Mr. Rawlings retired in 1955, after 29 years of service.  He died on 1-10-1960, while the couple lived in St. Cloud, FL.  Mrs. Rawlings was born on 11-10-1886, in IA, and died in CA, on 8-15-1987, at age 100.  They had:  Spencer W. Rawlings, who was born 4-14-1911, acclaimed a hero for saving a drowning youth in 1928, worked as a telegrapher, wed Sarah Abbott on 4-10-1931, and died in March, 1981, while residing in San Leandro, CA.  

Charles Ray and Helen E. Ray lived at 318 Haddonfield Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Ray was a consulting engineer with the firm of Robson and Woese, and other companies.  They had:  Robert A. Ray, (see below), and Sylvia Margeret Ray.

Robert Allen Ray and Mary Nicholson Ray lived at 318 Haddonfield Rd.  He was born about 1931, and served as a lieutenant in the DeWitt Volunteer Fire Dept.  Mr. Ray was a construction worker and, later, worked for the Sanford Fire Apparatus Co--a builder of fire trucks.  They live now in East Syracuse. 

Edward J. Rayner and Adrianne Toupal Rayner lived at 100 Lynbrook Circle by 1956.  Mr. Rayner was born in 1926.  He was a branch manager for the Corning-Owens Co., and when he was transferred to their Buffalo office in 1961, the family moved to East Aurora.  They live now in NC.  Their children:  Dean Rayner, Bruce E. Rayner, who was born in 1956, and Mark T. Rayner, who was born in 1959.

William L. Rayner and Roberta Rayner lived at 14 Pebble Hill Rd., South, having moved to DeWitt in 1947.  Mr. Rayner, a native of Urbana, IL, was born 8-28-1913, and the couple wed in 1936.  Mrs. Rayner was born in Oak Park, IL, on 5-7-1910, and studied music at Shimer College.  Mr. Rayner worked as a manufacturer's representative.  About 1960, the family moved to Clearwater, FL, where Mr. and Mrs. Rayner travelled worldwide and enjoyed many trips on their own boat, the "Lazy Lady."  Mr. Rayner died in a plane crash in May, 1985, and Mrs. Rayner later wed Lester W. Bell, of Naperville, IL.  She died on 9-12-2002, in CO.  Their children:  Bruce L. Rayner, who was born about 1940, was a radio newscaster on WNDR while still in high school, won an Emmy award, and owns a computer firm in Nevada City, CA, and Karlyn "Taffy" Rayner Kamm, who was born about 1944, and lives in Colorado Springs, CO.  Photo

Francis S. Read and Elizabeth Ann Ehrle Read lived at 313 Landsdowne Rd. by 1950.  Dr. Read was a dentist.  Mrs. Read was born about 1924, grew up in Syracuse, and wed about 1946.  They had:  Carol Ann Read, Kathleen Read, Frank Read, Jr., James Read, and Mary Elizabeth Read.

Leroy E. Record and Esther Record lived at 302 Hampshire Dr. by 1953.  Mr. Record worked for the General Eletric Co.  He was probably born 10-5-1902, and it is believed that he married Betty Fisher in 1977, and died on 8-6-2000, while living in Portland, OR.

William V. Redfield and Jean Campbell Redfield lived at 2 Morton Rd., the home of Mrs. Redfield's parents, (see the Campbell entry), while he attended medical school.  Dr. Redfield was born on 4-26-1919, and graduated from Hobart College in 1940, and Syracuse University's medical school in 1943.  The couple later lived on Goodrich Ave. in Syracuse, and at 50 Marvelle Rd. in Lyndon.  Dr. Redfield specialized in obstetrics and gynecology.  Mrs. Redfield was a native of Ithaca, NY, and graduated from Syracuse University in 1941.  She died on 1-7-1991, and Dr. Redfield married Mary Miller Redfield.  He moved to 118 Spyglass Lane in Fayetteville, and resided there at his death on 2-15-2003.  The children of William and Jean Redfield:  Caroline Redfield Green, Rev. William C. Redfield, the pastor of Trinity Episcopal Church in Fayetteville, and Aliene Redfield Maxon.

Clarence B. Redman and Marie Alice De Sorcy Redman lived at 2 Paddock Dr. by 1953.  Mr. Redman was a bank examiner.  He died in 1989.  Mrs. Redman was born 11-9-1907, in Plainfield, CT.  She was a teacher, and was residing in Columbus, OH, at her death, at age 97, on 2-5-2005.  They had:  Robert C. Redman, who wed Barbara Redman, and lived in Canandaigua, NY, Donald A. Redman, who married MaryRuth Redman, and lived in Columbus, and Thomas B. Redman, who was born about 1941, wed Mary Redman, and lived in Woodridge, IL.

John C. Reese and Marion Moss Reese lived at 19 Wexford Rd.  He worked as an accountant for Brown-Lipe-Chapin.  They moved to Maryland in the early 1960s.  The couple had six children:  Michael Reese, born about 1952, Regina Reese, born about 1953, Lynda Reese, born about 1955, Sharon Reese, born in 1957, Donna Reese, born in January, 1958, and a son, born in June, 1965.

Robert M. Reeve and Jean S. Reeve lived at 212 Haddonfield Dr. by 1955, and later lived at 6850 Dutch Hill Rd. in Fayetteville.  Mr. Reeve was the assistant treasurer at Bristol Laboratories, and later their director of public relations.  He retired in 1972 after 20 years with the company.  Mrs. Reeve was born in Canada on 6-15-1921, and was a 1943 graduate of Wellesley College.  She came to CNY in 1950, and was very active in civic causes--including service as the chair of the Human Rights Commission.  Mrs. Reeve died in February, 1985.  Their children:  Margaret B. Reeve, who lived in Boston, Richard Reeve, who lived in Durham, CT, and David Reeve, of Lawrenceville, NJ.

Lloyd L. Reibel and Irma Marie Reibel lived at 104 Addison Dr. by 1955.  Mr. Reibel was born 3-23-1903, and was an electrical engineer for the General Electric Co.  He died in FL in 1985.  Mrs. Reibel was born about 1911, and was a native of Greeley, CO.  She moved from Sun City Center, FL, to Terrace Way in Camillus in 1986, and died on 7-18-1987.  They had:  Sally Ann Reibel McCracken, who attended Wagner College and lived in Carmel, NY, and Penelope Reibel Rosenow, who lived in Camillus.

George Henry Reifenstein and Dorothy Van Buskirk Reifenstein lived at 218 Haddonfield Dr. by 1947.  Dr. Reifenstein was born on 10-21-1911, in Syracuse.  He was a 1936 graduate of Syracuse University's medical school, and taught meicine for more than 30 years.  Mrs. Reifenstein was born 5-28-1909, and the couple wed on 8-19-1937.  Mrs. Reifenstein's father, William Tobey Van Buskirk, lived with the couple in DeWitt.  He was born in Peoria, IL, and was a career educator.  Mr. Van Buskirk died on 5-6-1949.  In addition to teaching medicine, Dr. Reifenstein had a private practice and was a medical examiner.  He joined the Naval Reserves in 1943, and in 1955 became the chief of cardiology in the Oaknoll Naval Hospital in Oakland, CA.  Dr. Reifenstein moved to Bethesda, MD, in 1965, and a year later was promoted to rear admiral.  He retired in 1974, and following the death of Mrs. Reifenstein in July, 1987, he moved to Alaska.  Dr. Reifenstein married Patricia Reifenstein in 1988, and died in AK on 12-1-1999.  The children of George and Dorothy Reifenstein:  Nancy Reifenstein Porto, Peter Reifenstein, Mary Reifenstein, all deceased, and George H. Reifenstein, Jr., who graduated from Syracuse University in 1972, wed Deborah J. Reifenstein, is the general manager of the Mount Roberts Tramway, and lives in Juneau, AK.  

Kenneth George Reinhardt and Kathryn Elizabeth Gerwig Reinhardt lived at 198 Landsdowne Rd. by 1946.  Mr. Reinhardt was a native of Baldwinsville, and was a 1934 graduate of Syracuse University.  He was a consulting engineer and also worked for the Navy.  Mrs. Reinhardt was born 6-16-1914, and died in 1977, in FL.  Mr. Reinhardt moved to Oneida, NY, in 1991, and died there on 5-16-1994.  Their children: John A. Reinhardt, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1963, wed Carol Maxeiner, was elected a county supervisor, serves the Oneida Chamber of Commerce as Executive Vice President. & COO, and lives in Oneida, and Kenneth Reinhardt, Jr., who was born in May, 1941, wed Gloria G. Reinhardt, and is a retired manufacturing executive living in Coral Springs, FL.

Elijah Flemon Render and Monica Zita Layton Render lived at 208 Dewittshire Rd. by 1943.  Mr. Render was born on 4-15-1905, in McHenry, KY, and was a field engineer for the Cincinnati Milling Machine Co. He died on 12-31-1971, in Garden Grove, CA.  Mrs. Render was born about 1910 in MO.  They had:  Dale Render, and John Robert Render, who was born 3-3-1939, in Cincinnati, and died 5-31-1972.

Attilio David Renzetti, Jr., and Mabel "Woody"  Woodruff Renzetti lived at 205 Ambergate Rd., having moved to DeWitt from PA.  They purchased this home in December, 1953, but later moved to 309 Ambergate Rd.  He was born 11-11-1920, in New York City, and was a  graduate of Columbia University, where he received his medical degree in 1944.  From 1945 to 1947 Dr. Renzetti  served as an officer in the  Army Medical Corps.  The Remzettis were married on 5-24-1947.   Dr. Renzetti received faculty appointments at the State University of New York medical school at Syracuse, Johns Hopkins, and the University of Maryland.  Dr. Renzetti also served as the president of the American Thoracic Society in 1975.  He died on 9-19-2004 in Salt Lake City, where Mrs. Renzetti, an accomplished artist, still resides.  They had:  Patricia Renzetti, of Denver, who was a ballerina, Laurence Renzetti, who was born in May, 1951, and is a science teacher living in Salt Lake City, Pamela Renzetti Sorensen, and David Renzetti.

Emery C. Resch and Helen Eddy Resch lived at 111 Dunham Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Resch was born on 11-23-1989, in LaFargeville, NY, and was a 1914 graduate of Penn State University.  He was the assistant executive director of the Syracuse Boys Club, and retired in 1964 after 43 years of service to the Club. Mr. Resch died on 4-2-1972.  Mrs. Resch was born on 11-23-1896, and in 1918 she graduated from Smith College, where she was an English major. She later earned a master's degree in Christian education from Columbia University, and also studied at Colgate-Rochester Divinity School.  Mrs. Resch was director of Christian education at First Presbyterian Church in Syracuse until their marriage in 1926.  The couple was married at Eddy Stone Lodge on Fourth Lake, in the Adirondacks, a camp built by Mrs. Resch's father, Fred Colburn Eddy.  Mrs. Resch was active in numerous charitable and volunteer affairs, and swam and kayaked until just a year or two before her death on 5-10-1993, at age 96.  They had:  Philip Resch, (see below), and Caroline Resch, who wed Stuart E. Hosler, and lived in Baldwinsville.

Philip E. "Phip" Resch grew up at 111 Dunham Rd.  His family was living there by 1942.  Mr. Resch earned a master's in education from Syracuse University, and taught math in the Fayetteville-Manlius school district for 22 years.  He retired in 1987, but still works at DeWitt Sports on East Genesee St. in Lyndon.  He has worked part-time at the sporting goods store for more than 35 years.  Mr. Resch lives now at 106 Brockton Lane, in DeWitt.  He is still active in the DeWitt Volunteer Fire Department after 57 years of membership.

William "Willey" Restani and Mary Fantacone Restani were living at 301 Butternut by 1956.  Mr. Restani was born in 1929 and lived his entire life in the Syracuse area.  He worked 18 years for Syracuse Litho before forming his own company, BRAD Litho, Inc., in the 1960's.  Mr. Restani died on 5-2-1992.  The couple had three daughters:  Mary Restani English, of CA, Jean Restani of Syracuse, and Leslie Restani Power, of MA.

Albert Edgar Reville and Betty Conner Reville lived at 6312 Randall Rd.  Mr. Reville worked 39 years as a surveyor and senior engineer for the City of Syracuse.  He also served 18 years in the DeWitt Volunteer Fire Department.  The couple wed about 1955, and Mrs. Reville was a kindergarten teacher until her retirement in 1985.  They moved to Madison, AL, about 2004, and Mr. Reville died there on 3-2-2008.  Their children:  Albert "Reb" Reville, Jr., who graduated from the USAF Academy, wed Kimberly Clark Reville, and works as a project manager for Boeing at the space center in Huntsville, AL, and Robert Cyrus Reville, who wed Janet Sexton Reville, was a USAF officer, and lives now in Alexandria, VA, where he is the director of the Rand Institute for Civil Justice and co-director of the Rand Center for Terrorism Risk Management Policy.

Harland E. Rex and Kathryn Rex lived at 316 Haddonfield Dr. by 1953.  Mr. Rex was born 6-8-1908, and was a native of WI.  He earned an engineering degree from the University of Wisconsin, and worked as a refrigeration engineer for the Carrier Corp.  Mr. Rex wrote a number of professional articles and was a local history researcher.  The couple was in the CNY area from 1937 to 1972.  They lived in Paradise, CA, at Mr. Rex's death on 5-31-1994.  They had:  Jenine Kathryn Rex, who graduated from Northwestern University's school of nursing, worked as a Red Cross nurse, wed Dr. Paul B. Schoolcraft, on 12-29-1956, and lived in Liverpool, Richard Rex and James Rex, who lived in CA, and David Rex, who lived in TX.

John W. Rice, Jr., and Jean Spencer Rice lived at 202 Dewittshire Rd., South, by 1935.  He was the owner of the J. W. Rice Coal Co., until he retired in 1969.  Mrs. Rice graduated from Syracuse University in 1926.  Mr. Rice died 7-6-1975, and Mrs. Rice died 8-3-1988, while still residing in DeWitt.  They had a daughter, Janet S. Rice, who lives in Syracuse and recently retired as a secretary at DeWitt Community Church.

Robert O. Richards and Jane Kestler Richards lived at 109 Dewittshire Rd. in the late 1950's.  Their children:  Mark Richards, Gale Richards, Karen Richards, Donna Richards, Brian Richards, and Paul Richards.

John R. Rickerich and Lauren C. Rickerich lived at 304 Cornwall Dr. by 1942, and at 214 Wellington Rd. in 1943.  He was born on 5-28-1904 and worked as a district supervisor for the Collier Co.  Mrs. Rickerich was born 6-29-1904, in Buffalo, and was a teacher.  The couple left DeWitt in 1951 and later lived in Port Washington, NY.  Mr. Rickerich died in April, 1963, and Mrs. Rickerich moved to FL in 1977.  She died on 3-20-1988, while residing in St. Petersburg, FL.

James Alexander Robb, Sr., and Dolores Rattray Robb lived at 26 Wexford Rd. in the late 1950's.  The Robbs were natives of Scotland and became naturalized US citizens on 8-21-1962.  Mr. Robb, who was born 7-23-1915, worked in sales for the Syracuse Supply Co.  Mrs. Robb died 10-27-1972.  Mr. Robb later wed Clydine Palmer and they moved to Florida in 1979.  He died in North Port, FL, 8-22-2000, at age 85.  James and Dolores Robb had three children:  James Robb, Jr., who wed Katherine "Trina" Schultz and lives in DeWitt, (see the Schultz entry), Eileen S. Robb, of DeWitt, and Elizabeth Ann Robb Gonyea, who lives in Syracuse. See, also, the entry for Clydine Palmer Wheeler.

Rev. F. Leon Robbins and Alice S. Robbins lived at 22 Pickwick.  Rev. Robbins was born 9-26-1912.  The couple wed 5-21-1934, in Washington, DC, and were married 72 years.  They moved to DeWitt in 1953, and he was the pastor of the Seventh Day Adventist Church on James St. in Syracuse.  Rev. Robbins served in many locations for 43 years before retiring in 1977.  The couple lived near San Bernardino, CA, at Rev. Robbins' death on 6-5-2006, at age 93.  They had:  Dr. Joann Robbins, lives in Los Angeles.

Benjamin F. Robelen and Kathryn D. Robelen lived at 3 Wexford Rd., having purchased the home in 1954.  He was a native of Flushing, NY, and moved to CNY in 1955.  He was the owner of Suburban Liquors in Fayetteville.  The couple divorced and he married Helen Westreicher.  They lived at 106 Vollmer Rd. in Fayetteville.  After living in DeWitt for ten years, Kathryn Robelen returned to Long Island, and died 6-2-1967, in Massapequa.  Mr. Robelen died on 10-18-1975, and Helen W. Robelen is thought to be residing in Pittsford, NY.  Benjamin and Kathryn Robelen had:  Benjamin Robelen, Jr., who is retired and lives in Stuart, FL, Russell J. Robelen, who lives in Coronado, CA, and Marcella Ann Robelen Rutledge, who is an interior designer, and also lives in Stuart.

David R. Roberts and Helen J. Roberts lived at 2 Rowley Rd., (later known as Randall Rd.), by 1943.  Mr. Roberts worked at the Syracuse Typesetting Co., and later was the production manager for the Fellows Advertising agency.  He died 11-16-1975, and Mrs. Roberts died 5-14-1986.  Mr. Roberts had been wed previously and had:  David Rhys Roberts, who was born about 1927 in Rochester, graduated from Colgate University as salutorian in 1950, wed Mary Jane Johnson on 5-19-1951, coached and taught at Fayetteville-Manlius school, and lived in Manlius at his death on 5-2-1998, Nancy Roberts Kepler, who lived in Chittenango, Janet Roberts Veator, who lived in Manlius, and Gary Roberts, of Madison, NY.  

John W. Robertson and Joyce Parker Robertson lived at  121 Ambergate Rd. in the late 1950's.  They moved to Dewittshire from 42 Wexford Rd, in DeWitt, where they had lived since 1953.  Mr. Robertson was a partner in several architectural firms including RSA Architects.  He is active in various civic affairs including the Onondaga County library system and the DeWitt Community Association, having served as president of both groups.  Mrs. Robertson taught music at Manlius-Pebble Hill school and has been involved in musical theater as a pianist and music director.  Both have been very active at DeWitt Community Church.  They have four daughters:  Gina Robertson, a teacher, Kay Robertson, a paralegal, Nancy Robertson, a former teacher, and Susan Robertson, a veterinarian technician who wed Brian Rodems.  Gina and Kay live in San Francisco, while Nancy and Susan live in Saratoga Springs, NY.

J. Thomas Robey and Constance Robey lived at 221 Ambergate Rd., by 1942.  By 1952 they moved to Mannsville, NY.  He was a salesman for the corrugated box division of Robert Gair, Inc.  They had a daughter, Constance Robey, who graduated from the Knox School in Cooperstown, NY, in 1952.  In 1942, a maid, Beatrice Van Scoy, lived with the Robey family.

David B. Robinson and Louise Neff Robinson lived at 301 Ambergate Rd., moving there about 1959.  Mr. Robinson was a native of State College, PA, where his father was a professor.  He graduated from Penn State in 1944 with a BS in chemical engineering, served two years as an ensign in the USN, and received his MD from the University of Pennsylvania in 1949.  Dr. and Mrs. Robinson met and married  while they were both students at Penn State.  Following a fellowship at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, Dr. Robinson, in 1958, became a professor of psychiatry at the SUNY Medical Center in Syracuse.  The Robinsons moved later to Skaneateles and played an active role in community affairs there.  Dr. Robinson served on the village council and sang in community art productions.  He died at home in Skaneateles on 7-9-2006.  Their children:  Margaret Robinson Manring, Claire Robinson Howard, David Dana Robinson, Deborah Robinson Wilding and Eleanor Robinson Wilcox.

Frederick Dewart Robinson and Edith T. Robinson lived at 4 Morton Rd. by 1943, and by 1953 lived at 208 Brattle Rd. in Syracuse.  Mr. Robinson owned the Penn Spring Works in Baldwinsville.  Mr. and Mrs. Robinson were involved in an auto accident at the corner of James St. and Thompson Rd. in Syracuse on 10-15-1953, and Mr. Robinson died four days later.  They had:  F. Dewart Robinson, Jr., who served in WWII, graduated from Syracuse University, wed Mary Keating in 1953, worked in the paper industry, and lived in Clearwater, FL, before his death in December, 1970, and James T. Robinson, who was born in Baldwinsville about 1924, was a school psychologist and principal, and lived in Yankeetown and Belleair, FL, at his death on 8-25-2003.

Malik Robinson and Barbara R. Scollin Robinson lived at 4 Pickwick Rd. in the early 1950's.  He was a graduate student in the geology department at Syracuse University.  Mr. Robinson lives now in Paso Robles, CA.  The couple had a son born in August, 1951.

Paul I. Roesgen and Olive Paige Roesgen lived at 305 Cornwall Dr. by 1942, and at 18 Pebble Hill Rd., South, by 1953.  They spent their final years at The Nottingham complex in Jamesville.  Mr. Roesgen was born on 9-9-1909, in Rochester, and was a CPA with the General Motors Acceptance Corp. and later with the firm of Coopers-Lybrand.  They graduated from Syracuse University in 1932, and married in 1935.  Mrs. Roesgen, was born in Syracuse on 3-11-1911, and died on 2-15-1998.  Mr. Roesgen died on 11-11-2002.  Their children:  Ann Roesgen Stevens, who lives in DeWitt, Pauline "Polly" Roesgen Veeder, who was born about 1941, and lives in LaFayette, CA, and John E. Roesgyn, who is a banker, and lives in Orchard Park, NY.  Photo

Leonard K. Rogers and Margaret Rogers lived at 104 Wellington Rd., by 1952.  He was an agent with the Prudential Insurance Co.  Their children:  John T. Rogers, who wed Carolyn Kitto, of Lyndon, is the vice-president of Federated Investors, and lives in Sugar Land, TX, and Joel K. Rogers, who married Susan Steitler, of DeWitt, and lives in Humble, TX.

Thomas J. Rogers and Mary Mahoney Rogers lived at 308 Dewittshire Rd., South, by 1942.  Mr. Rogers was a native of Syracuse and held an electrical engineering degree from Syracuse University.  He was a professional engineer and the district manager for the Louis Allis Co.  Mr. Rogers died 3-28-1967.  Mrs. Rogers, a native of Troy, NY, had lived in Manlius for 12 years prior to her death on 12-21-1992.  Their children:  Thomas J. Rogers, Jr., who graduated from Notre Dame, wed Lorraine Enright, and lived in Fayetteville before his death on 5-24-2002, William P. Rogers, of Voorheesville, NY, who wed Mary Ellen Rancourt on 1-4-1964, and James David Rogers of Mantua, OH. 

William V. Rollins and Harriett Perkins Rollins lived at 207 Sherwood Dr. by 1955.  Mr. Rollins was born in September, 1926, and was an executive with the General Electric Co.  Mrs. Rollins was born in 1931, and the couple lives in Hendersonville, NC.  They had a son who was born in February, 1958.

Malcolm B. Romeiser and Ruth Rogers Romeiser moved from Kenmore, NY, to 413 Brampton Dr. in 1953.  Mr. Romeiser was born on 8-3-1904, and was a graduate of Purdue University.  He was assistant controller at the Niagara Mohawk Power Corp., and retired in 1970, after 43 years with the firm.  Mr. Romeister died on 6-6-1980.  Mrs. Romeister, was born in LaFayette, IN, on 6-12-1905, and was a 1925 graduate of Purdue.  She died on 8-17-1980.  They had:  Shirley Romeiser, who wed Gordon J. Taylor, and lived in Scottsdale, AZ, and Malcolm Romeiser, Jr., who wed Sonja Oyler and lived in Prescott, AZ.

John A. Root and Jane D. Root lived at 115 Downing Rd. by 1953.  Dr. Root was born in New York City, on 9-19-1911.  He graduated from Colgate University in 1933, and Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons in 1937  Dr. Root retired in 1971 as a pediatrician in private practice in Syracuse.  Mrs. Root  was born 12-30-1915, in Scipio, NY.  She was a graduate of Memorial Hospital's School of Nursing, Class of 1938, and was a registered nurse.  Mrs. Root died on 11-4-1977, and Dr. Root moved to near Troy, NY, in 2001.  He died on 1-14-2002.  Their children:  John L. Root, who graduated from Syracuse University,  wed Edith Root about 1964, worked 35 years for the Union Carbide Corp, and lives in Old Chatham, NY, Dr. Jeffrey R. Root, of East Nassau, NY, and Justin A. Root, of Bellevue, WA.

George R. Roots and Helen K. Roots lived at 29 Pickwick Rd. by 1953.  Mr. Roots was a salesman for the Socony Vacuum Oil Co.  They moved from DeWitt to Clearwater, FL, in March, 1959.  They spent their final years in Florida, where  he died in June, 1974, and she died in May, 1975.

Herbert C. Rothenberg and Marjorie "Marge" Smith Rothenberg lived at 10 Pickwick Rd. by 1953, and in 1958 moved to 310 Haddonfield Dr.  A native of Brooklyn, Dr. Rothenberg earned a doctorate from Penn State.  He was a physicist at the General Electric Corp., and later was a CIA intelligence official.  Mrs. Rothenberg died in 2000, and Dr. Rothenberg lived in retirement in Springfield, VA, before his death on 9-15-2013.  The couple’s oldest daughter, Rebecca Rothenberg, was a songwriter in Nashville and an epidemiologist in Los Angeles.  She was writing her fourth mystery novel when she died of a brain tumor on 4-14-1998, at age 50.  The Rothenberg’s had two other daughters:  Martha E. Rothenberg, who lives in Vienna, VA, and Louise "Tish" Rothenberg King, of Washington, DC.

Leon M. Rousseau and Alice Le Cours Rousseau lived at 4116 Genesee St. by 1953, having lived earlier at 312 Wescott St. in Syracuse.  Mr. Rousseau was born in NH, 9-28-1906, and was of Canadian descent.  He served in WWII, and then worked as a mechanic for the Syracuse Transit Corp.  Mrs. Rousseau was born 9-18-1904, and was a native of Rumford, ME.  The couple wed on 3-3-1946.  In 1966, the Rousseaus moved to 415 Hillsboro Parkway in Syracuse.  Mr. Rousseau died in May, 1978, and Mrs. Rousseau died in February, 1993.  They had:  Paul Rousseau, who was born in 1947, and died on 11-5-2002.  

Walter J. Rowley and Thelma Rowley lived at 109 Dunham Rd., having purchased the home in 1940, and moving from 225 Rockland Ave. in Syracuse.  Mr. Rowley was a clerk for the Graybar Electric Co.  They had a daughter.

Howard L. Rubado and Veronica Corbett Rubado lived at 110 York Rd. by 1943, having lived earlier at 720 E. Fayette St., in Syracuse.  Mr. Rubado was born on 4-5-1907, and was an executive for the Socony Vacuum Oil Co.  Mrs. Rubado was born 8-21-1909, and was a native of Syracuse.  The couple left their home on York Rd. in 1957, and moved to FL in 1969.  They were living in West Palm Beach at Mrs. Rubado's death on 6-16-1986, and Mr. Rubado's death on 9-9-2003, at age 96.  They had:  Joan Rubado Kemp, who married Albert Kemp, worked 26 years for the YMCA, and lived at 1419 Comstock Ave. in Syracuse at her death on 6-18-1993, and Nanette Rubado Voorhees, who lived in Auburn.

David I. Rudolph and Roberta S. "Bobbie" Rudolph lived at 221 Pelham Rd. by 1953.  Mr. Rudolph was born in May, 1928, and Mrs. Rudolph was born in November, 1932.  Mr. Rudolph worked for the family owned Rudolph's Jewelers.  They reside now in DelRay Beach, FL.  They had:  Raymond Rudolph.

Paul M. Ruoff and Marguerite Lois Cork Ruoff lived at 3 Pebble Hill Rd., South, by 1953.  Dr. Ruoff was born on 4-23-1910, in WI.  He was a professor of chemistry at Syracuse University, from 1939 until 1964, when he became chair of the math and science division of California State University, at Stanislaus.  Mrs. Ruoff was born 9-5-1913, in Speaker, MI, and the couple wed 1-31-1942, in Syracuse.  Dr. Ruoff died on 8-11-1974, in Santa Barbara, and Mrs. Ruoff  died in Evergreen, CO, on 5-13-1993.  Their children:  Dr. Paul A. Ruoff, who was born about 1944, and is a retired psychiatrist living now in Colchester, VT, and Camille Ruoff Bunn, who was born about 1946, wed Dr. Paul Bunn, and lives in Evergreen.

Joseph A. Russell and Marion G. Russell lived at 121 Ambergate Rd. by 1946.  Dr. Russell was from Michigan and earned his doctorate in geography from the University of Michigan.  In 1949, the couple moved from DeWitt when Dr. Russell accepted a position as chairman of the geography department at the University of Illinois.  He was elected head of the American Association of Geographers in 1954.

Richard W. Russell and Hollis Merrill Russell lived at 110 Dewittshire Rd.--having moved there in 1953.  Mr. Russell was a native of Glens Falls, NY, and served as an army lieutenant in WWII.  He worked as an executive officer at First Trust and Deposit Co.  Mrs. Russell was a 1941 graduate of Syracuse University.  On 3-15-1956, she was credited with saving the life of a five year old child who had been the subject of an extensive search in the vicinity of the Onondaga Country Club.  The missing youngster, John P. Byrne, had been lost for hours in the darkness and 10 degree cold when Mrs. Russell found him unhurt.  Mr. Russell retired in 1982 after 32 years with First Trust bank.  He died at home on 11-17-1999, at age 81.  Mrs. Russell died 7-12-2004, at age 85.  Their children:  Richard A. Russell, of Fayetteville, Gary M. Russell, of DeWitt, and David H. Russell, of Rochester, NY.

Irving L. Rutkoff and Helen Alpert Rutkoff lived at 113 Ambergate Rd. by 1940.  Mr. Rutkoff was a life resident of the Syracuse area.  He was a graduate of the Albany College of Pharmacy, and Syracuse University, in 1926.  He was a pharmacist and operated the Fayetteville Pharmacy.  Mrs. Rutkoff was a life resident of the Syracuse area and was active in many civic causes.  She died 11-9-1968.  Mr. Rutkoff later wed Janet Pomeranz.  He died 9-2-1999, and Janet Rutkoff died on 9-10-2002.  Irving and Helen Rutkoff had a daughter:  Edwina Marice "Rici" Rutkoff, a 1969 graduate of Syracuse University, who lives now in Rockville, MD. 

Arland D. Ryan and Esther Jeanette Peck Ryan lived at 201 Landsdowne Rd. by 1953, and later lived in Norwitch, NY.  Dr. Ryan was born on 7-30-1909, and grew up in the Dryden area.  He was a radiologist,  and died on 1-8-1991.  They had:  Judith Ann Ryan, who graduated from Skidmore College in 1972, and wed Dr. Robert Philip Gunsalus, in 1974.

Matthew G. Ryan and Isabel C. Ryan lived at 127 Dewittshire Rd., having moved there in October, 1955, from 108 Grenfell Rd. in DeWitt.  The couple wed 4-21-1945.  Mr. Ryan was employed by the Carrier Corp.  They lived in Cazenovia and Lyndon after leaving Dewittshire, and live now in Syracuse.  They had Michael Ryan, Robert Ryan, Wendy Ryan Briscoe, and Nancy Joyce Ryan, a teacher who graduated from the State University College at Potsdam, and wed Thomas J. Ryan on 11-18-1972.

Willis N. Ryan, Jr., and Phyllis Jones Ryan lived at 5 Wexford Rd.  He was a native of Eureka, NY, 
and graduated from the Drexel Institute and RPI before moving to the Syracuse area in 1946.  He had worked earlier for the Leo Gray Construction Co., but was chief mechanic for Barnes and McCone at his retirement in 1986.  He was a licensed pilot and auto racing fan who attended 28 Indianapolis 500 races. Mrs. Ryan was born in Newtown, PA, and was a graduate of Syracuse University.  She taught in the East Syracuse-Minoa school district for 23 years, and designed a program for gifted children.   Mr. Ryan died 9-19-1995, at age 77.  Mrs. Ryan died 9-10-2003.  Their children:  Michael Charles Ryan, a victim of cerebral palsy, who died 3-19-1954, at age seven, Willis Ryan, III, who, with his wife Suzanne, lives in Oakhurst, CA, James Ryan, of Denver, CO, who wed Tammy DeRoche in 1988, Sarah Ellen “Sally” Ryan Dunn, of FL, Patricia Marjorie Ryan Gates, of Long Island, and Mary Ryan, who wed Dale Davis, and lives now in the old family home at 5 Wexford Rd.

Alexander E. Sabo and Edna Dayton Sabo lived at 31 Wexford Rd.  Mr. Sabo was born 5-22-1920, and was a native of Coatesville, PA.  He was the manager of Merit Protective Services, Inc.  Mrs. Sabo was born in 1924 in Limestone, TN.  In 1956 the Sabos petitioned the courts to change their surname to Shear and were known by that name thereafter.  The couple resided in East Concord, NY, at Mr. Shear's death on 9-25-2004, and Mrs. Shear's death on 6-12-2007.  They had:  Eric D. Shear, Deborah J. Shear, Dori Shear-McGowan, and Alan J. Shear, who wed Deirdre Shear.

Roderick C. Sager  and Ruth Ross Sager lived at 102 Downing Rd. by 1955, and later moved to 3 Wynnridge Road in Fayetteville.  Mr. Sager was born 5-25-1923, in Washington, DC.  He was an Army veteran of World War II and received the Bronze Star with oak-leaf cluster.  Mr. Sager graduated from law school at Syracuse University, in 1950, and was an attorney with the Mackenzie, Smith, and Michell firm, but retired in 1989 after 27 years as the president of the Farmers and Traders Life Insurance Co.  Mr. Sager died on 11-17-2002.  Mrs. Sager was born on 9-11-1925, and grew up in Altamont, NY.  She wed on 8-2-1947, about three months after graduating from the University.  Mrs. Sager was a member of DeWitt Community Church more than 50 years, and was active ithere and n countless social and civic causes.  She died on 6-20-2011.  Their children:  Dr. Lawrence C. Sager, who lives in Tinton Falls, NJ, Jonathan W. Sager, who is an attorney and lives in Duxbury, MA, and Timothy C. Sager, who resides in Erdenheim, PA.

Joseph Sam and his wife lived at 107 Dunham Rd., having purchased the home in October, 1955, and moving from 99 Mackay Ave. in Syracuse.  He was a chemist for Bristol Labs.  Their children:  Joseph Sam, Jr., who was born about 1948, and Sherry Sam, who was born about 1954.

Seymour D. “Sandy” Sanborne and Harriett E. Crowe Sanborne lived at 211 Butternut Dr.  He worked for Syracuse Supply Co. as a safety engineer.  Mrs. Sanborne was active in the Presbyterian church.  They moved from DeWitt to Erie, PA, and lived in many other places, but have lived in Colorado for over 40 years.  They live now in Aurora.  They have three children, Linda Sanborne, a former ER nurse, born in 1953, Carolyn Sanborne, born in June, 1955, and Lewis Warren Sanborne, who was born in March, 1961.

Carlos Sanchez-Reyes lived briefly at 22 Pickwick Rd. during part of the 1956-57 school year.  He was a native of Spain and came to America as an exchange student at Jamesville-DeWitt school.  Upon hius return to Spain, Mr. Sanchez-Reyes became a professor, and is now a publisher, diplomat, and political leader.  He resides in Valladolid, Spain. 

Leo M. Sandefeur and Helen C. Sandefeur lived at 301 Ambergate Rd. by 1942.  He was an executive with the Boy Scouts of America.  They had a daughter, Winifred M. Sandefeur, who was the assistant program director at WOLF radio.

Marshall D. Sandine lived at 201 Butternut Dr. by 1951.  He was the machine shop manager for the Continental Can Co. plant in Syracuse from 1948 to 1953.  By 1959, Mr. Sandine was a senior executive for the company and lived in Baltimore.  On July 2nd, of that year, he and seven other executives of the firm were among 10 people killed in a plane crash near Marion, Ohio. 

Durston H. "Joe" Sanford and Doris Barlow Sanford lived at 101 Lynbrook Circle by 1943.  Mr. Sanford was born 4-1-1902, and was a native of Cleveland, OH.  He graduated from the Hotchkiss School.  Mr. Sanford was president of the Sanford Fire Apparatus Corp., and was a member of the DeWitt Volunteer Fire Department.  Mrs. Sanford was born 6-25-1904, and assisted her husband in their family business. Her mother, Elizabeth Ann Ditchfield Barlow lived with the family until her death on 6-12-1947.  Mrs. Barlow also had a son, Ernest Barlow, who lived in Ransomville, NY.  Mr. Sanford died on 1-27-1989, and Mrs. Sanford died on 8-1-2005.

Harvey M. Sass and Helen Holt Sass lived at 112 Downing Rd. by 1942, having lived earlier in Pontiac, MI.  Mr. Sass was born on 12-29-1896, and was a manufacturer's agent who sold material handling machinery.  Mrs. Sass was born on 5-30-1901, in Grand Rapids, MI.  She studied art and was a commercial artist for several advertising firms in NYC.  Mrs. Sass came to the Syracuse area in 1940 and later exhibited her watercolors at local art shows.  Her works hang in many institutions and homes in CNY.  Mr. Sass died on March, 1975, and Mrs. Sass died on 7-13-1991.  At her death, her neighbor of 18 years, Mary Lou Koenig, was prompted to write to the local newspaper that, "No community can afford the loss of a Helen Sass.  No life so well lived should go without comment."  They had:  Norman H. Sass, who was born about 1931, wed Lucinda Sass, served in the Korean Conflict, worked for US Air, and was residing in North Syracuse at his death on 8-27-1983, and Janet Sass Gademsky, who lived in Tonawanda, NY, and later in Boynton Beach, FL.  

Fred W. Sauerbrey and Carolyn M. Sauerbrey lived at 225 Ambergate Rd.  Mr. Sauerbrey was born in Schenectady and was the sales manager of the Prosperity Co.--manufacturers of commercial laundry equipment.  Mr. Sauerbrey retired from the company in 1959.  He and a fellow Prosperity executive, Lester Kienzle, were partners in DeWitt Cleaners, Inc. which opened on Erie Blvd. in 1948.  Mrs. Sauerbrey died 10-12-1973, at age 67, and Mr. Sauerbrey died on 8-20-1974.   They had two daughters:  Carol Ann Sauerbrey, who graduated from Vermont Junior College, wed Terrence M. Foran in 1954, and lives in Manlius, and Phyllis Jean Sauerbrey, who wed Richard J. Donovan in 1965, and lives in Minoa.

Mrs. Floyd E. Saxon and her children lived at 112 York Rd. by 1950.

Matthew R. Scalzetti and Anita L. Fischi Scalzetti lived at 5 Drovers Lane.  He was an engineer for the General Electric Co.  By 1967, the family had moved to 200 Marsh Dr. in DeWitt.  They had three sons, Ernest Scalzetti, born 4-16-1960, who is a professor of medicine at the SUNY Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse, Stephen D. Scalzetti, who earned a master's degree in electrical engineering from Syracuse University in 1987, works for Lockheed Martin Corp., and lives in Manlius, and Philip C. Scalzetti, born in January, 1966, who also graduated from the University's School of Engineering, (in 1988), works for Lockheed Martin, and lives in Manlius.

Ann Corey Scanlan lived at 103 Butternut Dr. by 1950.  She worked as a clerk for the Edward Joy Co.  Mrs. Scanlan was a native of Syracuse but moved west in 1967 with her nephew Donald C. Peck and his family.  She died in Paso Robles, CA, in February, 1975, at age 86.

Robert W. Scarlata and Ruth Horning Scarlata were living at 117 Butternut Dr. by 1958.  He was a native of Queens County, NY, and was born in 1927.  They moved later to Skaneateles and resided in Wayne, PA, at Mr. Scarlata's death on 9-3-2002.  The couple had three sons:  Robert Scarlata, Jr., born in July, 1957, Richard Scarlata, and Randall Scarlata, born in December, 1969.

David Schenker and Helen Eloise Schenker lived at 140 Jamesville Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Schenker was born in New York City on 3-23-1907, and was an actor with the Lenox Hill Players.  He moved to the Syracuse area in 1929, and was a sales engineer for the Niagara Hudson Power Co.  From the mid-1940's until his retirement in 1960, Mr. Schenker was the local distributor for the Bryant Heating Co.  He died 2-18-1993, while residing at The Nottingham, in Jamesville.  Mrs. Schenker, a native of Hammond, NY, died on 5-12-1999.  They had:  Rose Schenker Beigh, who lived at 205 Brookford Rd. in Syracuse.

Henry H. Schilling and Ruth McClenathan Schilling lived at 115 Butternut Dr.  Mr. Schilling was born on 9-18-1907, and was a native of Dunkirk, NY.  He was an executive with the Loblaws grocery chain, serving them more than 35 years.  Mrs. Schilling was born in Dunkirk on 8-31-1907.  They lived in Erie, PA, before moving to Syracuse in 1939.  Mrs. Schilling died 7-30-1982, and Mr. Schilling died 5-1-1992, at age 84.  They had a daughter, Sally Schilling, who married the Schilling’s next door neighbor, William G. Mitchell, Jr., on 10-19-1957, and lives now in Liverpool.

William J. "Jack" Schlacter and Suzanne McCormick Schlacter lived on Jamesville Rd. by 1954, having lived earlier in Toledo, OH.  They later lived in Fayetteville.  Mr. Schlacter was born on 8-22-1923, and graduated from Syracuse University in 1947.  Mrs. McCormick's parents also lived on Jamesville Rd.  (see the entry for John and Esther McCormick.)  Mr. Schlacter worked as a salesman for the McCormick-Mathers Publishing Co., and later spent 16 years in sales with Procter and Gamble.   At some point the couple divorced and by 1984, Mrs. Schlacter was married to James K. Savage, Jr., and residing in Fayetteville.  At his death on 1-13-2006, Mr. Schlacter was living in Manlius and was married to Judith Janstrom Schlacter.  The children of William and Suzanne Schlacter:  Mark J. Schlacter, who married Beth Schlacter, and lives in Dobbs Ferry, NY, Christopher J. Schlacter, who wed Diane Schlacter, and lives in Pawtucket, RI, Hollis Schlacter, who wed Jake Lowe, and lives in North Haven, CT, Nancy B. Schlacter, who graduated from the University of California, is a real estate project manager, and lives in Roslindale, MA, Tracey Schlacter, who lives in Elberta, AL, and Susan Schlacter, who wed James Utick, and lives in Arnold, MD.

Jack F. Schmidt and Vivian Schmidt lived at 2 Paddock Dr. by 1955, and later moved to Cannon City, CT.  Mr. Schmidt was an engineer for the Carrier Corp.  Their children:  Nancy Carol Schmidt, who graduated from Purdue University, wed John William Jackson in 1981, worked for IBM in Dallas, Janet Schmidt, and Eric Schmidt.

Albert John Schneider and Mary Jayne Brennan Schneider lived at 1 Pebble Hill Rd., North, by 1954, and moved to Atlanta in 1956.  Dr. Schneider obtained his Ph. D. in biochemistry from Stanford and was a professor of pediatrics at the NYS College of Medicine.  Mrs. Schneider was born 9-25-1920, in Wichita, KS, and did graduate work in biology at the University of Indiana.  In 1961, Mrs. Schneider joined the faculty of the SUNY Health Science Center and taught anatomy and physiology.  She was president of the League of Women Voters in the mid-1960's.  Mrs. Schneider died on 10-10-1997.  They had:  George Schneider, who lived in Tokyo, and Anne Schneider, who was born in 1955, and lived in Amherst, NY.

Loren W. Schoel and his wife lived at 201 Warwick Rd. by 1956.  Mr. Schoel was born 3-6-1910, and was a native of Albany, OR.  He grew up in OR and WA.  Mr. Schoel graduated from the University of Washington, and was the coach of the rowing team at Cornell and at Syracuse University.  In 1959, he coached the SU crew team to the IRA regatta championship.  Mr. Schoel remarried in 1974, and died on 6-25-1996, in Seattle.  The couple had:  Janet Schoel Hand, who lived in Phoenix, AZ, and Robert L. Schoel, who was born about 1938, and lives in Green Valley, AZ.

B. Arthur Schorr and Dorothy Schorr lived at 115 Butternut Dr. by 1943.  Mr. Schorr was born 3-21-1916, and was a salesman for the Wesson Oil Co.  He was residing in Hendersonville, NC, at his death in  September, 1985.  They had:  Barbara Jean Schorr.

William Wallace “Wally” Schoonmaker and Ruth Elizabeth Helwick Schoonmaker lived at 16 Pickwick Rd.  They moved there about 1954 after living on Sutton Pl. in Syracuse.  Mr. Schoonmaker was born on 6-6-1922.  He was a USN veteran and a native of Buffalo.  The couple moved briefly to Florida but returned to live at 107 Butternut Dr.  Mr. Schoonmaker was a traveling salesman for the Diamond Match Co. and, later, was a life insurance agent for the Prudential Insurance Co.  Mrs. Schoonmaker was born in PA in 1927.  She worked for the Lincoln Bank in DeWitt, eventually becoming the bank’s manager.  In 1987, the Schoonmakers retired to Safety Harbor, FL.  Mr. Schoonmaker died in Florida on 5-10-1991, and Mrs. Schoonmaker still resides there.  The couple had three children:  Kathy Ann Schoonmaker, who was born about 1948, wed James H. Mullaley, III, on 5-20-1972, and lives in Syracuse,  William Wallace Schoonmaker, Jr., called “Billy,” who was born about 1951 and lives in CA, and Diane Lynn Schoonmaker, who was born about 1954.

Frederick A. Schultz and Laura Marie Schultz lived at 6 Morton Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Schultz was born in West Winfield, NY, on 9-25-1914, and was an Eagle Scout.  He graduated from Syracuse University in 1948.  Mr. Schultz worked as a purchasing agent, and personnel director, before retiring as executive vice president in 1977 after 44 years with Unity Mutual Life Insurance Co.  Mrs. Schultz was born 8-27-1915, in Syracuse, and was a secretary for the Powers Drug Co.  Mr. and Mrs. Schultz both died on 5-11-2002.  They had:  Katherine "Trina" Schultz, who was born about 1942, wed James Robb, Jr., is a hospital nutritionist, and lives in DeWitt, (see the Robb entry above), M. Gretchen Schultz Hutton, who was born about 1945, lives in Niceville, FL, and teaches American Sign Language, and Fred A. "Fritz" Schultz, Jr., of Las Vegas.

Edward E. Schwab and Gladys Brown Schwab lived at 401 Jamesville Rd. by 1943.  Mr. Schwab was a planner at the General Electric Co.  Mrs. Schwab was born on 7-23-1911, in Greenville, PA.  She died on 3-21-2006, in Green Castle, PA.  Their children:  Donald E. Schwab, who married Shirley Schwab, and lives in Dothan, AL, Janet Schwab Wilson, who wed Merton Wilson, and lives in New Castle, PA, Carol Schwab Katz, who married Ronald Katz, and lives in Indianapolis, and Lola Schwab Sprouse, who married Parmney "Bud" Sprouse, and lives in Dunlap, IL. 

Grace Bottega Scibilia lived at 4610 E. Genesee St., having lived earlier with her late husband, Frank Scibilia, on Thompson Rd.  Mrs. Scibilia lived next door to their plant and vegetable business near the intersection of Erie Boulevard and East Genesee Street.  The building that housed the business had originally been a station for trolleys that ran from DeWitt to Syracuse.  Mr. and Mrs. Scibilia were carrying members of her family when they were involved in a major auto accident on 4-20-1942.  The accident occured about a half mile north of DeWitt on Erie Blvd., and resulted in five deaths, including that of Mr. Scibilia, who died on 4-23-1942.  Mrs. Scibilia was born on 2-23-1909, in Italy.  She came to this country as a child, and worked on her parent's farm in Liverpool.  She died on 4-26-1990.  They had: Frank J. Scibilia, who was born about 1932, wed Dorris Scibilia, graduated from pharmacy school at the University of Buffalo in 1954, operated the Lyndon Pharmacy for about 35 years before retiring in 1996, and lives in Fayetteville.

Norman I. Sebell and his wife Ruth Horowitz Sebell lived at 220 Wellington Rd. in 1949, and from 1952 to 1956 at 114 Cornwall Dr. in DeWitt.  He was the chief engineer for the electronics division of the Onondaga Pottery Co.  The family  subsequently moved to Manchester, NH, where Mr. Sebell was general manager of a company treating leather for military boots.  In 1959, he joined with an English company to manufacture leatherboard for footwear.  He sold this company in 1972.  Mr. Sebell then became involved in designing, building and operating the first totally enclosed animal boarding kennel. He sold this company in 1997, and retired.  Mr. Sebell is a 1944 graduate of MIT and remains very active in its alumni groups.  Mr. and Mrs. Sebell were both active in amateur drama and choral groups while residing in the Syracuse area.  Mrs. Sebell is from Brockton, MA, and they live now in Canton, MA, and on Martha's Vineyard.  They had five children:  Bruce Sebell, who died in 2001, Mark Sebell, Lisa Sebell, Holly Sebell, and Donna Sebell.

Arthur S. Seeley and Catherine A. “Kate” Riemer Seeley lived at 24 Pickwick Rd.  They purchased the home new from Clarmin Construction Co. in January, 1953.  He was born in Natick, MA, and worked as a self-employed sales representative.  Upon his retirement in November, 1985, the couple began splitting their time between Ft. Pierce, FL, and Boothbay Harbor, ME.  Mr. Seeley died 2-22-2004, in Maine.  Their son, Robert Seeley, who was born in April, 1953, just three months after the couple moved to DeWitt Acres, lives now in Ithaca, NY.

Ralph Clifton Seitz and Clara Alvord Seitz lived at 306 Dewittshire Rd., South, by 1942.  Mr. Seitz was a native of Marblehead, OH and a 1922 graduate of Syracuse University.  He was an engineer with the Central NY Power Co.--which later became Niagara Mohawk.--for 36 years.  Mrs. Seitz was a native of Iona Corners, NY and attended Syracuse University.  Mr. Seitz died on 2-17-1962, and Mrs. Seitz died on 9-18-1965.  They had Charles Albert "Pete" Seitz, an Eagle Scout and USN veteran of WWII and the Korean conflict, who wed Eileen Isobel St. John on 5-14-1949, and resided in East Syracuse at his death on 9-12-1995, Barbara Seitz, who wed Robert F. Hulland, Jr., and lives in Baldwinsville, Ralph C. Seitz, a USA veteran of the Korean conflict, the former owner of the DeWitt Groceteria, and a resident of East Syracuse at his death on 9-29-1999, and Gerald W. Seitz, who has an MBA from Iona College, married Suzanne Elisabeth Seitz, and is a retired construction manager living in NYC.

Allan Richard Sennett and Ruth Taylor Sennett lived at 45 Wexford Rd., by 1958.  Mr. Sennett was born in 1923 and served in WWII.  He was from the Utica area.  Mrs. Sennett was a native of Constableville, NY, and a graduate of Potsdam State Teachers College.  She taught for eight years in the Jamesville-DeWitt district.  Mrs. Sennett died on 4-6-1967, at age 42.  Mr. Sennett lives now in Pinehurst, NC.  The couple had two daughters, Karen Linda Sennett, who wed Robert D. Young of Fayetteville, and Barbara Sennett, who is a nurse in California.  

Wallis Andrews Seymour and Edwina Perry Seymour lived at 8 Pebble Hill Rd., South, having bought the home in October, 1955.  Lt. Col. Seymour was born on 10-9-1909, in Selma, AL, and the couple wed about 1941.  He was a graduate of the University of Alabama and started his military career of 30 years in ROTC at the University in 1932.   Col. Seymour was the commanding officer of the Air Reserves training center in Syracuse, assuming command in July, 1955.  Mrs. Seymour was born on 10-10-1913, in Macon, GA.  She was a graduate of Georgia State Teachers College and New York School of Interior Design.  The couple moved to Charlotte, NC, and were residing there at Mrs. Seymour's death on 5-22-2003, and Col. Seymour's death on 10-29-2004, at age 95.  Their children:  Jane Seymour Helms, who wed Larry H. Helms, and lives in Charlotte, and Nancy Wallis Sprowl, also of Charlotte.

A. Andrew Shaffer and Helen O'Reilly Shaffer moved to 110 Lynbrook Circle in 1952.  Mr. Shaffer was born in Buffalo, but grew up in Massena, NY.  He served in WWI, and then graduated from Syrcuse University in 1920.  In 1922 and 1923, Mr. Shaffer played semi-professional baseball and football and coached the football team at Most Holy Rosary High School in Syracuse.  He also owned a Stutz auto franchise before spending more than 50 years as a pension and insurance consultant with the New England Life Insurance Co. Mrs. Shaffer was a life long resident of the CNY area.  She was active in numerous civic causes, and had many peronal interests including writing and poetry.  For a period, she broadcast daily over WAGE radio in Syracuse.  The couple moved to 6901 Woodchuck Hill Road, in Lyndon, and resided there at Mrs. Shaffer's death on 12-31-1984.  Mr. Shaffer died on 2-11-1995.  Their children:  John E. Shaffer, who died in 1993, Eugene A. Shaffer, of Syracuse, and Jane Shaffer Burke, who lived in Camillus.

Lester Meade Shakeshaft and Elinor Shakeshaft lived at 326 Landsdowne Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Shakeshaft was born 7-18-1900, and grew up in Riga, in western NYS.  By 1932, he lived in CNY, where he taught industrial arts at several schools in Syracuse.  Mr. Shakeshaft died in April, 1976, while living in North Chili, NY.  Mrs. Shakeshaft, who was born 3-20-1907, died in November, 1985.

Thomas P. Shannon and Jean Elizabeth Pairman Shannon lived at 208 Ambergate Rd.  A native of Syracuse, Mr. Shannon, was a Merchant Marine veteran of World War II, and lived many years in the Manlius area.  He was a sales engineer and retired in 1978 as an inspector with the Farmers Home Administration.  He died 3-4-1996 at age 83.  Mrs. Shannon wed a Mr. Moyer and the lived in Lynchburg, VA, from 1978 until her death on 3-29-2009.  Thomas and Jean Shannon had:  Thomas Shannon, who is retired from the ownership of a restaurant supply business, and lives in Mt. Pleasant,SC, John C. Shannon, a retired military officer living near Washington, DC, and Margaret Shannon, who resides in Loris, SC.

Paul S. Shaver and Jessie C. Shaver lived at 107 Charing Rd. by 1932.  Mr. Shaver was a salesman for the Excelsior Distributing Co., and later was a guard at the U. S. Hoffman Co.  He was active in the Onondaga Kennel Association.  They had four children.

John Raymond Shea and Judith C. Seaver Shea lived at 30 Wexford Rd.  He was from VT, and became an architect in 1959.  The couple married on 6-21-1952.  They later moved to the Albany area.  Mrs. Shea was born in NYC on 6-15-1928, and grew up in Essex Fells, NJ.  She taught first grade in Colonie for 17 years.  Mrs. Shea was a dedicated environmentalist and, in her later years, joined the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) and was active in their tradition of social action and pacifism.  She died on 9-8-2004, at age 76.  They had three children, Kenneth Shea, Peter Shea, and Ellen Shea Johnson, who wed Ted Johnson, and lives in Houston.

Hobart Philip Shean and Rita Perez Shean lived at 125 Dewittshire Rd. beginning in 1954.  Mr. Shean was a native of Worcester, MA, and a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, class of 1931.  He was a naval veteran of World War II, serving as a lieutenant commander in the supply corps.  He was a materials handling engineer for Lewis-Shepard Products, Inc. before opening his own firm, the Shean Equipment Co.  Born in Brooklyn, Mrs. Shean graduated from Rosemount College.  After graduation, she was a member of the advertising and editorial staffs of the New York Journal-American.  In 1957 she compiled a history of DeWitt, which was published in serial form by the DeWitt Times.  Mrs. Shean died 11-4-1964, at 47.  Mr. Shean died in Chelmsford, MA on 3-12-1993.  Their children:  Timothy J. Shean, who lives in Bristol, TN, and is vice president of the Sandvik Corp., Christopher A. Shean, of Denver, Monica Mary Shean-Craig, of Chelmsford, Margaret Shean-Ris, of Newton, MA, and Gregory F. Shean, who lived in Syracuse.

Wright J. Sherrard and Dagmar P. Sherrard lived at 2 Wexford Rd.  Mr. Sherrard was born in 1917 in Bienville, LA.  While in DeWitt, he was a colonel in the USAF.  The family lived in DeWitt Acres for only a brief period while he studied Russian and earned a degree from Syracuse University.  Col. Sherrard was transferred in the summer of 1953.  He retired as a brigadier general in 1973, and the couple live now in Asheville, NC.  They have two children, Deborah Sherrad, born in 1948, and Kista Sherrad.

Robert F. Sherwood and his wife lived at 41 Wexford Rd.  He moved from Port Washington, NY, to DeWitt Acres in January, 1955, but later in the year he accepted a job in Pakistan as a technical advisor to the Pakistani government and sold his home to J. H. Brown.

Byron Marquand Shipps and Betty Jane Couchman Shipps lived at 119 Butternut Dr. before moving to Fayetteville.  Mr. Shipps was born in Cleveland on 4-10-1919, and served in the USN aboard an LST in the South Pacific during WW II.  The couple married on 12-21-1940, and moved to DeWitt in 1948.  Mr. Shipps was an executive with the Bowen, Perry, and Fobes insurance agency and later with Marsh and McLennan.  Mrs. Shipps was born in Detroit on 10-6-1918, and, like her husband, graduated from Ohio Wesleyan College in 1940.  Following retirement, the couple split their time between CNY and Naples, Florida.  Mr. Shipps died on 1-7-2006, and Mrs. Shipps died on 3-6-2009.  Their children:  Jan Shipps, who wed William L. Vincent, and lives in Vestal, NY, Susan Gene Shipps, who wed Robert B. Long in 1968, and lives in Amherst, NY, and Lawrence M. Shipps, who wed Leslie Boyle, and lives in Cazenovia.

W. S. Shockley and his wife lived at 210 Pelham Rd., having moved from Rochester about 1950.  Mr. Shockley was a sales executive with the Atlantic Refining Co.  He was promoted and transferred to the company's main office in Philadelphia in 1952.

Stanley D. Shores and Dorothy Church Shores moved to 310 Haddonfield Dr. in 1953, from 913 Rugby Rd. in Syracuse, and moved away in 1958.  Mr. Shores was born 7-6-1902, and was the plant service supervisor for the Western Electric Co.  Mrs. Shores died on 11-30-1959, and Mr. Shores died in April, 1984.  Their children:  Stanley Shores, Jr., who lived in Cincinnati, OH, and Patricia Shores Singleton, who lived on Long Island.

Robert E. Shreiner and Rita Mergens Shreiner lived at 23 Pickwick Rd. by 1958.  Mr. Shreiner was a graduate of the University of Miami, Ohio.  He was a sales engineer with the Brown-Lipe-Chapin Corp. before joining the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co. in 1957.  They had a son who was born in September, 1958.

John B. Shupe and Berta T. Valido lived at 30 Pickwick Rd.   He was born in Ohio in 1924 and lived in the Cleveland area before serving in WWII.  Later he worked in Syracuse as a banker with First Trust and Deposit Co.  Mrs. Shupe was a native of Cuba, and taught Spanish at the Jamesville-DeWitt middle school.  They live now in Bethlehem, PA, and are believed to have two children, Thomas Shupe and Susan Shupe. 

Cecile M. Silverman and her two children lived at 2 Wexford Rd.  She was from NYC, and attended Syracuse University, where she graduated summa cum laude in 1964 with a BS degree in accounting.  She is now an executive with Telesoft, Inc. and lives in Phoenix, AZ.

Melvyn M. Silvieus and Lucille Silvieus lived at 140 Jamesville Rd. by 1958.  Mr. Silvieus was born on 12-21-1911, and was a native of Ashtabula, OH.  He was an account executive for WNDR radio for 15 years.  Mrs. Silvieus was born about 1916.  The couple divorced and Mr. Silvieus married Dorothy M. Rhyner, and died 5-27-1964.  Mrs. Lucille Silvieus later wed Carl L. Garlock, and lived in Skaneateles.  Melvyn and Lucille Silvieus had:  Drew B. Silvieus, who lived in Ohio.

Charles J. Simon and Catherine O'Brien Simon lived at 113 Addison Dr. by 1955.  Mr. Simon was born on 1-11-1921, and was a native of Syracuse.  He graduated from Syracuse University in 1942, with a degree in electrical engineering, and was an executive with the General Electric Co.  Mr. Simon later retired from Onondaga Community College, where he worked for 10 years as the administrator of educational television.  He died 4-22-2005.  The couple wed about 1952, and had:  Nancy Simon who wed Philip J. Slominski, and lived in Liverpool, NY.

Theron E. Simpkins and Ella Mae Simpkins lived at 403 Jamesville Rd., having purchased the home in September, 1952, and moving from Plainsville, OH.  Mr. Simpkins was born on 7-26-1914, and was the regional sales manager for the Farm Bureau Ins. Co.  He died 11-14-2005, while residing in Longwood, FL.  They had:  William Simpkins.

Cecil LaVell Sims and G. Lucille Sims lived at 216 Haddonfield Dr. by 1942, and later lived at 728 Maple Dr. in Lyndon.  Mr. Sims was the president of the Metal Pattern Shop, and Sims Match Plate Co.  On 1-12-1963, Mr. Sims was piloting a small aircraft near Warren, MI, when it crashed killing him and two passengers.  Mrs. Sims was born in Marshalltown, IA, and came to CNY during the War years.  She was residing at 328 Edwards Dr. in Lyndon at her death on 11-6-1968.  They had:  Robert L. Sims, (see the entry below), Richard D. Sims, who lived in Syracuse, and Raymond W. "Bill" Sims, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1958, served in the USAF, wed Marilyn Ann Young on 9-19-1964, worked for the family firm and as an artist, and lived in Syracuse at his death on 6-12-1995.

Robert L. Sims and Doris Eddy Sims were living at 21 Wexford Rd. by 1955.  He was the president of the Sims Casting Co.  They moved to Costa Mesa, CA, before 1963, and later lived in Lodi.  Their children:  Robert Sims, who was born in June, 1947, and Laura Lee Sims.

George Allen Sisson and Mary Alice Reed Sisson lived at 13 Wexford Rd.  Dr. Sisson graduated from medical school at Syracuse University in 1945, and was a physician in Syracuse.  Mrs. Sisson was also a graduate of Syracuse University and worked as a chemist before their marriage on 3-25-1944.  They moved to DeWitt from NYC, and after leaving DeWitt they lived in Lyndon, and later Wayne, IL, where Dr. Sisson taught medicine at the Northwestern University Medical School.  He also was a cancer surgeon and treated actor Yul Brynner during his final illness.  Dr. Sisson authored and co-authored more than 300 books, chapters, and journal articles.  The couple lived in Oak Brook, IL, at Dr. Sisson's death on 8-6-2006.  They had:  Marjorie Ann Sisson, who wed Jack A. Swelsted,  Dr. George Sisson, Jr., who is an orthopaedic surgeon in Chicago, and Kathryn Alberta Sisson DuChene.  Photo

Bradford Skelton and Ruth T. Skelton lived at 101 Dewittshire Rd.  He was born 4-18-1903 and managed the purchasing department at the Lamson Corp.  Mr. Skelton died  7-30-1972, and Mrs. Skelton died on 8-2-2010, at age 104.  Mrs. Skelton's mother, Grace S. Smith, lived with the family until her death on 1-8-1980, at age 98.  Their children: George Skelton, who died in 1942, Peter B. Skelton, of Thousand Oaks, CA, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1960, and Judith A. Skelton,who graduated from the University in 1964, and lives in Manlius.

Adam Edward Skrzec and Doris Feeley Skrzec lived at 7 Wexford Rd. in the early 1950's.  He was born in Allendale, NJ, on 4-22-1919, the son of a Polish immigrant.  His family came to Syracuse when he was a child and he graduated from Central high school in 1937, and from Syracuse University four years later, with a degree in chemistry.  He worked briefly for Merck and Co. before entering the USN.  After WWII, he became a chemical engineer for Bristol Labs.  While working there he took a two year leave to earn a Ph. D. from Virginia Polytechnic Institute, and became a project engineer upon his return to work at Bristol.  From 1956 to 1981, Dr. Skrzec was a senior researcher with the Stauffer Chemical Co., in Ardsley, NY.  He was awarded 23 US patents.  Mrs. Skrzec was a native of Syracuse and earned a degree in zoology from Syracuse University.  The couple wed 3-27-1951, in Syracuse, and soon moved to DeWitt Acres.  They were very active in the Association for Retarded Citizens for more than 40 years.  The Skrzecs moved eventually to New City, NY, where Mrs. Skrzec died on 1-27-2005, and Dr. Skrzec died on 8-23-2007.  They had:  Daniel J. Skrzec, born in Syracuse in May, 1953, and living now in Chestnut Ridge, NY,  Mary Ellen Skrzec Davies, of Oviedo, FL, and Ann Skrzec Damiano, who lives in Newburgh, NY.

Edward A. Skvarch and Helen Domokos Skvarch lived at 108 Charing Rd. having purchased the home in June, 1952.  Mr. Skvarch was a native of Brooklyn, and served in the USN during WWII.  He was a partner in the Edwards Protection Co., which sold and installed lightning rods.  Mr. Skvarch died on 1-27-1970, at 53.  Mrs. Skvarch was previously wed to Albert R. Fewer, and had two sons, Bruce R. Fewer, who died in 1966, at age 22, and John H. Fewer, who was an official at the Dubai Ports Authority in the UAE, and lives now in Annapolis and India.  The home at 108 Charing Rd. was destroyed by a fire about 1971, and it is thought that Mrs. Skvarch lives now in Ft. Pierce, FL.  Mr. and Mrs. Skvarch had:  Jeffrey Skvarch, Karen M. Skvarch, who married Douglas Edward Welter about 1971, and Edward Skvarch, Jr. 

Eugene Saunders Slagle and Mary Eileen Gysel Slagle lived at 50 Wexford Rd. in DeWitt Acres.  Mr. Slagle was a native of Syracuse, and earned an engineering degree from Syracuse University.  He worked in the Baltimore area before returning to CNY and becoming involved in the management of a small chain of service stations.  Later, Mr. Slagle returned to college, and received his master's in education.  He became a math teacher at Jamesville-DeWitt high school in 1962.  The couple wed on 6-3-1972.  Mrs. Slagle was a graduate of Central City Business Institute and worked as a secretary for the Syracuse Supply Co.  Mr. Slagle was an active member of the DeWitt Volunteer Fire Department.  They live now at 325 Wedgewood Terrace in DeWitt.  They had:  Gary Slagle. 

Walter G. Slagle, Jr., and Patricia Prucha Slagle lived at 105 Kittell Rd. by 1960.  Mr. Slagle was born in Rochester in 1925 and was the co-owner of Slagle Brothers, a chain of four gas stations.  Later he was the city manager for the Avis rental car company.  Mr. Slagle's brother, Eugene Slagle, also lived in the area (see entry above).  Mr. Slagle was a lieutenant in the DeWitt Volunteer Fire Dept.  The couple divorced and Mr. Slagle wed Sharon Slagle, and still lives in Lyndon.  Mrs. Slagle wed Harvey E. Uline on 7-5-2004, and resides now in Montreal.  Mr. and Mrs. Slagle  had:  Peter Grant Slagle, Mark Eugene Slagle, James Caldwell Slagle, and Paul Heffner Slagle.

Elmer Ellsworth Slingerland and Ione Slingerland lived at 170 Canterbury Rd., having moved there in 1940 from 110 York Rd.  By 1947 they lived in a new home at 12 Pebble Hill Rd.,South.  Mr. Slingerland was born on 12-21-1903, and Mrs. Slingerland was born 2-7-1905.  He was a salesman for the Syracuse Corrugated Box Division of Robert, Gair, Inc.  Mr. Slingerland's mother, Virginia M. Slingerland, lived with the family.  The couple resided in Alexandria, VA, when Mr. Slingerland died in February, 1971, and Mrs. Slingerland died in October, 1973.  They had a son, David Wayne Slingerland, who graduated from Washington and Lee College, and wed Talley Smith of SC in 1957.

Ray Fredrick Slossman and Lydia Slossman lived at 2 Pickwick Rd.  He worked for the R. C.  Neal Co., Inc., as an industrial salesman.  They purchased their home in 1953 from Alvin Soule.  Mrs. Slossman was born 5-7-1901, and was living in DeWitt at the time of her death in July, 1980.  Mr. Slossman was born 3-4-1903, and was residing in Ft. Lauderdale at his death on 10-18-2000, at age 97.  The couple had one child, Breck F. Slossman, who was born 2-26-1931, lived in Ft. Lauderdale, and died on 1-27-1993.

Norman H. Slotnick and Lorraine Honora Fine Slotnick lived at 11 Drovers Lane.  When they married on 6-10-1948, she was a secretary for the E. J. Arnstine Co. and he was in the theater business in Rochester. He later worked for the  E. W. Edwards department store.  They sold their home in DeWitt Acres to the Pease family in 1956, and later lived in Syracuse, and Syosset, NY.  They had:  Marilyn Anne Slotnick, Arnold Monroe Slotnick, who was born in June, 1956, and Nancy Sue Slotnick, who was born in October, 1959.

Frederick J. Smingler and Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Watson Smingler lived at 112 York Rd. by 1955, having lived previously at 100 Dewey Ave. in Lyndon.  Mr. Smingler was born in Syracuse on 7-11-1905.  He was the personnel director at Pass and Seymour, Inc., at his retirement in 1970.  Mrs. Smingler was born 8-3-1907, and earned a degree in library science from Syracuse University in 1931.  She worked as a librarian in Fayetteville and later for the Jamesville-DeWitt school district, where she organized the library in the newly opened Genesee Hills elementary school.  Mrs. Smingler was also instrumental in the planning and funding of the DeWitt public library, which opened in Shoppingtown in 1961.  In appreciation for her efforts, the library named its children's room in her honor.  Mrs. Smingler's mother, Florence R. Watson, resided with the family in DeWitt at her death on 1-24-1969.  The couple eventually lived on Nottingham Rd. between DeWitt and Jamesville. Mrs. Smingler died there on 3-18-1987, and Mr. Smingler soon moved to Auburn, NY, where he died on 6-29-1989.  They had:  David B. Smingler, who lived in Schenectady, NY.

William "Barney"Smith and Ann Eggleston Smith moved to 203 Ambergate Rd. about 1954.  Mr. Smith was born in Bath, NY, and was an Army Air Force veteran of World War II.  He was a sales engineer with the NY Telephone Co.  Mr. Smith was a founding member of St. David's Episcopal Church, DeWitt,  and served more than 37 years on the town planning board.  He died on 10-24-2002, at age 83, and Mrs. Smith lives now in DeWitt.  The couple had a daughter, Garland Smith Blanch, of San Jose, CA, and a son, Geoffrey Smith, of New London, NH.

Walter A. Snow and Ann Whiteman Bonine Snow lived at 306 Landsdowne Rd., having moved there in the summer of 1954.  Mr. Snow was born on 2-12-1918, and was a development project engineer at the Carrier Corp.  Mrs. Snow was born in PA on 10-5-1918.  She died in Easton, PA, in 1972, and Mr. Snow died there on 7-4-1976.  Their children:  Walter Snow, who was born in 1941, wed Christa Zwingle, earned a doctorate in computer science from Penn State in 1973, is an IRS official, and now resides in Jacksonville, FL, and Chesleigh "Chet" Snow, who was born in 1945, married Kallista Snow, and is a hypnotherapist and psychic researcher residing in Sedona, AZ.

Frederick C. Soper and Mary E. Soper lived at 214 Haddonfield Dr. in 1941, having purchased the home new from the builder, William S. Kelly.  Mr. Soper was born about 1890, and worked earlier in NJ.  Mrs. Soper was born in Ireland about 1894, came to the USA in 1910, and was naturalized in 1914.  While in DeWitt, Mr. Soper was an electrical engineer at the National Analine Co.  They probably had a son, Herbert Soper, who was born about 1930, and lives in Whiting, NJ. 

William G. Sorn and G. Lynnette Tripp Sorn lived at 104 Dunham Rd. by 1950.  The family later lived at 208 Wellington Rd., on Haddonfield Dr., and on Knollwood Rd. in Lyndon.  Mr. Sorn received his BS from Cornell in 1941 and earned an MBA from Syracuse University in 1965.  He was an engineering supervisor for the Carrier Corp. and was active in the Boy Scouts.  Mrs. Sorn was born in Camden, NY, and lived in Delmar before moving to DeWitt.  She was a graduate of Green Mountain Junior College and also attended Syracuse University.  Mrs. Sorn died on 11-17-1989.  Mr. Sorn served as scoutmaster of Troop 22 in DeWitt for over 20 years, and was active in both Kiwanis and the Masons.  He died on 10-4-2011.  They had:  Patricia Sorn, William Sorn, Jr., who works at Crouse Irving Memorial hospital in Syracuse, Gerald "Jerry" Sorn, who has lived in Georgia since 1973, and works in telecommunications, and Cynthia Sorn.

Alvin A. Soule and Lucy Clark Hunt Soule lived at 2 Pickwick Rd. until 1953.  He was primarily a self-employed landscaper and horticulturist but once worked for the Butternut Creek Nursery in DeWitt.  Mrs. Soule was a native of Napanoch, NY, who taught school following her graduation from Syracuse University.  Mr. Soule was a native of Sioux Falls, SD, and lived in Minnesota before coming to Manlius in 1916 as a teenager.  He spent the last 34 years of his life in Oneida, NY, where he died 7-24-1991, at age 89.  Mrs. Soule died there 5-31-2003, at age 95. They had:  Antoinette Soule Raney of Folsom, CA. 

Gerald D. Soule and Hildegard Zillmer Soule lived at 46 Wexford Rd.  He was born on 10-4-1922, and attended St. Lawrence University.  Mr. Soule served in the USN during WWII and the Korean Conflict.  He was a foreman for Clarmin home builders, and in this position he supervised the erection of many homes in DeWitt Acres.  Later he was an official of the John B. McLaughlin Insurance Agency.  The couple wed about 1953, and moved to Camillus in the mid 1950's.  Mr. Soule lived there at his death on 4-26-2009.  They have three children, Patricia Soule, David Soule, who was born in September, 1956, and lives in Glastonbury, CT, Terence M. Soule, who was born in 1958, and lives in Syracuse.

Hendrick Holden Soule and Constance Jones Soule lived at 215 Wellington Rd.  Mr. Soule was a life resident of the Syracuse area.  He graduated from the Hill School in Pottstown, PA, and, in 1937, from Syracuse University with a degree in management.  At one time, Mr. Soule was the promotion director for WFBL radio. When he retired, he was a supervisor for the Carrier Corp.  Mrs. Soule was a native of Washington, DC, but spent most of her life in CNY.  She was a graduate of the Goodyear-Burlingame School and attended Syracuse University.  She retired in 1982 as an employment counselor for Onondaga County.  The Soules were living in Syracuse at his death on 12-30-1989.  She died on 12-9-1993.  They had:  Constance Soule Palumb, of DeWitt, H. Holden Soule, Jr., who married Katherine J. Soule, earned an engineering degree from Syracuse University in 1969, works for Lockheed Martin, and lives in Berkeley Heights, NJ,  Nanette Soule Rodormer, of Skaneateles, and Carol Soule Choukair, of Woodridge, NY.

Kenneth C. Sparks and Barbara Sparks lived at 401 Landsdowne Rd., having purchased the home in December, 1949,and moving from Oneida, NY.   Mr. Sparks was a 1949 graduate of Syracuse University.  He worked as a salesman for the Salina Chevrolet dealership.  Later he was general sales manager of the Nyman Co., before becoming the vice-president of the Wilcox Paper Co.  The family later moved to 4747 Ormonde Rd. in Cazenovia.  Their children:  Ralph K. Sparks, who served in Vietnam, married Jane Ellen Skoglund on 1-2-9-1972, Warren Sparks, Brian Sparks, and David P. Sparks, who wed Cheryl Bobbette on 5-24-1985.

George Spatta, Jr., and Dorothy Ruth Spatta lived at 125 Butternut Dr. by 1943.  Mr. Spatta was born on 12-27-1915. While in Syracuse, he was an accountant at the General Electric Co.  He left Michigan State College and joined GE in PA, in 1935, starting as an apprentice.  Mr. Spatta went on to serve the firm in 10 cities.  He was transferred from Cincinnati to Albuquerque in 1967, to manage the GE aircraft engine group, and Mr. Spatta died there on 3-17-1972.  Mrs. Spatta, who was born 11-23-1913, died on 5-5-1993.  They had:  Gary G. Spatta, and Gail Ann Spatta Brozis.

James Frederick Sprague and Lucy Waters Sprague lived at 4615 Genesee St. by 1943.  Mr. Sprague was born on 10-3-1917, in Harpersfield, OH.  He served in the Army during WWII, and earned four Bronze Stars.  The couple wed about 1952.  Mr. Sprague was a radio announcer for three years at WNBO in Auburn, NY.  The family then moved to Watertown, where Mr. Sprague spent 20 years with WWNY-TV as a television engineer.  About 1985, the couple began splitting time between Watertown and Sarasota, FL.  Mr. Sprague died on 7-28-2002, at age 84.  They had:  J. Frederick Sprague, III, who wed Eileen Belaska in 1967, and lives in Syracuse, Susan M. Sprague, of Watertown, John L. Sprague, who joined the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart in Youngstown, OH, and lives now in Allen, TX, George L. Sprague, who lives in Canandaigua, NY, Joseph W. Sprague, who lives in Moore, SC, and Martha Sprague Grant and Lucyann Sprague Ormiston, both of Rochester.

Ward Sprague and Mable Thompson Sprague lived on Andrews Rd. by 1943, and also lived on Apulia Rd. in the Jamesville area.  Mr. Sprague was born in Sandy Creek, NY, and worked on his family farm and as a mechanic.  He died on 10-11-2003, at age 95.  Mrs. Sprague was born in Washington, PA, on 6-9-1906, and died in July, 1975.  They had:  Raymond Sprague, who married Nancy Sprague, and lived in LaFayette, NY. 

Eugene W. Squier and Doris Babbitt Squier lived at 305 Orvilton Dr. by 1955, having been transferred to CNY from Canadaigua, NY, in 1943.  Mr. Squier was born 7-27-1913, in Canandaigua, and was a district supervisor with the Loblaw grocery chain.  Mrs. Squier graduated from Keuka College in 1937, and received a master's degree in education from Syracuse University in 1948.  She taught at Central High School in Syracuse.  The couple moved to Naples, FL, and were living there when Mr. Squier died on 11-2-1998.  Mrs. Squier, who was born in 1914, is believed to be residing still in Naples.  They had:  Shirley Squier Thompson, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1956 with an education degree, wed Dr. Michael W. Thompson, and lives in Penn Yan, NY, and Venice, FL.

Thadeus "Ted" Staniec and Ann(a) Sulewski Staniec lived at 400 Landsdowne Rd. in Orvilton by 1942.  He was a native of Syracuse and was born on 11-7-1909.  Mr. Staniec was a salesman for Babcock and Valentine, Inc. and later he was superintendent of buildings and grounds for the Jamesville DeWitt School District.  He held that position for 22 years before his retirement in 1974.  He served the DeWitt Volunteer Fire Dept. for 36 years and was their master mechanic.  Mr. Staniec died on 2-3-1977.  Mrs. Staniec was born in Syracuse on 3-15-1913, and died on 4-12-1998.

Charles F. Stanton and Mary Stanton lived on Jamesville Rd. by 1955.  Mr. Stanton was a native of Fayetteville, and resided in Jamesville most of his life.  He retired in 1975 following 30 years at Allied Chemical's Jamesville quarry.  Mr. Stanton died on 1-27-1991, at age 80.  They had:  Ronald C. Stanton, who wed Pauline Stanton, was a heavy-equipment operator with Kinsella Construction in Fayetteville and a stock-car racer, resided in Jamesville, and died on 12-9-1989, following a car wreck.

Charles R. Stanton and Frances J. Stanton lived at 10 Pebble Hill Rd., North, and later moved to 3 Northridge Rd. in Syracuse.  Mrs. Stanton was born in 1917, and Mr. Stanton was born 11-20-1926.  He was a lifelong resident of the Syracuse area and was at Stanton Foundry his entire working life.  Mr. Stanton was a member of the DeWitt Volunteer Fire Dept. for 33 years.  He died on 8-16-2005.

John Richard Stanyon and Edith Stanyon lived at 128 Downing Rd. by 1955, having lived previously in Gloversville, NY.  Mr. Stanyon was born 11-18-1927, and was the president of Stanyon Products, Inc., a firm that distributed storm windows and stores.  At his death in December, 1986, Mr. Stanyon was residing again in Gloversville and was married to Mary Bandiera Stanyon, a native of Wilmington, DE. She lived many years in CNY, and died in Gloversville on 1-18-2000.  John and Edith Stanyon had:  John Stanyon, Jr., who lived in Darien, CT, and Linda Stanyon Johnson of NYC, who owns a yarn store.

Lester J. Start lived on Genesee St. by 1943.  Born in Utica, on 12-18-1919, the Rev. Dr. Start was the valedictorian of his graduating class at Hamilton College, earned his master's from Haverford College, received his divinity degree from Colgate-Rochester Divinity School, and was awarded his doctorate in 1953 from Syracuse University.  He taught at Manlius Pebble Hill School in DeWitt and Utica College before becoming a professor of philosophy at Kalamazoo College from 1958 to 1986.  Rev. Dr. Start was an ordained Baptist minister.  He was married to Clarice Warren Start, and residing in Kalamazoo, MI, at his death on 3-28-2001.  Their children:  Candace Start Zemon, who lived in St. Louis, MO, Elizabeth Start, of Chicago, Jonathan Start, and Jeremy Start, who both live in Kalamazoo, and Terry Start and Lester Start, Jr., who both predeceased their father.

Jennie Rampel Stearn lived at 4606 Genesee St. by 1955, and later lived at 113 Alpine Dr.  Mrs. Stearn was born on 9-20-1889, and died 1-4-1975.  Her children:  Allen Stearn, who was born 6-28-1912, lived in Los Angeles, and died 3-4-1994, Jess Stearn, who was born 4-26-1914, was a NYC reporter who became a popular journalist and the author of more than 30 books dealing with occult topics, including a best-selling biography of Edgar Cayce, and died 3-27-2002, in Malibu, CA,  Vivian Stearn, who was born 4-30-1919, wed Herman J. Braverman, and lived in Leonia, NJ, before her death on 12-15-1987, and Enid Stearn Sterling, who earned a law degree from Syracuse University in 1948, and lives in Princeton, NJ.

John Fross Steely and Vera Steely lived at 204 Pelham Rd. by 1955.  Mr. Steely was born on 12-13-1904, in Indianapolis.  He worked for the General Electric Co. for 47 years as an engineering supervisor, prior to retiring in 1966.  Mrs. Steely was born 8-10-1907.  The couple moved to FL in 1966, where Mr. Steely died on 7-2-1988, and Mrs. Steely died on 8-22-1995. 

Louis John Steigerwald, Jr., and Virginia Anne Irving Steigerwald lived at 2 Pebble Hill Rd., North, by 1955.  Mr. Steigerwald was born in Syracuse on 8-18-1925, and was in the Army Air Corps during WWII.  He attended Christian Brothers Academy and graduated from LaSalle Military Academy and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.  Mr. Steigerwald was the president of the Cathedral Candle Co., which was founded by his grandfather in 1897, and was the oldest candle company continuously owned by the same family.  He died 4-27-2001.  Their children:  Martha Steigerwald Kirsche, who lives in Wethersfield, CT, and Mark Steigerwald and Louis Steigerwald, III, who both live in Fayetteville.

Harold E. Steiner and Mary Rhein Steiner lived at 231 Ambergate Rd. by 1942, and at 102 Paddock Dr. by 1953.  Mr. Steiner was born in Elnora, NY on 11-5-1902, and  graduated from  Boston University in 1926.  He was an executive with Niagara-Mohawk Power Co. and served six years representing the DeWitt area in the Onondaga County Legislature.  Mrs. Steiner was born in Schenectady, and was a 1926 graduate of Albany State College.  In Schenectady, she played the piano for silent films at the Lincoln Theatre and taught music in elementary schools.  After moving to Syracuse in 1940, she  was on the board of the Syracuse Symphony and was active in various art programs.  Mr. Steiner died 1-18-1975, and Mrs. Steiner later moved to Delray Beach, FL, where she died on 7-17-1993, at age 90.  The couple had three daughters: Helen Steiner, who wed Philip Lewis of Alexandria, VA, Nancy Steiner Pakenham-Walsh of Weston, MA, and Welthie Ann Steiner, who wed William Kinney of Malvern, PA.

Charles Frazier Stephenson and Ellen MayBelle Oliver Stephenson lived at 4606 Genesee St. by 1943.  Mr. Stephenson worked as the assistant manager of the Cook Coffee Co.  The couple married on 5-3-1936.

Harry Cornell Sterling and Agnes Parker Sterling lived at 119 Dewittshire Rd., having purchased the home new in 1932.  He was a salesman with the McMillan Book Co.  Mr. and Mrs. Sterling were both natives of Newburgh, NY.  Mr. Sterling died in Glendora, CA, where their daughter, Ruth, then resided, on 1-10-1956, at age 81.  They had moved to CA only six months earlier.  Mrs. Sterling returned to her other daughter's home in Ilion, NY, where she died on 4-25-1962, at age 87.  Mr. and Mrs. Sterling had Janet Sterling, who married Prof. Carl T. Hawley and, following his death, wed Edward L. Lundy on 2-27-1946, and lived in Ilion, and Ruth Sterling, who married Edward H. Henry, (see their listing), and lived in Fair Oaks, CA.

Joseph H. Sterling and Ruth Edson Sterling lived at 227 Pelham Rd., having purchased the home new in August, 1940, from William Kelly, the builder.  Mr. Sterling had been an assistant manager for the Metropolitan Insurance Co., for 11 years at his death on 4-16-1942.

Harry F. Stetzel and Gertrude L.Stetzel lived at 20 Pebble Hill Rd., South, by 1955, having moved to CNY in the early 1930's from Huntington, IN.  Mr. Stetzel was born in IN on 4-17-1897, and the couple wed about 1920.  He was an insurance agent and, later, a manufacturer's representative for the Huntington Laboratories.  Mr. Stetzel died on 3-7-1988, while residing in Northfield, NJ.  They had:  Genevieve Stetzel, who was born about 1921.

Charles G. Stevens and Bertha Hayford Stevens lived on Jamesville Rd. by 1955, and moved to 104 Hyland Dr. in North Syracuse about 1959.  Mr. Stevens was born in Syracuse on 3-24-1921.  He served as a chief gunner on a B24 during World War II.  Mr. Stevens joined the postal service after the War, and worked there until his death 29 years later.  He rose through the ranks to become the manager of fleet operations.  Mrs. Stevens was born 1-1-1922.  She was a native of Lake Placid, NY, but lived most of her life in CNY.  She was a secretary for the General Electric Co. for 25 years, and moved to Baldwinsville about 1994.  Mr. Stevens died on 1-14-1975, and Mrs. Stevens died on 7-4-1999.  Their children:  Barbara Stevens, who graduated from Alfred University, wed James K. Buckley in 1966, and lives in Seabrook Island, SC, and Beverly Stevens, who wed Frederick P. Sprague, and lives in Fairfield, IA.

David A. Stevens and Hilda Keppler Stevens lived at 129 Dewittshire Rd. by 1942, and lived there until 1954.  Mr. Stevens owned a liquor store in Marcellus, and the couple later lived in that village.  Miss Millicent Rita Kish lived with them, and attended Fayetteville schools before her marriage to Carl S. Hawley in 1953.  Mrs. Stevens was born in Syracuse on 8-15-1892, and died 11-5-1968.  They had a son, Wilson A. Stevens, who lives in Marcellus.

James M. Stevenson and Lois Fox Stevenson lived at 111 Cornwall Dr. by 1954.  Mr. Stevenson was a sales engineer for a division of the General Electric Co.  Their children:  Susan Stevenson, Carol Stevenson, and John Stevenson, who was born in November, 1954.

James Rolland Stewart and J. Estelle Burns Stewart lived at 202 Pelham Rd. by 1942, and 101 Alwyn Rd. by 1953.  Mr. Stewart was born in NJ on 5-4-1885, and the couple wed about 1912.  They lived in Detroit, where Mr. Stewart worked as a purchasing agent at an auto factory, before moving to CNY in 1932.  While living in DeWitt he was a manufacturer's agent with offices in the University Building in Syracuse. Mr. Stewart served as the chairman of the board of trustees at DeWitt Community Church.  The couple moved from DeWitt in 1957, and resided in Ft. Lauderdale at Mrs. Stewart's death on 4-16-1969, and at Mr. Stewart's death in July, 1974.

Fred S. Stidfole and Bernadine Stidfole lived at 227 Pelham Rd. by 1943, and later moved to Homer, NY. Mr. Stidfole was born 3-14-1910, and worked 12 years for the Carrier Corp.--including about five years in Europe, South Africa, and South America.  In 1946, he left the company as manufacturing laboratory manager and took a position as director of manufacturing for the Remington Corp. in Cortland.  Mr. Stidfole retired in 1969 as vice president of Brewer-Titchener Corp.  The couple later lived in Rogers, AR, where Mrs. Stidfole, who was born on 7-2-1908, died in March, 1985.  Mr. Stidfole was residing in Warrior, AL, at his death on 11-24-2001.  Their children:  Eugene Stidfole, James Sidfole, Arthur Franklin Stidfole, who was a cum laude graduate of The Eastman School of Music, wed Luanna Jean Spencer in 1972, was a composer and bassoonist, and lived in Albany, NY, and Robert Stidfole.

Limon E. Stiles and Eunice G. Stiles lived at 7 Pebble Hill Rd., North, having moved there in 1954.  Mr. Stiles was born on 2-13-1910, and was the general agent for the Connecticut Mutual Life Ins. Co. from 1946 to 1972.  The couple retired to FL, and then moved to KY in 1995.  He died on 4-2-1996.  Mrs. Stiles was born 11-15-1911, and died on 5-25-1997, while residing in Florence, KY.  They had:  Curtis G. Stiles, who was born about 1943, married Patricia L. Stiles, is a trucking company manager, trains Tennesee Walking horses, and lives in Pompey, NY.

John B. Stinger and Clara Zion Stinger lived at 104 Dewittshire Rd.  by 1931.  He was born in Cleveland, NY and was a Navy veteran of WWI.  Mrs. Stinger was a life resident of the Syracuse area and retired after 45 years of teaching in the Syracuse schools.  She was a charter member of the Dewittshire Club and remained a member more than 50 years.  Mr. Stinger worked as a printer and compositor with the Syracuse Typesetting Co. for 31 years and retired in 1970.  He was living in Manlius at his death on 9-7-1978.  Mrs. Stinger died in a local nursing home on 9-6-1985.

Whitney Ross Stitt, who was sometimes referred to as Grant Stitt, and Elizabeth Timmerman "Betty" Stitt lived at 207 Ambergate Rd.  Mr. Stitt was born in Brockville, Ontario, Canada, 7-2-1914.  The couple operated the Pig Stand drive-in restaurant on Genesee St. between DeWitt and Lyndon.  Both were injured when their original restaurant was destroyed by an explosion on 11-21-1950.  Mr. Stitt's mother, Mary Christine "Minnie" Grant Stitt, lived with the Stitt family during the war years.  She was born in Canada on 12-5-1883, and was the widow of William Ross Stitt.  Mary Stitt died in DeWitt on 5-18-1947.  Whitney Stitt died on 12-12-1955, at age 40.  Mrs. Stitt, was born on 3-19-1923, in Grieg, NY, and served in the WAVES during WWIIl.  She later wed Peter Panarites, and a Mr. Johnson, by whom she had Charles N. Johnson, who lives in Phelan, CA.  In 1966, Mrs. Stitt moved to FL from Hardwick, MA.  She died on 4-4-2005, while residing in Dunedin, FL.  Whitney and Elizabeth Stitt had:  Ross M. Stitt, who was born in 1949, lives in Starke, FL, and William Henry Stitt, who was born in February, 1948, and lives in Clearwater, FL.  Ross and William Stitt legally changed their surname to Panarites in 1967. 

Andrew W. Stohrer and Bernice Woese Stohrer lived at 300 Dewittshire Rd., South, by 1940.  Mr. Stohrer graduated from Syracuse University in 1928, and Mrs. Stohrer graduated the following year.  Mr. Stohrer was an executive with the NY Telephone Co.  The couple later moved to the vicinity of Buffalo, and Mrs. Stohrer died on 9-17-1975, while living in Amherst.  Mrs. Stohrer's parents, Irving and Lydia Woese lived with the Stohrers.  (See their listing.) 

David O. Stone and Katherine M. Stone lived at 304 Jamesville Rd. by 1953.  Mr. Stone was born in Hawarden, IA, on 12-27-1921, and served in WWII.  He was a graduate of the State University of Iowa, and their law school.  He also received a master's degree in law from Columbia University.  Mr. Stone came to CNY in 1949 to be a law professor at Syracuse University.  He left the University in 1957, and was a corporate attorney for the General Electric Co., until his death on 3-28-1990.  They had:  Sandra L. Stone-Bugge, who was born about 1945, was a cum laude graduate of Cornell University, earned her master's in bacteriology at Harvard Medical School, married Maj. Paul W. Bugge on 8-5-1989, lived in NYC, and was a prep school teacher active in conservation causes at her death on 3-30-1990, and David Bruce Stone, who was born about 1949, graduated from Princeton University, was involved with the International Food Policy Research Institute in Washington, DC, and was residing in Zephyr Cove, NV, at his death on 3-31-2002.

Thomas H. Storrier and Iva W. Storrier lived at 208 Cornwall Dr. by 1942.  Mr. Storrier was born on 11-6-1895, and was a salesman for the Lowe and Campbell Co., and later for the Wilson Sporting Goods Co.  Mrs. Storrier was born in Baldwinsville, NY, about 1904, and the couple wed about 1927.  She was a graduate of New Paltz State Teachers College, and taught at several schools.  Mr. Storrier was elected  Councilman for the Town of DeWitt, and died in January, 1963.  Mrs. Storrier later married Frank M. Anderson, and died on 7-3-1985.  Mr. and Mrs. Storrier had:  Sheldon F. Storrier, who was born in 1929, graduated from Colgate University, wed Barbara Ann Kallet about 1952, was the general manager of the WKTV television station in Utica, and lives in New Hartford, NY.

Richard P. Storrs and Mary Jean Storrs lived at 203 Sherwood Dr. by 1955.  Dr. Storrs was a physician, and  by the 1960's, was practicing radiology in the Los Angeles area.  Mrs. Storrs was born in 1923, and the couple wed in 1948.  They divorced in CA in 1968.  Dr. Storrs was born 8-1-1917, and died 5-17-2000.  Their children:  Nancy E. Storrs, Richard Paul Storrs, Jr., who graduated from California State, at Los Angeles, and wed Tania Pasano in 1982, and David E. Storrs.

Vernon C. Story and Ellen Cummins Story lived at 409 Brampton Dr. by 1955, having lived earlier on Fayette Blvd. in Syracuse.  Mr. Story was born about 1904, and was sales manager for the Lamson Corp. Mrs. Story was born about 1906, and the couple married about 1923.  Mrs. Story's mother, Evelyn Healy Cummins, the widow of Bertram J. Cummins, and a native of Warren, PA, lived with the family at her death on 2-26-1963.  They had:  Vernon Story, who was born about 1924, and Robert J. Story, who was born about 1927.

Arthur A. Stuber and Ella Brennan Stuber lived at 204 Warwick Rd. by 1940.  He was a representative for the NY Telephone Co.  Mr. Stuber's mother, Elizabeth M. Stuber, a native Syracusan, lived with her son's family until her death on 1-19-1950.  Mrs. Stuber died in Camillus on 9-20-1975.  They had:  Mary Jane Stuber, who was a secretary at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Syracuse, married John Peter Mayo on 6-21-1947, was the first woman on the church vestry at St. Luke's Episcopal Church and at one time its longest-serving member, and lived in Camillus at her death on 4-28-2002. 

Robert C. Stump lived at 23 Wexford Rd.  Col. Stump was an officer in the USA, and attended Syracuse University, earning an MBA in 1954.  He was ransferred to San Antonio, TX, in 1955, and sold his DeWitt home to the Hamlin family.  Col. Stump lives now in DeRidder, LA.

Harris Martin Sullivan and Elizabeth H. Sullivan lived at 22 Pebble Hill Rd., South, having moved there in September, 1955.  They had lived earlier in Troy, NY, but came to DeWitt after living ten years in Evanston, IL.  Dr. Sullivan was born 3-12-1909, and earned his doctorate at Penn State.  He was the manager of General Electric's electronic research labs.  Mrs. Sullivan was born in 1914, and was a music graduate of the University of Kentucky.  She was a professional organist for 68 years.  Dr. Sullivan died in FL on 2-16-1987, and Mrs. Sullivan died in FL on 10-3-02. They had:  Harris Marshall Sullivan,who was born on 10-9-1939, was the chief operator of  WRC-TV in Washington, DC, and disappeared on 10-13-2007, during a solo flight from Nassau to his retirement home in FL, and Emily Sullivan who wed Ray Cleer, lived in Port Richey, FL, retired in 2007, and moved to Canton, IL.  After an extensive search of the area between Nassau and his home in Port Richey, FL, Harris M. Sullivan, Jr., was declared legally dead by a judge in FL.

Richard Leo Sullivan and Frances Belknap Sullivan moved to 4252 Genesee St. in 1945, and later lived at 19 Fawn Ridge, in Manlius.  Dr. Sullivan was born 9-25-1914, in Baldwinsville, and was a graduate of Holy Cross, and Syracuse University's school of medicine.  He was an ear, nose, and throat specialist in CNY from 1943 to 1985.  Dr. Sullivan died on 10-1-1985.  Mrs. Sullivan was also born in Baldwinsville, (on 3-10-1915), and graduated from Syracuse University in 1936.  She earned a master's degree from the University in 1975, and taught at LeMoyne College, until retiring in 1986. She was active in various civic causes and was also a patron of the arts.  Mrs. Sullivan died on 4-20-2001.  Their children:  Dr. Richard Sullivan, Jr., of Cape Elizabeth, ME, Norah Sullivan Hooper, who was born in 1946, married Anthony I. Hooper, is an education professor at Mary Washington College, and resides in Fredericksburg VA, Kathleen Sullivan Connolly, of Hanover, MA, and Mary Patricia Sullivan Pollock, who lives in Laurel, MD.

Roy P. Sullivan, Jr., and Betty Mack Scott Sullivan lived at 111 Lynbrook Circle by 1953.  Mr. Sullivan was born 4-16-1919, in TN, and was raised in MO.  He became a naval aviator in August 1941, and the couple wed the following year.  After his discharge as a lieutenant in 1946, Mr. Sullivan attended Westminster College and Southeast Missouri State University.  He became a chemical engineer with the Monsanto Chemical Co. in 1948, and served them for 35 years in several states.  The couple was living in Chesterfield, MO, at his death on 1-30-2007.  Their children:  Kimball Sullivan Curry of St. Louis, Scott Parker, who lives in Kaneohe, HI, and Kelly Bryant Sullivan, who lives in St. Louis.

Jack Howard Sutherland his wife lived briefly at 105 Ambergate Rd., having purchased the home in December, 1939.  Mr. Sutherland was born about 1900 in Chicago, and he worked as a salesman for an oil company.  His first marriage was to Kathryn Knepper, and he later wed Betsy Sutherland.

Robert Baden Sutton and Violet Amelia Sutton lived at 9 Wexford Rd., having purchased the newly built home about 1954.  Mrs. Sutton died in Boise, ID, in 1989.  Mrs. Sutton had two children from a previous marriage:  Patricia Louise Laws Dresner, of Houston, and Michael P. Laws, who lives in Seattle, WA.

Richard Warren Sutton and Alice LaFray Sutton lived at 10 Drovers Lane.  They wed on Valentine’s Day, 1953.  She was from the Albany area and he was from Lyndon.  Mr. Sutton studied mechanical engineering at Syracuse University and later worked for the Atlantic Tug Co.  The couple moved to Delmar, NY, and, by 1963, were living in Peoria, IL, where he worked for the LeTourneau-Westinghouse Corp.  Later they moved to the Baltimore, MD, area, where he still resides.  They had:  Richard Sutton, Jr., born in April, 1957, Lisa Sutton, born in March, 1955, and Cindy Sutton.

Lloyd Edward Swedlund and Mary Bradley Swedlund lived at 305 Ambergate Rd. by 1955.  He was born on 5-22-1905, in Idaho Springs, CO, and Mrs. Swedlund was born 5-27-1904, in NE.  They wed in 1928, in Boulder, CO.  Mr. Swedlund graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in electrical engineering, and received a master's degree from the California Institute of Technology.  He held more than a dozen patents for cathode ray tube design.  While in DeWitt, Mr. Swedlund was an engineer for the General Electric Co.  They moved to CA in 1955, and to San Diego, in 1959, where Mr. Swedlund worked for the Stromberg-Carlson Co.  The couple moved in 1962 to Beaverton, where he worked for Tektronix, Inc.  Mr. Swedlund retired in 1970, and the couple moved to Silverton in 1991.  Mr. Swedlund died there on 12-26-1991.  Mrs. Swedlund lived in Portland before her death on 6-27-1993.  They had:  John B. Swedlund, who was born about 1938, attended Antioch College, and lives now in Richland, WA, Joanne Swedlund Nordlie, who lived in Easton, MD, and Doris Swedlund Ketcham, who lived in San Francisco.

John J. Sweeney and Henrietta E. Sweeney lived at 102 Pelham Rd. by 1940.  Mr. Sweeney was born about 1890, and was a clerk at the NYC Railroad freight yard.  Mrs. Sweeney was born about 1896, and the couple wed about 1924.  She was a secretary for the Cathedral Candle Co.

Claude H. Talley, a widower, lived at 300 Haddonfield Dr., having moved there from 605 Comstock Ave. in Syracuse in 1951.  Mr. Talley was born in Bessemer, AL, on 8-12-1889, and had been married to Grace H. Talley before her death.  For many years he was the CNY representative for the National City Bank of New York City.  Mr. Talley also represented several brokerage firms.  At his retirement in 1950, he was with Loeb Rhoades and Co.  Mr. Talley moved about 1954 to 753 James St. in Syracuse, and his son, John, and his wife, Mary Lou Talley, lived in the DeWitt home.  (See below.)  Mr. Talley died on 12-10-1967.  In addition to John, Mr. Talley had:  Samuel H. Talley, who married Phyllis Talley, received three degrees from Syracuse University, including a doctorate in economics, was a senior economist for the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, and lives in Fairfax, VA.

John Hays Talley, lived at 300 Haddonfield Dr., having moved there with his father and brother in 1951. (See the entry above.)  Mr. Talley was born about 1925, graduated from Hamilton College, and served in WWII.  He earned a master's in education from Syracuse University in 1955, and was a teacher at the Pebble Hill School.  Mr. Talley wed Mary Lou Brewer on 6-13-1953--about a month following her graduation from the University--and they live now in Rome, NY.

John Harold Tarbell and Ruby Z. McDonald Tarbell lived at 4004 Genesee St. by 1942.  Mr. Tarbell was a gasoline dealer.  Mrs. Tarbell had moved to Berrien Springs, MI, but was in Syracuse at her death on 11-20-1946.  They had:  Eldora Tarbell, who was born in February, 1937, and John Tarbell.

Robert F. Tasker and Natalie M. Tasker lived at 101 Dunham Rd. by 1953.  Mr. Tasker  was a salesman for the Burns Brothers firm.  He was born on 6-24-1917, and had moved to Fayetteville by his death in May, 1979.   Mrs. Tasker was born 10-27-1919, and was residing in Littleton, CO, at her death on 8-6-2007. Their children:   Robert M. "Bull" Tasker, who was born about 1944, married Daphne Tasker, and is a financial consultant in Littleton, and Geoffrey G. Tasker, who wed Jill Tasker, and lives in Carbondale, CO.

Edwin G. Taylor and Ida Ginsburg Taylor lived at 44 Wexford Rd.  Mr. Taylor was a safety official for the Syracuse post office.  Mrs. Taylor was a native of Syracuse, and retired in 1972 after working as a secretary at Moses DeWitt school.  Mrs. Taylor's sister, Lillian Ginsburg, lived with the Taylors.  Miss Ginsburg was born in Syracuse about 1912 and worked for the Ginsburg Restaurant and for the Park Brannock shoe store before retiring in 1972.  She, and her sister and brother-in-law, all died in Margate, FL:  Miss Ginsburg on 4-30-1995, Mr. Taylor on 6-4-2000, and Mrs. Taylor on 2-27-2002.  The Taylors had a son, Harvey A. Taylor, who lives in West Nyack, NY.

Frank W. Taylor and Elizabeth "Betty" Kite Taylor lived at 205 Pelham Rd. by 1953.  Mr. Taylor was a manufacturer's representative for electronic companies.  He was born on 7-21-1906, and was a native of Patterson, NJ.  The couple lived in the Syracuse area and Tuscon, AZ, before moving to Leesburg, FL, in 1986.  Mr. Taylor died there on 8-6-1991.  Mrs. Taylor was born on 4-22-1907, in Medford, MA, and was residing in Daytona Beach, FL, at her death on 4-5-1993.  Their children:  Warren L. Taylor, who was born about 1943, is a former NYS trooper and semi-retired electrical contractor living in Chittenango, and Sally Ann Taylor James Gedney, who was widowed in 1983, and, in 2005, wed Ronald W. Gedney, from Sandy Cove, Nova Scotia, and now resides in both Nova Scotia and New Smyrna Beach, FL.

Reuben E. Temple and Susan Purdy Temple lived on Genesee St. by 1943.  Mr. Temple was the Town justice in East Syracuse, where the family lived previously.  In DeWitt, he was the Town's  highway superintendent.  They moved to 126 Burns Ave. in Syracuse, where Mr. Temple died on 5-18-1956, at age 77.  Mrs. Temple was born on 1-2-1887.  She was a native of MO, and came to CNY about 1900.  She died on 4-22-1968.  Their children:  Grace Elizabeth Temple Cottet, who was born 2-5-1909, wed Robert Cottet, worked as a graduate nurse, and lived in CNY until her death 5-6-2004, at age 95, Norma Temple Lembcke, who married Charles Lembcke, and lived in Lenox, MA, (see the Lembcke entry above), Lois Temple Golly, who wed Kermit Golly, operated a convenience store in Collamer, and died on 2-2-2004,  Raymond Temple, who wed Edna Temple, was the owner of Temple Farms Dairy and Northeast Tractor Sales, and died 5-19-1990, and Douglas Temple, who wed Carolyn Burrows, graduated from Syracuse University and its law school, was a lawyer in private practice, and died on 10-3-2001.

David Dryden Templeton and Catharine LeVeaux Brannin Templeton moved to 107 Charing Road in 1947, as the result of a company transfer from Minneapolis, MN.  Mr. Templeton, was born on 1-22-1904, and was a native of Woonsocket, SD.  He graduated from the University of Washington, and began working for what was then known as the Aetna Casualty and Surety Company in 1928, and was the superintendent of the bond department while in the Syracuse office.  Mrs. Templeton was born in Cisco, TX, on 4-21-1905, and graduated from Southern Methodist University in 1928.  They married on 12-6-1939. While in DeWitt, they were very active in community, church, and school affairs.  In 1959 Mr. Templeton was transferred to Cleveland, OH, and the family lived in Moreland Hills, OH, and he continued to work for Aetna until his retirement in 1969.  Mrs. Templeton was the director of the Homecrafters Shop, in Cleveland--the first year-round outlet for gifts made by disabled persons and senior citizens.  When she retired in 1973, the couple moved to Dallas, TX.  Mr. Templeton died 2-4-1976.  Mrs. Templeton died 4-7-2003, two weeks before her 98th birthday.  They had:  Elizabeth “Betsy” Templeton, who was born in January,1944, graduated from Northwestern University in 1965, is an associate program director  at Norwich University, and resides in Brookfield, VT, and Mary Catharine Templeton Lichlyter, who was born in February, 1946, graduated from Miami University (of Ohio) in 1968, wed John Edward Lichlyter on 12-5-1970, and lives in Colorado Springs, CO.

Thomas Henry Terrell and Katharine Terrell lived at 206 Pelham Rd.  They purchased the home and moved from Houston in 1955.  Mr. Terrell was chief engineer at Syracuse Engineering Co.  He retired in 1978, and returned to TX.  Mr. Terrell was living in Kerrville, when he died on 1-8-1999.  Their children:  Martha Elizabeth Terrell McCall, of Palo Alto, CA, and Nancy Kay Terrell, who was born about 1940, graduated from Cornell University, wed Robert Weight, a schoolmate at Jamesville-DeWitt school, and lives in Denver, CO.

Earl D. Terry and Dorothy B. Terry lived at 313 Landsdowne Rd. by 1943.  He graduated from Syracuse University in 1922, and was with the National Cash Register Co.  Their children:  Grace Terry, and Douglas Terry, who attended Syracuse University.

Frank S. Thomas, Jr., and Maude Thomas lived at 210 Cornwall Dr. by 1942.  He was born about 1892, and was manager of the local Johns-Manville office.  Mrs. Thomas was born about 1893, and the couple wed about 1915.  They had:  John Richard Thomas, who was born about 1922, and was a credit clerk. 

Harold E. Thomas and Marjorie MacNeil Thomas lived at 214 Pelham Rd. by 1951.  Mr. Thomas operated the Thomas Fibre Products Co.  Mrs. Thomas was born 2-16-1913.  She was a native of Philadelphia, and also lived as a child in Smith Falls, Ontario, Canada.  Mrs. Thomas retired in 1978 after 17 years as a secretary at Syracuse University, where she worked in the office of Dean Charles Noble.  Mr. Thomas died in 1977, and Mrs. Thomas was living at 207 E. Genesee St. in Fayetteville, at her death on 10-9-1990.  They had:  Marjorie "Tina"  Thomas, who wed Paul R. Haas, graduated from Syracuse University in 1965, and lived in Camillus, NY, at her death on 4-6-1996, Donna Thomas Neuhauser, who taught at Pebble Hill School and lives in Manlius, and Sheila "Mimi" Thomas Sostrin, who has a medical billing service, and lives in Fayetteville.

Ward S. Thomas and Norma Kew Thomas lived at 108 Wellington Rd. by 1942.  They later lived at 209 Ambergate Rd.  Mr. Thomas was born on 10-23-1897, and was the manager of the Syracuse branch of the Freuhauf Trailer company.  He died on 6-4-1988.  Mrs. Thomas was born on 1-3-1904, and died in Pompano Beach, FL on 6-29-2003, at age 99.

Warren F. Thomas and Carol Thomas lived at 218 Ambergate Rd.  by 1951.  He was a cost accountant with the Porter-Cable Co.  They had Susan Louise Thomas, who graduated from SUNY at Potsdam, and wed Michael A. Grajek in 1967, and Marcia Thomas Muster.  Both daughters live in Hiram, OH.

Evert J. Thompson and Helen Koford Thompson lived at the corner of Dewey Ave. and Genesee St. by 1952.  They later moved to 174 Canterbury Dr. in DeWitt.  Mr. Thompson was born in Albany on 7-10-1907.  Mrs. Thompson was a graduate of the Syracuse University College of Fine Arts.  In 1952 they operated the Kountry Kitchen diner at the corner of Dewey Ave. and Genesee St.  Mr. Thompson later became the school lunch manager for the Jamesville-DeWitt school district.  During the 1960's, Mrs. Thompson was manager of the cafeteria at Christian Brothers Academy in DeWitt.  Mr. Thompson died on 6-26-1972.  Mrs. Thompson was a life resident of the Syracuse area and lived on  Salt Springs Rd. in Fayetteville before moving to Spruce Pine, NC, where she died on 11-7-1990.  They had: John J. Thompson, of Spruce Pine.

George B. Thompson and Lula Waters Thompson lived at 4606 East Genesee St., adjacent to homes on Ambergate Rd. and just east of Scibilia's market.  Mrs. Thompson was born 4-25-1883, the daughter of Orson and Lucy Waters, and thus was a member of the family that was long active in real estate and farming affairs in DeWitt.  After Mr. Thompson's death, Mrs. Thompson rented out rooms in her home, and  some of her tenants taught at local schools.  Mrs. Thompson died on 2-23-1977.  She was 93.

Jack R. Tiffany and Elise Mackey Tiffany lived at 211 Wellington Rd. by 1939.  Mr. Tiffany, a native of Syracuse, was the owner and operator of a service station at the corner of Erie Blvd. and West St. in Syracuse.  Mrs. Tiffany was a sales clerk at The Addis Co. department store.  Mrs. Tiffany's mother, the widow of E. H. Mackey, lived with the couple, and, after their deaths, moved to Utica.  Mrs. Tiffany died 3-13-1974, and Mr. Tiffany died 12 days later.  Their children:  Nanette Tiffany Byrnes, who was born in October, 1926, attended the NYS Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences, and lived in Tucson, AZ, Jack R. Tiffany, Jr., who wed Shirley L. Mooney in 1948, sold automobiles, and lived four years in Mesa, AZ, before his death on 11-4-1998, at age 70, and E. Peter Tiffany, of St. Louis.

Alfred C. Todd and Mardelle Cutler Todd lived at 110 Kittell Rd. by 1960, having lived at 205 Butternut Dr. in DeWitt Acres in the mid 1950's.  Later they lived in Tully, NY, and now live in McCormick, SC.  Mr. Todd was an insurance underwriter, and later worked as a salesman for the J. C. Penney Co.  They had:  Ann Todd, and Alfred Todd, who was born in August, 1955.

John R. Torrens and Mary Katherine Philbrook Torrens lived at 119 Fiordon Rd. by 1952.  Mr. Torrens was born 6-29-1918, and served in WWII.  Mrs. Torrens was born 9-13-1921.  Mr. Torrens graduated from Lehigh University and Harvard's business school.  He was a regional export manager for Bristol Labs, and later worked for American Cyanamid and General Foods.  Mrs. Torrens' mother, Viola Smith Philbrook, lived with the Torrens family.  (See the Philbrook entry above.)  The family moved to CT in September, 1955, and Mr. and Mrs. Torrens lived in Franklin Lakes, NJ, at her death on 11-12-1997, and his death on 3-22-1999.  Their children:  Diane Torrens, Susan Torrens, and Gail Torrens. 

Alexander Toth and Sophie Rosenbaum Toth lived at 102 Landsdowne Rd. by 1943, and lived at 901 Crawford Ave. in Syracuse by 1950.  Mr. Toth operated the Three Hour Laundry on Erie Blvd.  Their children:  Alexander B. Toth, who was born on 3-8-1918, wed Mary Popkowski, moved to the Mansfield, OH, area about 1988, and died on 4-8-1995, Edith Toth Hoffman, who lived in Mansfield, Hermine Toth Bahouth, who lives in Albuquerque, NM, Samuel Charles Toth, who married Dorothy Wells Hixson on 3-11-1950, and lived in Canandaigua, NY, Carl Toth, who wed Barbara Rossler, was a home builder, resided in Cazenovia, retired to Port St. Lucie, FL, where he died on 11-4-1990, Eunice Toth Seeling, who was born 8-22-1914, wed Philip Seeling on 6-6-1942, lived in Salida, CO, and died on 9-3-2007, at age 93, Ruth Toth Miles, of Rochester, and Philip Toth, who also lived in Rochester.

Newell C. Townsend and Grace M. Townsend lived at 301 Wellington Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Townsend was born on 1-27-1902, and was with the Associates Finance Co. before becoming an executive with the Syracuse Chamber of Commerce.  Mrs. Townsend was born 5-18-1901, and was a native of Brookline, MA. She was active in Scouting and served as president of the Syracuse chapter of the AARP.  Mrs. Townsend also served in the American Red Cross Bloodmobile program and was interested in UFO research.  The couple lived in DeWitt from 1932 to 1979, when they moved to Manlius .  They lived there when Mr. Townsend died on 1-28-1981, and Mrs. Townsend died, at age 91, on 1-12-1993.  They had:  Thomas S. Townsend, who was killed in action on 4-20-1951, during the Korean conflict, and awarded the Bronze Star posthumously, and Sally Townsend, who lives in Fayetteville and Lady Lake, FL.

DeAlton W. Towsley and Ida Courbat Towsley lived at 206 Cornwall Dr. by 1942.  Dr. Towsley was born in Camden, NY, on 7-13-1896, and was a 1920 graduate of Syracuse University's school of medicine.  He was a surgeon and physician, with offices at 2705 James St. in Syracuse, before moving his home and practice to Central Square, NY, in 1945.  Mrs. Towsley, a native of Mallory, NY, was born 5-1-1901, and died in May, 1992.  Dr. Towsley died on 2-28-1981.  They had:  Richard Courbat Towsley, who was born in Syracuse on 4-29-1925, wed Sarah Finch, worked as a Florida Highway Patrol officer, and resided in Homosassa, FL, at his death on 10-25-1995.

Raymond W. Truax and June Casey Truax moved to 209 Andrews Rd. from Lyndon about 1957.  Mr. Truax was born on 8-21-1916, and was a native of PA.  He worked as an electrician for the Carrier Corp. for 30 years prior to his retirement in 1981.  Mr. Truax was also an expert carpenter and, in his spare time while living in Lyndon, built his family their new home on Andrews Rd.  Mr. and Mrs. Truax moved to Pompey in 1985, and were living there at Mr. Truax's death on 4-10-2005, at age 88.  Mrs. Truax, who was born on 6-16-1919, died on 10-3-2008.  They had:  Raymond Gary Truax, born about 1939, who wed Janet Vincent, worked for the Carrier Corp., and lives now in Phoenix, NY,  William Ernest Truax, who attended NYS A&T Institute at Cobleskill, wed Norma Harter in 1966, is the executive vice-president of Kaydon, Inc., a manufacturing firm, and resides in Danville, IL, and Terry R. Truax, who lives in Pompey.  Photo

John S. Twaddle and Helen Craner Twaddle lived at 111 Paddock Dr. by 1955.  Mr. Twaddell was born 10-28-1922, and was from Woodside, NY.  Mrs. Twaddell was the daughter of Arthur and Dorothy Craner. She was born in 1925, and grew up in DeWitt.  (See the Craner entry.)  The couple wed on 5-8-1954, and later lived in NJ.  Mr. Twaddell died in Flemington, on 12-28-2003.  They had a son, born in 1955.

Fred A. Tuck and Alice Tuck lived at 143 Edwards Dr., having moved there from 115 Hampshire Rd. in DeWitt in September, 1953.  He was a graduate of Bethany College and came to the Syracuse area in 1946 as a store manager for Sears, Roebuck, and Co.  In February, 1955, he was transferred to Bangor, ME.  The couple later lived in Ventura County, CA, where Mrs. Tuck died  in February, 1981, and Mr. Tuck died about three months later.  They had:  Robert Tuck, and Marcia Tuck, born about 1938.

William F. Tyson and Sara Williams Tyson lived at 119 Dewittshire Rd.  Mr. Tyson was an executive with Carrier Corp. and retired a few months before his death on 3-18-1974.  Mrs. Tyson was born in State College, PA, and died at age 89 on 6-30-2002.  Their sons were born in Tarrytown, NY:  Barry R. Tyson, who died on 9-6-1971, at age 25, and Donald B. Tyson, who lived in Fayetteville and worked as a security supervisor before his death on 1-16-1990. 

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