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Benedict Frank Haberle, III, and Isabella B. Haberle lived at 105 Newfield Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Haberle was born 7-15-1915 .  He was the president of the Haberle-Congress Brewing Co.  The brewery was started in 1857 by Mr. Haberle's grandfather and was the last survivor of 10 breweries that were once located in Syracuse. The couple divorced in Broward County, FL, in 1943.  Mr. Haberle later wed Winifred Irene Goettel Haberle.  The family moved to Oakton, VA, in 1973, and Mr. Haberle worked for the USPS.  He retired in 1981, and died in Oakton on 4-10-1987.  Mr. Haberle had:  Alexandra Haberle Dunn, who lived in MA, Nancy-June Haberle Canning, of FL,  Heidi Haberle Hildreth, of SC, Juliana M. Haberle, and Allison Haberle Hunt, both of VA, and Benedict F. Haberle, IV, who lived in Reston, VA.

Reign S. Hadsell and Jean Hadsell lived at 119 Butternut Dr. by 1956.   Mr. Hadsell was born in St. Joe, IN, in 1904, and was a 1926 graduate of Hiram College in Ohio.  He also received a master's degree from Columbia University and earned his doctorate at Yale University.  While in DeWitt, Dr. Hadsell was the associate director of the audio-visual center at Syracuse University's school of education.  Dr. Hadsell also was an advisor to the Iranian government and spent at least five years in Teheran as part of the Point Four program of foreign aid and assistance.  He retired in 1971 following nearly 20 years with various government aid agencies.  Apart from their time in Iran and Turkey, and several years in DeWitt, the Hadsells lived mainly in the Washington, DC area.  Mrs. Hadsell died in 1984 and Dr. Hadsell died 7-25-1992, in Annapolis, MD.

John Stuart "Bill" Hafer and Jean McConkey Hafer lived at 117 Dewittshire Rd., having moved there in January, 1950, from Cedar Rapids, IA.  Dr. Hafer, a native of Abbottstown, PA, was born on 3-19-1913, and earned a management degree from Syracuse University in 1935, and a master's from the University of Michigan in 1946.  Dr. Hafer earned two Bronze Stars for his service as the commander of an infantry battalion in the European and Pacific theaters, and he later achieved the rank of lieutenant colonel in the USA reserves.  Dr. Hafer was a dean at Coe College, and was the dean of admissions at SU before accepting the presidency of Curry College in Milton, MA.  He served in that capacity from 1965 to 1979, and died on 2-15-1981 in MA.  Mrs. Hafer was born on 8-7-1916, and was a native of Ann Arbor, MI.  She graduated from Syracuse University in 1951, and was an art teacher at Moses-DeWitt School.  Both Mr. and Mrs. Hafer excelled at athletics.  She liked to ski, swim, and skate, while Dr. Hafer was captain of the baseball team at SU, and also participated in collegiate wrestling and football.  While in DeWitt, Dr. Hafer served on the boards of both the Jamesville-DeWitt school district and the Pebble-Hill School.  Earlier, while living in AZ, the Hafers observed the Christmas tradition of roadside luminaries, and they introduced them to their new neighbors in the Dewittshire section.  The custom endures and each year many visitors drive through the Hafer's old neighborhood to see the sidewalks and streets outlined with lit candles.  After Dr. Hafer's death, Mrs. Hafer wed Edward G. Murray, and resided in Mount Dora, FL, at her death on 9-16-2003.  Mr. and Mrs. Hafer had two children:  Helen Hafer, who retired from the Bell Atlantic Telephone Co., and lives in North Quincy, MA, and John R. Hafer, who graduated from RIT, and lives in Woodbury, MN.  

William V. Haggerty and Bessie Lou Haggerty lived at 118 Grenfell Rd. by 1951.  Mr. Haggerty was born in Bellville, Ontario, Canada, on 3-14-1906.  He came to CNY at the conclusion of WWII, and was a general agent for the Mutual of Omaha Insurance Co.  In September, 1952, the couple moved to 207 DeWitt Rd. in Syracuse, and later lived in Liverpool before moving to North Palm Beach, FL, in 1967.  Mr. Haggerty died there on 12-1-1972, and Mrs. Haggerty, who was born 1-9-1911, and was a native of Des Moines, NM, died in Palm Beach on 10-9-1989.  Their children:  James L. Haggerty, who lived in Carrolltown, TX, a daughter who wed John Eby, and lived in Ft. Wayne, IN, and William Haggerty, Jr., who wed Patricia Sezna, a fellow graduate of Syracuse University, on 7-17-1982, is involved with real estate, and lives in Fayetteville.

James Francis Hahn and Irene J. Hahn lived at 324 Landsdowne Rd. by 1942, and lived at 115 Fiordon Rd. by 1952.  Mr. Hahn was born about 1895 in NJ.  He was with the Pierce-Butler-Pierce Radiator Corp. and, later, was a purchasing agent for the Frank Speno Co.  Mrs. Hahn was born about 1899, and the couple wed about 1923.  Mr. Hahn's parents, Henry Hahn and Mary Hahn, lived with the Hahn family. James Hahn died in DeWitt on 10-11-1955.  They had:  Mary Hahn, who wed Bernard Kohlenberg, and lived in Troy, NY.

Francis J. Halder and Dorothy Frison Halder lived on Genesee St. by 1943.  Mr. Halder was born on 1-31-1912, and was an air craft electrician.  He died in October, 1967.  Mrs. Halder was born on 1-30-1913, and died on 2-28-1994, while residing in Santa Cruz, CA.  Their children:  Nadine Ellen Halder, who wed Robert Adams, and Carol Frances Halder, who married James Bunce.

William A. Haley, III, and Martha Johnson Haley lived at 209 Butternut Dr. in 1954.  Mr. Haley was a mechanical engineer with the Universal Concrete Pipe Co.  They later resided in Deerfield Beach, FL, where Mr. Haley died on 5-25-1991.

Franz Halik and Camille Chosalland Halik lived at 309 Ambergate Rd. by 1940, having lived earlier in an apartment at 1505 E. Genesee St. in Syracuse.  Mr. Halik was born in Austria about 1895, and came to the US in 1926.  Mrs. Halik was born 9-17-1898, in France.  She came to America in 1927, and the couple wed about 1928.  Both worked as hairdressers.  The couple moved to FL, where Mr. Halik died in May, 1960, and Mrs. Halik died on 4-30-1987, while residing in Winter Park.

Leon E. Hall and Gwendolyn Kennedy Hall lived at 201 Warwick Rd., having moved there in 1939.  Mr. Hall served in the Marine Corps during WWI.  He was the factory superintendent for the Syracuse Chilled Plow Co.--later to be known as the John Deere Co.  Mr. Hall died on 5-10-1981, at age 85.  Mrs. Hall, a lifelong resident of the Syracuse area, died on 12-18-1985.  Their children:  Robert L. Hall, who was born about 1931, graduated from RPI on 6-5-1953, wed Faith Loren Hanson eight days later, served as an army officer, and lives in Fayetteville, and Marcia Hall Petch, who graduated from CCBI, (the Central City Business Institute), worked as a bookkeeper, and was a long time resident of Minoa who died in Sanford, ME, on 12-23-2000.

William McBrown Hall and Claramae "Mac" Vates Mackey Hall moved from Detroit to 101 Kittell Rd. in Lyndon in the fall of 1952, and later lived at 105 Alwyn Dr. in DeWitt.  Born in Topeka, KS, Mr. Hall was a graduate of Oakwood School, Swarthmore College, and Cornell University.  He retired in 1975 after 22 years as the comptroller and treasurer of the Lipe Rollway Corp.  Mrs. Hall died on 8-26-1974, and Mr. Hall later wed the former Harriet Buffum Schenck.  The second Mrs. Hall died in 1995.  Mr. Hall died, at age 87, on 11-3-2000, while residing at The Nottingham complex in Jamesville.  William and Claramae Hall had:  John Lawrence Hall, of HI, William M. Hall, of IL, Donald R. Hall, and Thomas A. Hall, both of CT.

Albert H. Ham and Florence Ham lived at 105 Alwyn Rd., until the fall of 1953, and by 1956 they lived on West River Rd. in Baldwinsville.  Mr. Ham was the general manager of the Syroco Wood Co.  They had: Bonnie Ham.

Robert C. Hamilton and Abigail Hoge Hamilton lived at 105 Wellington Rd.  Mr. Hamilton was an executive in the personnel department at the Solvay Process division of  Allied Chemical.  Born in Waynesburg, PA, Mrs. Hamilton graduated from Waynesburg College and taught English for 10 years. She retired in 1985 after 25 years as an interior decorator at The Cherry House, in Fayetteville.  Mr. Hamilton died in 1961.  Mrs. Hamilton was 93, and residing at The Nottingham, in Jamesville, at her death on 9-1-2000.  They had a son, Robert H. Hamilton, who devised the first frequent flyer program for the airline industry, is a director of the Vermont Teddy Bear Co., and the CEO of Core Data, and lives in Edina, MN, and Chimney Point, VT

Homer H. Hamlin, Jr., and Romaine Chaffee Hamlin lived at 23 Wexford Rd., and, in 1961, moved to Schenectady.  He was born in NH in 1920 and served in the Army Air Corps in WWII.  He later became an agent for the Liberty Mutual Ins. Co.  They live now in Naples, FL.  Their children:  Betty Jane Hamlin, Patricia Hamlin, Charles Hamlin, and a daughter born in 1955.

John B. Hammeken and Jean Merrill Hammeken lived at 109 Lynbrook Circle, having moved there in February, 1946, from 108 Berkeley Dr. in Syracuse--where they lived with Mrs. Hammeken's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Merrill.  Mr. Hammeken was born on 2-4-1910, and grew up in CNY.  He was an Army veteran of WWII, and the president of the Gaffney Press Co.  Mr. Hammeken died on 12-21-1989.  Mrs. Hammeken was born 9-28-1914, and was a life resident of the Syracuse area.  She graduated from the Goodyear-Bulingame School in Syracuse and was a bookkeeper for many years for Auer and Co. Mrs. Hammeken died on 10-21-1989. They had: John Hammeken, who lived in Fairport, NY, and Sandra Hammeken Clark, who lived in Barrington, IL.

Raymond Haney and Alison Haney lived at 120 Dewittshire Rd. in the late 1950's.  Mr. Haney was born in 1927, and Mrs. Haney was born about 1930.  It is believed that Mr. Haney was an engineer and worked for the Smith-Corona-Marchant Corp.  The family moved to Old Greenwich, CT, in 1960.  They had:  Alison Reeves "Robin" Haney, who was born in 1957, and Peter Conant Haney, born in 1959.

Anita Wright Hanna lived at 113 Warwick Rd. by 1946.  A graduate of Syracuse University's school of fine arts, in 1918, Mrs. Hanna was a Broadway actress, singer, monologist, and a radio artist before she wed Charles George Hanna on 2-3-1934.  Mr. Hanna was born 4-27-1889, and was a pilot in WWI, and an automobile dealer who had been twice elected mayor of Syracuse.  They wed in NYC's famed, "Little Church Around the Corner."  Mayor Hanna died 12-16-1942.  Mrs. Hanna earned degrees in library science at Syracuse University, and from 1953 to 1955, she was a school librarian in Canandaigua, NY.  Mrs. Hanna's widowed mother, Mrs. Grace Allen Wright, lived with her at the time of her (Mrs. Wright's) death on 11-28-1946.  Mrs. Hanna was married to Karl B. Norton and residing in Syracuse at her death on 3-6-1977, at age 82. 

Edward F. Hannon and Elsie Newkirk Hannon lived at 117 Ambergate Rd., having purchased the home in June, 1940.  Mr. Hannon was an engineer with the Precision Castings Co.  Mrs. Hannon was a native of Canastota and a teacher.  About 1954 the couple moved to 104 Edwards Dr. in Lyndon.  Mr. Hannon died in 1962, and Mrs. Hannon died 1-19-1981, at age 72.

John W. Hansen and Frances Markl(e) Hansen lived at 200 Haddonfield Dr. by 1938.  Mr. Hansen was a law professor at Syracuse University.  They had:  Karen Hansen, and Kristine Hansen, who was born in January, 1934.

Paul Joseph Harbach and Marie Zahn Harbach lived at 202 Wellington Rd., having purchased the home in 1939, and moving there from Paul Ave. in Syracuse.  He was the stockroom foreman at the A. E. Nettleton shoe factory, but later operated the Paul J. Harbach Co., a sporting goods firm.  Mrs. Harbach served three years as the leader of the women's auxiliary to the Liederkranz club.  Mr. Harbach died on 2-24-1959, and Mrs. Harbach died on 10-28-1962.  They had a daughter, Mabel M. Harbach, who wed Frank O. Benjamin, and died in Chittenango on 4-27-1995, and Mary Harbach, who married Robert C. Ivory, and lived in Great Barrington, MA.

Earl B. Hardy and Verna Dunkle Hardy lived at 205 Ethridge Rd., and maintained a summer home at Point Vivian, in Alexandria Bay.  Mr. Hardy was a native of Watertown, and graduated from Syracuse University in 1922.  He had been a civil engineer for Syracuse Supply Co. for 20 years at his death on 4-12-1964.  Mr. Hardy was 65.  Mrs. Hardy was born in Mingoville, PA, probably on 2-27-1893, and the couple wed about 1927.  She was residing with her sister, Mrs. Helen Dunkle Chapman, in Williamsport, PA, at her death, in April, 1981.

Frank F. Harmon and Nell Karem Harmon lived at 308 Haddonfield Dr. by 1949.  Mr. Harmon was born 11-12-1900, and was a native of IA.  He worked many years for the Lennox Furnace Co. as their city manager.  In 1949 he was the campaign manager for Thomas Corcoran, who was elected mayor of Syracuse.  Mr. Harmon was then appointed DPW commissioner for the City and served from 1950 to 1954.  Later, he had his own firm which sold heavy equipment.  Mr. Harmon died 11-11-1960, in DeWitt. Mrs. Harmon was a native of Radcliff, IA, and was born about 1900.  She was residing at 3401 James St. in Syracuse at her death on 11-13-1973.  They had:  Frank Harmon, Jr., who was born 9-5-1921, was an Air Force officer in the ETO during WWII, graduated from Syracuse University in 1948, married Alice M. Field of Minoa, and resided in Palm Bay, FL, at his death on 5-26-1994.

Daniel E. Harnett and Harriet Harnett lived at 211 Pelham Rd. by 1951, and by 1955 were residing at 408 Brampton Dr.  Mr. Harnett was born 7-20-1899, and was a native of Elmira.  He served in WWI as an aviator, and then graduated from Columbia University.  Mr. Harnett worked as an electrical engineer for the General Electric Co.  Mrs. Harnett was born on 2-26-1900, and they moved to DeWitt in 1948, and to FL, in 1974.  Mr. Harnett's mother, Charlotte E. Harnett, lived with the family for several years before her death in a local nursing home on 4-25-1964.  She was the widow of Stephen A. Harnett, a native of Cowlesville, and was 93 at her death.  Mr. Harnett died in Leesburg on 9-11-1975, and Mrs. Harnett died in November, 1985.  Their children:  Ann Harnett Hoefer, who lived in St. Louis,  Richard Allen Harnett, who graduated from Hamilton College, earned a master's degree from the University of Utah, married Cynthia Jennison in 1962, worked as a geologist, and lived in Casper, WY, and Jane Carolyn Harnett, who was born 8-12-1941, and died in August, 1975.

Hazel Hathaway Harpending lived at 4709 E. Genesee St. which was near the corner of Butternut Dr. and Genesee St.  She was born about 1891, in IN, and was divorced from Harry B. Harpending, an attorney in Yates County.  Mrs. Harpending operated The Hobby Shop, an antique and gift store, from her home.  

Dean W. Harris and Jane Dunn Harris lived at 201 Butternut Dr., and had moved to Lakeview Dr. in Fayetteville by 1963.  He was an announcer and the host of a popular morning radio program on WAGE (later known as WHEN).  Mr. Harris was also active in local little theater productions, and charitable groups.  He was a native of Richmondville, NY, and died, at age 49, on 6-25-1972.  The couple had two daughters, Susan Harris and Cynthia Harris.

Jesse T. Harris and Patricia Covert Harris lived at 9 Pebble Hill Rd., South, by 1953.  Mr. Harris was an engineer with the New Departure (Delco) division of General Motors.  At some time before 1969, the couple divorced and Mrs. Harris lived in Averill Park, NY, and Mr. Harris lived in Kettering, OH.  Mrs. Harris was the secretary-treasurer of the Covert Mfg. Co, a business that her family had founded in 1873. Mr. and Mrs. Harris had:  Covert Harris, Patricia Thomasin Harris, who wed John Edgar Blizzard on 8-3-1969, and lived in Troy, NY, and Mark Battle Harris, who wed Ellen Patricia Seymour on 8-17-1974, graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, and Boston University law school, and is an assistant district attorney in Albany.

Charles A. Harrison and Doris B. Campbell Harrison moved, in 1952, from the Onondaga Parkway Apartments in Syracuse to 29 Wexford Rd.  He was in management with Sears, Roebuck & Co.  Mrs. Harrison earned a business degree from Syracuse University in 1949.  They live now in Annapolis, MD.  They have two children:  Craig Harrison, and another son born in June, 1954, while they lived in DeWitt Acres.

Lloyd G. Harrod and Helen Harrod lived at 312 Hampshire Dr. by 1953, and sold the home in 1958 to James Close.  Mr. Harrod was born on 4-3-1889, and was the president of the Harrod Equipment Co.  He died in March, 1969.

Catherine Baker Hart and her adult son, Edward J. "Jack" Hart, lived at 20 Wexford Rd.  Mr. Hart was a veteran of WWII and worked as a buyer for The Addis Co., a Syracuse department store.  He died on 5-23-1958.  Mrs. Hart also had another son, Robert Hart, who lived in Syracuse.

Frances M. Hart lived at 207 Butternut Dr.  Miss Hart was an insurance underwriter.  Her nephew, Francis James Fitzgerald lived with her.  He was a 1956 graduate of Jamesville-DeWitt HS and was killed 1-1-1960 in an auto accident.  By 1955, Miss Hart’s sister, Miss Anne Doris Hart, had joined her on Butternut Dr.  She, too, had a long career working for several insurance agencies.  Like her sister, she was a lifelong resident of the Syracuse area.  Anne Doris Hart died 1-22-1995, at age 89.  Frances Hart was 91 when she died on 6-17-1995.

Wallace B. Harter and Dorothy Hawkins Harter lived at 206 Ambergate Rd.  He graduated from Syracuse University in 1944 and medical school in 1947.  His specialty was anesthesiology.  Dr. Harter died in 1970 and Mrs. Harter then wed Leonard S. Vincent and lived in Manlius.  She died 10-15-1987, at 65.  Dr. and Mrs. Harter had Wallace Harter, III, who graduated from Alfred Technical Institute, married Marlene M. Crawford, was a self-employed landscaper, and died in Mattydale on 7-26-1999,  John E. Harter, of Palm Harbor, FL, Jo-Anne Harter Sandford of Bradenton, FL, and Laura Harter Conners, also of Palm Harbor.

Leo Leonard Hartwick and Hazel Anderson Hartwick lived at 103 Alwyn Rd., having purchased the home in May, 1952, from Howard D. Hagen.  Mr. Hartwick was born on 8-28-1895, in Barnsville, MN.  He was a branch manager for the Remington Rand Co. and retired in 1959 after 35 years service.  Mr. Hartwick died on 9-5-1967.  They had:  Richard J. Hartwick, who lived in Trenton, NJ, Elayne V. Hartwick, who lived in Buffalo, and John Hartwick.

Raymond G. Haun and Margaret Louise Jordan Haun lived at 123 Dewittshire Rd., having purchased the home from the Judson W. Clark estate in 1933.  Mr. Haun went to Syracuse University from 1924 to 1927, and returned there in 1972 at age 68 to complete his bachelor's degree in business administration.  Mrs. Haun was a 1926 graduate of the University, and the couple wed in 1929.  A native of Syracuse, Mr. Haun grew up in East Syracuse and lived in Hartford, DeWitt, Syracuse and Marcellus before moving to Lake Placid, FL.  In the early 1940's, he became vice president and secretary of the Scottish Union Insurance Co.'s North American offices at Hartford, CT.  He became a partner in 1946 in the Syracuse insurance firm of McClusky, Haylor & Haun (now Haylor, Freyer, and Coon).  At some point, Mr. Haun married Ruth Davies VanWagenen Haun, who was married previously to Robert G. VanWagenen.  She lived in Syracuse before moving to Florida in 1973, and was a graduate of MIT.  Ruth Haun died 1-6-1993, in Fort Myers, FL.  Her children, by her previous marriage:  Robert G. VanWagenen of Rockville, MD, Mrs. Donald Simmonds of Carmel, IN, and Mrs. John Dimlich of Cincinnati.  Mr. Haun died in Tampa, at age 91, on 5-20-1996.  The children of Raymond and Margaret Haun:  Barbara Louise Haun Wedge, of Lake Placid, FL, and John Jordan Haun, who lives in Ft. Lauderdale.

Walter Hausz and Linda Miller Hausz lived at 11 Paddock Dr. by 1953.  Mr. Hausz was born on 5-17-1917, and was a native of Queens, NY.  He graduated from Columbia University and was an electrical engineer for the General Electric Co.  Mr. Hausz was awarded a patent in connection with GE's development of color television.  His mother, Marie Hausz, who was born on 7-19-1892, lived with the family until her death in June, 1981.  The family had moved to CA before 1960, and lived in Santa Barbara, where Mr. Hausz died 9-21-1993, and Mrs. Hausz still resides.  They had:  Jeffrey Hill, who was born in April, 1953.

Harold P. Hawley and Susan Albright Hawley lived at 300 Jamesville Rd. by 1950, having lived earlier in Liverpool.  Mr. Hawley was born in August, 1918, and was a commercial photographer with offices in the DeWitt Bldg. which he opened in 1950.  Mrs. Hawley was born  in December, 1923, and the couple wed in 1943.  They cruised off FL for many years but  lived in Fayetteville at Mr. Hawley's death on 3-13-2011, at age 92.  Their children:  Dr. Peter Hawley, who was a medical researcher and senior executive with the Pfizer Corp, and lives now in NM and FL,  David A.Hawley, who is a stockbroker, and resides in San Bruno, CA,  Robert "Robby" Hawley, who married Marlene Hawley, and now operates the family photography business in Westvale, and Thomas Hawley, who married Cynthia Hawley, and works for the Hand Held Products Co.--a Skaneateles data processing firm.

Luke S. Hayden and Dorothy Hayden lived at 227 Ambergate Rd.  He earned his undergraduate degree from Syracuse University in 1941 and an MBA there in 1950.  He was a vice-president at Syracuse Savings Bank.  Mr. Hayden later wed Theresa McQuade.  Mr. Hayden died 12-15-1997, in Naples, FL.  Luke and Dorothy Hayden had:  Luke S. Hayden, III, Mary Eileen Hayden Konicki, Patricia Hayden Hodgson, and Suzanne Hayden Gallup.

Ralph S. Hayes, Jr., and Sarah Louise "Sally" Rogers Hayes lived at 108 Cornwall Dr. by 1953.  Mr. Hayes was an engineer for the Carrier Corp.  Mrs. Hayes was born on 7-26-1903, in Battle Creek, MI, and graduated from the State University College at Cortland, Skidmore College and the University of Texas. She taught in the DeWitt, Fayetteville and Minoa school districts.  Mrs. Hayes died on 1-4-2000, while residing in Mancos, CO.  Their children:  Dr. Patricia Hayes Arthur, who is a chiropractor and lives in Keauhou, HI, Gerald Hayes, who lives in Dayton, OH, Charles Hayes, of Hilton Head, SC, and Ralph Hayes, III, who lives in Durango, CO.

William Leslie Healy and Laurette Healy lived at 27 Pebble Hill Rd., South, by 1955.  Mr. Healy was a life resident of CNY, and a veteran of WWI.  He was the founder, owner, and operator of the Healy
Plumbing and Heating Co., retiring in 1970.  Mr. Healy was very active in Democratic political affairs, and, before moving to DeWitt, represented a district in Syracuse on the Onondaga County Board of Supervisors.  The family had moved to 20 Ely Dr. in Lyndon by Mr. Healy's death on 4-14-1980.  Mrs. Healy was born 10-25-1895, and was a lifetime resident of CNY.  She died on 9-17-1992.  Their children:  William L. Healy, Jr., who married Patricia Marie Fay, his classmate at Syracuse University, and lived in Las Vegas, Daniel J. Healy, who was also active in Democratic politics, and lived in Syracuse, Barbara Healy Barth, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1951, wed Howard C. Barth, Jr. on 7-20-1957, and lives in Wynnewood, PA, Mary Frances Healy Jones, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1946, married Llywellyn Edward Jones about 1947, spent 30 years at the University as the director of placement services, and lived in Syracuse at her death on 8-22-2000, Laurette Healy Kelley, who was a legal secretary, married Martin Leo Kelley in 1951, and lived in Syracuse, Patricia Anne Healy Ludington, who graduated from Syracuse University, where she had been head cheerleader, in 1948, wed Richard Arthur Ludington on 6-11-1949, was a store manager, and lived in Syracuse at her death on 5-31-1980, and Martha Healy McMahon, who graduated from Edgewood Park Junior College, wed Dr. John R. McMahon, was a secretary at Roosevelt Junior High School, and resided in Syracuse at her death on 3-29-1981, following a car accident.

Edgar J. Hedrick, Sr., and Helen Rose Hedrick lived at 35 Wexford Rd.  Mr. Hedrick was born 9-3-1909, in Vincentown, NJ.  He was an Army veteran of WWII, and a salesman for the Hobart Mfg. Co.  Mrs. Hedrick was born in Trenton, NJ, on 6-1-1911, and was a secretary at LeMoyne College.  They both died in Mt. Dora, FL; Mrs. Hedrick on 8-3-1987, and Mr. Hedrick on 1-22-1988.  The couple had:  Edgar Hedrick, Jr., who graduated from Jamesville-DeWitt HS in 1961, married Molly E. Bowser of Fayetteville in 1968, and lives in Mt. Dora, where he is a partner in a technology firm, and Joan Hedrick Durant, who lives in Marcellus, NY.

James E. Heffner and Joan A. Heffner lived at 225 Wellington Rd. in the mid 1950's.  He was a salesman with the IBM Corp.  They reside now in Santa Barbara, CA.  Their children: Barbara Heffner and David A. Heffner.

Harlan Henry Hegener and Mildred Amelia "Vye" Schug Haft Hegener lived at 118 Grenfell Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Hegener was born in Beardstown, IL, on 8-21-1900, and Mrs. Hegener was born in Syracuse on 4-2-1905.  By the 1930's, Vye Haft was married to Judge Donald Gorman, who was the step-father of her daughter, Marabelle.  It is unclear when Ms. Haft became Mrs. Hegener.  Mr. Hegener was a clerk for the F. W. Woolworth chain, and later was the general manager of the Addis Co., a leading Syracuse department store.  Mr. Hegener died in February, 1985, while living in Bloomington, IL.  From a previous marriage, Mrs. Hegener had:  Marabelle Hegener, who was born in 1926, was a nurse in WWII, wed John S. Kasberger and Albert DiRenzo, moved to suburban Chicago in 1959, but returned to CNY in 2001 and died there on 12-30-2003.  Mr. Hegener had:  Henry Harlan Hegener, and Hughes Hegener, who lived in Lagrangeville, NY.

Charles M. Heiden and Frances Heiden lived at 11 Pebble Hill Rd., South, by 1955, having lived earlier at 429 Plymouth Dr. in Syracuse.  Mr. Heiden was a native of Adams, WI, and was born on 6-7-1917.  He graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in electrical engineering, and went to work for the General Electric Co., becoming a senior executive with the company. The family moved to Schenectady in early 1958, and Mr. Heiden died on 12-6-1990.  They had:  Shirley Heiden Allen, who was born about 1942, and Charles Heiden, who was born about 1945.

Arwin William Heintz and Alice Heintz lived at 16 Paddock Dr. by 1953.  Mr. Heintz was born 2-25-1900, in IN, and was an engineer and product manager of the industrial machinery division for the Carrier Corp.  Mrs. Heintz was born on 11-10-1897, and the couple married about 1923.  They had moved to St. Petersburg, FL, when Mr. Heintz died on 5-30-1980, and Mrs. Heintz died in October, 1981.  They had an adopted daughter, Marilyn Heintz, who was born about 1921, wed Eugene Raivio, and lived in Philadelphia.

William F. Helmich and MIldred E. Helmich lived at 117 Butternut Dr. by 1942.  He worked as a foreman for the Easy Washer Corp. and after it closed they moved to San Diego, CA.  Mr. Helmich died in CA on 9-5-1988, at age 86.  They had two sons, William Helmich, Jr., who attended the Staunton Military Academy and MIT, and Donald Helmich, who lives in San Diego.

Harry J. Heltman and Helen Caflisch Heltman lived at 117 Fiordon Rd., having bought the home new in November, 1951, from Fiore Brothers builders.  They had lived earlier on Hurlburt Rd. in Syracuse, but moved to DeWitt from 1131 Cumberland Ave. in Syracuse.  Mr. Heltman was born about 1885, in PA, and earned his master's degree from American University.  He was a speech professor and chairman of the speech and drama department at Syracuse University.  Prof. Heltman was the author of numerous articles and books dealing with speech improvement.  He died on 6-11-1962.  Mrs. Heltman was born in Benzinger, PA, on 3-5-1890, and attended Dickinson Seminary and the New England Conservatory of Music.  The couple wed about 1910, and came to CNY about 1918.  Mrs. Heltman was president of the Child and Family Service agency in Syracuse.  She was residing at 1332 Westmoreland Ave. in Syracuse at her death on 11-19-1978.  Their children:  Judith E. Heltman, who was born on 2-12-1918, married Joseph Lamprecht, Jr., graduated from Syracuse University, and resided in Delmar, NY, at her death on 12-24-2004, Doris Heltman Fisk, who was born in Washington, DC, about 1920, graduated from Syracuse University in 1942, wed Elmer Fisk, was a teacher, won the Carnegie Medal for heroism in 1953, when she saved a mother and child from drowning, and died 3-12-1992, in Williston, VT, Rebecca Heltman Griffiths, who was born about 1923, wed Robert Griffiths, and lives in Rochester, Mary Heltman Malefyt, who was born about 1924, and lived in Las Vegas, and George Allan Heltman, who was born 9-21-1926, in Syracuse, wed Margaret Heltman, Louise Heltman, Romona Anderson, and Marilyn Amos Heltman, and lived in Murray, UT, at his death on 9-24-2000.

Charles W. Henderson and Anna R. Henderson lived at 105 York Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Henderson was a professor of electrical engineering at Syracuse University.  They had:  Mary Jane Henderson, who was a nutritionist at Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC, but by 1953 had returned to live in the family home and teach at Smith Tech in Syracuse.

Cloyd Sylvester Henderson and Bernice Marie Beech Henderson moved to 322 Landsdowne Rd. in 1941. Mr. Henderson was born 10-30-1900, in Altoona, PA.  He was sales engineer and vice-president of the O. M. Edwards Co., retiring about 1968.  He died on 11-23-1975.  Mrs. Henderson was also a native of PA, and was born on 5-14-1902.  She died in North Wales, PA, on 2-10-2002, at age 99.  They had: Jack C. Henderson, who was a USAF pilot, wed Joan Evelyn Beemer on 1-26-1957, and lives in Erie Village near Fayetteville, and Patricia A. Henderson, who married Richard Lowin, and resides in North Wales.  (See the Beemer family listing above.)

Edward H. Heneveld and Harriet Heneveld lived at 115 Pelham Rd. by 1955.  Mr. Heneveld was born on 9-9-1917, and grew up in Laketown, MI.  He was the branch manager for the American Seating Co.  Mrs. Heneveld was born on 3-27-1917.  The couple moved to Hillsboro, CA, and later lived in Holland, MI, where Mr. Heneveld died in May, 1987, and Mrs. Heneveld died on 1-5-1990.  Their children:  Ward Heneveld, Paula Heneveld, Gail Heneveld, and Helen Heneveld.

Edwin W. Henne and Naomi M. Henne lived at 115 Dewittshire Rd. by 1942.  He was born 11-18-1893, and was a native of Ann Arbor, MI, and a graduate of the University of Michigan.  Mr. Henne joined the Farmers and Traders Life Insurance Co. in 1923 and rose through the ranks to become president.  Mrs. Henne died in November, 1947.  Mr. Henne later wed Mary Ruth Smith, who was wed previously to Frank W. DeLano.  Mr. Henne was living at 29 Ely Dr. in Fayetteville when he died on 4-10-1969.  Mary Ruth Henne died on 2-8-1966.  Mr. Henne and Naomi Henne had:  Richard Edwin Henne, who attended the University of Michigan, and lives now in Birmingham, MI.

Edward J. Hennessy and Jane Hennessy lived at 107 Dunham Rd. by 1955, and moved in October of that year to 104 Ida Ave. in Syracuse.  Mr. Hennessy was a bank examiner for NYS.  Their children:  Patricia Hennessy, Thomas Hennessy, and Edward Hennessy.

Edward H. Henry and Ruth Sterling Henry lived at 110 Dunham Rd. by 1950.  Mr. Henry was a methods engineer at General Electric.  Mrs. Henry's parents also lived in DeWitt, (see the Sterling entry).  Mrs. Henry was living in El Paso, TX, at her death on 10-2-1985.

Gordon E. Henry and Rita G. Henry lived at 200 Wellington Rd. by 1942.  He was a native of Buffalo, and lived in the Syracuse area for more than 50 years.  Mr. Henry was a well known amateur photographer. He retired in 1973 after 30 years of service as an engineer with the Syracuse Supply Co.   Mrs. Henry, a native of Rexville, NY,  was a school nurse for the Jamesville-DeWitt school district.  The Henrys lived in Jamesville at the time of his death on 6-18-1988.  Mrs. Henry died 4-12-1993.  They had a son, Kevin M. Henry, who lives in Jamesville, and a daughter, Linda Henry Deluhery, of Westfield, MA.

Howard C. “Pete” Henry, Jr., and Mary Henry lived at 17 Pickwick Rd.  Mr. Henry was born in 1920.  He was a pilot during WWII and earned the Distinguished Flying Cross for having been on 32 separate missions.  He later graduated from college under the GI Bill and worked as a sales engineer.  The Henrys live now in Monroe Township, NJ, and have two sons, Michael Henry and William Henry. 

John D. Hershey and Jody Hershey lived at 110 Charing Rd. by 1949, and by 1955 had moved to 185 Shoreham Dr. in Rochester.  Mr. Hershey was born 8-8-1912, and was an electrical engineer who was in sales management for the General Electric Co.  Mr. Hershey died in April, 1993.  Their children:  John Hershey, Henry Hershey, and Frederick Hershey.

George E. Heym and Nancy P. Heym lived at 24 Wexford Rd.  He was a chemical engineer for Bristol Labs.  Mrs. Heym was a graduate of Virginia Tech and did occasional work in local television.  They moved to DeWitt Acres in 1952 and later lived in Baton Rouge, LA.  Their children:  Virginia Heym, and Robert Heym.

Antonin A. Heythum and Charlotta Heythum lived at 1 Wexford Rd. by 1949.  Mr. Heythum was a professor and chair of Syracuse University’s Industrial Design department.  The Heythums were natives of Czechoslovakia and came to America in 1939.  He joined the University faculty in 1946, and won numerous awards for his architectural skills.  Mr. Heythum died 1-10-1954 in Munich, Germany, at age 52.  The couple had, Jan Antonin Heythum, born in 1947.

Calvin M. Hibshman and Dolores J. Bond Hibshman lived at 29 Wexford Rd.  Mr. Hibshman was born in 1925 and was a machinist with the Textile Marking Machine Co.  The couple moved to DeWitt Acres in 1954 and lived there until 1999, when they moved to Jamesville.  They have a son, Kurt Morrison Hibshman who lives in Fayetteville, and a daughter. Dolores Hibshman.

Eugene J. "Pat" Hickey and Virginia L. Hickey lived at 300 Dewittshire Rd., South., before moving away in 1958.  He was born 11-5-1916, in Brooklyn and was raised in the Saranac Lake Region of northern NY. Mr. Hickey attended St. Lawrence University, where he received his bachelor's degree.  Later he received a dental degree from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec.  Dr. Hickey then enlisted in the Army Air Force and served in the China-Burma-India theater during World War II.  He was discharged as a major in the Army Air Force Dental Corps.  Dr. Hickey went into practice in Syracuse in 1946 as an oral surgeon.  He served on the Fabius-Pompey School Board for 10 years and was very active in numerous civic causes.  Dr. Hickey is considered  the founding father of Toggenburg Ski Center (circa 1953).  Dr. Hickey died 8-3-2005 at his summer home in Lake Clear, NY.  Mrs. Hickey resides in Manlius.  They had:  Kevin Hickey, and Eugene J. "Jim" Hickey, Jr., both of Manlius.

Robert K. Hier and Frances S. Hier lived at 3 Morton Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Hier farmed land on Sweet Rd. in Manlius.  Mr. Hier had been married previously and had:  Philip Stowell Hier, who was born about 1921, was an aeronautical engineer for the Curtis-Wright Corp., spent three years in the Army Air Corps during WWII, wed Leila Ann Greenwood on 2-8-1947, and died three months later, on 5-5-1947, at 25.

Marshall E. Higgins and Frances Hollis Higgins lived at 107 Warwick Rd., having moved there about 1932.  Mr. Higgins was a native of Massachusetts and graduated from Syracuse University in 1927.  He was the chief investigator for the Chamberlain Ins. Co.  Mr. Higgins served as the executive secretary of the county parks board from 1927-1941 and was thus instrumental in the development of projects such as the Onondaga Lake parkway and Clark Reservation.  A native of Belleville, NY, Mrs. Higgins was a 1928 graduate of Syracuse University.  Mr. Higgins died on 10-24-1981.  Mrs. Higgins had lived in Dewittshire more than 60 years when she died at home on 8-30-1993.  Their children:  Betsy Higgins who was born 9-9-1932, graduated from Cazenovia College, married Carl Alfred Wistrup, and resided in Fayetteville at her death on 10-6-1997, and Susan Chase Higgins who wed James R. Carncross in 1956 and lives in Cazenovia.

Joseph L. Hileman and Maybelle Hileman lived at 101 Ambergate Rd. by 1942, and later lived at 105 Downing Rd.  Mr. Hileman was a graduate of both Penn State and Cornell.  He was a chemist with the Dairyman's League Co-Operative, and retired in 1958 as their director of research.  He had joined the company in 1925.  They later moved to 105 Downing Rd. in DeWitt.  Mr. Hileman died 10-20-1962.  They had a son, John Carl Hileman, who lived in Fair Hope, NY.

Harold D. Hill and Andree Jeanne Coerse Hill lived at 111 Charing Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Hill was born on 5-3-1892, and grew up in Manlius.  He was a hairdresser at the J. Henri's Beauty Salon at 113 Marshall St. in Syracuse.  Mrs. Hill was born 7-11-1904, in London, England, and the couple wed about 1924.  Mr. Hill died 10-23-1978, and Mrs. Hill was residing at 753 James St. in Syracuse at her death on 5-22-1983.  Henrietta Hurst lived with the family while in DeWitt, but her relationship with the Hills is unknown. By a previous marriage Mr. Hill had:  Murray J. Hill, who lived in Port St. Lucie, FL.  Harold and Andree Hill had:  Betty Hill, who was born about 1925, married Harry Ostrander, and lived in Baldwinsville.

James Lawrence Hill and Katherine Hill lived at 108 Dunham Rd. by 1950.  Mr. Hill was the manager of Autocar Sales and Service, and later was a salesman for the White Co. They had:  J. Lawrence Hill, Jr., who graduated from Syracuse University, wed Barbara Hillick in 1953, and worked for the Household Finance Corp.

Ruane B. Hill and Marie J. Bergerson Hill lived at 50 Wexford Rd. in the late 1950's.  Mr. Hill taught broadcasting at Syracuse University before leaving the area in 1964 and becoming the chairman of the department of mass communications at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  The Hills now live in Whitefish Bay, a suburb of Milwaukee.  They have three children, Greg Hill, born in 1953, Kristin Hill, born in 1956, and Kristofer Hill, born in 1959, while they still lived in DeWitt Acres.

James C. Hilton and Sophia Belacelezeyki Hilton lived at 305 Cornwall Dr. by 1953.  Mr. Hilton was born 9-9-1914, and was the president of Rogers and Hilton, Inc., an electric motor repair service company founded by his father, James S. Hilton.  The couple later moved to Pompano Beach, FL, where Mr. Hilton died in September, 1982.  Their children:  Sandra Hilton, James Hilton, and Robert Hilton.

Boyden William Hindman and Barbara Francis Rice Hindman lived at 301 Ambergate Rd.  He was from LaGrange, IL.  Mr. Hindman was an engineer for the Precision Castings Co.  Mrs. Hindman was born on 3-21-1912, and graduated from th University of Illinois.  The couple wed in March, 1936.  The Hindmans moved to Itasca, IL in 1960.  While in Dewittshire, the Hindmans enjoyed observing the neighborhood custom of placing small luminarias, (candlelit bags), along walkways and streets at Christmas time, symbolizing the "lighting of the Christ Child's way home."  After moving they distributed luminarias in their new neighborhood in IL, and the custom soon became widespread there.  Mr. Hindman died in 1972, and Mrs. Hindman died on 3-13-1997.  Their children:  Robert W. Hindman, who married Lois Hindman, is a retired laboratory director, and lives in La Grange, and Brantingham, NY,  William Hindman, who married Pamela Hindman, and lives in Elk Grove Village, IL, and Brenda Hindman, who wed Harvey Scharlau, and lives in Batavia IL.  Robert Hindman heroically rescued a neighbor during the record flood of March, 1950.  He was only 10, but he plunged into a brook near their home to pull nine year old Martin Belkowitz to safety.

William J. Hindman and Ruth Hindman lived at 218 Jamesville Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Hindman was the office manager for James S. Kemper and Co.  Their children:  William Hindman, Jr., who was born about 1945, and James T. Hindman.

John J. Hines and Justine E. Hines lived at 229 Ambergate Rd.  Mrs Hines was born 6-21-1908, in Utica, and the couple wed in Syracuse on 8-6-1934.  Mr. Hines was an executive with the Barlow Advertising Co.  Mrs. Hines later worked as an executive secretary.  Mr. Hines died in 1972, and Mrs. Hines resided in Oneida prior to her death on 9-24-1990.  They had two daughters, Donna Hines Laine, of Chapel Hill, NC, and Valarie Hines Sheldon, of Tewksbury, MA.

John N. Hinman and Henrietta "Henny" Hinman lived on Genesee St. by 1942.  Mr. Hinman was born on 5-11-1903, and was a native of Little Falls, NY.  The couple wed about 1923.  Mr. Hinman was in the rug business, and later sold real estate for Cappy's Real Estate in Syracuse.  He died on 3-21-1994, at age 90.  Mrs. Hinman resides in Baldwinsville.  They had:  Ronald Hinman, who lived in Syracuse, Shirley Hinman Phillips, who lived in Clearwater, FL, Gail Hinman Whitmore, of Baldwinsville, Lance Hinman, of Kirkville, Gary Hinman, who resided in Blossvale, NY, and Randy Hinman, of Canastota.

John Hitchcock and Patricia Hitchcock lived at 101 Wellington Rd. by 1943.  He was the manager of the local office of the NY Life Insurance Co.  His mother, Nellie G. Hitchcock, lived with them.  They had a daughter, Melinda Hitchcock.

Clifford H. Hodges and Marie Hodges lived at 114 Downing Rd. by 1953, and moved to Gastonia, NC, in 1955.  Mr. Hodges was the division director for Good Will Distributors, Inc.  Their children:  Jeanne C. Hodges, Lauranne Hodges, Theresa Hodges, and Lea Hodges.

Kenneth Kyle Hoff and Nathalia Neekin Hoff lived at 203 Warwick Rd. by 1943, and sold the home in 1952.  Mr. Hoff was born in PA on 1-10-1902.  He was married about 1925, but was soon widowed.  He later wed Nathalia Neekin.  While living in DeWitt, Mr. Hoff was a sales engineer with the Syracuse Supply Co.  He died in FL on 5-7-1987.  K. K. and Nathalia Hoff had:  Phyllis A. Hoff, and Kenneth K. Hoff, Jr., who was born 12-25-1936, and lived in DeWitt at his death on 1-7-2005.

George C. Hoffarth and Grace Hoffarth lived at 121 Butternut Dr. by 1942.  Prior to being drafted into the USA in February, 1943, he worked as a meat manager for the A&P grocery chain.  After the War the couple moved from DeWitt Acres to Canfield, OH.  Mr. Hoffarth died in Youngstown, OH, in November, 1983.  They had a son, Gerald Hoffarth, who lives in Mentor, OH, and it is believed that Mrs. Hoffarth lives in that area.

Hermann C. Hoffmann and Ann Power Hoffmann lived at 216 Pelham Rd. by 1955.  Mr. Hoffmann was born on 11-30-1909, in New Haven, CT, and was a 1930 graduate of Yale University.  He worked briefly as a merchant seaman before the couple wed in 1936.  Mr. Hoffmann joined the Carrier Corp. in 1937.  During the next 17 years he and his family lived in Chicago, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Detroit, Houston and Dallas, before moving to Syracuse in 1954.  He retired from Carrier in 1972, as the vice president and director of marketing.  Mrs. Hoffmann was born and raised in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.  She was very active in the Red Cross and other charities.  Mrs. Hoffman's mother, Florence B. Power, a native of Brooklyn, came to DeWitt about 1956, to live with the family.  She died on 10-28-1958.  The couple moved to Kemblesville, PA in 1975, and lived in PA when Mrs. Hoffmann died on 7-4-1991, and Mr. Hoffmann died on 2-4-1992.  They had:  Neil P. Hoffmann, who was born about 1942, is a partner in an architectural firm in Philadelphia, and lives in Bryn Mawr, PA, and Mark Hoffman, who was married to NY state Senator Nancy Larraine Hoffmann, and lived in Syracuse.

Charles J. Hofmann and his mother Matilda Hofmann lived at 204 Ethridge Rd.  She was the widow of Edward Hofmann.  Charles Hofmann was a WWII veteran and had worked as an engineer in Buffalo. Mrs. Hofmann and her son later lived on Ambergate Rd. in DeWitt.  She died 1-8-1970 at age 93. 

Kenneth J. Hogan and Alice Fitzpatrick Hogan moved from Burnet Park Dr. in Syracuse, to 25 Wexford Rd. in 1952.  He was born in Canada in 1907, and lived in Watertown before serving in WWII.  While living in DeWitt he  was the office manager for the McGraw Construction Co.  Mr. Hogan died 9-30-1988, and Mrs. Hogan is believed to have died in April of 1995.  They had a son, John Hogan, who was born in February, 1953.

Carl W. Hollister and Mabel Phillips Hollister lived at 123 Orvilton Dr., having moved there in about 1937.  Mr. Hollister was a compositor and printer with the Syracuse Herald-Journal newspaper.  He was born 9-10-1903, and died 8-4-1960.  Mrs. Hollister was born on 8-11-1911, in Utica.  She worked for DeWitt Cleaners, and died on 2-7-2001, while residing at 100 Flume Rd. in Manlius.  It is likely that the Hollister home was the first house built in Orvilton Park.

Melvin C. Holm and Beatrice Fritcher Holm lived at 205 Landsdowne Rd. by 1953, and later lived at 150 Edwards Dr. and Marvelle Rd. in Lyndon.  About 1953, the original family name of Aspholm was legally changed to Holm.  Mr. Holm began with the Carrier Corp. as a bookkeeper in New Jersey and rose through the ranks to become chairman of the board.  Under his leadership, key decisions were made to build the MONY towers in downtown Syracuse and to help fund what is now known as the Carrier Dome.  Mr. Holm served as the head of the board of trustees at Syracuse University and was active in numerous civic affairs.  Mrs. Holm, too, was active in church and civic causes.  She was instrumental in establishing the Suburban Thrift Shop at DeWitt Community Church which endured until 2007.  Mrs. Holm's mother, Nellie Fritcher, a native of Stockbridge, NY, lived many years in Minoa, but by 1960 she was living with the Holm family in Lyndon.  She died 10-24-1975, at age 92.  Mr. Holm died on 7-10-1991, and Mrs. Holm died less than a month later on 8-7-1991.  Their children:  Melvin C. Holm, Jr., who was a retired attorney, living in South Fort Myers, FL, at his death on 12-31-2002, and Joyce Holm Calver, who operates a private investigation firm in Fayetteville.

John R. Holmes and Jean Holmes lived at 4706 Genesee St. by 1953, on property that was very near the site of the land owned by John Young when he built the first home in the Town of DeWitt (circa 1790).  Dr. Holmes was born in Syracuse on 9-5-1919, and graduated from Wesleyan University, and the University of Rochester School of Medicine.  He was a physician in family practice in DeWitt and East Syracuse for 50 years.  Dr. and Mrs. Holmes divorced, and she later married Richard S. Arnold.  They resided at 229 Wellington Rd., and Jean Arnold died in DeWitt on 4-6-1998.  At his death on 2-3-2005, Dr. Holmes was married to Elisabeth Holmes and residing in Cazenovia.  John and Jean Holmes had:  Gail Holmes, who was born in Rochester on 9-8-1945, wed Alan J. Zelina, and lived in Westlake, OH, at her death on 7-29-2005, Rev. Lynn Holmes, who died while attending graduate school, John "Robby" Holmes, Jr., who wed Sandra Holmes, and lives in DeWitt, and Jill Holmes, who married William Long, and lives in Peachtree City, GA.

Edward Conrad Hommel and Ethel S. Hommel lived at 308 Hampshire Dr. by 1951, having lived earlier in Syracuse.  Mr. Hommel was born in Syracuse on 11-9-1895.  He was an optician with the family firm of Edward Hommel and Sons.  Mrs. Hommel was a 1918 graduate of Syracuse University, and they wed about 1920.  She died while visiting her daughter in Fairview, OK, on 3-12-1979, and Mr. Hommel died in July, 1980.  Their children:  Roger E. Hommel, who was born about 1922, and lived in Manlius, and Betsy Ann Hommel Powers, who was born about 1926, graduated from the University of North Carolina in 1949, married Maurice Cary Powers in 1950, and resided in Fairview.

Richard Loos Hommel and Norma Armstrong Hommel moved to 8 Pickwick Rd. in 1952.  He was an optician with the family firm of Edward Hommel and Sons, and later opened his own optical business in Fayetteville.  Mrs. Hommel graduated from Syracuse University in 1952.  The couple subsequently divorced and Mr. Hommel lived near Destin, FL, until his death from cancer on 12-21-2004.  Mrs. Hommel lives now in Irmo, SC, and was a retail store manager.  Children of the couple:  Sherry Jean Hommel Besig, of Garden Grove, CA, Wendy Hommel Selbach, of Manlius, Kristin Elizabeth Hommel King, of Fayetteville, Jeffrey Hommel, of Park City, UT, and Scott Hommel, of Manlius.

Roland C. Hood and Alberta Hood lived at 205 Sherwood Dr, by 1953, having lived previously at 195 Hathaway Rd. in Syracuse.  Mr. Hood was born 10-12-1908, and was a native of Ohio.  He graduated from the University of Cincinnati, and was the manager of factory engineering for the Carrier Corp., and later was a senior executive with Carrier's international division.  Mr. Hood was also very active in the formation of the Pebble Hill Presbyterian Church and was on its first board of trustees.  The couple later moved to 109 Croyden Lane in Syracuse, and resided there when Mr. Hood died on 1-17-1968.  It is thought that Mrs. Hood died 12-15-1992, while residing in Venice, FL.  They had:  Jean Hood, who was born about 1941, wed David M. Lynch, and operates a bed and breakfast inn in Stow, MA, and Barbara Jane Hood, who was born about 1938, attended the University of New Hampshire, wed David L. Dusing, and lived in Rochester.

William E. Hood and LaVerne Buckbee Hood lived at 129 Butternut Dr. by 1953, and later lived in Cazenovia.  Mr. and Mrs. Hood were natives of Wisconsin who wed on 6-21-1941.  Mr. Hood graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1939 and joined Carrier Corp. in 1941 as an engineer.  He eventually became the president of Bryant Air Conditioning Co., a subsidiary of Carrier.  Mrs. Hood was born in Clintonville, WI, on 10-6-1918.  She was an avid golfer and a member of the DAR.  After living in CNY, the couple lived in various cities including Tyler, TX,  Indianapolis, and Ft. Lauderdale.  Mr. Hood died on 3-5-2002, at age 85.  Mrs. Hood died 5-19-2006, in State College, PA.  The couple had three children, Nancy Gay Hood Hastings, who lives in Woolford, MD, William Coy Hood, who lives in Dallas, and Thomas K. "Kim" Hood, of State College.

Wallace D. Hooker and Mildred E. Hooker lived at 203 Ambergate Rd. by 1942.  He was from Lancaster OH, and was a brakeman for the New York Central Railroad, where he worked 43 years.  The couple also operated Hooker Manor Motel in Camillus.  Mrs. Hooker was born in Fulton, NY, about 1902.  Mr. Hooker died on 6-14-1970 at age 83.  Later, Mrs. Hooker married a Mr. Berger.  She moved to Leesburg, FL in 1980, and died there on 1-30-1988.  Mrs. Hooker had a daughter, Karleen Chambers, of Ohio, by a previous marriage, and Mr. Hooker had a son, Thomas W. Hooker, of Millville, DE, by a previous marriage, 

Irving R. Hooper and Kathryn Hooper lived at 11 Wexford Rd.  He was the director of biochemical research at Bristol Labs.  They later lived in Fayetteville, and now reside in Beaufort, NC.  Their children:  Anthony I. Hooper, who is a government official in VA, Mark Hooper, who operates a fishing business in NC, and Ann Hooper, who is an attorney living near Dallas.

Francis J. Horan and Shirley Horan lived at 4313 Genesee St. by 1955, and later at 5239 Jamesville Rd.   Mr. Horan was a real estate broker.  Their children:  Jody Horan, James Horan, Judy Horan, Francis Horan, Jr., Jacqueline Horan, who was born about 1962, and Jan L. Horan, who wed Marcia Beth Wandner on 6-13-1982, and worked for the Amerada-Hess Corp.

Albert W. Hosman and Emma VanOrnum Hosman lived on Lyndon Rd. by 1943, having lived earlier in DeWitt.  He was born about 1897, and worked as a shovel operator for the Town of DeWitt Highway Department.  Mr. Hosman's widowed father, John Hosman, who was born in Switzerland about 1864, lived with the family by 1948.  He had operated a farm in Collamer and came to Lyndon about 1941.  He died on 3-2-1951.  Emma Hosman was born 5-10-1896, and the couple wed about 1919.  Albert Hosman died on 3-18-1956. 

Zachariah I. Hotaling and Beulah Hotaling lived at 210 Cornwall Dr. by 1951.  Mr. Hotaling was born on 4-26-1909, in Jamesville, and was a machinist and methods engineer for the U. S. Hoffman Machinery Co., and the Rollway Bearing Corp.  Mr. Hotaling died 8-8-1979, while residing at 217 Duane St. in Syracuse.  Mrs. Hotaling was a registered nurse, and worked for various local hospitals.  She moved to Ft. Lauderdale in 1982, and died in FL on 12-1-1990.  Their children:  John F. Hotaling, who lives in Syracuse, NY, and works for the New Process Gear Corp., and Mary Hotaling Johnson, who wed Wayne M. Johnson, and lived in Hollywood, FL.

Leon C. Hottenstein and Jean Hottenstein lived at 115 Cornwall Dr. by 1953.  See the entry below for Leon and Jean Hutton.

Alma Howard lived at 7 Wexford Rd.  Mrs. Howard and her young son, Larry, moved to DeWitt Acres from Oneida, NY, in 1957.  She was born on 10-25-1914, and was a chemist for Bristol Labs and an active genealogist.  Mrs. Howard died at age 90 on 3-28-2005.  Her son, Larry Howard, is an executive with the Carrier Corporation and lives in East Syracuse, NY.

Irving Visscher Howd and Edna Louisa Hall Howd lived at 311 Landsdowne Rd., by 1942, having lived earlier on Salt Springs Rd. in Syracuse.  Mr. Howd was born on 6-28-1883, in West Troy, NY, and was a purchasing agent for Syracuse Supply Co., and, later, was a supervisor for the Solvay Process Co.  Mr. Howd died on 1-19-1959.  Mrs. Howd was born in Seneca Falls, NY, in February, 1883.  Their children:  Marjorie Howd, who was born 7-18-1922, graduated from Syracuse University in 1944, wed George G. Tillapaugh, and died on 4-11-2003, while residing in Cooperstown, NY.

Harlan L. Howe and Shirley Howe lived at 109 Butternut Dr.  He was an engineer at the Carrier Corp.  The couple later lived in Jamesville, and live now in Cazenovia.  Mr. and Mrs. Howe have often made travelogue and other presentations to groups throughout CNY.  They have three children, Paul Howe, who met and wed Barbara Wells of Iowa when they were both attending Macalester College in St. Paul, MN,  Kenneth Howe, who became a USAF officer, and Susan Howe Brydon.

Lawton Howell and Eileen Barr Howell lived at 26 Pickwick Rd., moving to DeWitt from East Liverpool, OH, in 1953.  By 1955, the family was living at 4 Pebble Hill Rd., North.  Mr. Howell was born 8-3-1915, in Janesville, LA, and graduated from Ohio State University in 1941.  He was a B-25 pilot in the South Pacific, during WWII.  While in CNY, Mr. Howell was the works comptroller for the Crucible Steel Co.  After retiring, the couple lived in Carrollton, GA, and in Charlotte, NC, where Mr. Howell died on 9-23-1998.  They had two children, Dr. Gary L. Howell, who married Helen Howell, and lived in Erie, PA, and Linda Susan Howell, who wed Jeffrey Scott Watson, and lived in Matthews, NC. 

Harold B. Hoyt and Florence Stickle Hoyt lived at 206 Warwick Rd., having moved to DeWitt about 1931. He was a railway mail clerk, and died in a Weedsport, NY, nursing home on 3-3-1966.  Mrs. Hoyt, who was born in Weedsport, was a graduate of Oswego Normal School--as the state teachers college was then called.  She died on 7-7-1980, at the age of 89.

Gerald F. Hubbell and Lena Germain Hubbell, lived at 10 Drovers Lane.  They lived on Lillian Ave. before moving to DeWitt Acres in the mid 1950's.  When they became engaged, Mr. Hubbell, was serving in the USN and Mrs. Hubbell worked at Wilson's Jewelers in Syracuse.  After leaving DeWitt they lived in Oriskany and Liverpool, NY, Ashboro, NC, Alabama, and, at present, in Raleigh, NC.  The couple have two sons:  Gerald Hubbell, Jr., who was born in August, 1954, wed Andrea Mansfield, of Durham, NC, and lives now in Raleigh, where he owns a painting company, and Richard P. Hubbell, born in October, 1956, who lives in Cary, NC, and works for a pharmaceutical company.

James E. Hughes and Marian Hughes lived at 218 Jamesville Rd. by 1953, and moved to Cincinnati in 1955.  Mr. Hughes worked as an engineer at the Carrier Corp.  Their children:  James Hughes, III, Susan Hughes, and Marcia Hughes.

John G. Hummel and Ruth Doolittle Hummel lived at 210 Dewittshire Rd. by 1941.  Mr. Hummel was born 1-7-1902 and was a native of Syracuse's north side.  He earned a degree in electrical engineering at Syracuse University in 1924.  Mr. Hummel then worked a year in New York City before returning to Syracuse.  He worked at Crouse Hinds, where he helped plan and engineer traffic signal systems for many cities across the nation.  Mr. Hummel retired from the company after 34 years as vice president of manufacturing.  Mrs. Hummel was a life resident of the Syracuse area and received a BS from Syracuse University's School of Human Development in 1926.  She taught home economics in the Syracuse schools for many years.  Mrs. Hummel died on 8-22-1964, following a car wreck on I-81 near Lafayette, NY.  Mr. Hummel died at home in DeWitt on 10-1-1997, at the age of 95.

Ray Chase Hummell and May J. Hummell lived at 105 Wellington Rd. by 1942, having lived earlier at 140 Park Ave., in Syracuse.  Mr. Hummell was born in Oneonta, NY, on 7-6-1893.  He worked as a collection manager and later was an insurance agent.  Mrs. Hummell was born 8-30-1989, and the couple wed about 1911.  It is thought that the Hummells moved to Skaneateles by 1947, and later to the St. Petersburg, FL area, where Mr. Hummell died in April, 1972, and Mrs. Hummell died on 5-25-1972.

John G. Humpleby and Ruth McKinley Humpleby lived at 307 Dewittshire Rd., South, but by 1942 had moved to 310 Haddonfield Dr.  Later they moved to Seven Pines in Cazenovia.  Mr. Humpleby was a native of Plymouth, PA, and was a graduate of Syracuse University and its law school.  Mrs. Humpleby was a life resident of CNY and was also a graduate of Syracuse University.  Mr. Humpleby was an attorney and was involved in the real estate and insurance business.  He also served as the Town of DeWitt justice of the peace and as town supervisor.  Mr. Humpleby died on 6-4-1978.  Mrs. Humpleby was living in Fayetteville at her death on 11-25-1983. They had two sons, Richard M. Humpleby, who was born about 1932, and lives in Jamesville, and Charles G. Humpleby, of Fayetteville.

Edwin G. Hundley and Edna S. Hundley lived at 214 Wellington Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Hundley was a native of West Virginia.  He was the supervisor of the claims and legal department for the United States Fidelity and Guaranty Co. from 1939 to 1943, when he joined the army.  After service in WW II, he returned to the company and served them in Huntington, WV and in Baltimore, where he was a vice-president.  Mr. Hundley died on 11-7-1966.  They had a daughter who lived in Baltimore.

Albert E. Huntley and Marie Moran Huntley lived at 4307 Genesee St.  Mr. Huntley was in the real estate business.  In 1929, he and Albertus H. Snow sold 60 acres of land to the R. E. Porter real estate firm.  This property was north of Genesee St. and west of Erie Blvd. and was soon developed as the Orvilton Park subdivision.  Mr. Huntley was a milk plant manager in Cold Springs-on-the-Hudson, NY, before moving to DeWitt.  He then operated a farm on what is now the site of Orvilton Park.  Mr. Huntley died on 9-23-1956.  Miss Anne M. Moran, the Huntley's niece, lived with her aunt until her (Miss Moran's) death on 6-5-1958.  Miss Moran earned a master's degree in bacteriology from Syracuse University, and was the head of the quality control department of Bristol Laboratories.  Mrs. Huntley was born on 3-10-1874, and died on 6-15-1966, at the age of 92.  

Peter W. Huston and Catherine Smolak Huston lived at 4313 Genesee St. by 1952.  Mr. Huston worked for the Crucible Steel Co.  Their children:  Valerie Huston, who was born in 1952, and Christine Huston, who was born in 1951.

Clarence Edward "Hutch" Hutchison and Vivian Clifton Hutchison moved from the Lyndon Trailer Park, to 33 Wexford Rd. in 1953, and in 1955 they purchased the home at 15 Pickwick Rd. from Harry and Marian Medsger.  Mr. Hutchison was born on 1-9-1914, in Durant, MS, and Mrs. Hutchison was born on 5-8-1912, in Ethel, MS.  Mr. Hutchison attended Holmes Junior College, and later served in the Civilian Conservation Corps.  After his discharge in 1933, he continued doing construction work, starting as a water bearer.  He was the repair shop foreman for the D. W. Winkelman Co., and the A. S. Wikstrom Co., while living in CNY.  Mrs. Hutchison worked part-time for the Candlelight Shop--a gift shop in DeWitt.  Mr. Hutchison's widowed mother, Mamie Johnson Hutchison, who was born in Bowling Green, MS, on 9-5-1881, lived with the family.  She was known to most as "Nana," and babysat for many of the children in DeWitt Acres.  In 1961, the family moved to Jackson, MS, where Mr. Hutchison continued working in the construction industry.  At his retirement, Mr. Hutchison was equipment superintendent for Key Constructors, Inc.  Mamie Hutchison died on 4-8-1967, Vivian Hutchison died on 2-16-1997, and Mr. Hutchison died on 4-8-2006, at age 92.  The couple had two sons:  Edward R. Hutchison, who was born in March, 1941, married Jean Marie King of Syracuse on 8-19-1961, earned a master's degree from Syracuse University, was elected to the Onondaga County Legislature, worked as a professor and psychotherapist, and lives now in Madison, MS, and  John M. Hutchisonwho was born in March, 1942, was an Army veteran of Viet Nam, graduated from Florida State University, earned an MBA degree from Mississippi College, married Susan Elizabeth Beach, on 7-1-1972, and is a banking executive in Tallahassee, FL.  Photo

Leon Clare Hutton and Fern Jean Cowan Hutton lived at 115 Cornwall Dr. by 1952.  Mr. Hutton was born Leon Clare Hottenstein in Monroetown, PA, on 7-20-1914.  The family name was legally changed to Hutton on 11-18-1955.  Mr. Hutton went to work for the Carrier Corp. in 1946 and progressed through the ranks to hold increasingly important positions.  He was the executive vice-president of Carrier's international division by 1962.  On 5-11-1965, Mr. Hutton was in the Anchorage, AK, airport, returning from a business trip to Japan, when he suffered a heart attack.  He died six days later.  Mrs. Hutton was born 6-26-1915, in Towanda, PA.  She retired in 1992, after 25 years, as secretary and treasurer of the Jamesville-DeWitt School District.  Mrs. Hutton died at home in DeWitt, at age 91, on 1-23-2007.  Their children:  Lynn Cowan Hutton, who was born in November, 1941, in St. Louis, wed Judith Hutton, and lives in Sarasota, FL, David Eugene Hutton, who was born June, 1947, in Buffalo, wed Ursala Buryn, is VP/Controller of a manufacturing company, and lives in Cazenovia, Ronald Jon Hutton, who was born in Sayre, PA, in June, 1944, wed Nancy Fueston Hutton, and died in 2001, and  Diana Jane Hutton Hayes, who was born in August, 1949, and lives in Hendersonville, NC.

Howard I. Hyde and Jane K. Hyde lived at 12 Wexford Rd.  Mr. Hyde was an electrical engineer for GE for 30 years, prior to retiring in 1984.  In the late 1950's the family moved to Genesee Hills and later to Fayetteville.  Mrs. Hyde was an administrator at Syracuse University, and in 1987 was honored for distinguished service to the school.  The couple divorced, and Mr. Hyde died 1-12-2008.  Mrs. Hyde still resides in Fayetteville.  They had two children, Linda Hyde, who was born about 1953, married Mark Peterson, and lives in Geneva, NY, and Shelly Hyde, who lives in Oneida, and recently retired as treasurer of the Oneida Silver Co.

George Wallace Ingalls and Ellen Bentley Ingalls lived at 104 Alwyn Rd., having moved there in the fall of 1952 from 407 Elm St. in Fayetteville.  Mr. Ingalls was born about 1873, in Rockwood, NY, and was a veteran of the Spanish-American War.  He worked as an insurance agent for the Fidelity-Phenix Fire Insurance Co. from 1913 until about 1951.  Mrs. Ingalls was born about 1881, and was a native of Baldwinsville, NY.  The couple probably married on 8-3-1903, and came to Fayetteville about 1919.  Mrs. Ingalls' father, Floyd F. Bentley, lived with the Ingalls family.  Mr. Bentley was a former resident of Baldwinsville, and for 58 years was the organist for the Presbyterian church there.  He established a record of playing 50 consecutive years without missing a Sunday service.  He was a member of the Baldwinsville Masonic lodge for 70 years.  Mr. Bentley remained active until his death on 1-1-1944, at age 92.  Mr. Ingalls was involved in several historical and genealogical groups, and died on 10-31-1958. Mrs. Ingalls was a graduate of the Syracuse University College of Fine Arts and the Eastman School of Music.  She died on 2-24-1961.  Their children:  Martha Ingalls, who was born about 1910, wed Charles Scott Estabrook, and lived in Fayetteville, and Helen Ingalls, who was born on 4-14-1906, wed Richard M. Hooker about 1925, and later, R. Lee Minnick and Radmilo S. Troyanovich, lived in Bethesda, MD, and died on 3-6-1988.

Frank L. Irish and Dorothy Fries Irish lived at 215 Haddonfield Dr. by 1943, and later lived at 302 Windsor Dr.   Mr. Irish was born on 4-14-1901, and served in France during WWI.  He was a mechanical  engineer for the Lamson Corp., and died on 12-8-1976.  Mrs. Irish moved to Rochester and died there on 1-19-1980.  Their children:  Jeanne Irish, who wed Robert T. Lewis, and lived in Penfield, NY, and Jerry A. Irish, who lived in CA.

Robert N. Irwin and Carolyn L. Irwin lived at 49 Wexford Rd. by 1957.  Mr. Irwin was born in June, 1930, and Mrs. Irwin was born in May, 1932.  The Irwins reside now in St. Augustine, FL.  They had a son, Wylie Irwin, and a daughter.

James T. Isbister and Edith H. Isbister lived at 306 Jamesville Rd. by 1939, and moved to Bridgeport, CT, by 1950.  Mr. Isbister was with the Travelers Insurance Co.  They had:  James Isbister, and Lou Ann Isbister, who enrolled in the WAVES in 1950.

Robert Craner Ivory and Mary Harbach Ivory lived on Jamesville Rd. by 1953, and in 1978 moved to 5100 Highbridge St. in Fayetteville.  Mr. Ivory was born in Philadelphia on 1-17-1910, and graduated from Syracuse University in 1932.  The couple wed in June, 1940.  Mr. Ivory was an Army officer during WWII, and worked as a bookkeeper and buyer for the Syracuse Lithographing Co. and later operated his own firm.  He died on 11-22-1980.  Mrs. Ivory was born in Syracuse on 9-6-1917, and worked as a secretary at the Nettleton Shoe Co. and Syracuse University.  She died on 4-17-2007, in Lee, MA.  Mrs. Ivory was the daughter of Paul and Marie Harbach, who lived in Dewittshire, (see the Harbach entry).  Their children:  Paul W. Ivory, who is a museum curator, and lives in Great Barrington, MA, and Robert Ivory, Jr., who was born about 1944, and lives in Grapevine, TX.

Charles Wesley Jackson and Alberta Jackson lived at 109 Dunham Rd. by 1940.  Mr. Jackson was a manufacturer's representative with offices in the State Tower Bldg.  Mrs. Jackson was born on 3-6-1908, in Philadelphia.  She died on 9-8-1980, in Somers Point, NJ.  Their children:  Dr. C. Wesley Jackson, Jr., who was born about 1932, graduated from Wesleyan University and the University of Michigan, and lives in Cleveland Heights, OH, William Albert Jackson, who wed Lucinda Strasenburgh on 12-22-1956, lived at 203 Hobson Ave. in Lyndon, was a salesman for the Syracuse Industrial Sales Co., and later lived in Latham, NY,  Barbara Ann Jackson Waters, of Fayetteville, and Richard Davis Jackson, who lived in North Syracuse.

Edgar Crouse Jacoby and Ethel S. Jacoby lived at 121 Fiordon Rd. by 1953.  Mr. Jacoby was born on 11-28-1885, and was with the Rochester Envelope Co.  He died in January, 1963.  Their children:  Donald A. Jacoby, who attended the University of Pennsylvania, Robert Jacoby, and William C. Jacoby, who lived in Arnold, MD.

Hans Rudolph Jaeggli and Georgianna Jaeggli lived at 120 Dewittshire Rd. by 1942, and had moved to 9 Ely Dr. in Lyndon before 1951.  Mr. Jaeggli was born on 10-7-1891, and graduated from the Stevens Institute of Technology.  He was the national service manager for the Carrier Corp. for 12 years before leaving in 1946 to open his own firm to install and service appliances.  The couple lived in Fayetteville when Mr. Jaeggli died in June, 1969.  Mrs. Jaeggli was born 8-30-1891, and died in Asheville, NC, in November, 1976.  The couple had two children:  Marilyn Jaeggli, who studied at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, and Ralph Gilchrist Jaeggli, who was born in Verona, NJ, on 6-2-1925, captained a PT boat in WWII, graduated from Syracuse University in 1949, was a sales engineer, wed Joan Virginia Harris of Lyndon on 6-9-1951, and, following her death in 1982, wed Anne Enman, and lived in Wilmington, NC, where he died on 10-29-2006.

Bruce K. James, and his brother, Lance S. James, lived at 26 Wexford Rd. in 1957.  Lance James later lived in Fayetteville and Vestal, NY, and lives now in Chapel Hill, NC.  Bruce James was a construction worker before his death in Old Forge, NY, on 4-27-2007.

David James and Doris A. James lived at 33 Pickwick Rd.  About 1962 they moved to Chagrin Falls, OH, and, quite by chance, lived two houses from Chuck and Pat Worden, their former neighbors in DeWitt Acres.  It is believed that they reside now in Struthers, OH.  They had two sons, one of whom was named David.

C. Donald Jamison, Sr., and Helen Gleason Jamison lived at 224 Wellington Rd. by 1957, moving there from 4710 E. Genesee St.  Mrs. Jamison was a native of PA, but lived in the Syracuse area most of her life.  Mr. Jamison was the district sales manager for the Ohio Lime Co.  They moved to Wilmington, NC, in 1971, where Mrs. Jamison died on 9-12-1971.  They had a son, C. Donald Jamison, Jr., who lived in Pittsburgh.

Frank Ernest Jaquinto and Florence Tompkins Gerling Jaquinto lived at 4246 Genesee St. by 1943.  Mr. Jaquinto was born in Italy on 10-22-1899, and worked for the General Electric Co.  Mrs. Jaquinto was born 9-14-1896, in New Baltimore, NY.  Mr. Jaquinto had been married and divorced, and Mrs. Jaquinto had been widowed, before they married in CT, in 1933.  Mrs. Jaquinto died on 4-15-1974, while living in Alplaus, NY, and Mr. Jaquinto died there in May, 1986.  They had:  Jean Frances Jaquinto, who was born on 4-5-1934, married Clarence Arthur Swett in 1960, and later, Eugene Doherty, and died on 4-15-1993, in Schenectady, NY.

Theodore Stafford Jarvis, II, and Carolyn Louise Sherman Jarvis lived at 4615 Genesee St., following their marriage on 8-14-1954, and by 1973 were residing in Marshfield, MA.  While in DeWitt, Mr. Jarvis was a mechanic at Rhoades' Atlantic gas station, and Mrs. Jarvis worked for Dey Brothers department store.  Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis graduated from Central High School in Syracuse two months before their wedding.  Also, in the same month, June, 1954, the future Mrs. Jarvis was selected Rose Queen at the annual Rose Festival. 

Wilbur H. Jecko and Martha C. Herrick Jecko lived at 22 Pickwick Rd.  The couple was wed on 4-22-1939 in Washington, DC, where both worked for the Woodward and Lathrop department store.  Mr. Jecko, a native of Washington, attended George Washington University and was a US government official in the Panama Canal Zone during WWII.  At the time of her marriage, Mrs. Jecko’s family lived on Maple Drive in Lyndon.  The new couple soon moved from Washington to Lynbrook, NY, and later to 1219 Midland Ave. in Syracuse.  In 1950, Mr. Jecko was appointed sales representative for the Wright Manufacturing Co., covering Northern NY and PA.  At some point in the mid 1950's the Jeckos moved to DeWitt Acres, joining Mrs. Jecko’s sister Virginia Cullen and her family who already lived at 19 Wexford Rd.  Mrs. Jecko died on 7-20-1956 following surgery.  Mr. Jecko married Elizabeth Morrell Macey of Bath, NY, in 1958, and they lived in Syracuse.  Mr. Jecko died 4-18-1983, and the second Mrs. Jecko died six months later.  Wilbur and Martha Jecko had one son, Bishop Stephen H. Jecko, who wed Joan Stever of Clay, NY on 8-8-1964, in Washington, D.C.  Although trained as a civil engineer, Rev. Jecko later attended seminary and retired as the Episcopal bishop of the Jacksonville, FL, diocese.  Rev. and Mrs. Jecko resided in Plano, TX, at his death on 6-7-2007.

Everett H. "Curly" Jenner and Barbara T. McLaughlin Jenner lived at 203 Butternut Dr.  He graduated from Syracuse University and works as an architect.  Mrs. Jenner earned a master’s in library science from Syracuse University.  The couple moved to Manlius in the early 1960's.  Mr. and Mrs. Jenner later divorced and he now lives in Boca Raton, FL, while she lives in Staunton, VA.  They have three sons, and a daughter, Laura Jenner.

Ralph A. Jernigan and Virginia Grubb Jernigan lived at 110 Warwick Rd., and moved in August, 1954, to Needham, MA.  Mr. Jernigan was born 11-2-1912, and was a district supervisor for the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co.  Mrs. Jernigan was born in Sycamore, OH, on 8-10-1909, and graduated from the University of Miami (FL).  The couple wed about 1937.  Mr. Jernigan died on 5-24-2001, in Fishers, IN, and Mrs. Jernigan died there on 5-17-2006, at age 96.  Their children:  Judy Jernigan Klink and Joan Jernigan Houston. 

Beatrice "Betty" Leiser Johnson lived at 109 Grenfell Rd. by 1955.  She was a native of Brooklyn, and was born about 1892.  Mrs. Johnson was the widow of Frank W. Johnson, and lived in CNY for many years.  She died on 4-14-1977.

Carl J. Johnson and Stephanie Lindi Johnson lived at 114 Grenfell Rd.  They moved to the Syracuse area from NYC about 1949.  In May, 1956, they moved from 100 Claire Rd. in Syracuse to the home on Grenfell, and about 1960 they moved to 12 Pickwick Rd.  Mr. Johnson was a native of Brooklyn and was comptroller of the Iroquois Publishing Co.  Mrs. Johnson was born in Chicago and became a classical pianist at an early age.  She played with the Chicago Symphony as a teenager, performed classical and popular music in nightclubs in NYC, and taught piano in her home.  Mrs. Johnson's mother, Mrs. Hildegard Lendi lived with the Johnsons until her death on 1-24-1960.  Mrs. Lendi was a native of Sweden, and a concert singer.  Mr. Johnson died at age 70 on 12-10-1961, and Mrs. Johnson died 11-21-1979.  Mr. Johnson was married previously to Marie Beyer Johnson, by whom he had:  Eleanor Johnson Painter, who was born in Brooklyn in 1918, graduated from Swarthmore College in 1922, wed Walter S. Painter, and lived in Kennett Square, PA, at her death on 4-22-2007.

Donald W. Johnson and Patty Morford Johnson lived at 3 Paddock Dr. by 1953.  Mr. Johnson was born on 3-26-1914, and was the sales manager, and later the president of the Syracuse Lumber Co.  He retired in 1983 after more than 40 years with the company.  Mrs. Johnson was born in Waynesburg, PA, on 3-18-1914, and came to the Syracuse area about 1930.  The couple moved to Seneca Ave. in Cicero before their deaths.  Mrs. Johnson died on 9-12-1995, and Mr. Johnson died on 10-28-2001.  Their children:  Suzanne Johnson Agan, who lived in Plantation, FL, Sandra P. Johnson, of Rochester, and John P. Johnson, who lived in Cicero.

James M. Johnson and Dorothy Johnson lived at 9 Wexford Rd.  He was a salesman.  She died at home on 4-22-1960, at age 42.  They had two children, James Johnson, born about 1947, and Joann Johnson, born about 1952.

James W. Johnson and Helen Wheatley Johnson lived at 208 Sherwood Dr. by 1942, at 1 Pebble Hill Rd., South, by 1947, and later in Fayetteville and Liverpool.  The couple wed on 6-29-1929, in the Hotel Syracuse.  Mr. Johnson worked as a supervisor for the Socony-Vacuum Oil Co.  He died in 1979, and Mrs. Johnson was residing in Liverpool at her death on 6-10-1995.  Their children:  Eric Winfield Johnson, who lived in Syracuse, and Katharine "Katie" Johnson, who was born in July, 1940, married Garrett M. Savage in 1960 and Robert Keim, was a nurse at St. Joseph's Hospital, and resides now in Fayetteville.

Robert P. Johnson and Marian Rauch Johnson lived at 109 Ambergate Rd., having purchased the home in May, 1941.  Born in Ben Avon, PA, Mr. Johnson graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in management in 1933, and later earned a master's in banking from Rutgers.  Mr. Johnson served in the army during WWII.  Mrs. Johnson was born in Jersey Shore, PA, and moved with her family from Oswego, NY, to 106 Dewittshire Rd. about 1931.  Mr. Johnson started his career in banking as a runner in the late 1920’s while he was in college.  He retired 42 years later as vice-president of the Lincoln Bank.  When Mr. Johnson was a 17 year old college freshman, he was taken home by fraternity brother Perry Rauch (of 106 Dewittshire).  There he met Perry's sister, the then 15 year old Marian Rauch.  They never dated anyone else and were wed in 1939.   At that time they purchased their home in Dewittshire and lived there until Mrs. Johnson's death on 7-4-1994.  Mr. Johnson then moved to Plano, TX, and spent his summers in Portage, MI.  He died on 1-23-2000, in Plano.  The couple had: (Linda) Lyne Cicon of Plano, Harry R. Johnson, who lives in Alpena, MI, and is retired from municipal service, and Richard P. Johnson, of Portage, MI.

Stuart L. Johnson and Etta Dickson Johnson lived at 222 Wellington Rd. by 1942.  Mrs. Johnson was a native of Sayre, PA, and came to central NY about 1932.  Mr. Johnson was a native of Canandaigua, NY.  He worked 37 years for the NY Telephone Co. before retiring in 1948.  Mr. Johnson died Christmas Day, 1964, which was his 81st birthday.  Mrs. Johnson died 11-15-1970, at age 83.

William O. Johnson and Alice G. Johnson lived at 107 Addison Dr. by 1955.  Mr. Johnson was a native of Seaford, DL, and wed in 1928.  The family moved to Syracuse in 1955.  Mr. Johnson was employed by the General Electric Co. for 34 years.  He retired in 1969 as the manager of employee relations for the Heavy Military Electronics department.  Mr. Johnson died on 10-23-1992.  They had:  Marilyn Johnson Perrot, who lived in DeWitt, and William Johnson, Jr., who lived in Raleigh, NC.

Robert Bradt Johnston and Katharine Johnston lived at 201 Ambergate Rd.  A native of Gloversville, Mr. Johnston  was a 1928 graduate of Union College, Schenectady.  He was an engineer for 37 years with Carrier Corp.  Mr. Johnston moved to Tumwater, WA, where he married Frances M. Anderson.  He died in WA at age 82, on 1-12-1989.  Robert and Katherine Johnston had:  Richard B. Johnston of Belmar, NJ, and David K. Johnston of Philadelphia, PA.  Mr. Johnston had two stepsons:  Bob Anderson and Ted Anderson, both of Washington state.

Robert W. Johnston and Carolyn Edwards Johnston lived at 201 Wellington Rd. by 1943.  Mr. Johnston was a native of Syracuse and attended Clarkson College.  He was the chief photographer for the Post-Standard newspaper.  Mrs. Johnston earned a degree from Syracuse University in 1926.  Mr. Johnston retired in 1972, after nearly 40 years with the paper, and the couple moved to Anderson, SC.  He died there on 11-6-1980.  Mrs. Johnston died in Starkville, MS, on 9-22-1983.  The couple had a daughter, Susan Johnston, who was born about 1940, attended Denison College, married Donald Joseph Mabry in 1962 and a Mr. Bell, is an administrator at Mississippi State University's College of Veterinary Medicine, and lives in Starkville.

Bradford W. Jones and Janet Redfield Jones lived at 2 Morton Rd. by 1942, and moved in 1953 to 528 Nottingham Rd. in Syracuse.  Mr. Jones graduated from Union College in 1930, and the couple wed on 7-25-1934.  Mr. Jones was the night manager for F. G. Shattuck & Co., and, after the War, for Schrafft's restaurant.  The restaurant was a landmark in downtown Syracuse, and when it closed on 1-5-1965, Mr. Jones had been there for almost 20 years.  He was then transferred to NYC.  Their children:  Caroline Jones, who was born about 1934, wed Thomas F. Haines on 1-19-1957, and lives in Morristown, NY, and Dunedin, FL, her twin, Kathryn Jones Fish, who lives in Fayetteville, and Janet "Penny" Jones, who was born about 1938, married William Allyn, and lives in Skaneateles, NY, and Naples, FL.

Helen Smith Jordan lived at 106 Dunham Rd. by 1942.  Mrs. Jordan was the widow of Willard S. Jordan, whom she wed in 1929.  Mr. Jordan, a native of Rochester, was born about 1901, and was a graduate of Cornell University.  In 1940 he took a job with the Hercules Powder Co. in Kenvil, NJ.  Mr. Jordan had been in their executive training program just six weeks when, on 9-12-1940, he and 50 other employees were killed in a violent explosion--possibly a result of German sabotage.  Mrs. Jordan was born in Attica, NY, graduated from Cornell in 1925, and received a master's degree in special education from Syracuse University.  She taught math, science, Latin, and orchestra for 40 years at Eastwood and Lincoln schools in Syracuse.  Mrs. Jordan was an accomplished musician and singer.  She played the piano, violin, and viola, and was president of the Syracuse Symphony.  Mrs. Jordan enjoyed hymns, especially, "Master the Tempest is Raging."  Mrs. Jordan was a 40-year member of DeWitt Community Church, sang in its choir, and served as superintendent of the Sunday school.  She retained her love of music until her death on 11-6-1991, at age 91.  Mrs. Jordan's mother, Mrs. Nellie Chaffee Smith, was an active researcher and historian, and lived in DeWitt with her daughter's family until her death on 5-2-1951.  Mrs. Jordan had:  Robert Edward Jordan, who was born about 1934, and lived in WA, and Diana Jordan Edwards, who was born in 1939, and lives in Coventry, CT.

Harold G. Joyner and Dorothy Rogers Joyner lived at 205 Cornwall Dr. by 1939, and had moved by 1943. Mr. Joyner worked as the general agent for the Liberty Mutual Insurance Co.  They had a daughter, Doris Joyner, who was born about 1934.

Edward V. Judge and Marian M. Judge lived at 116 Grenfell Rd. by 1942, having lived previously on Westmoreland Ave. in Syracuse.  Mr. Judge was born about 1905, and Mrs. Judge was born about 1906. They wed about 1927.  Mr. Judge was an insurance agent with offices in the Herald Bldg. in downtown Syracuse.  They had three children.

Walter F. Kaiser and Kathleen Bassler Kaiser lived at 203 Sherwood Dr. by about 1940, and at 123 Fiordon Rd. by 1953.  Mr. Kaiser was a native of Syracuse, and was born about 1905.  He began with the Hotel Syracuse in 1924, as an auditor, and at his death on 4-24-1965, he was the secretary-treasurer of the Hotel.  Mrs.Kaiser was born in Buffalo on 10-11-1902, and was a cosmetics buyer for the Addis Co. She died on 5-14-1974.

Samuel Kaletzky and Dorothy Lazarus Kaletzky lived at 19 Pickwick Rd.  She was a native of Rochester and he came to America from Poland in 1904.  Mr. Kaletzky worked as a traveling salesman but after he suffered a heart attack his sons started a family owned and operated business--DeWitt Lawns, an outdoor furniture store in Lyndon.  The “store” started as a truckload of furniture on display in an open field in 1951 before an actual building was opened in Lyndon.  The store was moved from Lyndon to Fayetteville in 1978, and remained open until 1998,  Mr. and Mrs. Kaletzky's two sons and a daughter all graduated from Syracuse University.  One son, Herbert Saul Kalette, lived with the couple.  He was active in the family business, and died on 7-26-1993.  Their other son, Henry “Hank” Kalette, of Syracuse, also worked in the family business.  Their daughter, Ruth T. Kaletzky, worked for the Edison Electric Institute in NYC before marrying James B. Gitlitz of Binghamton, NY.  Mr. Gitlitz was a graduate of the Cornell law school, and in addition to practicing law, was a poet and author.  The couple resided in Binghamton where Mrs. Gitlitz died in August, 1995.

Howard A. Kallusch and Emily Walsh Kallusch lived with his parents (see the entry below) at 4455 Genesee St. by 1943, while he attended college.  Later they lived at 12 Pickwick Rd.  Mr. Kallusch was an attorney, a real estate broker, and an insurance agent, in private practice in DeWitt, and Mrs. Kallusch operated a nursery school in their basement.  The Kallusches moved from DeWitt Acres to Cazenovia in June, 1959.  The couple later divorced and Mr. Kallusch married Dorothy Osha.  He died at age 69 on 4-20-1990, at his winter home in Lake Placid, FL.  Howard and Emily Kallusch had a son,  Howard Kallusch, Jr., who wed Jewel Lee Belcher of FL, while he was an officer in the USA, and later became a lawyer in Syracuse, and two daughters, Suzanne Kallusch Carstensen, and Janet Kallusch Burke, who both live on Cape Cod.

Howard J. Kallusch and Jeanette Cameron Kallusch lived at 4455 Genesee St. by 1943, and later at 6 Drovers Lane.  They moved to the Syracuse area from Rochester in the 1920's, and operated a fruit stand on Genesee St. in DeWitt, which grew to a grocery store in a small cinderblock building.  In 1951, their son, Howard A. Kallusch, was instrumental in the store becoming the nucleus of a new strip shopping center that he named, "The Stop ‘n Shop" center.  Mr. and Mrs. Kallusch lived in a small apartment above their store before moving to Drovers Lane in the summer of 1954.  Mr. Kallusch died, at age 71, in February, 1967.  Mrs. Kallusch died 10-21-1974, at age 75.

Gerard F. Keane and Harriet Sullivan Keane built the home at 316 Haddonfield Dr. in 1939, and lived there until 1951.  The family moved to Atlanta, but after a few years, returned to DeWitt in 1955, and lived at 104 Windsor Dr. until moving to Cazenovia in 1959.  Mr. Keane was born in Scranton, PA, on 11-10-1904, and attended Lafayette College.  He came to Syracuse in 1934 to work for the Cooney Co., the local Carrier dealer.  Mr. Keane worked for Carrier itself as an engineer from 1941-1969. He died on 11-27-1979.  Mrs. Keane was born in East Randolph, NY, on 10-1-1910.  She was the daughter of NY State Supreme Court Justice Philip Sullivan.  Mrs. Keane graduated from Ithaca College in 1931, and the couple wed on 9-24-34.  She resided at the Jewish Home in Syracuse at her death on 7-12-2011, at age 100.  The Keanes were among the founding families of Holy Cross Church, and were active in its service.  Mrs. Keane's grandmother, Cora Farland, the widow of Oscar Farland, was born on 2-20-1866.  She lived most of the year with the Keane family from about 1944 until shortly before her death in September, 1957.  Mr. and Mrs. Keane had:  Dorothy Keane, who was born in August, 1937, was previously married to Thomas W. White, (see the listing for Walter T. White), and lives now in Raleigh, NC, Rev. Dr. Philip Sullivan Keane, who was born in March, 1941, was ordained to the Catholic priesthood in 1967, earned a doctorate in theology from Catholic University in 1972, taught moral theology at St. Mary’s Seminary for 35 years, and resides in Baltimore, and Richard W. Keane, who was born in July, 1944, graduated from St. Michael’s College, works for the State of Vermont in the administration of that state’s alcohol rehabilitation program, and lives in Cuttingsville, VT.

Rae W. Keeler and B. Louise Keeler lived at 105 Dunham Rd. by 1937.  Mr. Keeler was born 2-19-1895, and was a lifelong resident of CNY.  He was a safety engineer for the Standard Accident Insurance Co.  Mr. Keeler died on 4-9-1971, while residing at 200 East Ave. in Syracuse.  They had:  Richard W. Keeler, who attended Rider College and served in the Army during WWII, worked as warehouse manager for the Ralph W. Earl Co., and lived in Syracuse at his death on 8-20-1981, and Carol Louise Keeler, who wed Warren F. Thomas on 4-5-1941, and lived in Kent, OH.  Richard Keeler was a member of the 508th Army Parachute Infantry which participated in "Operation Night Drop," during the invasion of Normandy.  He received recognition for his heroism in Brig. Gen. S.L.A. Marshall's book "Night Drop."

John Joseph Keenan and Katharine Keenan lived at 228 Wellington Rd. in the early 1940's.  By 1942 they lived at 205 Ambergate Rd.  He was a sales manager for the Kellogg Sales Co.  They had a son, John Keenan.

Robert E. Keim and Anne Young Keim moved to 41 Wexford Rd. in the late 50's.  They lived previously in Syracuse.  The couple divorced and Mr. Keim married Katharine Johnson Savage.  He is an agent for the State Farm Insurance Co. and lives now in FL and northern NY.  Anne Keim is a library worker at Jamesville-DeWitt HS.  She still lives on Wexford Rd.  Robert and Anne Keim had: David E. Keim, who wed Aimee L. Brown, Martha Susan Keim, who married Donald Cullen on 10-1-1983, Stephen R. Keim, who married Jody E. Donohue on 8-4-1979, Jeanne Anne Keim, who wed James H. Goldthwait on 11-7-1981, Cindy Keim, who wed Nathan Maypole, and Richard J. Keim, who was born about 1960, was in the carpet business, and died on 8-5-2011.

George William "Bill" Keiser, Jr., and Dorothy Stokes Keiser lived at 108 Downing Rd. by 1953.  Mr. Keiser was born 3-10-1916, in Pittsburgh, and graduated from NYU in 1938.  He moved from NYC to the Syracuse area in the late 1930's.  Mr. Keiser was a salesman for the Robert Gair Co, Inc.  but retired in 1971 as a district sales manager for the Continental Can Co.  Mr. Keiser died on 7-23-1993.  Mrs. Keiser was born in Collamer on 5-29-1912, and was a graduate of the Syracuse Memorial Hospital's school of nursing.  When she died on 9-10-2003, at age 91, Mrs. Keiser was the last of the original property owners on Downing Rd.  They had:  William S. Keiser, who wed Carol Keiser, recently retired as a railroad engineer, and lives in Cazenovia, NY, and Robert R. Keiser, who graduated from Cornell in 1970, and is now semi-retired and living in Hemet, CA.

Harold W. Keller and Cora Ethel Keller lived at 2 Landsdowne Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Keller was born on 5-4-1901.  He was an accountant for the General Electric Co., and retired in 1966 after 25 years of service.  Mrs. Keller was born 7-5-1906, and was a 1928 graduate of Syracuse University.  She died on 1-4-1981, and Mr. Keller died on 1-25-1988.  They had:  Harold Keller, Jr., who lived in Skaneateles, and Robert E. Keller, who was born about 1941, and is a retired elementary school teacher, residing in Bedford, TX.

Henry C. Keller and Reba Smith Keller lived at 314 Haddonfield Dr. by 1953.  Mr. Keller worked as the engineering manager for the Lamson Corp. and later was a materials handling consultant.  The couple wed in 1926.  Mrs. Keller, a native of Philadelphia, died 5-31-1966.  They had:  Joan E. Keller, who went to Baldwin-Wallace College, wed Rev. Gordon J. Anderson, and lived in Silver Springs, MD.

Robert T. Kells and Georgia Williams Kells lived at 302 Dewittshire Rd., South, by 1953, and moved to Fayetteville by 1970.  Mr. Kells, a native of Boston, joined Carrier in 1946 as a project engineer.  He later became president of Carrier's international division, and in 1977, was made assistant to the chairman.  He retired in 1981.  Mr. and Mrs. Kells divorced about 1980, and she lives now in Buffalo.  Mr. Kells wed Elizabeth C. Kells about 1987, and they lived in Jensen Beach, FL, at the time of his death on 8-3-2002.  Robert and Georgia Kells had:  Donna Kells Drew, born in 1954, and Nancy M. Kells, born in 1957, both of Buffalo, and Robert Kells, born in 1955, of Orange, CA.

Harriet H. Kelsey lived at 203 Wellington Rd., having purchased the home in 1940.  She was the widow of Jesse E. Kelsey who died in 1933.  Mr. Kelsey was the assistant superintendent of the Jefferson county highway department.  Mrs. Kelsey was a native of Fulton, NY, and a 1922 graduate of Cornell University.  She lived in Theresa, NY for 47 years before moving to the Syracuse area.  She worked as a clerk for the NYS government.  She was living in Camillus before her death on 3-12-1986.  Her children:  Lt. Col. Jesse T. Kelsey, who graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point on 6-7-1948, wed Anne MacDonald the next day, and lives in San Antonio, TX, Charles Kelsey, who lived in Bernhards Bay, NY, and died on 10-14-2003, James Kelsey, who was born about 1932, who lives in Edenton, NC,  Eleanor Kelsey, who was born about 1929, and lives in Syracuse, and Elizabeth Kelsey St. Louis, who lives in Baldwinsville, NY.

Raymond Homer Kelsey and Edna Kelsey lived on Genesee St. by 1942.  Mr. Kelsey was born on 3-24-1878, and Mrs. Kelsey was born about 1878.  The couple wed about 1902.  Mr. Kelsey was the traffic manager for the Pass and Seymour Co.

Robert Allen Kemmerer and Dorothy Kemmerer lived at 102 Wellington Rd.  Mrs. Kemmerer was born on Christmas Eve, 1917.  Mr. Kemmerer was the manager of maintenance engineering at Bristol Labs, Inc.  They were living in Manlius when Mrs. Kemmerer died in May, 1972.  Their children:  Jayne Elizabeth Kemmerer, a graduate of Russell Sage College, who wed Kevin B. Curry in 1966, and lives in Edina, MN, and Robert A. Kemmerer, Jr., a Wake Forest graduate, who lives in Fayetteville. 

Ralph E. Kharas and Elizabeth "Minnie" Mohn Kharas lived at 208 Wellington Rd., by 1940.  Mr. Kharas was a native of Omaha, NB, and earned a bachelor 's degree from Cornell College, Iowa, in 1923.  He earned law degrees from the University of Chicago and Yale.  Mr. Kharas was a law professor at Syracuse University before becoming dean of the law school in 1952.  Dean Kharas was active in various civic causes and served as the first Chairman of the Mayor's Commission on Human Rights in 1963.  Mrs. Kharas, was a native of Lisbon, IA, and earned a master's degree from Syracuse University in 1928.  Dean Kharas died 5-18-1966.  Mrs. Kharas died in Gwynned, PA on 8-25-1982.  They had:  Richard D. Kharas, who earned an undergraduate degree from Syracuse University in 1956 and a law degree in 1958, and lives now in Carson City, NV,  and Katharine Jane Kharas, who received a master's degree from Syracuse University in 1962, and lives in Whitmore Lake, MI.  Barbara Kindt, a student at Powelson Institute, lived with the family in 1942.  Her relationship to the family, if any, is unknown.

Neldon L. Kidd and Marguerite "Reta" Kidd lived at 208 Pelham Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Kidd was born on 9-14-1890, and was the treasurer of WSYR radio.  The couple lived at  1930 Glenwood Ave., in Syracuse, when Mrs. Kidd died on 4-14-1961.  Mr. Kidd married Mrs. Lucille Parmelee Curry, the widow of Payson M. Curry, on 3-1-1962.  Mr. Kidd died in January,1965.  Neldon and Marguerite Kidd had:  Edna Kidd Nightengale, and Josephine Kidd Gammage, who both lived on Long Island.

Lester C. Kienzle and Marjorie D. Kienzle lived at 225 Wellington Rd. by 1942, and later moved to 36 Lynacres Blvd. in Lyndon.  Mr. Kienzle was born 4-27-1902 and was a life resident of the Syracuse area. Mrs. Kienzle was a native of Ithaca, NY and a 1926 graduate of Cornell.  She was a certified judge of flowers and floral arrangements. The Kienzles were frequent travelers and visited most of the nations of the world.  Mr. Kienzle retired in 1959 as director of research after many years with the Prosperity Co.--manufacturers of industrial laundry equipment.  In 1948, Mr. Kienzle and Fred W. Sauerbrey, a fellow Prosperity Co. executive, were founding partners in the DeWitt Cleaning Co. on Erie Blvd.  They were also involved in the planning for what became the White Chapel Memorial Gardens in DeWitt.  Mr. Kienzle died 9-25-1987, and Mrs. Kienzle died 8-21-1996, at age 93.

George P. Kimball and Madeleine Davis Kimball lived at 230 Wellington Rd. by 1934.  Mr. Kimball was born in Providence, RI, and moved to Syracuse in 1922, and to DeWitt in 1931.  He graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a degree in chemical engineering.  During World War I, he served in France as an infantry captain.  In 1936, Mr. Kimball established the first general insurance agency in DeWitt.  He also served 28 years as DeWitt town justice, presiding over one of the busiest justice courts in the state.  Judge Kimball was chairman of Boy Scout Troop 22 for 12 years, and in that capacity he conceived the idea of a directory of DeWitt residents, and was responsible for its publication.  Mrs. Kimball was born in Boston and was a graduate of the Boston Conservatory of Music.  She lived in DeWitt 42 years, and died at her home in Dewittshire on 1-25-1974.  Judge Kimball died 12-10-1977.  They had a daughter, Barbara Ann Kimball Heine, who lived in DeWitt.

Claude F. King and Mary King lived at 10 Wexford Rd. by 1955.  Mr. King was an engineer for the General Electric Co.  The couple are believed to be living now in Vashon, WA.  Their children:  Bruce King and Lori King.

Cecil T. Kingsley and Barbara Kingsley lived at 2 Ely Dr. in Lyndon before 1955.  He was born in ND on 6-14-1908, and was a sales representative for the General Electric Co.  They moved to a newly built house at 204 Ambergate Rd. in DeWitt in 1955.  Mr. Kingsley died 9-4-1982, while residing in the Atlanta area.  Their children:  Barbara Kingsley and Robert Kingsley.

Donald H. Kinnan and Helen M. Kinnan lived at 116 Dewittshire Rd. from 1931 until September, 1940.  They moved at that time to Columbus, OH, where Mr. Kinnan assumed the position of plant manager for the Lennox Furnace Co.  He died there on 9-14-1987, and Mrs. Kinnan, who was a graduate of Findlay College, died in Upper Arlington, OH, on 10-21-1998, at age 101.  The couple had two children:  Constance Kinnan, who wed Thomas Hawk, and lived in Upper Arlington, and Donald Kinnan, Jr., who wed Sarah Kinnan, and lived in Seattle, WA.

Elbridge Hale Kinne and Myra Catherine Kimbrell Kinne lived at 303 Cornwall Dr. by 1953, and by 1960 were in Fayetteville.  Mr. Kinne was born 2-1-1913, in Syracuse, and the couple wed in 1941.  He retired in 1978, after 35 years with the Lipe Rollway Bearing Co., where he was an industrial engineer and a purchasing agent.  Mrs. Kinne, who was born in Fort Mill, SC, on 9-15-1916, came to Fayetteville as a teenager, and married Mr. Kinne on her 26th birthday.  Mrs. Kinne originally came to the area with her mother, Myra Adelia Fravor Kimbrell, and they operated the Carolina Restaurant in Fayetteville for several years.  Mrs. Kinne also was a self-employed seamstress for 30 years.  Both Kinnes died in the Cortland Care Center, Mr. Kinne on 1-16-2002, and Mrs. Kinne on 6-19-2003.  Their children:  Elbridge "Elbe" Kinne, who lives in DeWitt, and Elizabeth Kinne Luke, who lives in DeRuyter, NY.

W. Irving Kinne lived at 402 Jamesville Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Kinne was a gardener, and lived with the family of his daughter and son-in-law, Henry A. Mason, Sr.  (See the Mason entry below).

D. Lamont Kinney and Katherine "Kay" Walrad Kinney moved to 110 Warwick Rd. in 1954.  Mr. Kinney managed the Benton Lumber Co. in Cortland, and retired from GE in 1969 after 15 years of service.  Mrs. Kinney was born on 10-25-1905, in Cortland, NY, and graduated from Elmira College in 1927, and the Syracuse University library school in 1929.  She worked at the Cortland library, and was the head librarian at the DeWitt library.  Mrs. Kinney was a founding member of Pebble Hill Presbyterian Church, and served the congregation in many capacities.  Mr. Kinney died on 12-4-1975, and Mrs. Kinney died on 2-25-2004, at age 98.  They had, Orson A. Kinney, of San Antonio, TX, Barbara Kinney Schuehler, who married George Schuehler, Jr., and resided in Cortland, NY, before her death, and Joan Kinney Fenner, of Ithaca, NY.

William Burns Kirk and Angiebelle Kirk lived at 4248-50 Genesee St. by 1943, having lived earlier on Durston Ave. in Syracuse and in the Huntleigh Park neighborhood of Fayetteville.  Mr. Kirk was born on 7-14-1888, and was the son of the former Syracuse mayor, William B. Kirk.  Mrs. Kirk was born in 1896, and the couple wed about 1917.  Mrs. Kirk was the daughter of Mae B. Byrne, and the step-daughter of state Sen. Richard P. Byrne.  (See their entry above.)   Mr. Kirk operated a grocery store before being appointed postmaster of DeWitt in 1937.  He served until his death on 3-2-1949.  Viola Schridel lived with the couple by 1942, and was a live in housekeeper.  They had:  William B. Burns, who was born in December, 1919. 

James P. Kirkgasser and Johanna Reed Kirkgasser lived at 25 Wexford Rd.  Mr. Kirkgasser was a native of Highland Park, IL, and was a graduate of Syracuse University, where he met his future wife.  He was an engineer, inventor, and business owner, who came to CNY about 1957.  Mrs. Kirkgasser was born in Cortland on 6-7-1934, and also graduated from Syracuse University.  Mrs. Kirkgasser's sister, Marilyn Reed Dean, also lived on Wexford Rd.  Mr. Kirkgasser died on 7-11-1995, and Mrs. Kirkgasser died on 1-29-2007.  Their children:  Peter J. Kirkgasser, who wed Janet Kirkgasser and lives in East Syracuse, and Kim Kirkgasser, who wed Robert Gribnau, and lives in Seneca Falls, NY.

William C. Klaila, Sr., and Jacqueline Lou Davis Klaila lived at 4246 Genesee St. by 1955, and by 1956 lived at 3139 Apulia Rd. in Jamesville.  Mr. Klaila was born on 7-11-1917, and graduated from Syracuse University in 1940.  He was a self-employed CPA.  Mrs. Klaila was a native of Portland, ME, and the couple wed in September, 1949.  She graduated from Maine General Hospital's nursing school and was a nurse at Memorial Hospital in Syracuse.  Mr. Klaila died on 8-25-1971, and Mrs. Klaila lives now in Venice, FL.  Their children:  Davis A. Klaila, William Klaila, who earned a BFA degree from Syracuse University in 1973, and lives in Sitka, AK, John Robert Klaila, who died 9-4-1961, at age three, Cynthia J. Klaila, Mary Jane Klaila, Louise A. Klaila, Nancy K. Klaila, and Diane Klaila.

Ronald M. Klug and Anne Minckler Klug lived at 129 Butternut Dr.  He was a graduate of Syracuse University and worked 30 years as an engineer for the General Electric Corp.  Mrs. Klug died 3-19-1960.  Mr. Klug later married Judith Ashe and lived in Owensboro, KY.  The second Mrs. Klug died there in 1987.  Mr. Klug then moved to New Port Richey, FL, where he died at age 67, on 3-20-1992.  Ronald and Anne Klug had a son, Jeffery Klug, born in 1956, who now lives in Zurich, Switzerland.

George A. Knapp and Eileen Anne McFadden Knapp lived at 12 Paddock Dr. by 1953, and later resided at 118 Paddock.  Mr. Knapp was born 3-6-1907, was a native of Louisville, and was a graduate of the University of Louisville.  He came to CNY in 1932, and was the vice president of engineering for the R. E. Dietz Co., at his retirement in 1972.  Mrs. Knapp was born in Grand Rapids, MI, in 1909, but lived later in Jeffersonville, IN.  She died in DeWitt on 1-1-1964.  Mr. Knapp later married Deanna Knapp.  He died 6-7-1995.  George and Eileen Knapp had:  Joseph George Alan Knapp, Gaylord Knapp, who wed John P. Stopen, and lived in Syracuse, and Alexandra "Sandra" Knapp, who wed Donald C. McGilvray, and lived in Barneveld, NY.  George and Deanna Knapp had:  Gregg Andrew Knapp, who was born about 1968, and lives in Syracuse.

Walter F. Knasick and Joanne Elizabeth Coye Knasick lived at 26 Wexford Rd. by 1960.  They were both graduates of Georgetown High School, in Georgetown, NY.  After moving from DeWitt they resided in Delphi Falls, and Chittenango, NY, and live now in Payson, AZ.  Mr. Knasick was a Syracuse fireman and was cited for bravery on the job.  They had Scott E. Knasick, who lives in Chittenango, Patricia Ann Knasick, born in March, 1960, Carrie Knasick, and Diane Knasick.  The three daughters now reside in Phoenix, AZ.

William Frederick Knoff and Nancy Edwards Knoff lived at 122 Downing Rd., having moved there from Wethersfield, CT, in November, 1952.  They subsequently lived in Cazenovia.  Dr. Knoff was born in 1921, and graduated from the Manlius Military Academy in 1939.  He was a psychiatry professor on the staff of the NYS College of Medicine.  Their children:  Eric Knoff, Katherine Knoff, and Nancy Knoff, who attended Skidmore College.

Harold F. Knudsen and Dorothy C. Knudsen lived at 105 Ambergate Rd. in 1942, after having rented the home at 108 Ambergate Rd. for the previous year.  Mr. Knudsen was a sales engineer for the Smith Murray Co.  He later formed his own contracting company.  The family left Dewittshire in 1948 and lived elsewhere in the Syracuse area, including at 401 Cornwall Drive, until 1961, when they moved to the area of Miami, FL.  Mr. Knudsen died on 6-21-1994, in Hendersonville, NC, and Mrs. Knudsen died there on 1-14-1998, the day after her 85th birthday.  Their son, Jon Knudsen, is a contractor in Leonard, TX.

Ralph W. Koehring and Mary I. Koehring lived at 112 Cornwall Dr. by 1942.  Mr. Koehring was born on 7-17-1896, and was a representative for the Brown Shoe Co. of St. Louis.  In September, 1954, the family moved to Rome, NY, where Mr. Koehring worked for the Townsend Shoe Store.  He died in November, 1975.  Mrs. Koehring was born on 4-29-1899, and died in December, 1991.  Their children:  John Koehring, who attended Dartmouth, and Gretchen Koehring, who attended Skidmore.

Melvin R. Kohles and Jeanne Kohles lived at 174 Canterbury Rd.  He was an electrician with the M. H. Salmon Electric Co.  The Kohles shared their home with their son, Arthur R. Kohles, his wife, Katherine Clensch Kohles, and their son, Arthur A. Kohles.  Arthur R. Kohles also worked as an electrician and foreman for the Salmon company.  He died on 12-20-1976, in Canastota, NY, at age 79.  Mrs. Katherine Kohles died there in November, 1985.

Edward M. Kohtz and Mayme "Mae" Stucky Kohtz lived at 53 Charing Rd. and moved to Auburn in 1942. Mr. Kohtz was born 5-9-1904, in Kankakee, IL.  He was a salesman for the Willard Battery Storage Co.  The couple lived at 79 E. Genesee St. in Auburn when Mrs. Kohtz died, at 42, on 5-3-1946.  Mr. Kohtz's mother, Mary L. Kohtz, the widow of Edward F. Kohtz, lived with the couple in DeWitt.  She was living in Cayuga, at her death on 4-19-1948.  Mr. Kohtz died 3-26-1984, while residing in Satellite Beach, FL.

Edward E. Konz and Ruth Eddy Konz lived at 101 Cornwall Dr. by 1955.  Mr. Konz was a manufacturing engineer with the General Electric Co.  Mrs. Konz was born about 1925, graduated from Syracuse University in 1947, and taught art at Jamesville-DeWitt high school.  She lives now in Spring, TX.  They had:  Robert C. Konz, who was born in 1956, and lives in Spring.

Haig G. Koolakian and Nancy Margosian Koolakian lived at 14 Pickwick Rd.  Mr. Koolakian was born in Turkey but was of Armenian descent.  He was a partner in Koolakian’s Men’s Clothing Store at 132 E. Genesee St. in downtown Syracuse, and was a violinist who both performed and gave lessons.  On 3-23-1970, Mr. Koolakian was stricken on stage at Corcoran school, while preparing for a Syracuse Symphony Orchestra school concert, and died before reaching the hospital.  Mrs. Koolakian was born in Banderma, Armenia, and lived in CNY for 59 years prior to her death on 8-19-1988, at age 75.  She was a teaching assistant for about a decade before retiring in 1977.  The couple had two sons, Charles Edward Koolakian, who joined the family clothing firm, wed Judith Chengerian on 8-10-1963, and Robert Koolakian, who graduated from Syracuse University and was a museum curator.  Both are now retired and split their time between central NY and Florida.

John Homer Koonce and Florence Koonce lived at 125 Butternut Dr. until the summer of 1956 when they built a home at 128 Fairfield St. in Fayetteville.  Mr. Koonce worked as the manager of service operations for Carrier Corp.  Mrs. Koonce was a native of Bound Brook, NJ, and was very active in many clubs and charities. She died 11-1-1964, at age 62.  Mr. Koonce wed Miss Helen G. Curran on 12-9-1966.  She, too, was an executive with Carrier Corp.  Mr. Koonce died on 10-19-1989, at age 87.  John and Florence Koonce had two sons, John Koonce, Jr.,  who lived in Shreveport, LA,  and George Robert Koonce, who graduated from Syracuse University, in 1959, and lives in Liverpool, NY.

Harold G. "Hal" Krayenhof and Lucille Hammond Krayenhof lived at 205 Newfield Rd. by 1950.  Mr. Krayenhof was the general manager of the Lennox Furnace Co.  He died on 11-2-1959, in the Newark airport while on a business trip.  Mrs. Krayenhof was born 3-23-1906, and died in December, 1984, while residing in NJ.  They had:  Lucille "Mari" Krayenhof Roll, who graduated from Syracuse University, wed Edgar Allan Roll on 6-20-1953, and lives in Basking Ridge, NJ, and Harold "Garre" Krayenhof, Jr., who lives in Syracuse. 

C. Frank Krebs and Hazel Sova Howard Krebs lived at 223 Wellington Rd. by 1940. The couple later moved to 107 E. Kennedy St. in Syracuse.  Mr. Krebs was a salesman.  Mrs. Krebs was a native of Syracuse and a lifelong resident of the Syracuse area.  She died on 9-9-1965, in a nursing home in Collamer, NY.  Mr. Krebs subsequently wed Edith Adams and lived in E. Aurora, NY, where he died on 12-29-1974.  Mrs. Krebs had a daughter by a previous marriage:  Jean Howard Krebs, who graduated from the Syracuse Memorial Hospital School of Nursing, and wed Frank Wilmer Congdon on 6-29-1940. 

Frank E. Krell and Jeannette Dawes Krell lived at 210 Ambergate Rd.  Mr. Krell was born in Blackhawk, CO, and came to Solvay in 1924.  His first job was ushering moviegoers at Loew's Theater in downtown Syracuse.  He was 16.  While he worked nights and weekends at Loew's, he attended high school in Solvay.  After graduation, he got a job at the W.C. George Co., a heating contracting firm, and began a lifelong career in the heating business.  When he retired in 1977, Mr. Krell was president of Syracuse Heating Supply.  Mrs. Krell was a native of Clinton, NY, and came to the Syracuse area during WWII.  She graduated from Oswego State College, and taught in Clinton and for the Jamesville-DeWitt school district.  Mrs. Krell died on 6-26-1980, and Mr. Krell died on 6-19-1997.  They had two children:  John F. Krell, of Fayetteville, who wed Mary Ortner on 6-3-1961, and Kathryn E. Krell, who married W. Hawley Scott, III, on 6-17-1967, and lives in Fayetteville.

Harold T. Kruman and Katherine McMorran Kruman lived at 223 Wellington Rd. by 1942.  He was the executive vice-president of the Fair City Savings and Loan Association, until 1948 when he became an executive with the Jackson M. Potter real estate firm.  After living in Dewittshire, the Krumans lived in Syracuse where Mr. Kruman died 6-7-1965, and Mrs. Kruman died 8-8-1978.  They had:  Phyllis Kruman, who was born about 1932, and resides in Syracuse, Gary V. Kruman, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1963 and received an MS degree from Northeastern University, and lives in Syracuse, and Sandra Kruman Hoban, of Chittenango.

Lester H. E. Kuhnert and Anne Hill Kuhnert lived at 212 Wellington Rd.  Mr. Kuhnert was a native of Kenmar, ND, but lived in DeWitt more than 40 years.  He was a general insurance agent for the NY Federated Underwriters group, and later opened his own firm, Loss Protection, Inc.  Mrs. Kuhnert was born in Concord, NH, and lived in Boston and Providence, RI, before moving to the DeWitt area in 1940. She graduated in 1934 from Smith College, Northampton, MA.  Mrs. Kuhnert was one of the founders of the annual antique show at the DeWitt Community Church.  Mr. Kuhnert died 1-2-1982.  Mrs. Kuhnert was living at The Nottingham in Jamesville at her death on 2-19-1997.  They had two sons:  David E. Kuhnert, who is retired from the USAF, and is a ski instructor in Wilmington, VT, and Dale W. Kuhnert, who is the editor of "Down East" magazine, and lives in Belfast, ME.

Robert Austin Kuhry and Nancy Marrian Kuhry lived at 109 Warwick Rd.  They shared their home with Mrs. Kuhry's widowed mother, Lucille E. Marrian, until her death at home on 4-8-1980.  Mr. Kuhry was born 9-18-1925, and was an army veteran of WWII.  He was a native of Moravia, NY, but resided in the Syracuse area 55 years.  Mr. Kuhry was the parts and catalog supervisor for the Carrier Corp. for 36 years.  Mrs. Kuhry was a life resident of DeWitt.  She graduated from Fayetteville High School in 1944 and from the Central City Business Institute.  Mrs. Kuhry retired in 1989 from the tax and assessors office for the Town of DeWitt.  Mr. Kuhry died 8-2-1984, and Mrs. Kuhry later wed Kenneth R. Becker of DeWitt. Nancy Kuhry Becker died on 12-26-1996.  The Kuhry's had two daughters, Lynda M. Kuhry, of Liverpool, and Polly Kuhry Moore, of Rochester.

Joseph W. Kushi and Agnes Kushi lived at 124 Downing Rd. by 1955, and later moved to 203 Valley Rd. in Liverpool.  Mr. Kushi was a plastics engineer with the General Electric Co.  They had:  Francis X. Kushi, who was born about 1938, wed Rosemary Garley in Pittsfield, MA, on 5-11-1963, and lives in Naples, FL.

Harold R. LaCelle and Eloyse (sometimes spelled as Eloise) Marcy LaCelle lived at 300 Jamesville Rd. by 1942.  Mr. LaCelle was born in Altmar, NY, on 4-15-1899.  He served in WWI, and was a salesman for the Wilson and Green lumber firm.  Mrs. LaCelle was born in March, 1894, and was a native of West Leyden, NY.  She taught at the Delaware School in Syracuse.  The couple moved to Skaneateles about 1950, where Mrs. LaCelle died on 5-20-1953.  Mr. LaCelle moved to FL, about 1960.  He married Myrtle R. LaCelle, and died 10-5-1982, while residing in Orlando.  The second Mrs. LaCelle was born 6-5-1898, and died in November, 1991.  Harold and Eloise LaCelle had:  Margaret Esther LaCelle, who was a teacher, wed Frederick Wheeler, and lived in Kansas City and later in Stuart, FL.

Thomas Warren LaFray and Virginia Raff LaFray lived at 108 Wellington Rd.  Mr. LaFray worked for the Continental Insurance Co.  Mrs. LaFray was born in New York City.  They resided in DeWitt before moving to Utica in 1960, and later to Babylon, NY.  Mr. LaFray died in 1968.  In 1982, Mrs. LaFray moved to Clearwater, FL, where she died on 2-2-1990.  Their children:  Alice LaFray Abell, who wed Richard W. Sutton on Valentine's Day, 1953, and died 7-14-1977, in Ellicott City, MD, at age 43, Joan A. LaFray, who wed Robert F. Hughes, a graduate of Georgetown University, on 12-29-1956, and lives in Troy, MI, and Warren LaFray, who lives in Clearwater.

Eugene C. Lamb and Anna H. Lamb lived at 5 Wexford Rd. about 1949.  He was a native of Hamilton, NY, and attended Alfred University.  During WWII he served two years as an Army Air Force captain in the China-Burma-India theater.  He then farmed briefly with his father.  Later he became a farm machinery worker for the Ford Motor Co., while living in North Syracuse.  Mr. Lamb died in Clifton Park, NY on 3-11-1998, at age 80.  

Ornan K. Lamb and Janice Filsinger Lamb lived at 116 Grenfell Dr. by 1943, having lived earlier in Syracuse.  Mr. Lamb was born on 1-29-1898 and operated an insurance agency from his home.  The Lambs resided in Downingtown, PA, when Mr. Lamb died in December, 1976.  Mrs. Lamb was born in Syracuse on 6-5-1899, and was residing in Paoli, PA, at her death on 12-10-1990, at age 91.  They had:  Noreen "Nikki" Lamb Major, who lived in Malvern, PA, Karen Lamb Twichell, who was born about 1929, and lives in East Syracuse, and Janice Lamb Beyrent, who lived in Camp Hill, PA.

Leslie M. Lancefield and Elizabeth Andrew Lancefield lived at 108 Dunham Rd. by 1942, and about 1946, moved to 511 Pleasant St. in  Manlius.  Mr. Lancefield was born 4-25-1897, and Mrs. Lancefield, a native of Watertown, was born 5-12-1901.   Mr. Lancefield was an inspector for the Brown-Lipe-Chapin Co., and was very active in Masonic and Eastern Star activities.  He died on 8-17-1968.  Mrs. Lancefield died on 12-8-1973.

J. Andrew Lange and Margaret Bonadio Lange lived on Windsor Dr. by 1955.  Mr. Lange was born in Brooklyn, NY, on 6-17-1922, and grew up in LYnbrook, NY.  He flew on 35 combat missions over Europe as a B-24 radio operator, gunner, and mechanic during World War II.  Mr. Lange graduated from RPI in 1948 with a degree in mechanical engineering.  He was a sales engineer for Shultz-Forster Associates, and later founded his own water storage firm.  Mrs. Lange, a native of Watertown, NY, was born on 1-2-1927, and the couple wed in 1952.  She was a graduate of Cazenovia College, and died on 8-1-1995.  Mr. Lange had a life long interest in aviation and obtained his pilot's license before WWII.  With his brother, James Lange, he built a small plane that is still in use.  Mr. Lange died on 1-21-2010.  They had:  Margery Lange, who wed Ali Keskin, is the president of her father's firm, and lives in Jamesville, and Rhoda Lange, who wed David Breithaupt, and lives in DeWitt.

Robert Emmet Lannon and Marian Grantham Lannon lived at 106 Alwyn Rd. by 1953, and later moved to Southern Pines, NC.  Mr. Lannon was born on 9-30-1914, and was a native of Winner, SD.  He was a graduate of Iowa State University, where he received the Big 10's Scholastic Medal for scholarship and athletic ability in 1938.  Mr. Lannon retired in 1973 as the international sales manager for the Will and Baumer Candle Co.  Mr. Lannon died in NC, on 12-12-1995.  Mrs. Lannon, was born in Lake City, IA, on 3-27-1915, and graduated from Syracuse University.  She died on 10-1-2011, at age 96 .  Their children:  R. Grant Lannon, who was a USAF pilot, and is now an engineer living in Austin, TX, James W. Lannon, who was involved in governmental intelligence work, and lives now in Herndon, VA, and Richard M. Lannon, who is a securities executive, living in Denver, CO.

Everett Bernard "Barney" Lanpher and Pauline Lanpher lived on Jamesville Rd. by 1953.  Mr. Lanpher was born in Copenhagen, NY, on 5-30-1912.  He worked as a cabinet maker and carpentry contractor. Mrs. Lanpher, a native of Watertown, died 7-25-1966, while residing in East Syracuse.  Mr. Lanpher died on 9-16-1990, while living at 314 South Ave. in Syracuse.  Their children:  David A. Lanpher, who wed Beverly Anne Burton, operated Dave and Bev's Tavern and Lanpher Trucking Co., and resides in Jamesville, and Dale Lanpher Pendock, who lives in Syracuse.

James Barnes Lape and Elma Hodges Lape lived at 110 Pelham Rd. by 1942, having lived earlier in Utica.  Mr. Lape was born on 11-10-1893, and the couple wed about 1925.  Mr. Lape was a veteran of WWI, and was the commander of Post 41 of the American Legion.  He worked as a clerk for an automobile company and as a supervisor for the Carrier Corp.  Mr. Lape's mother, Jessie Barnes Lape, the widow of Willard Eugene Lape, lived with the couple in DeWitt.  Mr. Lape died at work, 9-23-1954.  Mrs. Lape was born about 1895, and was active in the DAR.  She died on 6-6-1967. 

Eleanor Nancy LaPlante lived at 109 Jamesville Rd. by 1954.  Miss LaPlante was a native of NH, and a graduate of Lesley College.  She was a teacher at Pebble Hill School.  In September, 1954, she wed Donald James Kehoe, a graduate of Villanova University.  They lived in Sherburne, NY, where Mr. Kehoe was postmaster, and were residing in Norwich, NY, at Mrs. Kehoe's death on 12-8-1997.  They had:  Michael J. Kehoe, who lived in Binghamton, NY, John J. Kehoe, who lived in Taiwan, James J. Kehoe, of Park City, UT, and Susanne Kehoe Jones, who lived in NM.

Kenneth G. Larson and Kathryn "Kay" Larson lived at 126 Orvilton Dr. by 1953.  Mr. Larson was a civil engineer and facilities manager with General Electric, and Mrs. Larson was a popular television personality with WHEN-TV.  They had:  Eric Larson, who was born about 1945, and is the president of Blackhawk Technical College in Janesville, WI, and Linda Larson VanAndel, who was born about 1942, and lives in Ft. Pierce, FL, and Ellsworth, MI.

James Edward LaVoy and Jeanne Daggett LaVoy lived at 120 Orvilton Dr. by 1953, and in 1968 moved to Skaneateles.  Mr. LaVoy was born in Glenns Falls on  7-2-1913.  He owned the Abco-LaVoy Moving and Storage Co. for 30 years before his retirement in 1978.  Mr. LaVoy died on 5-3-1988.  Mrs. LaVoy was born in Syracuse on 4-27-1919, and died on 2-16-2005.  She was very active in church and civic causes.  Their children:  James LaVoy, Jr., who married Jean LaVoy, and lives in Chittenango, Mary Pat LaVoy Harris, who wed Scott Harris, and lives in Skaneateles, and Martha LaVoy Hahn, who lives in Auburn.

Bernard J. Lawler and Irene Yeomans Lawler moved to 306 Haddonfield Rd. in OrviltonPark in 1945, having lived the previous six years on Hobson Ave. in Lyndon,  Mr. Lawler was born 6-23-1906, and was a graduate of the University of Buffalo school of pharmacy.  He was a druggist and operated Lawler's Drug Store at 4506 East Genesee St. in DeWitt.  Mr. Lawler died on 12-21-65, and Mrs. Lawler died at home in DeWitt on 5-28-1970.  They had:  Bernard Lawler, Jr., who was born on 10-25-1940, wed Jeanne Marie Abajian, and was an attorney residing in Fayetteville before his death on 7-14-1998, Martha Lawler Grevelding of Jamesville, Kathryn Lawler Lowenberg of Fayetteville, and Michael Lawler, who graduated from LeMoyne College, wed Linda Sue Sherry on 6-17-1967, was a hospital administrator, and died in Durango, CO, on 9-19-88.

Joseph T. Lawler and M. Gertrude Lawler lived at 214 Haddonfield Dr. by 1943, at 122 Landsdowne Rd. by 1953, and at 4251 Genesee St. by 1958.  Mr. Lawler was a native of Auburn, NY, and was born on 5-4-1896.  He was a veteran of WWI, and was the  president of the Mac-Law Tool and Aircraft Corp.  Mr. Lawler died on 12-7-1958.  Mrs. Lawler was born in Auburn, on 6-23-1904, and died on 2-21-1998.  They had:  Joseph F. Lawler, who lived in Fairfield, CT.

William A. Lawler and Gertrude Holton Lawler lived at 200 Landsdowne Rd. by 1943.  Dr. Lawler was born about 1904, and graduated from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry in 1930.  He was a dental surgeon with offices in the Union Bldg. in Syracuse.  Dr. Lawler owned the DeWitt Restaurant
and Bowling Alleys and the Elbow Room Tavern.  For many years, he was a well known breeder and trainer of standardbred (harness) horses, many of whom raced at Vernon Downs.  Dr. Lawler's sister, Miss Sara M. Lawler, a teacher, lived with the family by the mid-1950's.  Mrs. Lawler died in 1943, and Dr. Lawler later moved to 108 Bradford Lane in Syracuse.  He was residing there at his death on 2-8-1986.  They had:  William A. "Billy" Lawler, who was born about 1940, worked for various restaurants in the DeWitt area, and died on 6-11-1999, Barbara Ann Lawler, who was her father's dental assistant, and died in Syracuse on 11-15-1984, at age 50, Joan Lawler, who wed Frank Cappelletti, and lived in DeWitt, and Sister Mary Linda Lawler, D.C., who lived in Syracuse. 

Warren H. Lawrence and L. Marian Lawrence lived at 107 Pelham Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Lawrence was born in North Syracuse on 10-1-1904.  He was an engineering graduate of Syracuse University, and was a power engineer for the CNY Power Corp., for 16 years, and later spent 26 years with Gould-Farmer as an electrical engineer and sales manager.  Mr. Lawrence died on 7-20-2000, at age 95.  Mrs. Lawrence was a life resident of the Syracuse area. She attended the Syracuse University School of Music, where she studied the violin.  Before she married, she was employed in the home service department of the Syracuse Lighting Co.  Mrs. Lawrence died on 1-9-1990.  They had:  David A. Lawrence, who was born about 1939, is retired from Marsh & McLennan Ins. brokerage, and lives in Liverpool, and Marcia J. Lawrence, who lives in DeWitt.

James F. Lawsing, Jr., and Mary Giddings Lawsing lived at 300 Cornwall Dr. by 1947, and left the area in 1955.  Mr. Lawsing was born on 8-26-1912, and was with the Aetna Casualty and Surety Co.  He was residing in NH, at his death in Bangor, ME, on 7-13-1984.  Mrs. Lawsing then moved to Chatham, MA. They had:  Dr. James Lawsing, who practices orthopedics in Cortland, NY, and his twin, Susan Lawsing Dow, who is involved with a family owned firm, and lives in Longmeadow, MA.

George J. Leeret and Elizabeth Leeret lived at 312 Haddonfield Rd. by 1942, and at 10 Landsdowne Rd. by 1953.  Mr. Leeret was born 7-26-1905, and was a phonograph salesman, and later a manufacturer's representative for his own DeWitt Sales Co.  Mr. Leeret was the 1923 New York State doubles tennis champion, and an avid bowler.  The couple was residing at 7245 Coventry Rd, North, in Syracuse, but Mrs. Leeret was in Rochester, MN, when she died on 10-3-1969.  At his death on 9-5-1988, Mr. Leeret was living with his daughter, Sharon, at 411 Terry Road, Westvale.  Their children:  Sharon Leeret Williams, who married Gary Williams, and lived in Westvale, NY, and Sandra Leeret Crotty, who wed John Robert Crotty on 10-4-1958, and lived in East Syracuse.

Charles Lembcke and Norma Temple Lembcke lived on Genesee St. by 1943.  Mr. Lembcke was born on 4-21-1911, in East Syracuse, and graduated from Syracuse University in 1939.  He served with the Army during WWII, and owned Lembcke Water Conditioning Co. in Syracuse.  The couple had moved to Lenox, MA, at Mr. Lembcke's death, at age 93, on 6-3-2004.  Mrs. Lembcke, whose parents also lived in DeWitt, was born on 10-8-1912, and died in Lenox on 6-16-2006.  She, too, was 93.  (See the Temple entry below.)  They had:  Charles B. Lembcke, who earned degrees from Bucknell and Syracuse University and a law degree from the University of Florida in 1971, wed Jean L. Pyle, and practices law in Jacksonville, FL, Marcia Lembcke Bernstein, Karen Lembcke Calloway, and Susan Lembcke.

Peter A. Leo and Edna Leo lived at 110 Grenfell Rd. by 1953.  Mr. Leo was born on 1-8-1898, and was a native and lifelong resident of the Syracuse area.  He was a tool engineer with the the Continental Can Co. until 1958, and worked for the Rockwell Co. until his retirement in 1969.  Mrs. Butler had been wed previously to a Mr. Knapp.  She was born on 4-5-1888, and was a native of Newark, NY.  Mrs. Butler died on 4-17-1990, at the age of 102.  Mr. Butler died in Lantana, FL, on 12-7-1992, at age 94.  By her first husband, Mrs. Knapp-Leo had:  Harriet Young, of Jewel, NY, and Edson Knapp, who lived in Penn Yan, NY.  Mr. and Mrs. Leo had:  Allen B. Leo, who was born about 1931, wed Anna May Snow Leo, worked for the Pennzoil Corp., and died on 9-4-1987, in Boynton Beach, FL, and Gloria Leo Butler, of DeWitt.

Loreto "Larry" Leone and Loretta Leone lived at 5185 Jamesville Rd. by 1953.  Mr. Leone was born in Rome, Italy, on 1-12-1888, and came to central NY about 1917.  He retired in 1969 after 39 years as a driller with Allied Chemical Corp. at its Jamesville quarry.  Mr. Leone died on 12-20-1980.  Mrs. Leone, was also born in Rome, about 1888, and the couple wed about 1907.  She died on 7-25-1968.  Their children:  Carmella Leone. who was born about 1921, wed Armand Perry, and lived in Minoa, Angela Leone, born about 1922, Rega Leone, born about 1926, and Anthony Leone, born about 1911.

Paul H. Leslie and Audrey Lawler Leslie lived at 116 Downing Rd. having moved from Birmingham, MI, in 1952.  They had lived earlier in Akron, OH.  Mr. Leslie was the television sales manager for the General Electric Co.  By 1957, the family was living in Los Angeles.  Their children:  Stuart Leslie, Paula Leslie, and Linda Leslie.

John Allan Letherland and Lelia Strickland Letherland lived at 220 Wellington Rd., having moved there in 1951 from South Ave. in Syracuse.  Mr. Letherland was born in Harrisville, NY.  Mr. Letherland attended St. Lawrence University and Cornell.  He was a buyer and later a manager for the E. W. Edwards and Son department store.  The couple lived in the Syracuse area 33 years before moving to Port St. Lucie, FL about 1979.  Mr. Letherland died 12-10-1999, at age 85.  Mrs. Letherland still resides in Port St. Lucie.  They had two children:  Marcia Letherland Davis, of N. Salem NY, and Allan Letherland, of  Port St. Lucie.

Harry LeVine, Jr., and Pat LeVine lived at 104 Dunham Rd. by 1953.  Mr. LeVine was a native of Durant, OK, and earned a law degree from Syracuse University.  He practiced with a Utica frim from 1948 to 1951, before becoming a corporate lawyer with the General Electric Co. in Syracuse.  They had:  Tri LeVine, and Kim LeVine.

Herbert Levy and Margaret Sussman Levy lived at 109 York Rd. by 1952.  Professor Levy retired as a mathematics and physics teacher at the University of Berlin, Germany, and he and Mrs. Levy came to America in August, 1941.  The couple were among the last Jews to escape Berlin.  Albert Einstein, the famous physicist, sponsored their entry into the United States.  They moved to DeWitt in 1942, and Prof. Levy died on 5-31-1953.  Mrs. Levy, who was born in Berlin on 1-6-1897. began teaching piano in 1923 and later taught violin.  She taught private lessons in DeWitt until 1980.  Mrs. Levy died on 5-4-1990, at the age of 93.

Glendon Richard Lewis and Dorothy N. Lewis lived at 4301 Genesee St. by 1943, having lived earlier on Robineau Rd. in Syracuse.  Dr. Lewis was born in Utica, about 1894.  He attended Syracuse University and was a family physician.  The couple wed about 1924, and moved to Sarasota, FL, about 1962. They were there when Dr. Lewis died on 5-4-1978.  Their children:  William V. Lewis, (see his entry below), and Jean Lewis, who was born in 1927, wed John R. Foley, and lived in Peoria, IL.

William V. "Doc" Lewis and Marilyn Claire St. John Lewis lived at 107 Lynbrook Circle by 1949.  Mr. Lewis was born in Syracuse on 1-9-1924, the son of Glendon Richard and Dorothy Lewis, (see their entry above).  He graduated from Syracuse University, and served in the US Navy during WWII.  Mrs. Lewis was born 8-20-1925 in Montreal, Canada.  Mr. Lewis was an agent for the Prudential Insurance Co., and later for the Hearthstone Insurance Co. of MA.  He retired in 1991 aftere being with the Jamesville-DeWitt school district for ten years.  The couple lived at 115 Maple Dr. in DeWitt at Mr. Lewis' death on 9-20-1999.  Mrs. Lewis died on 11-9-2007.  Their children:  Kathleen Ann Lewis Walker, who was born about 1949, and lives in Cicero, Lynne Lewis, of DeWitt, Christine Lewis Sparks, who married Brian Sparks, and lives in Cazenovia, Tracy Lewis, who lives in Brewerton, William Lewis, who lives in TX, and Glendon "Skip" Lewis, who wed Marilyn Lewis, and lives in Erieville, NY.

Richard B. Liddle and Donna M. Liddle lived at 204 Warwick Rd. by 1963.  They later moved to 116 Dewittshire Rd. where they live now.  He was a 1955 graduate of Syracuse University and three years later he joined the First Trust bank.  Mr. Liddle was a senior vice-president at the time of his retirement.

Paul S. Limerick and Dorothy Limerick lived at 210 Pelham Rd., having moved there from Chittenango in the fall of 1952.  Mr. Limerick was the sales manager for the Childcraft Co.  The couple moved to Salt Lake City in 1954.

Harold C. Lindberg and Frances Lindberg lived at 105 Alwyn Rd.  They purchased the home in the fall of 1953, and moved from Snyder, NY.  Mr. Lindberg was probably born in Kansas about 1905, and was an electrical engineer for the General Electric Co.  They had:  Sandra J. Lindberg, who earned a BS degree from Cornell University in 1957,  Robert J. Lindberg, who graduated from Purdue in 1959 with a degree in electrical engineering, and was a US Army officer, and Karleen Rae Lindberg, who was born about 1940, graduated from Penn State University, wed Richard G. Nelson in 1966, is a retired teacher, and lives in Dover, MA.

Verlus F. Lindeman and Dorothy L. Lindeman lived at 112 Dewittshire Rd. by 1942.  He was a native of Ashton, IL, and grew up in Dysart, IA,  He was a graduate of North Central College in Naperville, IL, and received his master's and doctoral degrees from the State University of Iowa.  Dr. Lindeman served as a zoology professor at Syracuse University from 1930 to 1967 and at one time was acting department chairman.  The couple lived in Syracuse until moving to Boynton Beach, FL, in 1967.  It is thought that Mrs. Lindeman died in FL in August, 1973.  Dr. Lindeman moved to Port Orange, FL, in 1986, and died on 11-15-1991, in Albuquerque, NM, at age 89.  They had two children:  Robert Dean Lindeman of Albuquerque, and Joan Lindeman Sheridan, who was born about 1931, and lives in Ormond Beach, FL.

George F. Lindemer and Altamae Reimers Lindemer lived at 102 York Rd. by 1948 and at 144 Edwards Dr. in Lyndon by 1955.  Mr. Lindemer was born in Syracuse and was a 1913 graduate of Columbia University School of Optometry.  He was a veteran of World War I, serving in the Naval Aviation Service.  Mr. Lindemer operated the Lindemer Optical and Photographic store in Syracuse for 50 years until he retired in 1966.  Mrs. Lindemer attended the Arnold College of Physical Education, in New Haven, CT., and taught physical education in Syracuse schools for a short time.  Mrs. Lindemer died on 10-4-1970, and Mr. Lindemer died on 8-10-1985, at age 92.  They had:  Lawrence B. Lindemer, who was born in August, 1921, was elected to the Michigan state legislature, and lived in Stockbridge, MI, and George R. Lindemer, who was born in 1924, was a 1946 graduate of Cornell University, married June J. Lindemer, became the president of the Lincoln Bank, and lived in DeWitt prior to his death on 3-5-2008.

J. Willard Lippitt and Frances Karker Lippitt lived at 4 Pickwick Rd., having lived earlier at 245 West Castle St. in Syracuse.  Mr. Lippitt was born in Madison, NY, on 4-17-1891, and was an industrial paint salesman.  The couple lived only briefly in DeWitt Acres and were residing at 104 Marvin Rd. in Syracuse at the time of Mr. Lippitt’s death on 11-10-1964.  They had a daughter who wed E. R. Evans.

Edson W. Livingston and Myrtle Gould Livingston lived at 113 Ambergate Rd. from 1939 to 1940.  He was a fingerprint expert at the Onondaga County penitentiary in Jamesville and spoke to various groups concerning this method of criminal identification.  Mr. Livingston was active in many civic groups including the Civil Service Employees Association, serving it as steward at the penitentiary.  About 1951, the couple moved to FL.  Mrs. Livingston died while vacationing at Cape Vincent, NY, in August, 1976. 

W. Blair Livingston and Ruth Livingston lived at 229 Wellington Rd. by 1939.  Mr. Livingston was a sales representative for the Powelson Institute--a local business school.  The family moved to Montreal, PQ, Canada in 1948.  They had Joan Livingston, Blair Livingston, and David Livingston.

Jack D. Lloyd, Sr., and Catherine McWhirter Lloyd lived at 114 Cornwall Dr. by 1940, and moved to Constantia about 1948.  Mr. Lloyd was born in England on 7-22-1902, and came to this country as a small child.  He was the founder of the Jack Lloyd Furniture store in Brewerton, and died on 4-26-1977.  Mrs. Lloyd was born on 5-25-1906, and was a native of Creedmore, Long Island.  While in DeWitt, Mrs. Lloyd's mother, Mrs. Lulu Chase, lived with the family.  The couple wed about 1927, and Mrs. Lloyd died on 4-18-1983.  Their children:  Jack Lloyd, Jr., who was born on 2-6-1932, lived in Constantia, and died on 2-18-2003, and Joan Lloyd, who wed Paul Shorb, and lived in Washington, DC.

James Logan and Elizabeth Logan lived at 410 Brampton Dr. by 1955.  Mr. Logan was the manager of the Travelers Fire Ins. Co.  They had:  Helen Logan Welch, who was born about 1939, and is a reading teacher, living in South Windsor, CT, Jean Logan, and Sarah Logan.  Photo

George Thomas Long and Josephine Long lived at 106 Addison Dr. by 1955.  Mr. Long was a native of Lisbon, NY, and was born 9-6-1903.  He graduated from Clarkson University in 1924 with a degree in mechanical engineering.  Mr. Long joined Carrier Corp. in 1936 in Newark, NJ, and came to Syracuse in 1937 when the company relocated to the former Franklin automobile plant on Geddes Street.  About 1960, he became the company's director of sales.  Mr. Long retired in 1969, and the couple moved to Morristown, in northern NY.  He died on 2-3-1992.  It is thought that Mrs. Long was residing in VA, at her death on 7-22-2002, at age 99.  They had:  Dr. Robert E. Long, who lived in Pompey, Peter A. Long, who lived in Vienna, VA, G. Thomas Long, Jr., of Arlington, VA, and Michael Long.

Robert O. Loomis and Emily Jane Loomis lived at 3 Morton Rd. by 1953.  Dr. Loomis was a native of Ilion, and graduated from the Cornell University Medical School in 1944.  He practiced in Syracuse for 17 years, specializing in obstetrics and gynecology.  Dr. Loomis died on 4-6-1963, at age 46, while skiing in Wilmington, VT.  Mrs. Loomis was born 1-25-1920, and was a native of Hartford, CT.  She came to CNY in 1938, and graduated from the Syracuse University School of Nursing in 1942.  She worked briefly as the head operating room nurse at Syracuse Memorial Hospital.  Mrs. Loomis died 4-15-1988, at home in DeWitt.  Their children:  Phillip Loomis, who attended Boston University, Harvard University, and the Orson Welles Film School, married Judith Ellen Mathison on 10-31-1974, and is a commodity broker in Fayetteville, Carson R. Loomis, who wed Mary E. Cardamone on 7-25-1970, and is a research scientist for the Norak Biosciences Corp. in Durham, NC, and Karen R. Loomis.  

Glenn R. Lord, Jr., and Betty Pusey Lord lived at 324 Landsdowne Rd. by 1953.  The couple came to CNY in 1951, and moved to 9 Albany St. in Cazenovia by 1954.  Mr. Lord was born about 1919, and, in 1953, he was promoted to manufacturing manager for the General Electric Co.  Mrs. Lord's mother, Caroline Pusey, lived with the family.  Mr. Lord's brother, Kenneth, also lived in DeWitt, (see the entry below). Their children:  John Lord, Linda Lord, and Susan Lord.   

Kenneth M. Lord and Carolyn Wood Lord lived at 10 Paddock Dr. by 1953.  Mr. Lord was born on 7-15-1914, and worked for the General Electric Co.  Mr. Lord's brother, Glenn, also lived in DeWitt (see his entry above).  Mrs. Lord is believed to have been from Naples, NY, where Mr. Lord died on 1-9-1992.  They had:  Sally Lord.

Dorothy Lory lived at 115 Pelham Rd. by 1942.  Miss Lory was born about 1911, in Baldwinsville.  While in DeWitt, she was a live-in maid for the Robert B. Bailey family.  She later married James S. Reeves, a mechanic at the McIntyre Paper Co,, and lived at 310 Homewood Dr. in Fayetteville.  Mrs. Reeves died on 10-9-2005, at age 94.

Ralph P. Lund and Lucille Jones Lund lived at 109 Jamesville Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Lund was born on 7-16-1903, in Van Buren, ME.  He was a salesman for the American Hospital Supply Corp., and retired in 1969 after more than 30 years of service.  Mr. Lund was very active in the US Coast Guard Auxillary, and conducted many boating safety classes.  Mrs. Lund was born in Jamestown, NY, about 1900.  The Lunds were residing at 710 Allen St. in Syracuse, when Mr. Lund died on 12-22-1971, and Mrs. Lund died on 10-18-1976.  Their children:  Col. Robert N. Lund, who was born in Jamestown, NY, on 3-27-1926, was a much decorated Army officer, wed Dr. Eileen Lally, moved to Alaska in 1974, and resided in Fairbanks, at his death on 7-15-2002, and Jeananne Lund Tanner, who wed Duncan C. Tanner, and lived in Baltimore.  Col. Lund was a member of the 10th Mountain Division in Italy in WW II, served in Korea, did three tours of duty in Vietnam with Special Forces and was an adviser to the Royal Thai Army.  He received numerous medals and commendations including the Silver Star, Bronze Star and several Purple Hearts. 

Elsie S. Lyman lived at 103 Butternut Dr.  She was the widow of Frederic A. Lyman, and lived with her adult children, Janet Ruth Lyman, and Frederic Lyman, Jr., both of whom graduated from Syracuse University.  About 1955, Mrs. Lyman moved to Syracuse.  Her daughter, Janet, wed Robert D. Lindeman of DeWitt on 4-10-1954.  The couple divorced and she resides in Louisville, KY.  He was a physician and lives now in Albuquerque, NM.  Dr. Frederic Lyman, Jr., married Marilyn Jean Mawson in DeWitt Community Church on 12-18-1954.  He earned a doctorate in engineering from RPI, and was a professor of mechanical engineering at Syracuse University.  Marilyn Lyman taught at Jamesville-DeWitt HS, earned a master's from Syracuse University, and is now an executive with the Red Cross.  They live in Syracuse.

George D. Lynch and Irene Hughes Lynch lived at 204 Cornwall Dr.  They moved to this home in 1948, following Dr. Lynch's retirement.  The family lived from 1917 to 1948 at 1631 S. Salina St. in Syracuse, where Dr. Lynch maintained a general medical practice.  Dr. Lynch graduated in 1904 from Syracuse University's College of Medicine.  He was an avid ornithologist and photographer.  Mrs. Lynch was a life resident of CNY, and was a graduate of Manhattanville College of the Sacred Heart.  Dr. Lynch was born about 1879, and died 10-13-1951, and Mrs. Lynch was born on 7-31-1886, and died on 10-29-1970.  Their children:  Dr. Charles H. Lynch, who was born about 1915, Dr. George Lynch, Jr., who was born in Syracuse about 1917, graduated from Holy Cross College and the University of Buffalo Dental School, wed Alyce Stuker, was an oral surgeon, practiced many years in Buffalo, and died 10-7-2003, while residing in Port St. Lucie, FL, M. Helen Lynch O'Brien, who was born about 1922, wed Michael Petrina, and lives in FL, and Irene Louise "Iloo" Lynch, who was born 11-30-1927, earned her BSN from Syracuse University, an MPH from the University of Minnesota, taught public health nursing at Michigan State University, and lived in West Palm Beach, FL, at her death on 3-18-2012.

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